The Interview

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2013 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/ff; captive; bond; cuffs; rope; hogtie; gag; drug; enslave; sold; transport; reluct/nc; X

Part 1

The interview had been in progress for fifteen minutes, and Mary Beth was confident she was doing well. She sat in an elegantly furnished office, in an industrial park, answering questions from Dan, sitting behind the desk in front of her, and Spike who sat on a couch to her side.

Mary Beth was an accountant aspirant, having traveled nearly two hundred miles, for an interview with what she believed to be a reputable company. Twenty two years old, she had just graduated from college. The leggy brunette sat with her legs crossed, in a conscious effort to emphasize her sex appeal. She was neatly attired in a beige business suit, and a low cut white blouse.

All the questions so far seemed legitimately related to her desire to be employed at the firm. Then an unexpected interruption occurred, one that was quite troubling to Mary Beth. A knock on the door was followed by a male and female entering the room.

The female appeared to be about thirty years old and wore a tight fitting Hooters uniform. What was most conspicuous though was that her wrists and elbows were bound with rope, and a large red ball protruded from her mouth, held in place by a strap. The older male accompanying her had a firm grip on her left arm.

“Boss this bitch has been giving me a miserable time from when I first got here” he said.

“All right take Miss Hooters to isolation and hog tie her, a few hours in that position will cause her attitude to improve” replied Dan in a caustic tone. He did not seem to appreciate being interrupted and the bound woman was promptly led out of the room.

Dan then turned his attention back to Mary Beth, who was transfixed and terrified by what she had just witnessed. “Don't worry she is an actress auditioning for a role in a movie” he said calmly, hoping to alleviate Mary Beth's terror.

Mary Beth knew little about bondage, but had seen pictures of ball gags in the past. Then Dan took her by surprise with a question. “Would you like to audition for a role in the movie, its about a Hooters robbery, and your participation would enhance your chances of employment here” he asked.

“I don't think this is the right place for me and I'm leaving”, she stated resolutely. Dan did not expect such a strong reaction, so he broke the news to her. She would be confined, along with the Hooters waitress, and both would be sold to a foreign brothel.

Before Mary Beth could flee, Spike had her wrists cuffed behind her using steel cuffs. “Sit down you're going nowhere” Spike commanded in a most intimidating tone. Mary Beth did not attempt to resist and remained seated. Fortunately she had taken some Xanax, about an hour earlier, and she was able to maintain her composure.

Dan proceeded to provide some of the details concerning Mary Beth's plight. He explained that the Hooters girl had been kidnapped from her driveway the night before. She had been cooperative initially, although she hadn't been told she had been purchased by a South American group. Once she learned of that her attitude soured.

“We keep all of acquisitions tied up continuously, most aren't here for more than three days, but if they act up they are tied in a most uncomfortable manner” he explained.

Dan seemed quite straightforward as he explained some of the details of the operation. Since Dan assumed that Mary Beth had told someone of the interview location, her cell phone would be taken to a location several miles away, and calls would be placed to a known drug dealer. This was certain to throw off any investigation, as the drug dealer was unlikely to cooperate with police.

The only good news that Mary Beth received was that Dan was prohibited from sexually using any of the acquisitions. At least she wouldn't be raped immediately. Dan refused to say where her buyer was located, other than “south”.

He emphasized she would be kept tied continuously and in a separate cell. She would not be permitted to see or communicate with the Hooters girl. When the time for transport arrived, both would be blindfolded, and given oral sedatives which would leave them groggy. He did volunteer they would be flown on a small private airplane.

Mary Beth struggled to make sense out of all this. The office building, where she was now imprisoned, didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. A female receptionist had been sitting in the lobby when Mary Beth arrived and was evidently part of the illicit slave trafficking.

The gravity of the situation had yet to hit Mary Beth. She had the idea that her involuntary servitude would be brief, perhaps a month. This was quickly dispelled by Dan, who informed her that the arrangement was permanent, and offered a taste of what life would be like.

Mary Beth would likely serve as the personal mistress to some wealthy and powerful person. She would most likely be kept in a fortified villa and would cater to the whims and sexual preferences of her owner. Dan emphasized that once an owner tires of his acquisition, she may be sold to a bordello and serve as a common whore. Conditions for such whores were much harsher than the single server system.

