The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

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A little side story, from world.

Chains of Ink

There were times, and places, when a person had to reflect upon the situation they found themselves in and ponder just how they had ended up there. For Zoe Sharpe that moment came one morning, or at least it felt as if enough time had passed for it to be morning, when she found herself in the somewhat uncomfortable position of sitting naked on a hard wooden floor, every inch of her pale skin completely bare and the tattoos that ran up and down her arms and legs as well as across her chest and back on full display. The room that she found herself in was cramped, little more than a closet really, with plain white walls and a bare bulb hanging overheat to cast stark, blaring bright light across every surface. The place was also a little chilly, goosebumps covered her bare skin and her pierced nipples stood out proudly, but that discomfort was secondary in her mind. No, the thing about her current predicament that Zoe felt more keenly than the hard floor beneath her or the cool air were the ropes that bound her almost uncomfortably tightly. A harness of the rough hemp cords had been tied around her chest and ample breasts before being woven around her torso and pulled between her legs, tight enough to be both mildly arousing and to ensure that even the tiniest movements made them dig into her sensitive flesh. Her arms had also been pulled sharply behind her back, secured in a box tie and affixed to her chest harness in such a way that she could not move them even a little despite what felt like hours of trying. Finally, her ankles had been bound together, forcing her to sit cross-legged, with the trailing ends of that rope tied around her neck in such a way that she had to hunch over slightly. Adding to her discomfort a large ring gag had been forced between her lips, stretching her jaws wide, before the thong she had been wearing was stuffed into her mouth and layers of black tape had been wrapped over the gag to ensure she had no hope of working it loose. After struggling for what felt like the hours, as the dark bags under bloodshot eyes and the streaks of mascara running down her cheeks attested, Zoe’s body ached and her jaw was throbbing.

How in the world had she ended up like this?

It had, in some ways, started off months ago on an otherwise very boring day. She had been working a midday shift at Bound by Design, the only one in the shop at the time given the general lack of customers before evening. Slumped in a chair behind the counter reading a magazine, mostly zoned out and lost in her own thoughts, Zoe was very nearly bored out of her mind in truth. There were only a handful of appointments scheduled and walk-ins, while not unheard of, were generally few and far between. She could not have predicted, however, just how exciting things were about to get though. The sudden and unexpected chiming of the doorbell forced her back to full awareness and, nearly falling off the chair in surprise, she hastily tossed the magazine aside and scrambled to her feet. Tugging her shirt back into place she stepped up to the counter in time to see a very striking woman walk through the doors. She was tall and thin, with long legs and arms, skin the color of mocha and dark hair cut fairly short and slicked to one side, the other side cropped extremely close with abstract patterns shaved into it. Accentuating her height and long limbs, she wore a simple pair of slacks and a white blouse, unbuttoned enough to show off a handful of necklaces around her equally graceful neck, with a blazer thrown on over that. The combined effect, along with a dusting of expertly applied makeup, gave her an androgynous and yet still subtly feminine air that looked very good on her. In her own tank top and torn jeans Zoe suddenly felt very underdressed. In all her years here she had seen all kinds of people walk through that door but this woman? This woman definitely stood out in a good way.

Realizing that she was in serious danger of staring, Zoe cleared her throat and put on an easy smile, “May I help you…?”

“Nahas. Ms. Morgan Nahas.” the woman provided, voice smooth and smiling a little to show off pearly white teeth, “And you are Zoe Sharpe, yes?”

Curious now Zoe nodded, “That’s me, but you can call me Zoe if you like.”

If anything Morgan’s smile seemed to grow, “Why thank you very much. I’ve seen quite a few samples of your work, I have to say you’re quite talented.”

Zoe grinned a little, “Well thanks to you too, Ms. Nahas. Always glad to meet a fan.”

“If I’m going to call you Zoe, please call me Morgan.” the woman assured, “And your work very much speaks for itself. In any case, I understand that you do both tattooing and various types of piercing here?”

“That’s right.” Zoe confirmed with another nod, “Which are you interested in?”

“Both.” Morgan answered, “But I have something of a… special request you might say.”

Zoe quirked a brow at that. She had taken any number of special requests over the years and in her experience what any one customer considered a ‘special request’ varied widely from the fairly mundane to the truly bizarre. Indeed, the only thing that was certain was that, at a tattoo parlor, special requests usually got strange real fast. Still, the money was often good so she nodded slowly, “Depends on the request, but I’ll see what I can do.”

Morgan stepped closer to the counter and set down a folder that Zoe hadn’t even realized she was holding, “I’ll get right to the point then. My girlfriend has been wanting to get some piercings and tattoos, quite a few of each in fact. Unfortunately her finances didn’t match her enthusiasm and she didn’t want the work done piecemeal. So, she’s been saving up money and getting designs done for quite some time now. But I’ve recently come into a bit of a windfall and I want to set things up for her as an anniversary present.”

Zoe didn’t comment immediately, but instead picked the folder up, surprised at how thick it was. The first page was a list of various piercings and styles, nearly a dozen in all ranging from basic ear piercings to various facial and body piercings. Nothing particularly unusual about most of that, though it was somewhat odd to get so many at once. Following that cover page was a surprisingly large number of sketches, professionally done she would guess, of intricate tattoo patterns. Accompanying each sketch was a pre-sized stencil and a diagram that showed exactly where on the body each one was to be applied. That did surprise her. It wasn’t unusual for customers to bring in a design rather than ask her to make one for them, though rarely was the quality this fine and, more often than not, she ended up reworking them anyway. But never had she seen this much detail and preparation done in advance. It seemed this Morgan woman wasn’t kidding when she said her girlfriend had been planning this for awhile. What did surprise her though were the sheer number of tattoos she was being asked to apply. Save for the face and breasts and a few odd patches here and there it seemed as if this mystery woman wanted almost her entire body covered. Zoe had worked on bodysuits and other extensive tattoos before of course, but such work usually took months, sometimes years, to complete depending on how many sessions the customer could manage to squeeze in. Still, it was certainly doable and the money would no doubt be very good depending on just how long it took.

Looking back up at Morgan, who was waiting patiently, she just nodded, “It’s a big order, but nothing too unusual. It’s going to be expensive though.”

“I know.” Morgan answered simply, “That won’t be a problem.”

Zoe shrugged and reached over to grab her ledger, “Alright then, I can make you an appointment for whenever you want to start. This is going to be pretty extensive work though, it could easily take months.”

A tiny smile formed on Morgan’s lips, “That is where the second part of my request comes in.”

Zoe just cocked her head slightly, “Oh?”

“If it would be possible,” Morgan began, “I would like you to come to our house and do the work there after hours. As many nights a week as you can, though I understand the schedule might have to change now and then.”

That certainly caught Zoe by surprise. She had done work outside of the shop before, but usually small pieces or cover-ups for friends, never anything as extensive as this. It wouldn’t be impossible, of course, just a lot more difficult. “Is there any particular reason you want to do it that way?” Zoe asked, “I mean, I’ll have to charge overtime. It would be a lot cheaper to do it here.”

If anything Morgan’s smile seemed to grow, “That would be the unusual part of this arrangement. You see, I want to fulfill a fantasy as well as a dream. I want you to tattoo Alexis while she’s in rather extensive bondage, she’s quite the kinky one you see. Finds the idea of being transformed into a work of art while helpless to stop it quite the turn on.”

Although the woman had spoken clearly it took Zoe a moment to wrap her mind around that statement. She had certainly been asked to do any number of odd things over the years but this? This was on a whole other level and, quite honestly, like nothing she’d ever been asked to do before by a long shot.

“Okay,” Zoe said at last, “I’ll admit, that’s a new one.”

“I understand that this is a bit… peculiar and if you’re not interested I certainly wouldn’t hold it against you.” Morgan assured, “But both Alexis and I admire your style greatly and I would very much like it to be you.”

As flattering as that was, Zoe's first instinct was to refuse. It wasn’t like she was shy or anything, nobody who was lasted long in this business, but to have her art become a kinky accessory in what sounded like a very elaborate fantasy? She could admit to having just a few misgivings about that. Then again, given that a job like this would be mostly off the books the lion’s share of the money would go right into her own pocket. Zoe had certainly never thought of herself as a greedy person but that was definitely tempting. And there was the fact that she liked this woman. It may have only been a first impression, but in their brief interaction Morgan had been friendly, refreshingly upfront and more than a little pretty. It was a shame that she was taken, but still. And so, against her better judgment, Zoe found herself wanting to agree. And if nothing else it was certain to be a story for the ages.

With a sigh she grinned and stuck out her hand, “Ah what the hell, I’ll do it.”

If anything Morgan’s smile brightened as she took the proffered hand and shook it firmly, “Marvelous. I’m sure that Alexis will appreciate it as much as I do. Go ahead and keep the folder, my contact information is in there. Give me a call when you’re ready to start and I hope to hear from you soon.”

They had discussed a few other minor details then, but nothing that Zoe would remember all that keenly afterwards, and with that the conversation ended just as abruptly as it had begun. Indeed, if not for the folder on the counter Zoe might not have believed it had happened at all. And yet it certainly had. Almost immediately she had begun to prepare, driven by a strange kind of excitement. She had assumed that it was simply a result of being asked to do something different, to step outside of the mundane comfort zone that most of her work fell into, but as time went on it proved to be more than that. It had taken nearly two weeks to go through every sketch and stencil to make sure that everything was perfect and usable as well as to take note of everything she would need. The final list was surprisingly long from simple ink (a rather large amount of it in several different colors), boxes of needle in various calibers and a myriad of tools that she would normally have regular access to but would have to bring with her in this case. By the time she had finished Zoe’s kit had filled several boxes, enough that she feared that it might not all fit into her car though thankfully it had. More than that, when she finally called Morgan to set a date, the woman being very glad to hear from her, a strange sort of anticipation had taken hold. In the past she had usually been eager to start a new or particularly interesting project but nothing like this. As the days counted down Zoe could feel an almost tangible sense of excitement grow within her, becoming keener and keener as the big day approached, to the point where she feared she might burst. Questions swirled in her mind. What did this Alexis woman look like? How would she be bound? How would she react when the needle first touched her? How long would this crazy plan even take? And how many months would she spend with a naked woman splayed out beneath her gloved hands? Although she did not want to admit it to herself the thought was more than a little arousing to the point where she even found herself daydreaming about the possibilities. Never enough to interfere with her work, but enough that some of her coworkers noticed her distraction. Not that she dared tell them anything.

