The Full Booth

by Antin0my

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© Copyright 2019 - Antin0my - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; mind-control; collar; lactate; scifi

“No, I don’t have any plans for the holiday.”


“All the buses out of town were booked. It’s honestly not a big deal. I’ll just spend it here; the weather is beautiful!”


“I only had a little bit of work to do, and I took care of it earlier today.”


“I know, I’ll call you if anything changes.”


“Love you too! See you soon! Bye!”

I ended the call and threw my phone onto the bed. Every conversation with my parents felt like a performance, like I was entertaining them and telling them just what they wanted to hear. I wouldn’t lie to them; frankly, I didn’t have too much to lie about as a college junior. I had a four day weekend, and I had planned to spend it right where I was: the heart of Boston, home to more college-student stress than the rest of the state of Massachusetts. The weekend would give me the perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep, maybe read a little, and do a whole lot of nothing. 

Most of my friends were going somewhere exciting, like New York City, Cape Cod, or even as far as Niagara Falls. I had no interest in doing any of that. My weekend, a brief reprieve from the anxiety and stress of a college student, would be spent not worrying about anything but myself.

I opened my laptop, hanging out of my bag after I’d hastily answered my phone, and pulled up Facebook. Already, pictures of my friends who’d skipped classes that day were filing in. Seeing the sights, getting high, and not having a care in the world. “Well, to each their own,” I thought.

As I aimlessly browsed, I came upon an advertisement for a new resort just outside of town. It struck me as out of the ordinary due to Boston’s population dynamics, and the location of this supposed resort. Furthermore, I’d heard neither head nor tail of it until now, even though I considered myself up-to-date with local news. Wouldn’t I have heard about this from my friends? Various SnapChat pictures? Endless gossip in iMessage groups? I thought that maybe I’d been the first to stumble upon it, but I doubted that somewhat.

The resort’s name, The Full Booth, didn’t ring any bells. I was surprised that these sorts of establishments even advertised on Facebook to begin with. I clicked on the ad, mostly out of curiosity and boredom. 

Their Facebook page loaded, describing themselves as a female-only resort, for those seeking a short getaway from life’s hassles, struggles, and stresses. Featuring countless amenities including a fully featured spa, beauty and massage parlor, night club, five star restaurant, Olympic pool, and much more, their page was plastered with women looking relaxed and at ease.

They also featured a partnership program, which would pair women up with long time members and introduce them to the greater fold. The last sentence in the description caught my eye, though. “Through our resort’s pleasures and facilities, we encourage and aid our guests in having the most pleasurable and intimate of experiences.”

“What could they mean by intimate?”, I asked myself. I had to know more. 

A phone number was prominently displayed on the page’s cover photo. I picked up my phone, opened the phone app, and dialed the number. But I hesitated before pressing the Dial button.

“Why am I in such a rush to call this place?” I was getting ahead of myself based on just an ad. I felt restless, anxious, and excited. What was wrong with me?

I took another look at the Facebook page, and browsed the photos that they’d posted. These photos went a few months back, but I had no recollection of this club ever being in the Boston area. I thought I’d explored most of the city in my time here, and this place catching me by surprise left me with questions. 

Questions I wanted answers for when I inevitably pressed the Dial button.

There was a brief dial tone before I heard “Thank you for calling The Full Booth! This call may be monitored for quality assurance. Please wait...” The generic customer service message. I didn’t know why I was being connected directly to the front desk, instead of to a directory of options, but I couldn’t think over it too long, though, when someone picked up on the other end. 

“Thanks for calling The Full Booth, my name is Janiyla, can I have your name please?”


“Great to speak to you Alanna, how can I help you today?”

I had so many questions, but I didn’t know where to start. I asked with the simplest one.

“I saw your Facebook ad, and was just wondering what exactly The Full Booth was.”

Without missing a beat, Janiyla responded: “The Full Booth is a new private resort for the women of New England to meet, greet, and connect with others in the most intimate of ways. We host a variety of events for our members to attend, and provide an atmosphere for both the most boisterous and pliant of women to enjoy themselves.”

