by Mikel

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Storycodes: F/f; corset; posture; collar; gag; armbinder; buttplug; toys; chastity; denial; cuffs; hobble; cons; XX

Jennifer slowly let the air escape from her lungs relishing the final tensioning of her corset’s laces. Gina knew how to lace, slowly, deliberately, making the action of lacing Jennifer foreplay of all their evenings together. Jennifer gently tries to take air back into her lungs savoring the increased difficulty of the normally simple act of inhalation. The longer Gina firmly pulled on the laces the more difficult breathing became. Jennifer had no safe words, no way to indicate she wanted the tightening to stop and even if she tried Gina would ignore her. Jennifer knew this was only the first step in the evening's foreplay and Gina would not stop until her plan was complete.

Gina would stop to give Jennifer's body a chance to adjust, shifting her attention to another part of Jennifer's confinement. Jennifer stood…breathing, just waiting to feel the tension increase on her, anywhere. As Jennifer waited her mind drifted back to the first time, she had been laced into a tight corset smiling at how roughly and quickly it had happened. At the time Jennifer only knew she had liked the pictures of women tight laced.

When Jennifer had watched videos of women laced into restricting corsets seeing them change the way the women moved and walked, she was driven to find out what it felt like. Her first experience could have been terrible but instead she had sought out a true corsetier making her first encounter wonderful. The sales woman was very knowledgeable explaining to the young Jennifer about each style of corset and how to start out. Jennifer had asked for her opinion on her first corset being quickly laced into a rigid over bust corset.

Jennifer loved it immediately buying the first of many corsets from her becoming an expert on each style and eventually on tight lacing. As Jennifer remembered her first Gina had slid the gauntlets on each arm snugging them first. Jennifer took another shallow breath as the laces were worked tighter on the gauntlets with Gina being meticulous as always. Jennifer couldn’t help but wonder why she enjoyed the act of being laced almost as much as being laced.

Even though she was bound by her wrists with a large cock strapped in her mouth that had been eased into her throat she wouldn’t resist even if she could. Jennifer had even learned to like being blindfolded during their foreplay only being able to feel her body being squeezed so tightly. Jennifer knew she would never allow herself to not feel the tight embrace that she loved. Gina loved Jennifer in every way, especially the way Jennifer trusted her completely, letting Gina control every aspect of her life by sharing their love for tight lacing. Gina had met Jennifer in a club when Jennifer had laced a new corset on much too tight to go out in and stood panicking for air. 

Gina had calmed Jennifer enough to be told why Jennifer was having difficulties scolding her for being so reckless. Gina was going to loosen the corsets bindings only to be told Jennifer had locked the laces in their pouch. Gina scolded her again, driving Jennifer to her apartment then assisting her with the laces. Since that day Gina had been lacing Jennifer’s body in different ways making Jennifer fall more in love with being laced and with Gina.

Jennifer was trying to inhale again when she felt Gina connecting her arm back to the chain that had been holding her in place. The gauntlet was crushingly tight from her wrist to her shoulder making her smile around the gag. Jennifer felt her begin to tighten the next gauntlet humming quietly as the thick leather with its metal stays compressed her arm further removing most of its usefulness. Jennifer’s mind slipped back to the first time she realized she truly enjoyed the act of being laced.

Gina had been lacing her each morning before they left for work for months, each morning Jennifer became aroused thinking it was the attention from Gina and the corset itself. When she arrived home her newest and at the time her smallest corset had been delivered. Jennifer begged Gina to lace it on her so the current corset had been removed and Gina applied Jennifer’s night time lotion before letting her slip into the new corset. Jennifer was aroused as soon as Gina started to tighten the corset.

Jennifer loved the way Gina spoke to her when the lacing started to get tighter, running her hands all over Jennifer’s compressed body. The lacing took several passes before Gina stopped temporarily tying the laces. Jennifer was very aroused and the two spent a few hours just being with each other resulting in both lying gasping for air. Jennifer asked to have the corset adjusted again being told by a breathless Gina “If I do, it will be for the night.”

Jennifer felt a surge of arousal at the thought of being forced to wear a corset while she slept, agreeing almost immediately. Gina began working the laces slowly, closing the corset another inch or so before tying the laces off properly. Jennifer realized at that moment it was the action of being laced she enjoyed more than anything. Jennifer thought more about the other feelings that being laced gave her, the forced sway and perfect posture, but knew if it wasn’t for the lacing itself, she wouldn’t have stayed as interested in it. Jennifer felt her other arm being restrained again, drawing as much air into her compressed lungs as she could before Gina went back to tighten her corset some more. Gina stroked her lover's body, feeling Jennifer’s gasping through the thick leather of the corset.