Thankfully the day finally arrived and Zoe had been on edge all morning, almost distractedly checking the clock waiting for zero hour. When it finally came she said her goodbyes as quickly as she could, ignoring the comments about a ‘hot date’ from her colleagues, and headed out. Even so she made certain to take the time to grab a quick meal and load up her car, trying all the while to ignore the whole swarm of butterflies that had taken flight in her gut. Setting out, the drive had seemed to take forever as she wound her way toward a mostly unknown part of the city, lost in the unfamiliar neighborhoods until she finally reached her destination. It was, all told, a fairly simple house in a well kept but unassuming block of equally simple houses dominated by old trees, various types of gardens and tacky lawn ornaments. She’d checked the address three times, not certain she was in the right place at first, before finally parking in the drive and marshaling the courage to walk up to the door and ring the bell. Zoe could admit that standing on that porch, trying her best not to fidget, her palms had been sweating a little until the door finally opened to reveal Morgan’s familiar form. The coffee-colored woman was barefoot, dressed simply in a pair of skinny jeans with a cream colored blouse on top, left untucked, which drew attention to her lean limbs and slender hips. Once again she had left a few buttons unfastened to reveal a hint of cleavage and display a silver pendant, an ankh, dangling from around her neck.

A faint smile touched the tall woman’s lips upon catching sight of her visitor’s pale form standing there, “Ah, Zoe. Welcome to our humble home. It’s good to see you, I wasn’t sure when you were going to make it.”

Nerves calmer now Zoe smiled right back, “Sorry about that, traffic was murder.”

Morgan laughed and stood aside slightly, “Terrible, isn’t it? But please, come in.”

Zoe nodded and stepped across the threshold, “Thanks. I left my gear in the car, if you could show me the workspace I’ll figure out the best way to get things set up.”

Morgan’s lips twitched into another tiny smile but all she said was, “Of course, follow me.” before turning to walk deeper into the house.

Zoe said nothing as she followed, curious about that smile but at the same time not sure if she wanted to ask. Part of her wondered if trying to make small talk would be appropriate but, ultimately she decided against it. In truth she didn’t really know a lot about this Morgan woman or what sort of topics of conversation would even be appropriate. Doubly so considering what she was here to do. Instead she simply looked about the house, surprised at how spartan it was. The living room was only sparsely furnished, though it sported a comfortable enough looking couch and a large television, while the kitchen was almost spotlessly clean with a small wooden table and chairs set in the center of the room. Taking a sharp right turn, Zoe followed her host into a relatively spacious L-shaped hallway lined with numerous closed doors. A few pictures hung on the walls, adding splashes of color here and there, but like the rest of the house it seemed relatively plain. Part of her wondered where these various doors led but she declined to ask. Eventually, after what was probably only a few minutes of walking, Morgan opened the final door on the right side of the hall, letting much brighter light spill out into the dim corridor. Following the woman, Zoe squinted briefly to let her eyes adjust to the light only to freeze in place at the sight before her. The curtains were closed, though the overhead lights more than compensated for that, and several small tables had been pushed up against the walls along with a pair of rolling chairs but, initially at least, Zoe saw none of that. In the center of the room, upon a large padded table, was a nude woman bound helplessly spread-eagle, her body pulled incredibly taut with a jaw-spreader holding her mouth wide open and a blindfold tied tightly over her eyes.

Without pause Morgan walked over to the table and gently stroked the woman’s cheek, “Allow me to introduce Alexis Delise, your canvas.”

The bound woman, this Alexis, moaned out some type of response but Zoe did not hear that in the slightest. Tentatively she took a few steps into the room and allowed her eyes to roam over the helpless form. The woman was clearly tall, though not quite as tall as her girlfriend, and shapely with an hourglass figure and an ample bosom though, Zoe noted with slight satisfaction, not quite as ample as her own. Her long hair was the kind of vibrant auburn that could only come from a bottle, as the darker hair at her roots attested, and her skin was a healthy sun-tanned bronze although the complete lack of tan lines was certainly an interesting fact. Morgan was a lucky woman.

If Morgan noticed her staring she did not say anything, but the tiny smirk on her lips as she removed her hand suggested otherwise, “I trust everything is in order?”

Zoe’s eyes snapped up from the bound woman to Morgan’s face and she mentally took hold of herself. She had been caught by surprise, that was all. She was a professional and damned if she wasn’t going to act like one. Voice surprisingly steady she nodded, “This should be fine. I’ll get my things and start setting up, then we can get started. Unless there’s anything else?”

Although that tiny smirk did not fade, Morgan just shook her head, “No, nothing. But please, allow me to help.”

Zoe nodded and offered a grateful smile before slipping out of the room, feeling her heart race all the while. Thankfully with the help it didn’t take more than two or three trips to bring everything in and she could begin the process of setting up properly. In truth it was a welcome distraction and gave Zoe a chance to get a better hold on herself. She would never have called herself a particularly kinky individual, but she could admit to a certain degree of curiosity and, as she had proclaimed more than once over one too many drinks, she was willing to try just about anything once. Still, her direct experience with such things was rather limited, all told, and as she ran cords and sterilized needles, she simply could not get the image out of her mind. The sight of Alexis naked and bound, stretched out helplessly on the table and completely unable to resist anything either she or Morgan chose to do to her. It was a surprisingly arousing scenario and, the more she thought about it, the more she began to understand the particular appeal. Perhaps it was the distraction and her own rambling thoughts but, by the time Zoe finished her prep work she was a bit surprised to discover that nearly an hour had passed. Alexis was probably getting tired of waiting, though Zoe idly wondered if the anticipation made it better or made it worse? Whatever the case she hoped the girl had good endurance because the night was just beginning.

Tying back her long black hair to keep it out of the way, Zoe pulled on a pair of gloves and carried a tray of tools over to the main table before pulling up one of the chairs. Glancing across the table, where Morgan was holding her lover’s bound hand, she spoke, “Sorry for the wait, I’m ready to get started now. How long does she want to go before we stop?”

“It’s no problem.” Morgan assured, “And we can work as long as you’d like. Alexis is quite the little masochist and has an incredible amount of endurance.” the woman’s lip curled into another smirk, “In fact, I’m certain she could stay bound like this for days if needed.”

Alexis moaned softly, though whether in protest or agreement she could not say, and Zoe did her best to ignore it, biting her lip and cursing her pale complexion for making her blush obvious as she sat down. Focus. Taking a breath to steady herself she decided to start with the piercings as those shouldn’t take too long to do. Besides that, some of those piercings would take months to heal completely and so it would probably be best to get them out of the way as soon as possible. In almost complete silence Zoe finally got to work. Starting with the ears, she quickly put a stud in each lobe and a few more small rings in the curl of the woman’ left ear before putting a nose ring through her septum. With the simple piercings out of the way she then put a stud in the dimple of each cheek on either side of the woman’s mouth before taking a pair of forceps to steady the tongue. Alexis, who seemed not to have reacted thus far, suddenly moaned again as her tongue was gently pulled out of her mouth and her breath hitched ever so slightly as the needle went through it. Slipping a stud into place and removing the forceps Zoe set the piercing gun aside to begin prepping the woman’s body. As she did, Morgan reached down and gently stroked her lover’s forehead, which seemed to calm her down.

Even so, Alexis flinched slightly when Zoe placed a clamp on her left nipple and her breath caught in her throat as the needle passed through it. The process was quickly repeated on the right side but by the time she put the studs in each nipple, Zoe noted that the woman seemed a little flush and her breathing was a bit shallow. She was concerned for a brief moment until, with another blush, she realized that Alexis was turned on. Doing her best to put that out of her mind Zoe decided to finish up as quickly as possible. Cleaning and piercing the navel went off without a hitch but, when she pierced the woman’s clitoral hood and slid the final stud in place Alexis let out a moan that was definitely not one of pain. Standing up quickly, ostensibly to rest her back but more to cover her own reaction than anything else, Zoe did her best to try and keep her voice even. Customers reacted in ways you didn’t expect sometimes, even getting turned on once in a while, it was nothing she hadn’t seen before. Or at least, that was what she tried to tell herself.

“I’ll keep an eye on everything as we go, but those should take a few months to heal at least.” Zoe explained, “I’ve got a set of care instructions I’ll give you before I leave, but the shorthand is this. No vaginal or oral sex for six months or so.”

Alexis groaned a little but Morgan just nodded as she continued to stroke the woman’s brow, “A sacrifice, but one I suppose we shall have to make. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she stays on the straight and narrow.”

Turning away to carry the piercing tools to one of the side tables Zoe peeled off her gloves and let out a breath. Taking a moment to focus again she began to mix ink and set up the tattoo gun, pulling a set of freshly sterilized needles from the autoclave. Thankful for the distraction, Zoe spent a moment contemplating how to proceed given the sheer number of tattoos she would need to apply and how long it would likely take. Eventually, as she pulled on a new set of gloves and walked back over to the main table, she decided to continue as she was and start from the top, literally. Glancing up at Morgan who, still holding her lover’s hand, gave a quick nod, Zoe applied the first stencil around the bound woman’s neck and began a process that would take nearly six months in its entirety to complete. Losing herself in her art, as she often did, Zoe barely noticed the time passing, the buzz of the tattoo gun and Alexis’ occasional moan forming a steady backdrop of noise. On that first night, by the time she looked up, having made considerable progress on the throat and chest, she was shocked to find that the sun had set leaving it pitch black through the curtains. Suddenly tired, and honestly surprised that Alexis had been able to lay there without complaint for so long, she muttered an apology and began to clean up. Morgan said nothing, merely helped her load everything back in the car and saw her to the door before, once again, thanking her for everything. Blushing again Zoe simply promised that she would be back.

And she did come back the very next night and the night after that and the night after that. Indeed, she found herself visiting almost every night and staying late into the evening hours, having to force herself to take a break now and then to catch up on her sleep. And each night was almost exactly the same. Morgan would greet her at the door with a smile and, in that small back room, Alexis was bound to the table, naked and ready. The only real changes being a bright red ball gag that replaced the jaw spreader and an occasional shift in position as Zoe worked on her back and arms and legs in turn. As she worked she found herself impressed not only with Alexis’ endurance and the speed with which she seemed to heal, but also how much the detailed tattoo suited her as it took shape. An intricate geometric pattern of intersecting lines around her throat and under her chin that became thicker and more intricate as they spread across the shoulders, thinning again as they ran down the chest to terminate in a stylized lotus directly over her heart before thinning to pass between the breasts. From there the patterns shifted, becoming what she could only describe as a kaleidoscopic honeycomb of regular shapes and broken lines that covered the undersides of Alexis’ breasts before following the curves of her ribs and stomach muscles to terminate in a shallow arc just above her sex. A similar, if much denser pattern flowed down her arms and over the backs of her hands, interspersed with more stylized flowers and a pair of pin-ups hidden amid the sea of lines. A woman in a corset leaning back in a sultry pose plain on her right bicep and a tightly bound and gagged woman hidden on the inside of her left forearm. On her back the tattoos become more mosaic-like, intricately intersecting patterns of shapes, some shaded in some simple outlines, that started on her neck and flared in and out as they traveled down her back before ending in a triangle at the base of her spine. After a small gap those patterns continued, swirling in curved arcs across the cheeks of her ass and over her hips before plunging down her legs and onto her feet. A third pinup, a topless mermaid of all things, coiled around her right thigh but the tattoos that most caught Zoe’s attention were the thick black rings around Alexis’ wrists and ankles, as well as around the base of her neck, each with a stylized keyhole set into them. A symbol of submission, of ownership, for all the world to see.

