A Present for the Wrapping Paper

by John Bannergram

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© Copyright 2020 - John Bannergram - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; bond; majick; ribbon; tease; climax; force; cons; reluct; X

It was just before New Year's when the heap of wrapping paper and ribbons that had been piled on the floor gained sentience. Cindy hadn't bothered to clean it up, deciding that laziness was at least 25% of the reason for the season. 

When the wrapping paper woke up, its first thought was one of mild disappointment. Cindy had gotten a number of presents, but the paper hadn't gotten any. That was hardly fair. Surely there was some kind of present here for it. Then the wrapping paper understood how stupid it had been. The gifts that had come in the wrapping paper and the contents of the small apartment all belonged to Cindy. They couldn't be the wrapping paper's present. Which only left one possibility. Obviously, Cindy must be its present! The paper briefly wondered if it should send someone a thank-you card. What a nice gift. 

Cindy was currently on the couch in front of the television, fast asleep from too much eggnog the night before. The paper studied her for a moment in thought. Then it slowly, carefully reached up with one of its ribbons. The ribbon crept up the comfortable flannel pajamas that were stretched over Cindy's curvy figure. As it went, it gently stroked her from head to toe.

Such a lovely present.

The ribbon threaded its way beneath Cindy's pajamas and panties. Slowly, teasingly, it began to play with her pussy. Then it gave her a slight tickle.

Cindy gasped as she woke up. Her first thought was that Brandon was having some fun with her. Then she remembered that she'd kicked him to the curb three weeks ago. And changed the locks. She looked down to see that a green ribbon from the enormous pile of wrapping paper on the floor had somehow gotten caught under her panties. She pulled it out of her crotch, only to smell her own juices.

So now I'm getting off on wrapping paper? I really need to get laid.

Cindy turned up the volume on the TV. It was tuned to one of the lack-luster game shows that appear at mid-day. She was watching the contestants guess the price of a new toaster when she felt a touch that took her breath away. She looked down to see the impossible-the ribbon had made its way into her panties again. And it felt like it was stroking her pussy!

"What the hell? I didn't have that much to drink."

Cindy shook her head in an attempt to wake herself up. She reached down into her panties to retrieve the errant ribbon. Only this time, she couldn't. The ribbon pushed back, like it was part of a living thing. Only that was impossible. Wasn't it?

As if in answer, two more ribbons emerged from the pile of wrapping paper. They promptly reached under her top and began to feel up her breasts. Cindy squealed as one of them pinched her nipple. The wrapping paper that the ribbons were connected to flew towards her as if propelled by a gust of wind. It separated in mid-air into pieces that landed all around her. The paper slid under her until it formed a thick cushion between her and the sofa.

Cindy had had enough. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she was getting out of here. But as she started to get up, silver-colored ribbons burrowed their way out of the paper. The ends looped themselves around her wrists and ankles, then pulled her back down. The wrapping paper began to rustle. A piece of it stroked her hair. 

Cindy heard a voice that sounded like the crumpling of paper. "Mine. My present."

She began to struggle. But the ribbons were stronger than her, and easily held her firmly in place. Cindy started to shout for help, but a piece of crumpled wrapping paper stuffed into her open mouth muffled her cries.

"Time to unwrap my present!"

"Mmmph! Mmmmmm!"

The ribbons stripped off her pajamas with the eagerness of a child that had been given a large package. The wrapping paper pulled her limbs into a spread-eagle position. The ribbons caressed Cindy’s naked body like it was a gift that had been long dreamed of. The paper rustled with pleasure.

"So pretty."

The ribbons lifted her into the air. Cindy writhed and struggled, but they held her with a gentle firmness that was inescapable. Then the wrapping paper began to play with her, like a much-cherished toy. The ribbons continued to stroke and squeeze her breasts. The ribbon in her pussy teased her. Others caressed her body. Cindy’s face flushed. She forgot her fears. She forgot that she was helpless. Nothing mattered except for what she could feel. She responded more and more eagerly to her captor’s touch. Encouraged by her response, the wrapping paper moved the ribbon in her pussy deep inside of her, twisting and turning. The wrapping paper kept moving her to the edge of an orgasm, playing with her over and over again. Finally, she came with a cry that was muffled to a squeak by her gag.

Cindy caught her breath and tried to think straight. Her body was drenched in sweat. That had been the most mind-blowing orgasm that she had ever had. 

"Thank you," she said in a small voice. Her words were muffled by the paper in her mouth, but it seemed to understand. The wrapping paper patted her head gently. Then the ribbons began to make their way towards her pussy and tits all over again....

After the fifth (or was it the sixth?) orgasm, the wrapping paper decided that she needed to eat. Some of the paper left in the direction of the kitchen and came back with a slice of leftover pie. The gag hopped out of Cindy's mouth, and the wrapping paper used a ribbon wrapped around a fork to feed her. She ate in a daze, the paper having reduced her to a thoroughly satisfied dripping mess.

Eventually the paper decided that it was time for Cindy to sleep. The wrapping paper lowered her into itself until it enveloped her. The paper pressed against her body like an inescapably heavy blanket, leaving her unable to move. A piece fell across her eyes, blindfolding her. Another scrap rustled against her ear.

