The Interview

by MrSmooth

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; interview; hotel; examination; gown; naked; bond; mast; oral; climax; cuaght; hum; cons/reluct; X

It was a cold grey wet November morning at a quarter past eleven as I swung my Ford Mondeo into the car-park of The Criterion hotel in this midlands city. I had to attend an interview regarding a job position with a small company. The advert was placed for this position and I had been short-listed according to them after presenting my CV and my general personal details by email. I was now required to meet a Mr Davies who would be handling the meeting but I was running a little late due to an accident that held the traffic up as usual on the motorway.

I parked up and checked in at the hotel reception. I was directed to a suite on the first floor and as I was running fifteen minutes late I cursed as I always feel first impressions last longest and naturally I didn’t wish to blow my chances with the job, so I made myself there as quickly as possible. There was a notice on the door to instruct candidates to wait outside until called and the reception had rung to let them know I was here, I did just that and sat down on one of the chairs that had been placed there in the corridor.

I was the only one there and I began to do the crossword now as this was one of my daily passions and after ten minutes or so the door opened and a man around my age came out. Smartly dressed, I guessed he was another candidate and he caught my eye for a second: he looked a little flushed and gave me a quick sort of embarrassed smile as before he left.

He must have had a hard time in there I mused and continued waiting. Another few minutes passed and the door opened again. A striking looking red headed female appeared and introduced herself. “Hello I am Alison Davies” she said in voice like velvet, deep smooth and very sexual. I naturally stood and offered my hand.

“Bradley Saunders” I replied.

“Do come in” she offered her arm directing me into the room.

She followed me in and explained herself. “I am sorry to keep you waiting” she said I shall be interviewing you here today and she shook my hand with her firm soft hand.

“I thought it was a Mr Davies I had to see” I ventured.

“Oh no it is me and it is my company also, you must have misunderstood or maybe there was a typographical error, Please sit Mr Saunders” She offered me an easy leather chair in front of a coffee table.

“Call me Bradley” I returned “and I never sit before a lady does.”

She smiled and told me to call her Alison and also to keep the interview as informal as possible. As she moved around the table to sit opposite she changed her mind and first went to the window to adjust the blinds as the sun had now come out and was shining straight into the room.

I now was able to check her out for a few seconds and guessed that was around forty years of age and around five six tall or so without her patent high heels which added another four or five inches to her height. She was dressed very smartly in a matching two piece dark business jacket and a tight skirt with a split at the back from the hem upwards. She was very shapely and had a very trim waist; I guessed that she kept herself fit down at the gym as the muscles in her shapely calves are always a giveaway.

As she reached to the blind I could make out she also had sheer black seamed stockings on as I caught a glimpse of the top of them when the split of her skirt opened. I felt that she may have let me see this on purpose but I could not be sure.

She turned sharply and caught me staring and I quickly looked away as she smiled quietly to herself. She was one classy sexy lady all in all and she knew this. She now sat down on the leather settee and I followed her and sat opposite to her with the low coffee table between us and opened her jacket for comfort revealing a lovely crisp white feminine low cut blouse.

As she sat she also exposed enough stocking top to make me lose my concentration and she looked straight into my eyes as she spoke in her velvet voice with her steel blue piercing eyes looking directly into mine. I was finding it hard to concentrate with this beautiful creature sitting opposite me: my mind was wandering and it was all about this sexy lady that I could be working for shortly.

She wore no wedding ring and had only the minimum of jewellery on. I focused now on what she had to say as she went on to explain that she had started the business after having passed out as a state registered nurse and while working at a large hospital she spotted a gap in the market and it went from there.

The job on offer would be as a rep. generally for her pharmaceutical supply company but would also be expected to help with other tasks too and be prepared to travel all over Europe and the emerging markets elsewhere.

The next half an hour or so was spent checking over my credentials, where I worked and all the gumpf that she needed to know about me. As a small business I was expected to pitch in too and do other things when needed and I also had to be fit and healthy too so would have to undergo a medical to determine my health.

Accidentally or not she continued to show something of her stocking tops as she adjusted her legs from time to time and I have to admit that it did keep my mind wandering a little; I am a normal red blooded male after all.

We appeared to get on well together and she had a lively sense of humour too which I consider is important in any sort of relationship even work related. She appeared to be happy with me and we had a coffee which she made in an area set aside.

I stood again when she did but she told me not to although it was appreciated. She made an excuse and disappeared with her phone into the corridor for a few minutes. My thoughts now returned to her and I began to wonder whether she had a anyone in her life at all and I knew if I was to work for her I would find it difficult not to at least try to get into her bed at sometime or other.