As the weeks became months the whole thing became a strange sort of routine that Zoe found herself looking forward to a great deal. In retrospect she had almost become obsessed with the two women and this strange, kinky game she was helping them play but it had not become obvious immediately. Much like that first night when Alexis had clearly become turned on by the pain of being pierced her skin was often flushed and her breathing heavy as the tattoo needles passed over her. Zoe had, for the most part, managed to block it from her mind, or at least she had thought so until, on one fateful night, as she was tattooing the rather sensitive skin of Alexis’ inner thighs, the woman had stiffened in her bondage and cried out into her gag. Pausing immediately, afraid that she might have hurt her, Zoe’s own face went beat red when she realized that Alexis was not in pain. She’d orgasmed. That… that had never happened before. She’d tried to put that out of her mind as well, biting her tongue and ending the session early that night, but in the nights to come it became impossible for her to ignore the scent of arousal in the air. Worse perhaps, in the dark, after returning home, her mind tired and sexually charged, she’d begun to dream about that moment, conjuring all kinds of fantasies about the sorts of things she might do to Alexis’ helpless body, or the things that Morgan might do to her. More than once, in moments she was none too proud of, Zoe had awakened flushed and sweaty and so horny that she’d needed to masturbate to take the edge off.

Zoe was embarrassed by her body’s reactions. She liked to think of herself as in control, largely unflappable. This wasn’t the first time she had seen a customer in a state of undress, after all, even if the circumstances were certainly unusual. And yet, such reminders did not help as much as she might have hoped. There was just something about this situation or the people in it that got into her head. She still resolved to finish what she had promised to do, been paid to do, of course. It would have been terribly unprofessional otherwise. But, more than once she’d caught herself gazing at Alexis’ helpless body not sure if she wanted her, or wanted to be her. That was why after five months, two weeks and six days totaling hundreds of hours of work she was both relieved and disappointed to be finished. It had started like any of the other nights she had come here, save perhaps a touch of melancholy on her own part, the only real tangible difference being that Alexis was wearing a ring gag in place of the usual bright red ball. The reason being that her tongue had healed completely and the gag allowed Zoe to remove the longer stud she had originally placed to accommodate any swelling that might occur and fit the bound woman with her new, more permanent, piercing. After that it had been a relatively simple matter, perhaps an hour or so of work, to finish up the last few minor details of her tattoos. A bit of shading here, filling in some spots there, and adding a few finishing touches to bring the entire thing together. She would never forget the strange mix of sadness and pride she had felt upon pushing her chair away from that table for the last time to admire the finished design. While she wouldn’t go so far as to claim it was her best work ever, Zoe was extremely pleased with just how good the woman’s bronze skin looked covered in ink.

Glancing up to where Morgan stood, as ever by her lover’s side, Zoe gave her a tiny smile, “That’s all she wrote.”

The coffee-colored woman nodded in her direction and moved to untie Alexis’ arms from the table, “It’s absolutely perfect, thank you.”

“It’s no trouble.” Zoe offered as she stood to begin cleaning and packing up her tools, “It’s what you paid me for after all.”

Morgan laughed softly as she helped Alexis, still blindfolded and gagged, sit up before locking her wrists behind her back with a pair of handcuffs and moving around the table to free her ankles, “Perhaps, but you’ve certainly gone above and beyond as far as I’m concerned. I appreciate it, the both of us do.”

Zoe tried to wave off the compliment, but said nothing as Morgan reached up and, for the first time that the artist could remember, removed the blindfold that had been Alexis’ constant companion in every session to reveal a pair of brilliant blue-gray eyes. The tanned woman blinked a few times, adjusting to the light after being trapped in total darkness for hours, as Morgan helped her to her feet and escorted her to a mirror hanging on the wall. Almost as if she had never actually seen any of the marks now adorning her skin before, Alexis stared into the mirror with rapt fascination, twisting and turning her body this was and that to take in every detail, the designs etched into her flesh almost rippling as her muscles shifted beneath her skin. Even as she tried to focus on cleaning up Zoe had to bite her lip. At some point, perhaps catching sight of her in the mirror, Alexis turned to look Zoe in the eye, gazing upon the woman who had, in Morgan’s words, transformed her ‘into a work of art’ for the first time. Gagged as she was, the woman did not try to speak, but Zoe found herself transfixed and, as if beckoned, stepped back into the center of the room to get a better look.

Morgan smirked slightly at the scene, “She wants to thank you.” the coffee-colored woman explained.

Alexis just nodded and Zoe swallowed, her throat unexpectedly dry, “It’s ah, it’s no trouble.”

Somehow, without her realizing it, Morgan was behind her all of a sudden, their bodies not quite touching but close enough that Zoe could feel the heat of the other woman on her back, “No need for such modesty. Besides that, I think you deserve a reward, a little bonus, for all of your hard work.”

Still struggling to speak Zoe opened her mouth, “It’s really not…”

“Nonsense.” Morgan interrupted, leaning in to practically whisper, “I’m hardly blind you know. I could see the way your eyes lingered as you worked on Alexis, the cute little blushes you tried so hard to hide, especially when she moaned. You desire her, don’t you?”

Zoe started, shocked at that statement, utterly embarrassed that this woman had noticed her reactions, “I…”

“I don’t mind.” Morgan assured, perhaps sensing the artist’s growing discomfort, “As far as I’m concerned she’s the most beautiful woman in the whole world. And now, thanks to you? The most striking as well.”

She stepped forward then, motioning Alexis forward before setting her hands on Zoe’s hips. Frozen in place, even through her jeans that touch feeling almost uncomfortably warm, Zoe stood stock still as Alexis walked forward before obediently dropping to her knees and looking up with those brilliant eyes. This couldn’t be real, it had to have been some sort of fever dream, and yet it felt so very real for all of that.

Morgan’s hand suddenly drifted to the waist of her jeans, fingers hovering just over the buttons holding them together, before whispering, “Do you want me to stop?”

Even if part of her was still not convinced that this was real, she so desperately wanted it to be and so Zoe just bit her lip and shook her head. Feeling the other woman’s smile practically burn a hole in her back those clever fingers began to unfasten her pants one button at a time before shoving them down her hips to exposed her glistening sex to the world. In an instant Alexis was on her and Zoe moaned loudly, clenching her eyes shut against the sensation of that tongue, that wonderfully skilled and pierced tongue, upon her. As the bound woman worshiped her, and she could think of no other word to describe the sensation of that clever tongue running along her curves and folds while playing with the piercings in her own labia and clitoris, Zoe tilted her head back and bit her lip. The sensation was indescribably wonderful. It had been far, far too long since someone had last done this to her. In the midst of Alexis lapping at her enthusiastically Zoe felt her shirt tugged up sharply before Morgan embraced her and pressed their bodies firmly together. Her own arms pinned to her sides Zoe could do nothing, nothing but feel as strong hands tugged her bra down sharply to free her ample breasts and long, clever fingers began to knead and massage her flesh. Whimpering at the assault on her senses, breath quickening, Zoe tried to control herself but it was too much to ask. A long, low moan escaped her throat as her body practically quivered, on the edge of the biggest orgasm she’d had in a long time. She begged and pleaded for more, or at least she tried too, but at that point coherent thought was beyond her. Those clever hands massaging her breasts squeezed hard, pulling another helpless moan from her, before pinching her nipples sharply just as that incredibly talented tongue thrust into her. In that instant she was lost and Zoe felt her entire body tense, hands clenched into fists, as she threw back her head and screamed, cumming with enough force that, for a moment at least, she would have sworn her vision went blurry. Alexis continued to lap at her as her body quaked, eagerly drinking her fluids and licking her flesh clean even as Morgan tightened her grip, her arms the only thing holding Zoe upright as her legs turned to jello in the wake of that orgasm.

Still whimpering at the unexpected intensity of her climax, Zoe was only barely aware of Alexis pulling away and Morgan fixing her clothes. She was still panting softly as her limp body was carefully lowered into a chair and only then did she manage to open her eyes. Blinking away tears, it took a moment for her vision to focus but, when it did, she saw Morgan’s face, the coffee-colored woman stroking her hair and grinning at her.

“Well now.” the woman said, “I can’t say I expected your reaction to be quite that intense, but I must say you make wonderful sounds when you cum.”

Zoe felt her face turn bright red but speech still seemed to be beyond her.

Almost smirking now, Morgan leaned in a little, “I take it that it’s been awhile?”

Although still blushing Zoe managed a nod while looking down, “Yeah.”

The coffee-colored woman laughed and bent down to kiss her on the temple, “Take as long as you need. I’m going to get Alexis situated for the night.”

Slumped on the chair, her entire body tingling and trying to recover her wits, Zoe watched as Morgan led her girlfriend from the room, eyes lingering on the tattooed woman’s naked form. Once she was alone and her breathing began to calm she felt the sudden urge to laugh out loud, almost unable to believe that had actually happened. As much as she had fantasized, as much as she had dreamed, she had never dared to think that any of it might actually happen. Still, while not exactly displeased by the results, this was a memory that would likely keep her warm for a good long time, a new sense of sadness lingered as well. The job was done and odds were she would never see these two again. Unexpected sexual encounters aside, the road was coming to an end and, as much as she hated to admit it, it was probably a good thing. Closing her eyes, Zoe just sat silently for another few moments before she managed to regain enough control of herself to stand. Letting out a breath, she just shook her head, still a little high on pleasure, and began to slowly finish cleaning up and packing her tools away. And yet her mind was not really in it, the memory of those hands and that tongue refused to leave her, a new heat building in her core as she ran the events over and over in her mind. A rueful smile touched her lips. She was going to miss this.

At some point Morgan returned and with an almost nonchalant casualness walked up to her, “Need any help?”

Startled at the sudden question and blushing again Zoe quickly looked away with a shake of the head, “No. I mean, no thanks.”

Morgan didn’t seem fully convinced, furrowing her brow in concern, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, it’s no problem.” Zoe assured, trying to keep her voice steady, a million questions dancing in her mind and yet she dared not ask any of them, “Now that everything is done I should probably get going.”

“You can stay if you like.” Morgan returned, then frowned ever so slightly, “Are you alright Zoe? I didn’t intend to make you uncomfortable, but if you need to talk…”

“No, it’s nothing like that.” Zoe answered, even if some part of her knew she was lying or at least not telling the whole truth, “I just have a busy day tomorrow and I need to get everything cleaned and put away.”

