The Kink Trials

by Peter Knottedtale

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© Copyright 2022 - Peter Knottedtale - Used by permission

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Part One - The Bet

Daisy snorted. “There’s just no hope for the future of the straights. Pure vanilla. Boring in every way. People like us are progressive. Creative. We’re the future. The past couldn’t accept women loving other women like I do, so we got creative and fought back. Every woman I’ve been with has told me she never experienced a true orgasm until she was with another woman who actually understood her biology. Hetero relationships will simply die out eventually if they can’t figure out something as simple as pleasing a woman.”

Betty stared across the table at her friend/boss, her blue eyes piercing through Daisy’s, as if subjecting her to a mental bullshit detector. Daisy’s green eyes held their gaze until ultimately blushing and gazing back down at her breakfast. There was something about the way Betty could stare you down. It made anyone with the utmost confidence, even Daisy, want to drop to their knees and grovel before her.

That’s how Daisy knew she had something special in Betty when she hired her. Betty was the best dominatrix working at Daisy’s local dungeon and brought in the most repeat clientele. Daisy did well for herself, serving and fulfilling the local lesbian community’s needs in terms of those looking to get whipped and spanked, but she knew it was Betty that brought in the real money and kept them afloat. The fact that Betty was bisexual and served all genders certainly helped in that regard too.

“I dunno, boss. Swinging all ways has its perks. Sometimes bringing a girl to her highest heights can be fun, but sometimes you just want a good pole to ride. And nothing beats the real thing.” As if to emphasize her point, Betty then forked a sausage link from her plate and took a playfully sensuous bite out of it.

Daisy chuckled. “Look, maybe it’s something I’ll simply never understand since I’ll always be perfectly happy with a thick, vibrating rubber dildo that doesn’t talk back. But I stand by what I said. There is no hope for the future of vanilla heteros.”

“Wanna bet?”

Betty suddenly had a glint in her eye, and Daisy liked where this could be going.

“What do you mean?”

“What if…” Betty paused for a moment, lost in thought. “What if the problem wasn’t that hetero couples are hopeless? What if the problem is they simply hadn’t been shown the true way yet? Maybe they just need their potential unlocked.”

“No way,” Daisy interrupted. “They’re hopeless. We’ve never had a hetero couple come to the dungeon because there isn’t a market for it. All they want is their five minutes of missionary sex during the ad break before Jimmy Fallon comes back on.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Bet what?”

“I bet, if we took the most vanilla, milquetoast hetero couple we could find, if given enough time we could find SOMETHING kinky between the two of them. And who better to conduct the experiment than us? We’re hot, we’re experts, and who better than a pair of dominatrixes to try out as many fun, kinky bondage scenarios as we can until something sticks?”

Daisy wasn’t as convinced. “There’s no way. Vanilla stays vanilla. It doesn’t change flavors. Besides, what would we even bet? I pay your salary so I don’t want to get involved with a money bet. What else would you even want?”

Betty stared Daisy down with those piercing blue eyes again. “I want to start my own business. You’ve been an amazing friend and mentor to me. But it’s time for me to move on and start making my own decisions with my own dungeon.”

Betty’s face went pale. “This town only has enough room for one dungeon. I serve the community! I don’t want competition, especially from you!”

Betty frowned. “I knew this would be hard for you. So we’ll put it to a bet. If I can take the most vanilla, straight couple we can find and turn them kinky, I leave and start my own competing dungeon with NO funny business from you. Got it?”

“And what happens when I prove you wrong? We throw everything we’ve got at these boring nobodies, and they come out the other side still boring and bland as ever. What then?”

“Then I stay. I continue to work for you and never compete against you. In fact, as an extra cherry on top, I’ll be your sub for a month.”

Daisy liked the sound of that. “You got yourself a bet! Now let’s pay this tab and get to work already. I have Mr. Smith coming in about 45 minutes, and I still need to get his fantasy room ready. We’ll discuss more details later.”

And with that, the two women shook hands, paid their bill, and left the diner to head for work at Daisy’s dungeon.

Part Two - The Initiation

“So here’s how it’ll work,” Betty said, swiveling 180 degrees around in her chair from the computer monitor to face Daisy. “We post an online ad looking for a heterosexual couple to participate in a long term scientific study. The catch is that the experiment doesn’t end until ‘all trials are completed.’” AKA once we run out of kinky ideas to throw at them. But they don’t need to know that.”

Daisy smiled. “So we’ll keep them here indefinitely? Oh my god. I’ve always wanted to try this. My private rooms in the back of the dungeon are set up and equipped for guests staying long term, but I’ve never been able to fully utilize them like this. It’ll be perfect, and such a turn on knowing we have our own semi-permanent pets to manipulate and use as we please during off-hours. But how will we get them and keep them? As much as I’d like to, we can’t adopt poor, clueless straight people at the local shelter.”

“Simple,” said Betty. “We have candidates fill out this survey online, asking them about their relationship under the guise of the study. We look for the blandest, most clueless couple we can find, and assuming I’m right, we turn them into our kinky little subs. And we keep them here by having them sign away their freedoms for the sake of the study through contracts. They’ll be ours until all trials are completed and we’re satisfied with an answer as to whether or not they go home living out the rest of their lives performing missionary or staying with us as our live-in pets. We won’t tell them the number or duration of the trials either. Frankly, I don’t think even we know.”

Daisy smiled and gave a faraway look. “It could be weeks. Or years. God, my ultimate fantasy, having live-in slaves to truly train! Not like the subs that come in here thinking they want it to last forever, only to get off and get back to their lives a couple hours later. No, subs on MY terms. I decide when I’m done with them.”

“The experiment decides when we’re done with them. Granted, it could be a while until we run out of ideas. That’s the beauty of BDSM. There are always new ways to tie someone up and subject them to new, degrading things.”

“Right, right. So when do we start?”

“I already wrote out the relationship questionnaire and I’m about ready to post the ad, but how do we lure them in? What’s their incentive to do this?”

“A romantic getaway. The ad already says we’re looking for a couple. So promise them a romantic getaway by participating in the study. It’s technically not false. It’s just that the getaway will be in my private dungeon, and they’ll be doing all kinds of romantic things, to each other AND to us!”

“I like the way you think,” said Betty with a mischievous grin. “I’ll get this posted tonight after we close, and we can start getting to work on reviewing some candidates.”

Part Three - The Arrival

“This pair is perfect!” giggled Betty. “And so cute too!”

Daisy looked at the picture of the couple on Betty’s screen.

“I mean, the guy obviously doesn’t do it for me, but I could get used to this pretty lady,” replied Daisy. “What are their names?”

“I kept the survey anonymous. Our subjects will simply be known as Dick and Jane. And we’re going to have plenty of fun with them. Their survey results show they live nearby, rarely have sex, and when they do it’s just missionary.”

“I told you!” interrupted Daisy. “They’re always so boring! But how’d you get these prudes to even reveal that much info about their sex lives?”

“‘Jane’ works freelance from home, and ‘Dick’ is a science teacher. They both love nerdy science shit like this. As long as it’s under the guise of a scientific study, they’re happy to open up about their lives in order to, and I quote, ‘pursue the progress of science by any means necessary.’”

“Yuck,” said Daisy. “Such good looks wasted on such heteronormativity. I think I’m going to particularly enjoy subjecting them to our studies and trials. Especially with my private rooms now sound-proofed. We can carry on with business as usual, and our normal clientele will be none the wiser. Speaking of which, my 3:30 canceled and you’re done for the day. Can we have them come in now?”

“Dick is currently on summer break from his school for three months, and Jane is between gigs. It sounds like we can have them start their indefinite leave of absence right away. We’ll just tell them it’s for a ‘good cause.’”

“Oh, it’s a good cause alright,” replied Daisy. “These two sound about as bland as they come. They’re the perfect candidates. We’re practically doing them a favor!”

“Wow, that was fast,” Betty said suddenly.

“What was?”

“I sent Dick and Jane a message that they’d been chosen and asked if they could come in right away. They’ll be here in 15 minutes.”

“I mean, if they’re not working or fucking, what else would they be doing except staring at their computers like good little straight suburbanites?”

“I can’t wait to corrupt them,” said Betty as she shared an evil look with Daisy.

Fifteen minutes passed, and Dick and Jane entered the nondescript building that served as Daisy’s dungeon. They entered the lobby, which also served as the last non-descript entryway before entering the fantasy dungeon rooms in back. Had Dick and Jane taken a step past the lobby and seen these rooms, knowing what they’d just signed up for, they would have passed out on the spot.

“Ah, you must be the test subjects!” said Betty, spotting them immediately as they walked in. Betty and Daisy had changed into large buttoned-up lab coats, leftover costumes from another client’s fantasy.

“Welcome!” said Daisy, entering as well after hearing Betty. “We’re so glad you could make it. And on such short notice!

Dick and Jane smiled. “Oh, we’re happy to help such endeavors,” said Jane.

“And with us both on extended breaks right now, we were worried we’d have nothing to do being cooped up together,” added Dick.

“Nothing at all?” asked Betty. “Well, we simply can’t have that. I think you’ll find this experimental study will be just what you’re looking for. And who knows, you may even enjoy it too! All we need to get started is for you to fill out this paperwork.” Betty suddenly produced two large stacks of papers.

“I know this looks like a lot, but it’s all really just the usual humdrum for these kinds of studies,” said Daisy. “You two seem like the experienced types, at least when it comes to these humdrum studies, so Mistress, er, Doctor Betty and I have already marked the places for you to sign. I know we can’t reveal the full nature of the study for the sake of ruining the results, but we’re just so excited for us to get started right away and don’t want to waste time with the boring necessities of contracts!”

Daisy crossed her fingers, hoping this ruse worked and their subjects wouldn’t look into the “boring necessities” like indefinitely signing away their rights to essentially become sex slaves for the sake of a bet.

“Well, normally we’re ones for going line by line on these kinds of contracts,” said Dick. “But you two seem trustworthy, and honestly, we’re just as excited as you to get started with, well, whatever this is!”

“Oh, you have no idea,” said Betty as she handed them the paperwork and pens to begin signing their lives away. They didn’t notice Daisy roll her eyes. She couldn’t believe these two, but she was excited they fell for it and began feeling herself getting wet at the thought that in mere minutes, this beautiful woman, henceforth known as Jane since her old name no longer mattered, was about to become her unwitting personal plaything to train as she saw fit. Throwing Betty a bone and letting her get to play with Dick while the two dommes teamed up and schemed together was just icing on the cake. A true dream come true for her. And when it was all over, when their fun had been spent, she knew these two subjects would still be the same as they were now, no more than boring plastic Barbie and Ken dolls who in her mind would always be incapable of truly having sex. REAL sex. The kind that made her work worthwhile. She began fantasizing about the things she’d then get to do with Betty after she forfeited the bet, only to be pulled from her reverie by the clicking of the pens.

“Well, that’s all the signatures taken care of,” said Betty.

“Perfect,” said Daisy. “I’ll just take those contracts off your hands and keep them somewhere safe. Betty will escort you to our medical exam room in back, but first…”

Daisy then produced two leather blindfolds along with two sets of earplugs. Dick and Jane shot her inquisitive looks.

“Purely a formality,” Betty jumped in. She didn’t want their prey to flee before becoming fully ensnared in their spider web. “They’ll only be used to escort you to the medical exam room. We can’t have you seeing any other rooms on your way there. We don’t want any outside stimuli tarnishing the results of the experimental trials. We know you feel in the dark with all this now, but we promise it will all become clearer once we truly begin.”

This was a half truth. While it would spoil the experiment if their subjects saw or heard what was going on in the other fantasy rooms on the way to the medical fetish room that would serve as the medical exam room, the two dommes merely didn’t want them second guessing before it was too late. And if any other clientele currently being serviced happened to see two people being led to a fantasy fetish room, their faces obscured by what fetishists knew to be bondage gear, neither the clientele nor the subjects would be any the wiser as to what the “trustworthy” Betty and owner Daisy were really up to.

“Yes, this is all just standard issue gear for the experiment,” added Daisy. Another half truth. Dick and Jane didn’t need to know that this was standard issue BONDAGE gear.

“A little unorthodox, but alright” said Jane as she proceeded to put the earplugs in her ears. Dick looked at her and decided if she was okay with this, he must be safe to follow suit. With the earplugs snugly in place, Betty tested that their subjects truly couldn’t hear anything, then proceeded to use hand signals to show them she would guide them by holding their hands once the blindfolds were on. Each taking one of Betty’s hands, Dick and Jane proceeded to allow Daisy to strap the leather blindfolds around their eyes, noting that this Miss (or was it Doctor?) Daisy seemed to strap them on just a little tighter than seemed necessary. Dick and Jane’s worlds went dark, and they both had to internally admit that these blindfolds were very effective. This must be an important experiment if they truly didn’t want them seeing what went on behind closed doors.

Daisy then began to mischievously laugh, knowing their subjects could not see or hear them, as Betty escorted them to their fates. Daisy hadn’t been this pleased or excited in years, her life as the full time owner of a sex dungeon becoming almost boring up to now. But this, this was something new. Something exciting. The game continued.

Part Four - The Medical Exam

Dick and Jane felt themselves be led down a hallway to a room a ways in. Their only sense was the warm touch of the hand of Betty as she walked them through their darkness and deafness. Normally this would be disconcerting to the both of them, not used to taking any kinds of big risks, but there was something about Betty that made them trust her wherever she wanted to take them. Something about those piercing blue eyes…

Suddenly, their blindfolds were removed, just in time to see Daisy lock the door behind them and place the blindfolds on a nearby table. As their eyes readjusted, they realized they were in what appeared to be a medical examination room, like one would find in a doctors office. There were two padded exam chairs sitting next to each other, sandwiched between two sets of what seemed like metal cabinets on wheels. To the naive subjects, they assumed the drawers of the cabinets were full of medical supplies a doctor might use. They had no idea they were actually full of sexual devices like jaw spreaders, enema machines, and oversize dildos only a fetish doctor would use.