Dan refused to elaborate on the plans for the Hooters woman, other than stating she was twenty six years old, and was being not being acquired by the same person as  Mary Beth. “Please don't hurt her, she seemed very frightened” she stated. Dan could not help but wonder how naïve Mary Beth was.

At this point the receptionist entered the room. She was wearing a dark blue business suit, was heavy set, and could have been someone's grandmother. Dan ordered Mary Beth to accompany Miss Nelson, who would take her to a cell, where she would be restrained.

“Don't try anything funny with me” snapped Miss Nelson, who grabbed the handcuffed Mary Beth by the arm, and led her to the basement. She impressed Mary Beth as being mean spirited and wasn't interested in chatting.

In the basement there were three cells, each adjacent to the other. Each had a single window on the door, which was in effect a one way mirror, making it impossible for the person inside to see out. Miss Nelson permitted Mary Beth a brief glimpse of the Hooters girl inside her cell. She was tied as she had been in the office, but it had been converted to a very rigid hogtie. “She can barely move, I even tied her crotch, now it is time to do you up” beamed Miss Nelson.

Mary Beth was tied swiftly and efficiently, much like the Hooters woman had been initially. Miss Nelson really seemed to enjoy her work, it was methodical and took nearly ten minutes. Mary Beth remained fully clothed, with her wrists and elbows bound behind her, and connected to a breast harness arrangement. It was exceedingly tight, but at least she wasn't crotch or hog tied.

Miss Nelson emphasized that the Hooters woman would remain gagged for her previous insolence, something that Mary Beth would be spared. However her confinement conditions would prove to be quite uncomfortable, and Orwellian in scope.

An overhead bulb provided the only illumination in the cell, as the one way window prevented any light from entering. A decrepit mattress and toilet bucket were the only amenities. A metal pipe, presumably for plumbing, extended from the floor to the roof of the cell at one corner. It was cool in the basement, but being allowed to remain fully clothed somewhat alleviated that discomfort.

Much more intimidating was that the cell was furnished with a CCTV system, allowing her captors to observe her without her knowing it. It also was equipped with audio permitting two way talk. Mary Beth was informed that periodically commands would be issued over the intercom, which she would obey. It might be to stand at attention for example.

With a smile on her face, Miss Nelson locked Mary Beth inside the cell and left. The next twenty four hours proved to be quite stressful. Mary Beth made the best of being tied. She had been told she would be untied long enough to use the toilet in the morning. Around midnight a goon that she had not seen before entered the cell and ordered her to swallow a sleeping pill, which enabled her to sleep for three hours and left her groggy upon awakening.

Periodically her captors would use the intercom to order her to stand briefly, before being allowed to sit. The Hooters woman was being treated much more harshly, she would remain hogtied for the entire night, and periodically would be made to enunciate phrases such as “I'm a useless slut” over the intercom.

Mary Beth pondered her fate. An only child, whose parents were separated, she no longer communicated with them regularly. She had just broken up with her boy friend over his demands for oral sex, something she found repugnant, but would soon be performing on a regular basis. It was unlikely anyone would notice her missing for some time, and it would be assumed she moved to another city.

Dan had initially planned on confining his two sex slaves for three days, before turning them over to the agency for transport. However a change of plans occurred, and the transfer would take place the next morning. Dan and his associates were disappointed, as they had planned a training program for the two sluts, consisting mainly of humiliation. The agency insisted that its acquisitions be unmarked and Dan wasn't about to cross them.

At 10:00AM three goons from the agency arrived and donned ski masks once inside the building. They brought with them two, two wheeled hand trucks, with steel supports extending six feet vertically.

Miss Nelson joined the goons, along with Dan and Spike, in the basement and entered Mary Beth's cell, greeting her with “Its time to go hon” before ordering her to take another sedative by mouth. Without saying another word Mary Beth was made to wear a ball gag and a leather hood.

The same procedure was repeated with Hooters. Miss Nelson carefully inspected her earlier rope work and assured the goons it was adequate. She took pride in her ability to bind women tightly, and inescapably. The goons privately were dubious, believing that captives should be shackled in chains or handcuffs, but these were the orders they had received from their superiors.

