by Findar

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Storycodes: M/f; naked; bond; tape; zipties; burglar; roleplay; gag; toys; predicament; tease; oral; leash; crotchrope; chairtie; cons; reluct; X

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Part 2

Alexis stepped from the shower dripping wet. She had just grabbed her towel when she saw the man standing in her bathroom. With a gasp she clutched the towel to her naked body. “Who the hell are you?!” she cried.

“I’m Ed, the cable guy, Ma’am,” he said quietly, “nobody answered the door so I let myself in.”

Alexis eyed him warily. Work boots, faded denim jeans and a tool belt told her he was what he said he was. “Well,” she said in annoyance, “the TV is in the living room. So if you’ll excuse me I need to get dressed.”

The man stepped closer, eyeing her hungrily. “But you’re all wet,” he said in a husky voice. “Why don’t you let me fix that for you?”

Half frightened, half indignant Alexis snapped at him. “Get out of here now or I’ll call the company and have you fired!”

At those words the cable guy struck. He lunged forward grabbing the tight bun she had bound her hair into. He used his weight to pin her against the wall. With a free hand he pulled a screwdriver from his tool belt and pressed it to her throat.

“I think maybe you should be a bit nicer to me, don’t you?” he hissed.

Alexis gasped in terror. She could feel the cold steel of the screwdriver against her throat. “Please,” she whimpered, “please don’t hurt me.”

“That’s better,” he said calmly, “now I think you should ask me to help dry you off.”

“P-please would you help dry me o-off,” she stammered.

In response the intruder pulled her away from the wall, never loosening his grip on her hair. “Turn around and put your hands on the wall,” he snarled as he spun her about. 

Alexis put her hands out to save herself from crashing face first into the wall. The harsh voice in her ear told her to step back from the wall and spread her legs. She closed her eyes and did as she was told. 

With a whispered, “Don’t move,” her assailant released his grip on her hair. The next thing Alexis felt was the blade of the screwdriver lightly dragged down her spine. He started at the base of her neck, moving slowly downward until he reached the crack of her backside.

Alexis let out a cry of dismay as the handle of the screwdriver was pressed between her butt cheeks. 

“Hold that,” he told her.

“What,” she asked?

“Clench your cheeks and hold my tool,” he demanded, “if you drop it, you’ll get a different tool up your ass.”

Saying a silent prayer of thanks for Pilate’s class, she clenched her muscles, doing her best to hold the plastic handle between her cheeks. She knew if she moved to escape the screwdriver would hit the floor and warn him.

“Now let’s get you dried off,” he said as he picked up her fallen towel.

Alexis jumped as the soft terrycloth touched her back. She nearly lost her grip on the screwdriver, but pulled her cheeks back in before she lost it. She closed her eyes as he worked the towel over her back. 

“Oh lady, you’ve got a really nice body for someone your age,” he commented as he worked the towel down to her ass. “You’re how old? Thirty maybe?” he asked.

“Thirty- f-four,” she stammered. Was her attacker complimenting her? But then he was close against her. He leaned into her as he reached around with the towel. She could feel the erection bulging against his jeans.

“Whoa,” the stranger said as he rubbed the towel across her naked breasts. “Nice tits for a thirty-four year old!” He squeezed them through the towel, causing Alexis to whimper. “Nice and firm,” he said admiringly. He squeezed harder, eliciting a gasp from her.

Noticing her discomfort he said, “You like it when I play with your tits?”

“No,” Alexis answered quietly. She was rewarded with another tight squeeze from her captor.

“Wrong answer, lady,” he told her. “You need to say, ‘I love it when you play rough with my tits, Sir’.”

Alexis hesitated. But the increased pressure from her captor’s hands gave her voice. “I-I love it when you play when you play rough with my tits, Sir,” she whispered.

That seemed to satisfy him. The towel moved on, stroking her abdomen before slipping down to her vagina. Here he spent an inordinate amount of time ‘drying’. He ran the towel gently over her outer lips, stroking them until she could feel herself becoming aroused.

“Please,” she begged quietly, “I have money. Take anything you want.”

That stopped him. “Really,” he asked. “Well let’s go see what you have to offer then.” He retrieved the screwdriver before ordering her to stand up and put her hands behind her back. He quickly bound her hands with the damp towel. 

Turning her around he eyed her critically. He reached behind her head, pulling out the clip that held her hair up. “Shake your hair out,” he ordered. He was rewarded as her jet black hair escaped to cascade down her back.

“Much better,” he mused. “Now let’s go see what you have that might interest me.” He again grabbed a handful of her hair, using it to guide her from the bathroom.

Alexis was surprised to find one of the kitchen chairs sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor. “Sit down,” he ordered. There was little she could do. She let him steer her to the chair. Only after she was seated did he release his grip on her hair.

He looked down at her; she could feel his eyes on her. “Don’t sit like that,” he told her.

Alexis was confused. “Sit like what,” she asked?

“With your knees together. This ain’t a fucking Sunday school. Spread your legs so I can see your pussy,” he barked.

Blushing furiously, Alexis opened her legs. “More,” he commanded her. “Don’t make me do it for you,” he warned her.

Only when she had pushed her legs as wide as she could did he seem satisfied. She watched as he turned to rifle the drawers of her dresser. He found little of interest until he came to the center bottom drawer.

“Well, what have we here,” he exclaimed as he dug into her lingerie drawer. He held up a handful of sexy undergarments. “You have nice taste, lady. I think you’ll have to model something for me.”

Alexis watched in dread as he pulled out a little red negligee. The top was all sheer red lace. The bottom was a little satin skirt. There was a matching g-string panty. She watched as he stuffed that in his pocket. “We’ll save that for later,” he told her.

