The Inhabitants

by Helios

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© Copyright 2005 - Helios - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; bond; nc; X

The Inhabitants by Helios

When she arrived that evening, Marcy was surprised to find that the house she was going to house-sit for the week was so clean. It was a large, three story house that was Victorian in design with polished hardwood floors, elegant drapery and furniture, looking more like a museum than a home.

“Oh, well,” Marcy thought to herself, “It could be worse.”

Marcy was a young college coed who had just finished her second year. She was on the college swim team, very athletic, and stood around 5 foot 3 inches tall and weighed around 150lbs of solid muscle from working out. Like most college students, money was tight, so easy jobs like this that paid well were a welcome opportunity rather than working in a fast-food franchise. 

Marcy went about unpacking her things in the guestroom, then planned to do a full tour of the place to find out where everything was located. Even though she knew she was the only person there, she kept glancing over her shoulder every now and then, for she felt as if someone was watching her. However, every time Marcy scanned around, no one was there. The only sounds Marcy heard where her sneakers on the polished wood floors and her breathing.

Marcy soon finished unpacking and removed her sneakers, finally feeling at home in this place to relax. It was then she heard a skittering sound and almost the sound of high-pitched giggling. 

“Who’s there?” said Marcy abruptly. 

Looking around again, she saw nothing but then overheard a loud thumping sound from the other room, as if something heavy had fell. Following the sound, Marcy entered the room and turned on the light, which looked like an old guestroom converted into a storage area, filled with dust-covered boxes stacked neatly everywhere and on the bed. 

Mysteriously, the old door creaked itself shut. Marcy immediately turned around, catching herself and nervously smiled.

“I can’t be scared of my own shadow,” thought Marcy, regaining her sense of humor. 

Suddenly, the lights went out and she heard more giggling around her, as if the sounds were moving. Marcy tried to make her way to the light switch, when she mysteriously felt something entwine around her ankles.

“PULL! PULL!!” said a high-pitched voice.

“OOOOPH!” exclaimed Marcy, falling backwards and landed hard on the wooden floor. Still in the dark and unable to see, Marcy could’ve sworn she overheard little footsteps scurrying about the floor and even more, running onto her body! She felt tiny arms and hands pinching, poking, and grasping her and she struggled to regain her bearings.

“What’s going on here?” thought Marcy worriedly, when a cloth clamped over her nose and mouth

“This can't be happening....this can't be happening,” Marcy kept thinking over and over again, trying to fight off the panic as her heartbeat raced. Marcy breathed in to scream and inhaled a sweet smelling scent. She bucked and kicked, but whatever it was continued to keep the soaked cloth against her face. 

“” realized Marcy, remembered the smell from chemistry class when someone had dropped a bottle of it in the lab and the fumes were similar to what she was smelling now. Marcy found herself feeling numb and light headed with her struggles getting weaker and weaker. Her eyelids grew heavier and she was almost grateful for the fast approaching insensibility to take her away from this nightmare. Dimly Marcy was vaguely aware of what was happening, feeling the cloth be removed and she felt herself lying on the floor on her back. As Marcy lay there, she felt something pull off her socks while something else unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her off her legs. She then felt something raise her arms above her head and pull off her shirt, stripping her down to her light blue satin bra and panties. 

“PUSH! PUSH!!!” said a high-pitched voice again as Marcy felt what seemed like dozens of tiny hands push against her body, rolling her onto her stomach. She then felt a soft, string-like cord wrap around each of her wrists as they pulled them together behind her back and bound her wrists together. It was very smooth, almost silky. Marcy feebly kicked and thrashed about, but the chloroform made her too dizzy and disoriented to really put up a fight. Marcy then felt the silky string cords being wrapped around her ankles before being rolled onto her back. She was then sat up, and felt the wrapping the binding sensation around her torso and legs.

“Someone, no…somethings,” Marcy drowsily corrected herself, “…are tying me up.” 

Marcy tugged at these strangely soft, but incredibly tough restraints, and found herself quite secure while she was being gently laid on the floor again. Finally, Marcy drifted into a light sleep from the chloroform.

She didn’t know how long she was out, but it was the sound of a hammer pounding nails that awoke her. Marcy opened her eyes, briefly squinting before her vision adjusted for the lights her back on. Marcy then tried to sit up but couldn’t and couldn’t move, either. Marcy’s vision finally cleared, seeing herself bound and strapped to the floor with string! The several nails pounded into the hardwood floor were along each of her sides, used as anchor points for the string cords used to strap her down. Marcy tried to flex her strong arms and powerful legs, but saw that her arms, chest, and legs were bound up several times over with the string in a criss cross pattern.

“Omigod, I’m all tied up,” thought Marcy in disbelief, her mind finally thinking clearly now that the chloroform had worn off. Marcy then saw one of her captors standing on her chest, who appeared to be around six inches tall.

“Comfy?” said the little man.

“NO!” exclaimed Marcy, grunting against her bonds. “I CAN’T MOVE!”

“Excellent, now we can begin the feast!” cackled the man while his little minions giggled in unison.

“What do you mean?” asked Marcy nervously. 

“We need that special wet stuff between your legs to survive as food! We’re glad you answered our ad in the paper! We were going to starve!” explained the little man.

“WHAT? NO!” protested Marcy, seeing the little men climb up her bound body and crawl underneath her panties. Marcy looked on in horror as the sight of little moving bulges in her panties, then felt tingles and goose bumps form on her body. The little minions were rubbing her clitoris, forcing her to moisten and greedily drank her vaginal fluids.

“NO!” panted Marcy in disbelief, straining to escape.

“Go ahead, try to break free!” teased the little man. “We used four ball of string on you!”

“This is insane!” protested Marcy. “You knocked me out, then tied me up, and now you’re torturing me!”

“Yup!” giggled the little man as he left to join in on the action underneath Marcy’s panties.

Marcy began panting more and more, feeling her warm, wet vagina moisten more and more. Marcy flexed and kicked, but the cords held her body firmly down on the floor mercilessly restrained. 

Minutes that seemed like an eternity passed, as Marcy couldn’t get free while the little minions’ rubbing of her clitoris intensified more and more.

“Oh no, this can’t be real…” thought Marcy nervously while her heartbeat increased more and more. “These little perverts are going to make me come!”

Marcy didn’t want to give these perverted minions the satisfaction but couldn’t resist as she let out a massive scream in ecstasy before drifting back asleep from the fatigue of struggling.

Marcy then awoke in bed, dressed in her pajamas and checked the clock: it was around 2 AM.

“What a strange dream,” thought Marcy as she rolled over and went back to sleep. “I guess it happens the first night in an unfamiliar house.”

Meanwhile, peering through the cracks and crevices of the house, the little men looked on and smiled.