A Night in His Bed

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2020 - Zephyr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; fpov; bond; handcuffs; hotel; cons; X

How'd I get myself roped into this? Actually, to be more accurate, what was a girl like me doing naked and handcuffed on someone else's bed like this? It was hard, but through the alcohol buzz it slowly came back to me...

I was off on a business trip to a computer convention with seven of my co-workers, four other women and three men. Our senior person was Marla Telliston who was this evening, as best we could tell, working the crowd trying to find a better job. The three guys had taken one of the cars and headed out to ‘party’ but Jenny had learned from Steve that they had the address of four recommended ‘gentlemen's establishments’ and would be seeing what color they could paint the town. Or at least what color select parts of the town were already.

The other three girls and I, not having anything else to do, wound up in the hotel bar, drinking exotic drinks and getting sillier and sillier in the three or four hours we were there. We had a good time, talking and hearing about each other's lives and getting more and more giddy and silly as we got more and more schlocked. Then the topic of conversation turned into a new direction, and it ended with me here: handcuffed naked to the headboard of Phil's bed, legs tied with pantyhose, so far apart that my bare heels were off the sides of the bed and a gag in my mouth. My girlfriends had left me naked, gagged, tied wide open, and helpless on his bed, for him to find me when he got back from a night of drinking and strippers, with a note taped above my head inviting him to enjoy himself with me!

I did recall at the point down in the bar thinking it sounded like a blast and agreeing to do this. Now I was starting to have second thoughts, but, with a test of the handcuffs holding my wrists (yes, still secure) it was a little late for second thoughts. Gina had intentionally left the electronic door key on the desk next to the handcuff keys - my girlfriends couldn't get back into the room to rescue me if they wanted to, which they didn't. They were probably back in the bar, giggling, drinking more, and joking about what Phil was doing to me. Nope, they weren't about to help me. Only Phil could open that door now.

A piece of paper was taped to the headboard above my head where I couldn't do anything about it either. It was folded in half and taped shut, with the words "READ ME FIRST" in big, bold writing on it. Inside the note, and I knew what was there because Stacy had read it to me before she taped it up, it said:

Dear Phil:

Since you guys went on the town without us (and we know where you went!) all the girls (except Marla, of course) got together downstairs in the bar and started drinking and talking. We took a poll to decide who we thought was the sexiest male on the trip and you won! (Congrats! Incidentally, you won 3-1, including Deanna here). Then since we were on the topic, we took another poll to find out which of us four had the biggest case of the hots for you and Deanna won, which is why she is here. Do take at least a little advantage of her before you let her loose (the handcuff keys are on the table next to the telephone). We (including Deanna) sincerely hope the ladies in the cabarets have gotten you in the right frame of mind for what you have found here, if you know what we mean!


I sighed. It was true. I did have the hots for Phil. He was six foot, well-muscled but not too overly so, comfortably confident and a real go-getter at the office. And single. With a Grecian-looking face and a decent smile he was the subject of a lot of female talk at the office, but apparently he didn't date in the company. None of us four knew the current romantic state of his life but he wasn't married and occasionally had pictures of attractive women in a corner of his desk but not recently.

I felt a twinge at the apex of my spread-open legs. I wondered what he would do when he finally found me. Knowing he'd been drinking and watching naked and near-naked women dancing around for the last six hours he'd probably be quite ready and willing to vent a little of that tension into my body. Then again nobody knew what kind of drunk he was. He could do anything from being abusive to passing out on the other bed leaving me stranded as I am all night.

I hoped he would be in the mood to take advantage of me. His warm, hard cock sliding in and out of me would feel real good right now. I tried to flex my hips to get some feeling, some release between my legs where it was moist and aching but my legs were tied too far apart to rub anything together. I settled in, closed my eyes and rested, dreaming of Phil as a wanton, hard man who would take me for his pleasure. And mine.

I heard people pass in the hallway a few times while I waited (not much else to do, you know). Then finally I heard the sound of a card key being inserted into the door lock. He was here! Instantly I wanted to run, roll under the bed, hide, anything. If I didn't get away then in a few seconds he would find me, naked and tied helpless to his bed. What if he just laughed? What if he refused to do anything with me? What if he took advantage of me, took pictures or something and told everyone else in the company about where and how he found me? I tried one last time to get out of the handcuffs as the door handle turned. Nope, just as secure as before. I tensed up all over but that was all I could do.

The door opened, and I heard a hand fumble a few seconds for the light switches by the door. A little drunk at least, I surmised. The light on the table came on, flooding the room with light. I tensed up even further but was too terrified to make a sound.

He went into the bathroom and I heard him take a long leak, flushing afterward. He stopped at the sink right next to the door for a moment, washed his hands and apparently had a glass of water, still not knowing I was there. He did something in the coat rack area, from the sounds of it taking off his shirt and tie I guessed. Even though I was terrified I was getting hot and wet and itchy. Finished with the closet he walked around the corner to where the beds were.

And stopped dead in his tracks, doing a double-take. I could see him, his jaw dropping as he realized there was a naked woman tied on top of his bed. Then a second double-take as he recognized it was me.

After a moment, he moved over to my side and looked down at me. "Deanna? Is it you?" I tried my best to shrug and gave a helpless smile, through the gag, then nodded yes. He reached for my wrists, noted the handcuffs, and started looking around for keys. His eyes ran back up to the note taped above my head and he reached up, peeled it off the headboard, then stood quietly above my naked and exposed helpless body while he read it.

When he finished he crumpled the note in his hand and tossed it on the other bed. He looked down at me. He bit his lip, then looking into my eyes asked me if I wanted to be here. I nodded yes. He let one of his hands touch my side and it felt electric. I gasped at the contact both out of fear and lust. Please love me. Don't turn me down. I'm here, I've offered myself to you. Take me!

He ran hands over my upper arms and across my chest, not touching anywhere extreme yet. It still felt like honey, a warm caress over which I hoped would expand across my whole soul. He paused for a second, apparently having second thoughts, then raised himself up over me.

"If for some reason you need to do this and don't want to, I can let you go and we can make up any story you want to." He paused for a second, his gaze holding my eyes like lightning bolts. "If I don't let you go now, I won't ask you again but we will both have some fun. Do you want me to let you go?"

I smiled and shook my head slowly and firmly no. I hoped he could read it in my eyes: Silly man, just take me!


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