The Horse

by Tony B

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© Copyright 2008 - Tony B - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; D/s; bond; bdsm; horse; dungeon; cons; X

You know, a woman’s body is very tender – especially between her legs, where the truth of her sex lies.

You can do a lot of things to a woman’s body, and she’ll never complain.  But touch her between her legs, and it sets the fire within her ablaze.

I was in my third year of college when I met the Japanese man who was to become my Master.

He was a nice looking man, and was pursuing his Master’s Degree in economics.  A funny choice, as it turned out.  The ‘Master’s Degree’ part, at least!

He was very attentive in a no-nonsense kind of way.  He would bring me flowers, but would tell me what I should wear when we started dating.  That didn’t bother me, I kind of liked pleasing him.  He also told me what hairstyle I should wear, and what makeup to use.  At first, they were more of a suggestion than a command, but he was gauging my willingness to submit to his will.

When we graduated to having sex, he popped my cherry and changed me from a girl into a woman!  It hurt at first, but when he gave me my first orgasm, I felt like I would be his, forever!

He knew – and I knew – that I was a submissive, and had fantasies of being tied up and used whenever my owner wished.  He exploited that knowledge to begin to train me in the Japanese Art of Bondage.  I was a willing victim, and he knew it!

This all happened during Spring Term, and Summer Break was coming up soon.

He wanted us to go away together for the summer, and “suggested” an out of the way place in the mountains near Prescott, Arizona, called the Underground Inn.  I had never been to Arizona, or the mountains, but it sounded exciting the way he described it, so I agreed to spend the summer with him. --- I would have gone almost anywhere with him.

We flew to Phoenix, where he rented a car, and we drove the rest of the way to Prescott.

We had experimented with bondage, as he was teaching me the Japanese way, and I didn’t protest when he said he wanted to tie my hands together behind my back while he drove to the Inn in Prescott.  I had no idea of how far away Prescott was, or how long it would take us to get there – it looked like just a short distance on a map!  But he would keep me tied if I let him do it.  I did.  I agreed to be tied for the trip to Prescott.

I turned around in the seat, and put my hands behind my back.  He opened my purse and took out the piece of rope he had me carry all the time.  He tied it around my wrists, looping it one way, then the other, so my hands were firmly held behind my back.  As I settled back in the seat, I closed my eyes and thought how delicious it was to be bound by this man, and thought about how it would be if he really owned me.

The trip took longer than I thought. – He drove straight through, from Phoenix to Prescott, without a break.  Prescott was quite a distance away, and I needed to go to the bathroom when we got there.

He got out of the car, and took our luggage out of the back and set them on the curb.  Meanwhile I sat in the car with my hands still tied behind my back, stewing in my own juices.  I had to go, pretty badly.

He opened the car door, and took me by the arm to help me out of the front seat.

“Aren’t you going to untie me?”, I asked.

“No, Not for now”, he said.

“But people will see me”, I protested.

“It won’t matter – they won’t take any notice”, he said.

“But I have to go to the bathroom”, I said.

“There will be a slave there, who will help you”, he replied.

Instantly, I knew what the Underground Inn was all about….  It was a kinky sex place, where girls were bound, and ‘slaves’ performed necessary services – whatever they were – for the guests!

I blushed at the thought – at the thought of being tied in public, and of having someone ‘help me’ to go to the toilet.

As we entered the Inn, he told me to be quiet, and not speak, or he would punish me.  This stuck fear in my heart, and excited me at the same time!  He guided me to the desk, and the first thing he said to the desk clerk was, “We’ve driven straight through from Phoenix, and my companion has to go to the bathroom.”

The clerk nodded, and looking up, snapped his fingers.  Almost immediately a small Latina woman stood up from where she was seated, came to my side, and took my arm.

She was gagged, and her wrists were cuffed and were separated by a short piece of chain.  I knew that this was a ‘slave’ in the Inn.