Although it did not look like Morgan fully believed her the other woman just nodded, “If you’re sure. But let me help you, it’s the least I can do.”

Zoe did not answer directly, just offered a somewhat watery smile in thanks and went back to work. In a silence that felt just a little uncomfortable the two finished packing up and slowly carried the boxes out to Zoe’s car. As she slammed the trunk closed Zoe turned to see Morgan fish something out of her pocket and hand it to her. Taking the folded up piece of paper with a frown Zoe looked up questioningly.

“It’s the last of what I owe you.” Morgan explained, “And again I just want to say thank you for doing this.”

Thoughts a little more calm now Zoe just nodded and pocketed the check herself, “It really was no trouble. I’m glad you’re happy with the results. If nothing else, it’s one hell of a story to tell.”

“No doubt.” Morgan chuckled a bit and gave her one last smile, “Drive safely.”

Zoe gave another nod as the tall woman walked back toward the front door and she climbed into the driver’s seat. With another sigh she put the key into the ignition and started the car, glancing at the porch one last time to see the door close. An apt metaphor. In truth, the drive home after that was something of a blur but Zoe could still clearly remember pulling up to her modest home, the silence once again giving her thoughts a chance to linger on everything. Feeling suddenly exhausted she elected to leave her things in the trunk and unpack in the morning. Trudging up the steps and into the house, quickly shedding her clothes across the floor as she trekked to the bedroom, Zoe fell onto the mattress in a heap. Laying there silently for a moment she managed to crawl under the covers and curl up but sleep evaded her, her mind running a million miles an hour. Her skin tingling with a heat that had nothing to do with the blanket, she eventually plunged her hands between her legs and desperately brought herself off again and again, biting her lip hard to stifle her cries and fantasizing over and over about Morgan’s lanky body pressed up against her back, those strong hands on her overly sensitive breasts, and Alexis’ bound and tattooed form kneeling obediently in front of her. How much time and how many orgasms passed she could not say but, eventually, spent and panting she collapsed, finally able to sleep. Still, even in her dreams the memory of those women and all the things they had done to her and all the things she wished they would do to her continued to haunt her.

Life managed to return to some semblance of normalcy after that. To a point anyway. She went to work and managed to reclaim something of the social life she had sacrificed to complete this extra curricular project, going out with friends, visiting clubs and in general just trying to unwind and find some equilibrium again. And if anyone noticed she was a bit sad when left alone too long with her thoughts they did not mention it. She managed it for almost two weeks before something had to give. Despite her best efforts Morgan and Alexis were never far from the thoughts, her dreams or her fantasies. In truth Zoe was a little embarrassed of how she was acting even if she’d mostly managed to keep it to herself. She wasn’t a hormone riddled teenager any long and it wasn’t as if she’d never had casual sex before either. It wasn’t the desire for a relationship, not exactly, but something more primal. Those two had awakened something in her that none of her other lovers had ever managed to do and, try as she might, she could not get it from her mind. Which was how, one evening, she found herself sprawled out on her couch, phone in hand, staring at Morgan’s number. Some part of her desperately wanted to talk to the other woman again, to clear the air or confess or something, but the rest of her had no idea what to say. Apologize, ask for advice, ask for a repeat? Maybe all three. Indecision wracked her but, after nearly twenty minutes of staring at the number, she finally closed her eyes and hit dial.

The connection seemed to take forever but, eventually, the call went through and Morgan’s smooth voice answered, “Hello?”

“Uh, hi.” Zoe managed, a bit tongue tied now that the moment was upon her.

“Zoe!” Morgan explained happily, “What a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect to hear from you again. Is something on your mind?”

“Sort of.” Zoe answered, grasping at a topic of conversation before settling on a half truth, “I just want to… to check in I suppose. See how everyone was doing. I do that with customers who get a lot of work done, to make sure there are no problems.”

“Ah.” Morgan said, “Well there are certainly no problems here, at least none that I’ve noticed. Except…”

Zoe sat up as the other woman trailed off, “Except what?”

Morgan was silent for a moment, “Are you free tomorrow evening?”

Zoe frowned a little, wondering at that “I can be.”

“Then why don’t you come over after work if you can.” Morgan suggested.

“Tomorrow?,” Zoe asked, curious, “I suppose I can come over.”

“I hope so.” was the last thing Morgan said before ending the call.

Perplexed but also elated by the invitation Zoe spent the rest of that night and a good portion of the next day turning that conversation over in her mind. She was certain that there had to be some sort of hidden meaning but for the life of her she wasn’t sure what it was. Was there a problem? She didn’t think so, Morgan sounded far too calm for that, and yet her words implied there was something more at work, some reason for the sudden invitation. Then again Morgan had proven to be adept at reading her before, perhaps the woman had some inkling of the truth already, but why not just say so? Part of her wondered if she should call back and ask for clarification, or simply to cancel but, in the end, she decided to go. Truth be told she wanted to go, wanted to see both Morgan and Alexis again, wanted more than that if she was being honest with herself even if she wasn’t sure exactly what that might be. And so, at the end of the day, she went, once again making that familiar drive and walking up to that familiar door just after the sun set. Nerves prickling, her skin and her heart racing, she forced herself to take those last steps and ring that bell one more time. It was, perhaps, the longest minute of her life as she waited there on that porch, still not sure if this was a good idea or not, before she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. A few seconds later the door opened with a slight creak to reveal a familiar form. Morgan was much as she remembered with that same coffee-colored skin and close-cropped hair but, rather than the casual clothes she usually favored, the woman was wearing a robe that revealed leather straps criss-crossing her chest and a pair of thigh-high boots laced tightly onto her long legs. Zoe felt her cheeks turn pink at the sight, already imagining what was actually hidden under that robe and wondering if she had misunderstood the conversation last night.

Seemingly oblivious to her thoughts Morgan smiled easily, looking genuinely happy to see her, “You’re here.”

“Yeah.” was all Zoe could manage, though she returned the smile.

Morgan stepped aside slightly, still holding the door, “Please come in.”

Zoe nodded and crossed the threshold, somewhat awkwardly looking around the living room as Morgan closed the door behind her, “So, where’s Alexis?”

Morgan smiled at her again, “Follow me, there’s something I think you should see.”

It was Zoe’s turn to frown now, “Is something wrong?”

“Perhaps.” was all Morgan said, refusing to elaborate.

Concerned now Zoe simply followed the other woman back into that familiar hallway, though this time they crossed through one of the other doors into a comfortably decorated bedroom. Despite the different scenery, however, one thing was still very much the same. Alexis, tightly bound and gagged, was waiting for them. In contrast to her previous visits, however, this time the woman was fully encased in shiny black latex with only her ample breasts left bare, a pair of clover clamps pinching her nipples tightly. Arms and legs pinned firmly, Alexis moaned pitifully into the heavy panel gag covering her mouth while she squirmed and writhed in her confinement, desperately trying to shake the clamps off. Zoe’s blush returned instantly at that incredibly arousing sight. Just how long had the poor woman been like that?

“She’s been a very naughty girl today.” Morgan explained, matter of factly to Zoe’s unasked question, “So I’ve had no choice but to punish her.”

“Is… is this what you wanted me to see?” Zoe asked, shakily.

“Partly.” Morgan admitted as she slowly closed the distance between them, “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

Not sure where this was going Zoe nodded, “She is.”

Morgan smiled and took another step, so close their bodies were almost touching, “That’s the thing about masochists. They’ll suffer beautifully and then thank you for the privilege.”

Despite an overwhelming urge to step back Zoe stayed rooted in place, “I suppose so.”

“Do you have much experience with that?” Morgan asked, in an almost nonchalant tone before reaching out to run her fingers up Zoe’s tattooed arm, “Pain must not bother you too much with all of these. Not to mention being pierced in some rather… delicate places.”

Zoe felt her throat go dry, shivering a little at that touch, and licked her lips, “I guess not, but that’s a little different than…”

“Than all of this.” Morgan finished for her as she trailed off, vaguely gesturing at Alexis’ bound and squirming form. “Tell me, do many of your clients react the way she did?”

Zoe just shook her head, mesmerized by those dark eyes.

“I thought not, given your own reaction.” Morgan mused, “This wasn’t originally part of the plan, you know.”

Zoe frowned in confusion, “What?”

“It was just supposed to be a business arrangement.” Morgan continued, “But the way you looked at her, the way you blushed? I just couldn't help myself. You’re a beautiful woman as well, Ms. Sharpe, and the chance to touch you and tease you? To hear you scream in utter ecstasy beneath Alexis’ tongue? Who could resist that?”

Zoe turned bright red, fighting the urge to look away.

“Is that why you called me? Why you accepted my invitation?” Morgan asked, pressing on, “Do you want her?”

Zoe closed her eyes again, throat tight, “I’m sorry, this was a terrible idea…”

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Morgan interjected, “She is beautiful, and I’m the one that put you in an awkward position to start with.”

“It’s not, I mean… I do want her.” Zoe confessed, her voice growing strained as she spoke, desperate to make herself understood and, perhaps, to understand herself in the process, “But, it’s more than that. I… I wanted to be her.”

A beautiful smile bloomed on Morgan’s face, “Well now, that is a surprise. I had you pinned as a dominatrix, and I think you still might be, and yet here I find a beautifully shy submissive inside as well. How delightful.”

“I…” Zoe began, not really sure what to say to that.

Morgan reached out and gently placed a finger over her lips to silence her, “Just tell me what you want. That’s all you have to do.”

Zoe closed her eyes and let out a breath to calm herself. When she opened them again she felt remarkably steady for the first time in what felt like a long time, “I want you to tie me up. I want you to do to me what you do to her. I want to know… I want to know.”

“Be careful what you wish for, my dear.” Morgan cautioned, seeming to understand what she was saying, “Alexis likes it rough.”

“That’s fine.” Zoe assured, feeling inexplicably more confident, “I like it rough too.”

Morgan’s lips twitched into an amused grin, “We shall see. But before we go any further there is one thing that I suppose you should be made aware of.”

Zoe nodded slowly then asked, “And that is?”

For a brief moment uncertainty seemed to flash across Morgan’s face, the first time she had ever seen the confident woman falter, “I’m transgender.”

Zoe blinked at that. Of all the things she had expected to hear that had not been first in her mind. She honestly never would have guessed at all. While it was true that Morgan had a somewhat lanky form and she certainly cultivated an androgynous air, Zoe knew that alone meant nothing. She also knew that, whatever it was that was happening, it had to have been difficult to reveal that detail given the other woman’s nervousness. It was honestly a little touching that Morgan, whatever her misgivings, trusted her enough to both invite her into their home and to reveal this truth about herself. But, at the same time, while it certainly wasn’t an issue, Zoe wasn’t entirely certain what she should say, or if she should say anything.