“Enjoy themselves?” I didn’t have a chance to think about that for too long, though.

“If you saw our Facebook ad, then you might have noticed that it contained a promotion for a four day long trial membership. No credit card, no paperwork, nothing. Just you, and four days of socialization. How does that sound?”

As she talked, I felt myself getting more and more warm. Was the heating unit broken? It wasn’t very cold or warm outside, last I checked. I stripped off my shirt and shoes, leaving me in a bra, jeans, and socks. 

“I...don’t know. I don’t consider myself too much of a socialite, if you know what I mean. I’m not too much of a partier.”

“That’s quite all right. The premise of The Full Booth is to ensure that everyone, no matter how much or how little they wish to be the center of attention, feels comfortable and right at home.”

My jeans found their home on the floor, as did my socks. In my bra and panties, I was getting turned on by...something. 

“ sounds...interesting. Could you help me...find it? I’ve never seen...your place before. I’d love to...give it a try...”

The last bit of my reply faded out as I rubbed one nipple through my bra, and my clit through my panties. I wasn’t bothered by my horniness anymore; I just needed to find some relief. When was the last time I’d orgasmed? Not since the start of the school year, after homecoming. I had begun panting throughout my reply, and it was starting to show. My words were becoming slow, drawn out with every second. My body glistened with sweat, my cunt leaking and my mouth drooling.

“That’s quite all right. If you’ll allow us, we’d like to send a representative from The Full Booth to personally escort you here. She would make you feel comfortable and right at home. What do you say?”

Blankets and bed sheets wrapped around my body like passionate lovers. My hair was a tangled mess as I moaned and groaned, seeking relief. Looking for satisfaction. My orgasm coincided with the end of her question. I’d been furiously trying to get off, as if her words were filling me right up. With halted breath, I squeaked “Yes! Yes! YES!” as I rode the wave of an intense orgasm.

“Excellent. We’ll send a representative right over. See you soon!” Click

I didn’t have the mental capacity to process what had just happened. What had I agreed to? Where was I going? How would they know where I lived? What would happen to me? These questions, and more, collided with the horny thoughts in my mind. I was torn between the afterglow of my orgasm and trying to figure out what this “representative” would be. That is, until I saw the most drop-dead gorgeous woman walk right up to me. 

Everything about her screamed perfection. Her flawless breasts, her beautiful smile, her hourglass waist, her perfect form. I could only stare in my inadequacy at her as she removed the blankets and sheets that had become wrapped around me. I let this woman’s hands move my body, as if I were clay in her oven.

I was lying on my back, and she helped me up and turned me over. My body came to a rest on my hands and knees, breasts bulging in my bra and ass prominent through my thong. She undid the clasps to my bra and released it, falling to the bed below me. It landed with a satisfying “pat”, as I looked down at it. My large breasts hung below me, swinging like pendulums and captivating me. Next, she grabbed my panties and pulled them off of my ass, tugging gently and with intent, allowing them to spread the moisture that soaked my thighs.

Her hands explored my body, embracing it and taking it in. It seemed like she was evaluating me, almost. “This is wrong. She’s groping me, raping me, she’s...” My mind resisted but my body did nothing as she pinched my nipples and graced my clit. I could only let out a guttural moan in agreement as this happened. She pulled me onto my back, and I noticed she had stripped off her clothes as well. My back was cushioned by her full breasts pushing into mine, and I fell right in between her two legs. She was much taller and larger than I was, and I felt dwarfed by every aspect of her physique. This woman, my escort, whoever she was, focused her two hands on my lower torso, one hand in my clit and the other in my anus. I’d never experienced anything behind me before, and it was a new experience.

My breathing began to speed up. I was sweating and bobbing up and down in her lap. Something massive was coming. Then it hit me.

