The Haunted Hospital

by Tigon

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© Copyright 2023 - Tigon - Used by permission

Storycodes: bond; straitjacket; supernatural; ghosts; straps; harness; chair; hood; reluct; X

“Oh come on, it won’t be that bad!” Ash exclaimed.

Riley had just finished getting the door opened, seemed the hinges were a bit rusty. As Jamie climbed through they remarked, “Yeah, I know…just an old medical facility, I get weird vibes.”

“We are weird thoughts…” muttered Riley, and nobody could argue with that sound logic.

Much of the facility was in ruins, or already cleared out of anything interesting. Sure there were plenty of old files and documents, but no gross pictures or x-rays to make them exciting. The trio came across only one door that was locked. As it was the only locked door, they knew they had to get in, it was no longer optional. Curiosity got the better of them and soon were scouring the nearby drawers and desks for keys. Riley bumped a painting while searching and it fell to the floor with the sound of shattered glass. Jamie picked up the edge of the frame and lifted it, and a single key fell from it. Ash swiped the key and took a careful look.

“Well…. let's try it?” asked Jamie excitedly.

“One moment, I just wanna read what is engraved,” muttered Ash, “it says Acute Psychiatry.”


The key fit perfectly, and with a bit of a push the door swung open to a large room. Inside the room was lit by sunlight coming through large barred windows. The room itself.was relatively clean, with no dust, and no clutter, everything seemed to be neat and in its place. Off to one side, Ash found what looked like a frame on the ceiling with a chain hanging from it. On a shelf nearby was a bundle of straps and buckles. Ash picked up the mass and it unfolded into a leather body harness thing.

"Jamie, Riley check this out!" They called to their friends, "This is so weird."

"It looks brand new! I wanna try it on," cried Jamie.

"It does look to be your size…" exclaimed Riley, urging them on.

The trio quickly figured out the straps and Jamie stepped into the leg holes. It was made of fine, soft, and sturdy metal buckles which all hooked in the back, out of Jamie's reach, but Riley and Ash played the role of good friends and buckled it snugly. Straps went over each shoulder, around the torso, under the legs, and by the time it was on, it was nearly a bodysuit of straps hugging their body. Jamie heard a click and found out Ash had clipped the hanging chain to a loop on the upper back. Jamie tried to reach the chain but it hooked exactly out of reach. 

"This is so cool!" Jamie said, walking the circle that the chain allowed. 

"How does it feel?" Riley asked.

"It is really quite comfortable," Jamie said.

"Want out?" questioned Riley.

"Nah," said Jamie searching through some nearby cabinets, "I want to keep it on a little longer. It feels secure and safe."

"It should keep you out of trouble," cried Ash from a different part of the room, "Look! Something for me to wear." They held up a white jacket with a lot of straps.

"Oh both of you can stay out of trouble," Riley joked. 

Ash held up the jacket and slipped their arms in, raising them up so the jacket fell into place. Suddenly it became snug on them, as the back came together and buckled itself. 

Riley turned away from a big scary chair to see Ash with a buckled-up straitjacket on, arms hanging loose, "How did you get the back done up?" Jamie looked over as Ash admitted they had no idea. Jamie goes to reach over to help but is suddenly pulled back, the chain ratcheting up on the ceiling. Soon they had zero walking room, and could just barely stand on their toes if they stood still. Riley screamed as that happened and stumbled back into the big chair, feeling straps tighter around their wrists and ankles, securing to the arms and legs. 

Ash crossed their arms, trying to pull at the fabric, and felt both arms get pulled into a snug hug as their arms were strapped around their body, and strapped down to the jacket. "Uh…hey. What the hell!" they yelled. 

Jamie tried to reach one arm behind their back to reach a buckle and felt that arm firmly get strapped in place, they reached their other arm back and in short order, their arms were helplessly bound to the harness behind their back, parallel to each other. 

Riley reached down and tried to bite at the straps but found a gag filling their mouth and got strapped around their head.

Ashton tried to pull the jacket over their head but found the crotch straps had buckled themselves up. As they tried to yell a hood came over their head, silencing and blinding them, only holes for the nose allowing the air. 

Riley tried to rub the gag against the chair back but found their neck and head strapped to the chair, and a thin white blindfold came over their eyes. 

