The Kinky Farmer

by OkmrocksU

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© Copyright 2020 - OkmrocksU - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; outdoors; rope; gag; crotchrope; sex; cons; X

Most people think of farmers as plain wholesome folk and that they are like the old couple with a pitch fork on the front of a cereal box. They normally don't pay them any mind, especially to think of them as being exotic or kinky. The fact of the matter is that this is mostly true, but the lesson here is, as you are about to see, don't judge a book by it's cover. That's the way it is with Justin and Victoria, a middle aged farm couple with kinky sexual habits. They met 14 years ago and though Justin dated some before he found Vicki, he never did find a girl who was into bondage like she was. He really lucked out with Vicki. Not only was she a really nice lady, she also had found her own way into kink through a previous boyfriend and really loved getting tied up. To her, being tied up nice and tight made her feel warm and loved and especially horny.

She was also a very attractive lady with medium dark green eyes and fiery long red hair and with a body that was somewhat slender, but still curvy and everything in the right place. Needless to say, they had a great time role playing fantasies for a couple of years, all the way up to when their first child was born. Then their second one came along a couple of years later and this curtailed their fantasy sexual activity for several years. It didn't restart again until both of the kids were old enough to be in school and they finally had some private time together.

In and around doing the farm chores, they tried to make up for some lost time, so the times they played, they made sure it was quality time and not necessarily quantity time. As usual, Justin was always thinking and plotting ways that they could play some scenario, or just have bondage sex. He was usually the dominant one, so he would think of different ways to tie up his wife and take advantage of her.

Their farm is located on the edge of the Ozark Mountains, so their land is a mixture of hills, trees, forest, pasture and creeks, but not much flat land. Their home and barns are back off of the main road a distance, which helps them with keeping their 'oh so private business' private. There is only one house that they can see from theirs, but it is down the road almost a half a mile (or .8 km) away and the many trees in-between somewhat obscure it. The other closest house is just over a small hill back behind theirs, but can only be seen by going most of the way up that hill and close to the fence line, so overall they have some pretty good visual privacy.

Back during the winter, Justin was cleaning up the trails, or roads as he calls them, through the forested areas and he came across a location that sparked another fantasy. It was in the bottom of a low sloping ravine and there were two trees about 6 feet (183cm) apart straddling the bottom. There was also another tree back uphill directly behind them about 12 feet (3.5 meters) away, which formed a sort of triangle. After examining the location up close and making some calculations, he thought it was perfect for his kinky plan. So he cleared some limbs and underbrush making a clear trail down to and around it, which was just a short distance from his road through the forest. Now all he had to do was wait for the perfect weather. 

That time came today, as it was now Spring and the temperature was unseasonably warm at just under 80 degrees. It was mid morning and Justin was in his shop getting some of the machinery ready for the season, while Vicki was doing some planting in the garden. Despite the fact of having two babies, the farm life keeps you relatively slimmed down and her curvy body looked really good. Justin stopped his work and was watching her, as she bent over to plant some seedlings. He was admiring her 'assets' and then the thought hit him, 'Hey, this would be the perfect day to tie her up in the trees.'

He briskly went to the house and retrieved their box of toys from their bedroom, that included lots of rope and some gags. He picked out some ropes and a gag and took them to his pickup truck and hollered at Vicki, “I'll be right back.”

She momentarily looked up and waved, as he drove off up the trail to the spot he picked out. He quickly went down the short trail and tied the rope to the trees in the areas he wanted them. With the two trees that are across the shallow ditch from each other, he tied one rope down low and one up high on each tree. Then on the tree back slightly uphill from those two, he tied a long rope to it and brought the other end down to the other trees. Then he jumped back into his truck and returned back to the shop. There, he laid the remaining ropes and gag over the edge of a piece of machinery and after making sure everything was ready, he once again hollered at Vicki, “Honey, could you come here for a minute?” 

She replied back, “Okay, just a second.” After finishing putting a seedling in the dirt, she stood up, wiped her brow with her sleeve, pulled off her gloves and went into the shop where Justin was. She was going to say, “What do you need?” but that sentence was stopped in its tracks when she saw the rope and excitement replaced her demeanor.