Words couldn’t describe this orgasm. I’d barely come down from my last one, and all the momentum I had riding from the last peak just shot me to the stars over the next one. I let out a scream of joy and pleasure as I reveled in the sensation.

As I floated among the stars, I felt something penetrating my cunt, and anus almost simultaneously. I didn’t care for what was happening; the penetration just gave me another reason to orgasm and cum violently. My breasts jostled in front of me and slapped against my chest repeatedly. My caretaker was still fumbling with my nether regions, so I just stared into the distance as the orgasm began to fade.

With all the energy I could muster, I looked down to see a dark fabric wrapping itself around my waist. It was being manipulated by this woman, and secured around me. I smiled gently as my holes were opened and secured by this implement. I felt twin dildos penetrating my vagina and anus, open on both sides and leaving them exposed and gaping. The dildos were threaded right into the fabric, allowing anyone to fondle my holes. My juices began to collect and pour out of my holes, providing a delicious treat for anyone at the receiving end.

However, my nurse pulled up zippers on both sides to close up my holes, protecting them from wild eyes and fingers. The zipper was tucked under a piece of fabric and locked down with a small key, that my assailant held onto. 

Next came my breasts, two full orbs of tantalizing skin. She massaged and kneaded them in her hands, causing my nipples to stand at attention. Pinching with great care, she elicited a small trace of milk from my boobs. That was all she needed to get started. Kneading my right boob with one hand, she reached behind her to grab something else while still stretching and flexing my boob. I felt higher than even the stars by now, as pleasure shone through me like a comet. Milk poured out of me with great speed, but was stopped by an insertion directly into my breast. 

I didn’t know you could do that...” I thought sleepily as the bra cup secured itself around and within my breast. I could feel it penetrating me comfortably, giving direct access to my mammaries and the milk within. An opening on the end of my breast allowed anyone to suckle and nurse on me. My captor pinched my breast, and milk leaked out of it with ease. 

This process was repeated for my left breast, completing my confinement. Bra straps were closed around me, leaving my back and shoulders bare. An ample amount of my cleavage was still visible between the bra cups, leaving nothing to the imagination. My long, blonde hair was collected and stacked in a bun, keeping it out of the way. I’d never worn it like that, so it was a new sensation for me.

Pleasure continued to rock my body, not just from my previous orgasms but from the sensation of being penetrated in four different holes. My mind was foggy and living in the moment. I felt two hands on my hips, and heard a faint whisper: “Are you ready to complete your journey?”

I came explosively from the sensation and sound, barely managing to get out a single “Yes!” before being overtaken by orgasm. In the midst of my pleasure storm, I felt something being locked around my neck. Coming down from my high abruptly, I felt it wrap around my neck and stick out in front of me with a long leash. Directly beneath my chin, there was a silver heart which read “Alanna”.

She put a collar on me. I’m her slave. What did I do? How do I get out of this? How” I thought as the collar was made snug around me. But the longer I had the collar on, the less these questions seemed to matter. It radiated a pleasant warmth, which clouded my mind. I cared less about what had happened, and more about what would happen. I still retained my mental faculties and was able to understand what was happening, but I went with the flow instead of trying to stop the wave.

“My name is Rebekah. I will take you now to your vacation.”

Rebekah picked me up and laid me on the floor, positioning me on my hands and knees, and grabbed my leash. I could feel her hand the moment she grabbed the end of it. She didn’t even need to tug before I crawled behind her on all fours, as she walked right through my closet.

I hadn’t noticed at the time that where my closet formerly was had become some doorway or portal to another place. It didn’t matter. I just blindly followed Rebekah in an attempt to feel more pleasure and satisfaction.

My leash was affixed to a nearby wall, and I was ordered to wait in silence and pleasure. A puddle of sweat and love juice began to form right under my body. I saw Rebekah walk behind me, and heard her close the door with a firm shove.

Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice-messaging system.

6 1 7 5 5 5 0 1 1 6 is not available. 

At the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, you may hang up, or press “1” for more options.


