The Gingerbread House

by Darkwolf

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Part 15: Epilogue

It was an interesting thing to consider, just how quickly one’s perspective on things could change in a relatively short period of time. It was equally curious how easily details could be missed, how a second or third glance could reveal things that one might swear hadn’t been there before. Case in point, as she lay on a familiar and fairly comfortable table in the back area of Bound by Design with Zoe’s equally familiar form sitting to her right Brianna could not help but ponder just how different the place seemed since her first visit. There were the obvious changes of course. This was not some private session in the late afternoon in the dead of winter, as her first introduction to the place had been, but a normal business day during summer’s rapid approach. As a result the place was bustling with people, both customers and other artists shuffling about as they worked, the low buzz of equipment and a half dozen muffled conversations filling the air. But beyond that as Brianna let her hazel eyes roam around the shop she could not help but notice dozens of little details that she had missed on previous visits. Knickknacks ranging from photos and drawings to calendars and even a few framed dollar bills decorating the walls as well as the unique ways that each employee had customized their own work spaces in everything from the layout of their tools to personal odds and ends that gave each spot character. Despite knowing full well that this was a place of business the clutter added a strange familiarity, a kind of lived-in comfort, proof that those who worked here had made it their own in some indefinable way. In some strange way it actually made her think of Roxanna’s office and the rather unique decorations that her mistress and tutor surrounded herself with. Even now, as she studied some of the framed photos, trying to see if she could identify any faces and wondering who all these people were, she could not help but wonder what details she was missing that might reveal themselves later.

Of course the irony of it all was that this was also not actually her first time back, but rather her third return trip. Not long after spring break she’d decided to get her ears gauged, though only with relatively small stainless steel plugs as she had no real desire to stretch her ear lobes, followed up by taking the plunge and deciding to imitate Kiera by getting something called a triangle piercing through her clitoris, or more technically behind it. That had honestly hurt, far more than any of her other piercings or tattoos but, at the same time, once it had healed she certainly wasn’t disappointed by the results and could definitely appreciate why Kiera seemed to enjoy having her own piercing played with. Moreover, the sensation when she’d first used a vibrator afterwards? The way the vibrations seemed to echo through the stud and stimulate her from all sides at once? Mind blowing didn’t even begin to describe it. Even just thinking about it made Brianna shiver just a little. Zoe’s prediction that she would return had, perhaps, been far more accurate than the artist had realized at the time. The tattooed brunette had even joked about her becoming something of an addict when she’d arrived earlier today and she could not help but laugh along with her but, even so, today felt different, special. Today Brianna was getting her second (or perhaps third) tattoo, another symbol to once again mark an important turning point in her life.

Tearing her gaze away from an old black and white photo, abandoning any hope of identifying the people in it, she glanced back at where Zoe was working on her right arm. For the most part the woman looked much as she remembered, with her brown eyes and thick black hair, pulled back away from her face to keep it out of the way while also granting a clear view of the kohl around those eyes and her full, ruby red lips, a familiar silver ring glinting through the lower one. Although, in deference to the warmer weather, the black tank top she was wearing today offered a much better view of the numerous tattoos up and down the pale skin of her arms, throat and chest. Brianna did not think she would ever be that much of a tattoo enthusiast but she could not help but admire the exotic air they lent the woman, as well as fuel her imagination as to how far down they really went. Tearing her eyes away from the artist, who thankfully did not seem to notice her attention, Brianna glanced down at her arm. Zoe had already finished the ‘ring’ around the base of her right index finger, a Celtic knot in a blue so dark it almost looked black, and was now filling in a highly stylized compass rose on the inside of her wrist. It was a beautiful example of Zoe’s skill on display, a design that still took Brianna’s breath away as she watched it being finished. In everything from the ornate fleur de lis at the north point to the background disk being composed of interlocking gears like some madman’s steampunk clock, to the abstract wavy lines that trailed off from the rose almost a third of the way to her elbow, as if the entire thing was somehow sailing the sea of her flesh and leaving a great wake behind. For all of its small size the design was beautifully detailed and it was honestly humbling to realize just how talented this young woman actually was.

Smiling a little as she watched the tattoo slowly take form, Brianna thought back to the raised brow she had received upon first describing what she wanted. Zoe had not asked but from the look in the woman’s eyes Brianna could tell that she realized the design had some significance. In truth it wasn’t really that complicated, or at least Brianna didn’t think it was. If the actual roses on her abdomen symbolized love and acceptance, of finding and being welcomed by her mistresses, the first great turning point of her life, then this more symbolic rose represented the new direction her life had taken upon discovering just how strange the world truly was and her determination to navigate those waters. Or at least that’s what it meant to her and, as she was learning, that was all that really mattered.

Leaning back a little to try and find a more comfortable position, her ass starting to get sore from sitting still for so long, Brianna happened to look past Zoe’s seated form to the counter of tools behind her. Most of it was utterly familiar from her previous visits, but on closer inspection she noticed something new, or at least something that had not stood out before. A small photo tucked into a standing frame amid the various odds and ends cluttering the shelf. Craning her neck to get a better look she could clearly see three women in the photo. Zoe herself sat front and center, wearing a dark denim vest over a shiny black satin bra that showed off an incredible amount of cleavage, a broad smile on her face and her arms thrown over the shoulders of her two companions. On her left was a tanned woman with brilliant auburn hair, intricate tattoos covering her throat and disappearing under the low-cut neckline of her shirt with an equally wide smile on her face while, on the right, was a dark skinned woman with close-cropped hair wearing a bright white blouse that stood in stark contrast to the mocha tone of her skin, while a smaller but just as amused smile graced her own lips. It was hard to tell just how old the photo was, there was no date or any other indicator visible, but it looked as if it had been in place for awhile even if Zoe looked almost exactly the same in it. What struck Brianna most about it, however, was that while she had seen Zoe smile any number of times she had never, in the admittedly few encounters they’d had, ever seen the woman look so happy.

“Find something interesting?” Zoe asked all of a sudden, breaking the not quite silence, while never looking up from her work.

It was only due to some excellent self control, a valuable skill that the experiences of the last year had taught her, and knowing that any sharp movement was a bad idea while being tattooed that allowed Brianna to stay still despite her surprise. Clearing her throat she apologized, “Sorry, I just never noticed that photo before.”

Zoe shrugged and lazily looked over one shoulder to see what she was talking about, “Oh, that old thing? Surprised you never noticed it actually.”

Brianna smiled a little, tone playfully self-deprecating, “Guess I wasn’t paying attention.”

Zoe grinned at her before returning to her work, “Guess not.”

After waiting a few heartbeats, the buzz of the tattoo gun the only sound between them, Brianna asked, “So, are those friends of yours?”

“In a manner of speaking.” Zoe answered.

Again, Brianna waited a moment, expecting more to the answer. When none was forthcoming she pouted a little, “Come on, you can’t just leave it at that.”

“I’m reminded of a saying about curiosity and cats.” Zoe teased.

“Curiosity hasn’t steered me wrong yet.” Brianna returned, “And I’m not a cat. Please?”

Zoe chuckled a little, “Oh fine, if you must know, they’re my girlfriends.”

The answer caught her somewhat by surprise, though glancing at the photo again with new eyes, taking in the intimate posture of the figures and reading more into the bright smiles, it made sense. Given her own experiences the revelation didn’t shock Brianna exactly, but she still took a moment to process before offering Zoe a smile, “You’re a lucky woman.”

Zoe returned the smile, “I like to think so. The redhead on the left? That’s Alexis, I did her tattoos a couple of years ago and, trust me, they go all the way down.”

Brianna hmmed, trying to imagine that, “And that’s how you met?”

“Pretty much.” Zoe admitted, “She and the other woman, Morgan, had been involved for a while before then. In fact, Morgan is the one who contacted me, set up the appointments for Alexis’ tattooing as a gift.”

Brianna nodded a little and made a little gesture with her left hand, “So how did things progress from that to, well, you know?”

Zoe paused for a moment and looked her in the eye, as if deciding whether or not to answer, before reaching a decision, “It took almost six months to do all the work and I guess we just got closer and closer as time went on.” Zoe paused for a moment, glancing over her shoulder to see if anyone was nearby before leaning in closer, “And it didn’t hurt that Alexis wanted to get tattooed while tied up, kind of like yourself.”

Brianna felt herself blush just a little at that reminder.

“Long story short, they were both happy with the results and decided to offer me a little… bonus when it was all said and done.” Zoe finished, an almost wicked smile on her face, “One thing led to another and, well, you know how it goes.”

Brianna felt her cheeks heat up a little, her imagination easily filling in the blanks and a little surprised that Zoe had shared that particular detail. While they had certainly grown closer over the last few months, Claudia had been absolutely correct that once you spent enough time on one of these tables you got to know the person repeatedly stabbing you with needles, this seemed a bit much. She opened her mouth, about to respond that she, in fact, didn’t know, but stopped herself. Briefly she recalled her own confession in the backyard of 137 N. Hickory Lane and how, not but moments later, she and Sofia had been fucking in the pool. Maybe she did know after all.

Cheeks heating up a little more, Brianna looked away even as a smile curved her lips, “I guess I do.”

“Interesting.” Zoe’s own smile turned triumphant, “Well, now it’s your turn to share. I bet you’ve got a real kinky story about how you and Claudia got together.”

Brianna looked up, “What makes you say that?”

“Other than the fact that you got your first tattoo after she bound and gagged you?” Zoe asked, tone slightly flat. Brianna blushed again, unable to contest the point, but before she could say anything the other woman continued, “Besides that your shirt’s ridden up a little. I can see your chastity belt.”

Brianna quickly looked down to confirm that, indeed, her t-shirt had ridden up slightly, exposing a bit of her chastity belt’s primary shield. It had probably happened as soon as she had lain down actually, “Oh.”

Zoe chuckled a little at her reaction, shaking her head softly before getting back to work, “No worries. Trust me, I’ve seen way stranger things. Although I have to admit it does surprise me a little. I always had Claudia pegged as way too submissive to be the one in charge.”

That comment actually brought Brianna up short and she tilted her head curiously as the sting of the needles resumed, “Oh, so you don’t know.”

Zoe looked back at her briefly, brow furrowed, “Know what?”

“I never really brought it up,” Brianna explained, “but I always kind of wondered how much you knew about our relationship.” A hint of her blush touched her cheeks, “Claudia is my lover, but she’s not my mistress.”

That certainly seemed to catch Zoe’s attention, to the point that she stopped working on the tattoo and offered another grin, curiosity burning in her eyes, “Well now, that is interesting. Well, I showed you mine, so I gotta know who holds your keys?”

Brianna hesitated for a moment before plunging ahead, a hint of her blush returning, “The both of us, Claudia and I, we serve a pair of older women.”

For a brief second surprise flashed in Zoe’s eyes, and Brianna had gotten the impression that the woman was not surprised very often, before a sly smile curled her full lips, “Well I’ll be damned, a pair of cougars? You were such a shy thing when we first met, I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Brianna managed to smile back, “Neither did I.”

Zoe chuckled but didn’t say anything else, just shook her head a little and turned her attention back to the nearly completed tattoo. With that the comfortable semi-silence from earlier seemed to return and Brianna closed her eyes and leaned back, mulling over what she had just learned. In a way she was surprised. While it was true that she and Zoe had grown closer as she got more work done most of their conversations had been rather superficial. Just the sort of chit chat that casual friends normally had and, if Brianna were being honest with herself, most of that was probably just Zoe trying to keep her calm and focused through the pain. It was something that she had noted from the very beginning that the other woman was good at, making her customers relax in her presence. Even so, while they were comfortable enough to joke and even share some personal stories, obviously, neither of them had ever shared anything quite so intimate before. And yet here they were and Brianna could not help but wonder what had changed. Then again, from what she had learned, Zoe was a fairly unshakable person. Not much seemed to embarrass her or take her by surprise, which did make Brianna just a little proud of the fact that she had been able to take the woman off guard with the truth of her own relationships. So it might simply be the fact that she had asked and Zoe saw no reason to hide the truth, not the least bit ashamed of who she was and what she wanted. In that, Brianna could admit that she admired the woman but at the same time she also could not help but hope that they might be becoming friends as well.

It was perhaps fifteen minutes later, as Brianna was still lost in her thoughts, that Zoe set her tattoo gun aside and pushed her chair back slightly, stripping off her gloves even as she rolled her head slightly to stretch her neck, “There you go, all done.”

Opening her eyes Brianna sat up and carefully lifted her arm. Running her eyes over the finished design, drinking in every one of the intricate details, Brianna could not help but be moved, almost entranced by the complexity and sheer beauty of the tattoo. She smiled at Zoe, “You really are incredible, you know that?”

Zoe smirked a bit as she began to clean and wrap the fresh tattoo, “Now, now flattery will get you everywhere.”

Summoning just a touch of courage Brianna tried to put on her best sultry smile, “Is that a promise?”

Chuckling as she finished up, Zoe shook her head, “I had a feeling you were an interesting one when we first met.”

Brianna nodded almost absently as she twisted around to place her feet back on the floor, standing up and stretching with a soft moan of relief, before offering another smile, “Thanks for everything, I mean that.”

“No worries.” Zoe assured before offering the blue-haired girl a pat on the shoulder, “You know the drill by now. Call me if you have any trouble, and don’t be a stranger. Oh, and be sure to tell Claudia that she owes me one for not sharing that juicy gossip.”

Brianna chuckled, “I’ll pass it along.”

Offering her hand, which the other woman shook with a playful wink, Brianna walked away, slipping around the dividing curtain into the waiting area of the shop. A handful of customers were there, lounging about in the cheap plastic seats, flipping through magazines or buried in their phones, but Brianna ignored them easily enough and headed straight for the coat rack on the far wall. Picking up a battered old leather jacket off one of the pegs, a prize found while digging through a second hand shop some time ago, Brianna slipped the garment on while taking care not to aggravate the tender skin of her right arm. Sparing a moment to fix the collar, but not bothering to zip it up yet, she reached up and pulled her backpack off the same peg where the jacket had covered it. Hefting the weight over one shoulder, Brianna finally made her way to the door, barely hearing the bell ring as she pushed it open and walked out, a wave of warm air washing over her in stark contrast to the cool interior of the shop. It wasn’t exactly a hot day but the sun was bright in the clear blue afternoon sky with barely a cloud to be seen. Summer was just around the corner after all and, as she made her way into the parking lot, Brianna could already feel herself beginning to sweat. In most circumstances it would have been far too warm to be wearing a jacket, even a relatively thin one, but there was a method to her madness for right across from the shop, gleaming in the sun next to the concrete base of a lamp post, was an old Honda motorcycle.

Brianna smiled as she walked up to the machine, idly running her fingers across the handle bars, still almost unable to believe that it was hers. Much like the jacket she was wearing, the motorcycle was a relatively recent acquisition and an almost entirely unexpected one. It had become increasingly obvious since going away to college that Brianna needed some kind of transportation of her own but, between the costs of parking and the fact that her part time job didn’t provide a lot of funds she had been at something of a loss. Even the most beat up of used cars was out of the question but, by pure random chance, as she had been heading back to the dorms one day after class she’d seen an ad taped to the wall amid a dozen other fliers, posters and announcements. At the time her knowledge of motorcycles hadn’t extended much beyond the fact that they existed but the ad had caught her eye regardless as, if nothing else, she needed a vehicle and the price had been right. And so she’d trekked to an old house near campus and, after a quick check confirming that the old bike ran, she’d offered cash without hesitation. Truth be told the thing was quite the antique, more than a bit older than she was in fact, with scuffed paint and spots of rust on the chrome but it was hers and she was almost ridiculously proud of that fact. She’d spent hours cleaning away the grim of decades, polishing the old paint to a shine and trying her best to scrub away the rust with a scuff pad to mixed results. Sofia, who was surprisingly knowledgeable about mechanical things, a legacy of her days on the farm or so she’d said, had also been more than happy to help tune it and so here she was. Even now the memory of the first time she’d started it up and taken that first shaky ride brought a smile to Brianna’s face. Learning to ride well had certainly been an adventure, as had been getting a license but she had been almost surprised at how much she enjoyed the experience. Even now there was some indefinable feeling about riding down the road, the wind blowing in her hair that was still as exciting as it had been the first time.

Shaking her head a little to collect her thoughts, Brianna slipped the backpack off her shoulder and finally opened it up. There were a handful of books inside but, more importantly than that, she’d stuffed her helmet into the bag upon arrival. Setting the helmet down on the motorcycle’s seat and zipping the pack back up she finally put it on properly before sparing a moment to pull her long blue hair back into a ponytail, cinching it in place with a rubber band. Only then did she slip the helmet on, careful to make sure it didn’t catch on her hair, and zip up her jacket all the way to the throat. Preparations complete she straddled the bike, the old vinyl seat creaking under her weight as she carefully positioned herself to accommodate the chastity belt she was wearing. The last thing she wanted was to have the metal pinch as she sat down, a lesson she’d learned the hard way. In a move born of much practice, she put the key in the ignition and slipped the machine into gear before hitting the clutch and kicked down hard on the start lever with her right foot. It was a testament to Sofia’s mechanical skills and her own insistence on taking care of the bike that the engine roared to life immediately, the pleasant vibrations ratting through the frame and into her chastity belt bringing a tiny blush to her face. An unexpected fringe benefit. Biting her lip she revved the engine once or twice, almost instinctively disengaging the kickstand and steadying the bike with her left foot before popping the clutch. There was a certain art to taking off smoothly, of timing the clutch release and the accelerator just right to avoid taking off with a jerk but by now it was practically second nature. Almost without thinking about it Brianna took off, guiding her bike carefully out of the parking lot and onto the street, thankful that traffic was fairly light this afternoon as she merged into the flow and began to weave her way deeper into the city.

