The Gift

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2001 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; packaged; trunk; bdsm; punish; spank; sbf; susp; toys; switch; lesb; oral; denial; climax; rom; cons/reluct; X

Annie woke up in not the best of moods. She wasn’t feeling well, and nothing she did seemed to help. And so, resigned to another long day, she slowly climbed out of bed. As she was sipping on her first cup of coffee, the doorbell rang. Gathering her robes around her, she opened the door. Outside stood a pair of husky delivery men.

“Good morning, ma’am,” said one. “We’ve got a package here for you.”

“For me?” Annie was surprised. She hadn’t ordered anything, and couldn’t think who might be sending her something.

“Yes, ma’am. If you’ll sign here, we’ll bring it in.”

Puzzled, Annie signed the form the man held out, first checking to make sure it really was her name and address. The delivery man retrieved the form with a smile, then he and his partner turned toward their truck. Her puzzlement grew as the two men slid a large trunk from the back of the truck and carried it toward the house. That it was heavy was obvious by the way they carried it, and they seemed relieved when she let them inside, and the trunk was resting on her living room floor.

“One other thing, ma’am.” Annie turned to accept the envelope the man held out, then let them out the door. Alone again, she turned to examine her new possession. The trunk was large and well made, of dark, heavy wood, with graceful designs carved over it. A large, strong lock ensured that nobody would get to whatever was inside.

Opening the envelope, Annie found a short note and a key. Opening the note, she read:


I know you barely know me, but I hope you will not refuse this gift I offer you here. Please understand, I give this gift freely, and trust in you to know how best to use it.


Now Annie was really puzzled. Oh, she knew who Lori was, but didn’t know her well enough to understand why she would be sending a gift. Or what kind of gift it might be. “Well,” she told herself, looking at the key in her other hand, “there’s only one way to find out.” Bending, she unlocked the trunk and raised the lid, then froze, staring at what lay within.

Kneeling in the trunk was a naked young woman. Her hands were secured behind her back by a pair of leather cuffs, her ankles were similarly bound, and leather straps across the back of her head indicated that she was also gagged and blindfolded. As the trunk lid opened fully, the bound woman straightened, and Annie was unsurprised to recognize Lori, though the question of how and why she came to be in this position had yet to be answered.

Reaching down, Annie began unbuckling the gag. At the first touch of her hands, Lori moaned deep in her throat and wiggled a bit in her bonds. Removing the gag and setting it to one side, Annie addressed the bound young woman.

“Well, Lori, you’ve definitely managed to surprise me. Now would you mind telling me what this is all about?”

Lori ducked her head. “It’s kind of a long story,” she replied meekly.

Annie stepped back and seated herself in a chair facing the trunk. “I’ve got plenty of time,” she said.

Lori nodded, then spoke quietly. “I found out about your Dominant ways by accident, when I met you in a chat room.”

“I know you in chat? By what name?” At Lori’s reply, Annie was very pleasantly surprised. She did indeed know the name Lori had just spoken. It was the name of a submissive she’d spent some very enjoyable evenings with in the chat rooms.

“But how does that lead you to be here?” she asked.

Again, Lori ducked her head. “Um, well, I’ve always wanted to try being submissive for real, and I thought you would be someone I could trust to teach me. So I asked around and found out your real name. Then I did a search and got your address.”

Annie nodded. “And had yourself bound, boxed and shipped to me. But you didn’t do this by yourself, did you?”

Lori shook her head. “No, I had some help.”


Lori blushed. “Mara,” she replied softly. “She bound me and locked the trunk, then took care of having me sent here.”

Annie sat back and shook her head with surprise. She knew Mara as well, though she’d never suspected the young woman would be involved in something like this. After a moment of thought, she rose and moved to her den, where she quickly located Mara’s number. Then she returned to the living room and lifted the phone.

“Hello, Mara, this is Annie.” Glancing over, Annie could see Lori squirming in her bonds. “I need you to come over here. Yes, it is important. Good enough, I’ll see you in about twenty minutes.”

Returning the phone to it’s cradle, Annie turned back to Lori, who she saw was blushing furiously. Before the young woman could speak further, Annie replaced the gag, then bent the helpless woman back down into the trunk and shut the lid on her, snapping the lock closed. Then she sat down to wait.

When Mara arrived, Annie escorted her to the living room. Stopping in the doorway, she pointed to the trunk and softly asked, “Now, what can you tell me about this?”

For a moment, she though Mara was going to bolt, but then the younger woman straightened and asked, “Um, have you looked inside?”

Annie nodded. “And Lori told me how she got inside. Now I want to know how you got involved in this.”

Mara blushed. “Well, Lori and I have been talking about this kind of stuff for a while now, wondering how it would feel. Then she called me yesterday and asked me to help her set this up.”

For a moment, Annie gazed thoughtfully at Mara. Then, handing her the key, she instructed, “Open it. Remove the cuffs from her ankles and help her out of the trunk. But say nothing.” Mara nodded and took the key. As she knelt in front of the trunk, Annie slipped from the room. In her bedroom, she removed a bag from the closet, then retraced her steps.

Back in the living room, she saw Lori standing in front of the trunk. Mara had moved over by the couch, where she stood, looking very uncomfortable. Smiling, Annie placed the bag on a table and opened it. Removing a leather discipline hood, she was amused at the expression on Mara’s face. She turned Lori so she was facing away from Mara, then removed the blindfold and gag.

“So,” she asked cheerfully, “are you enjoying yourself?”

“Well, this isn’t quite what I expected. Is Mara here yet?”

“That’s not for you to know,” Annie replied as she slipped the hood over Lori’s head. She made sure that it was properly in place, then laced it securely.