Eventually she settled on a shrug, “Oh, okay. Thank you for telling me.”

Morgan ‘s confidence seemed to return with that non reaction and she smiled, “I trust that won’t be an issue then?”

Zoe just shook her head, “Not at all.”

“Thank you, I’m glad to hear that.” Morgan confessed, honestly, “It’s been something of a deal breaker in the past, sadly. There are ways we could proceed, of course, without being intimate but…” she trailed off before shaking her head almost ruefully, “But I’m rambling.”

“It’s okay.” Zoe offered, with an encouraging smile.

Morgan did not respond immediately, instead smiling at her before carefully untying her robe and letting it fall from her shoulders and pool on the floor. Beneath that garment a sleeveless, legless bodysuit of black leather revealed itself, the outfit clinging to her long and lean frame drawing attention to her modest bust while several scattered cutouts showed off the finely toned muscles of her abdomen. It was the clearest view Zoe had ever had of the woman and, in truth, it took her breath away.

Placing a hand on her hip Morgan smiled at her, clearly pleased by the reaction, “Like what you see.”

With a nod, Zoe whispered, almost instinctively, “Beautiful.”

Morgan’s smile, which had been teasing, almost seemed to light up the room, “Flatterer. But now it’s your turn. Show me everything,” the coffee-colored woman commanded, “I want to see every inch of your beautiful body.”

Zoe nodded and with an almost deliberate slowness began to undress, first stepping out of her tennis shoes before slipping off her tank top. Reaching behind herself she unclasped her bra and allowed it to fall away, freeing her own impressive bust and granting an unimpeded view of the tattoos on her throat and chest. With but a momentary pause she unbuttoned her jeans and bent over to slide both them and the thong she was wearing down her hips, wiggling a little to work them free and revealing more tattoos down her legs. After that she somewhat awkwardly pulled off her socks and fidgeted a little, unsure of what to do with her hands and blushing even deeper as she saw Morgan’s dark eyes drink in her naked form with clear appreciation and, perhaps, a spark of lust.

With a smile Morgan leaned closer and the coffee-colored woman cupped her chin with one hand, forcing Zoe to look up, before bringing their lips together in an almost chaste kiss, “You ready?”

Zoe nodded, “Yes.”

“Yes, mistress.” Morgan insisted.

Feeling a new wave of heat wash over her body Zoe bit her lip, “Yes, mistress.”

Morgan smiled and slowly slipped behind her, the woman’s hands trailing over her body as she did so. Zoe shivered a little as she felt those fingers brush her ribs, just passing by the edges of her breasts before caressing her sides and settling on her hips. It was a strange mirror of the last time they had been together like this and Zoe felt her knees go just a little weak. The woman leaned closer and Zoe gasped as she felt a pair of lips touch her shoulder in a feather light kiss before Morgan’s smooth voice sounded in her ear.

“You have such wonderfully soft skin and your tattoos show it off beautifully. Honestly, I could spend hours just touching you.” she whispered.

Zoe swallowed, “Thank you, mistress.”

Morgan’s lips brushed her ear briefly, “I’m going to bind you now, but before we begin you need to understand something. Neither Alexis nor myself like pain for its own sake. I don’t leave bruises or draw blood or any of the more extreme things that some do. What I do is push my lovers to their limit, to create as intense an experience as possible without going over that limit. Because intensity…” her voice dropped even lower until it was nothing but a breathy whisper, “Intensity fuels the most incredible orgasms.”

Zoe actually moaned at that voice, “Please?”

“Patience, my dear.” Morgan counseled softly, “Good things come to those who wait. You will need a safeword before we begin.”

Zoe pondered that for a moment before nodding to herself, “Needle.”

Morgan actually chuckled, “Appropriate. Get ready my dear, I think we’ve both waited long enough.”

Those hands slowly lifted from her hips then and Zoe practically whimpered as Morgan’s presence stepped away although, a moment later, the woman returned with rope in hand. Zoe closed her eyes and bit her lips as she felt the ropes begin to coil around her chest and over her shoulders, the cords coarse but not painful as they began to tighten. Still biting her lip she moaned as the ropes circled her breasts and cinched into a harness, squeezing in a way that was surprisingly pleasant and making her chest stand out proudly. As soon as the harness was in place her arms were drawn behind her back and Zoe offered no resistance as they were folded into place and bound wrist to elbow in a firm box tie, pinning her limbs in place to the ropes around her chest. She tested her bonds briefly, surprised and a little amazed to discover that she could not move her arms in the slightest. It was the most intricate and tight bondage she had ever experienced and Zoe felt the heat blooming between her legs intensify, her nipples standing out proudly in silent testament to her growing arousal. Morgan’s body pressed against her back again, cool leather and warm skin forming a wondrous contrast, as the woman reached around and gripped her breasts firmly. Lips quivering, Zoe moaned again and leaned into the firm body behind her as those hands began to massage her flesh.

“You really do have amazing boobs.” Morgan commented, almost idly, as she continued to explore Zoe’s bosom, squeezing just enough to feel the implants within. Grinning a little as the bound woman in her arms continued to moan under her touch, Morgan continued, “Remind me to get your doctor’s information sometime, this is excellent work.”

“Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress.” Zoe breathed, lost in sensation.

Morgan said nothing after that, but Zoe felt the hands holding her give one final squeeze before steering her towards the bed. Zoe offered no resistance as she was led across the room, opening her eyes as she was brought face to face with the mirror over the dresser. She gasped softly as her eyes fell upon the reflected image, entranced by the sight of her naked form bound tightly, the brown ropes a sharp contrast to her pale skin as they ran over her shoulders and squeezed her breasts tightly. Glancing up at Morgan’s grinning face perched over her shoulder, the coffee-colored woman’s hand idly stroking her skin, she blushed softly.

“Like what you see?” Morgan asked, clearly amused.

Zoe nodded, twisting as best she could to get a clear view from as many angles as possible, “You’re very good at this, mistress.”

“Why thank you.” Morgan offered with a kiss on the cheek, “But really, the work is it’s own reward. I’ve yet to meet the woman who doesn’t look amazing when bound, nice and tightly.” Leaning back to kiss her shoulder again while letting her hands idly drift over her sides, Morgan whispered, “Ready for the next part?”

Zoe nodded, biting her lip again as she saw Morgan’s hands withdraw only to reappear a moment later holding a pair of nipple clamps, if a much less extreme set than the ones Alexis was currently wearing. Despite some nervousness she made no motion to protest, simply drawing a breath to steady herself as Morgan set both clamps in place with a practiced motion. All told the pinch wasn’t that extreme, in truth not all that different from what she remembered when her own nipples had been pierced what felt like ages ago, but even so Zoe hissed a little at the sudden pressure. Hmming appreciatively, Morgan idly played with the clamps and ran a finger along the chain connecting them, eliciting a small shiver and simply watching as Zoe processes the sensation. Shaking her breasts experimentally, feeling the twist of the clamps pull on her nipples as they swayed, Zoe was surprised at how much she enjoyed the experience. All of a sudden Morgan moved, withdrawing her hands and gripping the cluster of knots between Zoe’s shoulder blades tightly, forcing her to turn around. Wide eyed and a bit surprised, gasping a little as the clamps dangling from her nipples swayed sharply with the motion, Zoe was too surprised to even think of protesting as she was pushed up against the foot of the bed. Morgan then pushed firmly and Zoe felt herself bent sharply over the mattress before her long, black hair was drawn back and grasped tightly in a fist, pulling her hair sharply and forcing her to look at Alexis’ tightly encased and struggling form. Biting her lip to suppress a moan at this rough treatment, incredibly turned on, Zoe squirmed a little in the other woman’s tight grip anticipation building within her as she wondered what was next.

One hand still holding her hair sharply, Zoe was unable to keep herself from gasping when Morgan’s other hand slowly snaked around her body, caressing the sensitive skin of her stomach before settling between her legs. With a skill clearly born of much practice Morgan began to explore her captive’s incredibly wet pussy and Zoe moaned as she felt the other woman’s surprisingly soft fingers trace her labia and play with her piercings. That moan became a whimper when those fingers brushed her clit, tugging a little on her final piercing before teasing her again with gentle touches.

“My, my, my.” Morgan mused, amusement clear in her tone, “You’re so wet.”

Zoe moaned as she felt those fingers push her to the very edge, but steadfastly refusing to let her go, “Please, please mistress.”

Morgan seemed to ponder that, pushing Zoe to the edge again, “Do you want to cum?”

Zoe whimpered at that touch, “Yes, yes I want to cum!”

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Morgan asked, tone amused and husky.

After the third or fourth time she was brought to the edge and left high and not so dry Zoe actually whined deep in her throat, “Yes mistress, please!”

In response Morgan slid a single finger into the squirming woman, making Zoe moan deep in her throat. Grinning, she leaned in to whisper into the other woman’s ear, “You’re so tight. It really has been awhile, hasn’t it?”

Zoe nodded, moaning again as Morgan’s thumb brushed her clit. Frustration building, she bit out, “Fuck me, damn you!”

Almost instantly Zoe felt herself pulled back sharply upright. She gasped in surprise at the sudden movement only to feel a large rubber ball jammed into her mouth. Instinctively she tried to push it out with her tongue, but Morgan quickly pulled the gag’s straps tight across her cheeks and buckled it into place. Biting down on the intruder, Zoe moaned a little at the sensation of having her mouth stuffed. That moan became a groan as the clamps dangling from her nipples were pulled sharply and Morgan began to roughly play with her tits again while pressing their bodies together.

Holding the bound, squirming woman in a firm grip Morgan whispered into her ear, “Such a dirty mouth you have, my dear. I suppose I’ll have to teach you some manners. But, if you want fucked that badly…”

Unable to reply with her mouth stretched wide around the ball gag, and helpless to resist with her arms bound firmly, Zoe could do nothing as she was shoved face first onto the mattress, a hand once again gripping her hair tightly to hold her in place. Moaning at the rough treatment, for a brief moment nothing seemed to happen, except for Morgan’s free hand caressing her hip, and Zoe felt her breath quicken in anticipation. A slight pressure was her only warning that things were about to change before she felt Morgan’s cock slide into her ass, slowly and deliberately. Groaning around the gag at the pressure slowly filling her Zoe tried to squirm instinctively as Morgan fully sheathed herself within her body but the hand on her hip and the hand in her hair held her firmly in place. After what felt like an eternity of waiting she could only moan again as the other woman began to thrust into her with long, slow strokes. Whimpering into her gag as the other woman picked up the pace, thrusting into her harder and harder as she picked up the pace, the faint slap of flesh against flesh filling the air, Zoe felt a delightful heat wash over her body while her pussy ached with need. Morgan clearly knew what she was doing, altering her pace and the depth of her stroke to elicit the most reaction she could from Zoe tight and eager flesh. And yet even as she moaned and begged and writhed against the hands holding her Zoe knew, in the depths of her heart, that as good as this felt she was not going to be able to cum and that was the entire point.