"Good night, present."

By the next day, the wrapping paper had begun to let Cindy walk around her apartment when it wasn't playing with her. The paper trailed around behind her, the ribbons still wrapped around her limbs. If it decided that she was going someplace that it didn't approve of, it would walk her in the proper direction, controlling her arms and legs with great delicacy as if she was a marionette on strings. By the same token, if it decided that she was talking too much, Cindy would have a piece of wrapping paper stuffed in her mouth. Her living gag would expand once inside, remaining perfectly comfortable while making speech impossible. 

Of course, the wrapping paper continued to play with Cindy whenever it liked. She had no warning or choice in the matter, which made it even more exciting for her. She could be anywhere in the apartment, doing anything, when her new master would lift her helplessly into the air and drive her towards another orgasm. In fact, that was how she spent New Year’s Eve; the paper decided that it wanted to play with her, so Cindy and the new year both came at the same time. Even when it wasn’t actively trying to make her cum, the wrapping paper enjoyed stroking her body and fingering her. It was a rare moment when Cindy wasn’t dripping onto the carpet with pleasure.

Eventually the paper decided that it wanted to dress up its new toy. Cindy found herself in front of her closet, where it proceeded to clothe her. It seemed to like very feminine, girly clothes. It didn't approve of pants, always choosing dresses and skirts with no panties or bra so that it could more easily reach her pussy and tits and play with her.

At some point Cindy took it upon herself to explain e-commerce to the wrapping paper.

"You know, if you let me go online I could buy more clothes for you to dress me in."

It took some time for the paper to understand, but eventually it agreed. It certainly wanted its present to look pretty. Cindy surfed on her laptop while the paper watched over her shoulder and absentmindedly played with her tits. A red ribbon had wound its way up her leg like the stripe on a candy cane and was now stroking the inside of her thigh.

Her first thought as she browsed online was that she might use the laptop to email someone for help. Her second thought was that she had no idea who one might contact about sexually aggressive wrapping paper. But almost immediately afterwards she realized that, much to her surprise, she didn't actually want any help. She was enjoying herself, and all in all, she had remarkably few regrets for a woman that had been enslaved by a pile of wrapping paper. In the end, she simply did what she said she would do. She brought up some clothing sites, and ordered some new outfits. With the paper's approval, of course. It had very definite ideas about how it wanted its toy to look.

When the delivery man came Cindy had been watching television. She still hadn’t made up her mind if the wrapping paper was keeping her company while she watched, or if she was keeping the paper company while it watched. Either way, she sat while the paper stroked her like a cat. When the doorbell rang, Cindy opened the door to see the delivery man standing there with a mountain of boxes.

“I’ve got some packages for...you…”

The man trailed off in mid-sentence as he realized that there was something strange going on. 

At first glance everything seemed normal. The lady had a heap of wrapping paper on the floor, like a lot of people on his route. She was dressed in a short skirt and a frilly white peasant blouse. It was obvious that she wore no bra, presenting a sight that made the delivery man grateful to have her on his route. Then the man noticed the ribbons wrapped around her wrists and ankles. They swayed in a breeze that wasn’t there, pulling on her limbs like silver chains. And there was an emerald-colored ribbon that went up her skirt…

The man smelled the scent of...his face flushed as he realized that he knew exactly what it was the scent of. He wasn’t sure what he had walked in on, but he was immediately sorry that he hadn’t been invited to it.

“Uh...could you sign here?”

The lady signed the receipt, her arm moving in a sweeping motion as if she was a puppet on a string. As she closed the door, the last thing the delivery man heard was a quiet gasp, followed by a whisper.

“Thank you, Master.”

As soon as she had opened the boxes, the wrapping paper excitedly pulled out the various outfits and examined them. Cindy found herself marched into the bedroom and dressed up in an intensely frilly dress with a built-in corset and several layers of petticoats. It made her feel like a porcelain doll. It made her feel submissive. It made her feel owned. It made her feel...good. The wrapping paper certainly approved. It rose to envelop her, stroking every part of her body at once. It pressed inwards, lifting her off of her feet and filling her ears and mouth, rendering her deaf and dumb. The only thing she could sense was her master’s touch. The ribbons made their way into her crotch with renewed enthusiasm. Before the pleasure overwhelmed her, she had time for one last incoherent thought. 

Cindy is a good present.

It was a cold mid-January day when Cindy finally left her apartment to pick up some files at the office. She usually worked from home, but some commuting was inevitable. At first her master hadn't been inclined to let her go to work, but it gave in when she pointed out that she needed money to buy pretty things. 

She had the hood down on her coat, revealing the red ribbon that she wore on her neck as a choker. Before she had left the apartment the paper had put her on her knees, and she had bowed her head as it wrapped the ribbon around her throat like a collar on a newly gifted kitten. As she hurried across the parking lot, she felt the paper that sealed away her crotch tease her pussy, a quiet promise of things to come. The neat triangle of white holly leaf wrapping paper that covered her sex was topped with a green ribbon that had been tied into a neat bow. As she felt the tickling of the paper she quickened her pace. Cindy was in a hurry to get home. She couldn't wait for Master to unwrap its present.


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