This hood was one of Annie’s prized possession. A full discipline hood, it covered Lori’s head completely. The lowest part of the front slipped down under Lori’s chin, holding her mouth closed and forcing her to speak through clenched teeth. It also had padded coverings over her ears, rendering her unable to hear. Once the zippered mouth and eye openings were closed, she would be deaf, blind and mute, though small openings would allow her to breathe through her nose. Annie quickly zipped closed the eye and mouth openings, then beckoned Mara to join her.

Mara moved slowly, her eyes locked on Lori’s leather-encased head. She seemed fascinated by the sight of her nude, helpless friend, and Annie smiled at her reaction.

“Like what you see?”

Mara nodded silently, watching as Lori shifted nervously in her bonds. Annie’s smile widened.

“It’s ok,” she said. “She can’t hear a thing.”

Slowly, Mara raised one hand and lightly stroked the hood. At her touch, Lori moaned slightly, and Mara drew back, then turned toward Annie.

“Is that uncomfortable?” she asked.

“Not really,” Annie replied. “It’s warm, and definitely confining, but she’s ok in there.”

Mara nodded and raised her hand to the hood once more. Annie watched quietly as the younger woman explored the leather covering her friend’s head. Lori moaned at the touch, but didn’t try to move away, and gradually, Mara’s hands worked lower, until they encountered bare flesh. For a moment, she stopped, but then a moan from within the hood seemed to galvanize her, and her hands slipped down to cup Lori’s breasts, lightly pinching the rapidly hardening nipples.

“Taste them,” Annie commanded softly. Mara looked over at her sharply, then lowered her head and took one nipple between her lips. Another moan sounded, as Lori arched her back, pushing her breast against Mara’s face.

“You like that, don’t you?” Mara nodded, then returned her attention to her bound friend. Slowly, her lips moved downward, until she knelt between Lori’s now spread legs. Mara pressed her mouth to Lori’s crotch, not noticing, or not caring, when Annie reached down and began unbuttoning her shirt.

Moments later, Annie stepped back to take in the view. A nude woman stood with her hands bound behind her, breasts heaving with her panting breaths, soft moans emerging from the hood covering her head. And between her spread thighs, another nude woman buried her face in the bound girl’s crotch, her tongue probing and tasting. At the sight, Annie felt her own nipples harden, felt her own pussy begin to grow moist.

Soon, Lori’s hips were rocking rhythmically, as she thrust herself against Mara’s probing tongue. Her arousal was steadily growing, but Annie wasn’t quite ready to see her reach fulfillment. Reaching down, she gently drew Mara back, away from Lori’s pussy, savoring the bound girl’s moan of protest and disappointment.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” she asked, smiling as she saw Mara licking her lips. At Mara’s nod, Annie stepped back and slipped out of her robe. Mara watched as Annie slid her nightgown over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her eyes strayed to the hardened nipples now exposed to her view, and she unconsciously licked her lips.

Mara’s eyes met Annie’s in a silent question. Annie nodded, and the younger woman rose to her feet and moved close, her hands sliding up to hesitantly cup and squeeze Annie’s breasts. The soft moan that greeted her touch seemed to reassure her, and she dipped her head, snaking her tongue across the sensitive buds. Annie closed her eyes, losing herself in the sensations, and soon felt Mara’s lips and tongue begin tracing their way down her belly. When they reached her hips, she spread her legs, and Mara obliged by running her tongue along the cleft of Annie’s pussy. Annie moaned and placed her hand at the back of Mara’s head, encouraging her.

Seemingly forgotten, Lori stood alone, bound and helpless, her hips still moving slowly, driven by her unfulfilled need. But the only sound in the room was Annie’s soft moans as Mara’s tongue probed within her, slowly driving her higher. For several moments, Annie simply stood with her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations pouring through her body, but then she slowly stepped back, away from Mara’s questing tongue. With a smile at the questioning look in the younger woman’s eyes, Annie drew her to her feet and gently ran a finger across her cheek.

“Not quite yet, darling,” she said softly. “And not quite that way.” Then, taking Mara’s hand, and grabbing the bag of toys, Annie led her into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Annie led Mara to a clear place by one wall. Turning the younger woman so she stood with her back to the wall, Annie took a soft scarf from her dresser and securely bound Mara’s hands in front of her. Then, raising her hands over her head, Annie slipped the scarf over a hook placed in the wall. Stepping back, Annie watched as Mara tried, unsuccessfully, to slip the scarf from the hook. She couldn’t raise high enough on her own, and could only watch helplessly as Annie removed a penis gag from the bag.

“Open wide, darling.” Obediently, Mara opened her mouth, and Annie slipped the gag inside, strapping it securely. Then she tested it by suddenly tickling Mara in the ribs. The bound girl squirmed, then twisted, her squeals turned into muffled moaning sounds. Satisfied, Annie then pulled Mara’s feet apart and attached a spreader bar. Then she returned to Lori.

Lori stood where she had been left. She moaned softly, but offered no resistance when Annie took her arm and led her into the bedroom. There, she picked up a strap-on dildo and fastened it about Lori’s hips. Mara’s eyes widened as Annie led Lori to stand in front of her.

“Relax, darling, I think you’ll enjoy this.” Smiling, Annie guided the dildo to the entrance of Mara’s pussy, noting as she did how wet and ready it was. Then, with a nudge to her ass, she compelled Lori to thrust her hips, slipping the dildo into Mara. Lori moaned as the nubs on the back of the dildo ground into her clit, thrusting harder.

Annie stepped back and watched as the bound and hooded girl thrust strongly into her bound and gagged friend. Both girls moved with the strength of need, their hips grinding together as they took each other closer to the edge. And then it happened. First one, and then the other, stiffened with the force of her orgasm. Their smooth thrusts became ragged, jerking movements as their muscles locked with the strength of their release. Slowly, the two girls relaxed, sagging against each other. Smiling, Annie stepped forward. She could feel Lori stiffen at the unexpected touch of another body behind her.