Her captor ordered her to stand. As he untied her hands he said, “You might think you can make it to the door before I could. But you’d be wrong. Just go over to the bed and slip that pretty little thing on like a good little girl.”

Alexis eyed the door. He was probably right. Instead of running for the door she reached for the negligee. Shaking the wrinkles out she slipped it over her head. The lace hugged her breasts tightly; the little skirt barely covered her butt. She rarely wore this outfit because it was so revealing.

“Very nice,” he said admiringly. “Do a little twirl for me.”

Alexis turned in place, giving her captor the full three-sixty view. He stopped her when her back was to him. “Put your hands behind your back,” he told her. She did so, and then watched as he pulled a roll of electrical tape from his tool bag.

Her wrists were quickly bound with the tape. He pulled the tape tight before tearing it from the roll. He then slipped his arm around hers at the elbows, pulling them together. More tape was wrapped around her arms above the elbows. Although he couldn’t pull them all the way together they were close enough to discomfort her and satisfy him. He finished by wrapping the tape around her chest below her breasts, welding her arms to her body.

Alexis found herself pushed roughly back on to her chair. She watched with growing concern as the stranger tore multiple lengths of tape from the roll, each about six inches long. He stuck each strip to the side of the chair.

Reaching into his pocket the crazed cable guy retrieved the little g-string panties. Holding them up he said, “I think it’s time to stuff that pretty little mouth of yours.”

Alexis panicked. “Please no,” she begged. “I won’t make any noise. I promise!”

In response he grabbed her by the hair. “Something’s going in your mouth Lady,” he told her. It can be your panties or my cock. You decide which.”

She could well imagine this man raping her mouth. He seemed capable of anything. She meekly opened her mouth.

“Oh no,” he said smugly, “now you have to ask for them. And it better be good.”

Alexis could feel the warm flush of humiliation color her face. “Please Sir,” she said haltingly “could you stuff my panties in my mouth?”

She opened her mouth wide as he pushed the panties past her lips. Then came the tape. One strip across her mouth, two more diagonally forming an X on her lips. More tape after that, repeating the process until her mouth was sealed.

Her captor stepped back. “Very nice,” he said. “But it seems like something’s missing. You don’t mind if I take a look in your closet do you?” Without waiting for an answer he said, “I didn’t think so.”

Alexis watched him step into the closet. He emerged a moment later with a pair of red pumps in one hand and her magic wand vibrator in the other. “Exactly what we needed,” he cried as her heart sank.

The man tossed the vibrator on the bed before kneeling at his prisoner’s feet. He pressed the heels on to her feet. To ensure that Alexis could not remove them he ran tape under the arch and up around her ankles.

“On your feet, lady,” he barked.

Alexis did as she was told. The heels were three inches. Not the highest she’d ever worn. But high enough that she had to watch her step with her arms bound. When her captor pulled out his phone she thought he was going to take a photo of her. Instead he opened up a music app. Techno dance music blared from the tiny speaker.

“Okay lady, let’s see you dance.”

She looked at him quizzically. He wanted her to dance? With him?

He saw her confusion and reacted with impatience. “Are you deaf? I want you to dance. Like a stripper, bitch!”

Alexis scowled and stamped her foot. She was not his adult entertainment.

In response he unzipped his fly and pulled out his engorged cock. “You can dance for me, or you can dance under me,” he said warningly. “Your choice, lady.”

She stared at the man’s erection. He was very aroused and would have no problem taking her in her current state. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes. She began to sway to the music. Slowly at first, she imagined what it must be like in some smoky club with men ogling her body. She began to really move to the music.

As she danced her captor egged her on. “Spread those legs,” he would call. Or “Get over here and shake those tits in my face.” With each comment her moves became more wanton and sensual. She had even turned to rub the crack of her ass against her hardened member, shocking herself.

She wasn’t sure how long she danced for him. When he finally told her she could stop she was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Alexis nearly collapsed in her chair when he told her to sit.

“Very nice, lady,” he complimented her as he sheathed his erection inside his jeans. “You could make some serious cash doing that. But I’m a little short today so I’ll give you a little treat instead.” He knelt before her and pushed her knees apart. “Keep’em open,” he warned her.

Alexis did as she was told. At least he hadn’t thrown her on the bed and raped her, she thought hopefully. She watched as Ed pulled several zip ties from his tool pouch. In moments each ankle was zip tied to a leg of the chair. After that a second set of zip ties were wrapped just below her knees, making it impossible for her to close her legs.

As a final touch her captor used his roll of electrical tape to bind her upper body to the chair. Alexis watched helplessly as the tape was wound first below her breasts and then above until they were tightly sandwiched between the bands of plastic tape.

Ed had just picked up the vibrator from the bed when they heard the doorbell ring. They both looked instinctively towards the front of the house. “Were you expecting company?” he asked her.

She shook her head, no. 

“They’ll probably go away,” he reassured her as he placed the vibrator between her legs. He pressed the round head of the tool firmly against her pussy, eliciting a yelp of indignation from his captive.

“I promised you a reward for being such a good dancer,” he said. He began taping the vibrator firmly to the chair. “This little gem should give you a very entertaining morning.”

It was then they heard the voices on the back patio. “Shit, who’s that?” he exclaimed. Alexis’s answer was to sake her head violently. There were definitely people on the deck outside their bedroom. 

Michael dropped his “Ed” persona. He bent to peel the tape from her mouth. As Alexis spit out her sodden panties he told her. “Wait here; I’ll get rid of whoever it is.”

“No, Michael,” Alexis hissed. “Untie me first!”