“What’s the matter, my dear?” Morgan forced out, panting slightly from the exertion and yet still clearly amused at Zoe’s struggles, “I thought you wanted me to fuck you?”

Trying to shift her hips Zoe practically shouted into the gag, “Hrdrr!”

“Harder?” the other woman asked, perhaps a bit surprised before a wicked grin bloomed across her face, “I suppose that can be arranged.”

Zoe groaned, eyes fluttering shut, before a moan echoed deep in her chest as Morgan kept her promise and thrust her hips forward forcefully. Rocking back and forth with each thrust, the clamps on her nipples twisting and tugging and pinching in a deliciously painful way as her body moved, Zoe bit down on the gag filling her mouth, her entire body on fire with need. She was close, so terribly, wonderfully close. Just the tiniest touch was all it would take to push her over the edge onto a plateau of pure ecstasy but Morgan steadfastly refused to grant her such release. Instead the woman started moving faster and faster, her own breath growing ragged until, after what seemed like hours, Zoe felt the hand holding her hair tighten and pull harshly as Morgan thrust forward, burying herself fully in Zoe’s helpless and eager body before letting out harsh gasp as she came. Eyes still clenched shut Zoe could do nothing but moan at the sensation of her hair being pulled while a twitching cock was buried firmly in her ass. They stayed frozen like that for another moment or two, Zoe groaning in frustration at her own denied orgasm until Morgan at last released her grip and the bound woman collapsed back on the mattress with a muffled curse.

Catching her breath relatively quickly Morgan pulled out of her bound companion, Zoe whimpering both at the sensation and the sudden feeling of emptiness that accompanied it, to say nothing of the throbbing need still pulsing in her veins. As the hands that had been holding her down left her body Zoe, still bent helplessly over the end of the bed, craned her neck back to watch as Morgan removed the condom she had been wearing, tucked herself back into her smooth leather bodysuit and closed the zipper in the crotch. It was honestly kind of impressive that she had been able to hide that bulge under clothing that tight. For a long moment the woman said nothing before slowly walking back over to the bed, her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. She smiled before reaching down to brush Zoe’s hair back away from her face and stroke her cheek gently.

“I suppose I underestimated you.” Morgan admitted, still smiling, “You really are a kinky thing at heart, aren’t you?”

Zoe only blushed and smiled a bit herself around the gag.

“And you fuck amazingly.” the coffee-colored woman continued, “I suppose you’ve earned that orgasm after all.”

Zoe felt her eyes go wide with excitement as Morgan reached down and gently helped her back up. For a long moment Morgan just explored her bound body, running her hands along the ropes and caressing her pale skin before giving her breasts one more squeeze and gently removing the clamps. Zoe hissed as feeling rushed back into her nipples only to moan as Morgan’s long, clever fingers began to massage the pain away. Finally she was led around the bed, toward the night stand where Morgan finally turned away and reached down to open one of the drawers. Digging through the contents for a moment she finally retrieved a ring gag and held it up, almost as if inspecting the device. Giving the artist a wink, which brought a small blush to Zoe’s face, the woman reached down over the bed and brushed her fingers over Alexis’ hooded head. The other woman, still squirming in her encasement, stilled almost instantly at the touch and twisted as if to press herself into that hand.

Still stroking her slave’s forehead lightly, Morgan smiled, “Zoe was kind enough to come check up on you, pet. Wasn’t that thoughtful of her?”

In response Alexis nodded, moaning a little as well.

With that Morgan carefully removed the heavy panel gag covering Alexis’ mouth. As the gag was pulled away, a large dildo attached to its inner surface was revealed as it was slowly withdrawn from the encased woman’s throat, her lips wrapped around it almost eagerly. Morgan set that gag aside but, before Alexis could even think to respond, the ring gag was quickly pressed into its place, slipping behind her teeth to wrench her lips into a helpless ‘o’ of surprise and show off the delicate pierced tongue within.

Quickly strapping the new gag into place Morgan gave a firm command, “I want you to show your appreciation for her kind heart, pet. And put your all into it,” one of her hands slowly ran down the mummified woman’s smooth stomach to rest just over her sex, “because, afterwords? It's up to her if you deserve to cum.”

This time Alexis nodded even more fiercely, “Yef, mphress!”

“Good girl.”

Zoe hardly needed prompting to climb into the bed, somewhat awkwardly straddling the helplessly encased woman laying upon it and feeling a new wave of anticipation wash over her at the sight of that helplessly gagged mouth standing out starkly amid a sea of black latex. Settling her hips into place, and pressing her aching sex to Alexis’ mouth, the other woman’s tongue was instantly upon her. Zoe couldn’t help herself, she threw her head back and moaned into her own gag as Alexis licked and lapped at her with almost desperate intensity, the contrast of her soft tongue and the hard metal of her piercing, as always, a wonderful contrast. Even in her pleasure, however, Zoe noted how different the performance was from the first time she had been allowed to experience this talented mouth. At that time Alexis had been slow and deliberate, teasing and testing and working her with the kind of skill that came from long practice. In sharp contrast this was almost frenzied, as if Alexis was trying to overwhelm her, to bring her off as fast as possible. Even as she ground her hips against the mummified woman’s face, silently urging that tongue on, Zoe could remember Morgans’ words. Alexis was trying her hardest to earn an orgasm of her own and, in that brief moment before she was completely lost, she wondered just how long the poor woman had lain here helpless, enduring whatever teasing torments her lover had subjected her to, begging for release? Not that there was much time to contemplate any of that. Already riding the ragged edge, it did not take long for Zoe to finally, finally, crest the peak. Her aching sex seemed to spasm as she came, howling into her gag and grinding her hips desperately against Alexis’ mouth, muscles tense as her arms fought the ropes binding them. Twitching and moaning as Alexis continued to lick her quivering flesh Zoe was barely aware of Morgan’s strong hands taking hold of her, pulling her away from her bound companion and into a soft embrace.

“I’ve got you.” the coffee-colored woman whispered into her ear, gently stroking her bound body to soothe her, “I’ve got you. Just ride it out.”

Zoe managed to nod, somehow, but even so she was only barely aware of it as Morgan guided her off the bed and back to her feet.

“So, what do you say, my dear?” Morgan asked, softly, while still holding her close, “Has our dear Alexis earned her orgasm?”

Zoe chuckled a little around the gag and nodded.

Morgan turned her attention to the bound form still laid out on the bed and smirked, “It seems that our Zoe has a kind heart indeed. You should thank her, pet.”

“Ghhanch oou!” Alexis moaned, relief clear in her voice as she tried to speak around her own gag as best she could, “Ghhanch oou, ghhanch oou, ghhanch oou!”

Draping an arm around her waist, hand resting on her hip, Morgan then led her away from the bed and across the room toward what Zoe had assumed was a closet. But, once it was open, the small space was completely empty save for a small mat sitting on the floor and a bulb dangling from the ceiling which flared to life with the pull of a cord. The plain white walls were completely smooth save for a handful of eye-bolts and other fixtures that, Zoe guessed, were convenient points to bind a person. Without a word Morgan took loose of a coil of rope that Zoe had not realized was dangling from her breast harness at the small of her back. That rope, the same coarse hemp cord binding her upper body, was cinched around her torso and waist in a complex weave before the trailing ends were pulled between her legs, a knot pressing firmly into her already sensitive sex, eliciting a soft moan, as the crotch rope was tied into place. Still silent, Morgan then gently prodded her into the closet and Zoe found herself forced to sit down on the mat cross-legged. The other woman then produced one final rope, tying her ankles together and locking her into that position before looping the ends around her neck to ensure that Zoe could not sit up straight without putting pressure on her throat.

Fully immobilized now Zoe could only watch as Morgan, kneeling in front of her, gently carded her hair back and fixed her long black curls into a loose ponytail. Stroking her face with a smile, the coffee-colored woman kissed the ball protruding from her mouth gently, “You really are beautiful when you cum, my dear. Just wait right here, I’ve got big plans.”

Zoe actually chuckled a little into her gag at that, knowing full well that she wasn’t going anywhere on her own, before the door closed, essentially locking her in. Heartbeat picking up as she wondered exactly what was about to happen, Zoe looked around the plain space as best she could in her current position, mind wandering. Part of her wondered how many times, and in how many ways, had Alexis been bound in this space? Had other people been where she was now, or was she the first to have been allowed to share this intimacy? And, perhaps most important of all, just how long was Morgan planning to leave her like this. A brief fantasy fluttered through her mind that they had no intention of letting her go at all, that she was to spend the rest of her life like this. A helpless sex slave, a set of convenient holes bound and gagged in the closet to be used as desired. Between that, and the way the crotch rope rubbed up against her at even her slightest movement, Zoe moaned.

It was impossible to tell just how much time had actually passed, it honestly felt like forever, but eventually the door opened again. Somewhat unexpectedly it was Alexis standing there. The tattooed woman was completely naked, her skin flushed and hair, pulled back into a tight braid, just a bit matted which suggested that she had indeed been encased for quite some time. Even so the woman’s blue-gray eyes seemed to sparkle with delight and her full lips were quirked into a wide smile as she took in Zoe’s bound form. Dropping down to one knee Alexis gently cupped Zoe’s chin and forced her to look up, their eyes meeting.

“I’ve been looking forward to finally seeing all of you.” Alexis said, her tone soft and sultry.

It was the first time that Zoe had actually heard her voice clearly and not muffled by a gag. She found herself liking it and she could not help but blush a little.

Still smiling Alexis let her hands glide down Zoe’s neck, fingers tracing the dark lines of the tattoos on her throat and chest, before caressing her bound arms all the while paying special attention to the colorful flowers amid a sea of dark waves etched into her skin, “I love your tattoos, they suit you. Different than mine, but they really are lovely. And you wear ropes beautifully. I’d guess you must have some experience, yes?”

Zoe tried to shrug but found that the ropes bound her too tightly. Moaning a little as her attempt once again pulled the crotch rope tight she settled for a tiny nod.

If anything Alexis’ smile seemed to grow, drawing attention to the piercings on either side of her mouth, “And these tits. I have to say, I think mine are better but yours are definitely bigger.” as if to emphasize the point she gave them a squeeze.

Zoe found herself moaning again at the feeling of pressure on her sensitive breasts, her nipples almost painfully hard.

“But enough of that.” Alexis concluded, again looking her in the eye, blue-gray meeting muddy brown, “Thank you again for letting me cum, it’s been a… long day. But, Mistress said I could choose how I cum, and I choose you. I want to feel that tongue of yours. What about you? Do you want to taste me?”

Almost mesmerized by that gaze, color rushing to her cheeks again, Zoe could only nod. She very much wanted that.