Holding my arm, she urged me toward the ladies room near the front desk.  Why it was so close to the front desk was a question.  Obviously it was there to accommodate female guests who had arrived in a similar situation, and the Latina woman was the attendant.

She guided me into the restroom, and I saw that it was little more than a toilet and sink.  There were no stalls, and no walls,  Whatever a woman had to do, would be done right in front of the slave attendant.

She guided me to the toilet and turned me around so my back was to it.

She looked into my eyes, and said, “Miff!”  She couldn’t say much else because of her gag.

I told her I needed some help because my hands were tied – something she already knew.

She nodded her head, and reached up under my dress to find my panties.  As her fingers touched my skin, a tingle ran all up and down my spine!

Finding the elastic at my waist, she gently pulled the panties down to my knees.  Then she raised my dress, exposing my bare ass, and motioned for me to sit down.

“Thank you”, I said, as I sat down.  I spread my legs, and released my bladder muscles, and heard the stream splash into the bowl.

She was watching me pee!  Wanting to break the silence, I asked her if she had been there long?

What a stupid question that was!  In the first place, being gagged, she couldn’t answer.  In the second place, I didn’t really want to know.  I was just trying to make conversation to accept the thought of another woman watching me pee.  In the third place, it was a totally inane question to begin with!

But she nodded her head in the affirmative, and  made another sound behind her gag.  I couldn’t make out what she wanted to say.

When I finished, she took a piece of toilet paper, and wiped me.

I’d never had a woman wipe me before – I never needed to, and it excited me when she touched the most private part – my clitoris!  It had only been a couple of months since he had taken my cherry, and I was very sensitive down there.  More than I had ever been when I was a virgin, and pleasured myself.

She helped me to stand up, and my dress dropped down into place.  She knelt before me, and slid my panties back into place.  As she did so, she smoothed the fabric over my hips and my ass, and ran her fingers between my legs to make sure the panties fit properly.  There was no sense of sexuality about her actions, she was just doing her duty.  But it thrilled me when she touched me between my legs!

She washed her hands while I stood there, waiting for what was coming next.  When she was finished, she toweled her hands, and took my arm again.  She opened the door, and we walked back to the front desk, where he was waiting.  She stood behind me and held me by both arms.

“Everything come out okay?”, he asked.

Remembering that I was supposed to keep quiet, I nodded my head.

“Good”, he said.

I watched as the clerk handed him a rubber ball gag.  He turned to me, and said, “Now open wide – you’re going to be gagged for a while.”

Obediently, I opened my mouth, and he pushed the ball into it, and passed the straps back, behind my head.  The slave girl released my arms, and secured the strap in the tiny buckle behind my head.  I wouldn’t be able to spit it out, or even talk to protest.  I was going to be as quiet as the slave had been.  Sure, I knew that I could make sounds, but I knew that all that would come out would be a muffled “mmmmfff”!

I thought that at least I could moan in pleasure as my Master was fucking me!  But he wasn’t my Master, yet!  He was just the man I was going to spend the summer with – the man who had taken my virginity – the man I was willing to own me!

The clerk came out from behind the desk, carrying a pair of scissors.

The slave girl took hold of my arms again, and held me still.  My Master stood apart, watching what was happening.

The clerk took the scissors, and started to cut my dress off me!  First the sleeves, and the top dropped down to my waist.  ---  My waist was smaller than my hips, and the dress wouldn’t slide down any further.  So he took hold of the fabric, and cut a slit down the front of the dress until it fell from my hips.

I looked down at my feet, and saw my rumpled and cut dress sitting on the floor.  What a shame, I thought …  I really liked that dress!  If they’d wanted to have it off me, the attendant could have taken it off when we were in the restroom!

I stood there in my panties and bra, and looked at my Master.

He said, “You look much better this way.”

The slave attendant still held me by the arms.

The clerk took hold of my bra, between my breasts, and pulled it away from my body.  He slipped the scissors between my breasts, and with one clip, my bra separated, and fell to the floor.