For Gina it was the slow crushing of her lover’s body, making her submit by limiting her ability to do almost anything that aroused her. Feeling the shallow gasps for air knowing how much each fraction of an inch increased that difficulty really excited her. Gina adjusted the corset for the last time, it still had over an inch until it was closed but she knew drawing Jennifer down two additional inches in one night would be too much. Jennifer had been wearing a sixteen-inch corset daily for months, deciding a few weeks ago she wanted to start training to wear a fourteen inch.

Tonight was the first time in her new size so Gina knew not to go too far, plus the extra additions Jennifer had requested to wear on the weekends would make it even harder on her. With the corset finished Gina pulled the crotch high boots up each leg, settling Jennifer’s feet into the six-inch heels. Jennifer stood dreaming, her breathing much more difficult hoping Gina had closed the corset because if she hadn’t Jennifer didn’t know if she could take it any tighter. Jennifer forgot that she had the same thoughts each time they stepped down her corset size and that she had always adapted.

The steep high heels had been Gina’s idea with her giving Jennifer her first pair of thigh highs that laced all the way up. Gina knew Jennifer couldn’t resist anything that laced and she had been right with Jennifer begging to be laced into the boots every chance she had. The boots she had gotten for her now were special ordered for Jennifer, made to be form fitting out of thick layers of leather. The boots had reinforcement spring rods from thigh to ankles even running down to the peep toes to make sure she would have to struggle to bend any part of her legs.

Gina knew the fine lacing in front and back would make Jennifer happy about being encased in the tight leather. Once the boots had been laced and worn for a while, they would hold the shape of the wearer’s legs allowing them to be tightened further from then on. It took Gina a long time to get the boots laced making sure they were perfectly straight smoothing out any wrinkles. When she was done, she stepped back admiring the beautiful lines the lacing created adding another reason she loved seeing Jennifer laced tightly.

Jennifer stood in the steep high heels delighting in the compression on her legs, noticing right away the tension not only felt wonderful but aided in stabilizing her knees and ankles. Jennifer was still concentrating on her breathing when she felt something being wrapped around her throat. Gina slowly threaded the laces into the collar snugging it whispering a warning to Jennifer, “This will be tight so pay attention to your breathing.” Jennifer laughed into the gag thinking, “What exactly do you think I’ve been doing?” 

Jennifer had grown to love her neck to be compressed wearing the tighter and taller collars Gina had been putting on her. The daily posture collar had been a challenge to cover at first but when they figured out how to cover them Jennifer never went without one. Gina had ordered her another neck corset that was much more severe while being smaller in diameter and taller. Jennifer could already feel the collar was taller as it pressed on her lower jaw noticing how it hung down almost to the top of the corset in front and back.

Gina was meticulously tightening the collar slowly pulling the laces drawing the tall collar tighter by a fraction of an inch with each pass. Jennifer stood blind and silent helpless to stop the collar from strangling her. Gina watched Jennifer closely as the neck corset restricted her friend's throat, unsure of how Jennifer would be able to cope with the phallus forced down her throat as the collar gripped her more.

Jennifer felt the laces being drawn tighter pressing on the cock down her throat and wondered how long she would be expected to wear this one. Jennifer dreamed about being laced and compressed every day for the rest of her life being forced to live her dream and if that would be even possible. Gina smiled as the neck corset was closed without Jennifer reacting negatively, tying the laces before tucking them into the cover and locking the cover securely. Gina had no intentions of releasing the increased tension knowing from past efforts Jennifer would be upset with her if she eased the tension just because she couldn’t breathe.

Gina smiled at how many times Jennifer had fought the increased tightness of a new device or garment. The first few times Gina had relented, loosening or even removing the offending gear only to be chastised by Jennifer for giving in, “How and I going to adapt if you’re such a pussy!” Jennifer had yelled. Gina had not relented since that incident learning to appreciate the respect she has earned staying firm in her helping Jennifer’s training. Jennifer was having more issues breathing with the added collar standing with her arms bound above her head and her eyes pinched closed under the blindfold.

Jennifer, even with her struggles to breathe, could not think of any place she would rather be, feeling all the compression on her body increasing the helplessness she craves. Gina stepped back again to watch her internal struggles before she moved on to the next layer. Jennifer gasped for air, her eyes suddenly springing open as her body fights the bonds holding her in place. Her hands flailed uselessly at the end of the gauntlets as her feet and legs desperately tried to make her restraints fail.