“Hi Mom, it’s Alanna! I actually heard about this cool new resort just outside of town. They have a free trial program which they generously extended to me, so I’m gonna go check it out and see what this place is all about. I’m here with a few friends, so it should be a lot of fun. Cell service is pretty spotty, so I probably won’t respond to calls or messages. But I’ll call you as soon as I get back. Love you, bye!”


“Stand,” Rebekah said, with a firm and strong voice. I got up from my hands and knees, and stood at attention. Liquid continued to dribble down my thighs and chest. She took my leash and threaded it under my knees and across my back, until it connected with some closure on my collar. Locking in the leash with the same key as before, she took my face in her hands. Rebekah kneaded my lax cheeks with her fingers, staring into my droopy eyes. 

“Thank you for starting your four day trial membership with The Full Booth. We’re pleased to welcome such a young, lithe, and full woman into our family.” Her words were soothing, like water flowing down a creek. Rebekah motioned to another door, embroidered with unrecognizable symbols, characters, and imagery.

“You asked many questions. You are inquisitive, persistent, and...” She paused to rub a single finger over my covered cunt, teasing me with pleasure. “...fresh. Your ability to have even seen our advertisement is a concern. But you couldn’t have seen it if you didn’t have something...magical in you.” Her words meant nothing to me. I couldn’t hear them but for the sensation of her hands rubbing and smoothing my chest. 

“But it doesn’t matter. It’s best for everyone to just keep a close watch on you. Your mind and body are at the disposal of our lifetime members, until we determine just what you are or until over. Can’t have any more heads be turned, so we’ll just drop you off at your home again until we have need of you.”

My mind could barely process what she was telling me. I’d gotten hot and foggy with waiting around for so long. When was she going to touch me?

“But, I’ve gone on too long. It’s time for you to enjoy a little R&R. We’ll be speaking to each other soon, I’m sure.” With one hard spank, I orgasmed rudely and was shown through the door.

The scene on the other side looked to be a fine restaurant. I was still riding the wave of pleasure, and couldn’t put everything together, as the door was closed behind me. Women of all ages were scattered among dining tables, bar stools, and restaurant booths. Many of them were middle-aged, but some of them were young, my age or even younger, and some were very old, even older than my grandparents.

“Who’s this gal?” said a voice to my right, twisting my shoulder to face her. She looked like someone straight out of a Wild West novel, complete with flowing dress, accent, and pigtails. This woman looked to be only a year or so older than I, perhaps 22 or 23.

“She’s here on trial; this girl’s a normie, but found out about us. I’m just keeping her close while the higher-ups decide what to do with her.”

I could feel this woman, in addition to her friend who neared me, examining me and judging me with their eyes.

“She don’ look so dangerous. She’s one of them college kids from the city. Don’t think she’d hurt a fly if it landed right on her nose,” said the first woman, feeling my thighs with her hands, spreading some bread crumbs from her dinner plate on them.

“Of course, but rules are rules. Have to follow protocol. Could you make her feel welcome for me? I’ve got some reports to fill out,” quipped Rebekah.

“Anything for you, dear. You do a helluva lot more than the rest of us. I’ll take care of her.” 

Satisfied, Rebekah walked off, exiting out the restaurant to whereabouts unknown. My eyes followed her swaying ass and sexy gait until she walked behind the Western woman’s head.

“Ain’t she pretty? Don’t worry, you’ll get to meet lots of pretty folk here. Name’s Betsy, and you are?” My eyes met this woman’s, Betsy’s, eyes as Rebekah exited the room. “...Alanna,” I quietly responded.

“Alanna! Great to have you here! My quiet friend’s Jessie. She don’ talk much, but has a lot to say in bed.” 

“But where are my manners? Come, take a seat, we were just about to order somethin’ to eat.” Betsy motioned with her hands to an empty chair right in between her and Betsy. Had it been there before? I wasn’t paying attention before, so I didn’t think too much of it.

