The Edging of Techster

by Techie and Techster

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© Copyright 2020 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; mittens; collar; gag; hobble; cbt; oral; tease; vibe; denial; true; cuffs; spreader; public; exhib; outdoors; cons; XX

* sexual edging or edge play is defined as teasing your submissive to the point where they are about to ejaculate (or cum) stopping and having then wait in near orgasm waiting then starting over again respectively and enjoying hearing them beg for release.

It was one of those days just after my morning shower and I had dried off and was still naked.

Techster and I were bored. Our plans for the day were shot when our plans to work on a local Dominatrix’s dungeon were cancelled, as she and her subby hubby won a cruise and would be gone for a week.

I was thinking about what I could do to spice up Techster’s life, after all there are times when his cock is slow to come to attention. We’ve been told by several people to,”relax, it’s just a senior thing!”

I had read that edge play would cure ED, (erectal dysfunction) so I decided to ‘wring’ Techster’s sex out, to tease him like he has done to me, and leave him begging for relief ( make that release or cum).

So I called him, “Techster, bring the bondage mitts I want to play a game with you!”

He came into the room, carrying the bondage mittens and said, ”I’ve been bored today too. Let’s get a game going!”

I put the mitts on his hands, tightened the laces, and locked the retaining straps, trapping his hands. Next I used the coupling chain, clipped it onto both mitts, secured his hands behind his back and locked the heavy stainless steel collar - which had “Techie’s pet” printed in blue day-glo letters on each side - around his neck. And finally I attached a six foot long chromed leash to the collar.

I could see he was impatient for the game to start when he ordered, “Come on let's get going!”

I said to be patient, as I dropped down and began a slow blow job with lots of tongue work around the tip of his cock. His cock got hard, and when I could feel it starting to surge, I stopped and left him standing there waiting for me to finish. I stood up and licked his neck and rolled his nipples pinching them tightly between my fingers.

“Come on now!” he ordered, “don’t leave me hanging here; finish this off, let me cum!”

I laughed and told him, “Your time to wait. I’ll start again in a few minutes.”

Rubbing his hard cock with an ice cube made it go soft. In about fifteen minutes I started teasing him again by putting lotion on the tip of his cock and rubbing just the edge of the tip until it got hard again then I stroked it until I could feel it trembling. Then I stopped.

He screamed in frustration,” Come on, finish the job, don’t leave me hanging!” I took the handle of the leash that was attached to his collar, and with a large carabiner hooked it over the upper hinge to our closet door.

I moved a chair near the door so he would have a place to sit while he was waiting. I worked the tip of his cock over for a few minutes then I stopped and left to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

As I left he screamed, “This is torture! Please, please finish the job!”

I laughed and told him, “Do you remember when I was bound with a vibrator and dildo in me and you sat back, watched and listened to me beg for hours on end? Well now it’s my turn to listen to you beg!”

While I was in the kitchen I could hear him walking back and forth trying to free the leash from the door. In about fifteen minutes I returned, unhooked the leash and led him into the dinette near the kitchen where I gave him a cup of coffee with a straw so he could sip it himself and I cut up the pancakes and fed him his breakfast.

After breakfast I took the leash and led him back to our bedroom. While he was standing in the doorway I stood on a small ladder and put a “C” clamp in the middle of the top of the door, then passed a piece of rope through the center of the clamp.

He watched and asked, ”OK just what the hell is that for?”

I didn’t say a word as I tied one end of the rope around the doorknob and tied a loop with a bowline knot in the free end. I led him over to the door, released one end of the clip and chain that was holding behind his back, moved his hands in front of him then clipped the chain back through the loop in the rope.

“Turn so you are facing out,” I ordered. As he turned I pulled on the rope and pulled his hands above his head and tied the rope off on the door knob.

Techster was obviously “pissed off” by the change in his restraint and stomped his feet from side to side as he tried to dislodge the rope over the door. A quick visit to our bondage toy box yielded the solution: a spreader bar with a pair of leather cuffs. These were strapped around his ankles and stopped his moving his feet.

