The Fantasy

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2010 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; oral; sex; toys; climax; caught; M/f; cons; X

Susan was a bit hesitant to answer the door. She knew this experience would be like no other, and had second thoughts if she should even go forth with this adventure. But, her curiosity and sense of daring convinced her to go to the door. Standing outside was a familiar face. Jen was an acquaintance of both her and her husband. Jen had been married to her husband’s college roommate. Only now, Jen was there to meet just with Susan. But, actually, this was more than just a meeting, this was to be more of an adventure.

Jen always had a bit of a kinky streak that seemed to amuse Jerry, Susan’s husband. It seemed sex with Jerry had become boring, and more infrequent. Jen was here to help spice things up in Susan’s life. Though divorced, Jen still seemed to be quite adept in the many facets of unique sexual experiences. In fact, Jen had offered to help Susan expand her sexual horizons.

“Hi Jen, thanks for coming over, but I’m still not sure about all of this.” But Jen wasn’t going to let the prudish Susan ruin what could be a most exciting sexual experience. As they walked up the stairs to the bedroom, Jen kept talking about how this was going to be fun, and experience Susan would never forget. Jen quickly stripped her blouse and slacks, but had to convince Susan to begin this very personal strip tease.

“Come on Susan, lighten up, this is going to be such fun, you’ve got to live a little, step out of your shell.’ With those words of encouragement, Susan did at least get to her bra and panties.

“Susan, you have to be at ease, relax, here, have a cigarette.” Susan had tried to quit smoking, but was still sneaking an occasional smoke like a high school cheerleader in the bathroom. “Look Susan, Jerry still smokes these gigantic donkey dicks,” pointing the large humidor of cigars on the dresser. “Light up and relax.” And with that, Susan and Jen both enjoyed a smoke while they talked about this sexual adventure.

Jen looked at the cigars and asked Susan if she moistens the cigars for Jerry. She sheepishly told Jen that she does take his cigars and not only moistens them, but sometimes even uses them for her own pleasure. “When Jerry and I are really in the mood, I’ll take a cigar and roll my tongue around the shaft, licking from the tip and to the blunt. Then I take the entire tube deep into my mouth and suck hard as I slowly and sensuously take it out of my mouth. It drives Jerry mad. After we have sex, I used to smoke a cigarette as Jerry would smoke the moistened cigar, blowing smoke over my breasts as he would kiss my nipples. It would be very sexy.”

“See Susan, you have that bad girl erotic streak in you. Why didn’t you take the cigar and give it a Monica to moisten?”

“Well, I never did it for Jerry, but, I must admit, when he wasn’t home, I would sometimes take a cigar and use like a dildo.” Now Jen knew she had Susan where she wanted her. She admitted to some sexual playtime, now was the time to start to broaden her horizons. A final puff on the cigarette, and Susan was ready to begin the sexual journey of a lifetime.

Jen reached over to Susan and slowly lowered her bra straps down her shoulders until her delectable nipples peaked over the bra cup. Stopping there to cause the material to force the nipples outward, Jen reached forward and flicked each nipple causing them to begin to slightly expand and harden. As Jen lowered the entire bra off each mound, she reached around Susan to release the hook, allowing the bra to fall to the ground. As the bra fell, Jen began to knead each breast as she lowered her mouth over the nipples, sucking hard as she caressed the globes.

At first Susan was hesitant at this lesbian action as she never thought of the pleasures of another woman. But as Jen continued her maneuvers to expose her breasts, she fell prisoner to the electricity of the female ability to satisfy another woman. But, Jen did not stop there, Jen removed Susan panties, saving the now wet fabric for future use. Jen used her very perceptive tongue to explore the inner most part of Susan that, up until today, had only felt the hard penis or tongue of a man. Susan wasn’t sure, and at first took her hands to force Jen away from her crotch. But, not taking heed to the warnings, Jen licked and twisted her tongue in such radical ways to cause Susan to reach an explosive orgasm.

But, the fun had just begun, as Jen stood up and directed Susan to use her as an inviting sexual toy, learning as she would go. Susan moved her hands up Jen’s stomach, raising each bra cup revealing two massive tits. The first time she actually touched the marshmallow breasts caused Susan to react with more excitement than Jen. Jen grabbed Susan’s head, and pushed her between the tits, rotating back and forth causing Susan to taste each nipple with each back and forth movement.