I didn’t become fully conscious of how exposed I was until I sat down between the two women, looking at all the others who were also sitting at the same table. There were two other women of various age and dress. 

“‘Lanna, this here’s Julia, we call her Jules,” said Betsy, motioning to a middle-aged woman who looked like she was on her way to an elite gala. Her dress and makeup could only be described as perfect, and she silently took in my appearance. 

“Julia. I’m just passing through on my way to New York.” She sounded like she was from New York all right. “And you?”

“Oh, I’m...just a student here. In Boston. I go to school here.”

Julia looked quizzically at me, perplexed by my response. “So you’re not...?”

“Not...what?” I replied.

Before Julia could answer, Betsy cut her off with a stern glare. Though Julia was the youngest of these women, she seemed to carry an aroma of power. I could almost smell it.

Smiling, she introduced me to Belle, a longtime member of the club. She also motioned to Julie, whom I had met before when first entering the room. Julie remained silent but stared viciously at me. I didn’t feel embarrassed or concerned with all these women looking at me with so little to wear. I felt almost at ease, relaxed, and didn’t quite care what they had to think.

“So! ‘Llana! What brings you to these parts?” said Betsy, grabbing a bread roll and offering it to me. Taking the roll, I repeated what I said earlier about my being a student nearby.

“Yeah, I got that, but, whaddaya doing here? At The Full Booth? Not everyday we get new folk, and you’re the newest gal I’ve seen in a long time,” she quipped back.

“I...don’t know. I saw an ad for this place online, and got interested since I didn’t remember this ever being here. I called the number, asked a question or two, and...”

And to my great shock, I didn’t remember exactly how I got here. My memory ended with me being on the phone, and started with me walking into the restaurant. What had happened in between? I searched my brain trying to figure it out...

“Girl, don’t you remember? Silly thing.” I felt a hand on my shoulder, which belonged to Julia. “They sent a representative over to your place to make sure you got here safely. I remembered seeing you come in with that girl Rebekah, suitcase in tow and a smile on your face. Then you came out wearing this sexy thing...” She pulled at my bra strap, feeling how tight it was around my form. It snapped back and landed on me without much of a thought, as the memories came rushing back to me.

“Oh yeah! I tried to leave my parents a message on the way out, but they didn’t pick up. How did I forget that?” I scratched my head as I felt calmer, a little more relieved that I hadn’t completely gone amnesiac. I looked up at Julia and said thanked her.

“Don’t mind me, darling. But I would mind if I could have a taste of what you’re offering. I think the rest of us would also like...a slice of your pie.” She bent closer to me, her face almost in mine. 

“I...don’t...” My mind began to fog up again. What was happening? I felt hands on me, lips and tongue in my mouth, warm breasts pressed against my body. I could only see bodies and boobs around me as I was lifted from my chair, and placed on the empty table. Two mouths found their way to my breasts, and I felt milk leaving my body. I felt warm breath and heat in between my thighs as my sweat and juices were licked up by a hungry mouth. Through this sensual haze, my eyes could make out Jessie, her eyes looking right into me again. 

“You’re the main course, dear. Hope you don’t mind if we dig in,” I heard as she pressed her mouth to mine. Saliva and sweat were exchanged as we made out. 

I’d never been used like this before. I felt violated and taken, like I was just some product to them. And yet...I’d never received such attention and care before. These women were making love to me. And I loved them in kind.

Time lost all meaning to me. My breasts seemed to have an endless supply of milk, my vagina wouldn’t stop flowing, and the kissing continued. At some point, waiters arrived with their entree orders. Instead of being put on the table, the food was slid off the plate and onto my body. The hottest items only made the fire within me burn brighter as I rode the wave of pleasure. Now, these women could eat me and eat on me. 

Julia would tantalize me by cutting a small piece of her steak and put it near my mouth. I was unable to move my head to eat it, but it just sat right in between my breasts, out of reach. Eventually, one of the women would move it into my mouth, and my breast food would be replaced with something else. My body eventually became smeared with foodstuff, oil, crumbs, and more.