“She thought that was me in front of her,” Annie thought with a smile, as she unlaced and removed the hood. Lori blinked to focus her eyes, then stared in surprise at Mara, bound and gagged in front of her.

“Was that good?” Annie asked with a smile, leaning to nuzzle the back of Lori’s neck. She could hear Lori purr under her touch.

“Very good,” Lori responded softly. “But not quite what I expected.”

Annie laughed softly. “So you enjoyed it? Both of you?” At this, both girls nodded enthusiastically. “Very good.” And she reached down to remove the cuffs securing Lori’s wrists. “Release Mara,” she commanded. “And then both of you join me.”

With that, Annie stretched herself out on the bed, watching as Lori freed Mara of her bonds. When the two girls climbed onto the bed, one on either side of her, she smiled and closed her eyes, losing herself in the feel of two mouths and four hands exploring her body. For a moment, she opened her eyes and locked gazes with Lori, her smiling lips forming the words, thank you darling, and then she closed her eyes once more.

And the room was silent, except for soft moans and softer giggles, as two naked girls sought to pleasure the Mistress they’d just discovered.

Part 2

“Ma’am? You can go in now.”

“About time,” Annie thought, rising and collecting her things. “This meeting was supposed to start an hour ago.” With a nod for the cute young receptionist, Annie moved into the inner sanctum.

“Hello there,” said the young man inside, rising and stepping around his desk. “Let me help you with that.” Annie nodded gratefully, and soon the things she’d brought with her were piled on a table beside the desk.

“I’m Bob,” said the young man, holding out his hand, “head of the design team here. I understand you have something to show me, miss.......?”

“Call me Annie.” With a smile, she shook his hand. “I detest formality.”

Bob grinned. “Me too. Now what is it you have for me?”

“It’s a new twist on an old design. I hope you’ll find it interesting.”

Bob gestured Annie to a seat, then moved behind his desk. “A new design? I’m always interested in something new, but I feel I should warn you. We are one of the top companies in our field, partially because we only produce the best.”

“Understood,” Annie replied. “And I’ve no doubt you see a lot of ideas pass through here. But I do think this one will interest you.”

“Good enough. Let’s see what you have.”

Annie reached into her case and produced a pair of cuffs. Made from sturdy leather, each cuff featured a buckle closure. Other than that, the cuffs were plain and unadorned, except for a sturdy ring mounted in the center of each.

“Leather cuffs?” Bob sounded disappointed. “We have several good varieties of those in stock. I thought you said this was something new.”

“And it is.” With a smile, Annie raised the cuffs, then pushed them together. There was a barely audible click, and the cuffs had become joined.

“How did you do that?” Bob asked in surprise. Still smiling, Annie handed over the cuffs.

“If you’ll look closely, you’ll see the only one of the rings is solid. The outer curve of the second ring is actually mounted on a spring-loaded pivot. When you push them together, the solid ring pushes the pivot open and slips inside, and then the spring draws the second ring closed again to prevent them from coming apart. There’s a small flange on the second ring so you can open it and separate the cuffs.”

“Now I’m interested,” Bob said with a smile, finding and testing the release. “Please, go on.”

Annie responded by reaching into her case again, producing several other pairs of cuffs, in assorted sizes. She carefully arranged them on the desk, then began speaking.

“One of the problems with many types of leather cuffs,” she began, “is that a suitably nimble person can undo whatever you use to connect them. Unless, of course, you use a padlock. But padlocks can be clumsy, not to mention bulky and uncomfortable if you happen to be laying on them. There’s also the risk of losing a key. These cuffs eliminate those problems, and at the same time, open up some interesting possibilities.”

Annie pointed to the cuffs arranged in front of her. “Here I have a complete set of cuffs. These cuffs will fit ankles, knees, thighs, and upper arms, respectively. You have the wrist cuffs in your hand. Each pair is fitted with a set of those rings, one male and one female.”

“Hold on,” Bob raised his hand. “Male and female?”

Annie smiled. “Just a way to tell them apart. We call the solid ring the male ring because it enters the other, female ring.”

Bob nodded. “Understood.”

“Ok, then. Used as a set, these cuffs can be joined together in any combination of male and female. For example, place the male thigh cuff on the right thigh, and the female wrist cuff on the right wrist. Push them together, and you have an instant wrist-thigh restraint. Or any other combination you prefer. Wrist-ankle, wrist-knee, or bend the legs and go for ankle-thigh. The possibilities are limited only by the flexibility of the person wearing them, and the imagination of the person applying them.”

“I see what you mean. Depending on how you match up the cuffs, you can put someone in almost any position.”

“And as long as their hands can’t reach the clips on the other cuffs, they can’t get out. Also, they are faster to apply then any other type I’ve seen. Buckle them on, and then click them together. I’ve also considered making an all-female set for static restraint. Apply the cuffs, clip them to rings placed on a wall or a piece of furniture, and you’ve eliminated the need for chains or locks.”

“This is beautiful,” Bob exclaimed. “A simple, self-contained bondage set. Easy to use, and not hard to produce. All we’d have to do is add the rings to any style of cuff we now make.”

“Or anything else,” Annie pointed out. “Harnesses, gags, collars. Just add a male or female ring, and it becomes part of the set.”

Bob nodded, suddenly all business. “I’m sold. Now what exactly did you have in mind?”

Annie lifted her briefcase from the table, and from it, withdrew a sheaf of papers. “I applied for a patent on this design as soon as I knew it was workable. Here is the patent information, along with a written proposal. What I propose is that your company produce these items under license.”

“And as holder of the patent, you of course are entitled to a share of the profits.”

