Ghosts of Kristen's Past

by Zack

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Kristen's Story
Ghosts of Kristen's Past (Sequel to Kristen in Custody)
By Zack
Copyright© 2001, 2002. All rights reserved.

Kristen was in bed asleep when there was a knock on the door of her apartment.   She still wasn't quite awake when she opened the door and saw a uniformed deputy sheriff standing on her porch. 

The deputy said,  "Kristen,  I have a warrant for your arrest on a charge of attempted psychic murder." 

Kristen woke up fast when she heard the word 'arrest'.   "A charge of attempted what?"  she asked. 

The deputy said,   "If your thoughts could kill,  Joan would be dead by now.   Jane told me about the hard time Joan gave you when she had you in her clutches.   I'm their brother Jim,  and I want to apologize for my part in her evil scheme.   Joan told me that you would play the defendant in a courtroom scene for only a few hours,  not that you'd be in her custody for two days.   I wouldn't have pretended to arrest you if I'd known what she was planning." 

"I recognize you now.   Come inside.   I just got up.   Would you like some coffee?" 

Jim entered the apartment and closed the door.   "Yes,  thanks.   I'm on my way home.   I'm still working the night shift."   He watched Kristen walk barefoot to the kitchen.   She was wearing an oversize tee shirt that almost reached her knees.   It was obvious that she didn't have anything on underneath it.  and he remembered how her naked body had looked when he'd arrested her. 

Kristen started the coffee maker.   She said,  "Joan's real plan was to have me audition for the role of her sub.   Are you into bondage too?   Or are you the white sheep of your family?" 

"I do some,  but I'm not as obsessed as Joan is.   You refused her offer?" 

"Yeah,  I can't take the sort of severe,  long-time restraint that she likes to inflict.   It's especially bad when she gets inventive.   I experienced a lot of discomfort last weekend as it was,  but if Jane hadn't been there to protect me I'd have spent most of the time screaming." 

"Are you still mad at her?" 

"Well,  not a lot.   She and Jane are my best friends.   It's just that Joan and I don't have matching kinks.   I'm sure she'll find a nice masochist some day and they'll be very happy together." 

Jim said,  "I have some friends who have that kind of relationship.   Bob and Staci live together,  and she is really submissive.   Once we were all at a party and she kept provoking Bob until he said he was going to punish her.   She begged for mercy and pretended to be afraid,  but everyone could tell that she had got just what she wanted." 

Kristen replied,  "We all have our preferences.   I like to be tied up when I have sex,  but I don't like police handcuffs or gags I can't breathe through."   She continued,  "This is a strange conversation.   Usually I start hinting about bondage around the third date,  but this is the first time we've really met and it's all we've talked about." 

Kristen started to back away from Jim.   She said,  "Please don't arrest me,  Officer.   I'm innocent." 

He moved towards her and said,  "Sorry,  ma'am.   I have a warrant and I've got to execute it." 

Kristen turned to run,  but Jim was too fast for her.   He grabbed her arms from behind and tripped her.   He slowed her fall,  but Kristen still hit the floor with a thump,  and she found herself face down with Jim astride her thighs.   He pulled her hands together and used a plastic handcuff to fasten them palm-to-palm.   She kept struggling until he had the cuff pulled tight.   This was the first time that Kristen had been restrained with a plastic handcuff,  and she was surprised by how effective it was.   Her hands were welded together,  and pulling against the thin plastic hurt her wrists but didn't gain her any slack. 

Jim put a cuff around each of Kristen's ankles and loosely linked them with another cuff.   He pulled her to her feet and leaned her against a wall.   Her forehead was touching the wall and her feet were about 18 inches away from it,  and when Jim stepped on the link between her ankles she couldn't move. 

Jim said,  "Hold still,  I've got to search you for weapons."   He moved his hands all over Kristen's body,  but concentrated on fondling her breasts.   Kristen moaned when he tweaked her erect nipples. He said,  "I saw a movie once where a female assassin had a gun built in here.   I'm going to have to examine these closely." 

He carried Kristen into the bedroom and helped her stand next to the bed.   He pulled her tee shirt over her head and bunched it around her wrists,  and then pushed her onto the bed.   He quickly undressed and lay next to her and resumed his kissing and caressing of her body.   Kristen was flushed and panting,  and when he stroked her clit she moaned and spread her knees.   Jim paused to roll on a condom and then he entered her.   Three thrusts later Kristen screamed and bucked,  and she came again when Jim had his climax. 