“OOoooo!” she said in a pleasantly desirable voice, “Is this for me?” She reached for him, pulling him into a warm embrace, looking up at him with a coy expression and batting her eyes, “Are you gonna tie up this poor innocent little girl?” as she pressed and rubbed her body against his, rubbing her crotch against his leg.

“Me?” he replied with a big smile, “I wouldn't do anything like that to such a lovely woman! And who said you were innocent? Now, let's get you out of those clothes!”

“Oooooo!” she replied again, while looking straight up and pressing her chest against him. “Do you want me to remove em', or do you want to strip me?” hoping he would rip her clothes off of her. She always liked it when he was a bit forceful and man handled her, when it came to role play.

Without reply, he started unbuttoning her blouse, but gently and precisely, pushing it off of her shoulders and she grabbed it as it slid down her arms. As he reached around behind her to unclip her bra, she lightly bit him on the chest.

“Ouch!” he loudly barked, and then said, “Oh you are gonna get it for that!” as he finished removing her bra.

She liked doing little things just to egg him on and get him to be aggressive with her, so he spun here around with her back toward him. Without a beat, she automatically put her wrists together behind her back, offering herself up to be his slave. He accepted the offer quickly and grabbing a piece of rope, started wrapping one of the ropes around her wrists, first with a slip loop, then several wraps and then finishing with a couple of cinch loops between her wrists, to tighten things up a bit. She could never get her wrists free or be able to escape this tie without having a knife around, which is how she liked it.

She started to slip her shoes off by pushing one off with the other, but he caught her and told her to stop. He said that she needed to keep her shoes on for what he had in mind, as rocks, sticks and thorns are not friendly to bare feet. Now she was a bit intrigued, because this meant something different than she had experienced before. This made her even more excited to see where this was going. He then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them off her hips, leaving her panties on. He had her sit on the front tractor tire, while he worked her jeans over and off of her shoes. 

During all of this, she was watching his face intensely, not so much for what he was doing to her, but more to see the little looks of pleasure coming over his face as he stripped and tied her. The hunger in his eyes and those faint little smirks, served to turn her on more than the actual play. After reaching for her panties to pull them off, he stopped and said, “On second thought, I think we will leave those on for a bit!” which just intrigued her even more and she was soon about to find out why.

With another piece of rope, he tied one end snugly around her waist with the knot in front. Then he passed the other end back between her legs and carefully adjusted it to the center, then over the cinch of the wrist bondage, looping it around the cinch a second time and pulling it taught. She let out a little squeal as the rope stuffed a part of her panties into her tender flesh and then he passed the rope back between her legs and back over the rope in front, pulled it taught again and tied a little knot and let the rest of it hang down to the ground. She stirred her hips around a little, letting out a slight moan as the rope worked itself and her panties a little deeper into her clit. This also kept her hands bound to the center of her back and she couldn't bring them around to either side, which also added to her helpless feeling.

To gag her, he brought a bandanna with him, which he folded diagonally and then rolled up to put in her mouth. As he held it up, she opened her mouth to accept it, but he pulled it back and said, “Just a second.” and tied a knot in the middle of it. Then he held it up again and she gladly accepted the knot into her mouth, as he tied it tightly behind her neck. For all the years they had been playing these games, one of the rules was that whenever she was gagged, she was only allowed to make grunting, moaning or mmphing noises, even though she could gag talk or yell around a gag like this one. The main thing was the look and feel of helplessness and not necessarily quietness, so she had to pretend like she was thoroughly gagged.

“How's that?” he asked. She tugged on her wrist bondage, which pulled on the crotch rope and she wiggled a little bit, while mmphing in her gag. “Great,” he said, “Let's go!” picking up the crotch rope as a leash and pulling her outside. A bit reluctant, she fought back a little, trying to stay in the building, but she was no match at pulling against him and she had to follow him out. She was afraid, but also a little excited that someone might see her like this, but there was always very little traffic on the main road and she was pretty obscure from being seen by someone from the neighbors house. Besides, she thought, he was probably going to lead her straight over to their own house, so she will be back inside in a few moments.