Betty signaled for them to remove their earplugs and blindfolds as Daisy pulled a curtain closed between the two dommes and the two subjects. All they could see of each other now were their silhouettes.

“Before we can begin the experiment, we need to conduct a full medical exam. Please remove all of your clothing and put on the medical gowns you see on the tables next to you. You may leave your clothing on the floor or the table. We’ll leave them in a locker where your belongings will be locked away, nice and safe,” Betty explained, knowing full well they would actually be hiding their clothes back at her apartment tonight, potentially to never be seen or worn again.

Seeing nothing wrong with this, Dick and Jane proceeded to undress in front of each other, something they rarely did, and put on the gowns. As they did so, they noticed Daisy and Betty’s silhouettes unbuttoning and removing their lab coats, mysteriously tossing them uncaringly to the floor.

“Please take a seat on the exam chairs behind you,” they heard Daisy’s voice say. Dick couldn’t actually see their faces, but he felt like their eyes were staring them down, towering over them as they took their seats, like a snake might look down and hypnotize its prey before going in for the kill.

Upon sitting down, Jane realized the chairs seemed more like dentist chairs, not necessarily something you’d find at a doctors office. They were positioned sitting completely upright but appeared able to be reclined fully horizontal. Wait, what was that by her feet? Stirrups? Why would…?

Before the couple could say anything to each other, a hand suddenly none-too-gently ripped open the curtain. Before the subjects stood Betty and Daisy. But they no longer appeared as the trustworthy-seeming scientists from mere minutes ago. They were now wearing what appeared to be white nurse outfits with red crosses on their chests, seemingly having worn them underneath the lab coats this entire time. But there was something off about the outfits. These didn’t seem like standard uniforms. They were skirted, with the skirt barely reaching halfway down their knees, appearing more like cheerleading skirts than something a nurse would wear. Around their waists were white leather aprons, as thick as a barber’s apron, bearing the red cross in the center across their chests. Hidden behind the aprons were patent white leather corsets, doing wonders for their waists. What Dick and Jane didn’t fully realize yet is these two women were wearing nothing else, save for the white high heels they had been wearing the whole time, along with two paper nurse hats they proceeded to pull from one of the drawers and place on their own heads. As the two subjects watched them place the hats on, they noticed too that they’d both let their hair down from the tight buns they’d had up just a moment ago.

Yet the most striking feature of all was not the outfits, but their faces. The red of the crosses and the white of the leather on their outfits brought out just how bright red and thick their lipstick was, something Dick and Jane thought nothing of upon entering the building. And those bright red lips were giving smiles that suddenly made Dick and Jane feel like sinking into their chairs. But what kept them from running then and there were those predatory eyes just above those crimson lips. Daisy and Betty were staring down Dick and Jane as if looking directly into their souls. The couple somehow felt that if either tried to make a move now, they would be pounced on without a moment’s notice. They were mentally locked in place. And before they could snap themselves out of it, Betty and Daisy proceeded to physically pounce on them by pulling straps hidden behind both chairs around their subjects’ waists.

The two “nurses” then quickly and efficiently strapped the couple’s wrists and ankles to the chairs before either could make a peep. They weren’t going anywhere now.

“Uh, is this really necessary? I thought this was just supposed to be a standard medical exam?” John finally asked.

“Oh, fully necessary!“ Daisy chimed in. “Our subjects need to remain perfectly still for this procedure. Maybe someday down the line we can have you in here with fewer straps.”

“Don’t give them that idea, Daisy. Little Dicky here is only good for one thing: his namesake. I need all of his other limbs and appendages out of the way so I can put that one feature he’s good for to use.”

“Procedure? SomeDAY?!” exclaimed Dick.

“And why are you calling him Dick? His name is—“

As the two subjects began their frenzied flurry of questions, Daisy and Betty had nonchalantly grabbed from another drawer next to them two bright red ball gags that matched the red of their uniforms. They both stood behind the chairs, and before Jane could blurt out her significant other’s name, the two dommes unceremoniously shoved the gags into the unsuspecting mouths presented in front of them. But the straps on these gags were uncharacteristically long. Too long to wrap around a human head, but long enough to be wrapped around the back of the chairs’ headrests. Daisy and Betty yanked as hard as they could on the straps, pulling in as many notches as possible before buckling and then padlocking the gags. This had the effect of now locking the subjects’ heads in place to the headrests.

What the subjects didn’t realize just then is their voices had just been sealed away for an indefinite amount of time. Potentially, it would be years before they’d hear each other’s voices or real names again. Their eyes grew wide without this realization having even sunk in yet.

“Nah-ah-ah,” said Daisy in a sing-songy way. The two dommes began to use the foot pedals underneath the chairs to lower the subjects into a completely horizontal position.

“We can’t have you saying your old names out loud. That would spoil the results of the experiment!” Daisy continued.

“And you two made it very clear in your profiles that you don’t want to spoil the experiment, right? For the scientific prosperity and all that mumbo jumbo!”

The two dommes began to laugh in the faces of the subjects as they looked down on them, much to the couple’s wide-eyed horror. They made that horror known by complaining through their gags, but all that came out was mumbled nonsense interspersed with the drool that began to pool from their mouths.

“Shhhhh shh shh shh. Silence. Relax,” said Betty. The excitement and laughter they’d been holding back now out of their systems, the dommes began to jokingly rub their subjects’ shoulders, as if that would ease the tension. Betty, standing above Dick, continued rubbing his shoulders as she also continued their hellish reveal.

“From this point forward, your name is Dick. You have no other name.”

“And you, my dear, are Jane,” said Daisy, mirroring Betty’s actions on Jane. Her voice suddenly turned sultry as she leaned forward and whispered into Jane’s ear, “Now I know being touched by a woman like this is something new for you, but you’re going to have to start getting used to it. My associate, who you will now know as Mistress Betty, Miss Betty, or maybe even Doctor Betty while you’re in this room, believes that you could potentially grow to like this. I’m not so sure myself, but that doesn’t matter. Because from now on, for the duration of this experiment, your pleasure means nothing to me. You live to serve us.”

Daisy then raised her voice so Dick could hear her too. “Do you understand? Betty and I are here to have fun with Dick and Jane. Not the other way around. Oh, and by the way, the duration of this experiment? I’m surprised you didn’t ask more about it, though I assume that’s because you two thought you had all the time in the world, at least until Dick’s summer break ended in three months. But this experiment? It has no time limit. So the four of us are going to get very, VERY well acquainted. So we hope you enjoy your stay at my dungeon! As they say in restaurants, my name is Mistress Daisy, and I will be taking care of you today. And tomorrow. And the next day! Probably the next few months! Maybe the next few years!”

Dick and Jane began squealing at this upon hearing it. So Betty and Daisy stopped their shoulder rubs, moved in front of the chairs, and slapped them both across the face.

“SILENCE!” yelled Betty. “Clearly the shoulder rubs weren’t calming you down, so we have to introduce more effective tactics to get what we want. And what we want is to teach you. Your first lesson is that it doesn’t always have to be this way. If you keep us happy, we will show you mercy. But the more you are non-compliant, the more we will have to introduce more creative ways to teach you our lessons. Your second lesson, and this is more important than the first, is that Dick doesn’t talk. Dick only exists to serve and please its user. And that user from now on is me. Your S.O. Jane over there was not using Dick to its full potential, so I’m taking over from here.”

“And you, little miss Jane, must learn that you are a dolly. You had a dolly growing up, didn’t you? ANSWER ME!” yelled Daisy. Getting over the shock of the slap and having this strange woman yell in her face, Jane blinked through her tears and nodded her head.

“Good. And do dollies talk?”

Jane shook her head.

“That’s right!” Daisy said, her bubbly persona suddenly returning. “Dollies don’t talk. So neither do you! You are a dolly. You exist to be played with by your user. The other important lesson about toys is that they’re meant to be shared. Now, while I don’t necessarily care to share your hubby over there, as your new user I am happy to share you with my friend Betty over there. Who knows, maybe we can upgrade you to sex doll someday and let Dick and Sex Doll play together again.”

“But not until they learn there is more to life than missionary sex. That’s why we’re taking away your privileges with each other and taking over your management. Would you like to know why you’re here? What this experiment is, and why we’re subjecting you to it? I know it’s a lot to take in all at once, but I think it would help to learn why you’re here.”

With a straight face, Betty proceeded to explain her bet with Daisy to the two subjects. She then explained how they were chosen and that the two dommes were upset with them for being so vanilla and naive in the bedroom with each other for so long. Betty wanted them to understand that there was more to life than boring, heterosexual, monogamous sex.

“And we are not going to stop until we try every conceivable kink we can think of. As two professional dominatrixes, you will quickly see that we can both be very creative and will not be running out of ideas any time soon. There is nothing you can do about it. You are now literal subjects to our whims, the whims of the “experiment.” You are nothing more. Mere pawns in our betting game. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will begin enjoying it. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. We’re not going to stop until WE want to. And knowing myself and my associate here, you’d better get comfortable because it’s going to be a while. Who knows, maybe forever, once you start really enjoying yourselves like I think you will!”

Dick and Jane were sobbing now as Betty continued to talk over them, seemingly ignoring their plight. Their hearts sank. These women were mad; one of them seemed to clearly believe that they’d eventually voluntarily want to stay here of their own volition! But the couple also realized that they hadn’t told anyone where they were. This seemed like something that would take a few hours, a day at most, so why would they need to notify anyone? Besides, they were both on break. Jane shuddered as she realized she didn’t need to report anywhere for work currently, and it would be three months before the school would call wondering where her hubby was. Would they even send someone to look for him, or would they just assume he abandoned the job? Teachers didn’t make great money, so abandonment was common. For all they knew, he could’ve packed up and moved across state lines to a better job offer. They were shut-ins too, so no friends would be looking for them. Their house would remain empty with their suburban neighbors they never talked to none the wiser. The last place anyone would look for them was a sex dungeon downtown. They wouldn’t be caught dead here had they any say in it. For the first time, possibly ever, Dick and Jane began to realize that the life and path they’d chosen for themselves may not have been the right one. And as the piercing, hypnotic blue eyes of Betty looked down on them, she saw that they were realizing this. Perhaps she could get through to them.

But Daisy didn’t notice or care about this. She had two brand new, unwilling pets to train and play with, something she had never been gifted before, and she couldn’t wait to open her present and play.

“Well, Nurse Betty, shall we continue?” Daisy asked with a smile, looking down at the beautiful morsels the two had just captured in their web. She licked her lips, practically ready to pounce on and eat the one in front of her.

Betty also looked down and smiled at her two subjects. She was excited about the prospects of this new endeavor. Excited for what it could mean for both their future and hers. Besides, even if things didn’t work out, it would be fun having some real toys she could now fuck whenever she wanted. Nothing beat the real thing.

“Why yes, Nurse Daisy, I believe we should.”

Part Five - The Medical Exam Continues

Dick was nervous, and Jane moreso. They knew this was no ordinary medical exam. They knew they were about to be subjected to the whims of these two crazy women who they had so naively trusted just minutes ago. They didn’t even fully understand what these women were capable of, but clearly they didn’t have medical degrees. This fear of the unknown and what exactly was about to happen to them was probably the worst torture so far.

Daisy and Betty both knew this and wanted to exploit it for all it was worth, knowing they weren’t going to bring any real, permanent physical harm to them (at least not today). But they didn’t want them to know that. They liked playing with their food and watching it squirm first. That’s all Dick and Jane were to them. Morsels to be consumed whenever the dommes were hungry for them. Nothing more.

Daisy finally broke the silence.

“I think we should strap you down more for what’s ahead. Now I know what you’re thinking. But Mistress Daisy, how could you possibly strap us down any more than this? Oh, you poor, sweet naive thing. Right now, you’re only strapped down at a couple basic anchor points. That’s just to keep you from running away. But we don’t want ANY part of you to be able to move. That’s such a fucking turn on for me! That’s where the real fun comes in! Like a fly trapped in a web!” giggled Daisy mockingly. She knew this was scaring them to their wits end. What could they possibly have in mind that would require them to have their bodies strapped down so tightly? Why couldn’t they be allowed to move? What were they possibly going to do to them?!

“But before we can do that, we need to make them a little more comfortable first,” interjected Betty. “Now, keep in mind, this is not for your sake. Oh no. Remember our mantra: We have fun WITH Dick and Jane. Not Jane and Dick having fun. As I hope you’ve guessed by now (though I sometimes wonder about you two), this is a rather…sexual experiment. So to begin, we will need to conduct a full body examination. Inside and out. Besides, we don’t want you getting too overheated and passing out with all your upcoming wraps. You’re no good to us asleep!”

Upcoming wraps? Passing out?! Inside and out?! Were they going to cut them open and perform some kind of twisted surgery?!

As that thought crossed Jane’s mind, her eyes darted back to Daisy who was now brandishing two pairs of medical scissors. The last thing she saw was Betty taking one of the scissors before her world went dark.

“Hey. Hey! Wake up, sleepyhead.” A kiss on the lips. Soft. Warm. Nice. Jane slowly came to, blurry at first with no recollection of where she was or what had happened. Suddenly, as the world came screaming back to her and she remembered her predicament, her view came into focus. Daisy was behind her chair that she was still strapped to. She had removed the leather nurse apron, and Jane’s view was obscured by Daisy’s bare breasts bulging out of her previously hidden corset and brushing against her hair as Daisy’s lips pulled away from her own.

“Look, Betty! My kiss woke Sleeping Beauty!” Daisy snorted.

Jane was suddenly in shock. Why was this happening? She liked men and only men! Right? Why had this crazy woman kissed her? And why had that brought butterflies to her stomach? She must still be lightheaded from passing out. She absentmindedly tried to reach for her head, only to find she was now tied down to the chair even tighter than before. Aside from the previous “anchor points,” straps now circled above and below her breasts, over her elbows, and above and below her knees. Her big toes were even held together with a tiny rubber band, something she didn’t have the capacity to even comprehend yet. But worst of all, she was now naked. The hospital gown, what little obscurity it provided, was now gone. Panic began setting in again, and she tried to turn to Dick, only to remember the gag holding her down as well as a strap that had been added across her forehead.