Kristen and Jim cooled down cuddled on the bed.   Kristen said,  "That was great.   You might have guessed that it's been a while since I last had sex." 

Jim said,  "Now that we've met,  would you like to go on a date?   Bob and Staci invited me to a party at their house next Saturday.   Most of the other guests will have some sort of sex kink,  so you should fit right in." 

"Thanks a lot.   But I would like to meet your friends.   Would you release me now,  please?   My wrists are starting to hurt." 

Jim got his key ring and removed the cuffs from Kristen's wrists and ankles.   She said,  "How did you do that?   I thought they had to be cut off." 

"These are reusable cuffs.   A handcuff key will release the ratchet." 

Kristen put her arms around Jim's neck and kissed him.   She purred,  "I'm glad you're here,  and it's not all lust."   She kissed him again and then moved away and put her tee shirt back on.  "The coffee's ready.   I'll cook some breakfast,  and after we've eaten maybe you could give me another demonstration of modern police equipment." 

* * * 

Next Saturday... 

Kristen had a good time at the party.   She amused the guests with tales of her adventures with Jim's family.   Strangely enough,  sub Staci was very upset about the way Joan had treated her. 

* * * 

Saturday morning a week later... 

Kristen dialed Joan's number.   When the phone was answered she said,  "Hi,  Joan.   I've got to run an errand,  so I may not be home when you get here.   If I'm not,  the door key is hidden in the same place,  so go inside.   I won't be long.   She listened for a moment and then said,  "OK,  thanks.   See you later.   Bye." 

A short time later Joan arrived at Kristen's apartment.   She knocked,  and when she got no answer she retrieved the door key and went inside.   All of the shades were closed and it was dark in the apartment,  so Joan couldn't see anything after being in the bright northern Arizona sunshine.   She thought she heard somebody in the bedroom.   She called,  "Kristen?  Where are you?" 

Joan was grabbed from behind and pushed to the floor.   Her hands were forced together behind her back and a thin plastic cable tie was circled around her wrists and pulled tight.   She opened her mouth to scream,  but a hand stuffed a wad of cloth into it,  and another long piece of cloth was pulled into her mouth and tied behind her head.   Her ankles were crossed and tightly fastened with another cable tie,  carefully placed so that no clothing was between it and her skin. 

Joan rolled onto her side.   Her eyes had adjusted,  and she saw a man and a woman standing next to her.   They both wore ski masks over their faces. 

The man said,  "Damn!   This isn't Kristen.   We should have grabbed her when she went out." 

The woman replied,  "She'll be back.   What are we going to do with her?"   She kicked Joan. 

"Take her into the bedroom."   The man picked Joan up and put her over his shoulder.   He carried her into the bedroom and dropped her on the bed.   The woman put another cable tie around Joan's crossed wrists,  perpendicular to the first one.   Before she tightened it she put a cable tie inside the loop.   The man pushed Joan's ankles towards her wrists and the woman closed the cable tie to fasten them in place.   Joan groaned when her legs were released and the thin plastic strips cut into her wrists and ankles. 

The man said,  "You stay here and keep her quiet.   I'll wait in the other room." 

The woman put a cable tie around Joan's neck and tightened it until it just touched her skin.   She threatened,  "If you make a sound when Kristen comes in I'll pull this as tight as I can,  and I won't be in any hurry to cut it off.   Do you understand?" 

Joan nodded and whimpered through her gag.   A few minutes later she heard Kristen enter the apartment and then the sounds of a struggle.   Then the man said,  "Got her!   Come in here." 

Kristen said,  "Who are you?   What is this?" 

The man answered,  "She's Bonnie and I'm Clyde.   I'm a pal of your old boyfriend Jake.   We were cellmates back in Minnesota." 

Kristen said,   "Jake's in prison?   Did he..." 

Clyde interrupted,   "Did he squeal on you?   No.   Jake's stupid,  but he's loyal.   He told me all about you,  though.   I was really impressed.   Five perfectly planned and executed robberies,  and absolutely no clues left behind.   Jake was pissed that you ran off with all of the money,  though.   Over $400,000,  he said.   He was so broke that he tried a robbery on his own,  and without you to tell him what to do he was caught at the scene." 

"What do you want?" 