It only took a couple of seconds to find out she was wrong, as he turned and started leading her up the trail or road up into the field. She loudly mmhped and twisted her defiance in the ropes, but he kept right on walking, pulling her along. Halfway to the forest area, the excitement of being on display and the crotch rope was starting to work it's magic on her and getting her excited and she was letting out little moaning noises. He noticed this and started to give little tugs to the rope, which in turn only stimulated her pussy more.

Soon as they were out of sight of the road, she both relaxed a little and felt an orgasm coming on. All the sudden she balked, stopping dead in her tracks, “MMMmmmmmph!” This was enough to stop him and he turned around to find her slightly squatting with her legs tightly together and groaning loudly in her gag. She was shaking, while bobbing her head and rolling her eyes back a little.

“Did you just cum?” he annoyingly asked. He really wasn't annoyed at all, just pretending. He loved to watch and make her cum when she was bound, as many times as possible. She would always return the favor in her willingness to be his bondage slave.

She sheepishly replied with an affirmative nod and moan in her gag, as she was recovering her composure. He turned and headed on, but only pulled on the rope and quit the stimulating tugs. They reached the forested area and went up the little road to his side trail. “This way!” he said as he started down the trail with her in tow. In no time they were at his set up and she saw the ropes tied to the trees and thought, 'So this is what he has in mind.' 

He positioned her between the two trees and proceeded to tie each ankle, so her legs were wide apart straddling the shallow ditch. Then he untied her hands from the crotch rope and tied each wrist to each tree stretching her into a standing spread eagle. Watching her struggle a little, he decided that she had too much play in the ropes, so he tightened each wrist up till she was stretched pretty tight. He momentarily admired his handiwork again, as he watched her re-test the bondage.

Because he was 8 inches (or about 20 centimeters) taller than she was, he needed a location with a low enough spot between the trees, that he could stand up straight and look her straight in the eyes when she was tied. He wanted it this way so he could fuck her standing up without having to squat down any. So he stood in the depression or ditch between the trees and had to very slightly look upward into her eyes. “Perfect!” he said, as he gazed into her eyes and caressed her writhing body.

By this time, both the crotch rope and her panties were buried into her pussy and she was pleasantly stimulated when he removed the rope. Next came her panties. He decided to use a little rape play and took out his knife, grabbed and pulled her panties outward from one hip, then cut and ripped that side in two. Normally they would have fallen down the other leg, but with the crotch packed into her pussy, he had to tug them out for them to fall. Once again she was stimulated by the removal and moaned pleasurably. They were very wet where they were stuffed in her crack, due to the stimulation and previous orgasm. He knew she was ready, but he also had something else in mind. 

He picked up and re-tied the crotch rope on her, but in reverse of the way he had it before, with the knot and extra rope hanging off the back instead of the front. He formed and tied a loop in the end of the crotch rope. Then he took the other long rope that he had tied to the tree back behind her and put it through that loop and tightened it up. She let out a squeal as he pulled it just tight enough to pull her hips back a little, making it hard for her to release any tension and keeping it tight against her pussy.

After one last look, he said, “That oughta do it! I'll be back in a little while. Have fun!” and turned to walk back up the trail and down the road toward the house and barns. She loudly went, “MMMmmmph!” several times in her gag in protest and wanted to gag talk to ask where he was going and why he is leaving her. Instead, she chose to keep with their agreement and just mmphed over and over again loudly, like a tightly gagged woman calling for help. 

Since the leaves on the trees and underbrush were only sprouting and not fully developed yet, she could still see him, as he was walking out of the forest. After he made it into the field, instead of walking straight down toward the house and barns, she saw him turn to the right and disappeared around the hillside. Standing there naked and tied, she was momentarily confused as to what he was doing. While wondering what may be coming next, she instead decided to thoroughly test her bondage. She wiggled, twisted and pulled against the ropes and tried to reach the knots of her wrist bondage with her fingertips, but failed the attempt. She tried pulling and kicking each foot, but they were also tied too well. She even tried pussy power and thrust her mound hard into the crotch rope in an effort to break free. As she fought the ropes while pulling and groaning hard, it quickly became obvious to her that there was no way for her to escape this tie. He always ties her way too well for her to ever escape, which is also why she likes it so much. This is where the really intense orgasms begin.

