A Joint Effort

by Servitude

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Storycodes: F/mf; bond; dungeon; mistress; clamps; toys; sex; oral; harness; tease; whip; hum; cons; X

The day arrived, one that I had been planning for and hoping for a long time. As a regular visitor to Mistresses to fulfill my kinky desires, I had always wanted to try it with a female partner. There was something about going to the session, discussing, preparing for the session by undressing and the session itself that I felt would be more exciting with a woman partner. Even being able to watch a partner being dominated and tortured would be exciting in its own way. 

So not having a partner I set out to find one with common interests by placing advertisements in the local online meat market. Now I said I had been planning for a long time, it took 5 years for me to finally make this happen. Over that time there were any number of enquiries from dreamers, males, and even two hopefuls that met for discussion about it, and one that even resulted in an appointment being made but she got cold feet and left me standing at the altar by myself so to speak.

So after all that it finally occurred that someone, let’s call her Liz, responded to the ad, and we set an appointment and she actually turned up, and that is what this story is about.

Liz was a mature lady in her late 40’s and had lived a fairly sheltered life, and after separating from her husband started wondering about what she had been missing out on, so one day as she was browsing online advertisements she came across mine, and just out of curiosity responded. 

We went through an email exchange covering details, expectations, dos and don’ts, wants etc, and arranged a meeting. It was just a 10 minute coffee meeting just to make sure that we were comfortable doing this with each other. After all, getting naked with a stranger and engaging in sexual activity without the help of alcohol can be daunting to some people.

During the discussion she had talked about wanting to mainly explore the submissive aspects of BDSM, but was open to sampling other delights. But as far as actual penetrative sex she wasn’t sure about that and we decided to see how things developed and make a decision later. We talked about how she felt about intimate female contact, after all Jo was a female and this could have been an issue. Liz felt a little hesitant but as she wanted to sample submission she was okay with it in the context of a scene.

I made arrangements for a two hour session with my favorite Mistress Jo. Now Jo knows me and that I am into bondage and BDSM and associated activities but that there is not a submissive bone in my body, I am also not that domineering. I enjoy bondage and BDSM for the pleasure, the enjoyment, and as a fetish. She also knows some of my little preferences and requirements of a session.

I met Liz a short distance away from Jo’s dungeon, and while we walked we discussed final arrangements and thoughts. I didn’t tell Liz that I had already made some arrangements with Jo that were within her lists of do’s and don’ts.

We arrived, I grabbed Liz’s hand with mine and knocked on the door and waited for Jo to let us in, the house was a nondescript house just like any other house in the street nothing out of the ordinary unless you went inside. The door opened and we were shown in by Jo. Introductions were made and Jo gave us our instructions of what was expected and to go to the bathroom and undress, shower and wait for further instructions.

Liz and I walked down the hall past the closed door of what I knew was the dungeon, but Liz had no idea, I ushered her into the bathroom and closed the door. Normally Jo would have laid out some paraphernalia for me to place on myself prior to presenting myself to her in the dungeon; that has ranged from cuffs, but plugs, chains or even women’s clothing, the choice is Jo’s. However this time I had suggested to Jo something subtle and modesty-protecting for Liz, being her first time undressing in front of a stranger.

Folded on the bench were two plain white full length gowns, very simple just very wide holes for the head almost like a poncho. 

We stripped off our clothes, Liz was a bit nervous and apprehensive about doing this with practically a stranger, and with a bit of shyness stood to one side while I started to shower. I gestured to her to join me and she hesitantly moved toward me, and slowly climbed in. To break the ice I started to wash her back with soap and then offered the soap to her to do mine. She then soaped up her genitals and cleaned them and handed back the soap to me. I gave her hand another squeeze to try to reassure her that what was going to happen was okay.

We climbed out of the shower and dried off, and in doing so got to see fully for the first time what Liz looked like naked. Although in her late 40’s she was no youth, she was certainly better looking than most ladies her age. She had long dark hair that had started to curl a little where it had gotten wet from the shower, breasts were certainly more than a handful - my preference is small, just more than a mouthful so to speak - hips firm with a bit of fat around the sides, and almost a flat belly. A small tuft of hair showed between her legs, finishing off what I would call not a bad picture. 

We both pulled our gowns on to preserve a bit of modesty and with Liz slightly in front of me, we walked down the hall to the dungeon. I was wondering how Liz felt and whether she was going to safeword out before we even started. We entered the dim room and waited in the middle in a respectful pose, waiting for Jo to enter. While we waited I could hear Liz’s breathing, short and shallow and I gathered she had a degree of nervousness about her.

Jo entered and walked around us, examining with her eyes, checking how respectful we acted; actually her eyes almost challenged us to try to do something to get punished. In keeping with Liz’s inexperienced status Jo had dressed in a more matronly manner than a dominatrix, still in leather pants but with a white blouse instead of a more severe top.