"The money,  of course.   You are going to tell me where it is.   I know you are smart enough to tell me before I have to hurt you or hurt your friend in there.   You may be brave for yourself,  but are you brave for her?" 

"If I tell you will you let us go unharmed?" 

"Of course.   There's no reason not to.   You can't identify us,  and you won't want to tell the police about the money anyway." 

There was a long pause.   Then Kristen said,   "All right.   The money is in a storage locker in Albuquerque." 

Clyde exclaimed,  "Albuquerque!   That complicates things."   He was quiet for several minutes and then he said,  "OK,  Bonnie,  here's what we'll do.   Kristen and I will drive to Albuquerque in her car.   You stay here with the other one.   Call me on my mobile phone every couple of hours.   If I don't give you the code word you hurt Kristen's little friend.   You understand,  Kristen?   Make sure nothing goes wrong,  or your friend will suffer." 

Kristen pleaded,  "I'll do anything you say.   Please don't hurt her,  she has nothing to do with this." 

Clyde said,  "If I get the money nobody will get hurt.   What do you need to get into the storage locker?" 

"It's all there in my belly pack with my car keys." 

Clyde said to Bonnie,  "Drive her car around front and open the trunk.   I'll bring her out when it's all clear." 

Joan was crying from the pain of the plastic strips cutting into her wrists and ankles,  and from the pain of knowing that her friend was a criminal.   She looked up when Bonnie entered the bedroom and whimpered through her gag.   After Bonnie took it out she pleaded,  "Please get me out of this hogtie.   I can't take it any more." 

Bonnie snarled,  "Shut up,  Bitch.   You'll take as much as I want you to take.   And you address me as Mistress." 

Bonnie searched Kristen's dresser.   In the bottom drawer she found Kristen's bondage equipment.   She removed a coil of nylon rope and a padded leather blindfold. 

Bonnie cut off two feet of rope,  knotted the ends together,  and put the knot over the top of the closet door.   When she shut the door there was a loop of rope inside the room.   She doubled the rest of the rope and put it through the loop. 

Bonnie blindfolded Joan and then cut the cable tie around her ankles.   Joan moaned as she straightened her legs,  and then gasped when Bonnie used her hair to pull her off the bed and over to the closet door.   Bonnie used a cable tie to attached the doubled end of the rope to the cable tie already around Joan's neck,  and then pulled on the rope until Joan's heels were off the floor.   She tied the end of the rope to the bottom hinge on the bedroom door. 

She said,  "I'm going to free your hands.   There are no knots you can reach,  and if you give me any trouble I'll do this."   Bonnie stepped on the rope and Joan let out a choked scream as she was pulled up by the cable tie around her neck. 

Bonnie took her foot off the rope and cut the cable ties around Joan's wrists.   "Strip,  Bitch!"  she barked. 

Joan took off her clothes as quickly as she could.   She was afraid of Bonnie and she didn't want any more pain.   When she was naked,  Bonnie had her cross her wrists behind her back and used two cable ties to hold them in place.   Joan was also hobbled with cable ties around and between her ankles,  and Bonnie took the rope out of the loop and used it as a leash to lead her to the toilet. 

Bonnie led Joan back into the bedroom and removed her blindfold and the rope leash.   "Now we're going to play a little game,  Bitch.   On your knees!" 

Joan knelt and Bonnie connected her wrists to her ankles in a loose hogtie.   Bonnie had a wooden dowel,  about a foot long and a half-inch thick.   She threw it across the room and said,  "Fetch,  Bitch." 

Joan shuffled across the room on her knees,  picked up the dowel with her mouth,  and shuffled back to Bonnie.   Bonnie took the dowel and scratched Joan's head.   She said,  "Good Bitch!"   Then she threw the dowel again and said,  "Fetch!" 

After fetching the dowel ten times Joan had had enough.   At the next command to fetch she sat back on her heels and said,  "I won't.   This game has gone too far." 

Bonnie said,  "What makes you think this is a game?"   She tied one end of the nylon rope around Joan's wrists and cut the cable tie that held her wrists to her ankles.   She pulled on the rope until Joan was standing and led her over to the closet door.   She put the free end of the rope through the loop at the top of the door and pulled until Joan's arms were almost straight up,  and then tied the rope to the bedroom door hinge. 

Bonnie had a heavy leather strap that she had found in the bondage stash.   She said,  "Disobedience and defiance.   That will cost you thirty."   She held the dowel up to Joan's face.   "Hold this in your mouth.   If you drop it we start the count over again." 