Jamie, arms now securely strapped behind them, tried to kick, as that was all they could do. As they swung their leg back it was pulled up and strapped in place, the other leg was shortly behind it. 

 Ash stumbled having lost their sight and fell down, feeling their legs slip into a tight-fitting sack, which buckled tight around their legs. 

Riley tried to strain their body to pull free but soon more straps went across their body, legs, and arms until they could move none. Jamie yelled for help but was soon silenced with a gag, harnessed to their head. 

Jamie was bound and gagged helplessly suspended in a harness, hogtied in a way. Ash lay gagged, blind, and wrapped snugly in a straitjacket, legs bound similarly, Riley was securely restrained to a chair, unable to speak and only able to see shapes.

Jamie looked out at their friends, both tied, helpless, and unable to move. The binds were snug, holding them all very secure, helpless, and stuck. Panic aside, they were not uncomfortable despite their predicament. As they all tried in vain to struggle for any freedom, an ethereal sound came from the doorway. Jamie sees a glowing form, white and ghastly float towards them.

As the entity came closer it was clear that this is/was a nurse, complete with a little hat and a caring smile. Jamie could see clearly the kind, translucent face. Riley could make out a faint glowing shape, and Ash could see nothing, only hear the struggle of their friends.

"You three seem to be all worked up," she stated, "good thing I have you safe and snug here. This will give you time to calm your excited nerves." Jamie pleaded with her with their eyes, begging for freedom. The nurse floated up to them, "Oh sweetie, this is for your own good." She rested her hand on Jamie's face, "You are safe here."

One by one the nurse walked around the room, putting a hand on the other two, a comforting hand which put them at ease. She then explained "You are ALL safe here with me, nothing will harm you. This three-hour respite will unwinded your stress and calm your soul." She continued to check the binds on each, tightening a few straps that the 'patients', getting out slack that they did not know they had. 

As she spoke and comforted them, their stress did melt away. Sure they were bound, gagged, and helpless, but it WAS for their own good, and they felt they could start to appreciate their power over their lives temporarily no longer a burden. The exchange of power was accepted and appreciated. "I will check on each of you every hour, and I want you to know that you are special, and you will grow from this."

As the visage disappeared, Jamie felt stunned and looked around at their friends. Riley struggled some still, and it was hard to tell how Ash was, being fully encased. Jamie closed their eyes, took a deep breath, and with a long exhale, sunk into a state of submission. 

Riley was struggling still, despite the calmness. Backlit by the sun, Riley could make out the shape of Jamie, suspended in the air. They concentrated on this, and on the still and calm nature, and came to realize that this was the first time in a while they had felt out of control, but it was not in chaos, it was in security and safety. With the snugness of the binds against the rigid chair, the complete helplessness, and the lack of power, they had not felt more relaxed.

Ash lay there, able to only wiggle their toes and fingers, and barely at that. The jacket, the sack on the legs, the hood, and the gag, it was as if they were getting a hug all over their body. Sure they were helpless, and it was against their will, and from the muffled sound of it…it might have been from a ghost nurse. But the touch, the feeling of bliss, they had read about subspace, and it felt like they were gently slipping into its soft embrace. 


As the first hour passed, they each dealt with it in their own way. Jamie felt an understanding about life, and the challenges, how at this moment, this harness and binds, this was the best they had felt in ages. Ash was deep in sub-space, floating in space in their own mind. Riley was just enjoying the moment, no longer worried about being in control, just floating along. As the nurse made her rounds, she smiled at the progress each of them was making, and they felt comfort in her gentle touch. She checked each of their vitals and left them to their thoughts.

The next two hours passed with the patients going through a journey of submission, acceptance, and comfortable bondage. At the end of three hours, the bonds reversed themselves, and slowly they all found freedom and movement. As the trio composed themselves in silence, they reflected on the fear and comfort they felt. Despite no longer being gagged, hardly a word was spoken. They made their way out of the hospital, making sure to lock up the acute psych ward as they left, and holding onto the key. 


As they got quietly into the car Ash spoke up…"I want to try the harness next time.”

Riley perked up, “Dibs on the straitjacket.”

“Well that works out, I was curious about the chair,” Jamie chimed in, “Friday?”

“Friday” replied Ash and Riley. 


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