But it was no use. Michael was already out the bedroom door, closing it quickly behind him.

Michael moved to the dining room French doors. There were four men on the porch. They were busy dragging equipment onto the deck, setting up scaffolding. When one of them saw him he called, “Morning, Mister Wilson. We had a cancellation so I thought we’d get your enclosure rescreened today, if that’s all right.”

Michael remembered the contractor’s name, Jay. He wore a work shirt with a logo for ‘A-1 Aluminum and Screen’. 

“I tried calling you, but it went to voicemail.” He paused at the look on Michael’s face. “We can come back another time if this is a bad time.”

Michael glanced at the glass door that led to the bedroom. Behind those PVC blinds was a scantily clad woman tightly bound to a chair. In his mind a plan began to form. “No, you go right ahead. I’ve got some stuff to do around here that’ll keep me out of your way.”

Leaving the men to their work he stepped back inside, locking the door behind him. He swung through the kitchen to grab his wife’s phone off the counter. From there he stopped in the laundry room to pick up a light timer. 

Alexis looked at him with relief when he returned. “Who’s here?” she whispered frantically.

“It’s the screen guys,” he told her nonchalantly. “They had a cancelation so they moved us up.”

“Well get rid of them,” she whispered fiercely.

Michael stepped into the walk in closet, emerging a minute later with something behind his back. “That’s ridiculous. We’ve been waiting almost a month to get those screens fixed. They can get the job done today,” he said as he stepped behind his wife.

Alexis sighed, “Fine, then untie me. We’ll do this another time.” She tugged on her bonds for emphasis.

Michael placed his hand in her dark hair. He pulled her head back until she was looking up at him. “I’ve got a better idea,” he said as he showed her the ball gag in his hand.

“No, Mi...” was all Alexis got out before he was stuffing the ball into her mouth. She struggled as he reached for the buckle. Although their games were imaginary the bondage was not. She was tightly bound and unable to keep him from buckling the gag tightly in her mouth.

Alexis shook her head violently, and then froze. Michael had used the ball gag with a bell on it. If she thrashed about the jingle of the bell would most likely be heard through the glass door. She looked daggers at her husband.

“Het he o hor hi’ll hut or alls of,” she mumbled past the gag. It translated roughly to “Let me go or I’ll cut your balls off.”

Michael was unconcerned with the threat. He busied himself with the light timer, plugging it into the wall and programming it. Then he plugged the magic wand into the timer. “There,” he exclaimed happily.

 “It would be a shame to waste the morning just because there’s a bunch of guys right outside our bedroom,” he told her. “So I’ve set the timer for random intervals. You won’t know when the vibrator is coming on, or how long before it shuts off.” He smiled at the panicked look on her face. “Everything will be fine. You just have to work on being quiet.”

Alexis twisted in her restraints, setting the bell to tinkling once again. Michael shook his head ruefully. “Yep, this is going to be a challenge. Too bad I can’t sit in here all morning to enjoy it.”

Alexis looked up sharply at him. “Huh?” She watched as Michael picked up his phone. A moment later her own phone rang. She watched as he switched it to FaceTime.

“You know I’d never leave you gagged and unsupervised,” he said as he propped her phone on a pillow. “This way I can enjoy the show and get some things done at the same time. I’ve got the volume on so again-work on being quiet.”

Alexis was about to curse him out anew when the vibrator between her legs sprang to life. She gasped at the sudden stimulation.

“Damn, I didn’t think it would come on that fast,” he mused. “I left it on a pretty strong setting. You’ll have to let me know how many orgasms you have between now and lunchtime.” With that, he stepped out of the bedroom closing the door behind him.

Alexis watched the door close. She started to shake her head “No” as he left. But that only caused the bell on her gag to jingle noisily. Better focus on getting loose without making a lot of noise, she thought.

Not making noise was going to be a bit of a challenge. Her vibrator was humming happily away. She could already feel her juices beginning to flow. At the current setting an orgasm wasn’t far away. 

Michael walked across the house watching on his cell phone as Alexis climaxed. He could clearly hear her panting around her gag, struggling not to cry out or thrash about. He smiled to himself. Just because the workmen had interrupted one game didn’t mean the day was a total loss.

Alexis was sure that she’d left teeth marks in her gag. Her orgasm had been intense. More intense than usual, truth be told. It wasn’t the bondage. She’d been tied up plenty of times by her husband. Was it the men working just outside her door? She could clearly hear them chatting and moving tools around. She just hoped they couldn’t hear her as well.

Michael turned the volume down on his phone. Stepping out to the patio he checked in with the head of the crew. No, they didn’t need anything. No, it wouldn’t interfere with their work if he cleaned out his tool shed.

Alexis looked over at her phone. She could hear her husband chatting with the workmen. The image on her phone showed only their feet. Imagine if Michael turned the phone over? What an eye full that guy would get!

With a tiny click the timer switched off her vibrator. Alexis sighed with relief. Without the distraction of having her pussy teased she could focus on escaping her restraints. She tugged on the tape that bound her wrists. An individual strip of electrical tape is no challenge to break. But multiple layers were a different story.

Alexis knew better than to struggle against the zip ties. They were one of her least favorite bondage materials. The hard plastic could really do a number on her skin if she fought them. It was much smarter to work on the tape. 

On the back of the house they had built a Rubbermaid tool shed. It was about seven feet high but only two feet deep. Good enough for storing pool chemicals and garden tools. Still, it tended to accumulate junk. Michael had been putting the job off for weeks. But now he had motivation to empty out the shed.

Alexis saw a flash of light on her phone as Michael propped his on the tool shed shelf. “Having fun sweetie,” he asked quietly? She was about to mumble “fuck you,” when the timer clicked. Instantly the vibrator sprang into action, making her jump in her bonds.

