The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2021 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; vampire; bite; supernatural; naked; x-frame; cuffs; straps; gag; tease; climax; club; rom; cons; XX

A little side story, from world.

Bloody Kiss

As a famous, or rather infamous, club located in a busy district near downtown, most would have thought that Delirium never closed. Indeed, that impression was only stronger among those who had spent any time gathered there, crowded onto its dance floor or fighting for a seat at the tables, swimming amid the seas of humanity eager for a drink or a place at the theater. However, that impression was wrong. While it was normally closed during the day, the doors only opening once the sun set, there were rare occasions in which the club did not open at all. There was never any explanation as to why, it was just one of those little mysteries that all the most interesting places seemed to have. Most assumed that there was some practical, mundane reason. Certain holidays, cleaning, maintenance, supply deliveries or even just a chance for the staff, who were busy on the best of nights, to rest and relax. Other preferred wilder speculations of secret gatherings and private shows that crossed what few lines that Delirium seemed to have. No one on the staff ever commented, beyond the occasional coy smile, and that lack of an explanation served the club’s mystique well and certainly seemed to make it more popular. But it still left the question of why. All of these things were on Brianna’s mind as she rolled up to the mostly empty parking lot behind the club. Coasting as close to the building as possible she slammed down the kickstand of the old Honda motorcycle and killed the engine, letting it sputter to a stop before pulling off her helmet and spending a moment tossing some life back into her bright blue hair. Gazing up at the large edifice, its neon sign illuminated only by the nearby streetlights, she could not help but wonder. Under most circumstances she probably would have agreed that there was some mundane reason for the club’s periodic closures, but now? Given what she knew of Delirium’s owner she was more inclined to think that there might be more to it than that. And when she had a personal invitation to ‘stop by’ on one such night? Well, perhaps she might get an answer.

It was strange to think about but, in the weeks since she’d discovered just how wide and wild the world truly was, Brianna had found herself learning all kinds of secrets that most people remained blissfully unaware of. And as she learned about this strange new world that she had suddenly found herself part of she was ravenous to learn more. Which was why she was both excited and confused when Murial had contacted her, seemingly out of the blue. She honestly hadn’t had much contact with either the woman or her lover since their night of passion together, and the revelations that had followed. There had simply been too much to do. And with everything else that was going on she hadn’t really thought about it much to be perfectly honest. Still, the offer that Murial had extended, an invitation to meet with her at Delirium on a night on which, for the most part, no one else would be there, was intriguing. A private meeting with a vampire? It sounded like the setup for a horror novel and, under different circumstances Brianna might have entertained the idea that it was some kind of setup. But, whatever else, Claudia seemed to trust the woman and she was honestly curious as to what Murial actually wanted. So, awash with excitement and just a bit of nervousness she had thrown on a leather jacket and ridden off into the night.

Shaking herself loose from those thoughts she dismounted the bike, careful to take the keys with her, and headed for the door. It was an interesting juxtaposition when she thought about it. The last time she had walked these sidewalks, Claudia had been leading her on a leash and naught but a thin cloak had blocked her mostly naked body from sight. That had certainly been a wild Halloween and she slightly regretted not taking the time to come back and experience Delirium’s rather unique atmosphere again. Walking up to the unassuming side entrance she found it unlocked and, after a moment’s hesitation, stepped inside. The coat check room was much as she remembered it with tasteful wooden paneling and plush carpets, ornate doors across from her with ‘VIP Entrance’ brightly spelled out in gold above them, and of course the check counter itself looming empty and unmanned. It was kind of eerie to be perfectly honest. Still, after another moment’s hesitation she set her helmet down on the counter and resolutely walked up to those doors and pushed them open.

