The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF; F/f+; tg; bond; naked; mum; wrap; gag; blindfold; buttplug; tease; denial; sound; chastity; oral; cons; X

A little side story, from world.

Turnabout is Fair Play

The music was practically a living thing, the base thumping in time with her heart in a steady rhythm that seemed to settle into her very bones. In combination with the dim lighting and garish flashes of neon the atmosphere was somehow both familiar and surreal all at once as the gathered crowd swayed and thrashed to the beat. The heat and implacable press of bodies created a wild, almost primal pressure that seemed to rush in from every direction and overwhelm the senses, a raw sensuality that tingled along the skin like a set of ghostly hands. And yet, as she moved in the center of this inescapable mass Zoe was only barely aware of it. Eyes closed, all of her attention was instead focused on the woman in her arms. Alexis swayed to the music with a sinuous grace that was intoxicating in its own right, the woman shaking her hips back and forth in a slow and steady rhythm as she ground her ass against Zoe’s own hips, a silent promise of things to come. Biting the corner of her lip as she reveled in the sensation, a familiar ache pulsing in her loins, Zoe allowed her hands to roam over the tattooed skin of the other woman’s bare stomach, exploring the exposed flesh between Alexis’ sinfully short skirt and crop top, the heat of the other woman’s body betraying her excitement. From months spent etching each and every one of those tattoos she knew Alexis’ curves by heart and all the places to touch that beautifully bronzed flesh to make the woman moan or twitch or even scream. And, as she explored the other woman’s sensitive spots, feeling more than hearing the redhead purr in response, Zoe almost could not believe how lucky she was to have such a beautiful creature in her arms. Of course, that was not all. Even as she felt Alexis writhe against her from the front Morgan’s tall, lanky form pressed firmly against her back, the coffee-colored woman’s hands resting on her hips as she guided their bodies to sway in time with the music.

Zoe knew that all eyes were upon them and the scene they were making, especially the way their movements had devolved from dancing to ‘sex with clothes on’ at this point, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. Even when she could manage to tear her gaze away from the buxom redhead in her arms or the gracefully slender woman at her back, to take in the myriad suggestive smiles and appreciate glances that the sea of dancers around them offered, it all felt like background noise. Her whole world had been reduced to the two bodies she was sandwiched between and, as far as Zoe was concerned, she never wanted it to end. Besides that, she could not deny a small thrill at the thought of what those watching must think, a certain smug satisfaction growing within her as she wondered how many fantasies, and how many cold showers their actions might create that night. And, truth be told, Zoe wanted to make a statement to all those gathered. That these two indescribably beautiful women were hers and she was theirs. Look, but don’t touch, only she was allowed to do that. All of a sudden, as she grew distracted by her thoughts, in a surprising display of flexibility Alexis twisted in her grasp, turning her neck sharply to press their lips together. Zoe responded eagerly, parting her own lips just a little in order to kiss the other woman deeply, allowing their pierced tongues to writhe together in an impossibly pleasant dance. As they kissed, losing themselves in each other and eliciting a few sharp whistles that could just be heart over the music, Morgan gently slid her long and clever fingers up Zoe’s body and under the dark denim vest she was wearing to caress soft and sensitive skin, all the while planting a series of gentle kisses behind Zoe’s ear, nipping at the rings through her earlobe for a moment before continuing down her pale neck. It was the artist’s turn to purr now as her lovers kissed and caressed her, teasing out a fierce blush that seemed to cover her head to toe even as their bodies continued to instinctively move against each other. While certainly not a shy individual by nature Zoe had certainly never been quite this brazen before, but again she found herself not caring in the least. The eyes that she could feel on the three of them only seemed to make it better, more intense, as she wondered just how far her lovers were prepared to go with an audience watching.

She honestly couldn’t wait to find out. The night was still young, after all, and Zoe had high hopes that the best was yet to come.

This had been a truly wonderful idea for all that it was more or less spur of the moment. In truth it had been less than a week since their relationship had become an intimate one, and she did not count the little ‘thank you’ that Alexis had offered once her tattoos had been finished, and what a week it had been. If Zoe had been worried that the pair had gotten into her head before, it was nothing compared to the last few days. There had been a spring in her step that simply hadn’t been there before, and a smile that lingered to the point where more than a few people had commented on it. Not that she had been willing to offer any concrete answers, but the way she had blushed when her coworkers had wondered if she was seeing anyone probably confirmed it anyway. Not that she really minded although, if she were being honest with herself, part of Zoe had honestly wondered about that herself. She had not ventured to Morgan’s house that night with any thought, or even any expectation, of forming a relationship. In fact her thoughts had been so scattered that night that even she wasn’t sure exactly what she had hoped might happen. So what did that make them now? Lovers? Friends with benefits? Had it been nothing but pure, primal lust that had brought them together, or was it the beginning of something more? While those questions had needled her over the last few days, most of Zoe’s attention had been focused on the sheer thrill of all that she had experienced. The feeling of ropes binding her helplessly while Morgan’s hands explored her naked body, to say nothing of the sensation of the other woman’s cock buried firmly up her ass. The way Morgan had then proceeded to tease and fuck her to the very edge, until the tattooed woman feared she might explode from sheer need. It had been incredible and overwhelming all at once before Alexis’ tongue, the other woman’s luscious body encased helplessly beneath her, had offered blessed relief. Still shaky, she had then been bound and gagged in an almost painfully tight position and stuffed in an empty closet to squirm against a crotch rope and ponder what fate might have in store for her for the rest of the night only to have her helplessly ring gagged mouth thoroughly used in the morning. All of it was so far beyond anything she had ever experienced before and, night after night, the memories haunted her dreams while the sensation of ghostly hands and ghostly ropes skirted across her skin.

If nothing else Zoe had definitely learned some things about herself.

And yet, for all of that, it was something else that had truly dominated Zoe’s thoughts and dreams in the brief time since. She had always liked things a bit rough and, more often than not, enjoyed letting her lovers take charge in bed so it wasn’t a huge surprise to discover that she enjoyed being bound and truly dominated. No, what truly weighed on her mind was Morgan’s whispered offer, and the promise contained within the following morning. When the other woman, dressed in only a loose bathrobe while Zoe herself had been somewhat ragged and hastily dressed after her rough night, had walked her to the door and almost coyly invited her to come back sometime. That had been surprising, if pleasant enough to bring a warm feeling to her chest, but what had followed had almost been mind blowing. Without missing a beat Morgan had offered to let Zoe take charge the next time they met. Much like allowing herself to be bound for the first time it was an astonishing thought, and yet at the same time it was an incredibly arousing one as well. The kiss that had followed, their first kiss in truth, had only made it better and practically branded the idea into her mind.

And so, since that fateful morning, while her dreams may have been dominated by memories of being bound and teased and used, her waking hours had been turned to contemplating just how to go about switching those roles. It was not like she had never taken charge during sex before, of course, but that usually translated to being on top and most of that experience wasn’t really applicable. But, if nothing else, Zoe was a quick study and incredibly motivated to boot. While she’d had some level of appreciation for the skill and intricacy involved in bondage, especially after her own limited experiences, it was only now that she had come to appreciate just how much there was to learn, and just how dangerous it could be in the hands of an amateur. That was not to say there weren’t things even she could do safely and Zoe liked to think she had learned a lot in her research looking at countless pictures and videos and even tutorials (there really was everything on the Internet these days). As a rather creative person both by nature and profession Zoe’s imagination had taken flight, daydreaming more than once of all the things she might do to Morgan’s beautiful body and wondering what the other woman would sound like in the throes of frustrated passion or with a gag stuffed into her mouth. The anticipation was almost overwhelming but, after a recent and impromptu shopping trip in which she’d acquired a few new toys, thoughts and fantasies swirling around them, Zoe had finally reached her breaking point.