Annie nodded. “My partner and I, yes. That is only fair, since we designed it. We do understand, however, that your company will be taking the greater share of the risks in producing and marketing this set. I’m sure we can reach an agreement that is fair to all concerned.”

Bob was smiling as he rose and extended his hand. “Of that I’ve no doubt. I need to run this all past our board, but I see no reason why we can’t do business. As soon as I know something, I’ll be in touch.”

Annie was smiling as she neared her house. The meeting had kept her out later than she’d planned, but it was worth it. There would be several formalities to observe, but if Bob’s reaction were any indication, the cuffs were as good as sold. Just wait till Lori found out!

At the thought of Lori, Annie’s smile softened. It had been almost six months since the day Lori had surprised her with the “gift” of her submission. Since then, the feelings sparked by that gift had deepened and strengthened almost more than Annie could believe, and now they shared everything a Mistress and her sub could share.

Annie thought about the day she had returned Lori’s gift in equal measure. She could picture the look on Lori’s face when she opened the box and saw the collar within. And the expression of pure joy when she learned that the collar came with an invitation to become Annie’s live-in submissive. Lori had moved in the next day, and neither of them had looked back since. Together, they had explored all that a Mistress and her sub could share, and together, they had designed the cuffs that Annie had maybe just sold.

Annie’s smile became a grin as she imagined Lori’s reaction to her news. She would, Annie knew, be very surprised. Annie had arranged all of this without Lori knowing anything about it. True, Lori’s signature had been on the patent application, along with hers, but Lori had signed the papers without even realizing what they were. Annie had told her they needed signed, and she signed without a question.

As Annie approached the house, her grin faded at the sight of the dark windows. The only light was the one burning over the front door. Where was Lori, she wondered, parking her car and heading for the house. When she entered, she found that all was dark and silent. More than a little worried, she called out, but received no answer. Then she saw the note attached to the mirror by the door.


Please accept my apologies for not greeting you on your arrival home. I am not feeling well this evening, so I’ve taken some pills and gone to bed. Your dinner is in the microwave, and I’ve laid out your nightgown on your bed. I’ve no desire to trouble you with my illness, so I am sleeping in the small bedroom. I hope I’ll be feeling more myself in the morning, so that I may properly serve you. I’m sorry to disappoint you this way, Mistress, please forgive me.

All my love,

Your obedient slave,


Annie clucked her tongue in dismay. The poor dear. She hoped it wasn’t anything serious. Still, she couldn’t help a twinge of disappointment. Her contacts with Lori had been few and fleeting during the past weeks, as she’d worked to get this deal set up. There had been no play, and very little of anything else, and she’d been hoping to change that tonight. But not if Lori wasn’t feeling well. Shaking her head, Annie moved into the kitchen, suddenly realizing how hungry she was. She would eat, she decided, and then she would look in on Lori. If Lori had taken pills, she was probably dead to the world. Turning on the microwave to heat her dinner, Annie noticed a bottle of pills on the counter. She picked it up, and recognized the sleeping pills she’d gotten from the doctor one time months before. If this was what Lori had taken, she was out for the night.

Dinner was delicious, and Annie very quickly emptied her plate. For a few moments, she simply sat and relaxed. It had been rough, these past weeks, but it was almost over, and past time to catch up on all the quality time they’d been missing. Annie promised herself that, as soon as Lori felt up to it, she was going to make up for all the attention she hadn’t been getting.

Annie rose, with the idea of checking on Lori, but quickly dropped back into her chair, her head suddenly feeling very light. Her eyes, on the other hand, were growing heavier by the minute, and it was an effort to keep them open. As she struggled to stay awake, her eyes fell on the bottle of sleeping pills on the counter.

“No,” she mumbled, “she couldn’t have. Why would she?” Annie was still puzzling the answer to that when her world went dark.

Annie woke from troubling dreams to a reality that was at least as bad. She was, she found, lying naked on her bed. Black silk scarves circled her wrists and ankles, binding her to the bedposts in a strict spread-eagle. A penis gag filled her mouth, rendering her effectively silent except for muffled moaning sounds. Angry, and more than a little frightened, she pulled at her bonds, but whoever had applied them had done a good job, and she quickly realized there was no way she was getting loose on her own. Suddenly, a terrible thought filled her mind. Lori! She’d been out cold! Where was she? Was she bound and helpless as well?

Even as these thoughts raced through Annie’s head, the door opened and in walked Lori. The early morning light gently stroked her naked body, and, even in her current situation, Annie felt a rush of love and desire at the sight. Lori stopped beside the bed and reached down to brush back Annie’s hair. “Did you sleep well, Mistress?” she asked with a smile. “I do hope so. I have plans for you today, and they don’t include sleep.”

Annie shook her head and tried to speak, but the gag in her mouth rendered her words into muffled moans. Helpless, she could only wait for whatever was to come. Lori settled herself onto the bed, and one hand drifted up to cup Annie’s breast. “You’ve been a naughty Mistress. You haven’t touched me in weeks. I’ve tried everything I could to make you want me, but you’re always too tired or too busy to pay attention to me.” With a soft laugh, Lori began pinching Annie’s nipples. “But you know what, now you have to pay attention to me. You can’t ignore me now.” With that, Lori began softly caressing Annie’s helpless body.

Her fright now replace by anger, Annie fought against her bonds, but they wouldn’t budge. Helpless, she could only lie quietly as Lori’s hands roamed her body aimlessly. Slowly, gradually, Lori began focusing her attention on Annie’s breasts, stroking them softly, then leaning down and taking a nipple between her lips, sucking it and flicking it with the tip of her tongue. When the nipple responded, growing hard and taut, Lori smiled and turned her attention to it’s twin, slowly bringing it to the same state. Then she began to work her way down.