It really was a beautiful day for a ride and, as she zipped past shops and clubs, strip malls and office buildings Brianna could not help but reflect. It was almost hard to believe that nearly a whole year had passed since she had taken that first, tentative step through the gate in her backyard and bared her heart for all the world to see. In some ways it felt as if no time at all had passed, every day she had spent with her mistresses like a dream she never wanted to wake up from, and yet in others it felt like a lifetime. Brianna knew that she had definitely changed and not just because of the tattoos she wore or the collar around her neck. No, it went deeper than that. She was no longer that almost painfully shy girl, ashamed of her own desires and incredibly naive about both herself and what she wanted. She knew who she was now, or at least she was finally walking the road of self discovery, embracing her desires rather than hiding them away, confident in what she wanted. And none of that would have been possible without the wonderful women she had welcomed into her heart, who had been so happy to love her and welcome her in turn. Even now it brought a smile to her face and, deep in her heart, Brianna hoped that would never stop. She had learned so much from her lovers, about herself and about the world at large. Of course, that naturally led her to once again think about all the revelations of their spring break trip scarcely more than two months ago. Another case in which a relatively short amount of time felt like so much longer on reflection. It was honestly never that far from her thoughts. The things she had seen, the things she had learned and was still learning… Perhaps it was a natural part of growing up, realizing that the world was more complicated than you had ever realized, but in Brianna’s case at least there was more to it than that. Vampires and witches and werewolves, oh my, stories straight out of a fairy tale and yet, apparently, no less real for all that. Still, as wild and exciting and frightening as it all was, at the end of the day it had led her back to one single truth. She loved Roxanna and Sofia and Claudia and she wanted to be with them, to be theirs as much as they were hers, and to walk with them into the strange and uncertain future she was facing without doubt or fear. Maybe that wasn’t so different from what most people wanted, but it still felt profound.

There was something almost intoxicating about that resolve but Brianna knew what she wanted and, if she had learned nothing else from her lovers, it was to reach for what she wanted without hesitation. It had certainly been a difficult lesson in some ways, but she had learned it nonetheless. It was better to try and fail than to never try at all and that, even then, as long as you learned something it was no true failure. Of course, all hyperbole aside, as far as Brianna was concerned she’d already won the grand prize. In the process of learning how to harness the power within herself (a process that was only helped along by Roxanna’s method of rewarding progress in the most amazingly pleasurable ways…) as well as really, truly thinking about and planning for the future she wanted, Brianna was more certain than ever of the bond between herself and the women she loved. As much as it still ached, just a little, to know how much had been hidden from her at one time, now that the veils of secrecy had been ripped away Brianna felt closer to her lovers than she ever had before. As frightening as the future could be, as many questions as she still had and as unconventional as her relationship was, Brianna somehow knew that everything was going to be alright. Maybe it was youthful naivete on her part but, whatever it was, she had no intention of letting go now.

Distracted by those thoughts Brianna almost missed her stop, barely noticing the old shop that was her destination in time to change lanes and roll to a stop in a narrow spot along the side of the road. It was another unexpected advantage to riding a motorcycle that she’d come to appreciate, that parallel parking was a hell of a lot easier. Shutting the bike down and re-engaging the kickstand Brianna reached up to pull her helmet off, shaking her head to toss some life back into her hair and reaching down to unzip her jacket once again. Without the pleasantly cool breeze that riding offered the garment was far too uncomfortably hot to keep closed on a day like today. Still straddling the machine Brianna spared a moment to look the store front over. Nestled here in one of the oldest parts of downtown, like most of the buildings here, even the ones in good repair, this one looked old. Edifices of brick running one into the other in large rows that probably violated any one of a dozen fire codes and were only tolerated as antiques, quaint reminders of the heyday of the downtown shop. The storefront she sat in front of now certainly looked like an antique. While well maintained, for the most part, the bricks were stained with age and the decorative metal was covered in dents, the paint thick and chipped in places. Two large windows, set on either side of a relatively new looking door of steel and glass, granted a glimpse into the cluttered interior, though a combination of dim lighting and the glare of the sun made it hard to see details of any kind. Most prominent though, set above a small awning of green canvas, was a simple sign jutting out from the masonry that read ‘Curios and Relics’ in bright white letters. A bit on the nose for a shop that specialized in antiques and all manner of junk, though it did make Brianna grin just a little.

Slipping her keys into her pocket, Brianna hopped off the bike and tucked her helmet under one arm as she walked up to the shop’s door. It opened easily enough, an old brass bell clanging loudly as it did, to let out a wave of cool air and a musty smell that was a curious mix of paper, old leather and the indescribable scent of age. Sighing in relief at the air conditioning as she slipped inside, letting the door close behind her, Brianna glanced around a bit as she navigated the curiously cluttered interior toward the counter. While she had only visited once or twice, every time she had Brianna found herself wondering who had designed the place or if its organization had been as haphazard as it looked. Old wooden shelves that looked to have been built into the structure lined the walls from floor to ceiling while much flimsier, if equally old looking, metal shelves of about chest height divided the interior into a series of almost claustrophobic aisles. The shelves themselves were stuffed full of all manner of junk from books and clothes to tableware and cups as well as a seemingly infinite array of oddities from tiny figurines and old glass bottles to antique clocks and watches and really just about anything else you could imagine. She’d seen antique jewelry, vintage signs and even an honest to goodness aluminum Christmas tree. Who bought this stuff, and who sold it, was a bit of a mystery though Claudia had let slip that the storerooms in the back held odds and ends of a more arcane nature reserved for a more selective clientele. Although she had never asked, Brianna suspected that the other girl’s supposed mystical sensitivity to such things was probably the reason she had been hired in the first place. Whatever the case it was a good cover as the whole shop looked as if the contents of a dozen garage sales had been thrown inside with little thought given to where any of it landed. Of course, Brianna wasn’t here to shop.

After navigating the maze of shelves she finally walked up to the main counter, an equally antique construction of carved wood that held high quality jewelry and other more expensive goods on display beneath panes of glass while a modern cash register sat on the edge. Brianna, however, barely noticed all of that. All of her attention was focused on the figure standing just behind that counter. Despite the dim lighting, Claudia’s slender figure was plain to see with wild brown hair framing her features and a tiny smile on her thin lips as she watched the blue-haired girl approach without a word. Brianna allowed herself the luxury of drinking in that familiar form, a smile on her own lips. Perhaps in deference to the heat Claudia was wearing a tight halter top and equally tight jeans that showed off the smooth expanse of her stomach while clearly displaying the tattoos on her arms and the collar around her neck.

“Hey stranger.” the slightly shorter girl teased, her smoky voice breaking the silence in a pleasant way as she folded her arms on the counter top and leaned over it slightly, “Can I interest you in our fine collection of junk?”

In response Brianna reached out and cupped the other girl’s cheeks before leaning over the counter herself to bring their lips together in a soft kiss, “Depends, are you for sale?”

“Are you implying that I’m low quality?” Claudia teased while adopting a tone of mock offense.

“Not at all.” Brianna assured, a teasing note slipping into her own tone, “In fact I’d say you’re the finest thing in the whole store.”

Claudia chuckled and darted forward to press their lips together again in a slightly deeper kiss than the first one, “Not that I’m not happy to see you, but this is quite the surprise. Do you need something?”

“What’s that?” Brianna asked, smiling almost slyly, “Do I really need a reason to visit my girlfriend?”

Claudia giggled at that, well remembering that she had used that line the first time she had visited campus, “Touche.”

“I wanted to show you something.” Brianna confessed at last as she began to remove her jacket.

“Should I lock the door?” Claudia asked, playfully, “Not that I mind a striptease, but the owner frowns on nudity where customers can see.”

Brianna rolled her eyes and she folded up the leather coat and laid it down on the counter next to the rest of her gear, “Maybe later.”

Claudia shot her a wicked grin in return, expression hinting that she would hold her to that promise at some point, but Brianna ignored it. Instead she carefully removed the bandage on her right forearm and held it out for inspection. Taking in the sight of the fresh tattoo Claudia almost reverently reached out with slender fingers to take her gently by the wrist. Drawing her arm closer, she studied the ink intently and traced its edges almost idly, all the while careful to avoid the still tender flesh.

After a long moment Claudia finally spoke, smiling softly as she looked up to meet Brianna’s eyes, “It’s beautiful, and a very interesting design.”

Brianna shrugged with one shoulder, “My life’s taken on a lot of new directions lately and I wanted something to symbolize that. Or maybe to remind myself that I’ve finally found my direction. I don’t know, maybe it’s silly.”

“It’s not silly at all.” Claudia assured, softly, as she continued to gently trace the intricate design, “The work of our mutual friend I trust?”

Brianna nodded, a tiny smile curling her lips, “She said to tell you that you owe her one for not sharing the fact that you’re the sex slave of a pair of cougars.”

Claudia chuckled but still held her wrist, “Had a little heart to heart I take it? I only spared her the details in deference to your delicate sensibilities.”

The tone was teasing, half a joke and half serious, but Brianna smiled anyway, “I saw a picture of her girlfriends, and we ended up sharing. I don’t regret it.”

Letting go of her arm, Claudia reached up and looped a finger under Brianna’s collar to bring the other girl in for another kiss. Still holding Brianna’s face close she practically whispered, “Sounds like you’ve had an eventful day then.”

“Something like that.” Brianna whispered back as she carefully disentangled Claudia’s fingers in order to pull away and begin re-bandaging her arm.

“I appreciate you sharing.” Claudia began, watching Brianna work as she moved away to lean back against the wall behind her, crossing her arms over her chest and angling herself just slightly to put her slender frame on display, “Pretty soon you’ll have as many tattoos as I do.”

As she finished taping the bandage back in place Brianna chuckled, “I don’t know about that but I’ve definitely come to appreciate the appeal.”

Claudia offered her another smile, “So, are you going to stay for a bit or do you have to run off again? I could use someone to keep me company.”

“Boring day?” Brianna asked, curious.

It was Claudia’s turn to shrug as she reached up and ran a hand through her messy hair, “Typical Friday afternoon, but thankfully it’s just about over.”

“I’m sure I can stay for a little while. I’d hate for you to be bored.” Brianna offered with another smile, “Actually, I had some plans for the weekend. If you’re free, maybe you might be interested in joining me?”

Raising an eyebrow Claudia pushed herself away from the wall to lean on the counter again, “Sounds mysterious, but maybe I could be persuaded.” she offered an almost coy smile, “Does it involve sex? Please tell me it does.”

Brianna laughed softly at that response, finding it more than a little amusing that Claudia accused her of having a rampant libido, “That’s not really up to me, but I hope so. I’m going to visit our mistresses for a couple of days and I’m hoping it will be a happy reunion if you catch my meaning. Besides that, Roxanna says she has a few lessons planned.”

Claudia perked up a little, “Well now, that does sound like fun. And speaking of lessons, how’s all that going?”

Brianna let out a small sigh in response. She could still remember the sheer excitement she had felt on that fateful night, as she sat in Roxanna’s arms and the older woman had slowly told her the truth, comforted by her mistress’ presence especially in comparison to the terror of witnessing Murial reveal her true nature. And that excitement still lingered, buoying her heart when she thought about it. That magic and monsters and all the things she had once thought mere stories were real and that she was one of the few with the potential to truly join that strange and shadowy world she had only caught a glimpse of. To become a witch, a sorceress, whatever you wanted to call it, it was like a childhood dream come true. And while she had greatly enjoyed her apprenticeship thus far, Roxanna was a wonderful teacher being both patient and kind as well as knowledgeable if a bit cryptic at times, there had been frustrations as well. The subject matter itself was almost shockingly complex. Learning the arcane arts was not as simple as learning a language or studying math or any of the mundane skills that Brianna was more familiar with. She had expected that to a degree of course, but it had still shocked her just how strange the entire process could be. As Roxanna had explained, magic was not like baking a cake. A spell could not simply be assembled from ingredients by following a list, it was something both incredibly personal and incredibly subjective at the same time. Bending reality itself in slight and subtle ways using one’s own will and power. Wands and potions and crystals and Tarot cards could all work if you believed they would, if you could teach yourself to unlearn centuries of accepted knowledge, to insist that the world bend for you rather than the other way around. Of course, further complicating these already esoteric concepts the entire thing was intensely individualistic as well. The methods that one person used might not work for another, or at least not the same way. All you could really teach was theory and every prospective sorcerer had to, essentially, reinvent the wheel as they discovered what worked and what didn’t from a slow process of trial and error. Eventually, as far as Brianna understood it, there would come a moment when everything clicked, when it finally resonated somewhere deep inside yourself and you just knew in a way that couldn’t be described.

Despite knowing all of that, however, the process itself had not gotten any easier. There were days, especially when first starting out, when her brain felt like mush and Brianna questioned whether all of the effort was worth it or not. That was not to say that she wasn’t making progress, just very slow progress although, if she were being honest with herself, she supposed that she shouldn’t be surprised. She had only discovered any of this even existed little more than two months ago and expecting to master such a complex and difficult art in such a short time was a bit unrealistic. Not that Brianna’s hadn’t hoped of course. And she was making progress, indeed more than once Roxanna had told her that her progress was quite remarkable, and she could not deny the wonder that permeated her very being with every success. To say nothing of the remarkably creative ways her mistresses used to reward her perseverance, ways that still made her shiver and haunted her best and wildest dreams. But for all that there were times when Brianna felt like a foolish child meddling with subjects she had no business involving herself in.

Realizing that she had been silent for far too long, lost in thoughts, Brianna shook her head, “I’m making progress, or at least that’s what they tell me, but it’s still frustrating. It’s just… I feel like I’m making a fool of myself sometimes and everything is just so complicated. Roxanna tells me it will get easier, but it doesn’t feel like it.”

Claudia nodded and smiled in sympathy, “Yeah, I definitely know what you’re talking about. It was all basically gibberish to me, never could wrap my mind around it, and I guess I just lacked that spark, ya know? Still, look on the bright side. The fact that you’re making any progress at all is pretty damn good as far as I’m concerned.”

All of a sudden Brianna felt sheepish, complaining about a lack of progress after such a short period of time, especially given what she knew of Claudia’s failed attempt to master the same arts, “Sorry for unloading like that. Especially with…”

“You don’t need to worry about my feelings.” Claudia assured, easily telling where this was going and dismissing the apology with a wave of the hand, “I’m happy with where I am, and I’m definitely happy with who I’m with.” a teasing smile curled her lips, “So what if I can’t turn people into newts or whatever it is you witch types get up to?”

Brianna could not help but smile in turn, “I don’t think that’s actually possible.”

“Just spoil the fun, why don’t you?” Claudia accused playfully, “But come on, share. What kind of tricks have you picked up?”

“Just some minor things so far, nothing really impressive. I’ve mostly been learning how to meditate.” Brianna confessed before the faintest hint of a blush colored her cheeks, “And a few, uh, focus exercises.”

“Is that a blush?” Claudia asked, a positively devilish smile on her face as she leaned over the counter, her bare shoulders hunching as she did so, “So ‘focus exercises’ huh? I sense a story, and a good one”

Brianna’s blush got a touch darker before she suddenly laughed once and shook her head, “I don’t know about a good story, but fine. I was having trouble at first and Roxanna said she noticed a pattern so she decided to try an experiment. That ended with me trying to meditate while in bondage.” She smiled almost unconsciously at the memory of sitting in her mistress’ den, completely naked, an intricate web of ropes covering her body and pulling her arms behind her back into a reverse prayer position, a large ball gag filling her mouth, “I must have spent hours like that.”

Claudia made an appreciative hum in her throat, no doubt appreciating the mental image, “And did that help?”

“Surprisingly, yes.” Brianna admitted, “I can’t explain it, but bondage has always helped me get out of my own head. And it helped, so much so that I do most of my meditation in bondage now.” her smile turned wry, “Roxanna has a theory about ‘strengthening the mind by binding the body’ or something, but Sofia just said that being tied up always seemed to do it for me, so why should this be any different?”

Claudia chuckled at that, “Wise woman, Mistress Sofia.”

“You're not wrong. Anyway, I started practicing spells while bound as well and there does seem to be something to it. And then there was…” Brianna trailed off for a moment, blush returning with a vengeance as she realized what she was about to say before pushing ahead anyway in a much softer voice, “And then there’s the sex.”

One of Claudia’s eyebrows raised curiously, “You have my attention, but you’re going to need to explain that one.”

Brianna blew out a breath, “Okay this is going to sound weird, but you know how you feel after really good sex? Exhausted and lethargic, but in a good way?”

Claudia smiled broadly, a slightly far away look in her eyes, “Yeah, best way to end the day for sure.”

Brianna blushed a little again but could not help but nod at that, “Well, it’s a little different for me. I usually feel really energized, tired too, but charged I guess and it’s not just lingering adrenaline and endorphins. Turns out,” Brianna bit her lip and paused again, just a touch embarrassed, “I absorb energy somehow during sex.”

A moment of almost stunned silence followed before Claudia’s shoulders shook and she broke out with a laugh, wrapping her arms around herself to try and stifle the reaction with limited success. Brianna’s face went red again and at the slightly hurt look that the blue-haired girl was giving her Claudia tried to contain herself, forcing out words between chuckles, “Sorry, sorry, I don’t mean… I’m not laughing at you, it’s just…” another small bout of laughter interrupted her and Claudia bit her lip and brought a fist to her mouth, “It just popped into my head. What you just said, you’re basically a tantric vampire!”