And that was how they found themselves here, at a nondescript club that Zoe often frequented for their good selection of music and moderately priced drinks, usually looking to blow off some steam after a long day even if that wasn’t exactly her intention tonight (though in a way it kind of was). It had been a spur of the moment decision honestly, the pressure building and the need to see her lovers again, almost a palpable feeling. That alone had been enough to make her fumble for her phone, though she had promised not to keep them waiting long. With none of the reservations which had almost stayed her hand last time, she had called Morgan almost breathlessly after work last night and, feeling a strange sort of relief at hearing both her and Alexis’ voices, had asked them to join her for a night on the town. Nothing complex, almost casual in fact, just some dancing and perhaps a drink or two? Despite the offer of more hanging between them, she hadn’t called it a date, perhaps fearing that might be a bridge too far at this point, but at the same time Zoe hoped that her message was clear. That she did not just want another hook up, but that she wanted to get to know the two women better, to see if maybe there was something more than just sex there. Neither Morgan nor Alexis had offered any hint of their own thoughts but their enthusiastic agreement gave Zoe hope that they had understood regardless.

Then again, as Alexis took advantage of her distraction to reverse their kiss and force her own pierced tongue deep into Zoe’s mouth while Morgan continued to caress the sensitive skin of her hips and plant soft kisses along her neck and shoulder, Zoe decided that even if their relationship was just physical that wasn’t so bad either. By the time Alexis finally pulled away, smiling seductively as she pressed her body even more firmly against the artist’s own, Zoe definitely decided that this wasn’t so bad.

Still, breathless and a bit dazed from the kiss, Zoe felt more than heard Morgan whisper in her ear, “You look a bit flushed, my dear. Do you need a break, maybe a drink?”

Swallowing hard, her blush deepening as she felt Morgan’s hands wander even further under her vest, Alexis grinding against her even more vigorously all the while, it took Zoe a moment to find her breath, “Or maybe we can call it a night and go back to my place.”

It wasn’t exactly a question but a grin split Morgan’s face nonetheless as she nuzzled against the other woman’s neck, “I thought you’d never ask.”

It was honestly something of a blur after that, as the trio slowly pushed their way through the crowd, arm in arm as the mass of humanity continued to press in on all sides, swaying and thrashing to the omnipresent beat like a living wave. Still, like the ocean, they finally swam their way across the room before practically stumbling out through the doors and into the parking lot beyond, the pitch black night cut only by the flicker of illuminated signs and the glowing pools cast by street lights. Zoe felt goosebumps instantly prickle every inch of exposed skin, the cool night air an almost shocking contrast to the nearly unbearable heat of the interior. Even so, the contrast was most welcome as she felt her pounding heart finally begin to slow and her head clear as the heated ardor in her veins was tempered. Fumbling through her purse for her keys as they picked their way through the rows of parked cars, a task made all the more difficult by a pair of beautiful women practically hanging off her, their hands still roaming in ways that made her shiver, Zoe had to fight to keep her focus. Her lovers only finally let her be when they reached her car, its dull silvery paint almost glistening in the dim light, and with a mixture of disappointment and relief, she moved to unlock the doors. Zoe made no comment, and neither Morgan nor Alexis offered any, as the pair piled in the backseat, the tattooed redhead cuddling up to her coffee-colored mistress with a broad smile, resting her head on the taller woman’s shoulder as they settled into place. Smiling a little at the scene even as she shook her head Zoe climbed in behind the steering wheel, sparing a moment to fasten her seat belt before starting the engine. Even so, just as she was about to back out and begin the drive home she glanced in the rear view mirror and froze.

Alexis had shifted her position to leave herself straddling Morgan’s lap, pressed close as if she were trying to climb the other woman’s body, their lips locked together fiercely. One of Alexis’ hands was pressed against Morgan’s hip while the other tangled its way through her close-cropped hair while Morgan, in turn, had allowed both of her arms to wrap around the redhead’s waist, pulling Alexis close as long and clever hands tracing nonsense patterns along that tattooed skin of the woman’s mostly bare back. Feeling a blush return to her cheeks and her nipples harden involuntarily Zoe just watched, her muddy brown eyes locked onto the display as the pair continued to make out with increased ardor, lost in each other and seemingly oblivious to everything else. Or perhaps being watched was part of their plan. Whetting her lips and unconsciously pressing her thighs together Zoe felt her eyes widen just slightly when Morgan shifted in that embrace, taking hold of Alexis’ vibrant red hair and pulling her head slightly to the side, kissing her all the while. The lanky woman’s eyes opened then and, twinkling with amusement, locked on to Zoe’s own through the mirror. For a brief second, time seemed to stop before the coffee-colored woman winked playfully before turning her attention back to the buxom woman in her arms.

Flushed with embarrassment, and a hidden trill of excitement, Zoe tore her eyes away from the scene and began to drive, forcing herself to focus on the road despite the sound of soft moans, rustling cloth and the clashing of lips coming from the seat behind her. It wasn’t a long drive home, thankfully, even with traffic being moderately heavy, but even so the perhaps five minute trip seemed to take an eternity. Zoe felt the constant tug of temptation to glance in the mirror again, to take in the scene she knew was unfolding behind her, her imagination running wild even as the sight of her lovers making out fiercely was burned into her mind’s eye. She resisted, barely, maintaining a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel every step of the way until finally, finally, she turned onto a familiar street and made her way to one of the modest houses situated near the end of the block. It was with an almost palpable sense of relief that Zoe at last pulled into her driveway and parked the car, killing the engine and letting out a soft sight as she closed her eyes.

Sparing a moment to center herself, and steadfastly refusing to look into the rear view mirror again, Zoe grabbed her purse and climbed out of the car, slinging it over her shoulder as she slammed the door behind her. Taking another deep breath Zoe forced her expression to relax, putting on her game face. After all, as excited as she was, it wouldn't seem out of control if she was about to take the lead. Nodding to herself, she slowly circled the car and opened the rear door on the passenger side, leaning down just enough to glance into the back seat and again take in the view. Morgan and Alexis were still wrapped up in each other, and still seemingly oblivious to the world. Although, somewhat disappointingly, while disheveled they remained fully clothed despite eager, wandering hands.

“Having fun?” Zoe asked, almost playfully, smirking a little at the sight.

It took a few heartbeats before Morgan managed to disentangle herself enough to answer, practically pulling Alexis away from her and holding the redhead at bay. Even so, her voice remained as smooth and implacable as always, “Very much so, my dear. Would you care to join us?”

“It’s been a long time since I last had sex in the back of a car.” Zoe countered, “Pleasant memories aside, I much prefer beds these days.” she held out a hand, “Speaking of which…”

With a smile Morgan took the offered hand and, with some difficulty, managed to maneuver both herself and Alexis out of the car. Still clutching the redhead to her chest she molded herself against Zoe’s side and leaned down just slightly to kiss her on the cheek. Not satisfied with that, Zoe wrapped her arm around Morgan’s waist and pulled the woman closer still before capturing her lips in a proper kiss. Morgan yielded to the kiss, shifting her body slightly to make the position more comfortable and parting her lips to allow Zoe to explore her mouth. Taking advantage of the situation, Alexis stood up on her tiptoes to plant a series of kisses along her mistress’ jawline, making the coffee-colored woman moan softly. Part of Zoe wondered if anyone was watching, the rest of her didn’t care.

Fiercely aroused by thoughts of what was to come, not to mention how amazing it felt to have the woman who had dominated her so thoroughly yield to her so easily, Zoe pulled away from the kiss, her cheeks pink, “Ready to be mine, mistress?”

Despite a faint hint of color across her own cheekbones Morgan’s voice remained steady and she smiled readily, “I await with bated breath, my dear.”

“Be careful what you wish for.” Zoe cautioned, playfully, with a smile of her own.

Deciding that they had wasted enough time already, she then proceeded to lead the pair up the walk and through her front door, feeling her heart speed up more and more with every step they took. There had always been something about bringing someone home for the first time, a strange sense that whatever the relationship was it had grown beyond a mere casual encounter into something more serious. Nothing she could put into words exactly, but it still felt significant somehow to bring Morgan and Alexis into her home, to show them another part of herself that they had never seen before. A type of intimacy that was somehow more significant than simply sharing her body.