The cavernously empty interior of Delirium awaited her, the sound of the door opening echoing through the almost oppressively still room. As Brianna looked around the empty hall it was actually an almost surreal experience to see the place completely devoid of people and brightly illuminated. She keenly remembered her first sight of the place, but this time? This time there was no fog, no pulsing lights under the dance floor, no shadowed corners, no music and, of course, no press of humanity filling the place with its myriad scents and overlapping conversations. Maybe it was just how overwhelming this place’s first impression had been in her mind, or how incredible that night had been overall, but there was a strange sense of almost unreality about it. Indeed, despite the fact that it was brightly lit, allowing her to take in details she had missed before such as the patterned ceiling and that same intricate woodwork along the walls, Brianna almost shivered. Yawning empty, as if abandoned, there was a vibe to this place that sent a shiver down her spine as if she were walking alone into a haunted house. It was honestly kind of creepy. After gawking for a few minutes, and part of her wanting to turn around and leave right now, her eyes fell on the large bar pressed up against the back wall and Brianna realized that she was, in fact, not alone. The unmistakable visage of Murial du Sang stood just behind the polished hardwood, much like the first time they had met, watching with a tiny smile and motioning her over with a languid wave of the arm. Brianna felt relief flood her instantly, the sight of a familiar face comforting after her earlier disorientation even if some part of her suggesting that being alone with a creature that might well consider her food was a bad idea. Still, despite those butterflies swirling deep in her stomach, Brianna steeled herself and crossed the almost cavernous interior to sit down on one of the stools.

To her slight disappointment this time Murial was fully dressed, though her outfit was certainly flattering. A vest of black leather laced up snugly around her torso, displaying a generous amount of cleavage and leaving her arms bare while clearly displaying the tattoo on her left bicep, a stylized rose wrapped around a nail. Complimenting the vest was a short, pleated skirt that fell to roughly mid-thigh over torn stockings with a silver chain wrapped around her waist. When combined with Murial’s pale skin tone and wild red hair the look was simple, but quite striking.

“Welcome back, Ms. Brianna.” the redhead greeted in a familiar, regal, tone, still smiling slightly, “I do hope the evening finds you well.”

“Thanks.” she returned, “I have to say this invitation was a bit of a surprise. We haven’t really had much chance to talk, have we? So far, every time we have, one of us has been gagged.”

Murial laughed softly, seemingly delighted by that response, “It is all rather mysterious, isn’t it?” she admitted, “But after our wild night together, can you blame me for wanting to see you again?”

Brianna felt her cheeks go a little pink, not exactly embarrassed but well remembering exactly what the redhead was talking about. Still, she smiled easily, “And is your other half around?”

Murial just smiled mysteriously, “There’s nothing for it, when a wolf must hunt, so I tragically find myself all alone.” her smile suddenly turned sultry, “But you’ll keep me company, won’t you?”

Brianna felt her blush deepen just a little, but decided that two could play at this game, “Does that mean this is a date then?”

“How bold.” Murial exclaimed, pressing a hand to her chest dramatically, “Do you want it to be?”

“I can’t say I’d mind.” Brianna admitted, “But something tells me there’s a bit more to it than that.”

Murial nodded as she turned to begin retrieving bottles from the shelves behind the counter, “True, true. First, I did wish to extend an apology. I am sorry for frightening you so. I know how terrifying it can be to confront the shadows of the world for the first time.”

“It’s fine.” Brianna assured after a moment, before grinning, “And the second thing?”

“Clever girl.” Murial added with an almost sly grin, “Claudia may have mentioned the recent expansion of your education. In fact, I think she said that the only thing more insatiable than your libido was your curiosity.”

A little laugh escaped Brianna’s throat as she shook her head, pleased with herself that little comments like that no longer embarrassed her much, “That does sound like her.”

“So I thought we could have a little chat, an addendum to my apology.” Murial said offhandedly, “And besides that the menu is starting to get a little stale. I could use a guinea pig for testing some new cocktails.”

“I’m not old enough to drink.” Brianna pointed out.

“You telling me you never have?” Murial asked, raising a brow.

Brianna half smiled, “I wouldn’t say that.”

“Well then, I won’t tell if you won’t.” Murial returned with a mischievous smile.

Brianna sighed in amusement and shook her head, “Oh fine, a story and a drink sounds nice.”

“Marvelous.” Murial intoned as she gathered a few more odds and ends, “It’s quite annoying trying to experiment when you can’t eat or drink anything.”

“Vampires can’t eat or drink?” Brianna asked, having honestly never thought about it.

“Oh, we can physically force ourselves, yes.” Murial answered as she retrieved a shaker, “But there’s no flavor to it. The finest wine is as tasteless as the flattest tap water and the most succulent of steaks might as well be warm clay. Worse, since our internal organs don’t really work any more I have to vomit up anything I do eat eventually.”

Brianna wrinkled her nose, “That sucks.”