Again, Annie fought her bonds, and again they held her helpless as Lori began to gently stroke and tease her pussy, running her fingers feather light along the lips. Her touch was almost too light to feel, but Annie could feel herself slowly begin to grow moist.

“No!” she cried to herself. “I will not accept this!” Annie wanted nothing more, at this point, than to get her hands free so she could get them on her rebellious sub. She tried to twist herself away from those fingers, but her bondage was too strict to allow much movement, and slowly, Lori’s fingers went from teasing to probing, parting Annie’s lips and testing the wetness that was growing there.

“You like this, don’t you Mistress?” Annie shook her head violently, but Lori ignored her denial, slowly slipping a finger within the helpless woman’s pussy and finding her clit. As she gently stroked the hard little but, Lori leaned down and again captured a nipple between her lips, this time nibbling lightly on it, and, in spite of herself, Annie couldn’t ignore her growing feelings of arousal.

The past six months had taught Lori well. She knew all of the places where Annie loved to be touched, and all the ways to touch them. Slowly, carefully, she stoked the fires building within the helpless woman. Her fingers, her lips and tongue, skillfully added fuel to the flame, their light, caressing touch driving her higher. Slowly, carefully, Lori guided Annie right to the brink of orgasm. And stopped. In spite of herself, Annie moaned her frustration into her gag as Lori sat back and smiled down at her. So close, so very close, a single touch could put her over the edge. But that touch was denied her, as Lori simply smiled and watched. Slowly, Annie slipped back down from the edge. Her quick, panting breaths slowed, became more regular. And then Lori leaned in again.

Again and again, she drove Annie right to the brink of orgasm. Again and again, she denied her that final touch, letting Annie slip back down, before driving her back again. Over and over, and with each denial, the need grew stronger, until Annie was sure she would go mad. Suddenly, Lori stood. Once more at the brink of orgasm, Annie strained against her bonds, pushing her hips upward in a silent plea. Smiling, Lori turned and walked out of the room, leaving Annie to moan and writhe in helpless need.

How long she lay there, Annie had no idea, but it seemed like forever before Lori entered the room once more. At the sight of the helplessly aroused woman, Lori smiled, then reached down and slipped a blindfold over Annie’s eyes, plunging her into darkness. No longer poised on the edge, still she moaned and writhed in her bonds.

“You don’t like that, do you?” she heard Lori ask. “Wanting to be touched, needing to be touched, but nobody’s touching you. You want to be loved right now, don’t you? You want me to love you, and give you what you need, don’t you?”

Suddenly, Lori’s voice turned bitter. “Don’t you? Just like I’ve wanted to love you all along, but you won’t let me. You’re always too busy with your little project, or too tired. You don’t have time for me any more.”

Now Annie could hear a catch in Lori’s voice. “Don’t you understand? I love you. I need to love you. And I can’t stand thinking maybe you don’t want me any more.”

Annie shook her head. “No!” she screamed. “No, that’s not it! I do want you!” But the gag turned her cries into meaningless, muffled sounds.

“Well, I’m going to love you, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.” The bed shifted under a moving weight, and then Annie could feel a warm breath touch her thighs. “Maybe I’ll lose you for this. Maybe I’ve already lost you. But I’ll love you one more time before I do.”

Under the blindfold, tears were streaming from Annie’s eyes as she felt Lori’s lips brush her pussy. “I love you, Mistress,” she whispered, and then her tongue speared deep, igniting all those denied orgasms into one all-encompassing explosion.

Annie awoke to find herself free. And alone. With a soft cry, she surged from the bed and moved swiftly toward the door. As she was turning the knob, she spied the envelope taped at eye level. Taking it down, she opened it and read the note inside.


I know you are very angry with me for what I’ve done, and you have every right. I have behaved in a way that can never be forgiven. I won’t blame you if you never want to see me again. And I know I don’t have the right, but I make a final request of you. Come to the basement, and you’ll understand.

I love you,


Suddenly terrified, Annie tore open the door and raced through the house, barely slowing when she hit the basement stairs. But when she got to the bottom, she froze. The basement, normally used only for storage, was a dark, gloomy place. A single window, high on one wall, admitted a feeble light, barely enough to allow her to glimpse something that dangled from the ceiling, swaying slowly.

“Lori, NO!!!” Annie’s hand streaked to the light switch, and the sudden flare of light blinded her. She blinked her eyes back into focus, then turned again toward what she feared she would see. But the sight that met her eyes brought her up short.

It was indeed Lori who dangled from the ceiling, but not in the way Annie had feared. For a long moment, Annie simply stood and stared, but then she stepped closer, her eyes never leaving the sight before her.

From a sturdy hook in the ceiling, two chains stretched down. The lower ends of these chains were attached to a leather harness buckled around Lori’s body, one between her shoulder blades, one at the small of her back, evenly and safely supporting her weight. On her head was the leather discipline helmet, eye and mouth openings zipped shut. And she was bound, strictly and securely, with a second set of their new cuffs. Bent into a ball, her knee cuffs were clipped to the pair on her upper arms. The ankle and thigh cuffs were connected, pressing her heels into the swell of her ass. Her arms were stretched down her back, past the lower supporting chain, and clipped together. Clamps were attached to her nipples, their weights drawing down on her breasts. A butt plug parted the cheeks of her ass, and to the outer end of this was taped a second note. Annie stepped closer, careful not to touch, and read.


This is my request. Punish me. Punish me for what I did to you. By my own hand, and of my own will, I have placed myself at your mercy. Do with me as you will. I know I deserve it. You will find what you need on the table.