Smiling again, clearly pleased by that reply, Alexis reached behind her head and loosened the gag, pulling it from Zoe’s mouth with a pop. For her part Zoe groaned in relief as the pressure on her jaws faded but she did not have long to enjoy it. Alexis immediately took her chin in hand and, pressing on her cheeks, forced her mouth to stay open. Then, in a deft move, a ring gag was quickly forced behind her teeth and strapped down just as tightly. Zoe could not help but moan in frustration. If anything, this particular gag felt even bigger than the last one, though that was probably just her imagination.

“Do you like it?” Alexis asked, voice amused, “I was wearing it just a moment ago.”

Despite the fact that they were both naked, despite the fact that they had seen each other bound and despite the fact that this woman had eaten her out twice Zoe still felt herself blush at the strange, implied intimacy of sharing a gag.

Seemingly unmoved by that Alexis gently brushed her full lips, tracing the outline of her mouth with soft fingertips and paying special attention to the ring through her lower lips. Zoe could not help but shudder at that feather light touch. Still playing with her lip ring, Alexis mused, “Mistress always told me that, with very few exceptions, a gag rarely fails to make a woman look more beautiful. She also tells me that some mouths are made to be gagged and I think yours is definitely one of them.”

Zoe’s blush deepened at the compliment and, though she was not really in a position to articulate it, she felt much the same way about Alexis.

“Personally, I love to be gagged.” Alexis continued, “Something about the sensation, the utter helplessness, is such a turn on. And having something to bite on when I cum? I don’t know, but it really just does it for me.” she suddenly shook her head, grinning wryly, “But enough foreplay. I see you also have a pierced tongue and I really want to know what that feels like.”

Without waiting for any further reaction Alexis stood and, using Zoe’s ponytail as a convenient handhold, forced the bound woman’s helplessly gagged mouth against her own damp and eager sex. While she had never actually worn a ring gag before, Zoe was certainly familiar with oral sex. The other woman’s scent strong in her nose, Zoe eagerly explored Alexis’ curves and folds, licking along the edges of her labia and teasing with her tongue stud before lapping at that hard and eager clit, paying special attention to the piercing through it. Although it may have just been a result of how horny and desperate Alexis truly was, she clearly seemed to enjoy Zoe’s attention, her body quivering with every lick as she tightened her grip and moaned, long and low. Those moans became almost desperate, her muscles twitching as Zoe alternated between worshiping her clit and plunging her tongue deep into the silky heat of the other woman’s pussy. By this point the taste of her arousal was almost overwhelming and Zoe felt her own sex grow damp and heated at the display, unconsciously shifting her own hips to try and grind against the crotch rope. As she explored, seeking Alexis’ sensitive spots, she finally struck gold when she felt the other woman tighten around her almost desperately with a deep and throaty moan. Almost grinning around her gag she lapped at that spot again and again, using the tip of her tongue in all the ways she liked best before rubbing the spot with her piercing, switching back and forth again and again. Perhaps it was a result of Zoe’s skills, or perhaps it had more to do with the fact that, as Alexis had implied, she’d been edged for the better part of the day, but whatever the case under that constant assault it did not take long to push the other woman over the edge. Gripping her ponytail tightly, Alexis shoved the bound woman’s mouth even more tightly against her pussy. Muscles tense and quivering she practically doubled over as she came, screaming out the much longed for release she had been dreaming of for hours and hours.

Unable to do much else, Zoe drank the other woman’s fluids as they flooded her mouth, returning the favor of licking Alexis clean as she came down from her, clearly intense, orgasm. In the midst of her work Zoe suddenly felt the pressure on her hair fade and, all of a sudden, Alexis was down on one knee again. Eyes still a bit wild, the other woman reached out and took her by the sides of the head before practically crushing their lips together, thrusting her tongue deep into that helplessly gagged mouth. Caught by surprise Zoe quickly melted into that kiss, surrendering to the other woman’s touch and enjoying the somewhat novel sensation of being gag kissed, faintly tasting herself on that tongue as she was thoroughly dominated.

Eventually they broke apart, Alexis pulling back slightly, her face still flushed and sweaty. Licking her lips the woman offered a smirk, “Not bad.”

Zoe felt herself snort in laughter around her gag, for some reason terribly amused by that flippant reply. Alexis joined her, the other woman’s lips twitching as she tried, and failed, to keep from laughing herself. It did not last long, however. Within a moment Zoe’s laughter was cut off when Alexis suddenly held up a wadded ball of cloth and stuffed it through her gag, packing her mouth. Squawking indignantly, both at the sudden intrusion and at the realization that the wad of cloth was, in fact, the thong she had been wearing earlier, Zoe tried to dislodge it. But, before she could even make the attempt, Alexis had a roll of shiny black tape in hand and began to aggressively wrap it over her mouth. In a matter of moments the lower half of Zoe’s face was encased in tape, her gag now completely impossible to remove without help. That didn’t stop her from trying though.

With a playful pat on the cheek, and a tiny smirk, Alexis kissed the tip of her nose and stood, “There we go. Don’t worry, we’ll let you out in the morning.”

Zoe felt her eyes go wide at that pronouncement and, squirming against the ropes as best she could, tried to protest as the door was shut in her face but, as thoroughly gagged as she was, she could only make the tiniest of noises. At first, Zoe was convinced that Alexis could not be serious. There was no way they planned to leave her like this all night, but as time wore on she began to realize that maybe they were. Faint sounds echoed through the door now and then, soft giggling at one point followed by quiet moans and muffled cries that gave way to a rhythmic thumping and the slap of flesh against flesh. Zoe felt herself blush a little as she squirmed, trying to find a more comfortable position. Her captors, it would seem, were certainly enjoying themselves and, given how wet she was, she desperately wished she could join them. Eventually, however, the room beyond fell silent and Zoe realized, with a strange combination of dread and incredible arousal, that she might well be spending the night bound and gagged tightly, locked in a closet like a helpless prisoner.

It honestly shocked her how much she wanted that.

With nothing to do and nothing to look at save plain walls, unable to stay in any one position for too long, the bondage making her shoulders cramp and her jaws throb, time seemed to slow to a crawl. None of it was helped by the way the rope pulled tightly between her legs alternated between tormenting and teasing her. Once or twice she thought that she had drifted off to sleep only to jerk awake again, the ropes squeezing her body tightly and making her squirm. She longed to be able to stretch, or to work the kink out of her neck, but that was impossible. She was honestly exhausted, and yet strangely invigorated as well. The limits of her physical endurance had never been tested like this before and Zoe could admit to herself that she had never been more turned on. She was utterly and completely helpless, Morgan and Alexis could do anything they wanted to her and there was virtually nothing she could do about it. It made her think of the first time she had come here actually, that long ago first session when she had walked into that room to see Alexis helplessly bound. She remembered thinking much the same thing at the time. That the bound woman was completely at their mercy, that she could do anything she wanted to that helpless body and there was nothing Alexis could do about it. The thought had turned her on then and, in some strange way, been the catalyst of all this. And now that she found herself on the other side of the equation? Now she was even more aroused by the reality and, honestly, she wanted more.

Eventually, despite everything, Zoe did manage to find a reasonably comfortable position and drifted off again. That nap, however, was suddenly and rudely interrupted by the unmistakable sound of a door knob being turned. Looking up just in time to see the closet door open, Zoe was greeted by Morgan’s smiling form, the woman wearing only a loosely tied robe with nothing underneath it, the faint sheen on her skin and hair revealing that she had clearly just gotten out of the shower. Behind her, kneeling next to the freshly made bed with her head down, was Alexis, her damp hair flowing loose down her back and her naked skin glistening. Beyond that, however, Zoe noted that the bedroom was brightly lit with sunlight and she was honestly taken aback. She really had spent the whole night in here and that was… that was honestly incredible to realize.

“Good morning, my dear.” Morgan greeted, tone light even as her smile morphed into a tiny smirk, “I trust you enjoyed your accommodations?”

Zoe could do nothing but glare at the woman with bloodshot eyes.

Morgan chuckled at her response before carefully lowering herself to sit next to the bound woman. Reaching into one of the pockets of her robe she produced a small knife and Zoe went stock still as the blade was carefully slipped under the tape, angled to make certain it would not cut her. Slicing through the wrappings easily enough, Morgan pulled the layers of tape away carefully before fishing the ball of sodden cloth from Zoe’s mouth. Glad to be rid of the tape, to say nothing of the mouth packing, though very much aware that the ring gag was still tightly locked in place, Zoe risked glancing at the other woman.

Setting the knife down on the floor, Morgan smiled at her and stroked her cheek, “Alexis was right, you do wear a gag beautifully. But I’m being rude, aren’t I? You must be hungry.”

Without waiting for a response Morgan stood and casually untied her robe’s sash, allowing it to fall open to expose her bare body. Eyes darting across that sleek and slender form Zoe took in the other woman’s small but firm breasts, her dark nipples standing out proudly, and the toned ridges of her abdominal muscles as they gave away to gently curved hips and v-ed down to her clearly erect member. It did not take a genius to figure out what was about to happen and Zoe was not in the least bit surprised when Morgan gripped her ponytail tightly and thrust her cock into the helplessly gagged mouth in front of her. She forced her throat to go slack at the intrusion, calmly focusing on breathing through her nose and swallowing continuously to suppress her gag reflex. Morgan certainly seemed to approve of the gentle, if unintentional massage she was receiving, letting out a soft moan of her own as she began to thrust her hips, gently but insistently fucking Zoe’s face. For her part Zoe did not try to resist, simply letting her body go slack and allowing herself to be used as she carefully timed her breathing, inhaling and exhaling between thrusts. As the thrusts grew harder and deeper she began to use her tongue, teasing and worshiping the other woman’s member even as she continued to work her throat muscles both to keep herself from gagging as well as to pleasure her mistress. It certainly seemed to be working.

Soon enough Morgan’s thrusts grew wilder, deeper and harder as she lost herself in pleasure, her breath growing ragged as she moaned softly. Although it grew harder and harder to breath as the other woman thrust into her with abandon Zoe nevertheless felt pleased with herself and the reactions she was eliciting and redoubled her efforts, almost smirking around her gag every time Morgan’s cock twitched beneath her tongue or lingered in the tight grip of her throat. Even so, the woman certainly had stamina, maintaining an almost iron-bound self control as she alternated her technique between fast and slow, shallow and deep. It could not last forever of course. Eventually, even Morgan’s impressive self control failed and, lost in pleasure, the woman began to thrust wildly and deeply into Zoe’s throat, holding the bound woman’s hair tightly to keep her in place and biting her lip to suppress her moans of delight. Finally, after what felt like hours of being used, Zoe heard her mistress let out an almost strangled cry before thrusting deep into her. So deep in fact that, for a moment, she could not breath at all as the other woman came, pouring herself into that tight, captive throat that even now continued to massage her as Zoe desperately tried to keep from gagging.