Brianna cocked her head slightly, a tiny frown curling her lips as she considered that. Truth be told she had never thought of this odd ability of hers, one that Roxanna had seemingly never heard of before but found intriguing, in those terms. But, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that, joking or not, Claudia sort of had a point. Noting that the slightly smaller girl was still chuckling, she scowled softly, “It’s not that funny.”

“It’s a little funny.” Claudia protested, even as she finally managed to get hold of herself and circled the counter to pull Brianna into an embrace, “Hey now, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Relaxing a little Brianna wrapped her arms around Claudia’s waist, “Maybe it is kind of funny.”

A tiny smirk touching curling her lips, Claudia teased, “So does that mean I need to start wearing garlic to bed?”

Brianna let out a sign, if a slightly exaggerated one, “That’s rich coming from the girl that let an actual vampire bite her.”

Claudia had the good graces to look a bit sheepish even as she shot back, “And of the two of us, which one had sex with that same vampire again?”

Brianna couldn’t help it, she broke out in laughter of her own and pulled Claudia tighter against her body, “We are quite the pair, aren’t we?”

“Damn right.” Claudia answered, certainly sounding proud of the fact.

“When did life get so weird?” Brianna mused, almost rhetorically, not really expecting an answer.

“Life’s always been weird.” Claudia asserted, “You’re just finally noticing. Speaking of which, I still want to see some magic tricks someday.”

Brianna gave her a kiss on the cheek, “When I can do more than make a crystal glow or levitate a pebble, I’ll let you know.”

Not satisfied with a peck on the cheek, Claudia brought their lips together in a much deeper kiss, one that Brianna gratefully accepted, parting her lips to allow Claudia’s tongue into her mouth. Alone, and seemingly unconcerned about anyone suddenly walking in, the pair spent several long minutes making out in the center of the empty shop, the seemingly endless array of antiques the only witnesses as their tongues dueled and their hands roamed. When they finally had to come up for air Claudia was grinning widely, her fair skin more than a bit flushed and lips slightly swollen from the sheer intensity of the kiss. Brianna doubted she was in a much better state, not that she minded in the least.

Breaking away from their embrace Claudia favored her with another smile before leaning her slender frame back against the counter, her elbows resting on the glass surface, “So, besides your Jedi training are you going to give any details about these weekend plans of yours?”

Brianna almost rolled her eyes at the comparison before pausing, pursing her lips in thought, intrigued by the idea all of a sudden. Telekinesis was a fairly basic ability, one that she was only the rankest of novices in, but an ability that, Roxanna had implied, could scale up significantly with practice though her mistress had not been terribly specific. Enhancement of the body was also possible, making oneself stronger or faster for a brief time. She actually seemed to grasp the basics of that art much easier than the rest, and even now if she concentrated enough Brianna could probably force her new tattoo to heal in a matter of hours rather than the days or weeks it would normally take. With enough practice who knew how much further she could go? And, beyond that? Well, from what she had gathered so far Brianna knew that large and obvious changes were difficult but not necessarily impossible. Roxanna had implied that small changes could be chained together for more dramatic effects, though she had yet to provide a demonstration. Thinking about it in those terms, if a person could discharge static electricity, or serve as a conduit for a Tesla coil under the right circumstances, maybe with that as a base a sorcerer could actually learn to shoot lightning from their hands. Shaking her head, Brianna almost smirked at the direction her train of thought was taking. Claudia had just been teasing, it was something the tattooed brunette seemed to enjoy a great deal, but Brianna could not deny that her idle comment had sparked a real curiosity. It was a little ridiculous, but at the same time… ‘I wonder if I could actually build a lightsaber?’ she mused, a tiny smile forming as she did, ‘That would be so cool.’

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Brianna said at last, pushing her thoughts aside for a later date and grinning at Claudia, “But given who’s involved? I think you can guess.”

Claudia returned that grin, an eager light in her eyes, “My shift ends in about an hour. I’ll need to walk home and grab a few things if we want to make a weekend out of it though.”

“I can give you a ride.” Brianna offered.

“Is this an excuse to have me cling tightly to you as we ride down the road on that new motorcycle of yours?” Claudia teased, though clearly not hating the idea.

“Would you be disappointed if I said yes?” Brianna returned.

Claudia pretended to ponder that for a moment, “I’m sure I could learn to live with it.” With that she began to make her way back around the counter to stand behind the cash register again, “Go ahead and make yourself comfortable.”

Not bothering with a reply Brianna just nodded and scooped up her gear before moving over to an old chair tucked into the corner. Draping her jacket across the back of the thing to try and cushion its hard wood and metal frame, and depositing both her backpack and helmet on the floor, Brianna took a seat. Leaning back to find a more comfortable position, and openly admiring Claudia’s body, especially her bare midriff, the pair settled into a comfortable pattern. Chatting about nothing in particular as they made small talk, only to quiet down when the occasional customer wandered in. Not that there were many of those, but at the same time Brianna could not help but be fascinated. For all of its small sample size, Curios and Relics’ customer base was an interesting cross section of humanity. Older people looking for antiques, collectors hoping to find some rare prize only really valuable to themselves, the straight laced sort bringing in odds and ends they had found seeking quite cash, and then there were the stereotypical artsy types who gathered all manner of things for whatever project they were currently working on. Much more interesting was the way Claudia interacted with them, however. The other girl definitely had a way with people and Brianna could not help but smile as she watched her chat with them, answering questions about the merchandise with a surprising breadth of knowledge and haggling over prices like an old pro. To be perfectly honest she was a natural. She joked with the regulars and never seemed to outwardly grow impatient although, the way she occasionally glanced back and rolled her eyes in an exaggerated fashion told a slightly different story. It honestly didn’t take much observation to see that Claudia was clearly enjoying herself, comfortable behind the counter and at ease with the clientele and it really drove the point home to Brianna that Claudia was indeed happy with where she had ended up in life despite earlier doubts and rough patches on the road to getting here. Brianna could only hope that she was as fortunate in forging her own path.

Of course, despite all that, just watching someone else make sales did eventually get boring, despite the small talk interspersed between. Finally, when Claudia was caught in the middle of an extended ‘negotiation’ over price that did not seem to be going anywhere, Brianna reached down for her backpack and spent a few moments digging through it looking for something. With an almost triumphant grin she brandished a sketchpad, idly flipping through the pages for a moment before settling on a blank one and pulling a pencil case out of one of the side pockets. Still observing the conversation in front of her, Brianna propped the book up on her knees and twirled a pencil between her fingers for a few moments as she pondered. After perhaps a minute of watching and thinking she began to roughly sketch out the image of Claudia’s slender frame slightly bent over the main counter, hand extended as she pointed out some detail or another on the old music box sitting there in front of her. Truth be told art had always been something that interested her but, for most of her life, she had not really given it much thought. Oh, she had certainly enjoyed coloring as a child and had doodled in the margins of her notes during class more often than she cared to admit, but it wasn’t until recently that she’d really begun to really think about it again. Certainly witnessing Zoe’s skill had re-sparked that old curiosity, but honestly it had only been sheer random chance that had led Brianna to sign up for an art class. And even though it had been more to fill a gap in her schedule than anything else, as she progressed Brianna had been surprised to discover just how much she enjoyed the act of creating. She wouldn’t say she was very good, at least not yet, but it came relatively easily and that had got her to wondering about the future of all things.

Brianna had always struggled with finding a direction in life, a vision of where she wanted her future to go, recent breakthroughs in her personal life notwithstanding, and strangely enough discovering a talent for art had made her wonder if maybe she might have a future there. It was honestly something she had never considered before, and she still had a lot of doubts both about her own skills as well as the viability of such a career. The stereotype of the ‘starving artist’ existed for a reason after all. Still, it gave her something to think about and the more she thought about it the more interesting the possibility seemed. And, if nothing else, another thing the last year had taught her was to not let doubts hold you back.

Lost in those thoughts, a tiny smile on her face as the image took shape on the paper before her, Brianna started to go back, slowly filling in details from memory such as the way Claudia’s hair curled over her ear or the way her ribs stood out when she leaned over, the poem tattooed down her side just small enough to be unreadable at this distance. Which means that she was completely caught by surprise when Claudia’s voice practically whispered in her ear, “What’cha doin?”

Jerking upright, the pencil falling from her fingers, which Brianna just barely managed to catch before it hit the floor, she looked up into the other girl’s grinning face, “Claudia! You scared me! I didn’t hear you there.”

“I noticed.” Claudia replied, still grinning, “Looked like you were pretty absorbed in your work. May I see?”

Suddenly embarrassed Brianna stammered out a reply, “I mean, I guess, if you want. I’m not very good or anything.”

Ignored that Claudia reached down and took the sketchpad from un-resisting fingers, examining it with an almost blank expression that, in truth, made Brianna just a touch nervous, before the other girl smiled at her softly, “This is really good.” she said before her smile suddenly turned teasing, “Of course, with me as the model how could it not be?”

“That’s kind of you to say.” Brianna returned with a tentative smile, “As to the subject matter, no comment.”

Claudia dramatically clutched a hand to her chest, “You wound me to the core.”

Brianna's smile widened just a touch, amusing in her eyes, “But if you’re volunteering to model for me I wouldn’t say no.”

“Nude modeling?” Claudia asked without hesitation.

Brianna nodded.

Claudia grinned mischievously, “I could be talked into it. Might even let you tie me up first.”

That didn’t exactly catch Brianna off guard, but it did make her throat suddenly dry, “I think that could be arranged.”

Switching topics again as Claudia began to flip through the pages, “Seriously though, you’ve got talent. I didn’t know you were into art.”

“Just a hobby, really.” Brianna explained, a touch embarrassed “But I started taking some classes and I guess I’ve been thinking about it.”

Claudia nodded but she could sense there was something more to it than that, “You sound unsure. Is something wrong?”

“No, not wrong.” Brianna assured before adding, with a sigh, “It’s just I still don’t really know what to do with myself. I know I’ve got time, but I don’t want to waste it either and I really like drawing and painting. I’m just not sure there’s much of a future in it.”

“Who cares?” Claudia interrupted, “If it’s something you like you should go for it.” She handed the sketchbook back with a much more reassuring smile, “Plenty of people make a living like that, who says you can’t be one of them? Hell, if I asked, I bet Zoe would give you an apprenticeship.”

That was something that Brianna had never actually considered and it was certainly an interesting idea, though being a tattoo artist didn’t actually interest her much. Still, it was a thought. Sighing softly, Brianna admitted, “I’m trying to not let doubts hold me back, but that’s a hard lesson to unlearn. My parents spent a lot of money to send me to school, and I always planned to pay them back for that someday. I don’t want to let them down, and, I mean, the whole ‘art school’ thing is kind of a joke for a reason.”

Claudia placed a comforting hand on her shoulder before leaning closer, “Remember the first real conversation we ever had? The advice I gave you? Life’s too damn short for regrets so follow your heart and don’t look back. You can’t live for other people, I had to learn that lesson the hard way, and the people that really care about you? They just want you to be happy. There’s a place for everyone in this big, wide world of ours. Even weirdos like us.”

Brianna did remember that conversation, keenly. Sitting on the bed in Roxanna and Sofia’s guest room, embracing Claudia in a one-armed hug, the smaller girl bound in a straitjacket while they began the long, complex and enjoyable process of getting to know one another properly. But most of all Brianna remembered that it was the first time that she had really, truly been able to share her thoughts and feelings with another submissive, someone who understood her desires in a way that no one else she had ever known really had. And more than that Claudia had planted a truth deep in her heart, one that had guided her ever since. That it didn’t matter if who she was, and what she wanted, wasn’t exactly ‘normal’ by the standards of most people. That she wasn’t alone, that all that mattered was that she was happy, and in that she would always have the support of her lovers.

Gratefully returning Claudia’s smile Brianna forced herself to stand and wrapped the slightly smaller girl up in a tight embrace, pulling her slender body close and holding her tightly. As she felt Claudia’s arms circle around her in turn, those clever hands running up and down her back in comforting patterns, she whispered back, “Thank you, for everything.”

“Any time.” Claudia assured, “What do you say we get out of here?”

“Is your shift over?” Brianna asked, still holding the other girl tightly.

“I can close up a few minutes early.” Claudia answered.

“Such a rebel.” Brianna teased with a grin of her own.

“You love it.” Claudia insisted even as she broke the embrace.

Brianna didn’t bother to answer, she honestly didn’t feel the need to. Claudia was right after all and they both knew it. Instead she simply packed her art supplies back up and began to put her jacket on once again while Claudia went through the familiar rituals needed to close up; locking the cash register, checking the back room and turning off the various lights. As she emerged back into the shop once again Brianna offered a tiny grin and handed over her backpack, which the other girl took without comment and slung over her shoulders. Picking up her helmet and letting it dangle from one hand, she reached out and snaked her free arm around Claudia’s waist and pulled the other girl close. Grinning at her, Claudia returned the gesture, opting to slip a hand into one of Brianna’s back pockets and giving her ass a playful squeeze, which elicited another playful grin as the pair walked, arm in arm, back out into the heat of the late afternoon. Pausing only long enough to flip the sign to ‘closed’ and locking the door behind them, the pair made their way to the curb where Brianna had parked her bike earlier. It was the first time she’d had a passenger, truth be told, and if she were being honest with herself she was rather excited to share the experience and, perhaps, just a tiny part of herself was hoping to impress Claudia. Unable to stop herself from smiling, Brianna let her companion go and offered one final kiss on the cheek before climbing onto the waiting machine, settling comfortably onto the old seat and grabbing the handlebars. Pausing to look over her shoulder at Claudia she offered the helmet wordlessly.

Claudia just shook her head with a smile, “I trust you.”

“Suite yourself.” Brianna shrugged as she pulled the helmet on and zipped her jacket up, “Climb aboard, my lady. Your steed awaits.”

Grinning at that, perhaps, slightly corny line Claudia did as she was told, settling onto the seat and wrapping her arms around Brianna’s waist to steady herself. Not stopping there, however, she slid herself forward until she had practically molded her body against the blue-haired girl’s back, tightening her arms until they were practically inseparable. Brianna grinned as well at the feeling, but said nothing as she started the engine, the old machine once again roaring to life smoothly.

“Oh, so that’s why you’re so fond of this thing.” Claudia quipped as she felt the frame begin to shake, a mischievous smile curving her lips as she did, “It’s the biggest vibrator in your collection.”

Rather than answer with words Brianna opted instead to rev the engine and shoot out into traffic perhaps a bit faster than necessary. Claudia didn’t exactly scream at the sudden acceleration but she did shriek in surprise and her already limpet-like grip grew even tighter somehow. It was perhaps fortunate that that helmet she was wearing hid Brianna’s satisfied smirk and that the other girl couldn’t hear her chuckle over the rush of the wind. Even so, Brianna could not say she disapproved of the result, greatly enjoying the feel of Claudia’s body against her own and the intimacy of her death grip. Forcing herself to focus on the road, as traffic was starting to pick up more than a little this time of the afternoon, Brianna adjusted her own grip on the handlebars and sped onward. Brianna wouldn’t say that she knew this area well, but she was familiar enough with it to find her way and, if nothing else, she’d visited Claudia’s apartment several times since Halloween. As such, what would have easily been a twenty or thirty minute walk was reduced to, perhaps, a five minute drive as Brianna weaved her way through traffic, rounding corner after corner until the built up downtown area at last gave way to more open stores and strip malls and green lots. From there it was only a short jaunt down the way to Claudia’s apartment complex, the collection of two story brick buildings clustered around a set of parking lots with their outdoor walkways, wrought iron railings and wooded playground still reminding Brianna very much of an old motel. Slowing down and turning into the driveway, she carefully coasted through the parking lot toward what looked like an old, open shed with curling red shingles on top. Technically it was a place for the residents to keep their bicycles out of the weather but it would suit her purposes well enough.

Maneuvering into the old shed Brianna finally hit the brakes and engaged the kick stand. It was only then that she killed the engine and felt Claudia’s grip slacked even a little. Grinning a bit she glanced back over her shoulder, “Home sweet home.”

For a moment Claudia said nothing until she finally withdrew her arms, “I don’t know whether to kiss you or slap you for that stunt.”

“Maybe I should leave this on then.” Brianna answered, tapping on the side of her helmet with a knuckle as she withdrew the key with her other hand.

Opting to climb off the bike then, Claudia playfully swatted the helmet with a half smile, “There, now if you want the kiss you’ll have to take it off.”

“Well in that case…” Brianna drawled as she pulled the helmet off and turned to the side, presenting her cheek.

Chuckling a little at that Claudia bent down and cupped both of her cheeks with her palms and kissed her, softly at first and then insistently, on the lips. Brianna instantly brought her free hand up to rest on the small of Claudia’s back and opened her lips, eagerly dueling with the other girl’s pierced tongue and moaning a little at the sensation. They stayed like that for what felt like a short eternity before Claudia’s back finally could take no more and the slender girl pulled away to straighten up. Brianna said nothing, a satisfied smile on her face as she climbed to her own feet as well.

“That was a lot of fun.” Claudia admitted, finally, “And I wouldn’t mind doing it again sometime but don’t pull a stunt like that again without warning a girl.”

For a moment Brianna wanted to fire back with something witty, like ‘no promises’ but, in the end, she just nodded, prompted by the soft earnestness of the request, “I won’t. And I’m glad you had fun.”