Glancing over to the table, Annie saw a long, braided whip. Her fear gone, her anger swelled within her, and, stepping to the table, she took up the whip. Turning, she let the supple length uncoil, then moved to stand behind Lori. Her arm drew back, muscles tensing for the first swing. But it never landed. As she drew back her arm, Annie’s eyes were on the bare ass before her. And as she gazed on that soft flesh, her grip loosened, allowing the whip to slip from her hand. Then, dropping to her knees, Annie began to cry, long, wracking sobs that shook her naked body. For long moments, she knelt there, and then, gradually, her tears slowed, and she rose once more to her feet.

Ignoring the discarded whip, Annie reached up and slowly removed the plug from the bound girl’s ass. At her first touch, Lori whimpered from behind the hood, and her whole body tensed. Moving slowly, Annie reached again and gently removed the clamps from Lori’s nipples. She could hear the harsh breath as the blood rushed back into the tormented buds. For a long moment, she gently stroked Lori’s breasts, then she reached for the bound girl’s head.

Lori blinked when the hood was removed, then turned her eyes to the floor. “I understand,” she said softly. “You want to hear me scream when you whip me.”

Annie shook her head. “Why, Lori? Why didn’t you say something?”

“Because you were always busy, or tired. I tried to be patient, but finally, I couldn’t stand it any more. It’s like you don’t want me any more, and I can’t stand that. I had to touch you, I had to love you.”

“So you drugged me, then tied me up and teased me?”

“I was wrong, I know that. But I couldn’t bear the thought of you saying no. And I wanted you to know how I felt. I’ve needed you so bad, and you won’t even touch me.” There were tears flowing now, from two sets of eyes.

“Do you,” Annie asked slowly, “have any idea what I’ve been so busy with lately?” Lori shook her head silently, and Annie then told her of the deal she’d been working on. Lori’s eyes slowly widened as she listened. Then, when she’d finished speaking, Annie’s head dropped.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly. “I didn’t mean to make you feel that way. I was trying so hard to get all of this done, I guess I got lost in it. I wanted to surprise you.”

“Mistress, don’t,” Lori pleaded. “I should have trusted you. I should have said something. But I didn’t, and now you hate me.”

Annie’s head jerked up, and her hand with it. The force of the swat set Lori’s bound form swinging, and brought a gasp from her lips. “Don’t you ever, EVER, say that word again, do you hear me?”

Lori shuddered. “Yes Mistress, I hear you.”

“I do NOT hate you. How could I possibly hate you, when I love you so damn much?”

“But Mistress, what I did......”

“What you did was wrong, very wrong. And have no doubts, I have every intention of punishing you for your actions. But not for your reasons. I can’t and won’t punish you for loving me.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

Annie stepped back. “I hope you know I had a wonderful weekend planned for us, and now it’s half gone.”

“Yes Mistress. I’m sorry.”

“However,” Annie continued, and now there was an entirely different look in her eyes, “that leaves half of the weekend still to come.” She reached up, softly stroking Lori’s exposed and vulnerable pussy. “And since you were thoughtful enough to place yourself in such an accessible position, I think it’s time I paid you back for all those orgasms you didn’t let me enjoy this morning.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Annie turned and left the basement, returning shortly with the penis gag. But as she reached up to place it in Lori’s mouth, the bound girl twisted her head to one side. Surprised, Annie lowered her hands, and Lori smiled at her.

“I love you, Mistress.”

“And I love you, you little imp. Now hush up and take your medicine.” There was a smile on Annie’s lips, a smile that was mirrored on the lips now parting to accept the gag being placed there by loving hands.

Part 3

“There. How’s that?”

Annie moaned softly, about the only sound she could make with her mouth packed full of her own panties. White surgical tape criss-crossed her face, sealing her lips and holding the panties in place. With another moan, she surveyed her situation.

She was standing naked in her bedroom door, her legs spread. Soft rope bound her ankles to eye bolts secured in each side of the doorframe. Her arms were encased in a leather single sleeve, the laces and buckles drawn up tight enough that her elbows touched, pulling back on her shoulders and making her breasts jut out. A soft blindfold covered her eyes, rendering her world dark.

Annie moaned again, savoring the taste in her mouth. The panties with which she was gagged were soaked with juices. Hers, mixed with those of someone who held her heart in bonds stronger than any chain.

“One more thing.” At these words, Annie felt something being attached to the end of the sleeve, then an upward pull. Unable to resist, she felt her arms raise, her body bending at the waist at the same time. When the pull finally stopped, her head was at about the same level as her thighs, while her arms were drawn up into the air almost to the point of being painful.

“There we go.” A soft hand gently stroked Annie’s ass, drawing forth another muffled moan. “I think you can stay like that for now, so you can think about how you got there.” Silence, and Annie knew she was now alone. Soon, she heard the television in the living room go on, filling the house with the sounds of Saturday morning cartoons.

Gently, then with more force, she pulled at her bonds, but they were secure. She was going nowhere until someone else released her. Standing quietly, she thought about the events that had led to her being here.

Annie stood in the kitchen, sipping at a glass of juice. Her side hurt terribly, and she was afraid she’d pulled or damaged something there.

“Well,” she told herself quietly, “that’ll teach you not to try lifting a full grown, bound and squirming woman by yourself.” Setting the glass down, she winced at even the slightest movement.

“Gotcha!” The shout in her ear was accompanied by two fingers poking into her sides. Pain flared up, almost bringing her to her knees, and she spun around, half blinded by a sudden flood of tears. She felt her elbow connect with something soft, and half glimpsed something falling away from her. Holding her hands to her side, Annie closed her eyes, breathing deeply until the pain subsided to a tolerable level. Then, opening her eyes again, she gasped in shock.

Lori, her live-in sub, lay stretched out on the floor, moving feebly. With a soft cry, Annie dropped to her knees, cradling the younger woman’s head in her lap. Lori groaned softly, and her eyes fluttered open.