“It’s okay, sweetie. I’m here for you. It’s going to be okay. Just focus on me.” Daisy walked around in front of Jane and took over her view, talking with a voice that was somehow calming her down. As Jane took deep breaths through her nose, Daisy continued, “I know we gave you quite the scare, but those scissors were just to cut off your gowns. We obviously couldn’t risk unstrapping you yet. I know things are heating up in here, so I turned the thermostat down a bit. That should help keep you awake and focused. Besides, it’s doing wonders for these.” And with that Daisy reached over and flicked one of Jane’s nipples, which were now standing out proudly from the cold of the room. Jane yelped at this realization.

Dick watched all of this in horror, wondering why he hadn’t been strapped down as much yet. Betty had cut off his gown too, but while Daisy proceeded to strap down Jane even more while she was passed out, Betty stepped behind him out of his sight. He heard her digging through drawers, but she hadn’t said what she was looking for. She wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

“Ah, here it is!” Betty finally said. “Just be patient while I get this sanitized.” Sanitized? What was she sanitizing? A scalpel?!

Lost in thought, Dick shook in his chair as Betty suddenly jumped in front of him.

“Surprise!” Betty laughed. “Betcha haven’t seen a girl with a fake dick before, have ya?” And with that, Dick looked down and saw what to his eyes was a giant rubber cock strapped to Betty’s waist and pointed directly at him. Betty tilted his chin back up to look into her eyes, focusing him back on what she was saying.

“Now I know this is going to be a new experience for you, so we’re going to ease you into it.” And with that, she unstrapped his ankles, flipped out the chair’s stirrups, and strapped his feet to them. She then turned a crank, lifting the stirrups and exposing a full view of his crotch.

“Shave and a haircut—“ Betty sang.

“Two bits!” Daisy finished, turning her attention away from Jane for a moment. Jane moaned. “You’re absolutely right,” said Daisy. “That one’s had enough attention. Let’s get the other one warmed up too.” Daisy then proceeded to move her lips from Jane’s left nipple to her right, taking it in her mouth and beginning to suck again.

Betty reappeared in front of Dick again, strap-on still in place, only now she was holding a bottle of shaving cream in one hand and a razor in the other.

“Spoilers: you’re getting a makeover,” said Betty. “Nurse Daisy over there likes her women all natural, so we have her strapped in already while we get her warmed up. But as for me, I like my Dicks smooooooth.” Betty then proceeded to spray shaving cream on her hand and spread it on his crotch. She shaved his crotch but didn’t stop there. She then spread shaving cream over his legs and shaved them as well. She continued shaving every hair on his body. As she reached his armpits, Dick inadvertently laughed past his gag at being tickled. Betty stopped and smiled. That could be used for later. But for now she was a nurse and continued her work. Dick was confused. He had never been this bare before, but it wasn’t all bad and he was glad it was over. At least he thought.

“Almost done, sweetie,” said Betty as she put away the razor and towel she used to wipe away the excess cream. She then walked behind him.

“Remember what I said? Shave AND a haircut.” Before he could react, she turned on a set of hair clippers. She held his head still as she ran the clippers straight down the middle of his head.

“Whoopsie! Oh dear, I think there’s only one way to fix this at this point. Like this!” Betty then continued shaving off the rest of his hair. She then reproduced the razor and cream, shaving him completely bald, continuing to manipulate and rotate his head with each final swipe.

“There we go! Oh, perfect. See for yourself.” Betty held up a hand mirror so Dick could see himself completely bald as she wiped off the excess cream on his head.

“I think we’ll start a regimen of regular hair-remover cream for the duration of the experiment. Not gonna lie, that stuff can burn all over, but I think you’re a big boy who can handle it,” she said, patting his cold, shriveled cock.

“Well, maybe not big right now. But we’ll get there! Won’t we, Dick? Now the only hair left is your eyebrows, but I think we’ll leave those on for now until I grow tired of them. I don’t think we’re ready to introduce you to makeup yet. Hey Daisy, you have until I sweep up this Dick hair to get Jane and yourself cooled off.”

“Awww, but it was just starting to get good!” said Daisy. Dick looked over and saw Daisy was now straddling Jane, each of the dominatrix nurse’s hands rolling Jane’s nipples between her fingers. There were bright red lipstick marks running up and down Jane’s neck. Jane just laid there, her eyes closed, trying to pretend she wasn’t there.

As Betty swept up, Daisy removed herself from Jane, leaving behind a wet spot on Jane’s legs from underneath her skirt. She then unstrapped Jane’s legs, then removed the rubber band around her toes. She walked behind Jane and combed through her hair a bit before pulling it into a ponytail. She then used the rubber band to hold the ponytail in place.

“You have such beautiful hair, you know. I have no desire to get rid of it like Dick over there. I think we’ll let it grow out more. There are all kinds of bondage we can incorporate with hair tying once we let it grow out more. But that won’t be for a few months yet. Besides letting it grow out, we need to get your physical durability up too.”

These last two sentences sent a chill down Jane’s spine, and she shivered what little she could around the straps. It was still enough for Daisy to notice.

“Hey Betty, I got her cooled down.”

“Great. Now that the outside is taken care of, at least for your initiation, we’re happy to report we found no STDs on either of you. Isn’t that great news?”

“No shit…” Dick tried to say around his gag. Suddenly his crotch erupted as Daisy walked over and slapped him in the balls. Dick yelped.

“Hey! I may not pay as much attention to the opposite sex, but that doesn’t mean I don’t expect respect out of you!”

“As I was saying,” continued Betty, “in order to give you a full bill of good health, we need to get your insides all cleaned out.”

A low, nervous moan came out of Jane.

“Shhhh,” Daisy whispered in her ear before kissing her on the cheek and digging for something in one of the drawers beside her.

Betty maneuvered over to Jane, getting her feet in the stirrups and raising them, making her as vulnerable as Dick. Daisy then filled up two contraptions she’d pulled from a drawer with warm, soapy water from a nearby sink.

“I take it neither of you has gotten an enema before?” Betty asked while they waited for Daisy to finish. Dick shook his head. Jane tried to, but the straps still held her head still.

“Well, this should be fun to watch then,” Betty said with a grin.

“When in Rome!” chirped Daisy as she handed Betty one of the devices.

“Now Dicky boy, I really, REALLY want to use this baby on you,” said Betty, pointing to the strap-on still protruding from her waist. “And I will. The only reason your head isn’t strapped down as much as Jane yet is because I want to watch your head flail while I take your anal virginity. But I don’t want to get my toys dirty. Hence the enema. Which feels a little something like…”

Jane yelped. Daisy had already pierced Jane’s anus with the enema tube and started the flow of water.

“Sorry,” said Daisy, “I got antsy.”

Dick then grunted. He looked down and saw Betty pushing the tube into his rectum.

“The best practice is to get these in before the patient realizes and has a chance to clench,” Betty told him.

Suddenly a motor sound whirred as the machines were turned on. The water from the enemas began to pump into the couple.

“God I love the seal on these things,” Betty said to Daisy. “We can just let these machines pump in a whole liter without worrying about leakage.” Betty made sure to say this loud enough over the frantic struggles of Dick and Jane so they could hear. As the enema did its job, causing the couple to begin moaning as their stomachs began to cramp, Betty and Daisy went about adding every extra strap they could conceive of around their test subjects that they had promised earlier. While it was a bit of an exaggeration, it suddenly felt to Dick and Jane like the only parts of themselves left exposed were their eyes and their now-distended stomachs. Ironically, they were now at least happy to be naked under the straps as their bodies began to heat up.

With nowhere to go and nothing else to move, the couple’s eyes followed Betty and Daisy as they began to move toward the door they had entered what felt like a lifetime ago.

“We need to go close up shop, so you two sit tight until we get back,” said Daisy as she unlocked the door and exited. Betty blew the two subjects a kiss before following behind her. The only sounds left were the locking of the door behind them and the whirring of the enema machines as they continued injecting them with soapy water. Eventually the machines stopped as the last drop of water was pushed inside their bodies. Dick’s stomach hurt, but in the silence he realized there was nothing he could do. He wanted to help Jane, or at least look at her and somehow tell her it would be okay. But he couldn’t move. Neither of them could. Time passed. Neither knew how long. As the panic began to wane and exhaustion set in, Jane managed to lightly doze off for a few minutes. Dick couldn’t handle the pressure in his stomach and simply kept struggling, looking for any means of escape.

Eventually Betty returned, this time alone.

“Hey, Mistress Daisy is just finishing up, so I figured I’d come check on you. How are my two favorite test subjects? Are you starting to understand your place yet? No? You know, the sooner you accept it and give in to our ministrations, the sooner you start having fun. I know it sounds crazy, but I’m serious! I can see it in both of your eyes. You’re both afraid to step out of your boundaries. If you simply let us lead you into subspace, I know you will come out the other side all shiny and new. I think we could have a very special relationship together. But you have to give in to us first. Let us guide you. I know it will take some time, so let’s get to know each other a little better. But before I forget…”

Betty refilled Dick’s machine with another liter of soapy water and turned the machine back on without letting any water out first. Dick couldn’t believe it. His stomach immediately began cramping again.

“You’re bigger and tougher than your counterpart, Dick, so I expect you to take in more for a full cleaning. Jane will get there eventually. Plus, I think you’re less familiar with the concept of penetration than Jane here, so we need to dedicate more resources to getting you accustomed.”

Betty then stepped away from Dick’s chair and out of his view, entering Jane’s view. Jane, now awake, could only stare up at her in fear. The only sound in the room was Dick’s machine running beside her. Jane couldn’t turn to see him, but she knew he must be in agony.

“Now, where was I? Ah, yes. You know, I’ve spent all afternoon getting to know the other subject, but I’m getting tired of Dick. So let’s you and I get to know each other better. Here’s a fun fact about me: While I do like boys, or at least what their bodies can provide, I’m also quite a fan of the female form. Bet you’ve never been around someone like that before, huh? Oh, I’m sorry, how rude of me! Here I am going on and on about myself while you’re laying there all plugged up. Let’s fix that, shall we?”

Betty then removed the enema tube from the machine and clicked it into place on a discreet drain pipe near the base of Jane’s chair. She then released the seal and allowed the water to drain from Jane, who felt instant relief. Once that was done, Betty then put Jane’s enema machine away.

“We’ll clean that up later. Let’s just get you out of some of those nasty straps you’ve been stuck in for so long. Longer than Dick, even! That doesn’t seem fair. Plus I’m antsy to get to know you more. Dick’s had enough fun in the sun with me so fuck him, right? It’s just you and me now. Don’t worry about him. He may as well not be in the room.” As Betty said this, she began quickly removing Jane’s straps. They came off faster than they went on.

“Now that you have a clean bill of health, I think we can start your first trial of the experiment. It’s very simple. I would like to remove your final straps so that I can roll you onto your stomach for a massage. Doesn’t that sound nice after your long afternoon strapped down like this? I bet your neck is killing you. But I need to trust you. This is a test of trust. To be blunt, I think you are a very meek woman, Jane, and I would like to test that theory. You are going to allow me to unstrap you and compliantly roll over so that I can just strap you down at your wrists and ankles. That’s it. See? Simple! However, if I am wrong and you do not act as expected, there are consequences. For every non-compliant act you do during this trial, I will add one more liter to Dick over there. Fine for you, but that doesn’t sound very fun for him, does it? So, are you ready to start? Well?”

After a pause, Jane meekly nodded as best she could.

“Good! Then let’s get started. I’ll just take these last straps off. Now, here comes the hard part. I’m going to remove this gag. You will stay perfectly quiet and roll yourself over. Not a peep. Understood?”

Betty then removed the gag strap holding her head to the headrest of the chair. She was now free. Betty knew the only door out was locked, leaving Jane with nowhere to go, but she still waited with baited breath to see how she’d react. Jane, ever so slowly, rolled herself over. Without giving her more than a second to come up with any ideas, Betty immediately strapped Jane’s wrists and ankles back down. Jane then began sobbing.

“Please just let us go! We don’t want to do thi-ahh! Nuh! Nuh uh!” Jane tried to blurt out before a ring gag was quickly stuffed into her mouth by Betty’s expert hands. She finished strapping the gag around Jane’s head, making sure it was snug, and then added one final strap across Jane’s back just above her buttocks, preventing her from being able to lift herself up.

“Oh, dear. You were so close! But now you’ve done it. You’ve already failed your first test. The first one! They’re only going to get harder from here. And what exactly were you hoping to get from that? You signed those contracts. We’ve thought this through. Did you really think I’d suddenly have a change of heart after coming this far? All we’ve learned here is that you have so much to learn. Well, as I said, your actions have consequences. Now learn from those actions.”

Betty then stood up and, seeing that John’s second enema was nearly finished, waited the final minute for the machine to finish and turn itself off. She then refilled the machine again and started it all over. The machine’s motor drowned out John’s pained, gagged moans. As Betty walked back over to Jane, she saw she was crying. She looked down on this creature, for that’s all she saw her as. A poor creature that was in the process of being tamed.

“Hey, don’t cry. Let me wipe those tears for you. The hard part is over. I promised you a massage, didn’t I?” Betty took Jane’s shirt, still on the floor from hours ago, and used it to wipe her tears. She then tossed the shirt in a nearby trash can before throwing the rest of the clothes in as well. She then pulled out the trash bag from the bin, tied it closed, and tossed it next to the door as a reminder to bring it home tonight.

Next, Betty pulled out a bottle of massage oil and proceeded to sensuously rub it over Jane’s back. She rubbed out the kinks in her back and legs, then made her way up Jane’s neck, rubbing off Daisy’s lipstick stains and slowly cracking her neck to alleviate the built up tension. Jane, her mouth held open by the ring gag, audibly moaned as Betty expertly worked her way over her body. After a while, Jane became so relaxed that she dozed off again, only to be woken up by something slightly squishy pressing against her cheek.

