The Keep Part 1 - The Tour

by Ganger

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© Copyright 2004 - Ganger - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bondage; dungeon; cons; X

The Keep - Part One - The Tour
by Ganger
The Keep Part 1 - The Tour by Ganger

For years, even as a young girl, I had dreamed of visiting a real castle. You know the ones pictured in the movies with endless stone steps and dark rooms lit only by torchlight. After several years of work after college, I was able to afford to book a tour of medieval castles of Europe. This was to be a 14-day tour to see the best Europe had to offer. 

Although I had always loved medieval history, there was a darker side to my fascination. You see, castles have dungeons, and dungeons often held young ladies in chains that disobeyed the Lord of the Castle. As I looked over the brochures and descriptions of each of the ancient forts, I kept looking for pictures of the Dungeon and the torture devices used there. Perhaps someday I might hear the clang of the door as all light is extinguished and all I can sense is the sound of the dripping water somewhere.

One bright summer morning the tour left New York on a flight bound for Munich. From there we toured by bus for several days and castles before I happened to notice that Donna the tour guide, had begun to show more than a passing interest in me. Donna's interest had increased after a guide at one of the castles had endeavored to show the group how dark and scary a dungeon can be by turning off the lights for a minute. In retrospect, she must have noticed the smile on my face as the lights came back on.

It turns out that Donna was originally from the US, but had spent the last 5 years in Europe hosting tours. We chatted several times and I took to sitting with her during the bus trips and during meals in the evening. As it turns out, Castle Liebenstein was the Saturday stop. Tomorrow was Sunday and was a rest day. We would stay in the area until Monday morning before heading for the next castle. Up to now, all of the castles had been suitably old and the dungeons were scary in a 'tourist' sort of way. All were well worth the trip, but all the same, not quite living up to my fantasy.

After lunch, we spent the next several hours climbing steps in the castle and roaming the grounds. Everything was normal until my tour guide friend pulled me aside and asked if I would like a personal tour of the dungeon after dinner. She said that there were parts of the castle not on the usual tour and that she thought I would enjoy the real thing. I remained outwardly calm and said that would be delightful. I asked if I should dress any differently than in the normal tourist jeans and tee shirt. Donna suggested a more formal attire as we would be meeting the Baron of the castle that evening.

I was on cloud nine for the rest of the afternoon. Donna intercepted me at before dinner, said that the Baron was home unexpectedly early, and had invited us for dinner at eight. We agreed to meet in the lobby of the hotel in time to take the short walk to the castle. I hurried upstairs to dress for the evening. I wanted to feel sexy but still proper. I figured that a little black dress is never out of style. Since the night was warm and I have a good figure, I wore my best black thong and no bra under the dress. A set of stockings and pumps rounded out my outfit. 

We met in the lobby and I was relieved to see that Donna was dressed somewhat formally and that I was not out of place. We chatted as we strolled up the hilltop to the castle. Donna bypassed the normal front gate and took us around a more ordinary door that I had noticed but ignored that afternoon. We knocked, and after a minute, a distinguished looking gentleman who spoke English very well opened the door. The Baron led us to a wonderfully cozy library for a drink before dinner. We chatted about the history of the castle and of some of the fascinating events that had occurred over the years. I heard a bell tinkle and the Baron announced that dinner was ready. The Baron led the way to the elegant dining room we had seen earlier in the day on the tour. What a difference a couple of dozen candle made to the room. Now this was elegance! 

This brings my story up the present.

Once dinner is underway, the Baron asks a peculiar question. "Have you seen my dungeon?" I say that I have. The Baron shakes his head and says "Those rooms you saw had been set up for the tourists. The real dungeon is farther underground and is far more primitive." 

"Perhaps you might show us the real thing after dinner," I ask? The Baron and Donna exchanged glances, something I think odd. 

"Of course, my home is open to all of my guests." The rest of the meal is pretty much a blur and all of a sudden, we are back in the library for an after-dinner brandy.

After a delightful drink in front of a cheery fire, the Baron asks if we are ready for the tour. I ask if there is somewhere to 'freshen-up'. The Baron points to a bathroom and Donna and I do our girls-to-the-bathroom thing. When we return, the Baron has candelabras for each of us to carry, as there is no electricity in the lower parts of the castle. How wonderful to be touring a castle by candlelight!