Gina was still standing near her flailing friend waiting for her to calm herself knowing how much she is enjoying herself having listened carefully after previous sessions. Jennifer and Gina always had long conversations after Gina freed Jennifer. Jennifer always showed her appreciation of Gina’s efforts to make her happy telling her how much fun each step had been and the highlights of the session. Gina listened to her friend closely reassuring herself Jennifer had indeed enjoyed being laced and confined. 

Jennifer’s body slowly calmed down leaving her panting with her eyes closed trying to regain control of her breathing. As Jennifer hung, she was dreaming again of even more constrictions placed on her. Jennifer had been dreaming lately of being laced tightly into a single arm sleeve while being encased in heavy leather. In her dreams she was laced very slowly exactly as she had been tonight with Gina making arrangements for her bodily functions.

When she had been laced into total submission, she was told she would never be released again. Dreaming of Gina teasing her daily but never enough for her to cum. Gina was watching as Jennifer’s body reacted to her dream, smiling as Jennifer’s body shook and pulsed letting her know she had orgasmed. Gina waited until Jennifer’s body stopped shaking watching Jennifer as she started giggling under the gag. Gina smiled as she said, “I hope you don’t think that’s the end of it, you have a long way to go before I’m finished.”

Jennifer’s giggles continued as Gina held up the long leather dress close to Jennifer’s bound hand ordering her to hold it. Jennifer knew the dress well having been previously laced into it for days at a time. Gina held up the inserts rubbing each against Jennifer’s open hand letting her feel each making Jennifer whine loudly. Jennifer knew when Gina used the inserts, she would be kept laced tight for at least a day but usually for more. Gina thoroughly lubed the plug, easing the large steel plug into the squirming woman until it was fully seated making sure she turned and twisted it inside her for good measure.

Jennifer could only moan in excitement as the plug was pushed deep inside her. The plugs both had nipples built into them that allowed tubes to be attached that could be used to evacuate the helpless woman making it possible to keep her bound indefinitely. Gina smiled maliciously holding the next insert against Jennifer’s bare pussy teasing the helpless woman watching her chest heave as her excitement continued to build. The phallus slid inside Jennifer easily making her moan loudly hearing Gina say “Don’t you drop that!”

Jennifer stood concentrating on the phallus as Gina wrapped the smooth steel belt around her narrow waist. The belt was rarely used for its purpose of chastity instead being used as a means to keep things inside either of them. Gina particularly liked being locked in the belt, she often would use it punishing Jennifer as a reason to lock herself in the tight steel so she couldn’t please her. Gina loved watching Jennifer try to stimulate her when she was locked up with both of them waiting for the keys to be returned before they could play.

When Gina would wear the belt, it was almost as if Jennifer was locked as well since Gina lost all desire to help Jennifer orgasm. “Until I can cum, I won’t help you.” She loved the look on Jennifer’s face when she realized she wouldn’t be used as Gina’s toy until the key was returned. Gina had accidently asked to have the key returned in one to three months, an option the service offered. She had been overly excited when she had given the service control of her time locked, finding out just how frustrating it was to be incapable of having an orgasm for a full three months.

Jennifer felt the steel belt being locked feeling her arousal jump as one more restriction had been placed on her. When Gina took the dress from her hand tapping Jennifer on one leg slipping the dress under it before tapping on the other and stood waiting for Jennifer to lift the other one. Jennifer waited for a moment before lifting her foot allowing Gina to slip it under it. Gina stood pulling the dress up and said “That’s one more.” Leaving Jennifer to wonder if it was one more day, week or one more month that she would be left laced.

Gina worked the dress over Jennifer’s shoulders pulling the back together before starting to thread the back of the dress. Gina carefully threaded the laces through the eyelets pulling the dress snug as she moved up. With the dress laced Gina pulled the laces around Jennifer’s lower legs as tight as she could get them, crushing Jennifer’s legs together. Gina tied the laces for the lower dress at her waist before working on the laces from her waist to her neck.

Gina stopped twice to rest, her own corset and towering high heels starting to become uncomfortable. When the dress was laced, stretching the thick leather around Jennifer’s body Gina started slipping small padlocks through the empty eyelets in the back of the dress. Gina added twelve locks the length of the dress before she stepped back to rest herself and study her friend. Jennifer was in heaven, she was laced in every way possible unable to remove or even loosen anything with a steel belt locked over the corset keeping two large intruders inside her.

Jennifer stood shifting and twisting imagining her body encased, seeing all the laces holding her inside the leather so completely in her mind. Gina was tugging and pulling on the corset she had laced herself into checking the clock knowing she had about another twelve hours before her ice release would let her take her keys from the bucket of water. Gina groaned as she realized the thigh boots she had put on were also locked on by the wide ankle cuffs she had locked over them. As Gina cursed herself for her predicament Jennifer was nearing another orgasm, twisting her encased body and pulling at her restraints.

