The Elegant Bondage Party

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF+/f; blackmail; bond; naked; hum; exhib; public; tease; nc; X

Donna is a young, tall, beautiful blonde who has been very successful in her career. However, she has gotten to the top by using and betraying other people, but without having to sleep her way to the top. There are many people within the company who hate and despise her for how she has treated them, for how she has even stolen other coworkers ideas and passed them off as her own. She has been caught trying to embezzle money from her own department.

Donna's boss Eric summons her into his office. Donna walks in confidently (not knowing about the embezzlement evidence against her) wearing a below the knee skirt, cream silk blouse and sexy 3 inch heels. Eric then presents the startling evidence and gives Donna two choices, either face major jail time or submit to him for a one-time weekend event. Donna knows the evidence against her is damaging, so she decides to do the weekend event option.

Eric then explains to Donna that he will be hosting an elegant party at his mansion that will include many of his friends and employees of the company. He then explains Donna's role, that she will be the entertainment...the centerpiece of the main party room. Of course Donna does not like the sound of that but she has no option. Eric presents to her a lengthy document that explains the details of her ordeal and the removal of the embezzlement charges against her. She says "Let's get this over with" and signs the document.

That Friday night Donna arrives at the mansion as ordered. Eric and two lovely French maids greet Donna at the door and she is quickly shown her room. Eric then orders Donna to strip..."The maids will assist you with your new attire for the night, do not disobey them." Eric then leaves just before Donna removes all her clothes. The maids put on a black garter belt, silk stockings and red ankle strap five inch heels onto Donna. They then dress her in an elegant short silk nightgown, the silk flows against her skin causing her nipples to be erect. They then instruct Donna to use the bathroom before they place her into the bed.

When Donna returns from using the bathroom, she sees the beautiful bed covered in pink, satin sheets. The maids then bind spread-eagle Donna to the bed with silk scarves. Donna is now worried about being in this vulnerable position with her legs spread wide and wearing no panties! One maid turns on the TV while the other maid attaches a butterfly vibrator to Donna's pussy. The TV is only showing couples having sex while the vibrator is stimulating her. The maids then turn out the lights and say "Try to get some sleep, you are going to have a busy 2 days." The maids leave, leaving Donna horny and frustrated. The vibrator is teasing and pleasing her but not enough to have an orgasm and the TV images are making her want a big cock inside her pussy!

The morning arrives, but poor Donna got very little sleep. The French maids attend to Donna. They untie her, allow her to use the bathroom, they bathe her and feed her. They then prepare her for the elegant party tonight. They remove her silk nightgown but leave the stockings, garter belt and heels on her. They place two long black satin opera gloves on her, then they bind her hands behind her back. Next comes a long black satin cape that covers her and she is stunned that there is no other clothing for her.

Eric and his wife Brenda walk into Donna's room. Eric is dressed in a tuxedo and Brenda a long, pink, satin dress. Brenda just glares at Donna, because Donna had betrayed her at work to get a higher position. Donna says "What is going on tonight? Where is my gown? What are you going to do to me?" Brenda then walks up to Donna and unsnaps most of the cape, allowing it to open up. 

"Poor sweet Donna, all our guests and most of our coworkers will be wearing tuxedos and elegant gowns, but this will be your attire for the party." Brenda then opens Donna's cape revealing Donna's perfect breasts! Brenda then grabs and fondles Donna's breasts as Donna can do nothing with her hands tied behind her back. Brenda then says "About our plans for will soon find out. But you will be the centerpiece of the room." Eric then states "A few of our guests are here downstairs awaiting your arrival while more guests will arrive tonight."

Donna is then fed lunch and allowed to use the bathroom before her entrance. One of the French maid says "Come along sweetie, it's time for your arrival." The French maid attaches a collar and leash onto Donna and lightly pulls on it and Donna follows. Donna notices that the satin cape is not fully closed and some of her body is revealed. She pleads with the maid to fully close the cape before everyone sees her nakedness! They reach the top of the stairs and everyone notices Donna especially with her wearing those sexy red five inch heels. Donna then notices Bob in the crowd, the short fat ugly man who she used to get a better position!

Suddenly Brenda stands next to Donna on the top of the stairs "I would like to present our entertainment for the weekend....the lovely Donna." With that statement she removes the satin cape and Donna is shocked and tries to cover up but can not with her hands tied behind her back. Brenda takes the leash from the French maid and leads the terrified Donna down the stairs as people are staring at this sexy woman coming down the stairs! Donna sees all the women are wearing elegant gowns and dresses, lots of silk, satin, lace, ruffles but they are all fully clothed while she is naked. Brenda then leads her to the centerpiece of the room.

The maids quickly untie and retie Donna to the centerpiece. She is standing spreadeagled and can't move or close her legs. Brenda then shows the guests and Donna how the centerpiece works, Brenda turns on a switch and a stream of water jets out from the floor and hits Donna directly onto her pussy and clit causing uncontrollable pleasure. Then Brenda says dinner will be served in the other room. As the guests leave Donna is left to endure the pleasure from the water but it's still not enough to give her that orgasm. From time to time a guest or two would pass her by and watch how horny she has become.

Then finally the water is shut off and one of the French maids places a silk blindfold on Donna. The pretty french maid says "The entertainment is about to begin....have fun." With that she playfully slaps Donna's ass and walks away. Donna can hear voices gathering around her but she cannot see a thing. Then suddenly she feels a finger sliding against her pussy and she is responding to the finger. "Hello Donna, remember me?" Donna recognizes the voice and she is horrified that it is Bob! "Please stop, Don' are making me....Stop!" As Bob's finger continues to enter Donna's pussy, she is becoming more wet and is beginning to moan. Bob then removes his fingers and kisses Donna. Before he leaves he says "Hope to have more fun with you later."

Donna is now disgusted with the thought of that fat slob fucking her. Then it was Connie's turn. "Hello Bitch, remember me?" Shit! As Donna remembers Connie, the big butch lesbian who Donna had really screwed over. Donna nearly had Connie fired because she tried to frame her with some illegal document work. "Please Connie, I'm so sorry that I tried to get you fired...I learned my lesson.....please don't touch me....mmmmmm." Connie's tongue is now on Donna's clit and she is pleasing her. Then it stops. Donna is left relieved and sexually frustrated, all the touching and teasing has left her so horny!

Eric then announces..."Let the auction begin....the highest bidder will win a night with the lovely Donna!" As Donna struggles the water stream begins again leaving her stimulated as the auction begins and people bid on her. Donna’s state of mind now is that she wants someone with a big cock to win her and fuck her! Her pussy has been teased and needs to be satisfied! She can barely hear the auction as her mind fades to fantasies and to upcoming pleasures! Then she hears “Sold!”


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