After her unsuccessful escape attempt, she needed to do something else and thrusting into the crotch rope was all she had left to do. So she started riding the crotch rope, moving her hips around and thrusting back and forth, getting herself very hot and stimulated. Then adding another good struggle and loudly mmphing into her gag to the mix, she quickly went over the edge. She loudly moaned repeatedly and kept moving her hips and rubbing her pussy against the crotch rope to extend her orgasm, then let herself hang there in orgasmic bliss for a couple of minutes, till she regained her composure.

Finally back to somewhat normal, she was now obsessing over where Justin was. He hadn't ever left her like this, for this long of a period of time before. Though it had only been about 6 or 7 minutes, it seemed like much longer to her while waiting all tied up. She was starting to regret not gag talking to find out where he was going and when he will be back.

Justin had his own plan, as he was going to circle around behind her and watch her for a little while, before using her as his sex slave. The only problem was the time it would take to get back around to her. Had he cut through the forest, he could have been back by now, but there were two problems with that. She could hear his steps through the forest leaves and sticks, which would sound like a large wild animal and scare her half to death and also announcing his return, or he could trip or fall over some vines or rocks injuring himself, being unable to rescue her. He always wanted to do the safe thing, so he would walk his road or trail, up one side of the hill, around the back and down the road behind her and this would probably take just under 20 minutes. 

Vicki, still wondering and waiting, started thinking about a fantasy of her own. She fantasized about herself jogging through a forest trail, when all the sudden some big husky man jumps out and grabs her. He drags her into the forest, strips her naked and ties her up. Then he carries her off to a remote cabin, where he ties her down to the bed and breeds her over and over again. She is now lost in her fantasy and her eyes are shut, while picturing what is happening to her in her mind. Again she starts struggling in her bonds, like she would be doing in her fantasy, so she is not only picturing it in her mind, she is feeling it in her ties.

Justin had finally made it around the trail and was coming up behind her, but he was still about 40 yards (36 meters) back. He crept up behind a large tree trunk and peered around it at her and watched her struggling. The pulling and tugging against the ropes and her mmphing in the gag, were turning him on and he was getting hard in his jeans. He really got excited when he saw her grind herself against the crotch rope. She was fiercely struggling and rotating her hips so much that if she had a jumbo sized spoon handle stuck up her pussy, she could stir a pitcher of lemonade. Then he heard her explode and groan loudly with a large, “MMmmmmmmphhhh!”, as she came hard and fast. He watched for a couple of moments longer as she hung there, letting our short breathy mmphs, with her body trembling and occasionally twitching to the pings of residual orgasm. Suddenly, she was startled back to reality, when she heard Justin's voice from behind her loudly say, “Was it good for you?” ' was,' she thought, as she was glad that he was finally back.

He made his way the rest of the way down the road and the little trail to her and said, “You've had enough fun. Now it's my turn!” At this point she was happy to have any attention from him, but this is the attention she really was craving. Stepping around behind her, he untied and removed the crotch rope. Her pussy was really sensitive to pulling the rope out and she twitched at the tickle it provided. Then he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her and proceeded to caress her body up and down with his hands.

She softly moaned and purred like a kitten to his touch, while he stroked her body and played with her breasts. He gave her already hard nipples some extra attention as he circled them with his fingertips, then took them between his fingers and thumbs and gently using a light twisting motion, caressing them in a way that made her pussy tingle and almost cum again. Pushing her butt back against him, she wiggled it slowly side to side, while moaning in a begging tone for him to fuck her. 

He more than took the hint and moved around and stood directly in front of her. While gazing into her eyes, he used his finger and unhooked the gag from her mouth and with his arms around her, passionately kissed her for several seconds before putting the gag back in her mouth. Moving slightly back, he took her breasts in his hands and caressed them and tweaked the nipples again. Normally, he may have kissed down her body all the way to her pussy and then eaten her alive, but his cock wanted inside her too much to play that game. He just unzipped his pants, moved up to her again and worked his cock inside her.