Not that there was much time to contemplate such things.

Owing to the fact that her home was on the small side, a natural consequence perhaps of living alone, the trio quickly crossed through the tiny living room cluttered with furniture, dominated particularly by a large and comfortably overstuffed couch, into the adjoining hallway. Through long familiarity Zoe guided them through the pitch black hall without much trouble, even if pausing to steal the occasional kiss slowed them down considerably, and groped for the light switch as they stumbled through the door to her bedroom. The almost harsh light of the overhead fixture was nearly blinding as it brought the room into stark focus, revealing walls littered with posters and pin-ups and photographs, a desk of sleek black metal and plastic shoved into the corner to hold her computer and, of course, the queen-sized bed itself that gave the room its name. No one commented on any of that though, far too wrapped up in each other to care, as they slowly made their way over to that bed. Alexis did pout just a bit as Zoe slipped both of her arms around Morgan’s waist, disentangling the redhead and pulling the coffee-colored woman close for another, much shorter, kiss. Smiling at both of them, she gently bade Morgan to sit down on the bed, the old frame creaking just slightly under her weight, before stepping back to admire the woman, once again taking in the way the simple outfit of bright white blouse and tight jeans showed off her lanky, toned figure. A truly wicked smile now gracing her features as she realized that the moment was upon her, Zoe licked her lips suggestively and slowly unbuttoned the denim vest she was wearing, throwing the garment open and letting it fall down her tattooed arms to reveal a black satin bra that just barely managed to contain her ample bosom.

Almost smirking at the way Morgan’s posture shifted, the other woman crossing her legs quickly, Zoe placed a hand on her hip and struck a pose, arching her back to thrust her breasts out even more, “Patience mistress, just sit back and enjoy the show.”

Without waiting for a response, though delighting at the glint of pure lust in Morgan’s dark eyes, Zoe suddenly reached out and snagged Alexis by the belt holding up her mini skirt. Blue-gray eyes going wide in surprise, the tattooed redhead let out a tiny squeal as she was suddenly pulled close and embraced tightly. That shriek became a moan of delight as Zoe’s lips met her own and she instinctively threw her arms around the artist’s nearly naked torso, running her fingers up and down the other woman’s spine. Shivering a little at the touch, Zoe nonetheless managed to remain in control, dominating the kiss even as she slowly untied the back of the redhead’s shirt. Writhing against each other as they had done earlier on the dance floor, pierced tongues dueling as they kissed, out of the corner of her eye Zoe could see a faint blush on Morgan’s features despite her dark complexion as the other woman took in their little show, her nipples standing out sharply from beneath her blouse, proof in fact that she was not wearing a bra. She smirked slightly into the kiss even as she kept her lips locked firmly onto Alexis’ own, relishing the soft and warm sensation of so much naked flesh. It seemed things were certainly starting off well.

Eventually, Zoe reached up and tangled her fingers into Alexis’ brilliant red hair and almost sharply pulled the other woman’s head back, breaking the kiss. Flushed and panting, eyes still closed, she moaned at the rough treatment. Still holding her hair firmly in one hand, Zoe reached down to hastily remove Alexis’ belt before unzipping her skirt to allow the garment to slide down her hips and pool at her feet.

Leaning in to nip at an earlobe, eliciting a soft shudder and an even softer moan, Zoe whispered, “It looks like our mistress would like to join us. Do be a dear and strip her down, won’t you?”

Biting her lower lip Alexis nodded, “Yes, ma’am.”

Deciding she liked the sound of that, Zoe offered another brief kiss before she let the other woman go and stepped back, allowing Alexis’ shirt to fall away leaving her clad only in one of the smallest bras she had even seen, one that left virtually nothing to the imagination, and an equally tiny g-string. Letting her eyes roam appreciatively over the other woman’s tanned and tattooed skin, Zoe added, “But finish stripping yourself first.”

With a grin that somehow managed to combine shy and seductive into a truly heady mix, Alexis obeyed, quickly unfastening her bra before slowly sliding the g-string down her legs and stepping out of her shoes. Naked now, every inch of her tattooed flesh and all of her body piercings now on display, the other woman twisted just slightly to strike a seductive pose, the sight making Zoe’s already aching nipples harden even more and a rush of heat settle between her legs. It took all of her self control to avoid seizing the woman in another embrace but she managed it, somehow. Well aware of the effect she was having, Alexis winked before crossing over to the mattress with sensuous grace and climbing up on it, practically crawling to her mistress and settling behind the coffee-colored woman. Still silent, Morgan followed every move with her eyes, biting the corner of her lip in a way that Zoe found incredibly sexy, before twisting her body around almost painfully to accept a kiss as the redhead bent down to bring their lips together. As their kiss deepened, Morgan yielding to this one as well, her arms still limp at her sides, Alexis reached around to slowly unbutton her shirt and gently slip it off. As she watched the display intently, her eyes roaming over Morgan’s dusky skin and taking in the details of the woman’s toned torso and her modest but perfectly shaped breasts, Zoe shifted her hips slightly. As much as she had fantasized about this moment she had still not expected it to turn her on so much. Reaching down she unfastened her own belt and hastily tossed it aside before wiggling her cut-off shorts down over her hips with some difficulty, bending over to unlace her shoes so she could kick them off as well. Clad now only in her shiny satin bra and thong, as well as a pair of fishnet tights, Zoe straightened up and pressed her hands to the small of her back to work a kink out of her spine just in time to see that Alexis had finished her task. Morgan, completely naked now, was standing, almost awkwardly, next to the bed while Alexis, kneeling down on the floor, removed her socks and shoes one by one.

Of course, it was not the first time that Zoe had seen the coffee-colored woman in a state of undress but, even so, it was somehow different this time. As scant as it was, every other time Morgan had been wearing something after all, but more than that the lanky woman had always been in a position of power before. Her height, the tone of her body, even her attitude and posture had all contributed to an undeniable air of authority, of dominance. But this time? This time that was gone. While still tall, and powerful and oh so beautiful, this time Morgan’s posture was ever so slightly submissive, her gaze turned just slightly downward in deference to Zoe despite the fact that the artist was just a bit shorter than her. Of course, at the same time, the slight smile on her face betrayed just how much the other woman was clearly enjoying this and it struck Zoe then that Morgan probably didn’t get the opportunity to indulge her submissive side very often. Even through the arousal thrumming through her own veins the thought warmed Zoe’s heart, glad that she was able to do this for the other woman. Indeed the reality that Morgan trusted her enough to allow herself to be vulnerable like this was both touching and such an incredible turn on.

Stepping forward boldly, Zoe swept the other woman up in a fierce embrace, standing up on her tiptoes in order to kiss her hard and once again running her hands through that short, feather-soft hair. Morgan actually whimpered ever so softly as the artist eagerly plundered her mouth and, for her part, Zoe relished the sensation of the other woman’s soft and warm skin pressed up against her own as well as the feeling of their breasts being pressed together. Zoe also could not help but smirk ever so slightly at the feeling of an erection pressed against her thigh as she practically forced her tongue down the other woman’s throat and deepened the kiss even more. When she finally pulled away from that kiss after what felt like a small eternity, part of her aching to taste that sweet mouth once again, her face flushed and her lips swollen ever so slightly, Zoe could not help but smirk again to see that Morgan was in a similar state, breathless and aglow with pure lust. Smile softening just a touch, Zoe gently stroked the lanky woman’s waist with her fingertips for a brief moment before reaching up to kiss her on the brow. Loosening her grip to finally, reluctantly, end their embrace she reached down to offer Alexis her hand. The redhead, who had been watching the entire event from her place on the floor with an excited blush on her own face, took it and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet.