But, as she began to remove the skimpy panties off of Jen, Susan wasn’t sure if she could actually have oral sex in a woman. She and Jerry had 69 sex on many occasions, and Susan certainly loved the way he could make her have an orgasm. And she really did enjoy sucking his cock to a massive erection, ending in a 4th of July fireworks as each of them would reach orgasm.

But, there was something about another woman’s vagina that was just a little different, but excitingly curious. So as Susan began to slowly remove the panties down Jen’s legs, she became more comfortable, or simply more interested, in what it would be like to actually put her tongue into the moist sex lips of a woman. As Jen leaned back onto the bed, Susan lowered herself into the confluence of the womanhood that lay below her. Her curious fascination soon became sexual passion, as Susan sensuously and erotically began to lick, suck and lap the wet pussy in front of her. Soon, Susan couldn’t control herself, grabbing each thigh and forcing the bush to totally cover her face. Jen reached an explosive orgasm, nearly causing Susan to fall backwards off the bed.

For Jen and Susan, a cigarette after sex was an appropriate reward for the wild sex they both enjoyed. But, Susan’s adventures were just beginning as Jen moved Susan on the bed, stretching her arms towards each post along the head board. As Jen picked up two of Susan’s nylon stockings, Susan suddenly realized Jen was about to tie her to the bed posts. “Ah no, no fucking way,” yelled Susan. But not only did Jen quickly tie each wrist, she took Susan’s wet panties and stuffed them into her mouth. Before Susan could grunt, Jen had taken panty hose, stretched the panty section over Susan’s head and used the two legs to tie the panties tight into her mouth. Just to make sure the packing would stay in place, she took duct tape and taped her stuffed mouth even tighter.

Jen was nowhere near finished. She grabbed each of Susan’s legs and stretched them to the bottom of the bed where she secured them with more nylon stockings. Susan was stretched into a massive X, bound and gagged on the bed, fully exposed to every possible erotic activity Jen wanted to play. Susan was totally at the mercy of Jen, and awaiting the next chapter in this day of sexual excitement. With her arms and legs outstretched, her pussy was wide open and tits looming for all to see. She only needed to wait another moment to find Jen had planned another exciting adventure in erotica.

After admiring her handy work, Jen turned away and reached into a tote bag that she brought along. Reaching into the bag, Susan could see Jen had some type of belted appendage. Suddenly, Susan realized Jen had brought a strap on dildo. As Jen tightened the straps, she climbed on to the bed lining up the plastic cylinder with the open lips of Susan’s luscious pussy. Susan began to squirm as the massive plastic manhood slowly guided into her crotch. It was huge, and the plastic seemed to simply glide into her cave. Her muscles automatically tightened around the dildo, giving Susan a sense of pleasure she had never felt before.

Jen began to hammer hard, forcing the dildo to glide back and forth. Susan’s arms tightened as she slightly lifted herself off the bed as she pulled the nylon bindings. Her gagged mouth caused her to make muffled sounds that could not completely be silenced. Her breasts seemed to roll in waves as the dildo rhythmically pounded her crotch. Finally, with a rush of sexual current, her orgasm caused her to bounce the bed nearly off the ground. She had reached her peek, a high that she had never felt with a man.

As Jen recovered from this exciting adventure, she reached forward to remove the pantyhose from around Susan’s head. But, before she could begin to loosen the tape, Jerry stormed into the room. “Just what in the hell do you two think you’re doing. Jen, divorced huh? I see you’re back to your old ways. Are you the regional representative for “Sex Toys-R-Us? A couple of cunt lickers, lesbian action. Guess men just aren’t good enough anymore.”

Jen started to remove the tape when Jerry made her stop. “Don’t touch her. Just go downstairs, I want to discuss this with my wife.” Jen could sense his anger, and actually feared what Jerry may do to Susan if she left the room. But, his order was stern, and she didn’t want to make the situation worse. Jen grabbed a sheet to cover herself and ran downstairs. Susan, still gagged and bound tightly to the bed, was at Jerry’s mercy.