Gina watched her friend fight until she stood panting again asking if she was ready for her last gift. Jennifer couldn’t think straight anymore her mind was in sensory overload from all the pleasure she was feeling encased and teased in the extra-long session. Gina released Jennifer’s arms from the chains holding them over her head pulling the rigid arms behind Jennifer’s back locking them directly together. Jennifer struggled momentarily as Gina pulled the final piece over Jennifer’s bound hands.

Jennifer was still very confused as she could barely feel something happening to her arms not figuring out what Gina was doing until she felt her already encased arms being drawn together. Jennifer realized Gina had gotten her a single arm sleeve, Jennifer whined in a sweet manner as she felt the leather pulling her encased arms closer together. Gina had once again surprised her by fulfilling yet another of her fantasies. 

Jennifer was lost in the sensation of her arms being laced feeling her last freedom being removed by her favorite means. Gina pulled and tugged making sure the leather stayed straight and smooth drawing the leather together until outlines of the gauntlets could be seen. Gina continued slowly lacing the arm sleeve until Jennifer appeared to have only one arm bound tightly behind her back. The straps were crossed over her shoulders then across her chest and back to the top of the sleeve guaranteeing it could not slip down.

When Gina was finished, she locked the top eyelets together with another padlock telling Jennifer she was now complete. Jennifer whined as she tried to shake her head wanting to be able to see herself making Gina laugh as she watched her struggling. Gina waited a few minutes before removing the blindfold letting Jennifer’s eyes adjust until she could see what Gina was wearing. Jennifer giggled as she studied what her friend was wearing, 

Jennifer knew Gina was not a corset enthusiast, like she was, so the fact that she had laced herself in the beautiful and seemingly very tight corset for Jennifer meant a lot. Gina said, “If you want to see yourself and if you can move at all you may go to the closet. Jennifer had multiple long mirrors in the closet so she could see herself laced from every angle. Jennifer tried to move her foot, learning quickly the dress had been laced as tight as possible, limiting her movements to mere fractions of an inch.

Jennifer didn’t care she had to see herself laced in the tight leather desperately wanting to see the arm sleeve. Gina sat watching her determined friend move extremely slowly towards the closet laughing to herself at the effort it must have taken. Each tiny step aroused Jennifer more, making her fight harder to breathe and keep her balance. The constant fight was everything she ever wanted thinking to herself how absolutely wonderful she felt. An hour later Jennifer was exhausted but standing in the center of her mirrors amazed at what she saw. Initially she started at her feet, the neck corset didn’t allow for any movement of her head so she leaned forwards slightly to see. The peep-toed boots held her feet in a steep angle, she loved how the lines coming up from just behind the toes must mean they were reinforced like her corset.

The leather dress had been tightened to where she could see the outlines of the tops of the boots right below where her steel covered crotch would be. The outlines of the corset showed the multiple steel stays in the corset and the outline of the steel belt wrapped around her tiny waist. She couldn’t see the laces of the boots under the long dress but she knew from the feelings she had when Gina put them on, they were laced tightly. Jennifer looked at her elongated neck, surprised at how thin it looked even with two layers of leather covering it.

Jennifer tried to twist her head watching the collar closely seeing no flex in it at all feeling another ripple of arousal run through her. Jennifer was panting for air as she stared at the stunning image Gina had made of her. Turning her body slightly until she could clearly see the arm binder, she gasped at the beauty of its laces pulled tightly and the way they lined up perfectly with the laces of the dress. She could easily make out the outlines of the gauntlets under the leather of the binder.

The gauntlets had been pulled together at her elbows and made her incapable of moving her arms at all. She followed the wide straps as they disappeared over her shoulders then stood staring as she tried moving her arms again this time seeing her bound hands move just an inch or two away from her body. Jennifer had never been more aroused or happy in her life, she stood staring at herself for almost an hour before shuffling slowly out of the closet with tears in her eyes. Jennifer found Gina asleep in her corset and boots figuring she had laid back on their bed and fallen asleep.

Jennifer watched Gina’s heaving chest thinking that they would have to work on her wearing her corsets much tighter later. Shuffling slowly again Jennifer made her way to the bed learning quickly when she tried to sit down that everything had been laced too tight to allow her to sit. Carefully Jennifer leaned back rolling her trapped body onto the bed twisting and grunting until she thought she would black out. When she was finally lying on her side staring at Gina’s sleeping face, she felt a wonderful surge of pleasure sweep through her and lay gasping and whimpering for a few minutes before the orgasm passed. Leaving her sleepy and happy hoping Gina would keep her laced tight forever.


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