“It’s not pleasant.” Murial agreed, amused by the succinct reply, “But it can be useful when trying to blend in.”

For a moment Brianna just watched as Murial combined different ingredients into the shaker in a process that was, to her, practically as arcane as sorcery, “I honestly have so many questions I don’t know where to start.”

Pausing to crack an egg white into the drink Murial just shrugged, “We have all night.” she grinned again, “If you’ve got the stamina.”

Although she rolled her eyes a little at that Brianna did smile, “Okay then, how old are you?”

“Oh, about a hundred years dead or so.” Murial answered, almost casually as if it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Brianna’s eyes widened a little at that answer. She had suspected, of course, that Murial was older, perhaps far older, than she appeared, but to have those suspicions confirmed… “Really?” she asked, excitement in her voice.

“The Roaring Twenties were a hell of a time.” was the only answer that Murial offered as she took the shaker in hand, “I was a burlesque performer back when that was a far more scandalous line of work. I was lucky in a way. Used to be everyone wanted full-figured girls but when the twenties rolled around? Thin was in.” As she began to shake the drink, Murial offered a tiny smirk, “I had quite the gimmick actually. Started doing my hair up like this,” she batted where her red curls gave way to dreadlocks for emphasis, “wore leopard skins and beads, and painted my body. The wild woman, the Lady Tarzan,” she shook her head almost fondly, “the crowds ate it up.”

As she took in the story Brianna realized that it made a certain sort of sense, and definitely explained the woman’s commanding presence, as well as her limber grace and seemingly complete lack of shame, “I wish I could have seen that.”

Murial hmmed slightly as she stopped shaking the cocktail and poured it into a glass, its contents almost milky white, “I might still have the costume.” leaning closer and offering a fine view of her cleavage the woman grinned, almost conspiratorially, “Kiera’s quite fond of it, though she’d never admit it.”

Feeling herself blush a little as her imagination grabbed onto that image, and the subtly implied offer of a private show, Brianna cleared her throat, “So then, how did you become a vampire?”

Clearly not quite finished with the cocktail she was working on, Murial took a bottle of wine and began to gently add drops until a thin layer of dark red formed on top, “Same way anyone does. Another vampire drank all of my blood, or at least enough to kill me, and then, while my corpse was still warm, fed me a few drops of their own blood.” she got an almost far away look in her eye, “I’ll never forget that night. Barely aware of the world, slipping away into darkness until what felt like liquid fire passed my tongue and down my throat. It’s indescribable really, the pleasure and the pain of being remade completely.”

Brianna was utterly silent as she listened, hanging on every word as Murial’s tone became soft and distant, emotions that she could not identify thick in her voice, “Sounds incredible.”

That seemed to bring Murial back to the present, “In a way. Some call it a curse, others a blessing and still others say it’s both. I say it is what it is. But have no doubt, there’s no rational explanation for it. It’s not a virus or a parasite or alien technology or anything silly like that. We’re purely supernatural creatures and I don’t know how anyone can go through the Embrace, as we call it, and not realize that. Though some stubborn fools do.” She shook herself then and smiled before sliding the finished cocktail across the bar, “But enough philosophizing. Let me know what you think.”

Brianna looked at the glass, noting how the dark red wine was slowly swirling into the drink not unlike her memory of fresh blood dripping down Murial’s pale chin. With but a moment’s hesitation she reached out and took a drink. The taste was… surprising. It was sour, but not bitter, and smooth despite the clear taste of alcohol, the wine blending into it in a strange but not unpleasant way. Regarding the glass with some surprise she looked up at the redhead, “What is this?”

“I’m thinking of calling it a Bloody Valentine.” Murial said, then gave a half shrug, “But it’s basically a whiskey sour with a few extras. Do you like it?”

“I do.” Briana admitted, honestly surprised, “I don’t really like whiskey, but I like this.”

“Do be careful with it, I have something else I want you to try.” Murial cautioned as she started returning the bottles to their niches and grabbing new ones.

Nursing her drink and watching as the other woman continued to gather ingredients Brianna finally asked, “So, how many vampires are there?”

“Can’t say I know.” Murial answered simply, “We do have a society of our own, and no I’m not going to talk about that, but it’s not like there’s a census or anything. Perhaps two hundred in the local area and surrounding towns, I would guess.”

“That many?” Brianna wondered, a bit surprised, even if, in retrospect, it wasn’t actually that large of a number compared to the population.