“Well, my dear, I believe you need cock, I mean a real cock.” Susan, still bound and gagged, began to moan with fear as Jerry dropped his pants as he approached the bed. As his briefs fell to the floor, he leaned forward to lick Susan’s cunt. He stuck his tongue into her already soaked opening. “My tongue feel different than hers?” Jerry chuckled as he asked. “Well, bitch, here is something she can’t give you.” And with a massive jerk, his enormous erection drilled deep into Susan.

Susan felt an erection like Jerry has never had before. His entry was deeper, and his penis much larger than anytime they have ever had sex before. Entering a bound and gagged woman had an obvious effect on his sexual prowess. And she was enjoying it as much, if not more, than him. Her boobs moved in massive tremors as his rhythm increased in velocity. She felt herself overwhelmed by an orgasm as Jerry erupted in a gusher of warm cum. This was the excitement they had been missing in their marriage. She wondered if Jerry felt the same rekindling of desire.

But, as the passionate lovemaking stopped, Jerry climbed off the bed, leaving Susan still bound and gagged. “Well, I guess it’s time to check on your playmate.” Jerry walked across the room and walked down the stairs. Susan began to worry about the fate of Jen. And, if she was still downstairs there was no telling what Jerry would do. Susan soon found out, as Jerry returned with Jen gagged probably her own panties forced to fill her mouth and sealed with white tape. Her hands were tied with soft rope in front of her to allow Jerry to pull her forward.

“Now, let’s see how much you two really enjoy lezzie sex.” Jerry forced Jen to climb onto the bed and lay directly on top of Susan. That alone was exciting as each breast and pussy aligned with each other. But, Jerry did not stop there. Her took the bound wrists and tied them to the head board. With enough slack in the rope, he pulled Jen into the air over top of Susan. “Now, let’s see what other toys we have to play with.” As Jerry looked into Jen’s goodie bag, both women knew Jerry had a more diabolical scheme. He found a soft double dildo and smiled with delight. He forced one end into his wife and made Jen open her legs to accept the other end.

He forced Jen to close her legs and tied each ankle to the bottom of the bed, binding each woman together in sexual pleasure. But Jerry did not stop. As an added attraction, he found nipple clamps in the bag and tightly placed one on each of Jen’s bullets. The small weights attached to each clamp caused the nipple to elongate and hang directly over Susan’s head. “Good night girls, sleep tight, very tight.” And with a laugh, he left to room. Jen soon discovered there was enough slack in the bindings at the top of the bed she may be able to lurch forward and loosen the knot.

But, with each forward movement, the dildo went deeper into each woman, causing an immediate reaction of pleasure. Jen kept jumping and reaching, as each of them began to work towards an orgasm. Her movements became more rhythmic, the two nipple weights began to swirl like propellers pulling her tits out and around. As Jen gave one final leap forward, she grabbed the knot, and reached an orgasm. As she fell on top of Susan, each woman convulsed with excitement.

* * *

Susan went over to Jerry’s humidor and picked up two cigars. As she gave one to Jen, she took hers and slowly and sensuously took her tongue to moisten. Susan and Jen sat on the bed, puffing celebratory cigars as if they had just made a hole in one. Grasping the cigar between her teeth, Susan climbed off the bed and walked across the room. She kneeled down, and slowly and sensuously took her tongue and swirled it around the tube, taking the entire shaft into her mouth. As she let the shaft out of her mouth she sucked and licked until she reached the bulb end.

With her lips sealed around the end of the penis, she swiveled her head as if to pull the top off of a bottle. She took a deep inhale off the cigar and blew it around the hardened cock, appearing as a lighthouse in the fog. She placed the cigar into an ashtray and walked back toward her bound and gagged husband. Jerry was duct taped to a chair, hands behind and each ankle tight to a chair leg. His mouth bulged with two panties, one from each woman. The white plastic tape sealed his lips from any chance of noise.

As Susan stretched her legs beside Jerry’s bound ankles, she aimed carefully and slowly lowered herself directly over Jerry’s massive erection. Her sex muscles tightened as they surrounded his enormous manhood. Susan looked at her humbled husband. “Now Jerry, it is time to complete the fantasy.”