Offering the redhead a soft kiss of silent thanks, Zoe motioned for both of them to stay put, grin still twisting her lips, as she took two quick steps toward one of the nightstands that flanked the bed. Pulling open a drawer to reveal the scant collection of toys she had gathered for the night’s festivities, the sum total of her research these last few days, Zoe felt her heart quicken just a little. Heart racing at the possibilities, she glanced back over her shoulder at the pair of beautiful, nude women waiting eagerly for her next instructions, so willing to submit themselves to her and she almost could not believe her luck. Letting her smile turn sultry, Zoe bent over seductively to reach down into the drawer, taking a moment to pretend to dig through the contents before emerging with a roll of Saran wrap of all things. Straightening up slowly, doing her best to ignore the combination of lust and curiosity written on her lovers’ features, Zoe quickly crossed back over to them and handed the yellow box to Alexis, who took it with a slightly questioning look.

Zoe favored her with what she hoped with a wicked smile and a wink, “Just follow my lead.”

Alexis returned the grin, “Of course, ma’am.”

The redhead proved to be a quick study, thankfully, and without much difficulty the two women began to work at winding the plastic wrap around Morgan’s waist and up her torso, swiftly pinning the coffee-colored woman’s arms snugly to her sides and leaving her mostly helpless. That done Zoe motioned downward and Alexis nodded before silently dropping back to her knees to begin sheathing Morgan’s long legs in a similar manner. As that was being done, Zoe stepped back to the nightstand to retrieve most of the rest of the toys she would need. There were still a few surprises it wouldn’t do to let out of the bag just yet after all. With a smile of anticipation on her face as she watched Alexis work, the artist quietly slipped behind Morgan’s back and took advantage of the fact that all of the other woman’s attention was focused on what Alexis was doing to reach up and slip a blindfold over her eyes. Morgan gasped at the sudden and unexpected darkness, more in surprise than anything else, and Zoe quickly pounced on that opportunity as well, slipping a moderately sized ring gag into the other woman’s mouth. As she snugged the strap into place, feeling more than seeing the muscles in Morgan’s jaw work as she tested the gag, Zoe pressed her body against the coffee-colored woman’s back. Letting out a soft groan of appreciation at the feel of the artist’s ample bosom pressed against her, and unconsciously pressing back, that groan became a moan, her entire body tensing for a moment, as Zoe slid the last toy she was carrying, a modest but well lubricated butt plug, into place.

Fighting down a smirk at the way that, despite her reaction otherwise, Morgan grew even harder at the sudden intrusion, Zoe couldn’t help herself, “Someone’s having fun.”

Alexis, who had just finished wrapping her mistress’ legs and was in a perfect position to see her reaction, concurred with another smirk, clearly amused at seeing her mistress like this, “So it would seem, ma’am.”

Blushing fiercely through her dusky complexion Morgan was unable to do much else as her lovers continued to mummify her. Within a few moments she was completely encased in the plastic wrap, the tight and shiny materials sheathing her slender body in its inescapable grip from head to toe. Once that first layer was finished Zoe then proceeded to fetch a box of black electrical tape, handing several rolls to Alexis even as she took the rest for herself. It took a good deal longer, more than twenty minutes in fact, to apply this second layer of wrappings, carefully and thoroughly covering every bit of plastic wrap with smooth black rubber, but by the time they had finished the effect was certainly worth it. Morgan had been reduced to a faceless and utterly helpless mummy swathed in smooth, shiny black tape. Only the tip of her nose, her wrenched open mouth, her breasts and, of course, her hard and eager cock remained uncovered. Moaning softly as she writhed against her encasement, testing it and finding it utterly inescapable, Morgan could do nothing as her lovers carefully tilted her body and set her down on the floor. They were not quite finished yet, however. With some difficulty the pair managed to take her by the head and feet and move the moaning and squirming bundle onto the bed before Zoe clambered up to straddle the bound woman’s legs. Once again offering her hand to Alexis, who took it with a smile, the tattooed redhead joined her and accepted another soft kiss before settling onto the mattress at Morgan’s side, idly stroking her encased form with feather-light strokes of her fingertips, almost marveling at the smooth and shiny texture of her tape and the trembling body within.

From her perch over the mummified woman’s legs Zoe almost felt like a kid in a candy shop, unconsciously wetting her lips as she thought of all the things she could do to her mistress, and immensely turned on at the thought of just how helpless the other woman was to stop her. Leaning forward, she cupped Morgan’s breasts, kneading and squeezing the firm mounds, teasing her sensitive spots and relishing the softness of her skin, pleased at the way Morgan moaned at her touch and arched her back to press herself even more firmly into the sensation in a silent plea for more.

“I always thought of myself as a breast woman.” Zoe mused as she continued to tease the helpless woman, “I mean, what’s not to love about having a nice pair of boobs to play with? But I think I might have to re-evaluate my priorities. I always used to think big breasts were where it was at, and they certainly have their charms, but,” she glanced over at her companion, “hers really are perfect, aren’t they?”

Alexis smiled warmly and nodded even as she traced nonsense patterns over Morgan’s hip with her fingers, “They really are.” she suddenly perked up as an idea came to her, “Perhaps you should pierce her too? That way we can all match.”

Zoe felt herself smile in turn, especially at the way Morgan shook her head with an emphatic ‘no’ at that suggestion, and withdrew her hands, “Maybe some day my dear, but right now? Why don’t you give our poor mistress’ breasts a little love.”

With that Alexis’ smile grew almost hungry as she moved to practically drape herself over the mummified woman’s chest, “It would be my absolute pleasure, ma’am.”

Still straddling Morgan’s legs, pinning the woman in place, Zoe leaned back to watch as Alexis slowly shifted forward to wrap their mistress’ prone body in a half embrace as she cupped those wonderful breasts. With her full lips she began to worship the woman’s bare chest, branding her skin with kiss after kiss before teasing achingly hard nipples with her pierced tongue. Squirming against both her bonds and the weight of her lovers holding her down, Morgan writhed against them, twisting her shoulders back and forth as she moaned through her gag, begging Alexis for more and trying in vain to lift her hips as if pleading with Zoe to touch her in more intimate places. It was certainly a tempting invitation. Biting her lip and closing her eyes as a new wave of arousal washed over her, Zoe spent several long moments just listening to those beautiful moans underlined by the creak of tape straining to contain the body it was binding and the even softer sounds of Alexis’ lips continuing to drive their mistress wild. Eventually, she couldn’t stand it any longer and, muddy brown eyes snapping open, a new smile curved Zoe’s lips as she reached behind herself to unfasten her bra, freeing her ample breasts from their confident, nipples hard and eager, the studs pierced through them glistening in the light. Leaning forward sharply she cupped her tits and moved to trap Morgan’s trembling cock between them, enveloping the woman in the heated embrace of silken skin. The deep and helpless moan that filled the room as soon as she did was proof enough that the other woman was enjoying the sensation a great deal.

Smirking at that reaction and shifting her body back and forth ever so slightly, eliciting more moans as Morgan’s member was massaged ever so gently by her lover’s full breasts, Zoe spoke softly, voicing an almost rhetorical question, “You like my boobs, right mistress? You had such nice things to say about them last time.”

Despite her encasement Morgan nodded almost frantically, the combined efforts of both Alexis and Zoe driving her wild, “Yeh, yeh!”

Pretending to consider that, Zoe pressed a little tighter against her breasts to provide more pressure and allowed the agonizingly slow titjob to proceed for another stroke or two before sitting up straight again, cutting off contact and making Morgan groan in frustration as she fruitlessly tried to buck her hips. Waiting another few heartbeats for her mistress to settle down, Zoe shifted against to sit at the woman’s side, propped up on one arm as she reached out with her free hand to cup the coffee-colored woman’s balls, fondling them gently and eliciting new moans of pleasure.

“I appreciate the compliment, mistress.” Zoe eventually said, “But you know it’s not that easy. You’ll have to work for your orgasms, just like us.”

Despite another frustrated groan and several fierce twists as she tried, in vain, to move her arms Morgan eventually nodded and allowed herself to collapse back onto the mattress, lying still and practically panting. She was so turned on it was almost unreal and even this relatively light teasing made her feel as if she were about to explode. Twisting a little to catch sight of Zoe out of the corner of her eye, Alexis smirked but said nothing as she continued to worship Morgan’s small but shapely breasts.