They both repeatedly moaned as he pushed his way deeper and deeper into her. She had been craving his cock to be inside her, just as much as he wanted to fuck her good and hard. He repeated the words that he has said to her many times, “Oohhh.......your pussy feels sooooo good inside!” She always loved hearing that and never got tired of it, as this was also the ultimate way she provided pleasure for her man. From this point on, he was verbally silent, as he slowly stroked in and out of her. She however let our little faint moans with each of his thrusts into her.

Quickly, he was getting close, so he sped up, rapidly pounding his cock into her, till he exploded inside her with a loud repeated groan. As he became still while standing against her, she kept thrusting her hips into him, trying to ride out another big O. His whole body jumped and twitched a few times as he was coming down from his pleasure and she almost came herself, but his erection started fading fast and soon fell out of her. Then he backed away, zipped up his pants and sat down on the edge of the ditch he was standing in to recover for a few minutes.

As he sat there, he admired her bound body, her pretty gagged face, her curves, her lovely tits and her somewhat wet red hairy pussy. He thought back to when they first met and how she was shaving her pussy bare. After a couple of months, she learned that he preferred his women to be natural, so she stopped shaving down there and grew this lovely bush. She quickly found this to be a plus for her too, because he liked to tie her up in different poses with her legs apart, so he could trim it to his liking. Then he would do all kinds of things to make her cum, so now she's proud of her hairy pussy.

Wondering how long he was just going to sit there, she started making noises and gestures for attention. He responded with, “What?” as she was staring at him with pleading eyelash batting eyes. Then he continued, “Oh, I suppose you want an orgasm now too, huh? 

She directly replied in her gag, “Um-humm!” while nodding her head excitedly in the affirmative.

He laid back against the bank on his elbows, his body turned toward her, with his head looking up at her and said, “So, what are you going to do, to convince me to fuck you again?”

She was momentarily silent, as she was thinking of what he likes to see her do to turn him on and then she came to life. Struggling and mmphing for help in her gag certainly got his attention. Not only did he enjoy the spectacle, but he was in fact getting turned on again. Then her struggles turned more sexual as she seemed to enjoy the struggling, moaning in pleasure and rotating and thrusting her pussy in his direction. During this show of sexual struggling, she was also looking at him with begging eyes, looking down at his crotch, then looking down at hers in unison to when she thrust her pussy forward toward him, indicating to him, 'Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!'

“That did the trick!” he said, as he got up off the ground and walked around behind her. She watched him, glancing back over her shoulders to see if he was undoing his jeans for another round. Instead, he put his arms around her in a gentle hug and started working his magic hands up and down her torso, concentrating on her breasts and pussy. Though she was already ready for him to be inside her, she still enjoyed the extra attention her body was receiving. He had one hand on her clit and the other tweaking a nipple, when he dropped the hand that was on her breast and opened his pants to release the boner he was again sprouting.

Reaching back around, he now had both hands on her pussy, as he slid his cock between her legs, holding it against her pussy with his fingers and sliding it back and forth, stimulating her clit. As he thrust away at her, he kept putting more and more pressure upward, until it directed his cock up inside her. Again, she groaned loudly as he penetrated her, but that quickly turned to moans of pleasure, as he was not only guiding his cock and keeping it inside her with one hand, but also stimulating her clit with the other. Not only that, but at this angle, his cock was tickling her G-spot, so it didn't take long to push her over the edge and really explode.

“Mmmmmmphhh, MMMmmmmmpphhhh, MMMMmmmmppphhhhh” she moaned in her gag, as she was cumming and she was cumming really hard this time. “MMmmmmmmpphhhh, MMmmmmmmpphhh, MMmmmphh” again, and then, “Mmmph, mmph, mmph, mmph, mmph” with short gasps of breath as he stroked inside her. Then another stronger orgasm hit her, MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmphsslurp, MMMmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmmmphsslurp!” Then in the heat of the moment, breaking their gag rule, she muttered out, “O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh Go-o-o-o-o-o-o-od!” which finally turned into low pitch squeal sounds, at the end of her big O. Her skin was a purplish all over and felt like it had been on fire from the tingling of orgasm. She was racked with pleasure, as she shook and trembled in his arms while hanging in her bondage.