Michael kept a close eye on Alexis as the morning wore on. He almost laughed out loud when she tried to pull her hips away from the vibrator. As she pulled back, (she was getting very tender from the constant vibration) the orbital head rattled loudly on the chair. It forced her to press her swollen sex hard against it to stop the noise.

By late morning the contents of the shed were out on the lawn. Piles were sorted into keep and discard. Michael did a final sweep of the shed before heading back to his wife.

Alexis sighed with relief when she saw Michael enter the room. The vibrator had just finished another cycle. She was sweaty and sore from its repeated attention. Still, she did her best to keep quiet while pleading with him to free her.

Michael stopped first at the timer box. He pulled the plug before the vibrator could start again. Then he was unbuckling her gag. Alexis had run out of saliva, having drooled around the big ball most of the morning. She sucked down the proffered water bottle eagerly.

“Thank God,” she said quietly. “I’m ready for a break.” She looked down at her reddened ankles. “No more zip ties from now on, okay?”

Michael gave her a lingering kiss. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He stood, heading for the bedroom closet.

“Hey,” Alexis called quietly “did you forget something here?” She tugged impatiently at her restraints.

Michael emerged from the closet with his bondage case. “We agreed that this was going to be an all day affair,” he said as he pulled rope from the box. “As far as I’m concerned you’re still the captive of the crazed cable guy.”

Alexis scowled at her husband. A day of bondage role-play was okay. But the workmen on the back deck added an element of risk she wasn’t comfortable with. She thought about using her safe-word. Michael would immediately release her. But he wouldn’t be happy about it. That would trash the weekend. 

She didn’t resist too much when Michael changed up her restraints. After all, she was supposed to be a captive housewife. She had to struggle a little. 

Michael worked with his usual efficiency. He cut the tape that bound her torso to the chair. Pressing her forward until her chest touched her knees he cut the tape that bound Alexis’ wrists. With her elbows still bound it gave her very little freedom. And that was quickly gone as he re-tied them with some braided nylon cord.

He cut the tape binding her elbows, replacing it with more rope. Sitting her up he quickly worked the elbow binding into a chest harness that squeezed her satin clad breasts.

Alexis tried to ignore the voices from the pool deck. To get her head back in the game she said, “Please sir, you don’t have to tie me so tight. If you let me go I’ll do anything you want.”

“You’re going to do anything I want anyhow, so that’s not much of an offer is it?” he said. He knelt before her, cutting the zip ties that held her legs to the chair. Taking her by the arm he pulled her up from the chair. “Get on the bed, lady,” he ordered. 

Alexis did as she was told, stepping over to sit on the edge of the bed. She was there only a moment when “Ed” grabbed her ankles. She let out a surprised grunt as her legs were hauled into the air, tipping her back onto the bed.

From there Michael flipped her onto her stomach. He forced her legs wide apart before forcing her feet up towards her backside. He used his weight to pin her there as he crossed her ankles. Alexis struggled uselessly as he bound her ankles together.

In moments Alexis found herself in a cross legged hogtie. The rope from her ankles was run up to the chest harness. Her captor lifted her chest off the bed as he tightened the rope. When he eased her back down she found herself arched backwards with her legs spread wide.

Taking her by the shoulders Michael turned her until her head was facing the side of the bed. He smiled wickedly as he unfastened his pants. He presented his engorged cock to the hogtied woman. “Time for you to take care of business, lady,” he said ominously.

Alexis turned her head away. “No please, not that,” she begged.

“Hmm, maybe you’re right,” he said. He reached down to flip up the hem of her negligee. He slipped his fingers between her exposed cheeks. “Maybe I’ll just stick it in your ass. You ever been ass fucked Lady?”

With panic in her voice, she pleaded with him. “Oh God please, no! I’ll do anything else. I’ll-I’ll suck your dick. Just please...”

Michael stood before her, idly stroking himself as he pondered. “Well, I don’t know. Maybe if you begged to suck my cock I might let you do it. Do a really good job and I’ll be too spent for your little virgin asshole.” He looked down at her, “So start begging.”

Alexis eyed the erect phallus before her. She could see the glistening drop of pre cum on the end. She closed her eyes and said in a quavering voice, “Please let me suck your cock.”

“Hmm, not very convincing,” he told her. “Not really the right amount of respect in your voice. I just bet you’d be willing to stay tied up all day just for the chance to give me a blow job, wouldn’t you?”

Alexis swallowed against the lump in her throat. It was always a little scary when Michael got into character like that. “Yes Sir, I’d stay tied up all afternoon if you’d only let me suck your beautiful cock,” she answered.

Suddenly he had her by the hair. She cried out as he pulled her head up. Before she could close her mouth he shoved himself roughly between her lips. She felt the head of his cock slide over her tongue. Then he was pushing deep into her mouth, backing off only when she started to gag.

Alexis closed her eyes, listening to “Ed’s” rough voice as he thrust into her. “That’s right bitch, do me good and I’ll leave that pretty little asshole alone. I’m gonna blow my load in your mouth. And you’re gonna swallow every drop.”

Hogtied and helpless, she let herself fall back into her role as the terrified housewife. Alexis could almost forget the voices of the men outside her bedroom. She worked her tongue along the shaft of his penis, doing her best to please her captor. Perhaps if I’m good enough he’ll let me go, she thought desperately.

As Michael’s thrusts became more frantic Alexis held her breath. Seconds later she felt the salty ejaculation flood the back of her mouth. She did her best to swallow the milky fluid, thankful that Michael pulled back enough for her to do so.