Returning that smirk, but otherwise ignoring the woman, Zoe gripped her mistress firmly around the shaft and began to stroke slowly and gently, teasing a low and deep moan from the helplessly bound woman as she worked, “Good girl.”

Not bothering to wait for any other response Zoe continued to work, altering the speed and pressure of her movements, shifting between fast and slow, hard and soft, as well as varying the technique to maximize pleasure as she worked Morgan’s shaft and teased the sensitive head with her palm and the tip of her thumb. And yet, as much as Morgan was clearly enjoying the handjob, if the noises she was making were any indication, it was equally clear that Zoe had no intention of letting her cum that easily. At times the movement of her hand was glacially slow, tantalizingly pleasant but not nearly enough to push the encased woman over the edge. At other times, when she finally, blissfully, picked up the pace she would always, always stop just as Morgan’s muscles began to tighten in anticipation. Either letting go completely or squeezing the poor woman’s aching member tightly or even playfully digging her nails into the soft skin. Morgan moaned and pleaded, crying out in frustration each time, writhing and bucking and fighting in her bondage as she begged to be allowed to cum. But each time Zoe refused, waiting silently and watching her mistress struggle with amused and hungry eyes before gripping the poor woman once more and edging her again and again and again.

Finally, after what felt like hours of this sweet torture Morgan seemed to reach her limit, arching her back and crying out into her gag as she quite literally begged, “Chueahe! Chueahe uegh nhe cunh!”

Rather than relenting, however, Zoe instead let go and reached out to tangle her hand in Alexis’ brilliant red hair. Pulling the woman up and away from their mistress’ chest, her pierced tongue still sticking out of her mouth and a questioning expression on her face, Zoe captured her lips in a kiss. Throwing her arms around the artist, Alexis pulled the dark-haired woman close and accepted that kiss, returning it gratefully as their tongues dueled for several long moments as they lost themselves in each other, the soft pleas and muffled moans of their mistress forgotten amid their passion.

By the time it ended Zoe grinned, slowly stroking the other woman’s hair, “Tell me something, how often do you beg for release?”

Catching on the game she was playing Alexis returned her grin, “Quite often, ma’am.”

“I see.” Zoe answered, voice dropping a little as she fought to keep amusement and excitement out of her tone, “And how often does our mistress accommodate your requests?”

Morgan moaned, almost in defeat, at that and with amusement now filling her own blue-gray eyes Alexis just shrugged, “Not often, ma’am.”

Pursing her lips as if she were considering that Zoe glanced down at the helplessly encased and pleading woman, “She’s making an awful lot of noise despite that gag. Seems as if she needs something to keep her mouth busy.” glancing back at Alexis with another sly smile Zoe mused, “I always thought your tongue was quite distracting.”

“Why, thank you ma’am.” Alexis answered, accepting the honest compliment while grinning at the not so subtle suggestion.

Without further comment Zoe untangled her fingers from the other woman’s hair and shifted back to once again straddle Morgan’s legs, watching as Alexis bent down to capture the mummified woman’s lips in a fierce kiss, eagerly plundering that helplessly ring gagged mouth and silencing her increasingly frantic protests. Then again, given the much softer and more appreciative moans that Morgan began to make as Alexis probed deep, practically shoving her pierced tongue down the bound woman’s throat, she was clearly enjoying herself. Squirming a little at the passionate display, a quite dramatic reminder that Alexis and Morgan had been lovers for quite some time before she came along and well knew what the other liked, Zoe could feel a fierce heat throbbing between her own legs in response even as she felt a bit proud that her own efforts seemed to be appreciated. Shaking herself loose from those thoughts, she bit her lip to focus on the present before stretching across the bed to dig through the still open drawer of the nightstand again. It took a bit of doing, especially since she was reluctant to pull her gaze away from the sight of her lovers making out with increased intensity right next to her, but eventually Zoe managed to retrieve a small leather case and a bottle. Setting both of the items down on the blanket she carefully opened the case to reveal half a dozen glittering stainless steel rods of varying caliber, ever so slightly bent in places and polished to a mirror smooth finish. With but the slightest hint of hesitation she selected one of the smaller ones and coated it with a thin layer of sterilized lubricant.

Sparing one last look as Alexis continued to kiss their mistress passionately, Morgan struggling to reciprocate around her gag, she could not help but smile. It was almost a shame to interrupt such a beautiful moment. Almost. Reaching out with her free hand Zoe firmly, but gently, gripped Morgan’s still throbbing member, the other woman’s hips bouncing involuntarily at the sudden touch. Before she could even begin to recover from that, though, Zoe touched the end of the sounding rod she was holding to the tip of her cock before carefully inserting perhaps a centimeter of its length into her urethra. Morgan instantly tensed at the unexpected intrusion, her body shifting slightly against Zoe’s own as she did, and cried out into the kiss in alarm. Alexis instantly shot upright as well, looking back only to freeze in place as she caught sight of what Zoe was doing, her blue-gray eyes wide with mixture of fascination and perhaps just a touch of concern as well. Still, whether she knew exactly what was happening or not, she made no move to stop the artist. Instead, she reached out almost absently to stroke Morgan’s forehead, calming the bound woman.

“It’s alright, mistress.” Zoe assured, quickly, trying her best to project a calm and soothing tone of voice, “Just a new toy I’d like to try. Please relax and I think you’ll enjoy yourself.” after a brief second’s pause she added, “Trust me?”

For what felt like an eternity, but was probably no more than a handful of heartbeats, that question hung in the air, the silence growing with each passing second. Finally though, Morgan let out a noise that was somewhere between a moan and whimper before nodding ever so slightly in confirmation. Even though the bound woman could not see it Zoe smiled brightly in return, “Thank you, mistress.”

Fighting down just a touch of nervousness at what she was about to do, especially as Alexis had opted not to return to her earlier kiss, instead watching with open and almost intense curiosity, Zoe adjusted her grip and continued to insert the rod slowly. Careful not to apply too much pressure, and pausing instantly any time she met even the slightest resistance, waiting just long enough for Morgan to relax again before continuing, she shifted her hips to try and keep the encased woman from squirming too much. After a few moments, however, Morgan thankfully adapted to the strange sensations she was feeling, even gasping a few times as the rod stimulated a sensitive spot, her cock twitching a bit as she trembled in unexpected pleasure. And all the while Alexis continued to stroke her forehead, whispering soothing nonsense even as her bright eyes watched the sound disappear bit by bit into her mistress’ flesh, clearly fascinated by the process. Although it felt like an eternity had passed with her heart almost hammering in her chest the whole while, within a few moments Zoe had finished, nearly the entire length of the rod sliding into place almost effortlessly. Morgan moaned again then, long and low as Zoe tightened her grip and resumed stroking the poor woman’s rock hard member. The artist was not content to stop there, however. After two or three strokes she took hold of the sound once again and began to remove it, sliding just a bit of its length free before slipping it into place again. If the sensation of the rod being inserted had been pleasant it was absolutely nothing compared to this. The feeling of being stimulated both inside and out at the same time was nearly overwhelming and Morgan gasped loudly before moaning deep in her throat, almost instinctively trying to arch her back only to be held in place firmly by the weight of her lovers pinning her to the mattress. Smirking a bit, pleased by that reaction, Zoe increased the pace of the handjob while continuing to work the sound in and out, again and again, gently spinning the rod just a bit between thumb and forefinger as she did.

Already pushed to the edge by the combined excitement of being rendered so thoroughly helpless and the almost relentless teasing that Zoe had subjected her to, it did not take long for Morgan’s normally impressive self control to fail her under such wonderfully alien sensations. However, once again her tormentor was not prepared to let her go so easily. As soon as she felt Morgan’s muscles begin to tense, her body nearly as taut as steel cord as she tried to control herself, and her balls tighten Zoe stopped, immediately removing her hands and cutting off most sensation. For a split second nothing seemed to transpire until Morgan’s frazzled brain managed to comprehend what had happened and she let out an inarticulate cry of almost unearthly frustration, wriggling and writhing in place as she fought her bonds and tried to do something, anything, to gain the relief she so craved. The nearly unbreakable layer of tape made that impossible though.