“All kinds of people get Embraced for all kinds of reasons.” Murial offered, somewhat nonchalantly, as she grabbed a clean shaker and began to mix spirits again, “Some sires hope for a companion, others want a legacy, and still others want to preserve the beauty or talent of a human they admire. Then there are those driven by desire, or obsession, or even spite in some cases. The end result? Lots of fangs on the streets.”

Brianna considered that for a moment, “And you? Do you know why you were chosen?”

“My maker fancied herself an artist and was apparently a fan of mine, managed to charm her way into my dressing room one night,” Murial explained as she added a few drops of something to the shaker, “Called my performances captivating and said it would be a crime to allow such beauty and grace to fade from the world. I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about until the fangs were in my neck.”

“Are the two of you close?” Brianna wondered, setting her drink side, half finished.

Murial just shrugged as she began to shake this new cocktail, “We drifted apart after a few decades and she found some new artist to obsess over. Probably for the best.”

“Sorry.” Brianna offered, sensing that it was perhaps a sore subject and watching as the woman shook whatever she was working on rather vigorously, which did wonders for her chest. She could imagine that the performance was even more impressive when the redhead worked topless, as she normally did. Probably did wonders for the tips as well.

“Not unusual among vampires I’m afraid.” Murial said, brushing off the concern, “Given our long lifespans we tend to drift apart and drift together again over time.”

Brianna pondered that for a moment, “Sounds lonely.”

“It can be.” Murial admitted as she poured her latest creation into a fresh glass and slid it across the bar, “But it’s time for round two.”

With a shrug Brianna lifted the glass to her lips and took a sip, much to her regret. The concoction burned all the way down and she found herself coughing uncontrollably. Struggling to catch her breath she forced out, “What is this?!”

“It’s called a Necromancer.” Murial explained, simply.

“That could definitely wake the dead.” Brianna croaked.

Murial tapped her chin with a finger, as if in thought, “Perhaps dial the absinthe back.”

“Yeah, maybe just a bit.” Brianna managed trying, and failing, to inject sarcasm into her tone.

Perhaps amused, or perhaps taking pity, Murial offered a tiny smile, somewhere between apology and amusement, and filled a new glass with water, “I had something else but, perhaps that’s enough for tonight.”

Almost immediately picking up the glass and taking a deep drink Brianna sighed in relief and slumped a little on the stool. Just a sip felt like being punched in the face, she didn’t want to imagine what a whole glass would be like. For a few moments neither said anything as Murial began to clean the bar but, eventually, holding the cup of water with both hands and looking down at her reflection in it, Brianna spoke, “What’s it like? Being a vampire, I mean.”

“It’s hard to put into words.” Murial said, after another moment of silence, “In some ways not so different from being alive, but in others... You still remember who you used to be, still have the same thoughts and feelings and attachments but you’ve been transformed into a predator with the instincts to match. It’s… jarring and you have to find some kind of compromise, some kind of balance between your two halves if you want to have any hope of surviving.”

Brianna cocked her head curiously, “What do you mean?”

Murial put the last bottle away and turned to lean on the bar again, “I mean that who you were and what you’ve become have to be reconciled somehow. There are those who react with horror and try to deny their predatory nature.” she shook her head, “That always ends in tears. And then you have the type that embraces vampirism a little too eagerly. That’s a fast road to becoming a true monster, one that usually gets put down for the good of everyone.” she leaned back a little, looking up at the ceiling, “You have to meet somewhere in the middle. Accepting your predatory nature without letting it control you. I won’t say it's easy, especially after you get that first taste of blood, but it's necessary.”

Idly spinning the cup in her hands Brianna pondered that, rather heavy, statement. She understood what the redhead was saying, after a fashion, but a part of her suspected there was only one way to really know and that… well, she could admit to a certain fascination but, at the moment at least, had no desire to experience undeath for herself. Looking up at Murial’s pale visage she bit her lip, hesitating for a moment, “Speaking of blood. I remember when I saw you… well, when I saw you, you looked...”

“Absolutely wasted?” Murial supplied, interrupting with a grin.

Blushing a little in embarrassment, Brianna nodded, “Something like that.”

“Kiera is a bit of a special case.” Murial explained, “A werewolf’s blood is charged with power, drinking it is a hell of a rush. A fringe benefit of being her lover, I suppose.”