“It is kind of ironic though.” Claudia mused with a smile, “You once told me that I seemed like the kind of girl to ride a motorcycle and yet here you are. What’s next? A leather vest and joining a gang?”

Brianna could not help but laugh at that as she unwound a bicycle chain from the motorcycle’s frame and locked it up in the shed. A somewhat unconventional step but one that brought her some peace of mind, “I don’t know about all that, but people tell me I look good in black leather.”

“I said you looked good tied up in black leather.” Claudia corrected, “But your birthday is coming up…”

Finishing locking up her bike Brianna gave the other girl another kiss on the cheek, realizing that Claudia was correct. Her birthday was coming up, a fact she had almost forgotten given the excitement of the last year, and while the last thing she wanted was for her lovers to go out of their way to get her anything, as far as she was concerned they were all the presents she would ever need, it was still a sweet thought. And besides that, now that the idea was in her head Brianna couldn’t stop thinking about what she might look like clad in nothing but tight leathers, riding down the road with one of her lovers clinging to her.

“Something to think about.” Brianna answered at last as she once again snaked her arm around Claudia’s waist.

Eager to get out of the heat of the day, the fading rays of the sun prickling their pale skin, the pair quickly made their way across the parking lot towards the squat brick structures clinging to its perimeter. Mounting the broad steps to the second floor, and winding their way across the balcony they easily reached apartment 236 in a few minutes, only then releasing their mutual embrace so that Claudia could unlock the door. Pushing it open with her foot, Claudia quickly stepped inside and tossed her keys onto the coffee table. Following closer on her heels, Briana almost sighed at the rush of cool air that washed over her, the sensation a welcome contrast to the heat of the day indeed. Slipping her jacket off her shoulders as she closed the door behind her, feeling goosebumps rise on the skin of her bare arms, Brianna turned just in time to see Claudia slip the backpack off her own shoulders and hand it over wordlessly. Slinging her jacket over her arm to free up a hand to take the pack, Brianna nodded in thanks as Claudia stretched her arms over her head before making her way towards the hall.

“Make yourself at home.” the slender girl called back over her shoulder, “I’m just going to pack a few things real quick.”

Gaze fixed on Claudia’s shapely back, her eyes following the tattoo that ran all the way down her spine from the nape of her neck to her marvelously tight ass, Brianna called back, “Take your time, we’re in no hurry. Do you need any help?”

As Claudia disappeared into the kitchen, her footsteps growing softer as she made her way to the bedroom, her voice called back, “Nah, don’t worry about it.”

Nodding, more to herself than anything else, Brianna opened up the coat closet and somewhat awkwardly began to put away all of the junk she was carrying, letting her pack and helmet fall to the floor with a soft *thump* before hanging up her jacket next to Claudia’s small collection of coats and windbreakers as well as her cloak. She could not help but smile a bit at the sight of the cloak, remembering well the first time she had worn it as well as the fact that Claudia used it for similar purposes in her own self-bondage adventures. And, of course, they had talked about doing something like that again sometime… Shaking herself, Brianna closed the door and for several long moments wasn’t exactly sure what to do with herself. Claudia’s living room was nice enough, with a comfortable couch and a serviceable television, an old rug and a small collection of seemingly random posters and paintings lending the room color and personality but Brianna wasn’t much in the mood to sit down or watch television. Eventually, hearing the sound of drawers opening echo from the back of the apartment, she nodded to herself and headed down the hallway. It was a short walk past the kitchenette and bathroom to the bedroom at the very back of the hall, but Brianna moved slowly so as to make as little noise as possible. It seemed that she was successful because, as soon as she leaned through the open frame of the bedroom door Claudia seemed totally unaware of her presence, the slightly smaller girl focusing all of her attention on stuffing the last of several sets of clothing and a makeup kit into a duffle bag.

Smiling to herself at the sight Brianna waited just a heartbeat more as Claudia finished packing and zipped up the bag before she pounced, quickly crossing the distance and once again scooping up the other girl in a tight embrace. Claudia barely had time to react, gasping softly in surprise as Brianna gently shoved her against the patch of wall between the bed and the master closet before pressing their lips together. Throwing her own arms around the blue-haired girl’s shoulders, Claudia moaned in delight, parting her lips as the kiss deepened and allowing Brianna a few moments to eagerly explore her mouth before pressing back, dueling the other girl’s tongue with her own in a dance they were both intimately familiar with. Lips still locked together, Brianna managed to slide one hand up Claudia’s back to untie her halter, almost ripping the top away and tossing it aside in her eagerness. Claudia hmmed appreciably into the kiss but made no move to break away until Brianna, still feeling aggressive, suddenly pulled them both away from the wall and tore their lips apart, grinning almost savagely at Claudia’s flushed face. Still giving her no time to respond, Brianna spun the other girl around and pressed her face first against the wall, molding her body against the other girl’s back, hands caressing her waist even as she planted kisses along Claudia’s neck and shoulders. Eyes closed and biting her lip, a look of pure bliss painted the tattooed girl’s face as she twisted her head and craned her neck to provide better access.

Gently nipping at an earlobe Brianna whispered, “Stay here.”

A soft sound, like a cross between a whine and a whimper escaped Claudia’s throat but the other girl just nodded, opening her eyes to watch as Brianna reached over to open her closet. Well aware of just what sort of toys her companion kept on hand it did not take more than a minute or two before Brianna found what she was looking for, a small armbinder of shiny black leather, far too small for her to wear but perfect for Claudia’s slender frame. A light of anticipation burning in her own brown eyes Claudia did nothing, said nothing, as Brianna drew her arms together and slid the monoglove into place, slowly but inexorable buckling the web of straps across her chest and under her arms to lock it into place before tightening its laces equally slowly. Taking advantage of Claudia’s natural flexibility and endurance Brianna did not stop until the other girl’s elbows kissed behind her back, tattooed arms locked together into a single, inescapable unit. Moaning deep in her throat at the sensation, Claudia bit her lip again as Brianna spun her around for another kiss, one she readily and eagerly submitted to as the blue-haired girl plundered her mouth.

That kiss only stopped when Brianna suddenly, unexpectedly shoved Claudia back onto the bed. Crying out in surprise at the sudden movement, Claudia winced a little as the weight of her body pinned her arms beneath her, only to lift her head and watch as Brianna took her ankles and spun her in place so that her body was lain out on the mattress. Sitting down next to her, the blue-haired girl proceeded to slowly remove her shoes and socks before reaching up to unbutton her jeans. Wiggling to help the other girl work the tight garment past her hips and down her legs Claudia wet her lips in anticipation as Brianna hastily tossed the pants aside to leave her completely naked.

Still fully clothed herself, Brianna practically crawled onto the bed on all fours, looming over Claudia’s slender, nude frame, “No underwear today?”

“Didn’t seem necessary.” Claudia quipped, her heart racing in her chest, “I trust you approve?”

“Such a naughty girl.” Brianna whispered as she bent down to press an almost chaste kiss to Claudia’s lips.

The kiss did not last long. Almost immediately Brianna pulled away to press another kiss to the corner of Claudia’s mouth and down her jaw, eliciting a soft moan as the other girl twisted her head to the side. Taking advantage of the new position, Brianna kissed the slightly smaller girl’s neck and throat before practically branding Claudia’s pulse with her lips, pausing there only long enough to nip at the sensitive skin and suck hard enough to leave a bruise. She wanted the whole world to know that this beautiful, eager and marvelously submissive woman was hers. Claudia seemed to agree, biting her lip and moaning in delight at the sensation, panting softly as a flush began to spread across her bare skin. Pulling away in order to straddle the other girl’s waist, grinning a little as she watched Claudia arch her back in a silent plea for more, Brianna spent a moment to simply admire the other girl, eyes drinking in the beautifully helpless form beneath her. Leaning down again, her long hair tickling Claudia’s pale skin in the process, Brianna planted a row of kisses down her collarbone and sternum until she placed one last kiss over the heart, her face buried in the other girls slight breasts, reveling in the sensation of those soft mounds brushing against her even as she allowed her hands to trace the edges of Claudia’s ribcage, the fingers of her right hand lingering on the poem tattooed there.

Claudia practically whimpered as Brianna shifted her focus, almost tickling her ribs with delicate fingers even as she worshiped the other girl’s breasts with soft kisses, running her tongue along those firm mounds and sucking on her nipples now and then. Arching her back even further at the sensation, Claudia’s mumbled begging degenerated into shuddering moans as Brianna shifted again, branding her stomach with a series of kisses, arcing just around her navel and tracing the faint ridges of her abdominal muscles with deliberate, almost painful slowness. Just as her lips crossed the white rainflowers tattooed below Claudia’s waist Brianna smiled almost cruelly as she heard and felt the other girl’s breath catch in her throat, no doubt anticipating and longing for what was about to happen.

Lifting her mouth no more than a fraction of an inch from Claudia’s skin, Brianna commanded in a soft but firm tone, “Spread your legs.”

There were no words, no confirmation, nothing but obedience as Claudia did as she was told, spreading her legs as far as she could in an impressive display of flexibility, her entire body seeming to shiver in anticipation. Grinning at the display, Brianna once again kissed the soft skin at the girl’s hip, feeling the muscles beneath quivering as she slowly worked toward her prize. The scent of arousal was heavy in the air as Brianna at last placed a hard kiss just above Claudia’s cleanly shaved sex, the other girl practically whimpering at the sensation as she, somehow, impossibly spread her legs even wider. Deciding that they had both waited long enough, but not quite ready to end the game just yet, Brianna shifted back and planted a soft, almost teasing kiss on Claudia’s aching clit. The tattooed girl gasped at the touch, only to moan deep in her throat in a combination of pleasure and frustration as Brianna’s tongue began to lap at her, twitching as the blue-haired girl exploring her curves and folds, teasing the lips of her labia up and down in a maddeningly soft and deliberately slow fashion. Biting her lip to try and stay quiet, Claudia clenched her eyes shut as Brianna continued to explore her nether lips before lapping at the heat within and teasing her throbbing clit, working her ever closer to the edge in tiny increments. Bucking her hips and practically panting, coherent thoughts nearly beyond her, Claudia could feel an orgasm rise within her, closer and closer, until at last, just as she felt as if she were about to burst Brianna stopped and straightened up, grinning down at her helpless captive with another almost cruel smile.

Claudia wanted to scream in frustration, but she knew this game well. Breath caught in her throat, all she could manage was a soft, almost fond, “Bitch.”

“Good things come to those who wait.” Brianna answered, grinning in turn, before lifting up the hem of her t-shirt to show off the waistband of her chastity belt, “Besides that, if I can’t cum then neither can you.”

Claudia just collapsed back onto the mattress with a groan. Brianna had learned well from their mistresses. Perhaps too well.

Grinning at the display, Brianna just stroked the frustrated girl’s hips for a moment more before climbing off the bed and onto her feet, placing her hands and the small of her back and popping her spine before announcing, “We probably should get going.”

Lifting her head up from the pillow, and raising a questioning brow, Claudia asked, “Like this?”

Cupping her chin as she pretended to ponder that question and letting her eyes run over Claudia’s bound and naked form, Brianna grinned a little, “I suppose I do need to get you dressed properly first.”

Ignoring Claudia’s curious gaze, Brianna carefully maneuvered around the bed over to the dresser against the far wall. Opening the top drawer she dug through the collected clothing before she found what she was looking for, one of the skimpiest g-strings she had ever seen and one that she wished Claudia would wear more often. The deep red color complimented her skin tone perfectly. Wadding up the cloth in her hand, so as not to let Claudia see exactly what she had, Brianna then opened a second drawer, one that she well knew held the rest of her lover’s toys. Taking only a blindfold, which she stuffed into her pocket, and a roll of black electrical tape she crossed back over to the mattress and sat down, holding up her prizes with a grin. Although the tiniest smile seemed to curve her lips as she realized Brianna’s intentions, still frustrated from earlier, Claudia was not really much in the mood to cooperate. Laying there limply, neither helping nor hindering, it took Brianna several minutes to slip the underwear up her legs and into place. Her loins now, barely, covered Brianna took the role of tape and quickly covered the other girl’s nipples with a pair of black x’s, much like Claudia had done to her on that Halloween night that now seemed so long ago. Despite the difficulty of the task she could not help but grin at Claudia’s scantily clad form, especially the way the monoglove pulled her arms back tightly and made her slight, firm breasts stand out proudly. Taking the other girl by the shoulders, Brianna hastily pulled her upright and forced Claudia onto her feet.

Twisting slightly to examine her own bound and barely covered form in the mirror, Claudia turned her gaze back towards Brianna, “You plan to take me outside like this?” she did not seem at all bothered by the thought, if anything amusement and arousal seemed to dance in her eyes, her tone curious, “You’ve grown bold.”

In response Brianna said nothing, just hooked a finger through the ring set into the front of Claudia's shiny steel collar and, grabbing the other girl’s bag as she went, led her lover back out into the living room. Quickly crossing over to the closet, her bound captive following helplessly along behind her, Brianna pulled out that familiar, plain black cloak without a second thought. Turning around she slipped it around Claudia’s shoulders with a simple, practiced gesture and clasped it at her throat, granting her at least a modicum of modesty. Claudia smiled a little and gave a nod of approval, appreciating the symmetry of Brianna turned an old game back on her, curiosity and excitement alight in her eyes as she wondered exactly what the blue-haired girl had planned. Returning that smile, and leaning in for a kiss, Brianna retrieved her backpack and slipped it over her shoulders, but ultimately decided that both her helmet and jacket could stay here for now. She wouldn’t be needing either of them for at least a little while. However, before she closed the closet again she did spare a moment to retrieve a simple pair of sandals, which Claudia gratefully stepped into clearly appreciating not having to walk barefoot over hot asphalt. Once again wrapping her arms around the slender girl’s waist, Brianna pulled her bound body close and pressed their lips together. It amused her, just a little, that even when bound and completely helpless Claudia still insisted on fighting her for control of the kiss, their tongues dueling in a familiar and pleasurable dance. The slightly smaller girl did finally yield, and Brianna took a moment to relish in that victory, practically plundering the other girl’s mouth with an almost desperate intensity.

Pulling back slightly to see the other girl’s flushed face, her thin lips slightly swollen from the kiss, Brianna smiled and spoke softly, “Ready?”

Wetting her lips before answering Claudia wondered, “Still not going to tell me what you have planned?”

“Nope.” Brianna shot back simply, playful popping her lips as she pronounced that word and grinning as she, unseen by Claudia, pulled the blindfold from her pocket and covered the other girl’s eyes.

Gasping a little as she suddenly found herself trapped in darkness Claudia could not stop herself from smiling, “Interesting.”

Retrieving the other girl’s keys from the coffee table Brianna gently took her by the arm, “We’ll need to borrow your car, I’ll drive.”

“Oh my, I’m being kidnapped,” Claudia teased, “Some ruffian broke into my house, tied me up and is stealing my car. Whatever shall I do?”

‘Ruffian?’ Brianna mouthed, wondering who still talked like that, as she shook her head, “You can ride in the trunk if you like.”

“Hmm.” for a moment it seemed as if Claudia was seriously considering the offer, “I think I’ll pass. It would be terribly lonely without your company after all.”

Smiling at the memory of the pair of them helplessly mummified together in the trunk of their mistress’ car as they traveled on vacation together, Brianna just shook her head and guided Claudia out the front door. Locking up the apartment behind her, and looking around to confirm that they were alone at the moment, Brianna made her way to the stairs. Descending slowly, keeping a firm grip on Claudia the whole time as the other girl could not see where she was going, the pair finally reached the sidewalk and casually strolled out into the parking lot again. Brianna easily spotted her companion’s old blue Chevrolet and steered in that direction, glad that Claudia had been able to secure a parking spot under the shade of a tree since, even in the relatively cool weather of late spring, it did not take long for a locked car to become unbearably hot. Heading over to the passenger side first, she quickly opened the door and helped Claudia inside before depositing their bags casually in the back seat. Circling the car then, Brianna quickly lowered herself into the driver's seat, pausing only long enough to buckle Claudia in before fastening her own seat belt and slipping the keys into the ignition.

Just as she was about to start the engine, however, she paused and turned to her passenger, “Comfortable?”

Claudia nodded, turning her way as well before shooting her a wry grin, “As I’ll ever be I suppose, but I have to wonder how suspicious it’ll look to be driving around with a blindfolded girl next to you.”

Brianna shrugged, even though it couldn’t be seen, and pointed out, “You drove around with me gagged.”

“In the middle of the night.” Claudia corrected.

Even if it was meant as something of a joke Brianna still considered the point, “If anyone asks I guess we can tell them you’re light sensitive.”

“Might work.” Claudia agreed before smiling again, much broader this time, “If I feel like cooperating, that is. What will you give me if I do?”

Frowning in annoyance for a fraction of a second Brianna suddenly grinned and reached out to run her fingers up Claudia’s bare thigh with a feather like touch, making the other girl’s breath hitch in her throat as those fingers pushed under the cloak to brush over her aching sex, “Perhaps I can offer what I know you crave, but are too proud to ask for.” she let her voice drop just a little, “If you’re a good girl, that is.”

“Might be,” Claudia was forced to pause as her breath hitched again and a small moan escaped her, “might be even more suspicious if the blindfolded girl next to you starts screaming all of a sudden.”

Leaning over to nip the other girl’s ear, eliciting a shudder, Brianna whispered, “Those country highways are awfully lonely this time of day.”

“You’ve gotten a lot better at this.” Claudia admitted, voice quiet and tense.

Brianna grinned as she withdrew her touch, “I have good teachers.”