Climbing off the woman’s legs, Zoe slowly crawled up to her face and gently kissed Morgan’s lower lip before nipping it softly, an action that seemed to calm her for the moment, “Shhh, mistress. It’s alright, it’s alright.”

Zoe smiled a little at the questioning moan the mummified woman offered and stroked her cheek softly for a brief moment. As her mistress seemed to calm Zoe’s smile turned just a touch cruel as she slammed a heavy panel gag down over the woman’s mouth, forcing the attached plug between her helplessly wrenched open lips. It was not nearly as large as the plug that Alexis had been forced to wear during their last encounter of course, but it still filled the coffee-colored woman’s mouth quite thoroughly and succeeded in almost completely muffling her moans. She reacted to the intrusion almost immediately, bucking wildly and shaking her head side to side as she tried to dislodge it but Zoe was quicker, managing to buckle the strap behind her head and tighten it down snugly.

As the mummified woman continued to struggle Zoe kissed her on the brow before leaning in to whisper in her ear, “What’s the matter, mistress? You seemed to enjoy sticking your dick in our mouths so it’s only fair.” she glanced at Alexis out of the corner of her eye, “Right?”

From her place sitting obediently on the bed next to Morgan’s prone form the redhead seemed to radiate amusement as she tapped a finger to her chin in thought, “Turnabout is fair play, ma’am.”

Zoe could not help but chuckle even as Morgan let out a soft, almost whining moan, “So glad you agree, but I think our mistress needs to cool down a bit. I left an ice pack in the freezer, would you fetch it for me?”

Nodding slowly Alexis began to climb off the bed, “Of course.”

For a long moment Zoe just watched as the nude redhead took a moment to stretch before padding out of the room on bare feet, her eyes particularly drawn to the way the tattoos that covered the other woman’s back almost rippled as she moved, to say nothing of the silhouette created by her narrow waist and marvelously curved hips, and then there was that ass… Shaking herself loose from those thoughts as Alexis disappeared through the doorway Zoe crawled back down to the foot of the bed, ignoring Morgan’s continued squirming and muffled pleas, as she carefully withdrew the sounding rod from the bound woman, eliciting another sharp moan in the process. Putting the rod back in its case, and setting both it and the lubricant on a side table, she made a mental note to be sure to clean and sterilize everything later to be safe. By the time she had finished with that, Alexis had returned, carrying a blue cloth ice pack in her hands. Climbing off the bed to greet her, the redhead barely had time to say anything before Zoe wrapped her up in an embrace and kissed her firmly. Certainly not disappointed with that response, Alexis gladly returned the kiss, throwing her arms around Zoe’s body and not offering even the slightest resistance as the artist drew her back over to the bed and sat down upon it, pulling the other woman down onto her lap as she did. As their kiss began to deepen, tongues exploring and dueling eagerly, Zoe took the ice pack, almost as an afterthought, and managed to reach back to press it against Morgan’s crotch. Despite her gag the mummified woman actually shrieked at the sudden and expected cold, squirming to try and get away but to no avail as Zoe kept it pressed firmly in place.

By the time the pair finally came up for air, flushed and grinning at each other, their mistress’s erection had quite thoroughly collapsed. Disentangling her arm, Zoe motioned for Alexis to lay down next to Morgan’s helpless form even as she brought a finger to her lips to indicate silence. With a tiny nod Alexis obeyed, climbing out of the other woman’s lap to lay herself out on the blankets, the curvy woman stretching languidly and arching her back to put her full breasts on display, her expression the very definition of bedroom eyes. Feeling a new heat settle in her gut at the sight Zoe tossed the ice pack aside and retrieved the last toy she would need for tonight’s festivities. Moving quickly she bent over the bed and proceeded to stuff Morgan’s cock into a snug chastity cage of cheap white plastic. Still partially numb from the cold, the woman did not immediately realize what was happening until the lock closed and the entire device tightened on her, squeezing away the last remnants of her erection.

Immediately the helplessly bound woman’s struggles resumed, even fiercer than before, but Zoe just ignored her for a moment as she straightened up to admire her work, “Now now mistress, good things come to those who wait. Or is it those who wait cum?” she shrugged, winking at Alexis who had to bite her lip to suppress a laugh, “Either way.”

Fighting back her own laughter, and almost unreasonably turned on by the sight of Morgan locked in chastity and moaning almost pitifully as she struggled against her bonds, Zoe hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her tights and pulled them down over her hips almost frantically, her underwear following with it. While it took a bit of fumbling to peel the fishnets from her legs, to the point where she nearly lost her balance once, when Zoe finally stood completely naked she put a hand on her hip and struck a pose, grinning at the way Alexis practically stared at her with unabashed lust. Leaning over onto the mattress and crawling on all fours until she was looming over the tattooed redhead, Zoe lowered her body ever so slightly until their breasts touched and their lips were but a hair’s breadth apart.

“Like what you see?” she asked, voice a low and husky whisper while arching her spine just enough to press down a bit more.

Almost whimpering at the sensation of her breasts being trapped beneath Zoe’s own, Alexis bit her lip and nodded ever so slightly.

Shifting her weight onto her right hand Zoe reached up to run her fingers through the other woman’s hair and trace the curl of her ear, “Such a good girl. Would you like a reward?”

A shiver ran through her body at that touch and that tone but Alexis managed to force a reply anyway, “Please?”

Chuckling ever so softly at that Zoe bent down and kissed her softly, almost chastely. Sighing at that kiss and closing her eyes Alexis opened her mouth in silent invitation but, surprisingly, the artist chose not to accept. Instead, Zoe straightened up and turned around before lying down upon Alexis’ nude form, reveling in the sensation of all that silky smooth skin sliding against her own even as she pressed her pussy against the other woman’s mouth and buried her head between those perfect thighs. Alexis wasted no time and Zoe found herself moaning, eyes fluttering shut as the other woman began to lick and kiss her most sensitive flesh in a way that was utterly delightful, especially after such a long wait. Clamping down on herself she returned the favor quickly, teasing the redhead until Alexis spread her legs, granting Zoe the perfect opportunity to plunge her tongue deep into that perfectly bronzed body. Of course it was not the first time they had pleasured each other like this, but it was the first time either one of them had been given the opportunity to do so without a ring gag in the way. While that was sexy enough in its own right, and certainly an experience that Zoe wouldn't mind repeating some time, as she got the opportunity to feel those silky soft lips kiss her labia again and again while tugging on her piercings before that marvelously skilled and pierced tongue swirled around her clit before plunging into her she could not help but agree that this was so much nicer. Then again, the knowledge that their mistress was helplessly mummified and laying next to them, squirming and moaning and pleading into her gag as they pleasured each other certainly didn't’ hurt. The poor woman must be about ready to burst at this point and somehow that thought made it even better.

However, determined not to be outdone Zoe redoubled her own efforts, worshiping the beautiful woman trapped beneath her and sucking on her clit in turn, using both her lip ring and tongue stud in combination to drive her absolutely wild. Perhaps it was a testament to how horny she was, but under that onslaught Alexis came undone almost immediately, her muscles tensing before she howled in delight and seemed to spasm wildly beneath Zoe’s weight. Grinning just a bit, pleased with herself for eliciting such a reaction and also a little annoyed that Alexis had stopped eating her out as she came, Zoe pressed her hips a little more firmly against the other woman’s face and squeezed with her thighs. That seemed to be enough to get Alexis back on track and she once again pressed her shaking tongue against Zoe’s nether lips. Within a few moments it was Zoe’s turn to writhe and scream in ecstatic release as she finally came, all the tension that had been building throughout the entire night rushing out all at once. Still, neither one was willing to stop just yet and, surrounded by the heady scent of arousal, they spent what felt like hours lapped at each other’s most sensitive flesh, teasing out orgasm after orgasm until both were far too exhausted to continue.

