The Friend

by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: F/m; femdom; catsuit; bond; ribbon; spreadeagle; naked; FF/m; tease; games; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

My bonds were a shade tighter than usual, broad red ribbons had replaced the usual playful soft scarves that made me their prisoner when my girlfriend was in the right mood. That very special sort of mood that went with the all-over skintight lycra catsuit and spike heeled boots.

And tonight was one of those special moods. And I am now lying spread-eagled on our vast king size bed, naked as the day as I was born, my wrists and ankles firmly swathed in bright ribbons spreading me tightly on the firm mattress. And she is stalking around the bed looking down at me. Her sparkling brown eyes shining out from behind hood of her gleaming black catsuit. A catsuit that takes away some of the woman I know and replaces it with a wicked dominance that makes us both shiver with pleasure. Only her eyes and mouth remain visible, that and a long ponytail of her auburn hair where she has drawn it up and out of a hole on the crown of the catsuit’s hood. Sprouting up and out of the top of her head before dropping down her back in a curly glorious wave.

The gleaming black lycra clings to every one of her wonderful, gym toned curves. Her breasts thrust up and out despite her hard toning, and when she turns away from me and tosses that auburn hair the shiny curves and shine over her buttocks never fail to make my manhood spring to attention is the most magnificent fashion. And she knows it very well.

The ribbons lie flat against my flesh, and I am pulled out in to a tight spread on the bed, and I gasp softly as she reaches out and runs a cool palm down my flank, curling in over curve of my thigh and allowing her fingertips to fleetingly caress the flesh of my balls. She laughs softly at the sound and takes her hand slowly away as I thrust myself at her to prolong the contact.

She reaches out again and this time runs her fingernails over my raging manhood making it twitch, then snatching them away before the inevitable explosion.

“I have a surprise for you tonight” she says sudden “I have invited a special guest to our little session”

So, that explained the rather tighter bonds, and I gave them an experimental tug, as much for effect as anything else. We had never invited anyone else to join in our kinky little games before, although we had discussed the matter on several occasions, and neither of us had been keen. But now it seemed she had decided she liked the idea and had made plans ahead of me.

She put her finger in her mouth and gave a shrill whistle, something else I had not realised she could do, and the room door swung silently open. And in came a vision in swirling black velvet.

Her skirt was long, swirling mid way down her calves to reveal gleaming black patent ankle boots beneath with tiny, spiky heels that gave her that enticing walk that always made following a lady in heels down the street such a pleasant experience.

She was a big girl, the dress snug about wide hips and broad thighs that tapered to a surprisingly narrow waist and spreading out again to vast breasts revealed in all their milky glory by a low neckline.

She hair was a close cropped blonde, and a domino mask concealed her identity. Her eyes were a gleaming grey that made me immediately think of the Russian steppes.

She walked over to the bed and smiled down at me, every step she took made her body sway back and forth in a way that made my mouth dry and my manhood hard.

She cocked her head to one side as if thinking for a moment, then reached out a hand. Part terrified, part entranced, I could see her hand matched her curvy body, with soft, pudgy fingers. They closed about my rock-hard manhood in a soft, warm grip like none I had ever experienced before and squeezed gently.

I let out a cry at that soft touch, and whimpered as she squeezed harder and moved her hand gently up and down. The feeling of warmth, softness and an underlying firmness was incredible. I had never felt anything quite like it, and as the sweat burst out on my forehead I could feel my manhood twitching already. Too soon my brain cried, too soon, but my body had other ideas.

Then the grip was gone and they were both laughing at me. I felt my orgasm subside to a throbbing ache as I looked pleadingly up at them. My girlfriend slipped her arm around the broad hips of her new friend and they kissed. Then they were kissing harder, mouth on writhing mouth and I had a sudden image that things might not ever be the same again.

 The friend reached out to my body as they disentangled themselves and ran those soft fingers down the length of my ribcage, over the curve of my hips and down between my legs. Cupping my balls gently she rolled them about in those warm soft fingers of hers while smiling.

Without a word she hitched up her black velvet skirt and I was treated to a brief flash of stocking stops before she was up on the bed with me. All my girlfriends had always been trim, muscular girls, and as the surface of the mattress tilted alarmingly I felt my whole world start to change.

Vast arse towards me she pinned my already tightly tied arms under her thighs and lowered her weight firmly on to my body. I felt her warm breath on my manhood and the dancing of her fingers as she teased my already bounding organ.

My breath was soon coming on ragged pants as I marvelled at the sight of her glorious arse filling my vision and completely blocking my view of her actions as surely as any blindfold.

On the verge of exploding, her hands and breath were suddenly absent, and I felt her body shifting on the bed. The skirt was flicked high, her legs moved while never releasing my pinioned arms for a moment, and her arse rose gloriously above me.

I took in a deep breath as her mighty thighs slid either side of my face and took a firm grip on my head, her ankles entwining behind my head. Her womanhood hovered briefly above me, then settled firmly upon my face and she said the first word she had said since she had entered the room. Her accept was strong, husky, and faintly East European.


As she settled her shaved womanhood on my face I was enveloped in a warm, fleshy embrace from which here was no possible escape until she chose to let me free.

I had never felt so helpless as my tongue flicked out from between my lips and tasted her arousal. My tongue parted her gently and went in search of the tenderest spot a woman possesses.

I heard her gasp as I found it and plied it back and forth with all the energy I could muster, suddenly desperately eager to please this soft, sexy woman. As I heard her start to moan her fingers returned to my manhood, pumping me with long, firm strokes. The very tip of her tongue danced across the tender head of my raging erection while the nails of her other hand caressed the tender underside of my testicles. I wanted to cry out, but my mouth remained occupied, and her insidious weight kept me pinned helplessly to the bed. Even had the ropes come untied I would have remained her prisoner until she chose to rise and let me free of the embrace of her mighty legs.

The explosion took us both at the same moment, both of us crying out in unison as we were rewarded for our efforts. I saw the glorious curve of her arse as she rose off me, then she settled down beside me on the bed, cradling me, stroking my chest while murmuring things in a language I did not understand.

My girlfriend was watching us as we lay there, and I could read something in her eyes I could not understand. Then she moved like lightning.

The big Eastern woman let out a cry as the leather collar closed about her throat and was drawn swiftly tight. The leash was already attached and my girlfriend gave it a sharp tug. The big woman tumbled off the bed and came to rest on her hands and knees in front of my girlfriend. The leash was tugged again and before my eyes she leant forward and slipped pressed her face up between my girlfriend’s thighs. Her hands behind her thighs and pulled her close before I gasp from my girlfriend told me that a tongue had penetrated the cunningly concealed slit in the catsuit that allowed me my pleasures while she continued to enjoy the wicked caress of her favourite material.

My mistake. It looked as if far from my being demoted to being the plaything of two wicked dominants, My girlfriend was promoting herself to being a the owner of two enslaved playthings. Like I thought earlier, things would never be the same again.  



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