Blush lingering as she noted that wasn’t the only fringe benefit of being Kiera’s lover, a tiny smile touching her lips as she remembered that perfect body, Brianna shook her head slightly, “So not all blood is like that then?”

Murial made a so-so gesture with her left hand, “It varies. Healthy blood is far richer than unhealthy blood and comparing human blood to animal blood is like comparing Kobe beef to hamburger. No matter the source, though, blood is the only thing that has any flavor anymore, and drinking it is pure bliss.”

“How so?” Brianna asked, curiously.

Murial seemed to ponder that, searching for an explanation, “To you blood would probably taste like copper and salt. But to me? To me it's like the finest champagne, the most Epicurean meal and the rush of an opium pipe all at once. I honestly can’t really describe it any better than that because it’s like absolutely nothing I ever experienced when I was alive.”

That was an interesting way to put it and Brianna quirked a brow, “Opium huh? That’s an oddly specific example.”

Murial just smiled, “My dear, when I was alive you could buy heroin as cough syrup. I’m familiar with narcotics.”

Although said almost as a jest, Brianna could tell that Murial was being serious and it struck her then just how different the world was a century ago. Looking down at her cup again she spoke softly, “I know you said you were more than a hundred years old but it really just hit me what that actually means, how much you must have seen, how much the world has changed. Things must be practically unrecognizable now.”

“The times have definitely changed.” Murial agreed, smiling faintly, “But as far as I’m concerned things would be dreadfully boring if they didn’t. Call it one of the challenges of immortality. You have to be prepared to reinvent yourself, sometimes radically so, as old ideas fade and new ones take their place. Some can’t manage it and become increasingly anachronistic shut-ins, shunning the world and preferring the company of equally anachronistic vampires, sad relics of the past. I like to think I’ve done a fairly good job of it, though I’m still young as these things go.”

Fearing that this conversation was growing perhaps a touch too melancholy, and maybe just a bit tipsy by this point, Brianna decided to change the subject, “One more question.”

Murial gestured with her hand, “Go on.”

“Claudia mentioned that she let you feed on her.” Brianna began.

“Once.” Murial clarified with a slight shake of the head and a soft sigh, “I’d swear that girl craves sensation more than I crave blood.”

Brianna blushed a little, voice falling to a whisper, “She also said that it feels good, really good. I was wondering...”

“What it feels like?” Murial supplied as she trailed off. At her nod the redhead leaned over the bar again until their noses were practically touching, “I could show you, if you’re willing to make it worth my while.”

Feeling her heart speed up both at the other woman’s proximity and her offer, curiosity swirling within her, Brianna wet her lips, “Is my blood not enough?”

“I’m not hungry right now.” Murial whispered, voice low and husky and full of promise.

Brianna swallowed, feeling that tone run down her spine and settle between her legs, “What do you want then?”

“I want to tie you up and play with you,” Murial offered, voice still low “Nothing rough, of course, but it seems only fair. Then? Then I’ll show you something that, I guarantee, is like nothing you’ve ever felt before.”

Feeling her throat go dry and her pussy grow damp, nipples hardening beneath her shirt at just how turned on she was by the thought, Brianna nodded ever so slightly, “Deal.”

Without another word Murial snaked her hand across the counter and slowly intertwined her fingers with Brianna’s. With a grin that was equal parts smug and, somehow, incredibly seductive at the same time, the pale woman began to lead her away from the bar. Brianna said nothing, merely gripped the hand holding hers tightly, marveling at the smooth texture of Murial’s skin and the faintly cool sensation of her flesh. It was not unpleasant, but it was a bit surprising. When literally sprawled across her naked body some weeks ago she did not remember the other woman feeling cool to the touch. Was that another trick, some subtle ability to ‘blend in’ as Murial had put it? Or had it simply been that, at the time, she had been far too worked up to notice? No way to know without asking, she supposed, but this did not seem like the best time. As she pondered Brianna found herself led across the cavernous main room, past the dance floor, to a familiar set of ornate double doors and then into the equally familiar confines of the theater beyond them. Here too the lights were on, revealing the dark and shadowed corners that had seemed to hold so much mystery. The polished hardwood of the booths, the thick red carpet and the tangle of lights perched high above the stage. Having a good idea where they were going, and increasingly excited at the prospect, her mind alight with possibilities, Brianna was not surprised when she was finally pulled into the dim side hallway running parallel to the larger room.