As we meander down a long hallway and began to descend a series of stairs, the Baron speaks of the terrible things done to a lady of the court who has betrayed the Baron in an affair of state in the 15th century. Except for the wine and after-dinner drinks, I think that I should be a little concerned as to what was happening. At the end of the sixth set of steps, we reach a massive iron-plated wooden door. The Baron produces a key and opens the ancient lock. The door creaks open to reveal a pitch-black space lit only by our few candles. 

"Perhaps a little more light?" says the Baron as he uses his candle to light several torches on the walls. As he does this, I begin to take in the full awful purpose of the room. Around to sides of the room are a series of doors that leads to what I suppose are cells. In the middle are a pillory, stocks, a rack, and all manner of chains, fire pits, and braziers. Wonderful! I imagine what went on within these heavy stone walls. Were beautiful girls bound and ravished until they repented for their misdeeds?

"Would you like a tour of the facilities," the Baron asked? 

"I am yours to command" I reply quietly. 

At this point, the reason for the earlier exchanged glances between the Baron and Donna becomes apparent. Donna speaks up and says, "The Baron is the reason I have remained in Germany for these last five years. He discovered my fascination with Dungeons during my second tour of this castle. We make each return visit to Castle Liebenstein something special. Like you, I think, I have dark fantasies of the things that have happened to beautiful ladies here in the dungeon. With your permission, we would like to help you live out your fantasies." 

I cannot believe what I am hearing. I sit still for a minute just staring at my lap and whisper "Yes that would be wonderful." 

Both smile and the Baron says, "Excellent, of course no harm will come to you. You will be uncomfortable at times. If you say the words 'Mercy my Lord,' you will be instantly released from all further restraint and will return to the outside world. Until that moment, you will be treated as that 15th century wench who betrayed the Baron."

The Cell

At this point, the Baron motions me to stand and says, "Wench, you shall be punished for your treachery and in time you will tell me the name of the person who wants to steal my throne. Peasant, put her into a cell!"

Donna takes my arm and pulls me over to one of the doors set into the wall. She takes a key from a hook on the wall and unlocks the heavy door. Picking up her candles, she pushes me into the small room. Inside is nothing more than straw on the floor, a bucket, and chains set deep into the slimy stone walls. Somewhere water drips. Donna says, "You will wait here until we are ready for you. As you can see, the walls are not very clean and when I chain you to the wall, you will ruin your clothing." 

She merely stands there as I figure out her intent. I begin to take off my shoes and stockings. With more than a little trepidation, I also remove by dress and hand it to Donna. Standing there in nothing more than a black lacy thong, I think back to my choice of underwear earlier in the evening. A bra would have been better! I cover my breasts as Donna leads me to the chains on the wall. Donna pushes me to stand with my back next to wall. I was not yet touching the wall at this point. Donna bends down to attach an iron band to my left ankle. It is cold and heavy, but does not hurt. She then pulls my right ankle over about two feet and pulls the iron clamp onto my other ankle. It is really happening! My heart is racing so fast I am sure Donna can hear it in the tiny, quiet room.

Donna then asks if I am OK. Not trusting myself to speak, I nod and smile. Donna smiles back and reaches behind my back for a set of iron wrist manacles attached to a heavy old rope that runs over my head to a pulley higher up the wall. Carefully and slowly, Donna pulls my left hand from my breast and clamps my left wrist. She then does the same for my right wrist. The iron rings are tight and surely I cannot pull my hands from their iron grip. The padlocks are heavy and look to be unbreakable. Here I am, almost naked in a dungeon cell about to be chained to a wall!

Donna walks across the cell and unhooks the rope. She begins to pull slowly on the rope so that it pulls my hands higher and higher in front of me. Quickly my hands pass my face. Donna stops when my arms are straight up. She says, "Wench, your lovely breasts are sure to be an enjoyment for the Baron." She then ties off the rope, and without another word picks up the candelabra and leaves the tiny cell. As she closes the door, the light scurries to follow her. The clank of the lock is loud and all that is left is darkness! I stand in the dark to contemplate my fate. I think that once my eyes adjust to the darkness I will be able to see something, but I cannot see even a dim glow around the door.