Joan gasped when the strap hit her bottom.   When she had been hit thirty times she was crying and moaning.   She wanted to scream,  but she didn't dare drop the dowel. 

Bonnie put the blindfold back on Joan.   She said,  "You stand there for a while.   Remember,  if you drop the dowel you'll get thirty more with the strap." 

A few hours later Bonnie took the dowel out of Joan's mouth.   She asked,  "Do you want me to let you down?" 

"Oh,  yes!   Please let me down." 

"Aw,  you forgot to say the magic word." 

"Mistress!   Please Mistress,  let me down." 

"Very good.   But too late.   I'll ask you again in an hour."   Bonnie put the dowel back in Joan's mouth.   Joan moaned and sobbed. 

The next time Bonnie took the dowel out of her mouth Joan said,  "Please,  Mistress.   Let my arms down,  please." 

"Much better!   Will you be an obedient little Bitch from now on?" 

"Yes,  Mistress.   I'll do anything you ask." 

Bonnie untied the rope from the hinge and lowered Joan's arms.   Joan went to her knees and then to the floor.   Bonnie let her lie there until she stopped crying. 

Bonnie pulled Joan up onto her knees and said,  "Dinner time.   Go to the kitchen.   On your knees." 

Joan shuffled into the kitchen.   When Bonnie removed the blindfold Joan saw two bowls on the floor.   One held cold canned beans and the other was full of water.   Bonnie took the dowel from Joan's mouth and said,   "Eat all of it.  Drink all of the water,  too" 

Joan had never before tried to eat without using her hands.   She balanced on her knees and leaned forward until she could reach the bowl with her mouth.   It was awkward,  but she was able to do it.   Bonnie replaced the blindfold and the dowel and ordered her to return to the bedroom. 

Bonnie tied a rope around Joan's waist with the knot in front,  then pulled it through her crotch and tied it to the loop on the closet door.   She said,  "I'm going to fasten you differently.   If you struggle when I free your hands I'll pull the cable tie around your neck tight and leave it until you pass out.   Understand?" 

Joan nodded yes.   She knew she wouldn't have a chance if she tried to fight.   Bonnie cut the cable ties on her wrists and ankles and quickly placed them in metal cuffs.   Joan moaned in despair when she realized that she was now bolted into Kristen's bilbo.   She felt Bonnie pull the crotch rope tighter. 

Bonnie said,  "I forgot to tell you.   Clyde and Kristen are in Albuquerque,  but they got there just after the storage locker closed for the day.   That means we'll be together until it opens tomorrow morning." 

Joan started to cry again when she realized that her ordeal would last until the next day.   As the hours went by Bonnie ignored her.   Joan was glad in a way,  because she knew that she would beg and grovel if she had the chance,  and she knew that Bonnie would enjoy having her humiliate herself,  and then refuse to release her. 

Finally Bonnie came into the bedroom and took off Joan's blindfold.   "It's bedtime.   Would you like to spend the night stretched out on the floor?   Well,  there's a way you can make that happen."   Bonnie removed her jeans and panties.   "If you have a talented tongue and I have a really,  really good time then I'll release you." 

Joan had done this before,  and she used every skill she had to give Bonnie an orgasm. 

Bonnie said,   "That was good,  but it wasn't really,  really good.   So you're going to have to spend the night as you are."   She replaced the blindfold and put the dowel back in Joan's mouth.   "If you drop the dowel or wake me up during the night the penalty is fifty strokes with the strap.   On your breasts." 

* * * 

Sunday morning... 

Joan had managed to go to sleep in spite of the pain.   She woke up when she heard Jane calling her name.   She spit out the dowel and croaked,  "Help,  I'm in the bedroom." 

Jane removed the blindfold and said,  "Joan!  What happened?   How long have you been here?" 

"Since yesterday morning,  when Kristen was kidnapped." 

"What do you mean,  kidnapped?   I had lunch with Kristen and Jim yesterday,  just before they left to go skiing in Utah.   She told me that you were going to Phoenix for the day.   I was worried when you didn't return last night." 

Joan was confused.   "How did you know I was here?" 

"Jim's friend Staci called me this morning and said you were here and needed help.   She also gave me a message to give to you.   She said,  'Thanks,  Joan.   I've always wanted to see what it was like to be the top.' What does that mean?" 

"It's a long story.   I'll tell you later."

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