“Why did you do that?” she whispered, more than physical pain evident in her voice. Slowly, she reached up and put a hand to her cheek, where the beginnings of a large bruise were already beginning to show.

“Oh, darling!” Annie cried. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. But when you poked me, it hurt so much, I just reacted. Oh, tell me you’re ok!”

Lori’s head jerked around to face her. “Hurt? Mistress, I didn’t poke that hard, I swear!”

“I know, darling,” Annie assured her. “But I think maybe I pulled something when I lifted you onto the bed the other day.”

Lori’s eyes widened. “Mistress! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I should have, I know. But I didn’t want to worry you.”

Lori shook her head. “Mistress, if you’d told me, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“I know,” Annie agreed sadly. “I should have said something, but because I didn’t, you’ve been hurt.”

“It’s ok, Mistress,” Lori said, hugging her gently.

“No,” Annie disagreed, “it’s not ok. If you had done something like that, you would be punished, and rightly so.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Lori’s eyes dropped. “But I’m the sub here. A Mistress, doesn’t get punished.”

Annie looked at the younger woman silently, then said, “Well, this one will.”

“Mistress?” There was confusion in Lori’s eyes.

“My actions caused you pain,” Annie told her. “And for that, as soon as my side heals up, you are going to punish me.”

Now, bound and helpless, Annie smiled. It had taken some doing, but Lori had finally agreed to the idea of punishing her Mistress. Annie knew it was not normal for a Mistress to allow herself to be punished by her sub, but she felt this was only fair. As Mistress, she held the final word, but that didn’t mean she could get away with hurting the sub she loved. She had done very wrong, and now, by her own choice, she would pay for it.

Annie squirmed a little in her bonds, her mouth filled with the taste of sex. Before removing her panties, Lori had rubbed and stroked her pussy until her panties were soaked with her juices. Then she’d removed them and rubbed them over her own soaked pussy, adding her own taste to the saturated cloth. The taste of their combined juices was enough by itself to turn Annie on, and the strict bondage didn’t help, since it kept her from doing anything about her growing arousal.

Lost in her thoughts, Annie didn’t realize she was no longer alone until she felt a hand on her ass. She moaned softly as the hand gently stroked her soft skin, her moan changing to one of disappointment when the touch stopped.

The first swat caught her completely by surprise. Her ass suddenly stinging, she tensed, awaiting the next swat. Instead, she felt her ass gently caressed. Slowly, the sting began to fade, until she was once more moaning softly with pleasure. And that’s when the second swat landed.

By the fifteenth swat, Annie’s ass was as sore as she could ever remember it being. At the same time, the soft caresses between swats, sometimes slipping down to rub her pussy, had aroused her to the point where even the sting of the swats felt good. After the fifteenth swat, she pushed her ass back, awaiting the caress to follow. But it didn’t come.

Instead, Annie felt her arms being lowered. Almost disappointed, she wondered if her punishment was now at an end. She felt her ankles released, and waited silently for whatever came next.

“Well, that was a nice warm-up.” Annie shivered at the smile she could hear in Lori’s voice. Warm-up? Puzzled, and more than a little nervous, Annie was helpless to resist as a hand turned her and guided her from the door until her legs bumped against her bed.

Soon she found herself seated on the bed, her legs spread and bound to the footboard. A collar was placed around her neck, and then her blindfold was removed. Blinking, Annie’s eyes slowly focused to the sight of Lori attaching a rope to a ring in her collar. Lori then tied the other end to the footboard, drawing in the slack until the bound woman sat hunched forward.

Now she felt hands at her shoulders, and slowly, the sleeve was loosened, then removed. Annie reached toward her gag, but Lori quickly grabbed her wrists, drawing them together and securing them with stout leather cuffs.

“Not yet, darling,” Lori smiled as she removed the rope from Annie’s collar. Then, gently, she drew Annie’s cuffed hands over her head, and back, until Annie fell to her back, her hands over her head. Lori quickly locked the cuffs to the headboard, leaving Annie stretched out and totally helpless. Then, with a smile, she began stroking the bound woman’s thigh.

“You know,” she said softly. “There’s one thing we forgot to discuss about this. We never set a time limit.” Shocked, Annie’s eyes widened over her gag. She’d assumed Lori would punish her, and then release her, but it was now obvious that release was the last thing on Lori’s mind.

“Remember that time I tied you up?” Lori asked. Annie was surprised that her sub would bring that time up. If their love had been only a little less strong, that episode could easily have torn them apart. Instead, it had made their relationship that much closer.

“Well,” Lori’s voice broke Annie’s chain of thought, “I found out something that day. I found out I enjoyed having you bound.” At Annie’s shocked look, Lori smiled. “Not all the time. Not even very often. You will always be my Mistress, and my heart, soul and body will always belong to you. But, just every now and then, I think I’d like to be able to turn the tables on you, let you be the bound and helpless sex toy for a while.”

At these words, Annie felt a warmth growing between her legs. She’d never before considered the possibility of being the submissive in a relationship, but here, with Lori, she felt safe in letting go the reigns.

“So I thought I’d just keep you like this all weekend.” All weekend? Annie’s eyes widened. The first time, when Lori had drugged and bound her, she’d played with her for several hours, and by the time she was done, Annie had been almost crazy with the need to cum. And now she had two whole days of it in store? A sound that was half a moan of desire, half a groan of despair, came from behind the gag. Smiling, Lori gently removed the tape, then drew the panties from Annie’s mouth.

Annie worked her jaw for a moment, recovering from her time spent gagged, then looked up to her erstwhile sub.

“You want to keep me bound until tomorrow night?” she asked nervously.

Lori smiled again. “That’s the idea, yes. Do you agree to try it?”

Annie thought about it, and the more she thought, the wetter her pussy became. She’d not considered the possibility that she had a submissive side, but now she felt a need to explore the possibilities.