“Aww, did I wake you? You were out like a light. I can imagine it’s been quite the day for you. Well I’m glad you enjoyed that, but uh, I don’t work for free. And unless you have a wallet tucked away in that great ass of yours, you’re gonna have to repay me. So here’s what I want you to do for me. Suck.”

“Huck?” Jane tried to ask through the gag, turning her head to look up at Betty. She realized the squishy thing was the rubber penis Betty still had strapped to herself.

“That’s right. Suck. I want you to suck me off. Get it nice and wet. Because believe me, you’re going to want this thing as wet as you can get it.”

Betty then began to press the rubber cock into Jane’s mouth, using Jane’s shoulders to guide her hips forward. Jane couldn’t resist and gagged at first.

“It’s okay. I’ll go nice and slow and ease it in. This is probably new for you, so I want you to just take your tongue and swirl it around the tip. That’s it, you’re getting it! Alright, I’m gonna push in a little more. There we go. Keep at it. If we go slow enough, we won’t trigger your gag reflex. I’m gonna keep pulling in and out, going a little deeper each time until you start to get used to it. Would you look at that! Nearly three quarters length before you choked again. Not bad for a first timer. See, the problem with couples like you is you don’t have this kind of communication. So things never progress in the bedroom. I want to fix that for you. But first, it’s my turn for some fun.”

Betty then stepped behind Jane. She lowered the chair until it nearly touched the floor, then removed the strap above Jane’s butt.

“Okay, sweetie. Here’s what I want you to do. Get up on your hands and knees. The restraints should allow it. And remember, the more you don’t comply, the more Dick suffers.”

Without a sound, Jane shakily rose to her hands and knees.

“Good. Now hold very still.”

Taking the still wet strap-on in her hand, Betty gently began to ease it to the entrance of Jane’s vagina. Then, with her other hand, Betty began to work Jane’s clitoris. She couldn’t see Jane’s face, but she could see her limbs start to shake a bit as a dampness began to appear at her slit. Betty took this opportunity to work the strap-on in place. Moving her hands to Jane’s hips, she then thrust the remainder of the strap-on into her. Not able to stifle any sounds from her mouth, Jane grunted. Betty started pumping, faster and faster. As Jane began to move with the rhythm of the thrusting, Dick’s enema machine suddenly went quiet and Betty instantly stopped. Jane’s body sagged as she inadvertently moaned.

“Oh, I’m sorry, baby. Were you finally starting to see what good sex feels like? Well don’t worry, we’ll have plenty more opportunities for that. You should see Daisy at work. She’ll wring those orgasms out of you yet. You’ll feel like a wrung out towel after she’s through with you. But we have to stop for now because it sounds like your hubby is finally done! Let’s go take a look.”

Betty pulled the now sopping strap-on from Jane and walked over to Dick’s chair, where she finally let the water out of him the same way she’d done for Jane. Dick groaned in relief.

“Okay, Dick. It’s finally your turn. Are you ready for your big moment? I don’t think we need to lube anything up. Jane got this all ready for you, and I think that back passage of yours is squeaky clean and still a little wet.”

Betty started wiping the wet strap-on around Dick’s back entrance. Then, holding his thighs, she finally pushed it in with steady, even pressure until Betty’s waist was against Dick, who just kept groaning.

“Oh, stop complaining,” Betty said between thrusts. “You’ll get used to this and maybe even learn to like it. The trick is to unclench and just let it happen. We just need to get you stretched out more. Then I can start using the REAL big boys. Those are the ones you should really be afraid of. You won’t be able to walk straight for a week. But we’ll have to work up to those. I don’t wanna break my toy right after I got it.”

Just then, Daisy strolled up behind Betty, who was still thrusting into Dick. Daisy was now as naked as the day she was born, and she moved her hands under Betty’s arms to begin massaging Betty’s breasts above the white leather corset without interrupting the action taking place.

“Hey sugar, hope you don’t mind, but I went ahead and tossed that old bag of clothes in the dumpster out back. I made sure to bury it under a few other bags. You wouldn’t even be able to recognize it, and trash day is tomorrow so it’ll be gone by morning. I know you said you wanted to keep the clothes at your place, but let’s be real. I think we have ourselves a couple of keepers here. I don’t think they’ll be needing clothes ever again. Or at least not street clothes. I have some fetish designer friends who would LOVE to try out some new designs if we just send them some measurements.”

Hearing this, Jane began audibly sobbing. Dick was a little too distracted to react. Not missing a beat against Dick, Betty replied, “I wish you had at least consulted me first, but I guess it’s low risk enough. I mean, nobody’s going to be looking for them, and if they do, they certainly won’t look here within the next 12 hours.”

“Exactly!” said Daisy, still massaging Betty’s breasts and now planting kisses on the back of her neck. “We’re in the clear. We’re closed for the night, the place is locked up tight, the contract is stored away safe. I think it’s time to change out of our work clothes, into our birthday suits, and have some fun before bed.”

“Mmm. Agreed. Help me out, would you? Mind if I spend the night?”

Daisy began removing Betty’s corset and skirt, effectively leaving her naked save for the strap-on still pumping into Dick.

“Honey, I’d ask you to move in with me if I thought you would.”

“Hmm. Not a bad idea actually. I’d save money on rent, that’s for sure.”

“Amenities at Daisy’s Dungeon include your own private room with plenty of space as well as 24/7 access to your own two playthings.”

“Not bad at all. Let’s discuss it over dinner.”

And with that, Betty stopped hammering against Dick.

Betty proceeded to clean up the room and put the now-dirty enema machines and strap-on into a sanitizing solution to soak overnight. They left their test subjects as they were for now, treating them as if they were toys that they were done playing with for the day.

“We’ll have to get them moved to my private room in back before people show up tomorrow. I don’t want to risk anyone seeing them at this point. Once they’re locked down in the private room, I’ll feel better knowing they’re soundproofed, and I have security cameras and equipment to help monitor them throughout the day and night. I took the liberty of getting some sushi delivered for dinner,” said Daisy, holding up a paper delivery bag.

“Did you greet the delivery guy at the door looking like that?” asked Betty, pointing at Daisy’s nude body.

“He wishes! I threw on a robe and gave him a wink at the door before locking it behind me. Not my type, but I like to trigger fantasies for all types.”

Daisy then walked over to her subjects.

“As for you two, I wasn’t sure if either of you had a fish allergy, so you’ll be dining on this instead.” Daisy held up a can of protein energy mush for them to see.

“It may not taste good, but this gruel has all the nutrients you’ll need. Maybe you’ll work back up to real food someday. But we can’t have things like tasty foods to look forward to ruining our collected data on you, can we?”

Betty then walked over carrying one pink and one blue funnel. Easily manhandling them one at a time, the two dommes were able to get Dick and Jane sitting up and strapped to their chairs almost comfortably. Betty pulled out Dick’s ball gag, and Daisy immediately swapped it for a ring gag around his head before he had a chance to speak. They then unceremoniously tilted Dick and Jane’s heads back, stuck in the funnels (blue for Dick, pink for Jane), and poured the goop down their throats.

Daisy then tilted Jane back to a horizontal position. Betty followed suit with Dick.

“I have a test idea, Betty dear. Instead of my kitchen table, let’s stay here and use these two as our sushi tables. If they’re good, they can sleep together tonight in their new room. If they’re bad, they sleep with us in our beds. Sound good?”

“Sounds delicious,” replied Betty. The two then spread their meal all over the bodies of their two test subjects. Daisy took pleasure in making a circle of sushi around Jane’s breasts, her nipples serving as the centerpiece. Betty opted to make an arrow with her sushi pieces pointing directly at Dick’s dick. The naked dommes reviewed each other’s work and laughed before eating their meals.

Part Six - The First Night

“I’d say they both did surprisingly well!” Betty remarked.

“I think they’re just tired and want to go to bed. It’s been a long day for them. Let’s get them moved. I think they’ve earned their own room tonight. What do you say, you two? Ready to see your new home away from home? You didn’t think we were going to have you live here, did you? I need this room available for other clients.”

“I’ll get the wheelchairs,” said Betty and stepped out of the room. She quickly reappeared wheeling in two modified wheelchairs.

“I had these made for clients, but they’ll be perfect for moving you two. Though I wouldn’t get too used to that. You’ll be staying indefinitely in my private room where no other clients are allowed. Only Betty and I have the keys. They have all the amenities you’ll need. Say goodbye to this room. Though we may bring you back here after hours someday for some modifications. Maybe pierce a nipple or two. We’ll see.”

Betty then grabbed the leather blindfolds and earplugs from earlier that day and re-applied them to Dick and Jane. This kept their movements through the building a secret to the subjects while also keeping them more docile and easier to manhandle while getting them strapped to the wheelchairs. The dommes started with Jane, unstrapping her from her chair, and then grabbing her by the arms and legs and moving her to sit in the wheelchair. The wheelchair had a neck collar that they locked her into, along with padded manacles for her wrists and ankles. A final strap around her chest and she was ready to transport. Some minor moaning from Jane, but for the most part there was nothing she could do, so she opted to remain docile for them as she was moved.

“Now Dick,” Daisy said, pulling out one of Dick’s ear plugs. “I hope you know how this works by now. The door to this room is locked. You are deaf, mute, and blind. You cannot escape. If you try anything, and I mean anything, we will take it out on Jane. So you don’t have a choice here. We can’t lift you, so I’m going to guide you to the chair. Got it?”

Dick nodded, and Daisy replaced the ear plug. They unstrapped him, and he allowed them to lead him the few steps to the other wheelchair. A minute later, and he was strapped in like Jane.

Daisy and Betty then wheeled their new playthings into the hallway. Had anyone seen this display, it would have looked like a nudist hospital, with two naked attendants rolling two naked residents down the hall. They soon reached Daisy’s special room at the end of the hall and wheeled them inside, Daisy again locking the door behind them. They removed the subjects’ blindfolds and earplugs.

“Welcome home!” said Daisy excitedly, as if to a newly adopted cat or dog. Jane and Dick looked around. There was a non-enclosed shower off in a corner, with hoses protruding up to standard shower head height and all the way down to the floor. There were exercise machines, along with machines the two didn’t recognize and didn’t want to. The walls were adorned with whips and dildos of all sizes and straps. There were drawers built into all of the walls as well, which Dick and Jane now knew to assume were filled with plenty more sexually deviant devices. Finally, in the center, a single light shined down over a king size bed that had anchor points around its entire circumference. Even the bedsheets appeared fetishistic, looking like rubber to their eyes.

“I know that bed looks comfy, but you two will be sleeping in sleep-sacks tonight. They’re like sleeping bags, only tighter,” Daisy explained. She proceeded to get and lay out the sacks on top of the bed. She then walked back over holding what looked like two dog collars, once again one blue and one pink. On the blue one, a dog tag saying DICK, and on the pink, a tag saying JANE. Betty unlocked their necks from the wheelchairs, and Daisy locked the collars around them instead. She then hit a switch on the wall that lowered two chains from the ceiling which she connected to the collars.

“I’m hoping the enemas got you cleaned out, but do either of you need to pee before bed? You’ll be strapped down for the night, so this is your last chance, and I DON’T want any accidents.”

Dick and Jane both shook their heads.

“Good. We’ll deal with showers and toothbrushes in the morning.”

“Uh, Daisy? Where’s the toilet?” Betty asked.

“Don’t need one. They’ll be using enemas for the backside from now on, and I’m going to train them to just pee down the drain during morning showers.”

Becky made a sour face, whispering, “Ew, gross.”

“Efficient,” retorted Daisy. “No need for extra plumbing. They get the bare minimum. I don’t care if it’s degrading. That’s part of the experiment. For all we know, these two are secretly into golden showers. Isn’t that what you wanna find out?”

“I suppose. Come on, let’s get them to bed. I’m getting tired now too.”

Betty unstrapped them from the chairs, leaving their chained collars on, preventing them from moving more than a few feet in any direction. Daisy then retracted the chains, forcing the two to stand upright. She then flipped another switch, and the chains began moving toward the bed, guiding Dick and Jane along with them.

When they reached the bed, Betty instructed them both to get into the sleepsacks. Not looking to make matters worse, they followed her instructions. The sacks were a tight fit, but they soon found themselves snugly inside. Betty then zipped them up and padlocked them in, preventing them from getting out. The sacks went up to their necks, so Daisy went ahead and removed their collars.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give these back to you tomorrow,” she said playfully. “I just don’t want you choking in the middle of the night.”

Betty and Daisy then got to work with a pile of ropes. They were experts with knots, and they proceeded to tie down the two sleep-sacked subjects to the various anchor points around the bed.

“That should do it,” said Betty.

“Aww, don’t they make such a pretty picture strapped in next to each other like that? Too bad we have to leave the ring gags in, or else I’d get them to smile for an actual picture. Well, good night you two! Tomorrow begins your first real day of testing. Sleep tight!”

The two dommes then exited the room, turning off the light and locking the door behind them as they left.

“They’re pretty quiet all of a sudden,” remarked Daisy.

“I think they’re in shock,” said Betty.

“Well not to worry. I have the monitoring equipment setup in my room upstairs if you’d like to take a look?”

“Oh, that’s not all I’m planning on doing in your room tonight.”

Daisy and Betty practically ran upstairs, giggling like a pair of schoolgirls, leaving their newly acquired pets downstairs alone to their fates. All four of them got very little sleep that night.

Part Seven - The Synthetic Sixty-Nine

Time was an enigma to Dick and Jane that night. With the lights out and no windows, they could turn their heads but couldn’t see each other. Not that they’d want to see each other like this anyway, their mouths stretched into eternal O’s and Dick’s head shaved bare. The sleepsacks held them immobile. All they could do was moan at their plight, the couple not able to communicate yet understanding the direness of their situation through the vocalizations. They were too scared to sleep, unsure of what was to become of them. Not that they could sleep well anyway being unable to move. The hours passed. They had no idea if it was day or night outside. Finally, just as they began drifting off to sleep, the room’s only door lurched open, letting in light from the hallway.