To assure that each was adequate gagged, Miss Nelson administered a test, consisting of pinching and twisting one nipple of each captive. Their shrieks of pain were barely audible, impressing even the goons.

 Neither of the two captives ever got a look at their ski masked transporters. One by one they were placed upright on the the hand trucks, which were then wheeled upstairs on an elevator and into the parking lot, where a 16' box truck, painted with the name of a well known rental company, awaited.

A ramp had been extended at a forty five degree angle, from the rear door to the ground. Each hand truck was wheeled up separately and was placed upright against the wall, where it was secured with a bungee cord. Foam rubber padding had been placed between the cart and the wall to prevent the captives from attracting any attention by banging the cart against the walls.

 The captives were placed at opposite ends of the cargo compartment and without further ado, the door was locked shut, and the truck began the ten mile journey to a clandestine airstrip.

As the truck headed for the airport, two goons rode in the front of the truck, while a third followed discreetly behind in a blazer. In the event a police vehicle might attempt to stop the truck carrying the captives, the blazer would engage in a diversionary action, or if necessary ram the cruiser.

In the rear Mary Beth's hood prevented her from seeing Hooters, who was at the opposite end of the compartment. She attempted to communicate through her gag, while Hooters responded, it was barely audible. Mary Beth tried banging the hand truck, but quickly realized that even if stopped, no one outside would hear them.

The Learjet sat on the tarmac, with a crew of three, ready to commence flight upon the loading of the captives. Punctuality was stressed by the agency, and the box truck arrived on schedule at 11:00AM.

If the captives thought they would find conditions in the Learjet more comfortable, they had another thing coming. A fork lift had  been awaiting the arrival of the truck, and in short order both Mary Beth and Hooters, were transferred to the passenger area of the plane. They would remain bound, gagged and hooded, on the hand trucks which would be positioned horizontally to the floor, and secured with straps.

As the plane prepared for departure, one of the goons received a cell call. He was visibly upset with the message, which he informed the pilot of. “We've got another passenger, asshole Dan's secretary, it seems she tried to blackmail him and he is disposing of her”, he stated.

“Who would want an old hag like that for sex” snapped the pilot, who also was visibly angry, yet he had no choice than to comply with the order. Mary Beth overheard the conversation and couldn't believe what she had heard, that Miss Nelson was assigned to slavery.

Thirty minutes later a limo with tinted glass pulled up on the tarmac. Dan and the driver were in front, Miss Nelson and another goon were in the rear seat, from which she was quickly removed.

Dressed in her business suit, the sixty two year old heavy set receptionist, had been blindfolded and gagged, her wrists were cuffed behind her, and elbows tied with a strap. It was hardly as elaborate as the rope bondage she had performed on Mary Beth and Hooters.

A rope was looped around her neck, tightened and used by Dan to lead her, as she had no intention of submitting peacefully. There had been insufficient time to administer drugs to her and for the time being her captors would have to tolerate her gagged protests.

Miss Nelson was guided, still blindfolded, to the passenger section and placed upon a seat. It was clear she was not about to sit still, so she remained uncomfortably handcuffed. Unruly captives while in flight can not be tolerated, so it was time for chloroform.

After removing her gag, one of the goons held the chemical soaked rag to her mouth and nose. It took about one minute but effectively rendered her unconscious. The dose used was low and would wear off within a half hour. Her gag would not be replaced until she regained consciousness.

None of the goons were especially proficient with rope, so it was decided to use duct tape to secure the former receptionist. It took two rolls, but her wrists were bound behind her and wrapped around the upper body several times. Additional tape was used to bind her knees and ankles. She would be allowed to remain seated, but straps were used to prevent her from leaving the seat.

It was the agency policy that all acquisitions be blindfolded before, while in flight, and after exiting the plane. This was to prevent them from identifying either the plane or any of the crew. Knowing that Miss Nelson was now a captive, provided Mary Beth with her most positive feeling since her abduction.

The jet engines were started and within five minutes the plane was airborne. At this point one of the goons made an announcement, which would be heard only by Mary Beth and Hooters.

“Our flight time will be two hours and then the of you will be separated, until then you will remain bound, gagged and blindfolded” he announced, without informing them of their specific destination. He made no mention as to the fate of Miss Nelson.



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