I begin to explore my bonds. My feet are a couple of feet apart and I am standing on straw. I try pulling on each foot but am only able to rattle the chains. My hands are not really stretched but I cannot not pull them down, even a little. The only direction I can move is the few inches back to the wall. After a while, I think I will rest a little and lean on the wall. As my bottom touches the wall, I get a shock! The wall is cold and wet! I immediately recoil and am content to stand there in the dark. I discover that I am sexually aroused and am sure that my panties (such as they are, are wet). I discover that I desperately wish to be able to touch myself to relieve the tension. Of course, I cannot move a muscle. I cannot even bring my legs together to help rub.

After what seems an hour, I begin to wonder what is in store and just as importantly, how long is this going to last? Will I be set free Sunday? At the end of the tour in seven days? Ever? What if Donna and the Baron have lied about releasing me? All these things are going around in my head when I hear a noise from outside the door. I hear keys in the lock and then the door quickly opens to bang against the wall. In comes Donna carrying the candelabra and dressed as a peasant woman. The Baron dressed as a feudal lord strides in behind her as she bows to his presence. He wears a fearsome scowl! "Prisoner, you have embarrassed me for the last time. You are here to pay for your crimes! You will give me the name of the traitor or these walls will be the last thing you will see for the rest of your pitiful days." He notices my thong. "Peasant, what is that thing the prisoner is wearing about her loins? Remove it immediately!"

Donna (the peasant) springs to life and scurries over to me. As she gives me sly smile, she bends down to my thong, pulls out the string over my hip, and using one of the candles, burns it apart. She does the same to the other side but drips hot wax on my leg as she does so. I gasp, but do not cry out as the peasant pulls the tiny scrap of cloth from me. Now totally naked and spread in front of strangers, I feel deep shame and embarrassment. The Baron considers me for a moment says, "A good figure indeed." As he walks up to me he takes a breast in each hand and murmurs, "So these are the weapons that allowed you to be so effective in your treachery against me. You may regret those earlier pleasures." He drops my breasts and follows the curve of my abdomen almost down to my pussy. "A little scrawny for my taste," murmurs the Baron. Humph, I have always been proud of my slim body and through exercise kept my stomach flat. Boyfriends have referred to my boobs as cute and perky.

While I am momentarily distracted, the Baron turns to address the peasant. He says, "See to her needs and bring her to the torture chamber." Then he leaves the cell. The peasant puts down the candelabra and comes over to me. The peasant produces a scrap of rough cloth about four inches wide and about five feet long. She takes a length of leather thong and ties it securely across my hips. Once done, she threads the cloth through the cord in back, underneath and finally up through the front. I am wearing a sort of loincloth. I welcome this addition even though the cloth is very rough and scratchy.

She then begins to release my ankles and allows me to stand with my feet together. This is a welcome rest and change of position. I begin to ask the peasant what is going to happen but I am stopped by a light slap on the cheek. "The prisoner will not speak while here. The Baron forbids any attempt on your part to try to sway me against the him. You may say only three things here. "Yes my Lord". "No my Lord", and "Mercy my Lord". I will report any further utterances. You have been warned!" I shut up!

The peasant begins to undo the rope from the wall and lets my hands down. Again, I enjoy the freedom of movement. My hands are released but immediately I am turned around and another leather thong is used to bind my hands behind me. She places a noose over my head and loosely hangs it around my neck. The peasant picks up the other end of the noose and pulls me from the cell. As I reach the main room, I stop in shock! A fire burns in a brazier and more torches flicker around the room. With more light, I can see that the torture engines have a well-used look and I can see that they are well maintained. These are not merely antiques! The peasant feels my halt and tugs harder for me to follow. What can I do but follow?

The Chamber

The Baron sits smoking a pipe and reading a book in a leather chair. "Kneel in front of the Baron!” hisses the peasant. The floor is cold stone and kneeling is uncomfortable. My head is pushed down so that all I can see is the Baron's boots. My hair cascades down in front of my eyes and blurs even that view. I keep silent for what seems like 10 minutes while the Baron smokes his pipe and turns pages. Finally the Baron asks, "Wench, are you ready to tell me his name"? 

I look up to the Baron and say, "I don't know what you are talking about. I am innocent of these charges." 

I hear a slight whoosh and feel the quick sting of a thin stick across my behind. I yelp! The peasant said very quietly, "Do you so quickly forget your instructions"? I get the hint, "No my Lord".