Murial paused for a brief moment, lips pursed in thought before she adjusted her grip and offered Brianna another thin, wicked smile before crossing over to the door marked ‘III’, pushing it open with little effort and pulling the blue-haired girl inside. Only faintly lit by dim lights it took a moment for Brianna’s eyes to adjust, but when they did, the room she found herself in was much as she remembered the last one she had visited. The same thick red carpet and intricately paneled walls, numerous rings and chains set into those walls or dangling from the ceiling while a large set of sliding doors dominated the back wall, concealing a closet with, what she assumed, was a generous array of toys. However what truly caught Brianna’s eye were the differences, or rather one difference in particular. A large St. Andrews cross sat in the exact center of the room, the dark lacquered wood gleaming in the faint light with leather cuffs set perfectly to restrain wrists and ankles. Blushing a bit at the sight, having never actually seen one in person, Briana was a bit caught off guard when Murial suddenly pulled her close and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek before those lips brushed her ear and a soft but commanding tone reverberated through her.

“Alright, pretty girl.” Murial whispered, adopting Kiera’s nickname for the blue-haired girl and pitching her regal voice just right to make her shiver, “Strip.”

Brianna practically moaned as that voice, that incredible voice, washed over her, caressing her ears and making her entire body tremble with desire. Biting her lip to suppress a whimper as Murial’s hands left her she shakily reached up to slip the leather jacket she was still wearing off her shoulders. With a loud *thump* the heavy garment hit the floor, but neither paid it much mind. Under the heavily lidded gaze of those emerald green eyes, eyes that seemed to sparkle in the dim light, Brianna managed to pull her t-shirt over her head, tossing it aside in her haste to get undressed and slightly embarrassed by the fact that she only had a plain white bra on under it. Unfastening her belt with trembling fingers Brianna tried to kick off her boots at the same time, though it took three attempts before she managed it. Blushing pink in embarrassment over how much of a fool she must look with all her fumbling she risked looking up but Murial was still standing calmly, a hand on her hip, watching with the light of anticipation burning in her eyes. Shivering once again under that gaze she clenched her jaw and quickly slipped off her jeans, pausing for only a split second in hesitation before removing her underwear as well to leave herself completely naked.

Once she might have flinched, or tried to cover herself but instead Brianna stood firmly, back straight and head down slightly, excited to have this exotic woman gaze upon her nude form, anticipation burning within her as she wondered what would happen next. Without comment Murial slowly stalked up to her, moving with that same, regal, purposeful grace that seemed to infuse every step. Taking Brianna’s wrists in her hands and holding them firmly at her sides, Murial leaned forward until their bodies were practically touching and brought their lips together. It was not their first kiss, but it was their first proper kiss and Brianna leaned into it eagerly, opening her mouth and instinctively trying to embrace the other woman, but Murial’s grip was as unbreakable as iron. There was a momentary twinge of fear at that subtle reminder of just what the redhead was, that Brianna really didn’t know what she was truly capable of, and yet that hint of danger only seemed to add to the thrill. Putting that out of her mind and moaning deeply as Murial explored her mouth, the pale woman being an exceptional kisser though, after a hundred years of practice, it shouldn’t have been surprising.

Without a word Murial broke the kiss and smiled before leading Brianna by the wrists across the room. Helpless to resist even if she had wanted to, Brianna followed obediently as she was led around the St. Andrew’s cross and pressed up against it with a light shove. With a skill born of much practice Murial quickly secured her wrists and ankles, cinching the leather cuffs tight enough to be inescapable but still loose enough to be comfortable, leaving Brianna splayed out and truly helpless. A flush of excitement heated her skin as Murial caressed her cheek softly, offering only a mysterious smile full of promise, before turning to walk over to the closet. Hazel eyes eagerly followed every graceful step, admiring the way the leather vest clung to the pale redhead’s torso, emphasizing her narrow waist, and the sashay of her hips beneath the short shirt. Glancing back over her shoulder with a much more wicked smile Murial slowly slid open the closet doors to reveal a cornucopia of toys and restrains from cuffs and gags and leather straps to whips and canes and thing that, even after all this time, Brianna still had no name for.