I looked around; there was a screen in the corner behind me: it was surrounding something as it was away from the wall quite a distance. She returned after a few minutes “I have been on the phone to my personal assistant” she said, “as you are on a very short list now so I need to find out if you are also fit and healthy and ready to start almost immediately with my company should you be offered the position. I cannot afford to for you to be taking time off with some present illness or medical problem so I need you take a medical for me.”

By the sound of it I had landed the job I thought so I gave her a positive answer “Yes of course” I replied, “where and when do I have to go to for this?”

“I would need you to start very quickly so as to save time and expense I will give you your required medical tests here and now”

This took me back; the last thing I was expecting was her to say this. “Oh er er” I replied not knowing what to say. “This will save me time and expense and after all I am fully qualified to do so” she replied in matter of way. I was still taken back and began to make lame excuses but she butted in.

“You don’t have a something to hide do you?” she asked a little irritated, “only I cannot see what the problem is here, I am a nurse by profession and have seen it all so if you’re a little shy about showing me your body don’t worry, or is it that you have a something wrong, a rash or something you don’t wish to show me?”

“No no its not that at all, Its just that well we may be working together and you how can I put it you will have seen me stripped of my clothes but if you have to check me out then so be it.”

She smiled a little “Well Bradley I have to say that you have been undressing me with your eyes since you got here today, so it is only fair is it not?”

She was correct of course but I was devastated and embarrassed at her remark and didn’t know where to put myself so I returned with, “I am a red blooded male and you are a very attractive lady so it is only natural for me to maybe perhaps look too much at you and can only say how embarrassed I am and apologise profusely for any inappropriate behaviour.”

Her eyes seemed to search into my soul for a few seconds and she just replied smiling, “Well you had better freshen up and take a shower first if you wish to get ready for me and in the meantime I will prepare for you and while you’re in there you can make a urine sample for me.”

She produced a sample jar and then showed me into the bathroom: I was instructed to wear a hospital gown I would find in there and afterwards to come out when ready. I took my shower and thought again that it was a little strange for her to be checking me out medically but on the other hand she was qualified to do so and it would save time and extra cost to her so I accepted it. I finished and after drying I slipped on the short hospital gown.

I then stepped out to find her leaning over and bent forward over the desk picking up something and I could clearly see her stocking tops and naked flesh under a tight short white medical coat she was now wearing.

She turned around and the top couple of buttons were undone allowing her full and ample firm breasts to strain at the others containing them. I found her whole appearance to be very erotic: she was making my pulse race but she just gave me a look that said you may look but don’t touch as she saw me take a long glance at her.

I offered her my urine sample and joked, “You’ll find some urine in that alcohol!” She was now in her serious mood and just replied with a “Hmm” She directed me to the screen and when there she told me to sit on the medical style of examination table that was behind it. She now proceeded to check my pulse, blood, pressure and temperature. My blood pressure was a little high which she commented on, and need I explain why that was.

The closeness of her and her very appearance was now beginning to take its toll and by now I had a partial erection which was difficult to hide and most embarrassing as this gorgeous lady checked me over. I was ordered to lie on my back and reluctantly did so as it was now made obvious that I had a real stiffy. She checked it out with her eyes and then with a smile on her face looked into my eyes directly. I wanted the floor to swallow me up and looked away pretending there was nothing amiss.

“I need to see you totally naked to check your body and skin for rashes and any other problems,” she said putting on latex surgical gloves with a snik-snak sound, “so remove your gown.” I shook my head sideways with the thought of it and now stood to take it off.

Now naked with a throbbing cock standing out she again smiled and ordered me onto my face as she now inspected me all over her delicate fingers making things even worse as my cock was squashed now against the cool leather of the couch.

“Turn over now onto your back,” she said and with my cock looking skywards I let her do her checking.

“I’m so sorry I have lost control of myself” I apologised covering it up as best as I could, “you are a very attractive lady and I cannot help this” I felt I had to say something.

“Oh not to worry, I am used to such things happening,” she replied in her seductive voice, “I was a nurse you remember” and she continued her exploration of my body with her rubber covered hands. Her hands now had made their way to my genitals and she felt my balls and squeezed gently, testing for abnormalities.

My cock was throbbing and it had begun to leak with all this attention and I avoided looking at her to try to contain my embarrassment. She now announced smiling at me, “There doesn’t appear to any problem there at all, in fact it all seems to be in perfect working order Bradley so now a sperm sample from you will complete the medical.”

I was amazed at her suggestion, why on Earth would she require a sperm sample? She explained that an awful lot of information could be found in sperm and it was easier to produce and gave better results than a blood sample; she now offered me a small plastic container.

“I will give you a few minutes here to complete the task, after all you are ready for it,” she said smiling mischievously and she left me to get on with it pulling the screen back across for privacy.