Brianna turned the key and started the engine, offering nothing more as Claudia groaned softly in frustration. Pausing only long enough to turn on the radio and find some inoffensively soft background music to fill the silence, she shifted the transmission into reverse and backed out carefully. She had never actually driven Claudia’s car before, in all honesty it had been awhile since she had driven any car, but it all came back easily enough and as she approached the edge of the parking lot, tapping the brakes softly before merging into traffic, she could not help but be impressed. The first time she had seen Claudia’s car Brianna had thought the old, scratched thing with fading paint looked just a little bit like a piece of junk. And yet Claudia was clearly fond of it and Brianna had never really been able to figure out why other than, perhaps, some nostalgic connection sort of like the pride she had in her bike. But now? Now she almost marveled at how smoothly it accelerated and how easily it handled despite its age, the car’s warm exterior clearly only telling half the story. Claudia either took very good care of her vehicle or knew a very good mechanic, or perhaps both. Whatever the case Brianna could appreciate that. It wasn’t exactly something she had ever been told exactly, but rather a sentiment that she had picked up in the course of her life. That you could tell a lot about a person from the way they treated their things. And Claudia, for all that she was a bit rough around the edges and proud of that fact, was a good person.

Still smiling, Brianna kept her eyes fixed carefully on the road even if there was no great need at the moment. She knew where she was going after all and, in that somewhat odd time between rush hour and the setting sun, traffic was light to practically nonexistent in some places, especially since Brianna stuck to the side roads, bypassing downtown as she headed to the edge of the city. Zipping past more apartment complexes and retails stores she spared the occasional glance in Claudia’s direction, the other girl leaning back comfortably in the passenger’s seat despite her tightly bound arms, a tiny smile on her lips as she tilted her face toward the window, as if watching the world go by despite her blindfold. Truth be told Brianna found it a little strange just how quiet Claudia was being and could not help but wonder just what she was thinking about but, for some reason, she dared not break the silence. Turning her attention back to the road, it didn’t take long to finally reach the old highway that ran out into the suburbs beyond, a familiar road that Brianna had traveled many times. Just the sight of it made anticipation swell in her chest. Very soon, relatively speaking, they would be at 137 North Hickory Lane, they would be home with Roxanna and Sofia again. It was a strange thing to think about in some ways, a thought that Brianna had grappled with more than once over the last year that in some strange, ineffable way her mistress’ house had become just as much her home as the house where she had grown up. It had worried her a bit at one time. If home was where the heart was then it felt as if her own heart was being pulled in a half a dozen different directions at once. But then, a remarkable realization had occurred to her, a wondrous truth. That love was not so limited as that, that rather than be divided among many the heart could grow and grow if you let it. That to love and be loved by many was a gift, a truly wonderful gift that one merely had to accept.

It certainly felt as if her heart had grown a great deal from that young, love-sick girl torn by indecision into the young woman she was becoming and, as she again glanced at Claudia and thought of their mistresses, Brianna could not help but smile. And, it was with that smile on her face that she turned onto Route 16 and began the final leg of the journey to the quiet little subdivision where the women she now called home lived.

At some point however, as they zipped past empty fields and clumps of trees just beginning to bloom green once again, the silence grew too heavy and Brianna decided to broach the subject, “You’ve been very quiet so far.”

Claudia turned away from the window and looked at her, after a fashion, with a tiny smile, “I wondered if you’d say anything. It’s going to be a long trip without some small talk. Especially without any scenery to look at.”

Brianna, grinning at the vaguely similar comment to their first car ride together, replied, “Sorry about that, was kind if distracted. Anything in particular you want to talk about?”

“Let’s start with something easy.” Claudia said, “What’s got you so distracted?”

“Nothing that important.” Brianna assured, “Just excited to see them again.”

Claudia nodded, there was no reason to specify who ‘them’ was, “It hasn’t been that long, has it?”

Brianna let out a little sigh, “I mean not really, no, it’s just…”

“I understand.” Claudia said softly, a reassuring smile on her face.

“Now that I think about it, I was wondering if I could ask you for some advice?” Brianna asked in turn.

“Sure!” Claudia replied, unusually cheerful, before grinning mischievously, “I think you should show off your butt more.”

A confused expression washed over Brianna’s face, “What?”

“That’s my advice.” Claudia clarified, “You have a very nice butt.”

Blushing slightly Brianna mumbled, “Thank you?”

Claudia giggled at the response, “What do you need?”

Taking a breath to center herself Brianna bit her lip before continuing, “Summer’s coming up.”

“It is.” Claudia agreed.

“On the one hand I’ve been looking forward to getting the chance to spend more time with Roxanna and Sofia.” Brianna explained, “But that only worked last year because of this game we played that Sofia had hired me on as summer help around the house. I don’t think that’s going to work this time around.”

“It might.” Claudia provided, “But it would certainly limit the sorts of things we can do together. What are you thinking?”

“I got a job recently.” Brianna began.

“Oh?” Claudia interrupted, curious, “Where at?”

“Just once of the campus stores.” Brianna answered with a shrug, “It’s awful, but I have some spending money at least, along with what I’ve saved over the years. And so I was thinking about getting a place of my own. The dorms have been fine, but…”

Claudia nodded, “Yeah, I definitely get you, but what does that have to do with our mistresses?”

“I’m getting there.” Brianna said, taking a small breath before plunging on, “When I started thinking about moving out on my own, I really seriously thought about asking them if I could live with them instead.”

Claudia nodded, “So what’s the problem? They’ve definitely got the space and I know they’d love to have you all.”

Brianna couldn't help but smile at that, knowing that the girl was probably right, “The problem is that would involve, well, telling my family the truth. Or at least most of it.”

Claudia pursed her lips in thought, “I guess that would be a bit of an awkward conversation.”

If anything Brianna thought that was quite the understatement, “Just a bit.”

“Although,” Claudia pointed out, “you’re going to have to say something eventually.”

“Don’t remind me.” Brianna muttered.

Claudia shot her a concerned expression, “I obviously don’t know your parents but are you really that worried?”

“It’s not… I don’t know.” Brianna admitted, “They’re always been pretty understanding in the past, hardly batted an eye when I came out and have always supported my decisions. But, they’ve also never been shy about telling me when they think I’m making a mistake. And without context, ‘Oh by the way mom and dad, I’m in a polygamous lesbian relationship with our next door neighbors, you know the ones basically twice my age, and another woman you’ve never met, is that cool?’ Sounds an awful lot like a mistake, or at the very least like I’m being taken advantage of.”

Despite herself Claudia chuckled a little, “Maybe use a bit more tact, yeah.”

Rant not quite done Brianna continued, “And then there’s the bondage and the witchcraft.”

Claudia had to work very hard to stifle a laugh, “Okay, I get your point. When you put it like that this is starting to sound more and more like one of those weird after school specials, or a really low budget movie.”

Despite herself Brianna’s lips twitched, “Lesbian Bondage Witches, I kind of want to see that movie now.”

Claudia actually snorted, losing control of her laughter this time, “I’m sure it exists.” even so she sighed softly, “Look forget about reaction or judgment or anything else. Just answer me this. What do you want?”

“I…” Brianna paused, really, truly thinking about that question, “I don’t want to keep this secret forever, I can’t, but at the same time I just… I think I’m starting to understand why our mistresses were so reluctant to tell me everything now.”

“Just answer this.” Claudia responded, voice unusually solemn, “Are you happy with where you are and where you’re going?”

Looking at the other girl Brianna nodded slightly, “I… I think I am.”

Claudia smiled, “Then that’s all the matters. It sounds like your family cares about you a lot, and you care about them. I’m not saying it won’t be awkward or uncomfortable, or that it won’t take some work, but trust in that. And if worse comes to worse? We’ll be here to catch you.”

Feeling her eyes grow slightly watery Brianna reached up to brush away the beginning of tears, “I’ll try.”

A smirk suddenly twisted Claudia’s lips, her posture radiating amusement, “Do or do not do, there is no try.”

Brianna could not stop the sudden bout of laughter that escaped her throat, Claudia’s grin only widening as she did, “Okay seriously. We are going to have a problem if you keep doing that.”

“What?” Claudia protested, “I’m antsy and I’m horny, I’m in a silly mood.”

Shaking her head a little, and glad for the laughter as well as the lightening of the mood, Brianna responded, “Well, we can’t have that.”

Glancing out the side windows to confirm that they were still in the middle of nowhere, nothing but unplowed fields and hedgerows zipping by, Brianna reached out and once again placed her hand on Claudia’s bare thigh. The slightly smaller girl bit her lip and tilted her head back with a moan as that hand slowly slid up her leg and under her cloak. For a brief moment Brianna paused, allowing her fingers to hover just over Claudia’s wet and eager sex, close enough to allow the other girl to feel the heat of her hand, until she began to squirm in frustrated anticipation, whimpering softly. It was only then that the blue-haired girl shoved her fingers under the dark red g-string and plunged them into the brunette’s eager flesh. Letting out another moan of pure need, Claudia clenched her legs shut to trap that hand in place even as her body tightened around the intrusion, her muscles quivering. While, thankfully, it was a small enough car that Brianna did not have to reach far to tease her companion it was still a somewhat tricky balance to keep one hand on the wheel and her eyes focused on the road as she stroked Claudia’s captive pussy. Her own face as red as a beat as she tried very hard not to think about what she was doing, Brianna pressed on, thrusting a pair of fingers deep into the other girl and pushing her closer to the edge with a crude but effective technique, her imagination already wondering what a passing car might see as Claudia moaned and writhed beneath her fingers. The thought turned her on more than she cared to admit.

Given the position that they found themselves in, as well as the fact that she had to split her attention between Claudia and the road, Brianna was unable to use any of the tricks and techniques she had picked up over the last year. Which was a shame as Brianna was rather proud of all the different ways she had learned to pleasure a woman under the expert tutelage of her mistresses. Thankfully that proved less of an issue than she had feared. It seemed that Claudia was more than eager enough that even Brianna’s very basic technique quickly broke down what little self control she had. In fact it was honestly kind of surprising how quickly Claudia was reduced to a panting mess, hunched over and straining against her armbinder as she dropped her chin to bite down on a mouthful of her cloak to try and stifle her moans. Picking up her pace as best she could Brianna felt her blush darken as she tightened her free hand around the steering wheel, feeling Claudia’s body heat up even more as her pussy grew, somehow, even wetter and clenched tightly around the fingers filling her. Practically trembling now it did not take more than a few thrusts before Claudia seemed to explode, her entire body going tense for a split second before she threw back her head and howled in delight. Even as the other girl screamed out her pleasure Brianna continued to thrust into that quaking body in a familiar rhythm, pleased with herself as she managed to tease another, much quieter, orgasm out of Claudia’s bound and helpless form before she seemed to go limp. Moaning in delight, which seemed to transform into a whimper as she opened her thighs and Brianna slowly pulled her fingers out, Claudia practically collapsed against the passenger side window, flushed and sweaty and panting as her entire body almost slumped in on itself. Despite her own red face, Brianna smiled a little at the sight even as she tried to ignore the throbbing beneath her own chastity belt, watching Claudia slowly come down out of the corner of her eye.

Bringing her free hand to her face and licking her fingers clean Brianna could not keep her smile from transforming into a smirk, “You’re welcome.”

Claudia muttered something that might have been a ‘thank you’ under her breath and Brianna laughed. Still chuckling under her breath she turned her full attention back to the road, content to drive the rest of the way in the comfortable silence that followed, the scent of sweat and sex thick in the stuffy air of the car and the sun just beginning to set as Claudia reveled in the afterglow. It did not take long, perhaps another fifteen minutes, before a familiar copse of hickory trees came into view in the growing twilight of early evening. Brianna felt herself smile at the sight, long a sign that home was close. Feeling her heart begin to race, butterflies in her stomach and anticipation singing along her nerves, Brianna carefully drove the last few blocks until the first houses of Hickory Lane at last came into view, though she really only saw one house in particular, a familiar and seemingly timeless two story affair in which so many good memories lived. Taking in the well kept lawn and the carefully trimmed hedges, the flowers along the sidewalk just beginning to bloom, she almost sighed, her heart caught in her throat. She was home.

Readjusting her grip on the steering wheel to center herself, Brianna carefully pulled into the front drive, almost mechanically shifting the car into park and turning off the key. Eyes momentarily drawn to that broad and inviting front porch, and the faint light from within streaming out through the stained glass of the front door, she turned to her companion with another smile, “We’re here.”

Although still leaning against the glass of the passenger window, Claudia’s lips quirked into a small smile as well, “I just need a minute.”

Although a bit amused with Claudia’s antics, knowing full well that she’d given the girl more than enough time to recover, Brianna just shrugged and said nothing, pulling the keys from the ignition before unfastening her seat belt and climbing out of the car. Taking a moment to stretch, reaching as far above her head as she could with a relieved groan, Brianna worked her shoulders a few times before opening the back door. Gathering up their bags and throwing them over her shoulders, she slowly crossed over to the passenger side of the car and opened the door. Hearing the handle click, Claudia instantly straightened, pulling away from the window and instinctively pressed herself back into the chair.

“Ready?” Brianna asked softly as she placed one hand on the roof and leaned in through the open door slightly.

Claudia nodded, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

With another smile, Brianna reached in and unfastened Claudia’s seat belt before she carefully took the other girl by the shoulders and helped her out of the car. Although a bit awkward with her arms as tightly bound as they were, Claudia managed to climb out onto the driveway easily enough. Brushing the cloak covering her smoothly back into place Brianna looped an arm over Claudia’s shoulders and walked her up the path. Even slowing down to climb the stairs the pair quickly mounted the porch and walked up to the door. A broad smile on her face and her heart pounding in the chest Brianna paused for a moment to collect herself before reaching out to ring the doorbell. The bell itself sounded almost unnaturally loud in the half light of early evening though, thankfully for Brianna’s peace of mind, it did not take long before the sound of footsteps approached at a leisurely pace and the lock opened with a *click*. Not that Brianna was paying any attention to that. Instead, all of her focus was locked on the tall blonde woman revealed as the door opened.

Sofia, as usual dressed simply in a tight shirt that clung to her tall and toned form accompanied by a pair of jeans, smiled broadly at the sight, instantly stepping forward to sweep Brianna up in a hug, “Devushka!”

Smiling herself, Brianna leaned into that hug and returned it as best she could, practically purring as she was held close to that taut body, “I’m home, mistress.”

“Welcome home.” Sofia muttered before somehow, impossibly, her grip tightened to the point where Brianna was sure that her spine popped. Pulling back slightly, hands still on the blue-haired girl’s shoulders, Sofia grinned, “It has been far too long, devushka.” her gaze slipped over to Claudia’s bound form, her smile turning sly at the sight, “And I see you brought us a present as well. How thoughtful.”

“She is very persuasive, mistress.” Claudia cut in, a grin curling her own lips.

“Of that I have no doubt, kotenok.” Sofia chuckled as she gently stroked Claudia’s cheek, the blindfolded girl leaning into the touch happily, before the blonde put a hand on both of their shoulders and pulled them inside, “Come in, come in! Please do make yourselves comfortable. May I take your things?”

Smiling, grateful for the offer, Brianna slipped her backpack and Claudia’s duffle bag from her shoulders and handed them over. Free of their luggage, the blue-haired girl turned and unfastened Claudia’s cloak, pulling it away sharply, the sudden gust of air and movement of fabric making the blindfolded girl gasp. Holding out the garment to Sofia, whose smile had grown far more appreciative as she took it and raked her eyes over Claudia’s nearly naked body, Brianna darted in and kissed the blonde on the cheek.

“Thank you, mistress.”

Shaking her head a little, but still smiling, Sofia nodded a bit, “You have most excellent taste, devushka.”

Claudia actually blushed just slightly at the compliment and bit her lip, though in her current state she could do nothing about it. Brianna just smiled, “I appreciate that, mistress. We both do. I guess you could say I was inspired.”

Chuckling again, Sofia turned to walk away, “I will put these in the guest room. Roxanna is preparing dinner, I am certain she would be equally happy to see you both.”

For a few moments more Brianna stayed rooted in place, her eyes locked on Sofia’s athletic form, in particular the blonde’s shapely ass that was perfectly displayed by the skintight jeans she was wearing. Smiling a little at the display Brianna could not help but lick her lips unconsciously. Sofia was one of those women that epitomized the old saying ‘hate to see them go but love to watch them leave’ and she never turned down an opportunity to appreciate that body whenever she had the chance. There were times when Brianna could almost not believe she was lucky enough to count such an absolutely gorgeous woman as her lover, to be one of the few able to touch and taste and have that body… Feeling her face grow warm as her thoughts wandered Brianna shook her head and glanced to her left where Claudia still stood obediently at her side, the slightly shorter girl apparently no longer embarrassed at once again being mostly naked and completely oblivious to her companion’s reactions thanks to the blindfold. Steadying herself, she always got like this after wearing her chastity belt for any real length of time, Brianna gently reached out and took Claudia by the arm again. The tattooed girl jerked slightly, but instantly relaxed again as she easily recognized that touch. Still smiling, Brianna slowly made her way toward the kitchen, gently guiding Claudia all the while.