After a moment of sheer ecstasy, and enjoying the sensation of Zoe’s continuous swallowing milking her cock dry, Morgan did pull out with a groan of delight. Zoe began to cough immediately as she struggled to catch her breath, blinking away tears in her eyes and barely aware as Morgan sank down to the floor next to her. It was only the sensation of strong but soft hands wiping her tears away that drew Zoe’s attention back to the other woman. Morgan was grinning at her but said nothing, merely leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead before reaching into her pocket once again to retrieve a small silver bullet vibrator. Zoe’s eyes darted to the object, watching eagerly as Morgan reached down to push the crotch rope aside and slip the vibrator into her. Moaning a little at the sensation she could still only watch as Morgan stood to slowly walk over to the bed. As she turned to sit down on the mattress, reaching out to gently stroke Alexis’ hair in the process, the coffee-colored woman presented a remote and gently flipped the switch. The vibration that suddenly sprang to life within her made Zoe moan loudly and close her eyes even as she squirmed desperately against the ropes, hoping against hope that she might be allowed to cum, only to groan in disappointment as the vibrations stopped just as suddenly.

“It’s interesting.” Morgan said, all of a sudden, having clearly regained control of herself, “There are few things I find more arousing than the sight of a pretty girl in a ring gag. Case in point,” she gestured at Zoe’s still squirming form, “the way you sit there, mouth open, drooling and helpless? It’s such a turn on.”

Zoe found blushing a little at the compliment.

“And being able to use a helpless mouth like that? It’s incredible.” Morgan signed then, “But at the same time it’s a bit disappointing.”

At that Zoe furrowed her brow, the edges of her mouth turning down in a slight frown as she wondered what that meant.

“Oh no, you did nothing wrong my dear.” Morgan assured, clearly picking up on her confusion, “You have a marvelously deep throat, and the way you use it…” she trailed off a little, closing her eyes and biting her lip, erection springing back to life at what was clearly a pleasant memory, “You certainly have talent.”

Zoe blushed again, a bit embarrassed but also a bit smug.

“The problem is, all you can really do like that is allow yourself to be used.” Morgan explained as she spread her knees slightly, “You certainly have a fantastic technique, but in my mind a proper blowjob needs more. A girl needs to use her lips and her mouth and her hands in order to produce the best possible experience.”

As if at some silent signal Alexis suddenly leaned forward and crawled on all fours between her mistress’ legs. Settling back down to sit on her own legs, the tattooed woman silently parted her lips and took Morgan’s entire length into her mouth. As soon as she did, Morgan's shoulders dropped and she closed her eyes again with a contented sigh, gently twining her fingers in Alexis’ bright auburn hair as the other woman’s head began to bob up and down in a steady rhythm.

Opening her eyes again, Morgan smirked at Zoe’s helpless form, the bound woman watching in rapt fascination, “At least, that’s how I train my slaves to suck dick.”

Whatever reaction she might have had to the sight of Morgan enjoying the attention of Alexis’ clearly skilled mouth was cut off when the vibrator within her sprang to life again. Moaning deep in her chest at the sudden sensation, Zoe clenched her eyes shut and squeezed the toy with all her might, clenching her muscles around it in the hopes of shifting its position just enough to push her over the edge. Morgan had other plans it seems. Leaning back slightly with a look of bliss on her face, one hand guiding Alexis as her head bobbed up and down while the other idly played with the remote control. For her part Zoe writhed and struggled against the ropes, no doubt doing great things for her chest, as she moaned and begged, desperate to cum after all this time. For what felt like an eternity, however, it was not to be. The vibrator seemed to switch on and off randomly, the intensity of its vibrations swinging up and down in a random and maddening cycle. Tears once again running down her face and drooling uncontrollable through the gag Zoe threw her shoulders back forced the rope around her neck to tighten. Perhaps it was coincidence, or perhaps it was something about the choking sensation that finally did it, but in that moment she felt something within herself break loose. She gasped, sucking in a great breath as she hung suspended in that moment for the briefest of seconds before the overwhelming intensity of an orgasm tore through her body, racing along every nerve to set her body alight. She screamed like a banshee as she came, hard, and madly ground her hips against the crotch rope in hopes of cumming again. Through blurry vision she could see Morgan’s own face locked in a mask of bliss as Alexis deep throated her but she barely took note of that as the vibrator seemed to kick up to its maximum intensity and another orgasm tore through her already quivering flesh.

Zoe had heard stories of people passing out during particularly intense climaxes or extended forced orgasm sessions, tales of seeing stars or entering subspace. She had never really believed it until that moment, when a third orgasm ripped through her body, what little mental resolve she had left thoroughly shredded. Panting and out of breath she wasn’t aware of her body, or her bonds or much of anything except the overwhelming sea of pleasure her entire being seemed to be dipped in. It was only the unmistakable sensation of the gag finally, finally being pulled from her aching mouth that at last drew Zoe back to herself. Blinking rapidly she looked up to once again see Morgan’s smiling face, the woman having closed her robe and walked over to her at some point. Behind her Alexis was once again kneeling obediently next to the bed, head down and hands in her lap.

“I trust you enjoyed yourself?” the coffee-colored woman asked with a broad and slightly mischievous smile.

Zoe worked her jaw a few times, swallowing to try and relieve the soreness of her throat before wetting her lips, her voice a rough whisper, “Fuck me, you weren’t kidding around about intense, were you?”

If anything Morgan’s smile seemed to grow, “I never kid about important things.”

“That was… That was something.” Zoe managed, at last, struggling to explain what she was feeling, “But, uh, full disclosure? I have to piss like a racehorse so unless you want me to pee on your floor you should probably untie me now.”

While normally quite unflappable that seemed to catch Morgan off guard for a brief moment before she burst out laughing. Shaking her head, but choosing not to answer with words just yet, she bent down and began to untie the knots. While they had worked themselves tighter during her struggles Morgan was clearly quite experienced and in just a few short moments she was finished. Zoe sighed with relief when she was finally able to straighten up, gratefully taking Morgan’s hand and allowing the other woman to help her up, groaning in relief as she was at last able to stretch sore muscles. Reaching up over her head to pop her spine and rubbing the back of her neck, she favored the coffee-colored woman with a smile, one that was returned with equal enthusiasm.

“Bathroom is second door on the right.” was all that Morgan offered.

Nodding at that, Zoe spared a moment to gather up her scattered clothes, still lying on the floor where she had dropped them last night and slipped out into the hallway. Finding the bathroom easily enough and she quickly locked the door behind her, dumping her clothes on the counter before sitting down on the toilet. Sighing as she was finally able to relieve herself Zoe closed her eyes and pondered. She honestly didn’t have the words to describe what she had just been through. It was like nothing else she had ever experienced, leagues beyond whatever paltry bondage games previous lovers had been willing to try. All she knew for certain was that she liked it and wanted more. Opening her eyes she looked down at her arm, at the rope marks that criss-crossed them and even a few minor rope burns on her wrists where she had struggled the hardest. Probing the wounds she flinched a little at the slight sting but, at the same time, could not help but smile. She supposed it was like tattooing in a way. You took the pain and wore the marks with pride.

Sighing again she pondered, for a brief moment, taking a shower but ultimately decided against it. She wanted to soak in a tub, preferably for a good long while, and then get at least four or five hours of sleep. After that? Well, she honestly wasn’t sure what she was going to do after that. Moving over to the sink to wash her hands and face, Zoe spared a moment to look in the mirror and smiled at her reflection. Her hair was an oily mess, still pulled back into a loose ponytail, and she thought she looked strange without her makeup. As well the deep red lines the gag straps had indented into her cheeks would probably take awhile to fade but, even so, the flush to her skin and the sparkle in her muddy brown eyes told a different story. Shaking her head she moved to dress quickly, putting on her bra (her underwear being in no condition to be used at the moment) before slipping on the tank top and shimmying into her jeans. Taking a moment to lace the sneakers back onto her feet she stretched one last time before flushing the toilet and stepping back outside. Hearing noise from the kitchen she headed down the hallway to find Morgan sitting at the table, still clad in only a robe, sipping on a glass of orange juice while Alexis, wearing only an apron, was adjusting the oven’s settings.

Upon hearing her entrance Morgan looked up with another smile, “Welcome back, Ms. Sharpe.”

“It’s Zoe.” she answered, instinctively, not fully able to keep a blush from her cheeks, “Especially after all that.”

“Zoe then.” Morgan agreed, “Would you like to join us for breakfast?”

It was an honestly tempting offer but Zoe shook her head, “No thanks. I need to get home and have a small coma before work.”

From the way her shoulders shook it was obvious that Alexis was struggling to hold back laughter at that comment and Morgan grinned at her, “Let me at least walk you to the door.”

Zoe smiled and nodded, waiting a moment for Morgan to climb out of her chair before heading to the front of the house together. At first, the pair said nothing as they walked until they finally reached the front door. Just as Zoe reached down to open it Morgan placed a hand on her shoulder, making her pause and look back curiously.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself Zoe.” the woman said, honestly, “It was a lot of fun, and I hope you’ll consider coming back.”

Zoe was a touch surprised by the offer, but flattered as well, and she could not deny how much she honestly wanted to do all of this again and more besides. Still, with a grin of her own, she shot back, “More tattoos?”

“Maybe.” Morgan admitted, “Or maybe next time you can dominate me. Alexis really is terrible at it without someone holding her hand, though the sweet girl tries.”

For a handful of heartbeats Zoe was stunned. Of all the things Morgan might have said that was so low on the list as to be practically nonexistent. And yet, as she turned it over in her mind, Zoe was a little shocked at how much the very idea turned her on. From her expression Morgan had picked up on that, especially if the sly smile on her face was any indication. Throwing caution to the wind Zoe chose not to answer in words. Instead, catching the other woman by surprise, she wove her own fingers into Morgan’s feather soft hair and pulled their mouths together in a hard, deep kiss. Clearly shocked, Morgan stood stiff as a board for an instant before she relaxed and melted into the kiss, opening her mouth to allow Zoe to explore her. The first proper kiss they had actually had, come to think of it.

A little breathy as she broke the kiss Zoe whispered, “I’ll hold you to that.”

“Don’t keep me waiting like last time.” Morgan whispered back.

At that Zoe only smiled and turned away to walk out the door. Mounting the steps down from the porch she turned back to offer a tiny wave goodbye, one which Morgan returned with a smile full of promise. Sighing to herself and shoving a hand into her pocket to try and find her keys Zoe began to walk toward her car. It had been an interesting night and, if she played her cards right, it might turn into far more than that. She had her doubts, and it was definitely a step into the unknown but, as she looked up into the clear sky, the light of a new day shining down on her, she could not help but think that was a good thing.


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