Betty and Daisy entered, turning on the light above the bed. They still hadn’t put on any clothes.

“Rise and shine, my pets!” Daisy called out. “Betty and I were up most of the night having fun. I hope you were able to at least get some rest while we left you alone. We have some fun things planned for you today, but first I think the four of us could use a rinse, inside and out.”

Meanwhile Betty grabbed two toothbrushes, blue and pink. As Daisy set about getting their two guests untied from the bed, Betty brought over the dog collars and strapped them back around their necks. The chains were locked back to the collars as well. Daisy then helped Dick and Jane get out of the sleepsacks, while Betty set about using the discarded rope from the bed to cinch their wrists behind their backs.

Daisy used the winch with the chain to pull the couple toward the shower. Dick and Jane had no choice but to follow the guide of their collars being pulled. Once they reached their destination, Betty unceremoniously shoved the blue toothbrush in Dick’s mouth, still held open by the ring gag. Daisy came up behind him to hold his head still as she did so. They followed suit with Jane.

“I think you’ll at least agree on the importance of oral hygiene. I don’t want anything dirty touching where the sun don’t shine,” Betty said, pointing down to her shaven mound.

“Now spit,” said Jane, pointing at the drain in the shower. The two guests did their best to spit out the toothpaste through their gags.

Daisy then turned on the shower and let it warm up before stepping into the stream. Jane took a step forward, thinking she was expected to shower with her, but she was stopped by Betty’s hand on her shoulder.

“Nah ah. You two shower after us. This shower doesn’t have anywhere to hold the soap, so you’re going to hold it for us.”

Dick gave a confused look, trying to indicate their tied wrists behind their backs.

“Oh, I know,” said Betty. Daisy had a few bottles of hair products on the floor of the shower, which she was using to wash her hair. She paused for a moment to pick up two boxes from the shower stall floor that contained two fresh bars of soap, which she opened and handed to Betty. Betty proceeded to walk menacingly toward the couple. She then shoved the soaps directly through the ring gags into their mouths. The rectangular bars weren’t a perfect fit for the round holes of the ring, so some of the edges scraped off and dropped onto their tongues. Dick and Jane both started to wretch before suddenly feeling their chains yanked closer to the shower.

Betty locked eyes with them both. “If those soaps hit the floor, well, you know what they say about not dropping the soap.”

Daisy chimed in, “I’ll be blunt. If you drop the soap, I will bend you over and teach you a lesson with that strap-on you got intimately familiar with yesterday.”

“Jesus, Daisy!” Betty said, turning to face her friend. They both looked at each other and started to laugh.

Getting the two subjects positioned standing just outside the stream of water and locking the chains in place, Betty then joined Daisy. They each reached over to pull the soap from the mouths of their guests, replacing them back in their mouths once they were rinsed. Daisy turned off the water and stepped out to grab towels for Betty and herself.

Once they were dried off, the two dommes then reached for nozzles from the shower stall that sat lower down than the one they’d just used to wash themselves. These nozzles had adjustable hoses and tips that tapered down to a point. Daisy turned the water back on and set it to now spray out of these nozzles.

While Daisy was adjusting the water and making sure it was warm again, Betty proceeded to drag over what looked like a ballet bar in front of the couple. The supporting vertical bars were made of metal and went up to about waist height. The horizontal bar between them was wrapped in a spongy material. Betty then took out the soaps from the presented mouths and tossed them next to the shampoo bottles.

“I’m going to remove your gags now, but I want you to immediately bend over and bite down on the spongy part of this bar.”

Not seeing any other options and not wanting to test Daisy’s earlier threat, Jane did as she was told upon removal of her gag. Dick, however, tried to protest.

“You can’t do this! You have to let us g-AHH!” He was cut off by Betty squeezing his ballsack and all the air rushing out of his lungs. Betty continued to hold her grip on him as she guided him down to bite down on the bar next to Jane before letting him go. Betty then added a strap from the bar around their heads to hold them in place as a finishing touch.

“Pucker up!” Daisy suddenly said from behind them. Wielding the two nozzles, she pushed them into the awaiting backsides presented to her. Jane and Dick tried to squeal and jerk up, but they were held fast to the bar.

“I got the water nice and warm for you. No need to thank me,” said Daisy.

After a few minutes, Daisy let the enema take its course and flushed out her participants. Betty then stepped in and assisted Daisy by each taking a side of the ballet bar and lifting it a few feet toward the shower, guiding their subjects backward. Then it was just a matter of soaping them up and spraying them down. The two coworkers made sure to spend extra time around Dick and Jane’s nether regions. They then made Dick watch as Betty shampooed and conditioned Jane’s hair while Daisy laid underneath her and mimed milking her breasts like cow udders for the two dommes’ amusement. Jane just sobbed, her tears getting lost in the water of the shower.

Once everyone was dried off, Dick and Jane were escorted to a padded table near the bed.

“Time for your first official trial of the day! Knowing how boring you two are based on your profile, we’re willing to bet you’ve never tried 69ing before, so we’re going to teach you,” Daisy explained. As she went on explaining the scenario, Betty began preparing the two test subjects by first reinstalling their ring gags. She then screwed in two items to each of their respective gags, effectively sealing their mouths.

“The items that my associate here has just installed are what we would normally call a fleshlight and a dildo. However, these items are particularly special as they’ve been modified to track the number of times they penetrate or are penetrated. They can also track speed by measuring the time between counts.”

Betty then began attaching electrodes to the two bodies, focusing on their breasts and crotches.

“And this, my dears, is an electric shock unit networked to those devices. Dick, lay down on your back on the table for us please.”

Dick stood still as Betty took his hand and tried to guide him on top of the table. Suddenly he felt a jolt. Her phone in hand, Daisy showed him the screen. An app displayed the number three.

“This shock unit goes up to ten. Care to feel what that’s like?”

He didn’t, and instead proceeded to crawl onto the table and lay down as instructed. Jane was then led to lay on top of him in the classic 69 position. Daisy then took some rope and wrapped it across them to anchor points on the corners and sides of the table, forming an X with a line through it. Finally, taking some lube, she spread it on the dildo flopping from Dick’s mouth. She then wiped the excess lube on Jane’s slit, continuing to rub until her body began producing its own lubrication. Daisy took this opportunity to lift Dick’s head and slide the dildo into Jane’s vagina, then held him there.

Betty then stepped up and began stroking Dick’s cock until he grew hard. Swapping her hand for the modified fleshlight screwed into Jane’s throat, Betty forced Jane’s head to continue pumping slowly on his cock to keep him hard.

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” said Daisy. “We need to get dressed and ready for work. We have a few pre-booked clients coming soon. To keep you occupied, you will need to continue pumping into each other like this. If you go too slow, which will be recorded by the diabolical devices in your mouths, your significant other will receive a shock. But be careful not to go too fast and orgasm because that will just slow you down as well. We’ll start the shocks at level one, but for every shock sent, the level will increase by one. We’ll be monitoring everything from outside in case you get into too much trouble, but I think you two will be just fine. You seem like fast learners! Now I know this is all supposed to be scientific and whatnot, but I want you two to try your best to have fun as well, okay? Now go!”

Slowly but surely, the two subjects began pumping into each other until they found a rhythm. Betty and Daisy watched them as they took their leave from the room and headed back to Daisy’s room to get changed.

“How are they doing?” Betty asked, now dressed in her full leather dominatrix outfit.

“Jane keeps getting distracted by the cock, bringing Dick’s shocks up to level six now. It must be better than what Dick was giving her back home. However, after so many shocks, Dick is getting soft. If that cock slips out of Jane’s mouth, she’ll be in for a world of hurt. Especially since it’ll be at least an hour til one of us can go check on them again.”

“Poor thing. But I suppose we have to start setting examples now. The earlier we break them, the sooner we can really start molding them.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I think these early moments are the most fun. None of my clients would ever be punished this much from pure naivety. I really get to let my dominant flag fly with them! God I’m getting wet just thinking about it. I know they say to have a healthy work/life balance, but what we do with them is going to make my work that much more fun!”

Part Eight - The Quiz Game

It was now several weeks later. Betty and Daisy continued their steady routine of putting Dick and Jane through stringent forms of bondage trials. They would periodically check on them throughout the work day and give them more playful attention at night. They also began a more active training regimen by plugging their ears with headphones that would loop various submissive slave training routines and expectations, including how a slave should position themselves for their master or mistress, where their eyes should focus, and various crop commands. The two dominatrixes decided it was now time to start testing them to make sure these audio lessons were getting through to their guests.

Dick and Jane were in dire straits. While they had lost track of all time inside the room that was now their home, they both gathered that it must now be night time as their two tormentors appeared at the door with two plates of chinese food for themselves and the usual high protein mush that was all the subjects were allowed to eat anymore. The two dommes had changed out of their leather fetish outfits and were dressed comfortably in white terry cloth robes. By this point Dick and Jane were accustomed enough by this to know they were wearing nothing underneath.

After the routine of having the mush force fed to them through their funnels, Dick and Jane found themselves hogtied naked to two elevated metal trays just wide enough for their bodies. The two dommes then unceremoniously shoved their used panties from the day into their subjects’ mouths and duct taped them shut with two pieces of tape each, forming an X. Betty then proceeded to set up a card table in front of the two hapless guests while they could hear Daisy wheeling something behind them out of sight.

Betty placed two laminated sheets on the table just in front of them, each displaying the letters A, B, C, and D. They then heard whatever Daisy was working on make a ratcheting sound from behind them, followed by feeling something cold and rubbery just at the tip of their back passages.

“Before you two came along, I used to curl up in front of the TV and watch game shows after work while eating dinner,” Betty finally said. “Watching TV just hasn’t been as entertaining anymore with you around, so I was inspired to recreate the experience of watching game shows with you as the contestants. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Plus it gives us an opportunity to quiz you on what you’ve learned so far and make sure you’ve been paying attention. Two birds, one stone.”

As Betty continued explaining the diabolical scheme, Daisy set about attaching the electrodes they’d used on their sixty-nine session previously.

“The rules of the game are simple,” Betty continued. “As we enjoy our dinner, we’ll be asking you multiple choice questions. You must tap with your nose the corresponding letter of the correct answer. For every wrong answer, you will receive a shock and the butt plug behind you will be clicked one notch further into you. Whoever’s plug is fully buried first will be deemed the loser and will spend the night alone in here. The winner, however, will get to spend the night with both of us in Daisy’s bed for some fun merriment. All set, Daisy-dear?”

Dick and Jane jerked as they suddenly both felt a shock.

“All set! I figured shock level five would be a good incentivizer to keep them focused on the quiz.” Daisy stepped into view and took a seat next to Betty. She grabbed a plate of food and set her phone down, which was displaying the shock app she’d used before, a big 5 clearly visible on it.

“Works for me! Question one…”

The questions continued for about half an hour, covering just about every topic covered in the audio lessons that had been administered. For every wrong answer, Daisy was quick to administer the shocks with her phone, while Becky would stand up and ratchet the butt plugs ever deeper into their sheaths.

“It’s getting pretty close! You two are neck and neck at this point. Or would that be plug and plug?” Daisy mused.

“Question 48,” said Betty. “When a mistress taps your inner thigh, this means what? A) Spread both legs, B) Spread one leg, C) Look them in the eyes, or D) Rollover.”

Jane leaned forward and tapped the letter A on the sheet in front of her with her nose. As Dick began leaning forward to tap B, Daisy was quick on the draw and immediately zapped him as she stood up to ratchet his butt plug another click.

“Well well well!” She exclaimed. “Looks like we have a winner! Dick’s plug is now fully buried and can’t be ratcheted any more notches. That means little miss Jane here is tonight’s winner! Tell her what she’s won, Betty!”

“Get ready for a night of fun and debauchery because you just won an all expenses paid trip to our five star bedroom! No rough, uncomfy sleep-sacks or rubber sheets for you tonight. You’ll be enjoying soft sheets tonight, but not for sleeping, as you’ll be stretched out in a loose spread eagle on a comfy king-sized four poster bed and brought to heights you never thought a woman could experience. Poor Dick will be so jealous.”

The two dommes then cleared their plates, removed the butt plugs and electrodes, and eventually got Dick strapped and bedded down for the night on the usual bed in the center of the room. They decided to keep his gag on overnight, telling him they’d be sure to check their monitors in between lovemaking sessions with his significant other often enough to make sure he wasn’t choking. The only part of himself he could move was his head. Through tears, he managed to crane his neck upward and catch one glimpse of Jane. As she was dragged by the two other women out the door all she could manage was a turn of her head, shooting Dick one final look of fear as she was led outside the room to Daisy’s personal bedroom and lord knew what else. The door to Dick and Jane’s private room was slammed shut and locked behind her, leaving Dick alone in the darkness with nothing but his thoughts of what was happening just a few rooms over to keep him company.

Part Nine - The Work Day

Betty and Daisy continued having fun coming up with all kinds of new, interesting trials to test on their subjects after the working day ended. However, like any good pet owners, they worried about their pets being bored and lonely while they were away at work during the day. They decided they needed to start incorporating more engaging activities during the brief periods one or the other would check on their guests in between work clientele. And Daisy had an idea.

“In order to one up ourselves, we just have to one up each other,” Daisy said. She was currently acting as the big spoon to Betty’s little spoon. They had just tucked the pets in early for the night after some fun but exhausting variations on Spin The Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven. After funneling two bottles of wine down the throats of Dick and Jane and finishing off two bottles themselves, the dommes decided it would be more fun to spin an oversized dildo. The person who spun and whichever person the spinner landed on would then be tied and rigged together in increasingly uncomfortable positions before being hoisted into the air to make out for seven minutes. This lasted about a dozen rounds before Daisy and Betty decided they were too drunk to continue.