“Yes,” she said simply.

Lori frowned and softly swatted her thigh. “Yes, what?”

Shocked, Annie simply looked up at her for a long moment, then she lowered her eyes. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied softly.

“Very good.” Smiling broadly, Lori released Annie’s feet, then unlocked the cuffs from the headboard, though she didn’t remove them. Taking Annie’s arm, she guided the older woman out of bed and to her feet.

“I do believe,” she said as she fitted a breather gag into Annie’s mouth, “that you’ve been laying around long enough. Besides which, I’m hungry. So go fix me some breakfast, you know what I like.” Annie nodded and moved to go, but Lori stopped her.

“Oh, one more thing,” she said, reaching into a bag beside the bed and withdrawing a butterfly vibrator. Moving quickly, she strapped it into place over Annie’s clit, then sent her on her way with a swat on the ass. Annie wondered why she hadn’t turned the vibrator on, then noticed that it seemed to have no controls. Now what good is this, she wondered.

She soon found out. As she stood in front of the stove, the vibrator came to life, sending shivers throughout her body as it trembled against her sensitive clit. Now she understood, she thought, even as the vibrations died. It was radio controlled. Lori could activate it from anywhere in the house.

Breakfast seemed to take forever to fix, with that vibrator coming on at seemingly the worst times, and never staying on long enough to satisfy. By the time she carried Lori’s meal to her, Annie was wondering seriously if she could last the weekend.

By Sunday evening, Annie had been reduced to a quivering, shivering wreck. For two days, she’d been kept, naked, bound, and at the peak of sexual need. And not once during those two days had she been allowed to orgasm. She’d spent the last part of the evening tied to the bed, because she simply could not walk any more. Her legs were too weak, her muscles trembling too much with need.

Saturday afternoon, she’d slipped into the bathroom, hoping to relieve herself with a quick, quiet orgasm. But she’d barely touched herself when Lori had caught her. For her transgression, she’d been bound spread-eagle to the bed, while Lori tortured her for what seemed an eternity with a low-speed vibrator. Instead of the relief she’d sought, Annie had come out of the episode even more aroused.

Now, as she lay helpless on her bed, her body seemed to move of it’s own will. Her hips undulated slowly, her thigh muscles clenching and unclenching in a matching rhythm. Soft, continuous moans slipped from behind the gag that filled her mouth.

Lori entered the room, smiling. Her slim, naked form shone from the bathing she’d had Annie give her earlier, and at the sight of her, Annie’s moans rose in pitch. Smiling softly, Lori removed the gag.

“Is my little slave horny?” she asked softly.

“Oh, GOD, yes, Mistress,” Annie moaned.

“Would she like to cum?”

“Yes, Mistress, please. Please make me cum! I need it so bad.”

Lori slipped onto the bed, straddling Annie and placing her pussy over the bound woman’s face. “When I cum, you cum,” she said simply. “But only if you make it last.” With that, she lowered her pussy to Annie’s mouth.

Annie attacked Lori’s pussy eagerly, licking and sucking for all she was worth. Then, realizing that her own orgasm depended on how strongly she made Lori cum, she drew back, lightly nipping on Lori’s lips and clit with her teeth. Lori moaned and ground her pussy down onto Annie’s mouth, but Annie was not to be rushed.

Slowly, deliberately, she drove Lori to the brink of orgasm, then drew back, letting her slip back down. Annie’s own pussy throbbed with need, seeming to drive her on with every taste of Lori’s juices. Still she held back, teasing, taunting, exacting her own kind of torture with her skilled lips and tongue, until Lori writhed over her bound body.

Finally, Lori threw back her head and nearly shouted, “Make me cum now!” Smiling, Annie drove her tongue deep within Lori’s pussy, feeling the tight tunnel grasp and clench her tongue. With a growl, Lori dropped her head, her tongue spearing into Annie’s sopping pussy. Now they worked feverishly on each other, their mingled moans rising into the still air, until, suddenly, each drove the other over the edge. For Annie, her long-denied orgasm exploded through her, sending wave after wave of fantastic sensation roaring along every nerve. Finally, it was too much, and her world went dark.

When Annie came to, she was untied, yet unable to move. It seemed every muscle in her body was limp, and all she could do was turn her head to the naked girl lying next to her.

“My god,” she whispered. “That was unbelievable.”

Lori nodded. “I know,” she replied softly. “I thought you were never going to stop cumming.”

Annie laughed softly, then forced her arm into motion, curling it around the younger woman’s shoulders. Lori responded by curling up at Annie’s side, her head resting on Annie’s shoulder. From there, her eyes gazed softly up.

“Well, Mistress, did you enjoy your punishment?” she asked playfully.

“Very much so,” Annie replied, softly kissing the top of Lori’s head. “And I think we’re going to include more such punishments every now and then.” Lori giggled and squirmed just a bit.

“Not too often, I hope,” she said. “I enjoyed being the Domme, but I much prefer being your little sex toy.”

“No,” Annie shook her head. “Not often, darling. Still, it can’t hurt to turn the tables every now and then, can it?”

Lying quietly with her loving sub in her arms, Annie thought about the weekend, and what it had taught her. She smiled when she realized that she and Lori had reached the pinnacle this weekend. This had been more than a simple “punishment,” much more. Lori had long since given her the gift of her submission, and Annie had responded with the gift of her Domination. But now, she thought, the ultimate, final gift had been given. Through love, and trust, she had given herself to the woman she loved in a way she could never give to another. Smiling, Annie closed her eyes. The greatest gifts, she thought, are those that are not simply given, but shared. And as she drifted slowly off to sleep, with the woman she loved cradled in her arms, Annie looked into the future, anticipating the gifts the two of them would share.