"It's a pity you will not tell me what I wish to know. You will tell me in time, but will have suffered needlessly. Peasant, take the wench to the pillory and secure her there." I am pulled over to the tall post near the middle of the room. My heart is racing and the sound of blood in my ears is loud. The thong is removed from my hands and my wrists are put into the iron bracelets. From the other side of the pillory a rope is pulled that tugs my hands still further up the pole. At this point, I am standing on my toes and wondering what is going to happen next. I do not have long to wait. 

The Baron stands behind me and whispers, "This is a gentle whip, a gentleness that you do not deserve, wench. It will not scar that pretty flesh of yours. It will however, remind you of your utter helplessness here." With that, he stands back and swings the whip against my back. I scream both with the flash of pain and because of the loud crack in the quiet room. A ribbon of fire spreads from my right shoulder down to my left hip. I could not believe this was a "gentle" whip. I had never been spanked or paddled as a child, so this is my first experience with someone striking me. The Baron again appears in my ear. "See how gentle I am? If you have nothing to say we shall proceed." The baron delivers a second stoke that hurts just as much as the first. I scream again as the lash forms an "X" across by back. "She suffers the whip well my Lord," says the peasant. "Perhaps another 10 lashes will free her tongue." the Baron muses. With that, he slowly begins to strike my back and behind 10 more times. I am in agony, but strangely, feel aroused. I have never felt like this before. How can being tied up and in pain make me feel this way?

The Baron is finished for the moment. As I regain my breath, my captors walk out of the Dungeon. I hang on the post to consider my plight. Here I am, nearly naked and tied to a post. My whole back is stinging and yet. And yet I am OK. This has been my fantasy for years and now I am living it to the utmost. I may never get this chance again. 

I wait...

Just as I start to look around the room to see what might await me, the Dungeon door opens again. "Well my dear, are we ready to talk," asks the Baron? 
"No my Lord" is my answer. I cannot believe I am saying this. With a sigh, the Baron begins to unclamp my wrists. When both are free, he pulls me over to a low wooden table. I recognize a rack. 

"Would you like to rest since you have been standing a while?" asks the Baron with a sly grin? I can only stand mute and motionless. The Baron eyes me for a moment and then pushes me onto the table. He swings my legs to one end and pulls each ankle into a narrow cutout in a board running across the rack. Swiftly he slaps another board with matching holes over my ankles. He makes a show of putting a pin in each end to make sure the boards holds my feet securely. The holes are just a little too tight to be comfortable. My feet are spread across the wide table. As I sit there watching my feet, the Baron is busy with a couple of ropes behind me. He then guides me down to the table. As soon as my back touches the wood, I realize two things. The wood is rougher than I had thought it would be and my back was still stinging. My left arm is pulled over my head and my wrist is captured in a thick rope noose. My right arm soon follows and I am again captured and helpless. I am not stretched but I cannot pull my arms down more than an inch or so. 

The Baron sits down on the table next to me and stares at my exposed body. He begins to run a single finger lightly over my belly. I involuntarily flinch and feel my belly quiver at his touch. Taking his time, he traces the outline of my lowest rib. I am ticklish and this is right on the edge of making me laugh. However, I don't dare. Slowly he moves up the center of my chest and traces a circle around each breast. 

"Did you know that some women had their breasts cut off to make sure that they never could entice a man to do evil again?" asked the Baron. At my gasp, the Baron smiled, pats my cheek, and gets up to move to the head of the rack.

As he pulls on a lever, I feel the ropes tighten around my wrists. Not too much, but 'noticeable'. "Racks really have several purposes, my little wench." says the Baron in a cheery tone. "They are used to pull limbs out of sockets. As you can imagine this is very painful. A second use is to make sure that the prisoner cannot move and spoil the other torments in process." With that, he takes up all of the remaining slack on my wrists. A further notch and I begin to be pulled up the rack over my tender back and behind. My legs are now straight and taut. I raise my head to look down at my body. Even my stomach is flatter than usual. The loincloth was not hiding much at all but I had to admit I have a good body. The Baron must have seen me peeking for he laughed and slipped a blindfold over my eyes that shut out all light. I start to protest but the Baron quickly grabs a nipple and squeezes a bit. "If you cannot be trusted to speak only when spoken to, you will be gagged. Do you understand?"

" Yes my Lord."