“I know that tone of voice. You have something in mind, don’t you?”

“I do. But I’ll explain it to you in the morning when we’re not acting like a couple of high school girls at their first underage drinking party.”

They both giggled and snuggled until falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Daisy entered Dick and Jane’s room to take care of their usual routine of being bathed, groomed, and fed. Typically Betty was able to assist, but she had a rare morning client and needed to get ready right away. In order for Daisy to handle both Dick and Jane on her own, she blindfolded them after adding their usual collars and chains and gags to keep them docile and prevent them from trying anything.

After getting them ready, she placed manacles on their ankles and chained them to the floor. She added spreader bars to keep their legs apart. Then added two more sets of manacles to their wrists and used the ceiling chain winch to yank their arms into the air until the couple formed two X’s side by side. Finally, she added nipple clamps to each of their nipples, eliciting yelps. She then blew them a kiss and exited the room without saying a word.

Betty entered a few hours later and looked them over. She decided to add vibrating butt plugs before giving them one last quick glance and also exiting without saying a word.

It was Daisy’s turn again an hour later, and she opted to add neck braces to the unwilling participants, forcing their heads to remain locked straight ahead.

This back and forth one upping between the two dommes continued throughout the rest of the working day. Every time there was a break between clients, the two would swap duties checking on their guests and, without uttering a word, add another accessory to the subjects.

Walking in and seeing Betty had forced the two pets to now have their neck braces force their chins upwards and stuck their funnels in their mouths, Daisy giggled as a realization set in.

With the working day over, Betty came in to check on the guests only to find Daisy adding the finishing touches to them. Dick and Jane were unrecognizable at this point, covered in leather hoods, rubber suits, plumed tails coming out of their back ends, and forced to stand on laughably tall stilettos, among all kinds of other accessories. Betty could only laugh at what Daisy was wrapping them with though.

“Looks like Christmas came early this year!” she said, getting Daisy’s attention.

“You DO get it! I was worried the joke wouldn’t play.”

Daisy had wrapped them in Christmas lights. With a blanket wrapped around their feet and the funnels sticking straight up in the air, she had done her best to make these two human mannequins resemble decorated Christmas trees.

“There’s just one thing missing,” said Betty. “But it’s going to take some upgrading. I think these two have been extra good this year. Do you think Santa could help me bring their gifts a little early?”

Daisy raised an eyebrow and asked, “What did you have in mind?”

“I’ll be right back,” said Betty and was out of the room in a flash. She returned carrying her piercing kit.

“You naughty girl!” squealed Daisy. “You’re getting coal this year for sure. Do you think we should take off some of their headgear so they know what’s coming?”

“And risk them moving around too much? Nah. Leave it on. The best part of gift giving is the surprise on their faces after they open the gift.”

Starting with Jane, Betty proceeded to pierce her nipples. With all her senses deprived (except the feel of the piercing), Jane tried to jump and scream as her first nipple was pierced. But with so much holding her down and filling her up, all she managed was a slight twisting and guttural noise. Dick received piercings in both nipples as well and didn’t receive any kind of warning or heads up as he couldn’t hear or see anything that happened to Jane right next to him.

Rather than studs, Betty opted to use four large gold star earrings through the freshly pierced flesh, completing the Christmas tree aesthetic.

Daisy threw her arm around her lover’s waist as they both looked on and appreciated their specimens.

“We really outdid ourselves. I concede. There’s no way I can one up this,” Daisy whispered into Betty’s ear.

“At least we won’t need to worry about them feeling bored for a while!” laughed Betty.

Part Ten - The Dog and Pony Show

“Dick, since you won the coin toss, you get to choose. Do you want to be a dog or a pony?”

Dick didn’t understand what was happening. It was a Sunday (something else he didn’t know), and his two tormentors had the day off. He hated when they had the day off for it meant a full day of their focus and attention for more elaborate activities. On their last day off they showed up for the day back in their lab coats from day one, “collecting data” on clipboards for testing the subjects’ limits. These awful limit trials included how much water they could have funneled down their throat before degradingly being forced to urinate on their significant other, how much weight they could sustain being added to rings through their nipples, how far they could be stretched backwards and on a medieval rack, and how large of a dildo they could take (for Jane in the front and for Dick in the back).

Dick shuddered to think what they had in store for today. But he didn’t understand what was meant by choosing to be a dog or a pony. Not knowing what to do, he simply stayed in position kneeling and staring down at his mistresses’ feet as he had been trained to do.

“Tell you what,” said Daisy. “Since you’re gagged, and there’s nothing I love more than a sub trying to talk through a ball gag, you just say something and we’ll interpret your answer to the best of our ability.”

Dick remained quiet. He had been taught not to make a sound and didn’t want to risk being punished. Was this another test? He never knew the fine line of when these sadists’ trials would begin and end.

Suddenly, his back erupted in pain as a whip cracked across it. Daisy had removed one from the wall and used it on him.

“MMMMMMPH!” squealed Dick.

“That sounded like a woof, the sounds dogs make. What do you think, Betty?”

“I think you’re right, Daisy. Bitch it is! And that means you, young lady, get to be a pretty pony girl!”

Jane had no idea what a pony girl was, but she didn’t like the sound of it. However, she noticed over the last several weeks something began to change in her. While she didn’t always like the things she was subjected to, she began to find she started feeling pleased when her mistresses were pleased. Her wants and needs didn’t matter, so long as they were happy. Because when they were happy, no matter how degrading the trial they put her through was, she tended to come out the other side being happy too. Especially when they used that, what did they call it, magic wand vibrator on her like on that night spent in Daisy’s room? It sure was magical…

“Let’s go get their costumes,” said Daisy, breaking the two subjects out of their reverie.

The two dominatrixes reappeared a short while later. Daisy was now sporting a horse jockey outfit, while Betty had changed into a gown befitting a woman attending the Kentucky Derby. They each carried a plastic crate over to their pets.

“Now, I know you’ve heard us call you ‘pet’ in the past, but today we want you two to REALLY get lost in that role and become our true pets. You may remember too that we took lots of measurements of your bodies. Well, the reason for that was the creation of some custom costumes for each of you. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that there are matching outfits for both roles, so next time we can switch it up. But for now, let’s get you dressed!”

Betty then opened the crate in front of Dick. Inside was a full rubber body suit that matched his dimensions. The suit was white with black spots, resembling a dalmatian. It had mitts in the shape of dog paws, along with matching paws where his knees would be. Betty also pulled out a full leather mask that resembled the face of a dog. She smiled and let Dick inspect it, watching his shocked reaction, before beginning to lace the mask over his head.

Daisy, meanwhile, opened Jane’s box. Inside was a webbing of straps. This was not the horse costume Jane expected. It resembled more the set of reins horses would typically wear. The web didn’t make a lot of sense to her until Daisy had her step into it and begin buckling and padlocking everything into place. Before she knew it, the straps were all tightly wrapped around her waist and breasts and directly through her crotch. Daisy then reached into the box and pulled out a plumed feather that she screwed atop a leather mask. Before lacing on the mask, Daisy removed Jane’s ball gag and replaced it with a bit gag like a horse would chew on. Once her mask was tightly laced, Daisy had Jane bend over while she inserted a butt plug into her with a horse tail coming out the back. Blinders on either side of her eyes were then strapped to her helmet. Finally, she was forced to step into high heeled boots that went up to her thighs just past her knees. The toes of the boots ended in horse hooves, something she had trouble standing on and promptly fell over. Daisy took this opportunity to sit on Jane’s ass and finish tightly lacing one of the boots before an idea struck her.

“Listen up, pony girl. I want to test your obedience. Lace up your other boot yourself while I watch. If you don’t, you know that I won’t hesitate to hurt and humiliate Dick over there,” Daisy sternly told her, tapping the riding crop attached to her belt.

Jane considered her options. There was nowhere to run. She knew the door to this room was locked. Even if she got out, she knew they locked every other door in this place. And she wasn’t exactly feeling very mobile right now. She began to realize being defiant didn’t always, if ever, help her situation. It was almost simpler to just do as she was told, which she knew they were trying to drive into her psyche. But what choice did she have? She flipped herself over and began lacing the other boot as a smiling Daisy looked down on her, watching the whole affair and instructing her to pull the laces tighter until they met her satisfaction. Finally, an arm binder was added, pinning her arms to her back.

Once Jane was fully dressed, Daisy pointed to the mirror in the ceiling and showed her what she looked like. “Aren’t you just an adorable peach! Such a good girl you are,” Daisy said, beginning to pet her head. Jane didn’t think she agreed, but at least the outfit was making sense to her now. She was dressed like a human pony, something she could have never comprehended before coming here, but now, after everything else she’d been through, the idea of becoming an actual pet for the woman who always called her her pet started clicking for her.

Jane then turned to look at Dick, whose transformation had also just completed. His thighs had been strapped to his ankles, forcing him to walk on the floor on his hands and knees. A gag shaped like a dog bone had been wedged and buckled into his mouth. With the mask on, she wouldn’t have even recognized him had she not already known it was him in that costume.

“From this moment forward until the day is over, you two are animals,” Betty stated, staring the dog and the pony each in the eyes. “Embrace that mindset. Become your characters. Lose yourself in this identity just as you’ve lost the identities of your old lives before coming here. For the rest of the day, do not think of yourselves as Dick and Jane. Those identities do not exist today. Only pony and puppy. Next we will guide and train you, just like any other dog or pony, so that by the end of the day we can have a nice dog and pony show. But the only attendants will be ourselves. You will be presenting both to us and yourselves. Don’t just make us proud. Make yourselves proud today. Be the good little animals you were meant to be.”

Daisy then guided Jane to one side of the room where she began to teach her how to high step like a pony in the unaccustomed boots. She had her walk in circles over and over, using the riding crop every time she wanted her chin or knees to be higher. Over time, Jane began to get the rhythm of what Daisy wanted and found herself being cropped less and less. She would sometimes try to glance over at Dick to see how he was doing, only to feel the crop on her cheek as she was forced to look straight ahead again.

Dick, meanwhile, was first being trained on how to be a dog. This involved taking out his gag and playing fetch with a tennis ball. At this point, Dick was smart and hopeless enough to not bother talking or begging since he knew now it only led to punishment. After returning the tennis ball a couple dozen times, showing that he was growing accustomed to walking with the dog paws and beginning to lose himself in the role, Betty rewarded him by rubbing his bare belly. Her hand slowly glided down further toward his crotch where she began slowly stroking his member. As he grew hard, she immediately stopped and made him sit back up. She then installed a butt plug with a dog tail coming out the back.

“Time to learn some tricks,” said Betty. “Now sit.”

Dick hesitated.

“I said SIT.”

Dick sat down on his ass, pressing the tail and plug further into himself.

“Good boy! Now rollover.”

Dick did as instructed. This continued for another hour, to the point of having Dick run through a simple dog obstacle course. Meanwhile, Jane was being trained by Daisy to trot and leap over hurdles.

As their training began reaching completion, the mistresses decided it was time for a supper break. Daisy took the reins attached to Jane’s bit gag and hitched her to a hook in the wall while she left the room to bring back a picnic basket full of food. When she came back, she laid out a blanket as though the four were outside on a picnic. She pulled out two salads, for Betty and her, along with a dog bowl, some tupperware full of mush, and an apple. Before feeding their pets, Betty and Daisy sat on the blanket and casually ate their salads, laughing and exchanging pleasantries. Betty told her puppy to lay down near the blanket and wait patiently, while Daisy’s ponygirl stood in her corner and watched, her stomach growling. After they finished eating, Daisy cut the apple into slices and brought it over to feed to her pony, who was grateful for the sustenance and attention. Betty, on the other hand, opened the tupperware and plopped it into the dog bowl before bringing it over to her puppy.

“Mmm mmm, doesn’t that smell good? And it’s full of good nutrients too to keep your fur nice and shiny. I want to see every drop licked clean from this bowl.” She placed the bowl in front of him, and he moaned in response.

“If you don’t eat this, I won’t bother feeding you at all tomorrow.”

Her puppy’s stomach rumbled. He leaned forward and took a bite. It wasn’t great, but he was hungry enough to stomach it. He didn’t know if it was actually dog food or just something the two tormentors had concocted. Either way, he chose not to think about it as he cleaned out the bowl.

After clearing out the picnic supplies, Betty and Daisy set about setting up their dog and pony show. Betty presented her puppy first, with the audience being only Daisy to admire the progress she’d made with her pet. She ran through the various tricks she’d taught him, followed by running him through the dog course she had set up. At the end, Daisy applauded. The puppy almost felt proud of himself. He was a good boy after all. Betty then took a seat with her puppy following close behind and taking a seat on the floor next to her.

Now it was Daisy’s turn. She used her crop to guide her ponygirl in a wide circle around the room. Her ponygirl knew to keep her head pointed straight and knees high. With the blinders on, she merely had to focus on what was ahead of her. After that, she was led through the hurdle course, nailing each jump without a single stumble. Betty applauded and cheered, and Daisy looked her pony directly in the eyes and smiled. The ponygirl blushed. She had made her mistresses proud.

That night, after they finished playing with their pets, Daisy and Betty opted to keep them in character overnight. PonyJane was made to straddle a horse saddle on a sawhorse. Her hooves were tied to the stirrups, and her reins were again tied and hitched to the wall behind her. As a reward for doing such a good job at the show, a pillow was propped between the wall behind her and her head so she could get some rest. As an added bonus, Daisy attached a vibrating pad to her crotch strap before giving her a kiss on the forehead and stroking her ponytail poking out through the top of her leather hood.

Betty’s puppy was made to sleep on a doggy bed setup in the opposite corner. Betty cinched a dog collar around his neck and clipped the leash to the wall. She then tied all four of his paws together, forcing him to lay on his side.

She gave him some final belly rubs before calling him a good boy and heading out for the night with Daisy.