“What do you say, pretty girl?” Murial asked, somewhat rhetorically, suddenly breaking the silence, “Perhaps we should keep things traditional for your first time.”

Brianna blushed a little more at that, having never considered the idea of being bitten by a vampire as akin to losing her virginity but it made a sort of sense. Still, she managed a nod, not entirely certain what she was agreeing to.

Giving her a wink Murial turned to retrieve about a dozen leather straps and stalked back over to the cross, deliberately emphasizing her steps and swaying her hips in a way that Brianna found incredibly sexy. Quickly and efficiently, and without a word, Murial began to cinch the straps into place. Brianna could do nothing as her arms and legs were secured even more tightly in place, belts affixed above and below her knees and elbows. Quickly following that a belt was tightened around her waist and another secured around her chest, just above her breasts. Finally, the last strap circled her forehead, pinning her in place against the small headrest built into the cross. Virtually immobilized now and unable to even turn her head Brianna tested her bonds as best she could but found herself completely unable to move, barely even able to squirm. If she hadn’t been helpless before she certainly was now.

Reaching up to caress her cheek again, Murial gently pressed the tip of her thumb against the cleft of Brianna’s chin, “Say, ah.”

Brianna did as she was told, opening her mouth wide and was completely unsurprised when a ball gag of thick, black rubber was popped behind her teeth. Between her hair and the tightness of her bonds it was tricky to strap the gag into place, but Murial managed it without too much trouble, seating the gag tightly and making Brianna moan again. Clearly pleased with her efforts, the redhead gently caressed Brianna’s lips, pulled wide around the gag, eliciting another small blush and a tiny shiver of anticipation, before practically molding herself to the blue-haired girl’s side.

“Now, where shall we begin?” Murial mused softly, one hand running up Brianna’s arm, “Drinking from the wrist can be quite romantic, but,” her other hand caressed the inside of the girl’s leg, making her shiver, “the thigh is a lot more fun.” With another grin she let her hand trail up Brianna’s body, drawing lazy patterns on her stomach before cupping a breast, “Then again, there’s something to be said for the breasts.”

Moaning at that touch Brianna’s muscles tensed as she tried to encourage the redhead to touch her more but the straps held her in place pitifully.

“I suppose you’re right.” Murial said, clearly amused by the reactions, “The neck is traditional.” With that she leaned in and gently kissed Brianna’s pulse before pulling back just enough to look the girl in the face, parting her lips as her canine teeth suddenly extended into short, sharp fangs, a display that fascinated Brianna and made her heart beat even faster. “If drinking blood is bliss,” Murial began, speaking softly, seductively, “then giving blood is ecstasy. There’s a reason that sex is one of the best times to feed, and not just because people are less likely to remember. All those hormones flavor the blood beautifully and the pleasure? The pleasure of sex and the pleasure of the Kiss overlap and intertwine, heightening each other in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Brianna moaned again, closing her eyes and body practically trembling as arousal washed over her, her nipples almost painfully hard and pussy clenched in anticipation. It was almost unreal how turned on she was right now and part of her feared she might burst if her companion didn’t get on with it.

Murial seemed to be in no hurry though, leaning close again to whisper into her ear, “This is what’s going to happen, pretty girl. I’m going to tease you and hold you on the edge until I think you’ve suffered enough. And then, when I finally make you cum? I’ll bite you at the height of passion and send you into realms of ecstasy the likes of which you can’t even imagine. I’m going to ruin you, pretty girl, and you’ll love every minute of it.”

Brianna moaned again, helplessly at the promise heavy in those words, shivering as she felt Murial’s hand slowly begin to trail down her body again, looping in wild patterns until those soft but strong fingers brushed against her aching sex. Molding herself to the bound girl’s side Murial still seemed to be in no hurry, however, almost lazily stroking the lips of her labia and teasing her clit with flicks of her finger. Despite that Brianna still moaned and squirmed as best she could, fighting against the straps holding her to no avail as she tried and failed to amplify the sensation. As horny as she was, as much as she had been anticipating that moment, it did not take long to push her to the edge, the cool skin of those talented fingers a shockingly pleasant contrast to the heat pulsing from within her. She whimpered, sensations dancing along frayed nerves as her muscles tensed. But, on the very cusp of orgasm, those fingers danced away, moving to stroke her inner thigh in a lazy arc, making her moan in frustration and fight against the bonds again with a desperate intensity. Not that it did her any good. Murial certainly seemed amused, smiling faintly at her struggles, before tentatively stroking her pussy again, touch deliberately delicate to elicit even more beautifully gagged whimpers. As she pushed Brianna to the edge for a second time the redhead leaned in and kissed the girl’s shoulder, gently scraping her fangs over flushed skin. Groaning in frustration Brianna could not help but shiver at the strange sensation of those sharp teeth brushing against her, soft enough to leave no mark but insistent enough to send a trill up her spine.