I lay my head back and try to relax and let my muscles take up the strain, but the Baron takes up the slack almost instantly. I am now having a little difficulty breathing and my shoulders are beginning to ache. Suddenly I feel something like a stick begin to trace a path from my feet up to my crotch. Another kind of whip for sure! The handle is placed up against my pussy and I begin to feel a slow rhythmic motion. I have not realized how hot I have become and almost instantly begin to pant. As the Baron rubs harder, I respond to his motion even though the cloth covering my pussy begins to scratch and hurt a little. In any event he soon stops. The switch resumes its trip up my body and only stops when the end begins to tickle my nipples. I squirm for a moment until the damned rope is tightened a further notch. Now I am concentrating totally on my wrists and ankles. 

Then comes that whishing sound and the switch strikes the outside of my left thigh! Then the inside! And I though it hurt on my back! This was much worse even though I could dimly tell that the Baron was not hitting as hard as on my back. He slowly moved up my body striking me a few inches up higher each time. He plants one right across my pussy that did cause a scream. As he moves up higher, he begins to change to timing so I cannot brace myself for the next whack. When he reaches my breasts he makes sure he plants two swipes directly on each nipple. I was moaning loudly at this point and was on the verge of an orgasm when he stops and loosens the ropes a couple of notches. I am breathing easily again, but before I can relax he gives me six alternating whacks on the soles of my feet.

"Well my pretty wench, any words for me?" 

I think long and hard before I say "No my lord". At this, the Baron throws his whip on me and stomps away. I hear the door open and shut. I am alone in the silence. 

I wait...

Night and Morning

Just when I began to worry, the door opens again and someone approaches. My blindfold is removed and there leaning over me is my peasant. "Donna.." I begin. "Quiet! I have told you before about speaking. I have been given directions to prepare you for the night as the Baron is through with you until morning." The peasant removes the ropes from my wrists and makes me sit up straight on the rack. My hands are pulled behind my back and metal manacles are put on my wrists. I guess they are more comfortable than the tight ropes, but not much. The peasant then loosens the pins holding the board that holds my ankles. Heaven! She swings my legs out over the table and pulls me to stand up, which I do, if a bit unsteadily. She leads me back to the cell I had started in. The peasant pulls me over to the bucket and asked, "Do you have to pee?" I look at her as if to ask how. She merely stares at me until I nod that I do. She roughly pulls the loincloth from underneath until it comes off in the back. I squat down and do my best to hit the bucket. When I finish, she puts the loincloth back on. 

She pulls me back to the wall where I had stood before. I began to fear that she is going to make me stand against the wall all night. My fear increases as she fastens each ankle as before. However, this time, instead of reaching for the cuffs behind me, she makes me kneel and then lay in the straw on the floor. She then grabs a neck collar attached to the opposite wall that I had not really noticed before. She locks it around my neck and pulls the chain taut. I am lying on my stomach, feet spread, and hands chained behind my back. "Comfy dearie?" the peasant asks as she picks up the candle and leaves the cell. Again, I am plunged into absolute darkness. The dripping water continued and I wait to see if I can get some sleep. After what seems hours I am about to drift off when I hear a small rustling in the straw next to me....

I awake with a start and as I come fully awake, I find I can see. I lift and turn my head to face the light. All I can see are the rough shoes of my peasant. "Wench, the Baron offers you a gift. If you would like, I will take you upstairs to get you cleaned up and eat a little breakfast. In any event, your questioning begins in an hour. You may stay here or go as you wish but I need your answer now." Fantasy or not, I desperately want a shower and some breakfast! "Yes please" I sigh with relief.

Donna unlocks my neck and ankle cuffs. My hands are also freed and the peasant hands me a long woolen pullover shirt. I put it on and follow Donna up two flights of stairs. As we walk, Donna asked, "Are you OK? Is this your fantasy?" I reply, "I'm fine. A little stiff and cold, but I'm fine. And yes, this is wonderful. What happens now?" Donna turns to me and says, "That is entirely up to you. Today is a rest day so the tour will not move on until Monday morning. In fact I went back to the hotel last night and slept there in case there were any problems with the other tourists."

At the top of the second flight of stairs, we go into a small room furnished with only a table and chairs and a door that looked to lead to a small bathroom. I went immediately the use the toilet. There is no shower or tub so I use the sink to wash myself as best I can. Even though I cannot not wash my hair, I feel civilized again. I am not sure of what to do with the loincloth so even though it was a bit smelly I put it back on. Ugh! When I emerge there are cakes and jelly and most wonderful of all, a cup of hot coffee. I sit down and Donna motions me to eat. 