I was standing in front of these strangers, wearing nothing but my panties and shoes!

“That’s enough”, my Master said.

The clerk set the scissors down on the counter and returned behind it.  The slave girl released my arms.

My Master said, “Come over here to me.”

It was only three steps, but I obeyed.

“You won’t be wearing any clothes while we’re here”, he said!

Oh, God!  He was going to strip me naked in front of anyone who was here, I realized.  But then why did he leave my panties on???

He pulled me close.  My bare breasts were pressing into his chest.  He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.  As he held me there, he kissed my face.

“You are magnificent”, he whispered!

He spun me around so I was facing the clerk and the slave girl, and asked them, “Isn’t she magnificent?”

They both agreed.  The clerk saying that I was beautiful and would make a good slave, and the slave girl nodded in agreement.

The clerk made a motion with his hand, and the slave girl turned and went back to the seat near the ladies restroom and sat down.  I noticed she lowered her head, dropped her eyes, and folded her hands in her lap.  She had been well trained!!!

Just then, a bellhop entered the lobby, carrying our luggage on a cart.  He looked at me, up and down, and smiled.  My Master held me for inspection, and the bellhop nodded his approval.  I blushed!

“Suite 216”, the clerk said, handing the bellhop a key.

“Please come with me”, he said, as he pushed the cart toward an elevator.  My Master followed, guiding me by the arm.  I was getting used to being guided.  It was an extension of being told what to do, which I had grown to like.

The next three days were a whirlwind of education.  My Master, and the employees in the hotel, were teaching me to be even more submissive, and to spend long hours in tight bondage.  My Master kept me gagged most of the time, so I couldn’t protest, but removed the gag when he wanted me to give him a blowjob, or whenever he wanted to use my mouth!

I didn’t realize it then, but he was continually training me to be submissive to his will – not only to want to be his slave, but to enjoy it!!!  I’d never had so many orgasms in my life – especially with someone else controlling them!  It seemed like if someone touched me, I would blow my mind with pleasure!

“It’s the drugs”, my Master told me.

They were feeding me pills with every meal!  In order to get food, I had to swallow the pills.  At first, I didn’t know what they were, and resisted, but a few good spankings cured me of that.  I took the drugs when told to do so.  Later on, I was told they were female hormones, as if I didn’t have enough of them already running around inside my body.  But they would increase my libido, he said.  Not only would I want to give him pleasure, and get my own, I would look forward to it, and be depressed when I didn’t get it.  They worked!!!  I was constantly ‘hot’.

To that end, he frequently denied having sex with me when I wanted it, and I had to give it to him whenever HE wanted it.

During the weeks that followed, I was taught more about Japanese bondage than I could remember.  And the bondage sessions got longer and longer.  His favorite bondage position seemed to be with my wrists bound, and my hands pulled up over my head by a rope, which went over a beam in the ceiling.  It stretched my body tight, but caused little pain.  There were variations…..    I was gagged sometimes, or had my legs spread wide apart and held open by ropes or a spreader bar.  Sometimes I was spanked while standing, and sometimes my body was teased by My Master or others.  The bellhop got a lot of free feels, because my Master told me not to resist. 

At that point, I had never seen any other guests, but I knew there were some there…..  I occasionally heard women screaming in pain during the night, and vivid images came to mind of women being tortured in other Suites!  But that was their problem I thought…. They had volunteered to be here, as I had!  I wondered if my Master would send me home if I refused to obey him.  Strangely, I didn’t want that to happen, and we never talked about it as a possibility.

“Send me home!”  I wondered about that -- at the choice of words that had come to mind when I thought about it.  I didn’t WANT him to send me home.  I wanted to stay with him, and please him.  It was becoming my goal in life to please him!  I didn’t even want to think about being away from him!

The restroom attendant was charged with helping me go to the bathroom several times a day, and always touched me gently.  I don’t think she knew that I grew to like her touching me.