After walking through the large arch that marked the indeterminate spot where the kitchen, living room and main hall met Brianna spared a moment to look around. The place was much as she remembered it with its antique appliances, old wooden table and spotlessly clean surfaces though that was hardly a surprise as it had only been a few weeks since her last visit and in some strange way this house seemed timeless, almost ageless. Sort of like its occupants in a way. Shaking herself and putting that thought aside as she entered, Brianna’s attention was immediately drawn to Roxanna’s familiar form. The olive-skinned woman was wearing a simple dress and comfortable shoes, a familiar old apron tied on over her clothes as she carefully bent over to slide a tray of something into the antique gas oven she was standing in front of. In all honesty she looked, for all the world, like an old fashioned housewife, a mental image that made Brianna bite her lip to stifle a laugh as that was about the furthest thing from the truth possible. Even so the classic, homey vibe of the image did warm the blue-haired girl’s heart in some indefinable way.

Stepping into the room, allowing her shoes to click on the tile floor loudly enough to be heard, Brianna called out, “Mistress?”

Shutting the oven door and wiping her hands on her apron as she turned around Roxanna smiled that soft smile of hers, a smile she tended to reserve for those that were closest to her, “Korítsi, I heard the doorbell, it is wonderful to see you again.”

Before Brianna could even think of making a replay Roxanna had limped across the distance between them and enveloped her in a hug, if a much less intense hug than the one Sofia had graced her with. Melting into that embrace, Brianna gratefully wrapped her arms Roxanna’s graceful form and held her close, reveling in the feel of her mistress’ familiar body and gentle warmth.

“Thank you, mistress.” she whispered softly, feeling the arms around her tighten just a little in acknowledgment.

Pulling away Roxanna graced the blue-haired girl with another smile and patted her gently on the cheek before turning toward Claudia, “And I see that you brought a guest, how delightful.”

Almost smirking, Claudia added, “Surprise.”

Laughing softly, almost quietly, Roxanna reached out to hug Claudia’s bound form, running her fingers along the smooth surface of the armbinder she was wearing, “It is wonderful to see you as well, my dear.”

Resting her head on Roxanna’s chest the bound girl practically sighed, “Thank you, mistress. It’s wonderful to be here again.”

Letting her hand run down Claudia’s bound arms to give her a surprise pinch on the ass, an action that made the bound girl jump and almost squeak in surprise, Roxanna smiled, “Please, both of you, sit and make yourselves comfortable. Dinner will be ready shortly.”

“What are you making, mistress?” Brianna asked as she reached out to take Claudia by the shoulder again, all the while watching as the older woman lowered her arms and began to limp back toward the stove.

Pausing to turn toward the blue-haired girl Roxanna just shrugged, “Nothing fancy I am afraid, just a casserole…” she trailed off mid-explanation as her eyes fell on Brianna’s arm, or more specifically the bandage wrapped around it. Concern filling her eyes the olive-skinned woman walked back over to her, “Did you hurt yourself korítsi?”

Having almost forgotten about the tattoo in all the excitement it took a moment before Brianna realized what the older woman was talking about. When it clicked she just shook her head with a smile, “No mistress, nothing like that.”

Before the olive-skinned woman could ask Brianna casually pulled the wrappings from her arm as well as the band-aid from around her finger to expose Zoe’s latest work. Almost unconsciously at this point Brianna had been focusing on the tattoos, practically willing them to heal and, in point of fact, the fresh ink looked as if it had been applied days ago rather than mere hours. She had a long way to go before she could mend anything worse than a small cut but the progress still made Brianna happy. Unaware of all that, however, Roxanna stepped closer and carefully took her arm, rich brown eyes taking in the stylized compass rose on her inner forearm and the Celtic knot around the base of her index finger. For what felt like a small eternity Roxanna just studied the designs, gently tracing them with her fingers as if the taller woman could divine some hidden meaning from them. Who’s to say she could not? Eventually, however, the woman looked up, deep brown meeting hazel as their eyes locked and Brianna felt her breath hitch slightly. Roxanna’s eyes had always been one of the most expressive parts of her body and, more than once, Brianna had marveled that she could easily get lost in them for hours and not care in the slightest.

The moment broke when another soft smile graced Roxanna’s lips, “These are lovely korítsi, and a very interesting design.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna answered softly, “They seemed appropriate.”

“Zoe’s work, I trust?” her mistress asked.

Brianna just nodded.

“I should not be surprised.” Roxanna mused, “That one is very talented.”

To that Brianna could only agree, “Very much so, mistress.”

Roxanna gently kissed the inside of her wrist, making Brianna blush just a bit, before she offered a tiny smile, “A mark to guide your way. They suit you, korítsi.”

Without further comment the woman slowly began to make her way back to the counter and for a brief moment Brianna just stood there, wondering at that comment. That her mistress had, at least partly, understood the symbolism that had motivated her to get these tattoos without being told was almost remarkable, even if Brianna could agree that the symbolism was not exactly subtle. Then again, Roxanna certainly had a keen eye for detail and, all things considered, it was no surprise that symbolism was something that she well understood. Or perhaps she simply liked the design and thought that they looked good? Resolving to ask later, deciding that it wasn’t terribly important at this moment, Brianna finally pulled out a chair and helped Claudia sit down at the table, the bound girl flashing her a smile as she did so. Taking another chair and sliding it over so she could sit down next to her, Brianna pondered taking off her blindfold for a moment before Roxanna returned carrying a set of cups and what looked like a pitcher of lemonade, distracting her from those thoughts.

As she set the cups down on the table Roxanna mused, “And how have your studies been going, korítsi?”

“They’re been going well, mistress.” Brianna answered, watching as the woman filled a glass, “I’ve been taking some art classes, I really like it.”

“I am glad to hear that, korítsi.” Roxanna said, honestly, before offering a tiny smile, “Do we have a budding painter on our hands?”

Brianna considered her answer, “I don’t know about that, I prefer charcoal anyway but, maybe…” she trailed off for a brief moment, voice dropping slightly, “Maybe I could sketch you and Sofia sometime?”

Roxanna’s smile broadened, “I would be delighted. Something else to look forward to this summer, yes?”

Brianna nodded, “I’ll definitely be happy for a break, and for the chance to spend more time with you.”

“As are we, korítsi, as are we.” Roxanna assured as she finished pouring the lemonade, “Our anniversary is coming up, is it not?”

Blushing, Brianna nodded, voice soft to try and hide her eagerness, “Yes it is, mistress.”

“We shall have to do something special then.” offering nothing else in the way of an explanation besides a mysterious smile, one that promised all sorts of things in the future, Roxanna turned to Claudia’s bound form, “And you, my dear? Would you like some lemonade? Sofia found some fresh lemons at the grocers and I could not resist.”

Although she could not see the other woman’s smile thanks to her blindfold, Claudia smiled as well as she nodded, “Please, mistress. Thank you.”

As she began to pour a second glass Roxanna wondered, “And how are things with you, my dear? It had been awhile after all.”

“It has.” Claudia agreed before shrugging, “And things have been well, and not terribly interesting except…” glancing over at Brianna the girl smirked, “a very strange young woman stopped by the shop and kidnapped me.”

Chuckling at that even as Brianna’s cheeks turned red, Roxanna raised a brow, “Somehow I do not think you needed much convincing to go along with it. She has learned well, has she not?”

“That she has.” Claudia agreed, smiling widely again.

Scowling a little Brianna took her glass in hand, “She’s right here.”

Claudia leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, an impressive maneuver given her lack of sight, “Aw, you know we love you.”

Brianna could not help a slight smile twitching her lips, “I know.”

“That reminds me,” Claudia suddenly said, turning back toward where Roxanna was standing, “A rather odd gentleman brought in some strange old books. You might want to have a look at them, mistress.”

That comment clearly piqued Roxanna’s curiosity, and truth be told Brianna was rather curious as well, but before any further comment could be made the conversation was interrupted by Sofia’s return. The tall blonde strode into the room casually and made a beeline straight for Roxanna, who graced her lover with a tiny smile. Smiling much more widely, Sofia swept the other woman up in a fierce embrace and kissed her. Almost instinctively Roxanna molded herself against her lover’s toned body, throwing an arm around her waist and closing her eyes as she leaned into the kiss, struggling to hold the pitcher steady in her free hand. Feeling her own heart melt just a little at the sight, Brianna leaned over and took the lemonade, carefully setting it down on the table. Roxanna, grateful for the aid, immediately returned Sofia’s embrace and the pair spent several long moments kissing with increasing passion. It was almost as if the pair had not seen each other in months even though they lived together and Brianna could not help but smile almost wistfully at the sight. She understood that kind of passion, had felt it, and could only hope that, after years and years together, she and her lovers would still feel that kind of fire. Although unaware of the exact events, Claudia seemed to pick up the mood easily enough and leaned against her, as if reading the blue-haired girl’s mind. Smiling softly at her, Brianna wrapped an arm around Claudia’s shoulders and pulled the smaller girl closer, giving her a soft kiss in silent thanks.

Finally breaking their own kiss, Sofia grinned at her lover, “So sorry to interrupt, dorogoy. Do you need anything?”

Roxanna gently disentangled herself, “Please finish setting the table, stríngla. The casserole will be done shortly.”

With one final peck on the lips in acknowledgment Sofia did as she was told, silently heading over to the cabinet to retrieve some plates and pausing only long enough to raid the silverware drawer before heading back to the table. Still silent, she quickly set a place for each of the four of them but, as she put down the last of the silverware in front of Brianna the blonde paused to lock eyes with the blue-haired girl, a slight and certainly mischievous smile on her face the whole time. Practically squirming under that gaze, Brianna wet her lips, wondering just what was going on and what the other woman was thinking. Before she could think to ask, however, Sofia spoke.

“I am very glad you are here, devushka. And I am glad you brought Claudia with you, it is good for all of us to be together.” the blonde’s smile widened, “But would you not agree that it is a bit unfair that she is the only one having fun?”

Brianna felt her companion shift and could practically feel the smirk on Claudia’s face as she nodded hesitantly, “Yes, mistress.”

“Very good.” Sofia mused, “Then please take off your clothes, devushka.”

Feeling her face heat up, more in excitement than embarrassment, Brianna nodded again and carefully stood up. With but a moment’s hesitation she pulled off her t-shirt to reveal a somewhat ornate bra of deep blue lace. A tiny smile gracing her lips as she noted Sofia’s appreciative gaze, she carefully folded up the shirt and set it down on the table before bending over to unlace her shoes, slipping them off easily. Her socks followed quickly before she straightened up and unbuttoned her somewhat tight jeans. Sliding them over her hips slowly, Brianna made a bit of a show of it as she pushed the pants down over her legs. Straightening up again as she folded the jeans and added them to the pile, Brianna paused, as if to savor the moment, before finally reaching back to unclasp her bra and free her modest breasts. Naked now save for the collar circling her throat, and the stainless steel thong locked around her hips, which emphasized her waist and the curves of her thighs as well as showing off her ass, Brianna bowed her head submissively, pleased with the way she looked and practically trembling with excitement as she presented herself for inspection.

Reaching out to cup her chin, Sofia forced the blue-haired girl to look up before kissing her softly, “Beautiful.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna whispered, biting her lip as she felt the older woman’s calloused hands caress her skin.

With another smile and a soft peck on the lips Sofia stepped back and moved over to the head of the table before sitting down. Brianna followed suit, returning to her own chair and feeling Claudia lean against her again in a sign of silent solidarity, a grin on her own lips. Once again wrapping an arm around the bound girl and holding her close, Brianna just watched as Sofia folded her arms on the table and leaned forward, watching the pair with that same mischievous grin and a naked hunger in her eyes that made Brianna blush, feeling her pussy tighten and her nipples harden in anticipation of what that gaze meant and what it promised. Seemingly oblivious to the sexual tension in the air so thick that you could cut it, Roxanna returned at that point, limped over to the table carrying a small porcelain dish. Setting the casserole dish down the olive-skinned woman offered a wry smile as she took a spoon from one of the pockets of her apron and began to fill the various plates.

“Dinner is served, my dears.” Roxanna announced, “Eat up everyone, you will need your strength tonight.” her gaze shifted to Brianna with a tiny smile, “Especially you, korítsi.”

Licking her lips unconsciously, Brianna swallowed hard past the constriction in her throat, just a hint of a shiver in her tone, “Oh?”

A truly wicked half smile bloomed on Roxanna’s face for an instant, “I imagine you are rather… pent up, yes? It has been weeks since we have seen you, and months since all four of us have been together for any length of time. I intend to take full advantage of that.”

Blushing fiercely, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

The conversation more or less ended at that point and Brianna, thankful for that, looked down at her plate, tentatively taking her fork in hand. The casserole was good, sort of like Shepherd’s pie, though she had no idea if that’s what it truly was. Part of her was tempted to ask, but her mistress had already claimed that dinner was nothing special so she doubted the answer would be very interesting. And besides that, she honestly had much more important things on her mind. As she ate, pausing now and then to feed Claudia, who gratefully accepted the food even though her blindfold made it a touch trickier than when they usually engaged in such acts, Brianna could not help but steal the occasional glance at her mistresses. Roxanna, poised and elegant as always, eating with impeccable table manners and graceful enough to give no indication that she noticed Brianna’s observations. Sofia, on the other hand, ate with her usual gusto, practically wolfing her food down and clearly enjoying the meal, though she managed to restrain herself now and then when Roxanna shot her a playfully reproachful gaze. The blonde had the presence of mind to act abashed but, more than once, she tilted her head and winked at Brianna as if the whole thing were a joke. Perhaps it was. Brianna had many times pondered the nature of her mistresses’ relationship even before she had known the truth about them and the one thing she had noticed was that, as different as they seemed on the surface, deep down they were very much the same. Kind, caring, curious and with a lust for life that had not in the least been diminished by the trials they had faced. Even their differences seemed to compliment each other, balancing them out in some indefinable way. Brianna had heard the phrase “more than the sum of their parts” before but, it was only after spending time with Sofia and Roxanna that she had come to truly understand what it meant.

Still, as good as the food was and as amusing as her observations were, in the familiar and comfortable silence that often accompanied their meals together Brianna found her mind wandering to far more pleasant topics. In particular Roxanna’s somewhat vague but incredibly arousing proclamation that she would need her energy tonight. It had been a good long while since she had been able to spend a night (or, with luck, a whole weekend) together with all of her lovers at once and, in the past, such occasions had given rise to some of her most cherished and intense memories. While this weekend had been planned for a while Claudia’s inclusion had certainly been spur of the moment. What had her mistresses planned? How would those plans be affected by the addition of a fourth participant? Whatever else they might be, both Roxanna and Sofia were very skilled and creative people when it came to the subjects of bondage and sex. More than once Brianna had found herself pushed to the edge of what she thought she could stand only to find a whole new level beyond that, but even then her mistresses had never seen fit to issue a warning like that. She could feel herself grow even wetter at the thought, wondering just what those beautiful, older women planned to do to her and how intense it must surely be for Roxanna to warn her that they planned to wear her out?

Distracted by those thoughts, dinner passed quickly and, before she knew it, Brianna had finished her plate and, looking up in surprise, realized that her mistresses had finished as well. The two women shared a look and Sofia suddenly stood, circling the table to place a hand on Claudia’s shoulder. The bound girl jumped slightly in surprise and turned her head, blindfolded eyes staring up at Sofia’s grinning form.

“Come along, kotenok.” the blonde commanded, softly but firmly, “I will get you settled in, there is much preparation to be done.”

Suddenly smiling at that Claudia nodded and, somewhat awkwardly, managed to climb out of the chair, “Yes, mistress.”

Just as Sofia began to lead the bound girl away, Roxanna spoke, capturing Brianna’s attention, “It is as she says, korítsi. We need to properly prepare for the evening. Would you be a dear and clear the table?”

Almost instinctively Brianna nodded, “Of course, mistress.”

Smiling at her warmly Roxanna then stood, pausing only long enough to remove her apron and place it on the table next to the blue-haired girl’s clothes, “Come up to the bedroom when you finish, korítsi. We will be waiting.”

Sparing a moment to watch the others leave, eyes especially drawn once again to Claudia’s bare back and how absolutely marvelous the g-string she was wearing showed off her tight ass, and feeling another wave of arousal wash over her at the way Sofia’s hands roamed over the bound girl’s bare body, Brianna finally pushed away from the table to stand. Although she had not been given a time limit, she worked at a relatively sedate pace to give both Roxanna and Sofia all the time they would need to set everything up. As much as she wanted to race up those steps right now, Brianna knew that she needed to be a patient. Gathering up the dishes and silverware, she moved them to the sink and spent several long minutes thoroughly rinsing them off. Finished with that she finally went back to the table to retrieve the casserole dish, bringing it over to the sink as well. Filling the empty dish up with water to let it soak, Brianna carefully washed and dried her hands, pausing only long enough to watch the fading sunset through the kitchen window. Smiling a little at the display, especially the way the last crimson rays of the sun seemed to set the gardens in the backyard on fire and sparkle on the gentle waves of the pool like gems, Brianna at last turned away and slowly began to move toward the stairs. Walking slowly, hand on the banister and her bare feet hardly making any noise on the carpet, she could feel her heart beat faster and faster as she got closer to her goal. The familiar door of the master bedroom loomed large and as she made her way down the upstairs hallway Brianna had to take a breath to steady herself, her entire body practically shaking with excitement and long denied arousal. With one final pause, biting her lip and closing her eyes for a brief second, she reached down to grip the old brass doorknob. Twisting it slowly to avoid making noise, she pushed the door open to reveal the scene beyond.