His needs fulfilled, Michael released his grip on her hair. He pulled out of her mouth, tucking his slowly fading erection back in his pants. “You did pretty good, Lady,” he said as he looked down on her. When she said nothing he growled at her, “That was a compliment. What do you say?”

Alexis searched frantically for the right answer. “T-thank you, Sir,” she whispered tentatively.

“That’s better,” he said. “You know,” he said conversationally as he stepped out of her view, “the more I look around here the more sex toys I find.” He stepped back in front of her with a fleshy looking dildo in his hand. “Like this baby. Now where should I put it?”

“Uh Sir, that’s just something someone gave me as a gag gift,” she lied. “We don’t really use it.” The truth was that there was a strap on harness that went with it for when Michael was spent but wanted to give her some additional “attention”.

“Well, I think we’re gonna use it today, lady.” He held it by her lips. “It is kind of big. Maybe you should lube it up first.”

Alexis opened her mouth to lick the rubber phallus. As she did so he pushed it deeper into her mouth. She let out a gurgled protest but he held it firmly in place. 

“That’s a good look for you,” Ed/Michael said to her. “I think you should keep it in there for a while, get it real wet for wherever I stick it next. I can probably find something around here to tie it in place.”

When Alexis tried to shake her head “no” he told her, “Think you can be a good girl and keep it in there by yourself?” She slowly nodded her head. “Well we’ll see,” he said. “I’m going to finish checking out your home. Bet I can find even more toys around here. If this little guy is still in your mouth when I get back I’ll let him visit your pussy. If not-I don’t know. He’s kinda big for that tight little asshole of yours.”

With a laugh and a slap on her butt he left the room, closing the door behind him. Alexis had to admire his ingenuity. They had a strict rule about gags; never leave her gagged when he couldn’t watch her. Earlier he’d used her phone to monitor her. Now she was gagged with the dildo. She could spit it out at any time if she needed to. But that would give him an excuse for some new punishment. It was a gag and not a gag.

Michael walked across the house, happy with the way the day was going. The workmen had thrown a wrench into the original scene. But they had also opened up a host of new possibilities. What he needed next was to get them out of the way for a little while.

Stepping out on the back porch he admired the efficiency of the crew. “Looks good, Jay,” he called out.

The crew boss stopped what he was doing and came over. “Glad you like it. We should be done in an hour or so.”

“Excellent!” Michael replied. He fished a pair of fifty dollar bills out of his pocket. He held them out. “Let me show my appreciation. Why don’t you take a break for lunch, on me?”

Jay eyed the cash hungrily. “I don’t know. The boss might not like us knocking off before the job’s done,” he said uneasily.

“How’s he gonna know,” Michael asked. “You guys have earned a break. And you don’t have that much to finish when you get back.”

It didn’t take a lot of argument for the crew to pack up and head for the local pizza joint. Michael smiled as he watched them drive away. He could hardly wait to put the next part of his plan into action.

Alexis had spent her time struggling against her bonds and trying to keep a grip on the increasingly slippery dildo in her mouth. Having had a little break from the vibrator she was able to press her hips down into the bed, her juices beginning to flow.

Michael returned to see her grinding into the comforter, her bound hands stroking her backside. “Looks like somebody’s ready for another round,” he said. “Good thing the screeners have gone,” he said as he started releasing her from the hogtie.

Alexis wondered what her husband was up to. He hadn’t dropped back into character so she thought the game was over. But without a good fuck? Definitely not his style. He freed her legs but left her arms bound as he sat her up on the edge of the bed. No, he wasn’t done with her yet she thought.

Michael pulled the dildo from her mouth with a wet pop. He laid it in her lap with a quick, “Hold this,” before picking up a ring gag. “Open,” he commanded her. 

Alexis opened her mouth to ask what he was up to. But that simply gave him the opportunity to push the ring back behind her teeth. He pulled her hair out of the way, then buckled the gag tightly in place. 

Alexis watched as Michael picked up the still wet phallus. With one hand he gripped her hair, holding her in place. The other pressed the head of the dildo to the O of her open mouth. It was a tight fit through the O ring of the gag. Michael twisted it back and forth to force it into her mouth. When he was done Alexis was truly gagged. There was no way she could push the rubber penis out of her mouth.

Grabbing a hold of her chest harness Michael pulled her to her feet. She stumbled a bit getting her footing on the high heels still taped to her feet. But when he ordered her to spread her legs she did as she was told.

Michael hiked up her little skirt before passing a rope around her waist. He settled it low on her hips, tying a knot at the small of her back. Passing the line between her legs, he stopped long enough to tie several knots in the line. The excess line was passed back over the waist line, leading out in front of her as a makeshift leash. 

Alexis let out a grunt as Michael tugged on the line. The increased tension pulled the knots against her sex. When he told her, “Let’s go for a walk,” she knew she didn’t have much choice.

Michael led her through the house. She glanced uneasily at the living room windows. The blinds were open. Most likely no one could see in, but still… She let out a whine of protest.

In response to her garbled complaint he pulled her toward the back porch slider. “I thought you’d like to see what a great job the guys are doing,” he said brightly. He opened the door and stepped through. With a tug of the line he said, “You can see it much better from out here.”

Alexis shook her head in a vehement “No!” In response the crotch rope tightened between her legs. Michael simply pulled until she was dragged out onto the deck, the knots on her crotch rope pulling deeper into her folds.

Alexis looked quickly around. There were several open panels on the screen. Tools and scaffolding were scattered about. Why they didn’t finish, she wondered. But her bigger concern was getting back into the house. The neighbor’s fence blocked the view from the north side; the thick wetland growth blocked the east. The neighbor to the south was mostly screened by the corner of the house and tool shed. She still didn’t like the idea of being outside while bound. She gave a mumbled, ”Het’s o,” as she stepped back towards the house.