I continued to float on Cloud 9, not caring about anything around me, until I felt someone’s hands grace my ears. Everything seemed to stop when I felt this. Looking up, I saw a towering, powerful, and drop-dead gorgeous woman looking at me. I noticed that everything around me had quiet. I couldn’t even hear my heartbeat, or the sound of other dinner guests. 

She glanced at the rest of my body, taking in the sight, then at the other women surrounding me. My mind became attached and drawn to this woman. She was my world as long as she held me. She spoke, but I couldn’t hear her, for her power was just too great. The other girls nodded and said something, and then my master leaned down, whispered something inaudible to me, and walked away. I was released from her hold. But I felt so empty. Longing. Fractured. 

The rest of the meal passed quickly, with the ladies finishing up their food and shoving what was left off of my body. Belle held a glass of some liquid up to my mouth, and I drank thirstily. Once, I finished, I was helped off the table and onto my feet. Looking down, my entire body was a mess of sweat, saliva, milk, food, and more. Panning around me, the other patrons didn’t seem to mind the scene I had caused, or pay me any other mind.

Betsy took me by one arm, and Julie took me by the other, leaving Jessie and Belle behind. Their combined strength lifted me slightly off the ground, in my bare feet as we crossed the restaurant and went up an elaborate flight of stairs. We didn’t pass by anyone else after we exited the restaurant.

Traversing through an elaborate hallway, we stopped outside an ornate door which read “Madeline” in bold letters. A doorbell was rang on the door, and I was let down from my height. Some of the food and liquid on me had grown dry in the air, and I felt dirty and unclean. 

The door opened to reveal my idol. My world. I visibly gaped and awed as Madeline took me by my shoulders, leading me through the door. She silently thanked the other two women as she closed the door, beckoning me into her suite. 

My mind wasn’t able to process anything with me in her thrall. Just being near her quieted down my mind of any thoughts that did not relate to her. My Madeline. No, I was her Alanna. I was hers, and only hers.

She turned to face me, and looked deep into my eyes. Her purple irises spoke volumes about her love and care for me. Revealing a key identical to what had confined me, she unlocked the devices that confined and suffocated me. My vagina and anus lay open, but still confined. They could breath, albeit in a limited fashion. Built-up liquids slowly seeped out of the now open holes, onto the carpet below.

Covering my openings, Madeline led me to the walk-in shower, where I leaked in peace. Taking a shower head and sponge, Madeline began to wipe the grime and muck off of me. Every touch was an orgasm on its own, every knead and fold another wave in my sensation.

Every curve and every inch of my body was explored, and I was cleaned like I had never known. She spent a painstaking amount of detail cleaning every possible orifice of my body. Every tooth, every nail, every eyelash, every inch of skin was graced by her hands. It felt like I was glowing with warmth. 

Time got away from me again, and I was startled out of my stupor by Madeline’s hands gripping me by the waist and raising me up. Her nude body stood a foot taller than my own, and I felt small in her presence. Towels wormed their way around my form, drying me and leaving me bare. Unseen hands travelled around every nook and cranny, making sure I was completely clean. 

Madeline reached back with her key and completely unlocked my breasts, freeing them from their torment. My body let out a great sigh of relief as they drooped on my chest. My vagina and anus were similarly released from their torment, giving my hips and sex the ability to flex once more. Though I had just been cleaned, the inside of the garments were slick with sweat and my juices.

Once this was done, Madeline took me by the hand and led me to bed. I splayed out on top of the blankets that she pulled back and tucked my legs under. She threw the blanket back over our bodies and, with a remote by her bedside, turned off all the lights in the suite. Only the pale moonlight from outside shone in.

Her legs wrapped around my hips, and her arms coiled themselves around my back. Madeline’s mouth found my breast as she began to suck. Even though she was physically larger than me, she felt so small with her head below me. I pulled her head closer and wrapped my hands around her neck.

I fell asleep to dreams of laughter, love, and lots of fun.


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