Roxanna and Sofia had already disrobed and were hovering over the bed, their clothes neatly folded and set aside on the dresser. Brianna allowed herself a moment take in the sight, letting her eyes roam over Sofia’s toned form, admiring the way her muscles shifted beneath her lightly tanned skin, a sign that she had begun sunbathing again before turning her gaze to the graceful curves of Roxanna’s body that were not at all diminished by the scars crisscrossing her olive skin. Yet as beautiful as the two older women were, and as much as Brianna felt a familiar heat run through her body at the sight, it was the reason they were hovering over the bed that truly caught her attention. Atop the mattress was Claudia, what little she had been wearing stripped away save for her blindfold and collar to leave the slender girl completely naked. Leather cuffs about her wrists and ankles secured her to the bedposts, stretching her body into a tight spread eagle and putting her glistening pussy on display. For their part, Roxanna and Sofia had finished securing the tattooed girl’s bonds and were currently taking their time to explore Claudia’s body, caressing her limbs and gently running their hands over the curve of her hips and the base of her breasts. Given the way that Claudia squirmed and moaned under the touch, biting her lip to try and stay quiet as she shifted her hips and arched her back to thrust her chest out, she was clearly enjoying the attention. Of course, after leaving her high and not so dry earlier, Brianna imagined that what Claudia really truly wanted was for their mistresses to touch her in far more delicate places.

Stepping into the room and gently closing the door behind her, Brianna turned back toward the bed to see both Roxanna and Sofia look up, a wide grin on the blonde’s face while the olive-skinned woman favored her with a far more subdued smile. Even so the sight, and the promise hidden in those smiles, made her breath hitch. Still, Brianna returned their smiles tentatively, a familiar thrill running up her spine as she once more felt her heart speed up. Without words both of the older women suddenly stood and crossed the room, leaving Claudia behind in her frustration, the girl letting out a groan as those skilled hands left her skin. Still silent, Brianna could only watch as the women walked up to her, pressing their bodies to either side of her own and wrapping her up in a group hug. Although awkward, Brianna could not help but smile as she managed to slip her own arms around their waists, reveling in the feeling of soft skin and gentle heat against her own. Without warning, Sofia’s lips were on hers, branding her with an eager but playful kiss. Accepting it equally eagerly, Brianna closed her eyes and opened her mouth, allowing the taller woman’s tongue to explore her thoroughly. An age seemed to pass and by the time the kiss broke Brianna felt almost dazed, a blush coloring her cheeks as she allowed her eye to flutter open in time to see Sofia grinning at her wickedly. Even if it had only been a few weeks, it had still been far too long since she’d been kissed like that. Roxanna gave her no time to recover, however, taking her by the chin and kissing her in turn. Once again losing herself of being kissed, relishing the feel not just of those soft lips on her own but the sensation of being dominated itself, she did not notice at first as Sofia broke away from the pair and stepped backed.

When the need to breathe finally forced their lips to part a few moments later, Roxanna still gently stroking her chin and smiling softly, one of the first things Brianna noticed was Sofia returning with a bundle of black leather and silver buckles in hand. Knowing well what was about to happen, at the blonde’s silent signal Brianna dropped her gaze, closing her eyes as she lowered her head submissively. Not resisting in the slightest, she allowed herself to go limp as her mistresses took her wrists in hand and began to strap the familiar form of a bolero straitjacket onto her body, quickly and effortlessly folding and buckling her arms into a helpless self-embrace, her modest breasts and pierced nipples on full display, hard and eager in silent testament to her own excitement. Tentatively testing her bonds, tugging against the cool, smooth leather and finding it delightfully inescapable Brianna opened her eyes when she felt soft hands suddenly slide onto her hips. Looking up at Roxanna’s smiling face, the olive-skinned woman pulled her close for another, much softer but no less eager kiss. Melting into the double embrace of her mistress and her straitjacket Brianna was only vaguely aware of Sofia’s presence standing behind her, the athletic blonde pulling her long blue hair into a loose ponytail. It was therefore only a slight surprise when, as soon as this second kiss broke, Sofia pressed a large ball gag into her open mouth. Brianna momentarily balked at the size of the thing, the bright blue ball that matched both her hair and the lining of her chastity belt felt huge, easily the largest gag she had ever worn and part of her feared it would never fit. But, she was no longer the inexperienced girl she had been a year ago, she was practically a bondage veteran now and, steeling herself, Brianna forced her jaw to relax and opened her mouth as wide as she could. To her satisfaction, and some mild surprise, the gag popped into place suddenly and as Sofia began to strap it firmly in place Brianna tested the thing, biting down gently, a bit shocked to discover how little give it had. Feeling a mild throb in her jaw as the gag forced her mouth wide open and stretched her lips into a broad ‘o’ of surprise, the sheer size of the thing pushing her tongue down and ensuring her silence, Brianna nonetheless felt a new wave of arousal wash over her. She had always, inexplicable, loved being gagged and a part of her was proud to have crossed a new milestone. Roxanna’s hands gently rubbing her cheek didn’t hurt.

Pressing herself against that hand like an overly large cat, Brianna could do nothing but watch as the olive-skinned woman reached up with her free hand to remove a thin chain from around her neck. Hazel eyes instantly zooming on the small key dangling from the necklace, Brianna felt her breath quicken just a little and her pussy twitch in anticipation. The key to her chastity belt, a key that, Roxanna joked, stayed close to her heart at all times. Sofia’s calloused hands suddenly around her waist, softly massaging her skin and holding her still, Brianna practically shivered in anticipation as the waistband of her belt was unlocked and the collection of stainless steel bands was removed from her loins. The sensation of cool air running over her heated sex made Brianna shiver, even as Sofia began to gently massage the faint red lines the belt had left behind on her skin, fingers pushing almost all the way down to her aching pussy but refusing to make that final jump. Mewling into her gag in pure need, some tiny part of Brianna’s mind noted that despite weeks of being locked up her skin was still silky smooth with not even the faintest hint of stubble. Not for the first time she wondered if the hair removal cream that her mistresses had given her was a bit out of the ordinary, but another moan quickly pushed those thoughts aside.

As she watched, moaning and squirming in Sofia’s grip and beneath her touch, Roxanna limped over to the dresser and set the belt down, almost reverently, before putting the key back around her neck. For a moment the olive-skinned woman just stood there, deep brown eyes full of desire as she watched the scene before her, biting the corner of her lip as Sofia teased the helplessly bound girl in her arms, all under the guise of checking to make certain the belt had not caused any injuries even though, at this point, Brianna was an expert at wearing it and taking care of herself for long periods of time without them.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity and Brianna was certain that she was about to burst from pure frustration, Roxanna made a tiny gesture and Sofia’s hands stilled. Groaning in a mixture of relief and disappointment she could only watch as Roxanna stalked back over to the pair, her stride and posture radiating sensuality despite her limp and Brianna felt herself freeze in place, unable to look away as the olive-skinned woman once again cupped her face gently in one hand, a thumb brushing across her cheekbone.

“We are going to play a little game, korítsi.” Roxanna announced, softly, her voice practically a purr, “A game of endurance I think. We have played such games before, of course, but I think you are ready for something a bit more intense.”

Brianna nodded tentatively at that, still caught in those eyes.

“Very good.” Roxanna said with a soft smile, “Are you ready to begin, korítsi?”

Brianna nodded again, voice barely a muffled whimper, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

“Good girl.”

As soon as her mistress spoke those words Sofia’s grip tightened ever so slightly, locking her hips in place, as Roxanna slid a hand between her legs. Brianna moaned as the older woman caressed the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, her fingers slowly trailing upward. That moan became a gasp as she felt something firm and cool press against her aching pussy only to moan once again as the length of a sizable dildo slowly slid into her wet and aching sex. Forcing her muscles to relax, Brianna clenched her eyes shut as she was forced to take the full length of the toy, her body clenching eagerly around the intrusion once it was buried within her, part of her a bit shocked that it had all fit. Eyes still closed she spent a moment simply exploring that sensation, reveling in the way the dildo twitched and shifted within her at the slightest move and wondering just what her mistresses had planned as Roxanna’s hand moved away. She did not have long to wonder. Still lost in those sensations Brianna yelped in shock when the shockingly cold surface of a well-lubricated butt plug pressed up against her. Instinctively fighting the intrusion, the feeling of Roxanna’s soft hands caressing her sides in a soothing motion forced her to relax. Groaning into her gag as the plug was pressed firmly into place, its size also surprising her just a little, Brianna could do nothing about it as her mistresses, still holding her close, guided her over towards the bed and bade her to sit down on a sturdy looking wooden chair. Doing as she was told, and groaning again as the act of sitting forced the plug even deeper into her ass, Brianna watched, curiosity burning within her, as Roxanna took a wide leather belt and fastened around her waist, pinning her firmly to the back of the chair. At the same time Sofia took several smaller belts and, spreading her legs, tied them firmly to the chair’s own. Within the space of a few moments Brianna found herself helplessly pinned, constrained within a straitjacket, tied firmly to a chair and gagged heavily while a pair of large plugs filled her utterly with their inescapable and arousing presence.

She couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Thankfully she did not have long to wait. Trailing her fingers over the bound girl’s shoulders, Roxanna circled the chair, a tiny smile of anticipation on her face, “Allow me to explain the rules, korítsi.” she began, “It seems you played a very interesting game with Claudia. Binding her so tightly, teasing her so relentlessly.” her smile suddenly widened, “You have learned well.”

“Indeed,” Sofia cut in, grinning herself, “we are very proud of you, devushka. Still, turnabout is fair play, no?”

“But it seems a shame to end your game so quickly so we shall have to correct that.” Roxanna continued, a tiny smile curling her lips as she did, “The rules are simple. You will watch the three of us, helpless to do anything else. While you do, the vibrators will tease you, something softly, sometimes harshly, but you will not cum until we allow it. If you manage to control yourself you will be rewarded, fail and you will be punished. Understood?”

Heart pounding in her ears, for a brief moment the straitjacket felt almost uncomfortably tight as Brianna squirmed against her bonds, the presence of the plugs filling her almost overwhelming as arousal pounded in her veins. Being edged was nothing new of course, but the way her mistresses spoke suggested that this would be something more, something beyond their usual teasing. Swallowing hard around her gag she nodded ever so slightly, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Stroking her cheek one final time with a gentle smile, Roxanna leaned in to kiss her brow, “Such a good girl.”

“Have fun, devushka.” Sofia added with a kiss on the cheek.

Not able to do anything else, Brianna simply watched as her mistresses moved back to their bed silently. Running a hand along the headboard, Sofia climbed onto the mattress and moved to straddle Claudia’s prone body. For a long moment she sat quietly, almost motionless save for reaching down to brush her fingers along the line of Claudia’s jaw before tracing the edges of her lips and pressing her thumb gently against the girl’s chin, forcing her to open her mouth. Once she did, the blonde gripped the headboard tightly and shifted her hips forward. Almost instantly the woman stiffened, muscles clenching as she arched her back and threw back her head with a low moan, long blonde hair tumbling past her shoulders like a golden wave as Claudia’s skilled tongue went to work. All the while Roxanna was preparing, meticulously buckling a strap-on around her own hip and carefully lubricating the dildo before mounting the bed herself. As Sofia continued to moan in delight, grinding her hips with tiny movement, Roxanna shifted herself between Claudia’s splayed out legs and took the slender girl by the hips, holding her down firmly as she slowly slid the toy into her. Muffled as it was by Sofia’s flesh, Brianna could still hear the bound girl moan as the dildo filled her, her body tensing as she tried to shift despite her bonds and both of their mistresses holding her in place. Brianna squirmed at the sight, twisting her upper body as she fought against the straitjacket binding her, desperate to touch herself, the effects of months of chastity only amplified by watching Roxanna fuck the other girl slowly and meticulously while Sofia rode her face.

In the midst of that incredibly arousing display the toys buried within her own body sprung to life and Brianna gasped, almost in surprise, before moaning deep in her throat. The slow and steady vibration of the butt plug was not exactly surprising, though it felt pleasant enough, but the dildo within her throbbing pussy on the other hand? That vibrator did not simply buzz away like she expected. Instead the thing seemed to practically dance within her, squirming and undulating inside her aching flesh, stimulating her in ways she had never before imagined. That alone was enough to drive her wild, making her moan even louder into the massive gag filling her mouth, but when it began to vibrate as well? At that point Brianna was nearly lost, her body clenching helplessly around the toy as she bit down on the gag and hunching over, trying desperately to control herself in the face of such overwhelming sensation after being starved of it for so long. Even worse the stimulation did not stay steady, but seemed to shift up and down like a wild roller coaster, their movement so faint at times that she could almost swear they had shut down completely only to suddenly ramp up so high that Brianna felt as if they were rattling her bones. There was no pattern to it either, no way to anticipate or prepare herself for the onslaught. Moaning helplessly and breathing hard through her nose she could do nothing but squirm and writhe against her bonds, desperately trying to control herself, trying to obey her mistress’ commands, but it was so hard. She wanted to cum so badly. Her body practically screamed for release but all she could do was endure, endure and silently beg to be shown mercy.

Mercy, it seemed, was not forthcoming. Perhaps worse, the scene before her slowly grew in intensity as she watched. Panting, and with a thin sheen of sweat covering her olive skin, Roxanna continued to skillfully thrust into Claudia’s quivering body again and again, carefully measuring her strokes, fast and slow, shallow and deep, to keep the slender girl on the edge as she bucked and squirmed, leg muscles tense as she fought the cuffs holding her to the bed. Seemingly oblivious to this, her skin flush with arousal, Sofia continued to ride the girl’s face, grinding her hips against Claudia’s mouth, eyes clenched shut and moaning loudly in absolute ecstasy as the poor girl’s skilled and eager tongue worshiped her relentlessly. Still struggling to hold herself together, Brianna just watched that incredibly arousing display, unable to tear her eyes away even as her own frayed nerves were pushed to the limit and a memory rose unbidden in her mind. The memory of Claudia’s mouth on her, of that tongue worshiping her nether lips even as the twin piercings in it drove her absolutely wild. It was too much, it was all too much. All of a sudden Sofia stiffened and thrust her hips forward, forcing Claudia’s head deeper into the pillow as every muscle in her body seemed to go taut and she screamed in ecstasy, practically howling in delight as she was finally pushed over the edge. Pausing mid-thrust, Roxanna reached out and grabbed Sofia by the shoulders and forced her quaking body to turn just enough to capture her lips in a kiss.

By change, or by the luck, just as she watched her mistresses kiss, Sofia’s cries of pleasure suddenly cut off as Roxanna shoved her tongue into the other woman’s mouth, Brianna felt the vibrators within her roar to life, more intense by far than any of the other times, and jolts of pleasure seemed to hammer into her nerves. Her body already desperate, and self control frayed to the breaking point, Brianna had no hope of resisting. For a brief second she tried to hold on, trying to focus on literally anything else as her body seemed to clench, her muscles as taut as steel cords as she almost folded in on herself, but it was no use. An orgasm tore its way loose, washing over her in a wave of pure relief. Her entire body jumped in a combination of shock and sheer pleasure, the chair she was bound to actually jumping with her and landing with a loud thump that threatened to send her tumbling to the floor. Not that Brianna was aware of any of this. Lost in the pleasure that seemed to overwhelm everything else, screaming into her gag as she came, Brianna's whole world was reduced to nothing but the vibrators working away within her and waves of ecstasy that threatened to drown her until, all of a sudden, the vibrators stopped cold. Panting through her nose as she slowly came down, Brianna forced her eyes open only to see both of her mistresses looking at her, expressions unreadable and sitting almost stock still as they loomed over Claudia’s prone form. She almost trembled under that gaze, very much aware that she had broken one of the rules and that, even between their own pleasure and how much the gag had muffled her screams, they had very much noticed.

Without a word Sofia straightened up and dismounted the bed to reveal Claudia’s flushed face, her skin glistening with the last traces of the blonde’s arousal. A moment later Roxanna followed, slowly pulling the dildo from the bound girl, making her groan softly in frustration, before somewhat awkwardly climbing to her feet as well. Almost nervously glancing between them Brianna once again could only watch as the two older women approached her. Still completely silent they began to unbuckle the straps holding her in place before Sofia took her under the arms and gently, but insistently, bade her to stand up. Swallowing hard, wondering what her punishment would be with a strange mix of dread and anticipation, Brianna was almost shocked when the pair began to unbuckle her straitjacket. Her confusion did not last long, however. Almost as soon as the garment was pulled from her body Sofia stepped behind her and a heartbeat later Brianna felt her arms pulled sharply behind her back and the familiar form of a monoglove slid over them. She did not resist in the slightest as the armbinder was strapped on, though she did close her eyes, tilting her head back with a moan as it was tightened and tightened until her arms were pressed together firmly, her elbows touching. It was a difficult and strenuous position, one she had only been able to master through hours and hours of equally difficult practice but, as she felt the inescapable pressure pull her shoulders back and thrust her chest forward Brianna nonetheless felt a strange form of pride at now being able to endure such tight bondage, and at how amazing the position made her breasts look. Not that this was the time for such thoughts.

As soon as her arms were bound Roxanna hands cupped her cheeks gently before sliding around the back of her head to unbuckle her gag. Pulling the huge ball from her mouth with a soft *pop*, the olive-skinned woman tossed it aside almost casually and, despite herself, Brianna sighed with relief as the pressure on her jaws faded. Her relief did not last long, however. Almost immediately Roxanna pressed a ring gag into its place, once again forcing the blue-haired girl’s mouth open before buckling it down tightly, its dark leather straps pressing firmly into Brianna’s cheeks.

Testing the gag and, thankfully, finding it much smaller than the previous one as well as having an idea of what was about to happen, Brianna tried to speak, “I’nh houuy. I’nh houuy, mphress.”