"We thought you might like a break seeing as how this is your first time", said Donna opening up the conversation. "I went through exactly what you are experiencing the second time I was here." 

In between mouthfuls, I ask, "How did you do? Were you not scared of what might happen?" 

Donna replied, "We only have a few minutes more, but I was pretty scared. I didn't have someone like you do with me being here. Are you going to continue today?" 

I think about it for a minute and ask, "You are obviously going on the tour tomorrow. Do I go also or am I expected to stay here and somehow get back to Munich for the flight back?" 

Donna replies, "It's up to you. You can go either way. It you are going to continue today I suggest you use the toilet one more time and then we have to go." 

"OK, I think I can go the rest of today at least. Like you, can I come back some other time?" 

Donna looks the clock on the wall and says, "That's between you and the Baron. Now we really do need to hurry!" I go to the bathroom one last time. As I came out of the door, Donna had obviously changed character. She was the peasant again and was impatient to go. "Turn around and put your hands behind your back", she orders. I comply and again feel the leather thong around my wrists. Before we move, the peasant puts a rough sack over my head and ties it loosely around my neck. She then tugs on my arm to get moving.

I am guided out of the room and back to the stairs. The peasant hisses, "Wench, we are at the top of the stairs, if you fall it's your own fault"! This is Donna's way of telling me that we are at the top and to make my next step carefully. We take each of the flights of stairs slowly. I make it OK. Once at the bottom, she puts the noose around my neck again and I am led through the door back into the Dungeon. By this point, I am a mess of conflicting emotions. On one hand, I am petrified in anticipation of the day's promise. On the other hand, I cannot wait for those same surprises.

My hands were untied and my shirt is pulled up over my head. Still in darkness from the hood, I am led another step forward and my head is pushed into a groove into a thick board. I thought "Stocks! I'm being put into Stocks." Each hand in turn is similarly placed into a cutout into the same board. I feel another board pushing down on my neck and wrists. The sound of a lock is loud in my ears. Metal cuffs were then placed on each wrist and I am unable to pull my hands out of the board.

A tugging at my neck and the bag is pulled up. I can see! Well I can see but there is not much to see. There cannot be more than a few candles lit and all I can see in front of me is a stone wall and floor. The peasant takes my left foot, pulls it out to the side, and ties a rope around my ankle. She does the same with the right. I find I cannot pull my feet closer together than about three feet. The pressure on my neck becomes uncomfortable until I discover that standing on tiptoe relieves the pressure. After a minute or so, I feel a hand on my hip. The thong around my hips is loosened and the cloth covering me is pulled away. Well, I was expecting to be totally naked at some point but I cannot help but feel more exposed and vulnerable standing in stocks with my legs spread! And then another thought struck. My boobs are hanging free below me and I can do absolutely nothing to protect them. 

As all of these thoughts are racing through my head a whip with many thin strands appears in front of my face. It lingers there for a few seconds and after a moment, I feel a band of fire on my bottom. I cry out! Someone is whipping me! In quick succession, I get nine or ten more and cry out with each stroke. Then two are delivered to the inside of each thigh and one more for each breast. I am on fire all over! "Please stop!" I cry! 

"Silence wench! You know the only words you are permitted!" With that, I hear more footsteps over to the door. As the peasant leaves the room, she takes all of the light with her candelabra. I am in total darkness once more.

I wait...

A little help 

This is too much to bear! As soon as I can, I will say the magic words that will release me from this torture. But it looks like that may be awhile. I suspect that I am to remain bound and in pain like this until the Baron is ready to come down. I begin to cry softly in the dark. I have no way of knowing how long I will need to wait. I cannot even tell how long I have waited. After a while, I notice a strange sensation building in my crotch. I cannot believe I am aroused! I discover that I am still enjoying this. I begin to remember my fantasy of the maiden trapped in the dungeon. 