Michael gave her a wicked smile. “Just want to show you one more thing. You know how you’re always bugging me to clean out the shed? Well come see how clean it is now,” he said eagerly.

Panic gripped Alexis. The shed was on the back side of the house. It was plainly visible to the neighbors. She shook her head no, planting her feet firmly on the deck. She was not going!

Michael’s answer was to simply walk towards the screen door, rope in hand. The line dug deeper between her folds, eliciting a squeal of indignation and pain. It was inevitable. She staggered towards the open door, the motion working the knots between her legs. She was so close to using her safe word!

Stepping out onto the grass Alexis struggled to keep her heels from sinking in. She was confused to see all the junk from the shed piled up on the lawn. Michael took her by the arm, guiding her towards the open door of the shed. At least the open door would screen her from the neighbors.

Alexis looked in at the shed. In the closet like shed was one of their kitchen chairs. She mumbled, “Huh?” before Michael pushed her into the shed.

“Sit,” he ordered as he pushed her down on the chair. He pushed her legs apart, quickly tying her ankles to the front legs of the chair. “Lean forward,” he told her. As she did she could feel him passing a line between her bound wrists. She looked back to see him slip the other end over a hook set in the shed wall. He hauled on the rope, forcing her into a strappado.

Alexis lifted herself off the chair to ease the strain on her shoulders. When her backside was about two inches in the air Michael tied off the line. She turned to her husband in time to see him fish her little Bluetooth vibrator out of his pocket.

Michael reached between her legs. Alexis gave a sigh of relief as he pulled the crotch rope free of her labia. Then he was slipping the little vibrator inside her. She gave a little gasp of pleasure as he slipped his fingers inside her.

Satisfied with the vibrator’s position Michael again put tension on her crotch rope. He pulled the free end down between the legs of the chair, tying it off to the crossbar. The rope pressed tightly against her pussy once more, it now held the vibrator in place as well.

“This is what you call a predicament,” he said as he began to caress her breasts. “You’ll want to stand to ease the strain on your arms. But the more you stand, the tighter the crotch rope gets.” He gave the rope a little tug for emphasis. “But if you sit down it’s more strain on your shoulders. So you’ll just have to find a happy medium.”

Alexis let out a little whimper. Her husband had come up with an absolutely fiendish position for her. She was half terrified and half aroused. She watched as he tugged the lace bodice of her negligee from under her chest harness. With her breasts exposed he began working her nipples between her fingers, sending waves of stimulation through her body.

She might have cum right there had he kept going. But he was fishing in his pocket again. There was a gentle tinkle as he pulled out a set of nipple clamps. But instead of a connecting chain each had a little bell on it. Alexis winced as each nipple was clamped. Michael jiggled her bound breasts, causing the bells to chime.

Michael talked as he pulled out Alexis’ phone. “I think it’s time for another video call,” he said as he hung her phone on the opposite wall. He muted the sound on his own phone so he couldn’t be heard over her’s.

Satisfied that he’d have a clear view of her struggles he turned to look at her. “I know how hard it is for you to be quiet,” he said as he reached for the dildo trapped in her mouth. He twisted it free from the ring gag, leaving her to deal with a small river of drool that cascaded out of her mouth. “But today it’s going to be really important,” He stepped out of the shed. “Because the screen guys will be back to finish the job any time now.” He closed the door on her wail of protest, slipping a padlock through the hasp.

Alexis watched as the door closed. She heard the snap of the padlock that trapped her inside. In a moment of panic she struggled wildly in her bonds. But that did little except to pull the crotch rope tighter and make the little bells on her nipples tinkle merrily.

Trying to calm herself she took a deep breath. Michael would never do anything to harm her, she reminded herself. Although her current bondage was stringent it wasn’t the toughest tie he’d ever done with her.

The shed was not completely dark. Bits of light seeped in at the corners where the plastic sections joined together. There was also the soft glow from her phone. She could look up and see Michael as he settled himself in the family room, kicking his feet up in the recliner.

Michael’s voice startled her as he spoke through the open channel. “I’m curious how quiet you can be out there. Let’s give it a test before anyone comes back, okay?” Alexis shook her head “no”, causing her bells to sound once again. She saw Michael’s finger reach up towards the screen. Then the vibrator roped inside her sprang to life.

Alexis sucked in a sharp breath as the little device went to work. In the enclosed space even her breathing seemed loud to her. The outer part of the vibrator was jammed tight against her clit by the crotch rope. It was pulsing madly in an irregular rhythm while the inner part made her want to clench her pelvic muscles tight around it.

Oftentimes Michael would keep her on the edge with their toys, cutting the stimulation just before she came. Today he seemed to want to see her climax as soon as possible. 

Alexis was fine with that. She lifted herself off the chair, pulling the crotch rope tight as she tried to thrust her hips forward rhythmically. Her body went rigid as she climaxed. She clamped her eyes shut as it rolled through her, trying desperately to strangle the cry that wanted to escape her open mouth.

The moment passed. Alexis slumped back onto the chair, wincing as the strappado pulled up on her shoulders. She leaned forward to ease the strain, only to see a small river of drool flow past the ring gag and onto her lap. Wearily she lifted herself back off the chair. It was going to be a long day, she thought.

Michael watched the whole performance from his chair. “Nice job, Sweetie,” he complimented. “But all that pushing against the crotch rope really makes your nipple bells jingle. You may want to try not to move so much.” With that sage advice he clicked off his audio.