I just sat there totally stunned as I could hear her busying herself and humming on the other side of the screen which put me off all together. Around four or five minutes went by and suddenly she pulled the screen back.

I felt like a naughty schoolboy caught relieving himself. She tutted and shook her head, “What’s the matter Bradley are you not able to deliver me a sample?”

I shook mine too and replied, “This is so embarrassing for me I cannot do this in front of you!”

“Very well” she answered, “then just lie back for a moment while I get something and fix it myself”

She quickly returned with a bottle of oil and to my amazement unbuttoned her blouse slipping it off and then removed her skirt. She was a vision of sexual perfection, standing in her black lacy underwear with her black stockings supported by at least eight suspenders on her long, long gorgeous legs.

“Oh my god,” I remarked in delight. She smiled, “You can look but no touching while I extract your sperm” and she pushed me back down firmly. Who was I to argue and I now watched her as she poured oil onto my genitals and seconds later her right hand encircled my throbbing cock.

She began to stroke it slowly and erotically which made me gasp with pleasure. She smiled seductively as I enjoyed her pleasuring me and I could not help myself but put my hand on her smooth thigh near her shapely bottom. She stopped what she was doing immediately and hissed, “I told you no touching is that clear?”

I apologised profusely. “Very well,” she replied, “but if you wish me to complete the task then I will have to restrain your hands out of harms way.” I was desperate so I quickly agreed and she then produced some heavy nylon tie wraps and proceeded to fasten each hand loosely but firmly to either side of the framework of the table I was lying on.

Satisfied I was now unable to reach out and touch her she returned to pay attention to my cock and again stroked it erotically. “You like this” she said in her husky voice as she gave me a sexy smile.

“Oh god it’s wonderful” I replied, “It’s just the best!”

“Good” she smiled back and wiped the oil from my cock and now slipped out of her miniscule g-string.

Standing now in just stockings and suspenders I could see she was completely shaved which is my favourite and she also had a couple of piercings to her labia. I looked at her incredulously hardly believing where this had suddenly gone to.

“You can pleasure me too!” she said as she now climbed over me legs apart with her beautiful rear facing me. I could clearly see and smell her musky sex as she now lowered herself onto my face. I enjoy this type of foreplay and I soon found her most sensitive spot inside her.

She reacted to this immediately and was soon moaning with pleasure and she ground her warm body into my face. Soon my mouth was doing magical things to her sweet pussy with my nose buried into the cleft of her delicious rear. After stroking my cock for a while she now said, “Let’s see how much you like this too!”

She now took my knob in her soft warm mouth and began to suck me gently. I swooned with pleasure at this new level of ecstasy. I gave her as good as she gave me and we both were soon moaning with ecstasy.

A few minutes went by and I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer although I never wanted it to stop. While we felated each other her hands now started to do wonderful things to my balls and to my anus as she inserted a finger into it. A couple of minutes and my control ceased. My whole body convulsed, stiffened and I began to lose it.

“I’m cumming!” I warned her but she continued to suck me even harder and upped the pace too as she concentrated on my engorged cock. I began to spurt my hot sticky juice into her warm inviting mouth as she too gave a throaty squeal as she orgasmed too.

I cursed with lust and relief as I emptied my hot load down her throat and she just kept on sucking and sucking like a greedy baby until there was nothing left. She collapsed onto me for a minute or two; both of us had been to another place.

Finally she lifted her soft warm body off me and smiling broadly an announced while licking her lips and putting her face in mine, “That was delicious!”

“You too” I replied as I was still returning to normality and joking I reminded her about the sample which she had now swallowed.

“Never mind,” she replied, “you will soon make more of that I’m sure” as she began to dress but left me there still secured.

“Will you release me now?” I asked her.

“Don’t be impatient, let me tidy up a little,” she said as she continued putting her things together in a small case. I waited patiently for her to finish and when she was ready she came over to me.

“I’m leaving now it was a real pleasure meeting you Bradley as the previous candidate was gay but I’m afraid there is no job on offer.”

She now placed a pair of scissors on my chest out of reach and invited me to free myself which of course I was unable to do. Without further ado she made her way to the door and left me there helpless and unable to escape.

“Bitch!” I cried as left and she looked back smiling, gave me a little wave and replied, “Yes I am a bitch, someone will be along shortly to clean up and you can try and explain to them how you got into this predicament, if you cannot free yourself that is; don’t forget to leave a tip will you.”

She left me now and I struggled impossibly for the scissors trying to free myself and then waited in dread for someone to come along. I realised that this was her way of “getting off” and I was the one she had used this time to do it and after all what could I do about what had just occurred; nothing at all.

Someone did come along eventually and I was of course banned for good from using that Hotel again.

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