I must be a fetching sight, all exposed for the Barron to use as he wishes. I guess that this position is designed to make me very helpless against whatever the Baron wants to do. Perhaps this is where I am to be raped or even worse! All l can do is wait in silence. My toes are getting tired. I am alternating standing on tiptoe to take the pressure off my neck and resting my feet before they cramp up. I cannot keep this up forever. After what seems like a long time, I hear footsteps outside the door. The door opens and welcome light reenters the room. I must be the Baron coming back. He has not spoken but I cannot see anything beyond directly in front. More footsteps moving around the room. Every few seconds the room gets brighter. He is lighting the torches around the wall.

The footsteps get closer but I am confused by a shuffling sound that also comes closer. All of a sudden, the peasant stands in front of me. She is naked! I cannot see her hands but I guess that they are tied behind her back. The Baron finally speaks "Peasant, kneel in front of the prisoner." The peasant kneels on the cold hard stone. There is not much room between the stocks and the wall, so her face is right next to mine. As I turn my head, I can look into her eyes. I see a tiny grin. 
A hand appears on my behind! The Baron is stroking each cheek, as if assessing a melon in the store. He begins a more intimate probing and I gasp as a finger enters my pussy. The Baron explores for a second, and then withdraws. "Looks like you have provided your own lubrication," the Baron murmurs as he immediately probes my ass. I cry out and try to clench against the invasion. The Baron merely leaves his finger in place and says quietly, "Do you dare oppose my wishes, wench?" I relax as best I can while the Baron continues the invasion for several more seconds. 

Finally, he pulls out and I relax a little. "Wench, do you have a name for me this morning"? I whisper "No my lord". 

"Shall we continue this rather unpleasant task?" 

"Yes my lord," I whisper. Again, I marvel at the tingle I feel as I say these words.

"I see that you are tiring of standing on your toes. I have something to fix that." A rope appears around my hips. The Baron ties a knot underneath my tummy and pulls the rope between my legs and attaches it to something above me. He begins to pull and the rope slides up inside me. It only tales one pull to take almost all of the weight off of my feet. But at what a cost! My pussy is on fire as I begin to feel the full impact of the pressure. I cannot relieve the crush as I am already on my toes. I begin to pant as I struggle to accept the pain. "Let me help you bear the pain. Peasant, attend to the breasts of the wench," orders the Baron. 

She quickly moves around the rack and positions herself under me. She begins to fondle my nipple with her lips and teeth. I had never had a woman touch me there before and I am not sure I like this. But it appears I have no choice in the matter. While I am engrossed in the sensation, a band of fire appears on my back. Damn! I'm being whipped again. I cry out and flinch as much as I can but I discover that the peasant has her teeth firmly capturing a nipple. Now my nipple is on fire too! I must remain absolutely still to avoid still more pain. The whip appears again and again on my back. My hips are not safe. Several strokes curl around my hips and hit my tummy. Owww! 

This hurts even more and I flinch in spite of the pain in my nipple. Then the count begins to move down to my ass and thighs. The rope between my legs hurts quite a lot, but even so, it protects my pussy when the whip is used between my legs. I cannot believe the Baron is whipping me on my pussy! I scream with every stroke! Thankfully, the Baron moves on to my thighs. Unbelievably, I am thankful for a whipping on my thighs! After several more minutes, the Baron barks out "Peasant! Stop that and resume your station!" The peasant instantly stops sucking on my breast and scurries over to her previous position. I dimly realize that I miss her efforts. More steps, an opening and closing door, and all is again quiet in the room. 

Slowly my breathing begins to slow as I recover from the whipping. The worst part is that I cannot rub any of the sore spots. I also begin to realize that the skin around my wrists is becoming sore. I must have been pulling on them during the whipping. I whisper, "Donna, will I be OK? This is so hard!" Donna answers my plea, "You are doing fine. The Baron's whips do not leave permanent marks, and despite what you think, you are not in danger." Then back in character, "Wench, I cannot help you, we must not speak. I have been commanded by the Boron to report any attempts you may make to try to influence me in any way. We must keep silent.

I have no idea of the time! Has it been only since yesterday? I have not seen a clock or daylight since the hotel yesterday. Is it morning or evening? I cannot tell. At least I have someone to look at. Not that I have a real choice. The peasant is obviously suffering as she kneels on the cold stone floor. She cannot be comfortable. What am I saying? Here I am with a rope up my pussy, standing on sore toes, with my wrists and neck in stocks. Not to mention my body a mass of aches from the whippings. I begin to wonder what will be next. I try to remember what other means of torture are in the room. I've seen the whipping post and rack "up-close-and-personal'. I shudder to think of the fire pit and the chains hanging from the ceiling.