Tongue just a bit sore and her muscles like jello-o after cumming so many times in a row, it took all of Zoe’s considerable will to lift herself up and off of Alexis’ soft and inviting body. Looking down at the flushed and panting woman with half lidded eyes she silently pressed their lips together for one last exhausted kiss, tasting herself in that sweet mouth as they tongues met in a slow and pleasant dance. A pleased and sated grin on her face as the kiss broke, one mirrored by Alexis as they just stared at each other silently for a moment, Zoe ran her fingers through that vibrant auburn hair, amused at the way the woman pressed her head against that touch like an overly large cat. Finally though, she turned her attention back to their poor mistress, the coffee-colored woman still struggling in vain against her bonds, the heavy gag rendering her almost completely silent despite her no doubt vigorous protests. With a faint smile Zoe managed to marshal the last of her strength to climb over Morgan’s prone form before allowing herself to collapse onto the mattress and molding her body against the woman’s side. Alexis quickly followed suit, pressing her own curvy body up against their mistress’s other side and snuggling close. Shifting her head to give the bound woman a kiss on the cheek and throwing an arm around the pair to embrace both of her lovers Zoe let her head rest on Morgan’s shoulder and let out a soft sigh of contentment. While her mistress might disagree under the current circumstances, as far as Zoe was concerned this was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

“Pleasant dreams, mistress.” Alexis whispered softly as she snaked her own arm around Morgan’s prone form, interrupting Zoe’s train of thought in the process.

Trapped in the center of that group hug Morgan could do little but moan softly in her confinement, squirming helplessly as the realization no doubt began to dawn on her that she wasn’t going to be let out of her bonds, or allowed to relieve the tension in her loins, any time soon. Unbidden, that brought a tiny grin to Zoe’s face as she closed her eyes and settled in for the night. Despite her exhaustion, however, between the intoxicating feel of Alexis’ fingers brushing against her bare skin and the delightful sensation of Morgan’s quivering body in her arms it took a long time before she finally drifted off.

Zoe had never really been the type to remember her dreams beyond a few fading impressions but she could vaguely recall dreaming that night. Of softness and warmth, of skilled hands and clever fingers, of lips branding her skin and eager bodies writhing in her arms. Of sweetness, of love and of pleasure. Indeed, the impression was so strong that Zoe was faintly disappointed to feel them fade away but an insistent sensation slowly playing across the sensitive skin of her hip managed to draw her out of the deep sleep she had fallen into. Groaning softly, groggy and barely awake, she forced her eyes to open, squinting a little into the cool morning light until the world came into focus again. The first thing she saw was a seemingly endless field of shiny black and, still half asleep, it took a moment before she realized that her head was still resting on Morgan’s shoulder, the woman’s helplessly mummified body lying beneath her, still squirming slightly as she struggled to find a more comfortable position. Smiling at that sight she frowned suddenly when that faint tickle trailed across her skin again, forcing her to look up to find Alexis gently running her fingers up and down her hipbone.

“Good morning.” Zoe managed, voice a bit rough.

“Good morning, ma’am.” Alexis returned, softly.

Clearing her throat, Zoe asked, “How long have you been awake?”

Half shrugging as best she could while lying down, Alexis answered, “A while now. I was going to get up, but you two were just too adorable. I couldn’t help myself but watch.”

A faint blush coloring her cheeks, Zoe propped herself up slightly and practically drug herself over Morgan’s helpless body, the mummified woman letting out a muffled protest as she did. Reaching across to the other side of the bed she took Alexis under the arms and half pulled, half guided the other woman up enough for them to kiss again, both women taking their time to slowly but eagerly explore each other.

“Sleep well?” Zoe eventually asked once their kiss ended.

Alexis nodded, “It’s interesting. Usually I’m the one all bundled up for the night, but there’s something to be said for waking up like this.”

That reminder prompted Zoe to look down at Morgan once again, smiling as she took in the woman’s tightly encased body and the tiny noises she made around her heavy gag. Sliding a hand down that helpless form, and feeling the muscles of her toned stomach tremble at her touch, Zoe cupped the woman’s balls and squeezed softly to elicit a gasp. Idly fondling her, making Morgan moan and squirm even more than she had been, Zoe took note of just how tightly the chastity cage fit her mistress as the poor woman’s member tried, and failed, to grow erect within its confines.

“Poor mistress.” Zoe lamented playfully, “You must be practically about to burst.”

Morgan nodded vigorously, once again pleading through her gag, ready to do just about anything for a change to finally cum.

Immensely turned on by the display Zoe turned her attention back to Alexis, “What do you think? Has our mistress earned the right to cum?”

Still more than happy to play along Alexis slowly pushed herself upright with one hand, making a show of stretching her arms, throwing back her head and arching her back to show off her breasts, before shrugging, “I’m not certain, ma’am.” a tiny, slightly cruel smile twisted her lips then, “The decision is yours.”

“Hmm.” Zoe pondered, ignoring Morgan’s pleas as she continued to fondle the poor woman, “I’ll need to think about it a bit more.”

Despite that, Zoe did relent just a bit, retrieving a set of keys off the nightstand and unlocked the cage. It took a surprising amount of effort to actually work the thing off given how swollen Morgan actually was, her cock springing to full hardness as soon as it was free, tiny red lines running up and down the shaft where the cage had pressed in on her during the night. Gently stroking the tender skin, making Morgan tremble with anticipation, Zoe considered her options before glancing over at Alexis again.

“I think I might need a little help with this.”

Without waiting for a reply, Zoe leaned in and ran her tongue up the length of their mistress’s cock, teasing with her piercing and soothing the red marks as she did so. Morgan’s entire body seemed to arch in response, her hips lifting up off the bed as she threw her head back and moaned deeply. Almost smirking at that response, Zoe continued to kiss and lick the bound woman’s twitching member before teasing the head of her cock with her tongue, the deep and breathy moans she was eliciting almost music to her ears. Without comment Alexis joined in the act, kissing and sucking on their mistress’s balls with ever increasing vigor, adding to the overwhelming sensation of frustrated pleasure coursing through the woman’s body. Moaning in abject need, biting down on her gag and straining against her bonds Morgan could do nothing, nothing but endure as her lovers continued to tease her for what felt like an eternity, the touch of their sweet mouths transformed into pure torture as they still refused to take her over the edge. Still, in truth, that luscious torment did not last terribly long, perhaps less than five minutes, before Zoe at last took pity.

Ceasing her ministrations she offered Morgan a coy smile, even though the other woman certainly couldn’t see it, “I seem to recall, mistress, that last time we met you had a lot to say about what you considered a ‘proper blowjob.’ Perhaps it’s time I fully demonstrate my skills in that regard?”

Not waiting for any sort of reply, in fact it was entirely possible that Morgan hadn't even heard her, Zoe immediately moved to take the woman’s entire length into her mouth, swallowing to suppress her gag reflex. As soon as those lips wrapped around the base of her cock and that velvety throat tightened around her Morgan stiffened, gasping loudly at the sudden sensation before letting out a deep moan and thrusting her hips desperately upwards. Holding her position for several heartbeats more, all the while massaging her mistress with her throat, Zoe began to bob up and down in a quick, steady rhythm, sucking hard and all the while licking and caressing the throbbing cock filling her mouth with her tongue, taking special care to tease their mistress’s most sensitive spots with her piercing. It was a bit awkward with Alexis continuing her own pleasurable assault on their mistress’s aching balls, but she managed it, deep throating the woman over and over again, harder and faster with each stroke. The sensation of those soft lips, that tight throat and the tongue stud combined in a way that drove Morgan absolutely wild. Already about to burst even before Zoe had begun it was no surprise that the mummified woman barely lasted longer than a minute or two before any shred of self control she had completely shattered. Throwing her head back and howling into her gag as she game, Morgan poured herself into her lover’s mouth in a release so ecstatic she very nearly saw stars within the blackness of her blindfold. Zoe took it in stride, immediately taking the woman’s full length again and swallowing every drop of their mistress’s seed as she eagerly, almost hungrily sucked the twitching cock filling her throat dry.