When it came time to bathe every evening, she washed me very carefully, especially between my legs, which always excited me.  I think she knew, because she occasionally flicked my clit in order to excite me.  She was always gagged, and I was frequently gagged, so it was never possible to carry on a conversation,  All I could do was accept her touching me as a sign of affection and care.  My hands were always kept bound, one way or another, and the variations kept me from becoming bored.  Strangely, I was seldom in pain.

After we had been at the Underground Inn for three weeks, my Master took me down to the basement, where they had set up a dungeon of sorts.  He wanted to teach me even more stringent bondage experiences.  A particularly bad piece of equipment was called a ‘Perfect Wife Trainer’.  It was a steel pole with many straps that would force a woman to stand against the pole for as long as her Master wished.  There were straps for around the ankles, both above and below the knees, around the hips and waist, both above and below the breasts, and around the neck.  Two more straps were used to affix the arms tightly behind her, with her elbows pinioned behind her.  The arms could be raised in back to create extreme pain in the shoulders.  One final strap could go around the woman’s forehead, holding her head firmly in place, and preventing her from moving anything more than her eyes.  If she were gagged -- as I was when I was held in the Perfect Wife -- not only couldn’t she move, but couldn’t even protest.  The most she could do was cry.  And I did!

There was no need for me to protest – I had already given myself to this man in my mind, and he used my body whenever he wished.  It seemed as if my sole purpose in life was to give him pleasure.  I even forgot sometimes that I needed, or wanted, pleasure of my own!  His pleasure came first!  Mine came, if at all, when HE wanted it.  I was sinking more and more into sexual slavery, and didn’t even know it!!!

There was a bondage device in our Suite.  It was called “The Horse”.  It looked like little more than a carpenter’s sawhorse, but was much more elaborate.  It had a padded seat where I could be strapped down with my arms and legs tied down on opposite sides.  Face down, it would expose my back, and spread my ass cheeks wide, so he could use my butt or vagina for his pleasure.  It didn’t take me long to accept, and like it.  I liked whatever he did to me.

Alternately, I could be tied down to one side of the horse, and bent over the top with my hands stretched out in front of me and secured to the rings in the legs.  That made my bare breasts dangle down in front of me where I could see them hang.  In that position, he could spank – or whip me, as he pleased.  It excited me to be bound to the horse for hours, waiting for him to beat me.  I could cry uncontrollably when he beat me, and no one would stop him.  I had to take it – as much as he decided I should take!  It was frequently hard – and painful.  When my mouth was free, I could scream, and nobody came to stop him!

When he tied me to the horse face up, the front of my body was completely exposed to whatever he wished to do.  He could fuck me if he wished, or beat me on the front of my body.  That really hurt – especially when he beat my breasts with a riding crop.  But I took it, because he wanted me to.

The Horse was very hard, and frequently caused me a great deal of pain, especially when he made me sit astride it like horse, with a bar between my legs pressing against my most tender parts, with my hands tied and pulled behind me to the other end of the horse.  It caused me to arch my back to avoid the pain in my back.  But I learned to accept it.  To accept the fact that I was being used by this man, and anyone else he chose to share me with.

My summer was hard – very hard, as I learned to be his slave, and accept that he was my Master.  There were many ‘adventures’ I had to go through as I learned to love and serve him.

As fall approached, Summer Break was about over, and I dreaded leaving the Underground Inn and returning to school.

We didn’t have to, he said.  We could stay, and I could become a Master Slave like the bathroom slave girl , if I wished.

“But I must have a woman who will submit to me”, he said.  “ … A woman who will give herself to me willingly, and let me do whatever I wish to her.  Are you that woman???”

“I am  …  Or I can be”, I begged.  “I’ll do whatever you want me to do in order to please you!”

“Your life will be hard”, he said.

“I know”, I said, “and I will accept your guidance.”

I didn’t understand the full import of what I was saying, or how it would affect my life. …..  All I knew was that I wanted this man to own me – to teach me – to love and use me!

“It shall be so!”, my Master said, and I knew that I had given my life over to him!