The process repeated itself perhaps two or three more times, teasing Brianna to the edge of an orgasm before pulling away at the last moment leaving her to moan and pant and whimper but her captor seemed unmoved. Exploring the girl’s body with her free hand, paying special attention to her sensitive breasts and pierced nipples, Murial seemed intent on taking her time. Panting through her nose with tears in her eyes, part of Brianna was convinced that she had never wanted to cum more in her life, even though she knew that wasn’t true. Perhaps it was the strange but heady fantasy of being at the complete mercy of a monster, or perhaps anticipation really was killing her.

Muscles tense and desperate Brianna did the only thing she could think to do, she begged, “Pmmnphm! Pmmnphm uegh nhe cunh! Pmmnphm!”

“Hmm.” Murial mock pondered, “I suppose you did say please.”

Eyes fluttering closed with a groan of delight Brianna felt a pair of slender fingers slide into her and the soft pad of a thumb rest against her clit. Slowly at first, but with growing intensity, those fingers began to thrust into her deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Her muscles clenched around the intruder as she tried to buck her hips but the belt wrapped tightly around her waist locked her in place. A long, deep moan escaped her then as the thumb pressed against her aching clit began to rub in a faintly circular motion making her body twitch and her breath catch in her throat. Murial’s mouth was suddenly upon her, lips pressed to her throat in the parody of a kiss as her pussy clenched and the last scraps of her self control failed. Moaning deep in her throat as she came, fangs pierced her soft flesh as the first blissful waves of orgasm washed over her. Brianna gasped at the sensation as, despite all assurances, part of her had expected it to hurt. But there was no pain, indeed for a split second there was nothing at all until Brianna felt a sensation of pure pleasure explode within her, racing along her nerves like lightning. Twining with the ecstatic release of her orgasm the indescribably incredible feeling washed over her like a title wave, lifting her up into an unbelievable blissful crescendo of pure sensation. Only vaguely aware of Murial languidly sucking her blood as she came and came and came Brianna finally felt her body go stiff and eyes roll back in her head before darkness embraced her.

For what felt like an impossibly long time Brianna floated in that darkness, exhausted and blissfully sated, half awake and reveling in the lingering sensations flowing through her body that managed to reach her even here. Murial certainly had not lied, that had been one of the most incredibly intense anythings she had ever experienced. Hell, if anything she and Claudia had undersold the experience! Still, as comfortable as she was drifting in subspace it could not last forever. Slowly, incrementally, she began to stir. Becoming more and more aware of her body as her consciousness reasserted itself, Brianna at last reluctantly opened her eyes, blinking a few times as they readjusted to the light. To her surprise she was no longer bound and gagged. Rather her naked body was laid out on the floor, the plush carpet surprisingly soft beneath her, with her head pillowed on Murial’s lap while those soft and very talented hands stroked her brow and carded through her hair. Smiling a little at the pleasant sensation she looked up past the swell of the other woman’s breasts. It took a moment, but Brianna’s vision finally came back into focus to reveal Murial’s pale face, a tiny but impossibly smug grin on her face.

“Was it good for you?” the redhead asked, playfully.

Unable to keep herself from laughing Brianna reached up with both hands and linked her fingers behind Murial’s neck. Lifting herself up with some difficulty, the pale woman’s body as solid as a marble statue, Brianna brought their lips together in another kiss. Murial accepted eagerly, parting her lips slightly to allow their tongues to twine together, the faint coppery taste of blood lingering there as the kiss deepened.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Murial commented when the kiss ended.

Brianna just grinned and snuggled her head back onto the woman’s lap, collapsing in a near boneless heap, completely exhausted. Closing her eyes she sighed in contentment as she felt Murial’s hands begin to stroke her hair again, lulling her to sleep. She still had questions, but that was enough answers for one night.


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