I ‘calmed’ him down by kneeling and giving him a soft blow job as my tongue “tickled” the edge of the tip of his cock. Of course when he got close to cumming I stopped leaving him on the edge and begging.

“Please dear, I’ll do anything if you just finish the job! Please, please.”

I smiled at his request and slid on a pair of my tallest high heels. Then I covered his cock with hand crème, stood close face to face with him, I was so close in fact that our nipples were touching and then I rocked back and forth dragging my clit along the upper edge and tip of his cock until I had an orgasm. Once again I stopped leaving him on the edge of cumming.

It became obvious that the frustration had gotten to him and he started making a low whine followed, by, “Please dear, please I’ll do whatever you wish but please grant some relief.”

I yielded to his request, removed the spreader bar but locked a short chain to the cuffs around his ankles so he was hobbled forcing him to take short steps and then untied his wrists.

“OK, now you are free to masturbate, or as they say, jerk off.”

He looked at me and at the bondage mitts and said,” There’s only one way I can come like this and I need your help.” As he knelt and licked my clit. “I can see your pussy is rather wet; we’ve got the lube so why don’t you lie down and let me do some good for both of us.”

I lay down on our bed, he mounted me and in two or three strokes filled me with a very full load. We both smiled, kissed and I told him,” Relax and enjoy the situation; you are stuck that way for the rest of the day!”

He held up his hands and asked, ”Hey, how can I do anything like this?”

”Today you are having a day off. You don’t have to do anything. I will wash you, wipe your butt, and feed you. You will remain naked because I enjoy watching your body move.” Then I led him into the bedroom and dressed.

“Am I really going to be your pet for a day; dressed like this?”

“Yes, I am going to enhance your ‘pet look’. Bend over!”

Techster obeyed and bent over as I lubed, slid a butt plug tail up his butt and inflated it. Next I locked a small ball stretcher collar around his balls. “Now I have another attachment point for the leash!”

“Do you have any idea just how humiliating it is to be led around by a leash that is attached to your balls?” Techster complained.

I laughed, ”Yes, I do. This is to ensure that I can be in full control and you don’t have any reason to complain because it won’t do any good! Besides it leaves your cock free for more teasing!”

I took a small dab of hand lotion and massaged the tip of his cock and continued, “This way your tease can go on all day. With the hobble on your ankles and the leash on your balls we can have more fun for the next day or two!”

We watched a movie video during the afternoon. In the evening, after watching the news, I ordered a pizza, cut his part up into small squares and fed it to him. Later he complained he was getting bored, and couldn’t we do something exciting and dangerous?

“Wait until midnight and I’ll have a surprise for you!” I told him.

After the late night news was finished, I shifted the chain that was between the bondage mitts and clipped it so his hands were now behind his back, took the handle of the leash that was attached to his balls and led him out into the cool night air. He was naked except for the mitts, collar, ball stretcher and cuffs and hobble chain around his ankles as I led him down the middle of the street where we live.

He didn’t dare say a word as I led him naked and bound around the mile long circle where we live, and back to our home. As we walked we both looked for places to hide should our community patrol come around on one of its random patrols. When I reached the front door of our home I laughed and asked him, “Well, was that dangerous enough for you?”

He answered, just as the patrol came past, “Definitely scary. Do you have any feeling of what it’s like when you are naked, in the cool night air, helpless with your wrists, ankles, neck and balls locked in cold steel restraints and being led down a public street with homes on both sides and you can’t say a word for fear you’ll attract attention? It’s scary!”

I gave him a deep kiss, massaged his cock removed the leash and released the chain between his hands so he could lie down. I told him as I gave him a tease of a blow job: “Relax and go to sleep and we’ll talk about your condition in the morning!” 

I covered him with the blanket and slid under the covers alongside him. In a few minutes we were both asleep. In all the years we’ve been married I’ve enjoyed few things as much as edging him; having him beg and promise to do anything I wish for relief.

So many long married couples’ relationships have degenerated into the fact that they are simple male and female roommates not playmates. Our x-rated “games” help keep our relationship “young”! 


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