Roxanna pressed a finger to her gagged lips to silence her, “Shh, korítsi.” her voice was soft, almost kind, “Perhaps it was unreasonable to push you so far, so fast. Still, rules are rules, yes?”

Almost reluctantly Brianna nodded.

Sofia’s hands suddenly fell upon her shoulder, massaging them gently, “Perhaps we could be convinced to give you a second chance, devushka. If you were willing to apologize more thoroughly.”

Between those words, and the gentle pressure on her shoulders, Brianna understood well enough. Nodding again, she slowly began to sink to her knees, “Yef, mphress.”

Almost as soon as she had spoken those words Roxanna began to hastily remove the strap-on from around her hips, letting it fall to the floor without a second thought as she reached out and took Brianna’s ponytail firmly in hand and practically shoved the girl’s helpless mouth against her glistening pussy. The other woman’s almost intoxicating scent filling her nose Brianna wasted no time, thrusting out her tongue and lapping at her mistress in silent apology. Roxanna certainly seemed to appreciate the effort as that familiar tongue traced the folds of her labia and swirled around her throbbing clit, working her most sensitive spots with the kind of precision that only practice and long familiarity could bring. Moaning softly at the sensation she shifted her hips slightly to press herself even more firmly against the blue-haired girl's mouth. Responding to that silent invitation Brianna thrust her tongue as deep into her mistress as she could, relishing the feel of that silky heat gripping her tightly as she probed Roxanna’s soft inner walls, teasing all the spots she knew would drive the woman wild.

Eyes closed, and biting the corner of her lip, Roxanna moaned shakily, her body trembling ever so slightly under the onslaught as she whispered in a voice soft and heavy with pleasure, “So good, korítsi. So good. I have missed your mouth.”

Emboldened, flattered and more than a little aroused by that praise Brianna redoubled her efforts, swirling her tongue within her mistress’ body and making her tremble again while shifting her mouth ever so slightly to rub her upper lip as best she could against the other woman’s clit. Roxanna certainly seemed to appreciate the effort, her hand tightening in Brianna’s hair even as her body seemed to stiffen and a much louder and more desperate moan escaped her. Sofia stepped in at that moment, her knees pressing into Brianna’s back on either side of her bound arms as she wrapped her lover up in an embrace, pulling Roxanna’s trembling body against her own and trapping the blue-haired girl between them as they kissed deeply. In such a state it did not take long for Roxanna to lose all control, her body practically spasming within Sofia’s grip as she came, her cries of delight muffled by the insistent lips upon her own and the tongue deep within her mouth. Paying no mind to that, Brianna continued to lick and tease and pleasure the olive-skinned woman, worshiping her quaking flesh and eagerly lapping up her fluids as she felt her mistress’ pussy tighten around her like a vice. It was impossible to tell how many times Roxanna came under that insistent and pleasurable barrage, but by the time Sofia pulled back and the hand gripping her hair wrenched her mouth away Brianna could not help but grin a little around her gag at just how flushed and disheveled the other woman looked. She was very grateful for all of the things her mistresses had taught her but Brianna was of the opinion that the best reward one could give a good teacher was to prove that their student had learned her lessons well. And Brianna liked to think that she was a fast learner.

Whatever her thoughts, however, Brianna instantly felt herself pulled back to her feet, her head spinning a little at the sudden change of position. She did not have long to recover, however, before Roxanna’s eyes opened and, with a grin that was equal parts wicked and satisfied the olive-skinned woman practically lunged forward to wrap her arms around Brianna’s waist and crush their lips together, thrusting her tongue into that helplessly wrenched open mouth. Moaning softly, Brianna closed her own eyes and instinctively surrendered to that kiss, eagerly allowing her mistress to explore her and reveling in the sensation of the other woman’s tongue practically shoved down her throat. By the time the kiss broke, Brianna’s head was still spinning but she was again given no chance to mentally regroup before Sofia cupped her face and forced her to look to the side so the blonde could trap her in an equally intense kiss. Feeling almost weak in the knees Brianna again submitted to the kiss as Sofia, just as eager but far more forceful, claimed her as well.

“Apology accepted, korítsi.” Roxanna whispered in her ear even as Sofia continued to plunder her mouth.

Still dazed and breathless Brianna only barely noticed when Sofia withdrew her tongue, still gently caressing her face, though her shoulders dropped and another deep moan escaped her as she felt the vibrators still filling her being removed, the sudden sense of emptiness almost overwhelming. Wrapping an arm around her waist to steady her, Roxanna slowly guided the blue-haired girl over to the foot of the bed. Looking down at Claudia’s nude and helpless body, splayed out in a tight spread-eagle, she swallowed hard, wondering what exactly was about to happen.

Gently kneading the girl’s hip Roxanna leaned in to speak softly, “I think poor Claudia deserves a reward now as well for her patience, don’t you agree korítsi?”

Brianna nodded slightly, “Yef, mphress.”

“Good girl,” Roxanna whispered, “This shall be your second chance then. Pleasure her as you pleasured me, make her scream.”

Brianna shivered at that but before she could even think to reply Sofia suddenly pressed herself against her other side, “We will tease you as you do, devushka. Control yourself this time, or we will have no choice but to punish you.”

“Indeed.” Roxanna concurred, “I think a nice long stretch back in your chastity belt will make a fine start. What do you think, stríngla? Six months?”

There was a certain playful cruelty in Sofia’s expression as she smiled, “Perhaps even a bit longer, dorogoy. It is bad form to open one’s gifts before Christmas, is it not?”

Brianna felt a new wave of heat wash over her body, not certain if they were serious and incredibly turned on by the possibility that they were not. She had worn her belt for long stretches of time before of course but to be locked away, unable to cum for the rest of the year? There was something both amazing and terrifying about that at the same time. Even so she simply nodded, “Yef, mphress.”

With that acknowledgement she felt Roxanna’s soft hand squeeze her left shoulder before Sofia’s calloused one did the same thing on her right. With gentle, but firm insistence they forced her to bend over the foot of the bed until her chest was laying on the mattress between Claudia’s legs. Another hand took hold of her hair again and guided her helpless mouth to the other girl’s wet and eager pussy. At once Claudia moaned softly, her entire body shifting in its bonds as she lifted her hips in an almost desperate plea. Understanding the other girl’s need well enough Brianna got to work immediately, running her tongue along Claudia’s nether lips, stroking her labia and lapping at the throbbing heat between them before teasing her hard and aching clit. Arching her back and pulling against her cuffs again Claudia seemed to shake, muttering something under her breath before moaning deeply. Speeding up in response to that enthusiastic reply Brianna plunged her tongue into the other girl, alternating between teasing her clit and lapping at her most sensitive spots. At the same time she could feel hands begin to roam over her own body, tickling the sensitive skin along her ribs and caressing her thighs before plunging between her legs. Hypersensitive as she was Brianna almost lost control again as she felt fingers begin to stroke her pussy, teasing the folds of her own labia before playing with the stud pierced through her clit, the combination of sensations making her hips jerk involuntarily and an almost desperate moan echo from deep in her chest. Her self control, frayed though it was, was not at all helped when she felt another pair of hands cup her breasts, teasing and kneading the delicate mounds before pinching her nipples and playing with those piercings as well. Her mistresses certainly knew her body and all the ways she liked to be touched and there were times when that was as much a curse as a blessing. And right now? Right now it was so hard to think of anything else but how much she wanted them to touch her more and how much she desperately wanted to cum again.

Still, determined not to fail for a second time Brianna clenched her eyes shut, body trembling as she tried to clamp down on her desires. Focusing on all the ways that Claudia was squirming and writhing and moaning beneath her she doubled her efforts at pleasuring the other girl, licking at her soft and warm flesh with an almost desperate intensity, eager to push her over the edge, to make her scream as she had been commanded. Claudia certainly seemed to appreciate her efforts, twisting back and forth in her restraints and lifting her hips to grind them against the blue-haired girl’s mouth, equally desperate to enhance the sensation and eager to cum after being teased and denied earlier. It was a delicate balancing act, trying to split her attention and focus on both her task and controlling herself. It may have been a game she had played before but Brianna knew that there were limits to what she could take and she was growing dangerously close to hers. Then again, some tiny part of herself thought, wasn’t pushing her limits the whole point? Thankfully, as worked up as Claudia was, it did not actually take long to make her cum, even if it felt like an eternity to Brianna’s sore tongue. There was no warning save for Claudia’s increasingly frantic thrashing and the way she seemed to pant harder and harder as Brianna pleasured her, moaning and twitching and whimpering as that tongue worked her closer and closer to the edge until she finally exploded. In that instant Claudia tensed up, her muscles taut as she arched her back in a way that seemed almost painful, tossing her head back and screaming with an intensity that was almost shocking. Not that Brianna stopped of course, she had her orders after all. Doubling down she continued to lap at Claudia’s shaking body, teasing a string of orgasms out of the slender girl as she spasmed so hard she actually made the bed shake, chaining the bursts of pleasure together in the ways that she had been taught and that she knew would drive anyone over the edge.

Despite being lost in the throes of ecstasy, crying out again and again as she fought her bonds, Claudia managed to force out an almost desperate plea, her normally smokey voice hoarse from screaming, “No more! Please no more!”

Brianna instantly stopped, as did the hands teasing her own body much to her relief and annoyance, but even so she could not help but feel a certain sort of smug satisfaction at being able to push Claudia, tough as she was, to the edges of her endurance. Then again, pleasure was often like that, so much harder to resist than discomfort. Whatever the case may be, Brianna felt the hands that had been caressing her slowly lift her back upright again, both of her mistresses smiling at her but, for a moment, neither said anything until Sofia leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“A skilled performance, devushka.”

Blushing slightly Brianna just looked down, accepting the compliment.

Stroking her hair softly Sofia’s smile widened a touch, “Now we shall have to see about your reward.”

Face lighting up, Brianna nodded eagerly, “Yef, mphress! Ghhanch oou, mphress!”

“So eager.” Roxanna murmured with a chuckle.

Fresh anticipation bubbling within her Brianna eagerly complied as her mistresses guided her up onto the bed properly, urging her forward and onto her knees until she was straddling Claudia’s waist, the other girl still flushed and panting as she tried to catch her breath. In a somewhat surprising move, Brianna then found herself once again bent over until she was nose to nose with Claudia, their breasts pressed together and her hips still high in the air. She did not have long to ponder that position before she moaned, long and low, her eyes fluttering shut, as she felt the length of a double dildo slide into her wet and eager flesh. Sofia’s calloused hands gripped her tightly about the hips then and Brianna moaned again, louder this time, as the blonde shifted forward to press her hips against the blue-haired girl’s ass, impaling herself on the dildo in the process. Without further warning she began thrust, vigorously into Brianna’s trembling body. Groaning at the sensation, the steady slap of flesh against flesh filling the air, Brianna wiggled her hips side to side, urging her mistress onward, harder and faster. Sofia seemed keen to comply, picking up her pace, each thrust forcing Brianna’s helpless body back and forth, the bed once again shaking as she moaned eagerly. All of a sudden she felt Claudia’s body shift beneath her and, to her shock, the blindfolded girl twisted her head to try and kiss her. Of course, unable to see, her first attack missed the mark slightly, finding Brianna’s chin instead. Not deterred in the slightest, she nipped at the blue-haired girl’s lower lip playfully, and grinning at the soft hiss that elicited. Claudia then corrected her aim and managed to press her mouth against Brianna’s helplessly gagged one. Moaning again as she felt a familiar pierced tongue thrust into her, helpless to stop it and unwilling to try even if she hadn’t been, Brianna was caught between the sensation of Sofia vigorously fucking her from behind and Claudia exploring her mouth eagerly.

It took an embarrassingly short period of time before she came apart, her body clenching around the toy filling her as she came, hard, crying out into Claudia’s mouth, the other girl refusing to break the kiss and swallowing her screams. Not that Brianna really cared about that at the moment, too lost in the blessed relief coursing through her. However, Sofia was not finished with her yet. Even as Brianna tensed and thrashed within her grasp, the woman continued to thrust into her with ever increasing vigor. Jolts of pleasure seemed to hammer into her brain, one after the other as hyper-stimulated nerves were pushed to the edge again and again. Practically overwhelmed by the tidal wave of orgasms flooding her body, Brianna jerked and twisted, part of her trying to get away and part of her trying to get more. She wrenched her lips away from Claudia’s mouth and buried her face in the crook of the other girl’s neck, trying to contain her cries of pleasure and failing terribly at that task. Finally, with one last powerful thrust Sofia stiffened and came behind her, Brianna only barely aware of the other woman’s howl of release as she rode out the last vestiges of her own orgasmic flurry. Whimpering softly as Sofia released her grip and slowly slid the toy from her, even that minor stimulated almost enough to send her over the edge again, Brianna collapsed without anything to support her weight. Letting out a soft ‘oof’ as the blue-haired girl’s body fell on her like a sack of potatoes, Claudia nevertheless twisted herself as best she could to kiss Brianna on the brow and whisper soothing nonsense into her ear.

Muttering her own thanks through the gag as she began to come down Brianna did not resist as she felt Roxanna’s soft hands on her, slowly turning her over and reaching up to remove her gag. Swallowing, and working her jaw a few times, Brianna offering a tiny smile of thanks but otherwise remained silent, simply watching as Claudia was freed from her own bonds by Sofia, who hastily cuffed the slender girl’s wrists to the headboard and left her blindfold in place while leaving her legs free. It was only then that the two older women climbed into bed themselves, cuddling up in a pile and wrapping their arms around the two bound girls between them. For a brief moment Brianna wondered how long they would be kept bound or if, perhaps, they would be made to spend the rest of the night like this. She had certainly slept in bondage before but this was a bit more extreme than usual. Then again, her mistresses had promised a test of endurance. Even in her current state Brianna could not help but smile at that thought, of how far she had come in so many different ways. A year ago she had been nothing but a painfully shy young girl, spying on her neighbors through the window and dreaming about a chance to be with them, lost in her head with thoughts of what it would be like to be bound and gagged and used, and convinced that none of it would ever really be possible. And now? She had everything she had ever wanted, a life that had once seemed like nothing more than a fevered dream now wonderfully, beautifully ordinary. It was only when Roxanna reached up to gently wipe tears from her face that she realized she was crying.

“Are you alright, korítsi?” the olive-skinned woman asked, her voice thick with concern and compassion.

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna murmured, voice hoarse, “I’m just, I’m just so happy.”

Roxanna moved to embrace her more tightly as did Sofia, who silently snaked her arms around the pair while Claudia shifted her body slightly to cuddle up with her fellow submissive. Kissing away her tears Roxanna smiled, “I have said this before, korítsi, and I will say it again as many times as I must. You will always be welcome here.

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna practically whispered, her voice choked with emotion.

“No, korítsi, thank you.” Roxanna insisted.

Brianna smiled at that and felt herself begin to relax into that embrace, relishing the feel of Claudia pressed up against her and their mistresses arms around her, a new wave of sated exhaustion creeping over her body that even the underlying buzz of energy she normally felt after sex could not completely banish. “I feel like I could sleep for a week.” she muttered, mostly to herself.

“Ah, we will need to rebuild your stamina after the winter devushka.” Sofia proclaimed, clearly hearing her, “We can go jogging in the morning.”

Despite a certain feeling of dread at that proclamation, a nostalgic smile still curved Brianna’s lips, “Yes, mistress.”

A comfortable silence enveloped them then, punctuated only by their breathing and the occasional rustle of cloth as the last fading rays of the sun departed, plunging the bedroom into twilight. Laying there in that silence, surrounded by warmth and love, thinking about nothing and everything, Brianna found herself strangely unable to sleep despite her exhaustion. Her thoughts simply wouldn’t let her.

Biting her lip in a final moment of indecision, Brianna took a breath and asked, “Mistress Roxanna, Mistress Sofia? May I ask a question?”

“Of course, devushka.” Sofia assured, “What is on your mind?”

Brianna took a breath, “This summer, I would like to live with you.”

Still not fully grasping the request, Sofia glanced over as Roxanna before grinning, “We would love to have you, devushka. I am sure something can be worked out.”

Even though part of her wanted to leave it there Brianna knew she could not and shook her head softly, “No, mistress. No games, no tricks. I want everyone to know that I love you, all of you, and that I’m yours.”

It was Roxanna that broke the momentary, stunned silence that followed her pronouncement, “Are you certain, korítsi?”

As much as part of her wanted to say ‘no’ Brianna forced herself to nod, determined to no longer let fear decide her path, “Yes, mistress. This is my life, this is what I want and I’m not ashamed of that.”

Joy radiant in her own deep brown eyes, Roxanna kissed her softly on the cheek, “As I have said, korítsi, you are always welcome here. We would love to have you.”

“In every way.” Sofia cut in, a playful smile on her face.

Brianna could not help but chuckle at that, “Thank you mistress, thank you, all of you. Of course, now comes the hard part.”

“Oh?” Claudia, who had been mostly silent, suddenly asked.

“Yeah.” Brianna answered with a sigh, tone only partly serious, “Now I have to tell my parents.”

“One of us can come with you, if you like.” Roxanna offered, picking up that, while her tone was lighthearted, real concern lay at the core of that joke.

“Thank you, mistress,” Brianna answered, “But, no. This is something I have to do on my own.”

In response the olive-skinned woman just tightened her embrace and Brianna snuggled into it, an easy smile on her face as her thoughts finally began to still. While, in some ways, the hardest challenges might be ahead somehow, despite that, as she glanced back and forth between the women that she loved, and who loved her in return, Brianna knew that everything would be alright.


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