In a soft firm voice Jo instructed Liz to “drop the gown” and watched while Liz hesitantly pushed the gown over her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Liz stood there in her nakedness, and was trying to move her arms to cover herself when Jo spoke, “arms by your side.” She dropped her arms and stood up straight. Jo came over and slowly examined Liz again this time paying more attention to her body, much to Liz’s discomfort.

Again in a soft, firm voice Jo asked, “does this slave offer up her body to me today, for me to use within the limits agreed earlier, and does this slave understand that to use the safeword stops the session completely? If you agree, say the following:

“this slave offers up her body to you, to do as you see fit, and to use in any way you want, within the limits agreed, my body is yours for your enjoyment. I am free to use the safeword to regain my body but once used it cannot be unused and my body is mine again, and this session is over.”

As Liz started to mouth the words, her face began to light up. She started to speak the words with confidence, I think it had started to turn her on a bit, giving up rights to her body.

Jo turned to me and simply stated, “drop your gown.” To Liz she instructed, “on the shelf over there, bring me back the stainless steel item that is laying there.” Liz walked over and came back with a stainless steel chastity device. Jo took it from her and placed it on my semi erect penis before I could get any harder. Jo turned to face Liz and said, “That is to respect your limits of no penetrative sex, it stays on until the end, or unless you change your mind, then it comes off. But if you do change your mind about penetrative sex, it won’t be love-making like you are used to, in a soft bed.”

“Now,” said Jo, “we need to dress you to look the part of a slave, a sex slave. I think first a collar, and then I think a leather body harness.” She took from the shelves a small leather collar and fastened it around Liz’s neck. She nuzzled into her neck and playfully bit her earlobe, then softly said, “now you are mine.”

“Slave!” barked Jo to me, “bring that bundle of leather from there; straighten it out, and help me get it fastened on her.” I walked to the shelves, the weight of the chastity device pulling down on my cock, the weighty feeling was itself a turn on. I grabbed the bundle of leather and as I walked back I started straightening it out. I draped it over Liz’s head and Jo and I started to fasten it. I maneuvered the breast straps around Liz’s breasts taking deliberate care to make sure I brushed her erect nipples. Jo made sure I fastened the straps nice and tight. Jo instructed me to leave the crotch strap undone at this stage as she had plans.

Jo selected from a draw a medium sized dildo that instead of balls on the end had a flat base instead. She passed this to Liz and said, “make it wet.” Liz started to put it in her mouth and Jo barked at her “not that hole, use that one down there,” as she pointed to the opening between Liz’s legs.

Liz apprehensively took the dildo and slowly ran the tip and the shaft along the fold of her cunt, making both the dildo and her cunt wet as instructed.

Jo took the dildo from Liz and while nibbling on her nipple took the dildo and slowly inserted it into her now wet cunt. Instead of one thrust though she worked it in and out, almost in time to Liz’s soft moans of pleasure, to get it firmly embedded. Then Jo quickly grabbed the crotch straps of the harness and fastened them, ensuring the dildo was firmly embedded.

Jo signaled for me to come over and stand in front of Liz, and I moved in front of Liz and saw in her eyes a look of enjoyment and enthrallment. I was glad she seemed to be enjoying herself. Jo walked over, with two sets of nipple clamps connected by chains. She rolled one of Liz’s nipples between her fingers and firmly fitted a clamp to it, she repeated the action and fitted the other one to her other nipple. She then fitted the opposing ends to my nipples, so that we were connected to each other. The chains crossing each other in the middle between us. 

Jo walked over and grabbed a set of weights and attached one to where the chains crossed, and holding the weight in her hand she spoke to Liz, “this is a test, you are warned. Don’t fail me,” and with that she let the weight drop.

A gasp broke from both our lips as the weight was borne by our nipples.

Jo attached another weight and looking directly at Liz, almost challenging her, she let the next weight drop.

Again another gasp broke from us as the new weight was added.

While we stood face to face and supported the weights on the crossed chains attached to our nipples, unable to do much more than just concentrate on the pain, Jo wrapped on our wrists leather cuffs. 

Jo removed the weights, to our relief and smiling she said to Liz, “well done, you passed that test.” Then she quickly removed the clamps and provided us both with instant pain and gratification. 

Jo turned to me and pushed me back against her bondage frame and attached the cuff on my wrists to the top corners of the frame so that I was facing the room with my arms over my head. She then lovingly ran her hand around my metal encased cock, and smiled at me.

She pushed Liz over to the mirrors against the wall, and made Liz view herself, all the while stroking up and down Liz’s body, she whispered to her, “now you are mine, my little sex slut.” She moved her hand down behind the flange of the dildo and tickled Liz’s clit; noticing how wet she was. “You like being my sex slut don’t you? Ohh, look how turned on you are, I could turn you into a real little sex slut, to fuck on command. How would you like that?”

All the while, Liz was looking at her leather harnessed body and for the first time was feeling a woman touch her intimately. She knew that she was turned on, and could well be trained into a complete sex slut.