Alexis stared at the image on her screen. Why was he pushing for her to be so quiet? The screen guys couldn’t really be coming back today, could they? Surely that was just a threat to get her emotions up, not unlike his threats of anal sex. Sounded scary when he was in character, but he knew it was a hard limit for her.

When she heard the voices a few minutes later she knew the horrible truth. She could hear footsteps shuffling through the grass and the voices of men returning to work. They walked right past the shed, oblivious to the fact that there was a half naked woman tied up inside. 

Alexis held her breath. That son of a bitch had really done it! She looked directly at her phone and slowly shook her head. She dared do no more. Instead she held herself rigid until she heard the screen door of the porch open and close. Only then did she dare to relax.

Still- the men were only about fifteen feet away from her. Could they hear her as she shifted on the chair? How far would the sound of the little bells carry? Would they hear her breathing with her mouth held open by the ring gag? Her only answer was to stay as still as possible.

Staying still in such a stringent tie would be taxing. Her legs were already shaking with the strain of holding herself off the chair. Moving carefully she eased herself down. She leaned forward as the strain in her shoulders increased. By folding herself at the waist she could almost tolerate it.

The bells on Alexis’ nipples tinkled softly as she settled herself into position. She watched helplessly as a rope of saliva ran out of her open mouth to pool on the shed floor. “I can do this,” came the determined thought.

Michael settled down on the sofa with a cold coke. He glanced out the slider to see the screeners back at work. He looked down to see his wife settling in to wait them out. She would probably stay in that position until they packed up for the day. “Should have made the strappado a bit tighter,” he thought ruefully.

“Oh well,” he muttered as opened the vibrator app. “I can at least keep her from getting bored.”

Although she should have been expecting it, the vibrator still made her jump when it sprang to life. Her first reaction was to sit up. She let out a little gasp at the sharp twinge in her shoulders. The bells tinkled in response to her movement.

Alexis looked up at her phone hanging on the wall. There was Michael, looking out from his screen. She gave him a desperate little shake of her head, silently pleading, “Don’t do this.” She saw Michael’s finger grow large on the screen as he touched his phone. The vibrator tucked inside her responded with a low steady throbbing.

Alexis let out a little sigh of relief. She was afraid her husband would go full force on the little device, pushing her into a fierce orgasm. He treated her instead to one of the lowest settings. It was more like being gently stroked than anything else. She could deal with that.

But after about five minutes of the continuous stimulation Alexis was feeling a building need for more. It was like foreplay that went on a little too long. Her body was telling her to get on with it. If she could manage a gentle orgasm, she could keep quiet and relieve the building pressure between her legs.

Carefully she eased herself up off the chair. The rope between her legs tightened, pulling itself between her folds. Alexis let out a long slow breath as the warm feeling between her legs intensified. Careful not to let the little nipple bells ring; she pumped herself up and down from the chair, grinding the rope against her sex.

Michael watched in growing excitement as his wife pushed herself towards orgasm. This show was definitely worth the price of admission. But he didn’t want it to end too soon. With a wicked grin he shut down the vibrator.

Alexis was so close. Silently grinding herself against the ropes, juices running down her legs, quietly panting through her ring gag. And then it stopped. Just like that, Michael had pulled the rug out from under her nice little orgasm. She tried pushing herself harder against the crotch rope. But without the vibrator it simply wasn’t enough. She let out a little whimper of frustration.

After waiting several minutes for Michael to restart the vibrator Alexis eased herself back onto her chair. She had only just settled back into her “comfortable” position when the evil little vibrator snapped back to life.

This time it was a hard pounding rhythm with no gentle ramp up. It was like waking up to find someone pounding you hard as they pistoned into you. A cry of surprise escaped her open mouth. Alexis tried to push herself forward on the chair, ignoring the strain in her shoulders. The feeling of heat blossomed from her crotch as she pressed herself down on the chair.

And then it was gone. As suddenly as it had started the vibrator stopped, leaving her on the edge of another lost orgasm. Alexis was frustrated and relieved; relieved that she didn’t have to worry about the workmen hearing her when she came. But frustrated at being teased to the edge of an orgasm, only to be denied. 

She realized with growing dread that Michael could play with her like that all afternoon. By the time she was released from her bondage she would be ready to have sex with anything in sight.

And that was how her afternoon went. Each time it was a little different. A slow start with low frequency followed by something with an irregular rhythm and after that another hard pounding. She knew she should do her best to ignore the repeated stimulation of her sex. But there was a vast difference between knowing what she should do and doing it. 

Michael played her like a master violinist plays a Stradivarius. If she sat still he would up the intensity until she was forced to move. If she moved, trying to press the vibrator and ropes more firmly against her sensitive spots he would back off. She wanted to scream her frustration, but even that release was forbidden. The workmen would surely hear.

There is one guy on every work crew that has the knack of disappearing when the clean up starts. Eddie was that guy. As Jay and the others started gathering tools and picking up scraps of screen he slipped out back for a quick smoke.

Alexis was terribly close to the orgasm she so craved. How many times had he brought her to the edge only to pull her back? Was it five or six? She couldn’t really remember. It felt like her pussy was on fire. Her juices ran freely down her legs. But then she heard the sound of someone outside the shed. She locked her body rigidly in place as the wall of the shed flexed slightly. Someone was leaning up against it!

Eddie found the L formed by the back of the house and the tool shed to be the perfect spot to light up a joint he’d been saving for the end of the day. He flicked his lighter and brought the doobie to glowing life, savoring the smoke that filled his lungs.