After such an exhausting day of training, the two pets felt an odd sense of pride as they slowly drifted off to sleep. Betty saw this change in their eyes today, the usual defiant spark missing. She gave them one last look before closing and locking the door behind her. Perhaps there was hope for these two yet.

Part Eleven - The Sexual Centipede

One morning, Dick and Jane were woken up by Daisy slamming open the door to their room. She was in full dominatrix mode, with exaggerated makeup, hair tied in a tight ponytail, and donning a crotchless leather catsuit with a cinched corset and breasts exposed. She was dragging someone into the room behind her, yanking her by her hair. Dick and Jane’s eyes went wide when they realized the other person was none other than their other mistress, Betty.

But this wasn’t the Betty they were used to. Her clothes were missing, and an oversized jaw-stretching red ball gag was stuffed in her mouth. She was tied in a restricting frog tie. Daisy let go of her hair once they reached the bed where Dick and Jane were tied.


Daisy hadn’t even acknowledged Dick and Jane’s existence yet. Her anger was focused squarely on Betty, who had clearly struck a nerve with her. Betty’s head just sank. It had been an innocent remark. She tried to offer some constructive financial advice to Daisy, but playing it back in her head Betty realized she had come off sounding like a know-it-all. And now she was paying the price.

That price proved to be the center filling of a bondage sandwich. This wasn’t going to be tasty though. After nearly an hour of work, Daisy stepped back to appreciate her new diabolical creation, taking inspiration from the horror of The Human Centipede.

Jane was on all fours in the front with a ring gag in her mouth. A double dildo had been screwed into her mouth, holding down her tongue and poking out straight ahead of her. Betty was stuck right behind her, also on all fours, her wrists knotted to Jane’s ankles. Dick took up the rear, his wrists tied to Betty’s ankles. Ring gags with double dildos were also installed and screwed into Betty and Dick. The ends poking out of their mouths were greased and then pushed into the asses of Jane and Betty. The dildos were nearly fully buried, but the center point of each dildo remained unobscured and had a small valve off to the side. Before the dildos were screwed into Betty and Jane, though, Daisy had used funnels to first fill up the two of them with two gallons of water each. This would come into play shortly.

Once the three were fused together, Daisy did one final connecting link by applying nipple clamps to all of them, followed by one long wire strung tightly between each of them. She then installed what looked like a sports cup with an extended tube coming out of it onto Jane by tightly cinching it around her waist. She installed a second cup the same way on Betty.

Then, taking the end of the tubes coming out of the cups, Daisy hooked them up to small valves in the center of the double dildos. The hose coming off of Jane’s vagina screwed into the dildo buried between her ass and Betty’s mouth, and the hose from Betty’s vagina screwed into the dildo between her ass and Dick’s mouth.

“We need to get you active to let that water run its course. Come on now.” She began leading the unified creature in circles around the room, forcing them to sync their steps through quick hits with her crop on anyone lagging or getting out of rhythm. Within a few minutes they started to get the hang of it. Daisy then sat in a chair at one end of the room and made them walk toward her. She took Jane’s head once they’d reached her and began pumping the dildo poking out of her mouth into Daisy’s slit. Rocking her head back and forth, faster and faster, Daisy finally came, holding the dildo inside her. Suddenly, Jane felt a hot liquid reach her throat. She realized with revulsion that these dildos had holes going straight down the center. She was now being forced to drink Daisy’s love juice.

Jane began to moan and groan and ultimately the manhandling and revulsion made her lose control of her own bladder. Yellow liquid poured through the cup at her crotch and into the tube, filling the hollow dildo behind her. This in turn caused her ass to be filled with her own piss, and Betty now also realized the hollowness of these dildos as she was forced to swallow Jane’s accident. A chain reaction occurred, Betty also recoiling in revulsion and letting go of her own bladder and forcing Dick to be the last to come to the realization of this setup.

Daisy, still holding Jane’s mouth dildo inside herself, watched the effect as each of them reacted in turn and gave them all an evil grin.

Later, after getting them all cleaned up and showered, Daisy decided Betty would be sleeping in the pets’ bed with them tonight rather than her own bed. Maybe that would finally drive home the lesson.

“I shah-ee!” Betty tried to say through her ring gag as she was made to wiggle herself into a third sleep sack next to Dick and Jane.

“What’s that, dear? I couldn’t understand you.” Daisy gloated. Betty just glared back at her.

“Oh, fine” replied Daisy as she unstrapped Betty’s gag.

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings…”

“Well you did! As much fun as we have, this is still a business, and it’s hard running it by myself. I don’t appreciate people acting like they’re better than me when they don’t know what it’s like.”

“Then let me help you! You don’t need to do this alone, and it was never my intention to make you feel demeaned. You’re not just a boss to me anymore. Even after this hell you just put us through, I…I still love you.”

“Y-you…love me?”

“Of course I do! Even if these two won’t accept it, I feel like they’ve brought us together. You and I have gotten so close lately, raising our pets together—“

Dick tried to complain through his gag, but Daisy slapped him.

“Silence while your mistress is speaking, pet! She may talk her way out of being stuck at your level just yet. Please continue after that rude interruption, Betty.”

Betty sighed. “I’ve been too scared to admit I might be falling for you, but the thought of potentially losing you today pushed me over the edge. You’re nuts, don’t get me wrong. But you’re my kind of nuts.”

Daisy pounced on top of Betty. The two began making out furiously, with Dick and Jane trying their best to ignore this happening right between them.

Finally, Daisy came up for air. “I’m still a little mad at you, and I’m still going to leave you here overnight. But we can talk more in the morning after I calm down a little. Before I go though, how about a bedtime story?”

“What did you have in mind?” asked Betty.

Daisy just pulled out her phone and cleared her throat. “The Leather Twins, by Anne Gray.”

“Oooh, I love this one!” said Betty.

Daisy continued, “Chapter One: The First of the Set! I was waiting in the car outside the entrance to the mall just after 9:00 p.m. for Karen to do her part in our new adventure…”

Part Twelve - The Mummification Trial

Dick now understood why Mistress Betty and Mistress Daisy had wheeled in and turned on two large box fans in front of Jane and him. He was on the fourth layer and just about ready to pass out from the heat.

“I think you can handle a couple more wraps, Dicky. Come on, do it for the experiment! You remember the whole reason you’re here, right?” Becky leaned in close as she said this and gave him a peck on the lips. Or rather, where his lips were under four layers of gauze.

It was another work day, which meant Daisy and Becky were swapping check-ins of their two test subjects yet again. This time, they decided to keep the two occupied by seeing how many layers of mummification they could each handle.

“You know, for science,” said Becky after explaining her idea to Daisy.

And that’s how Dick and Jane now found themselves. One of the mistresses would enter, wrap them in another layer of breathable gauze, then leave to wait for the next mistress to come in who would then start wrapping the next layer.

After helping them get set up in the morning, Daisy stepped out of the room while Betty began the wrapping process. Keeping them each strapped down at the ankles and wrists on their own tables with just a strip of duct tape over their mouths, Betty decided to start with Jane. She rolled over a cart with dozens of rolls of gauze and tape. Unrestraining her left ankle, Betty set about slowly wrapping her leg with one of the available rolls of gauze. Once she reached her crotch, she strapped the leg back down and repeated the process on her other leg. Within minutes, Jane found herself fully wrapped from her neck down, her arms now crossed just below her breasts and trapped beneath the wrapping. Betty lifted her head and began wrapping from the neck up. When Jane’s fearful eyes were the only thing left uncovered, Betty blew her a kiss and waved goodbye as she finished unspooling the roll around her head, sealing her in complete darkness.

Dick, who had been watching the whole process, felt a shiver down his spine as Betty suddenly turned toward him. Her attention was now on him, her eyes bearing directly into him. She quickly had him in a matching cocoon next to his counterpart. Reflecting on her work, Betty realized other than the height difference, the two would probably become indistinguishable after just a couple layers. Currently she could make out Jane’s slender form and breasts just underneath the wrap, versus Dick’s more muscular stature, but that would soon disappear as they were covered more and more.

The couple, meanwhile, was surprised at first, thinking they’d earned a reprieve considering there were no other restraints and laying still in the wraps was almost calming. But after their mistresses came in to do a couple more layers of gauze each, eventually their bodies started heating up, hence the need for the fans.

By the end of the day, they had made it through seven total wraps. Betty was right; their bodies were unrecognizable through all the layers. Daisy had done the final layer, wrapping them head to toe in silver duct tape. The pseudo-scientists let their test subjects stew for a few minutes more before becoming antsy.

“Okay. Now it’s our turn for some fun,” said Daisy, finishing cutting Jane from her cocoon. The two dommes then collared their two guests and leashed them in place using the chain in the ceiling. They laced arm binders to them both before stripping out of their work clothes.

“You know what to do,” said Betty, lust filling her blue eyes.

Dick and Jane were now well-trained for this. They assumed the position by kneeling on the floor in front of their mistresses, the collars around their necks nearly choking them as the chain had just enough slack. They were taught to ignore this, keeping their heads down.

Betty and Daisy just looked at each other before taking their pets’ heads (Jane in front of Daisy and Dick in front of Betty) and tilting them toward their wet mounds.

“Now lick,” said Daisy.

Part Thirteen - The Reverse Strip Poker Tournament

Other than the white leather hoods laced tightly over Dick and Jane’s heads, with white gag straps buckled equally tight, the couple stood side by side completely naked. The only openings on the hoods were for their nostrils, leaving their faces utterly featureless. Adjustable rods socketed into the floor with oversize butt plugs attached to the ends were ratcheted as high as the dominatrixes could get them, stretching their guests’ rosebuds to the maximum. The helpless couple would not be able to lift themselves off the plugs without assistance, effectively keeping them standing in place.

“With those hoods on top and the poles poking out the bottom, they look like store mannequins,” commented Betty.

“That’s what I was going for,” said Daisy.

“Ready to start?”

“Cut the cards.”

Ignoring the occasional moans coming from the sensory deprived couple behind them, Betty and Daisy began their little game of poker seated comfortably at a card table they brought into the room. Daisy won the first hand with a bluff, so Betty got up from her chair and stepped over to one of several clothes racks the two had wheeled in earlier. After browsing the selection for a minute or two, she selected a gorgeous yellow sundress and removed it from its hanger. But rather than putting it on Jane, she instead put it on over the Dick’s covered head, zipping it up in back.

Betty won the next round, so Daisy stood up and selected one of her favorite leather daddy jackets off the rack and buttoned it on Jane. Forty-five minutes later, and Dick and Jane were now fully cross-dressed in this twisted, mirrored version of strip poker. Jane was done up in a full leather daddy outfit, covered head to toe in enough black leather biker gear to make any Harley Davidson owner proud. Dick, on the other hand, now sported fishnet stockings under the yellow sundress, along with clip-on earrings and a long blond wig on his head.

Another few rounds, and the dommes switched to the blank white canvases of their avatars’ faces. Daisy drew on a beard and mustache over Jane’s covered face, while Betty added blue eyeshadow and thick red lips to Dick.

“Well, you’re just about out of chips, and I’m just about out of ideas on things to add to Jane. Or would she be John at this point?”

“How ‘bout we reset them and start with new outfits? The night is still young.”

“I like the way you think, lover girl.”

Dick and Jane moaned in relief as they felt their costumes being removed, assuming the night was over and they’d finally be allowed off these plugs. They should have known better when the leather hoods remained on their heads. Betty and Daisy just laughed as the two audibly groaned when Daisy lost the first hand and strapped Jane into her ponygirl harness.

Part Fourteen - The Art of Masturbation

“I know we don’t normally title our little experiments with you two, but we’re calling this one The Art of Masturbation,” explained Betty. She stepped around the perimeter of her pets who were tied to two chairs facing each other. Their ankles were tied with rope to the chair legs, keeping their crotches exposed. There was a belt wrapped around their waists and the back of the chairs, keeping them in place. Surprisingly, their arms were free, though judging by Betty’s explanation, they had an inkling as to why. As per usual, they were naked, save for pear gags filling their mouths.

“I think for you two to become better lovers, you need to understand what your partner enjoys and how they enjoy it. I want you to really take the time to study your partner and fully understand their body and its reactions,” Betty continued.

“Getting to the point, today we’re going to be testing how many times you can each get yourselves off. You’ll each take turns, giving you time to recharge, so don’t treat this like a race,” interrupted Daisy.

“And to reiterate, this isn’t about getting yourself off so much as it is about observing. While you’re “recharging,” as my partner so eloquently put it, we want you to study and observe your partner as they make love to themself, which we hope in turn will make you a better lover.”

“Now who wants to start?”

Dick and Jane both just sat and stared at their mistresses.

“I was afraid of this. Shall we help them get started?”

Daisy barely got out the words “With pleasure” before pouncing on Jane. She started by running her fingers slowly up and down Jane’s slit. As the immobile test subject began getting wet, Daisy took Jane’s right wrist, grabbed two of her fingers, and began forcing her to penetrate herself, building up a steady rhythm. After a minute or two, Daisy smiled mischievously as Jane’s eyelids began to flutter. She made her pick up the pace, and Jane was soon lost in the moment. Daisy let go and let her subject take over on her own, watching intently. A few moments later, Jane threw her head back and let out a yelp around her gag. Coming back down from her reverie, she immediately pulled her wet fingers from inside herself and grew red with embarrassment. Daisy sat on her lap and kissed her on the cheek before whispering to her, “Shh, shh, sweetheart, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is perfectly natural. After everything we’ve put you through, this should be nothing by comparison. Just roll with this. Let it happen. Because you’re not leaving this chair until this starts to become second nature for both of you.”

Betty, who had been standing behind Dick with her arms on his shoulders, making sure he was watching, now stepped in front of him. She got on her knees, making sure he had a clear view of her cleavage practically popping out of her cinched corset, and took his member in her mouth.