By the time Morgan’s moans and whimpers of pleasure trailed off, the bound woman collapsing back onto the mattress in a sated heap, Zoe sat up and almost dramatically wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Glancing down at Morgan’s rapidly fading erection she turned slightly to look Alexis in the eye, the redhead now almost casually sprawled across their mistress’s legs with a smile on her face. Smirking ever so slightly, Zoe turned her attention back to Morgan’s panting form and held up her hand to reveal a tiny remote control she had been concealing in her palm and pressed the activation button with her thumb. For the first time since it had been inserted, the butt plug that Morgan had been wearing sprang to life, vibrating with surprising intensity. Shocked at the sensation, her entire body almost spasming as she gasped, her erection immediately sprang to life again. Smirking at that response, Zoe tossed the remote aside, the plug still buzzing away steadily, before shifting forward to straddle Morgan’s waist once again before slowly impaling herself on that stiff and eager cock. Biting her lip to stifle a moan as the entire length slid into place, filling her utterly, Zoe closed her eyes and began to rock her hips in a slow and vaguely circular motion.

A look of bliss on her face, Zoe felt her mistress shudder and moan at the sensation prompting her to clench her muscles, eliciting an even louder moan and making the edges of her mouth twitch up into a grin, “You like that, mistress? I hope so, it’s the only part of me you haven’t had yet.”

As she began to rock her hips faster and faster, losing herself in sensation and amused at the way Morgan tried to rock her own hips in response, Zoe suddenly felt Alexis crawl up behind her. Settling down on their mistress’s bound legs, the redhead practically molded herself up against Zoe’s tattooed back, pressing her full breasts up against the artist’s spine. For a moment Alexis did nothing, just gently brushed Zoe’s hair aside before planting a kiss on the back of her neck and allowing her hands to slowly glide up the other woman’s stomach. Zoe moaned in delight as she felt those soft and clever hands cup her breasts, squeezing hard before rhythmically massaging the delicate mounds. Spurring on by the sensation she began to thrust even harder, fucking their mistress with ever increasing vigor, pleasure radiating throughout her body as Alexis began to play with her nipples. Biting her lip to suppress another moan, Zoe’s eyes closed as she rode the helplessly bound woman, reaching back to blindly grope for Alexis’ own body but it took several tries before she finally managed to hook her hands around the other woman’s waist. Spurred on by that Alexis allowed one of her hands to glide back down Zoe’s stomach and down her pubic arch to begin teasing her pierced clit with the pads of her fingers. With that it was Zoe’s turn to be lost as she threw back her head and moaned deeply, grinding her pelvis harder and harder against Morgan’s own, feeling more than hearing the bound woman spasm and thrash beneath her as she came. Not that it mattered. Within seconds of that Zoe herself came undone beneath Alexis’ fingers, screaming out her pleasure as her body tightened, squeezing Morgan’s member like a vice and making the coffee-colored woman groan and writhe in response, as the blissful wave of orgasm washed everything else away. Removing her hands in the midst of this, Alexis quickly grabbed Zoe by the hair and sharply turned her head to the side in order to kiss her, thrusting her tongue into the artist’s mouth to swallow her screams and all the while struggling to hold the thrashing woman still as she came down.

Eventually, panting and spent, Zoe did return to her senses, her body going almost limp as Alexis pulled her back and hugged her close before reaching out to deactivate the vibrator still teasing their mistress. Melting into that embrace Zoe spent several long minutes enjoying those soft touches and gentle caresses as Alexis tried to calm her down. Smiling at the other woman as her head finally cleared, she twisted just enough in that embrace to give the redhead a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you.” she whispered, voice still a bit hoarse from screaming.

“It was my pleasure.” Alexis answered before offering a kiss of her own.

Eventually, as reluctant as she was to leave that warm embrace, Zoe climbed out of Alexis’ arms and drug herself to the headboard. Feet curled up underneath her, she spared another moment to admire Morgan’s form, noting the way the woman was breathing deeply yet calmly through her nose. Reaching down she gently unfastened the panel gag and pulled it free, popping the plug loose from their mistress’s mouth. Morgan jerked slightly at her touch, though she groaned in relief once the plug was removed and lay very still as Zoe began the somewhat complex process of cutting away the tape that encircled her head. Nonetheless within a few minutes she managed to peel the last of the tape and the underling plastic wrap away to reveal the coffee-colored woman’s face, her skin covered in a sheen of sweat and her short hair a bit matted but otherwise no worse for wear. With that finished, Zoe then popped the ring gag free and slid the blindfold off. Blinking at the sudden influx of light, and working her sore jaw a few times, Morgan’s vision eventually cleared to bring Zoe’s smiling face into focus.

“Welcome back to the world, mistress.” Zoe offered with a smile as Alexis crawled up to join them, “I trust you enjoyed yourself?”

Morgan swallowed once or twice to clear her throat before eventually finding her voice, “I admit it’s been a long time since anyone dominated me that thoroughly. Your creativity is impressive.” a tiny smile touched her lips then, “And frightening.”

Zoe laughed, “I’ll take that as a compliment, mistress.”

“I do have to ask, though.” a faint blush suddenly painted Morgan’s lovely cheekbones, “That thing, with the rod? Where on earth did you come up with that idea?”

Zoe shrugged, doing marvelous things for her chest, “You have to perform a slightly similar procedure when doing certain types of piercings, though admittedly you don’t go that deep.” her smile suddenly turned teasing, “It certainly seemed like you enjoyed it.”

“It was… unique.” Morgan allowed, though her deepening blush betrayed her true feelings, “It felt like I had gotten harder than I ever have before, almost impossibly so, and to be stimulated from the inside like that…” she seemed to struggle to find the right words for a brief moment before giving up, “I’ve never felt pleasure like that before.”

Zoe bent down to kiss her on the brow in silent thanks, “We’ll have to do it again sometime then, I have larger rods if you're curious.”

At that pronouncement Morgan suddenly looked far less eager, though Zoe did note with curiosity that the woman did not outright refuse either. “In any case,” Morgan continued, trying to change the topic and regain control of the conversation despite the fact that she was still helplessly bound, “I really do appreciate this my dear. Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, mistress.” Zoe assured.

“Although,” Morgan began, voice low and just a touch teasing, “locking me up in a chastity cage all night was very cruel. I’m going to have to pay you back for that someday.”

“Well then,” Zoe answered, equally playful, “perhaps I shouldn’t unwrap you just yet. Might I offer breakfast in bed as an apology?”

Morgan tested her bonds one last time, finding them as inescapable as ever, “And do you plan to feed me then?”

Leaning down to gently kiss the woman Zoe whispered, “I have to admit I rather like the sound of that. I’m game if you are, mistress?”

“I don’t object to the idea.” Morgan answered, voice equally soft, a tiny smile on her lips, “But I don’t think my bladder quite agrees.”

“That’s no trouble, mistress.” Alexis suddenly interjected, surprisingly to both of the other women, “I’ll fetch a bottle.”

Zoe laughed at what she assumed was a joke only to stop just as quickly as Alexis climbed out of bed and almost casually strolled out of the room. Glancing down at Morgan she raised a curious brow, “Is she serious?”

Morgan shrugged, “Probably.”

Zoe was silent for a long moment before she finally spoke, “I suppose I better start cooking then.”

“I’ll be here.” Morgan said, a teasing grin on her face and in her tone.

Zoe grinned at that joke but said nothing, just offered another kiss before climbing out of bed herself. There were still plenty of things to talk about, questions that needed to be asked and, eventually, Zoe knew they would have to talk about exactly what their relationship was and what it could be but, for now? For now she was just happy to spend time with these wonderful women, to explore them and herself in new and fascinating ways. To share her life as they had shared their own. As she headed for the kitchen to find Alexis digging through the cabinets Zoe felt her smile widen. It was shaping up to be a good day and, with a bit of luck, it would be the first of many to come.


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