I hear footsteps. The Baron is returning. I hear him return to the room. "Peasant, on your feet and come over here" the Baron commands. She immediately climbs to her feet and disappears from my view. "Remove the wench from the stocks and bring her to me," he commands. I feel the rope pulling up into my pussy begin to fall away. OWWW, I have not felt the pressure since my pussy must have gone numb, but now the blood returning brings pain with it. I am on fire and I cannot even rub it to help make it feel better. I am still held motionless in the stocks. I feel each ankle in turn being freed. I can stand up straight with my feet close together. It feels good to move even a little! In the next instant, the now familiar bag is roughly pulled over my head. Now I cannot see anything except a little light.  

The peasant removes the cuffs from my wrists and lifts the stock that has imprisoned me for such a long time. How good it feels to stand up straight. How soon that thought would seem funny! I have only a second or two to rub my wrists before she grabs my arm and pulls me to the center of the room. "Hold out your hands," the Baron commands. I obey. "Do you still resist me"? I have to think for a moment. I can utter only three phrases. "Yes my Lord," I reply in my best defiant tone. I feel large, soft cuffs being wrapped around each wrist. Around my ankles are narrow straps. I feel chains being attached to each wrist. A rattling sound and my hands are pulled above my head and apart. The bag is pulled from my head and I am staring directly into his eyes. He does not blink and appears to be studying me. 

He stares for a minute and I feel I must drop my gaze. After a moment, I notice I am standing between two tall posts about six feet apart with an arm attached to each one. "Stand on this box," orders the Baron. I step onto a box about a foot high. Immediately, the Baron and peasant pull on chains that pull my arms taut and force me to stand on tiptoe again. At least the wrist cuffs are not metal! A rope is tied to each ankle and at a nod from the baron, the peasant pulls the box out from under me. I am hanging from my wrists from posts! Immediately my ankles are pulled out and down so that I am cannot move a muscle. If I though I was exposed before, this is far worse! My feet are so far apart I feel stretched beyond any reasonable limit. Anything the Baron wants to do now, he can. I can no more move a muscle than I can fly! 

The Baron runs his hand up the inside of my thigh and I shiver at the touch. "Wench, what do I need to do to get you to reveal your dirty secret?" wonders the Baron out loud. "More of the whip? Or perhaps hot brands all over this beautiful body?" I hardly hear what he is saying as I begin to respond to his touch. Although my shoulders are already beginning to ache from the strain of hanging a foot off the floor, I feel excited. Why can't this Baron bring me to cum? 

"Perhaps some fire?" the Baron asks. I hear this and my mind is instantly clear. "Fire?" I cry out. "Silence wench!" I can only stare as the Baron picks up a single candle from the table. I begin to whimper as he approaches. He holds the candle in front of my face so close that I can feel the heat. Then he turns the candle on its side and hot wax drips right onto my chest. I cry out again in shock over the hot wax. It is hot, but not as hot as the flame. He immediately begins to drop wax all over the front of me. Wax appears on my breasts and legs. He even drops wax on my nipples! Then right around to do the same on my back and behind. 

"Still keeping your secret from me, wench?" ask the Baron from behind. I can only nod, lost in the sensation of the hot wax and the pull on my arms. Strangely, I am hotter than ever. Why doesn't the Baron make me cum? Even as I wonder, a finger begins to fondle my pussy. I instantly respond to his touch and moan quietly. The Baron, hearing this, stops and walks over to a table and picks up some cloth and a leather strap. He walks around behind me and commands me to open my mouth. As I do, he stuffs the cloth into my mouth and uses the strap to pull the cloth deeply into my mouth. Now I cannot utter anything useful other than a whine. "This should keep your annoying voice silent." He resumes playing with my pussy and for the next 10 minutes plays me like an instrument. I explode with the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced! Wave after wave passes over me and after a minute or so I am breathless and spent.

The Baron, seeing this smiles and walks to the door. "Peasant, come with me." He calls out. He opens the door, and with one last look to me, leaves the chamber. I am hanging all alone in a stone dungeon with only the sound of dripping water to keep me company. I realize that the torches are almost out. Soon there is only one small light in the room. Then it too goes out.

I wait...