Jane sobbed around her gag upon seeing this. To prevent her from distracting the scene playing out in front of them, Daisy placed her hand over Jane’s gagged mouth to fully silence her. “Shh,” she whispered in her ear, not taking her eyes off Betty and Dick. “No interrupting. Just watch.”

Betty had now changed tactics, guiding Dick’s hand with her own up and down his cock. She went slowly, gradually picking up the pace after several minutes as Dick grew harder. Faster now, Dick began groaning, his eyes rolling back. Betty let go, letting him take control. Hardly a moment later, hot seed splashed onto his leg. He immediately turned his attention to Jane, giving her a sorry look. Betty brought over a wet towel from the shower area and wiped him down, then looked up at Jane and Daisy.

“He’ll probably need some time to get himself hard again so please, Jane dear, take your time. Start slowly. Set your own pace,” Betty said calmly and reassuringly before suddenly taking a darker, stricter tone. “But bear in mind, while you are here to satisfy yourself, you will not leave that chair until WE are satisfied with you.”

Jane shivered and nodded meekly. Her hands slowly moved from her knees up her thighs before caressing her outer lips. She took a finger and began rubbing her clit but found she was staying relatively dry. She looked up at Daisy and pointed at her gag.

“Are you trying to tell me something, dear?” Daisy asked.

Jane nodded.

“Just this once, I’ll allow it. But no funny business, or else I’ll find something a little more unpleasant to plug your mouth with.” Daisy then removed her gag, letting it hang around her neck.

“Could I, um…” Jane said quietly, trailing off as her face suddenly turned beet red.

“Out with it. It’s alright. We’re practically lovers at this point, whether or not you want to admit it. You can tell me anything right now. At least while I allow it.”

Jane took a deep breath and continued.

“Sometimes, when I used to masturbate in high school when I was still single, I would first lick my hand and then rub myself down there to help get it wet. Would that, um, I mean, Mistress Daisy, would it be okay if I tried that?”

Daisy just smiled and gave her a sloppy kiss on the lips. Jane was taken aback by this. After what felt like an eternity, Daisy finally pulled away.

“I’m so proud of you! Yes, of course you may. Whatever floats your boat to get you off, sweetie. God you’re so cute I could just eat you up!”

Jane then slowly licked the palm of her right hand a couple of times. Daisy thought about putting the gag back in her mouth but realized her adorable pet was being docile and quiet. Not wanting to break her concentration and wanting to see how this played out, the domme let it be for now.

Jane began touching herself, wet dew now appearing at her shaved mound. She moved her fingers in and out of her vagina, rapidly picking up intensity. Finally, she let out a scream as she came into her hand.

Jane applauded. “That was wonderful, my dear! I’m so proud of you! I can tell after just two rounds you’re already beginning to become more comfortable with yourself. Now, as much as I loved the sounds that came out of that pretty little mouth of yours during that performance, I do so love a gagged sub, so let’s just get that gag back in, shall we?” As Daisy reattached Jane’s gag, which Jane calmly accepted without fuss, the two women looked up at Betty and Dick.

“I do believe it’s your turn again, stud. I’m going to let you take the wheel on your own this time,” said Betty, staring down at Dick.

Dick was still in shock. He’d never seen Jane act that way before. If it weren’t for the gag in his mouth, he’d be staring at her slack-jawed. Suddenly he gasped and was shocked out of his reverie by Betty twisting one of his nipple rings.

“Hey! Focus, lover boy,” she said, using her piercing blue eyes to stare him down and pull him back to the here and now.

Dick blinked, shook his head, and nodded. He took his penis in his right hand and started slowly stroking it.

Five rounds later, and the dommes decided it was time for a break. They helped their two pets recharge with a couple bottles of gatorade as they had a quick bite to eat for lunch. Then it was back off to the races. All in all, by the end of the day, the couple managed to get through thirteen rounds before calling it quits. There were some extended pauses in between, allowing the two to go slow and set their own pace, giving their bodies time to recharge and grow hard/wet again. By what ended up being the final round, Betty and Daisy tried to offer some motivation by standing between the two and making out in front of them while they told both participants to keep touching themselves. This, however, slightly backfired, as things escalated quickly between the two bondage lovers, who practically tore off each other’s corsets and clothes and started fingering each other. Dick and Jane stopped at this spectacle, but as soon as Daisy noticed, she yelled out, “Nah ah! We didn’t say stop! Continue please.”

Dick and Jane continued jerking themselves off as they watched this escalated makeout session happen between them. As things heated up, all four managed to climax almost in unison.

After catching her breath, Betty propped herself up on one elbow. “I’d say that was a pretty successful trial. Wouldn’t you, Dr. Daisy?”

“Shut up and help me get these two untied so we can drag them to my room for an all night foursome. I’m ready for round two.”

“Already? You’re incorrigible. This is like round 15 for them. Don’t you think they’re spent?”

“Do you think I care? They’re my pets, and they have to do what we say. We’re the experts after all. And after having to watch all that happen without getting to play myself, why I’m all worked up now. I need to get this out of my system. It’s, uh, a new experiment trial thingy or whatever. I posit that the only way to cure my horniness is with a four person orgy. What say you, Dr. Mistress Betty?”

Betty leaned over and planted a kiss on her lover’s lips.

“I say, lead the way, Dr. Mistress Daisy.”

Part Fifteen - The Mess

By this point in their extended stay with the two mistresses, Dick and Jane understood their expectations for their routine well enough that Daisy and Betty hardly had to check on them while they were busy at work with their client.

After their morning cleanings, they would go through the motions of using their exercise bikes/sex machines that would stretch open their assholes with pedal-powered buttplugs built into the seats. Then they’d put on their rubber maid dolly outfits and set about cleaning up the messy room after whatever events transpired that the dommes had put them through the day before. The outfits were necessary in case their mistresses appeared for a surprise inspection.

Becky began to realize the irony of the mundanity of this routine. For as bizarre as the whole ritual was to outsiders, it had grown too normal for all four of them. She decided they needed to spice things up, and she had an idea.

One weekend morning, Betty and Daisy entered the room in their signature terry cloth robes. They set about showering with their two pets, but Dick and Jane noticed they were focusing on using a lot more soap lather than normal this morning.

After rinsing off their submissive counterparts, Daisy and Betty reached for cans of shaving cream. Forcing Dick and Jane to stay still, they completely lathered them up once again using the cream before shaving their entire bodies from the neck down. The couple was confused as they were typically forced to put on a hair remover cream that normally kept stubble to a minimum. Things to another turn when suddenly more shaving cream was sprayed on them, this time not stopping until both cans were empty. The dommes then smiled and began massaging their two pets sensuously, spreading the cream completely over their bodies, even covering their faces with it. They spent extra time massaging it into their crotches, the cream acting as a slippery lubricant.

The dommes then abruptly rinsed them off once again. They had still not said a word to Dick and Jane about what diabolical scenario for the day they’d be forced to endure. Normally by now there was at least some inkling. The hetero couple managed to exchange nervous glances before they were lead away from the shower to two padded tables. Where were the blindfolds and earplugs? Normally by now they would have most of their senses deprived as a leather hood was laced to their head.

They knew the drill at this point, however. With some assistance from their mistresses, they hopped up on the tables and laid down on their backs while Betty and Daisy strapped them down.

A realization suddenly struck Dick. They weren’t even gagged! They were always gagged! He was just so accustomed to it that he hadn’t bothered saying a word. Voice shaking, he finally worked up the courage to break the silence and talk. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d heard his own voice.

“M-Mistress Daisy? Mistress Betty? What’s going on?”

Jane suddenly yelped as Daisy tweaked both her nipples. Dick took the hint and remained quiet.

“This is to be a silent session. Do not spoil it, or you will be severely punished, mark my words,” Daisy explained.

“Think of this as a time to…fully express yourself. We’re trying something a little new today. Like an art class!” Betty continued.

Dick and Jane’s eyes tried their best to follow the dommes as they stepped out of view, returning with a cart full of supplies. They both reached for cans of whipped cream and, reminding their playthings to hold still and keep quiet, they sprayed the whipped cream over their mouth and nose, forming a smiley face on the two strapped down participants. Daisy then grabbed a hand mirror and showed the two what they looked like as Betty added cherries to the tips of their noses.

The dommes then leaned over the two subjects and began licking their faces clean, slow enough to pause for some forced french kissing but quick enough to catch it all before it fully melted.

Once they were done, Betty continued explaining the scenario. “There are small plastic bowls on our supply cart here. Each bowl is filled with edible batter, honey, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, cherries, and there are multiple cans of whipped cream. You will each be unstrapped from your table one at a time with your collar connected to a chain in the ceiling giving you just enough length to reach the other subject’s table. Daisy and I will stand just far enough away to observe this experiment. You must decorate and then lick clean the other subject. We will choose who the best decorator is at the end, and the loser of course will be punished, probably starting by having both pairs of our panties taped into your mouth all night. We will flip a coin to determine who goes first. And it looks like it’s you, Dick!”

After being unstrapped from the table and having his collar chained to the ceiling winch, Dick stepped trepidatiously to the supply cart. He took a can of whipped cream, and then walked over to Jane. The nervous girl looked up at him from her table, but he could not make eye contact with her out of shame.

Dick then shook the can and sprayed it over Jane’s breasts, completely covering them. He then took two cherries and placed them on top as nipples.

Hearing the two dommes snicker at this beyond him and realizing how ridiculous this all was, Dick said aloud, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“That will cost you,” Daisy said. “But if you’re done and this is really the best you’ve got, clean her up and we’ll move on.”

Dick slowly leaned down and ate the whipped cream off Jane. He didn’t bother making it very sensual. Once he was finished, he simply got back on the table and laid down.

“That wasn’t very sexy at all!” declared Betty. She marched over and immediately clipped two nipple clamps to Jane, causing her to yelp.

“That was pathetic. It’s like you weren’t even trying! And now you’re making Jane’s nipples m here pay for it with that outburst. Anything to say for yourself?”

Dick just ignored them, staring up at the ceiling. He was tired of this. Their games were simply getting stranger, and he had no way out.

“Jane, dear, I’m sorry that the clamps have to stay on, but I hope you have a little more fun with this and get into it more. This is supposed to be an expressive activity,” Daisy said to Jane as she unstrapped her from the table.

Jane just nodded and got to work. She didn’t know what they’d do to Dick if she screwed this up. Besides, something about this really did seem kind of…intriguing? She had certainly never considered it before. Perhaps when all this was over, she could explore it more.

Taking the caramel sauce off the cart, Jane applied it fully over Dick’s entire body, treating it as a base. She then adds thin lines of chocolate sauce all over, which she spreads throughout, giving the image of what looked somewhat like wooden planks. She then used some blue edible batter on his face and legs, adding little curls to give the illusion of water. She continued adding fine details here and there all over Dick’s body before finally taking some cherries and spelling out SS DICK on his chest.

“A boat! She made a ship!” Daisy called out.

“We have a clear winner!” declared Betty.

Jane just smiled and nodded at them.

“Oh, that’s perfect, darling. We love the use of creativity. But now, for dessert, you need to clean him off. That’s going to be a lot to clean, though. Why don’t we help you finish him off?”

With that, the three women set about licking Dick clean. Suddenly, Dick found himself aroused at the situation.

“Well would you look at that?” said Daisy, taking a moment to lick caramel off her lips. “His cock looks like the mast of the ship now!”

All three women began to laugh. Jane then stepped over and began slowly licking the caramel and chocolate off Dick’s member before taking him fully in her mouth, unprompted. Dick groaned, and the two dommes just watched with a wicked grin.

Betty realized, after all this time, they had finally gotten through to this couple. She knew the bet was coming to an end. What the future actually held for the four of them, though, remained to be seen.


More time went by. Betty and Daisy still kept Dick and Jane in the room, but the rules of keeping them tied and gagged at all times started to become more lax. As a treat, they would sometimes continue exploring their little wet and messy kink as well, incorporating it with the dommes’ love of all things bondage.

The dommes have also started to incorporate a new rule whereby their pets are not allowed to cum unless given permission to do so. This was not a rule they thought would ever be needed, and yet now their little subjects couldn’t stop getting themselves aroused and wanting release.

One day, they finally took the initiative to hypothetically ask them, if they were set free at this point, would they want to go back to their boring, suburban lives. Or would they choose to stay here as their mistresses’ pets.

Dick and Jane shared a look and without hesitation both said they wanted to stay. Perhaps it was merely Stockholm Syndrome. But Jane said, despite the lows, she didn’t know the human body could experience such highs as she had over the course of her stay. She wanted to keep learning and know more. And Dick, who shared the sentiment of the lows being low, said that the looks he now shared with Jane while the two dommes were outside the room working were ones of love they’d never shared before. If she was happy to stay, he was happy to stay.

It was a surprisingly sentimental moment the four shared that ended with all of them sharing Daisy’s bed that night and being brought to even higher heights. With the two subjects mummified together from the neck down with tape and passed out on the floor of Daisy’s room after the wild night of passion, Betty and Daisy cuddled in the bed.

“Isn’t this wonderful?” asked Betty. “I was right about the bet, AND we get to keep our pets as prizes at the end.”

“Yeah, but…” Daisy started before tears welled up in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?!”

“You won the bet! That means you’re going to leave me and start your own business! Plus I can’t take care of these two by myself. I’ll have to let them go, and then pretty soon you’ll put me out of business. I’ll have nothing left!”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. Now that time’s gone by and things have changed between us, I’m willing to change the parameters of the bet a little. If you allow me to become co-owner and partner of this dungeon with you, with the ability to make equal decisions for the sake of the business, I am willing to stay.”

Daisy suddenly smiled, wiping away her tears. “Really? You mean it?”

“Of course! So what do you think?”

Daisy responded with a passionate kiss on the lips. The two began making out for a few minutes before Betty pulled away.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Now come on, let’s get these two pets bedded down for the night and then pick up where we left off.”

“They have the rest of their lives to sleep. Why don’t we wake them up for round two? The four of us now have the rest of our lives to be together, and I don’t want to waste any more time.”

The End


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