Michael saw his wife stop her silent struggle with the vibrator. His view through the phone didn’t show the flex in the shed wall. He thought perhaps the vibrator had lost its Bluetooth connection. Annoyed that the game could be spoiled by faulty tech he pushed the intensity higher.

Alexis felt the vibrator ramp up to its highest level. Teased and tormented as she was, this was not the time for an orgasm! The smell of pot smoke wafted into her nostrils. Only a thin plastic wall stood between her and a humiliating discovery.

Michael had to stop. She looked up at her phone, shaking her head ‘no’ until the bells on her nipples began to tinkle. But Michael, thinking that her ‘no’ meant the vibrator wasn’t working continued to play through the settings. She couldn’t even give her safe word without being overheard. What was she going to do?

In the end it was her body that decided for her. The random patterns of Michael’s Bluetooth troubleshooting finally pushed her into a stunning orgasm. Alexis folded herself at the waist, bearing down hard on the crotch rope while nearly dislocating her shoulders with the strappado. Her whole body shook with the force of it, setting the bells tinkling happily. She was helpless to prevent the strangled cry from escaping her open mouth.

Eddie was mid-toke when he heard the sound. It startled him enough that he missed his breath hold and coughed a cloud of smoke. He stared hard at the wall of the shed. Giving it a tentative tap with his knuckles he called out, “Uh, hello?” There was no response. He had heard something, hadn’t he? He pressed his ear to the shed wall. Was that the sound of breathing? Stubbing out his joint, he ran to find his boss.

Alexis stood in a half crouch, frozen with fear. She knew someone on the outside had heard her. She’d heard him call out to her. All she could do was try to quiet her breathing and hope he went away.

Voices outside the shed told her that was not the case.

“I’m tellin’ ya Jay I heard something inside the shed,” Eddie told his boss. He was dragging the reluctant supervisor across the yard until they stood by the shed. “I was standin’ right here, minding my own business when I heard it.”

Jay sighed. “Eddie, you’re high. And you’re not supposed to smoke on the job. Now why don’t you do what the boss pays you for and go help clean up?”

“I know what I heard,” Eddie insisted. “And why is there a lock on the shed? Could be an animal in there that he’s keepin’ locked up. Just put your ear on the wall and listen. You’ll hear it too!”

Michael heard the voices over the open audio of Alexis’s phone. He jumped out of the recliner with an, “Oh shit!” and headed for the back porch.

Jay was just about to give in to Eddie’s bizarre request when he saw the homeowner come out the back door. He gave Eddie a quick shove and hissed, “Keep your mouth shut.”

Michael approached the two men. “How’s it going,” he asked in a voice that was just a little too jovial.

Jay put on his company face. “We’re just cleaning up. Should be out of your way in just a few minutes.” He gestured towards the newly screened enclosure, “Care to inspect the job?” The three men headed back to the porch, Eddie looking back at the shed suspiciously.

Alexis took a slow deep breath at the sound of the retreating men. She felt lightheaded from the shallow breaths she’d been taking. Wincing at the strain in her shoulders she eased herself down on the chair. Her legs were trembling violently with the strain of standing so long. She really wanted to kill her husband for this one.

As soon as the truck pulled away Michael ran for the backyard. Alexis was going to need some serious aftercare for this one, he thought. He called out, “It’s me” as he fumbled with the lock. He swung the shed door open to see his wife blinking in the sudden brightness.

Alexis let out a garbled, “Thank God” as Michael began to untie her. She was covered in sweat, her hair plastered to her head. Saliva soaked the front of her negligee. Her thighs were slick with her juices. When Michael released her from the chair she needed his help just to stand.

Michael removed all the restraints, dropping them on the chair. He would clean up once Alexis was seen to. Slipping his arms around her he guided her back to their bedroom. He gently laid her on the bed. Lifting her feet from the floor he began removing the tape that still held her high heels in place.

Alexis was exhausted. Sadly enough she also felt very unfulfilled. Her one good orgasm of the shed adventure was ruined by that stupid stoner. Glancing to the bedside table she saw the screwdriver “Ed” had menaced her with earlier in the day. She had a sudden inspiration.

With her left hand she reached for the screwdriver. Her right latched on to Michael’s shirt. With newfound energy she yanked him toward her. Pressing the screwdriver blade against the shocked man’s throat she growled, “All right you bastard, now you’re going to give me what I want.”

Michael was startled. But he quickly realized that his wife was back in “game mode”. And this was a completely new role for each of them. “Okay lady,” he said nervously. “Just let’s not be crazy here.”

Getting to her knees Alexis pushed her former captor down on the bed. “On your back asshole, before I put this blade through your brain!” When he was on his back she ordered him to unbuckle his trousers and pull them down.

Michael worked his pants down while trying to avoid getting accidentally skewered by his wife. When he got them just below his hips Alexis snapped, “That’s far enough.” She eyed his growing erection hungrily. “I see what I want.”

Alexis shifted her position to straddle her husband. She shifted her makeshift weapon from his neck to the base of his penis. “You had better give me the ride of a lifetime,” she purred as she lowered herself onto his shaft.

She was more than ready, having been teased for most of the afternoon. Alexis settled herself on him with a sigh of satisfaction. She started the rhythm slowly, easing past the tenderness of her abused labia. But that discomfort faded as the embers of her arousal flared back to life. In no time at all she was pounding down on her husband’s pelvis, challenging him to keep pace with her.

Michael watched as his wife rode him with maniacal glee. He thought of the screwdriver still close to his manhood and the fact that they never thought of him needing a safe-word.

Alexis came with a banshee howl that was as frightening as it was erotic. She collapsed on Michael, who was similarly spent. As she snuggled herself closer to him she whispered in his ear, “If you ever do that again I’ll kill you.”


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