Though she had previously thoroughly enjoyed herself before with some of Justin's fantasies, he could not believe how vocal she was with this one. This also helped drive him to keep pounding into her and right at the end of 'her' event, he loudly groaned as he came inside her, pumping her with extra strokes and completing their mutual pleasures. Still inside her, he stood there with his arms wrapped around her body, as his erection faded and dropped out of her. Both of them were breathing heavily from all of the exertion and they rested for several minutes. He had his chin on her shoulder and with loving affection, she leaned her head back and against his. He reached up with his finger and hooked the gag out of her mouth and in this somewhat awkward position, kissed her. After which he held her for several more minutes, just caressing her body up and down with his hands.

Finally he released her from his grasp and started releasing her from the ropes. She just stood there feeling somewhat exhausted, while he untied her wrists and ankles. He untied the ankle with the ripped panties on it last and pulled them back up her leg and told her to hang on to them for a minute. She positioned them back correctly and then while holding on the cut flaps, stepped down into the ditch bringing her legs back together again. She almost lost her balance, because her legs were a bit wobbly from all the action, but he caught her and steadied her. He picked up a piece of rope and wrapped it around her waist to act as a belt to hold the panties up. Then they both went to remove the rope from the trees and gathered it all up. While they looked at the large pile of rope, he said, “That's a lot of rope. I really don't want to have to drive back up here to get it.”

“Can we carry it all down together?” she asked.

He looked at her and the pile and then down at the house and barns. Standing there silently, all the sudden it clicked and he had another naughty thought, and said, “I know, I'll just have you carry all of it down!” looking at her with a big smile on his face.

She snapped back, “I can't carry all that rope in my arms!”

He replied, “Sure you can!' as he spun her around, pulling her arms behind her back. Her demeanor immediately changed back to pleasant and she said, “Oh.....that way huh?”

“Yep!” he replied, as he started tying her wrists back together, wrapping the rope a little excessively around them. He continued by wrapping a bunch of it around her waist and then passed about 8 strands between her legs,almost completely covering her panties through her crotch. Picking up the long piece of rope, he wrapped her chest, covering almost all of her breasts and wrapped her elbows in with it, tying her up pretty tight. What rope was left, he just coiled up in a couple of large loops and hung it over her neck and off of one side and the other on the opposite side and over her neck again the other way.

About this time she rolled her eyes and gave him a slight look of disgust at having to carry it all back to the house. He said, “This way, my dear!” as he helped her back up to the road and they walked side by side back down toward the house and barns. As they were walking back, she started a little small talk by saying, “You really outdid yourself with this one, didn't you?”

He replied back, “Oh, are you complaining?” in a teasing voice.

“Oh no, no, no!” she said, “It was great!” Then she back peddled a bit and said, 'Well I could complain about carrying all this dang rope!” He laughed as they walked on. About halfway to the house and now in view of the main road, they heard a car coming, so Vicky tried to hide behind Justin to be slightly out of view. But then he stepped sideways, dodging her back and forth while laughing, as she tried to keep behind him. She frustratingly yelled, “Stop it!” but giggled a little too. By now the car had passed and was moving on away from them, as they probably didn't see anything anyway.

Finally, they made it to the house and as he opened the door, she rushed in before him and he followed her into the bedroom. Then he removed the loops of rope hanging over her neck and started untying the bulk of the rope he had wrapped around her until he was down to the rope that held up her panties and her wrist bondage.

Reaching for her wrists first, she dodged him by lifting them back and away from him and asked him to untie the other rope. He did and her panties fell to the floor and she kicked them off of her ankle. He said, “After I finish untying you, I'll go get your clothes while you clean up and we can have lunch.” then attempted to untie her wrists and she again pulled away and said, “No!” The puzzled look on his face only disappeared when she said, “Throw me on the bed, tie my feet wide apart, gag me again and have ME for lunch!”


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