“Now my little sex slut, I want you to taste the whip. You need to know how it feels if you ever fail or upset me.” Jo pushed her over towards me, and against me, fastening her wrist cuffs to mine. I could feel her breasts pushing into me and the pressure of her body pushing my encased cock back against my body.

Jo walked over and retrieved from the wall a flogger that multiple strips of latex attached to a short handle. She gently traced the ends of the flogger up Liz’s back several times, almost tickling her with the latex straps.

Then suddenly she swung it and struck Liz across her back. Liz gasped, and the look in her eyes was one of wonder. Jo swung again and this time although the straps flailed against Liz the ends wrapped around her body and stung me. Jo continued lashing Liz, allowing the occasional lash to hit me as well. If it wasn’t for the cock cage covering my cock, I probably would have cum just with the movement of Liz against my body.

Jo moved forward and unfastened Liz’s arms and gently swung her around and gently stroked her slightly red skin, and quietly spoke to her, “good slave.”

Just to keep my torment going Jo attached a set of nasty nipple clamps to me.

Jo reached down behind Liz and unfastened the crotch strap of the harness, and pulled out the dildo that she had earlier placed there. She walked over and took off the shelf a nasty looking powerful vibrator, and walked back to Liz and smiled, saying, “stand still.”

She placed the vibrator against Liz’s clit and turned it on. What a view I had, Liz’s eyes almost rolled back in her head when the vibrations hit her. She was trying to keep standing, her legs spreading at once. Jo stopped and pushed her back to me, and refastened her wrists to mine, but this time she was back to me. Jo replaced the vibrator back in Liz’s cunt and turned it on again. This time Liz was held up by her wrists, and she threw her head back against me, her body pushing against the clamps on my nipples, and the cage around my cock.

Jo just held that vibrator in one place, and waited and waited. Then Liz let out this almighty moan, and started shaking and shaking, ultimately slumping back against me, suspended from her arms.

Jo wrapped her arms around Liz and helped her stand, taking the weight of her arms, she reached up and unclipped her wrists, lowering her arms, but fastening the wrist cuffs to the side of her body harness. Jo then moved her over to her work bench, and leaned Liz over it, face down, feet on the ground. Jo moved to the side of Liz and told her, “You have been a good sex slut, but you still need more training. You need to be used to having your body used, and you need to be used to enjoying it.” With that Jo placed the vibrator again against Liz’s pussy, and held it there. She also picked up the previously discarded dildo, and while holding the vibrator against Liz’s pussy, started to insert the dildo.

At this stage, Liz was visibly shaking, and let out another great shriek of pleasure and joy. I was starting to feel left out, restrained out of reach, cock unable to even get erect while watching such a hot action scene. And to increase my torment Jo, leant over and tugged at the clamps on my nipples.

Jo stood Liz up and told her how well she had performed. “It’s easy being a sex slut that takes pleasure, but a sex slut also must know how to serve as well. Earlier you gave your body to me to use as I see fit, are you now ready to learn to serve it as well as take it?”

Liz nodded her head and Jo instructed her to stand in front of her. Jo opened her blouse and Liz leant forward; with hands and an eager mouth she started working on Jo’s breasts with gusto, teasing out her nipples with her mouth. Jo took one of Liz’s hands and moved it to the top of her pants for Liz to undo the buttons. Jo pushed her trousers down to her ankles, and thought, this is the big test, will she service me with her tongue?

Jo placed her hands on Liz’s shoulders and pushed her to her knees; she placed one hand on Liz’s head and pushed her face into her pussy, commanding her, “make me cum!” Liz serviced her just like she herself liked to be eaten down there, and it didn’t take long for Jo to cum.

The two of them moved apart, and Liz eyed me up, hanging there with cock encased in a shiny stainless steel shell. She asked, “ Mistress may I learn how to serve cock as well?”

Jo grabbed Liz and again leant her over the bench, and strapped her down. She unclipped my restraints and led me over to the bench and lined me up behind Liz. She reached down and removed the chastity device, and my cock sprung up immediately. Jo rolled a condom over my cock, and lined it up at Liz’s pussy opening.

“Go for it slave, but don’t cum until I tell you to, and don’t worry about if she does or doesn’t cum, she needs to learn to service cock.”

As I thrust, I started to feel that pressure building, but I watched Jo, waiting for the command to cum. As I got very close, Jo reached over, and at the same time as telling me to cum, she ripped off the nipple clamps and I orgasm violently in Liz’s cunt.

Jo pushes me back and stands Liz up, and congratulates Liz, “my little sex slut, you have done well. You have serviced pussy and cock, you will make an excellent sex slut.”

We both head back down the hall to shower and dress. We stopped for a coffee afterwards, to discuss what we liked, and what we didn’t, and wind down. Liz was surprised she enjoyed the sexual aspects, but was unsure about the whipping. We both agreed that there would be a second show soon.


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