Korean Games

by steff469

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Storycodes: FF/f; FF; M/f; bond; leather; latex; cons; X

Korean Games by steff469 FF/f; FF; M/f; bond; leather; latex; cons; X

I’ve been working for “Aero Electronics” for two years before I got on a trip to an air base in Korea. Aero Electronics is a military contractor. Sam, my best friend since elementary school and I were going to upgrade the electronics in some of the aircraft assigned there. We were going to be there for 4-6 months and get paid an extra $130 per day for expenses. We arrived on the base on a Thursday and they didn’t want us to go to work till the following Monday. Friday we found out were we were going to work and then decided to look around off base. The town was built mainly so the base personnel could easily spend there money. There were about 20 night clubs, and hundreds of stores. Between all the stores you could find or have made just about anything you wanted.

There was a leather shop that really got our attention. In addition to biker leather they had mini skirts, halter tops, and most importantly bondage gear. On display all they had cuffs, blindfolds and gags, but they had catalogs that we got to look through. Inside these catalogs was just about any kind of bondage item you could think of. The owner told us that anything we order, unless the order was large we’d get in 5-6 days. He said his wife would be in tomorrow and that she’d be able to measure us for anything we wanted to get. Sam and I left and went to our hotel room to get ready for the night. We talked about it and decided that since we left most of our bondage gear at home we’d go back to the leather shop tomorrow and order some stuff.

That night we dress modestly and went to several of the club around the town. Most of them had Oriental women that got paid be hanging on the military people and getting drinks bought for them. After about 2 hours we found a good club that didn’t have the women. We got some drinks and just enjoyed the night. We went hove at about 2 am because that was the military curfew.

The following day we went out to do some shopping. The first thing we bought was a couple of blankets and some souvenirs for family. It was about noon when we returned to the leather shop and like the man said his wife was working. We sat down and spent about an hour looking through the catalogs before we found everything we wanted. They showed us an armbinder that they’d made for someone. We examined it and realized that despite the price the quality of the work was great. Both of them seemed impressed with the amount of stuff we wanted and they gave us a really good price. We’d ordered an armbinder, 2 corsets (one for each of us), a hood, a full body bondage harness, hobble skirt, several different cuffs and straps. We also order matching mini skirts and halter tops.

We were taken into the backroom to get measured. The first set of measurements was normal enough until she told use to remove our clothes, got out a couple of straps and told me to turn around. She told me she need to position my arms in there restrained position and we had to remove our clothes to get the correct measurements. It made sense so I removed my clothes and turned around and she pulled my arm behind my back and wrapped the leather strap around my arms just above my elbow and pulled the strap tight. She continued to pull until my elbows touched then she used the second one and strapped my wrist together. Once she was satisfied she took the required measurement including measuring from the small of my back through my crotch and up to my belly bottom. She released me and took the same measurements for Sam. We decided to give them half the money upfront and we’d pay the rest when we picked up the stuff. They told us that it’d be ready in 10 days.

As we were paying for the stuff an American woman walked in to pick up the armbinder we looked at. When the owner told her that we order one just like hers she introduced herself to us.

“My name’s Amanda,” she said.

“I’m Steff and this is Sam,” I replied.

We talked for a little bit then Sam and I went back to the hotel for a nap. Since Amanda said that the club on base was the place to go on Saturday night we decided to go and check it out. True to her word the base club was full. We found a couple of seats at one of the bars and watched the dancing for a few minutes until Amanda came over and invited us to her table. There were three cutie guys sitting there. Pete, James and John were there names. Pete was Amada’s boyfriend but the other two were single. We talked and had a few drinks before James asked me to dance. We spent the rest of the night talking together and having a good time. Just as the club was closing they announced that security was conducting an exercise and the main gate was going to be closed for several hours.

Amanda said “Ya’ll can come to my dorm room tonight. I don’t have a room mate so only one of ya’ll will have to sleep on the floor.”

“Sure,” I replied.

Her dorm was just across the street on the second floor. When we walked we found lots of leather and latex stuff all over the room. “Sorry,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting company. Pete and I didn’t clean up after ourselves before we went to the club.”

“It’s no problem as long as we can look around,” Sam said and she picked up a pair of latex panties.

“Sure as long as I can see how well some of it fits on one of you,” she replied.

Sam grinned and said as she pointed to me “Whatever you want you can try on her.”

“HAY, how’d I get volunteered for that?” I asked.

They both laughed and then we looked through her stuff. She had several different leather body harnesses, cuffs and straps. She had a few corsets, two of which were latex. That was all I got to look at before Amanda said, “Ok Steff you looked, now it’s time to pay up.”

Sam said, “Now you be a good girl and strip while Amanda and I figure out what we’re going to do to you.”

I decided to play along…after all it wasn’t like I didn’t want to try out some of the toys. Amanda opened one of her drawers and pulled out a transparent latex leotard and a jar of some liquid. She explained that the liquid was a lubricant for the latex. With the help of the lube I was easily able to get into the leotard. Once I had it pulled over my waist I found out that there were two sleeves in the crotch.

“Let me help you with those,” Amanda offered. She knelt down in front of me and had me spread my legs. She pulled down on the crotch and lubed up both the sleeves. When she was done she reached up and began to spread lube onto my crotch. She paid really close attention to my pussy. She played with me for a few minutes tell I was really horny and wanted to cum. Then she lube up me as too. She started with one finger and then inserted a second. She worked her finger good inside my ass and again she stopped just before I came. When she was done she guided the sleeves onto there respective openings. Once all was ready Amanda got a vibrator, lubed it up and gently used it to slid the sleeve into my ass. The sleeve slid easily into place, nice and deep inside. My pussy sleeve was then shoved into place.

Amanda got up and walked over to Sam and asked, “Ok, now what?”

I finished putting on the leotard. There were openings in the front for my breasts. Just as I got everything adjusted Sam came up to me with a black latex corset. I rolled my eyes, turned around and lifted my arms. She wrapped it around my waist and began to lace it up. The corset went from just above my crotch all the way up to a half pushup bra. Sam continued to pull and tighten the corset up until I lost almost six inches on my waist.

“How’s that feel?” she asked.

I tried to move my waist but couldn’t at all. I wasn’t even able to bend or twist. “Tight,” I replied.

Amanda took her turn as she came up to me with a leather body harness. She started by buckling the collar snuggly around my neck. Next she pulled a long strap down my back, through my crotch and connected it at my waist with a strap coming off the collar down between my breasts. Coming off the long “crotch” strap were straps that wrapped around my body. They were tightly buckled over and under my breasts and a wide one around my waist. Once those straps were pulled good and tight she grabbed my left arm and pulled it behind my back and wrapped a cuff loosely around my upper arm just above my elbow. She then took my other arm and did the same thing but this time she pulled the cuff really tight. My left arm was tightened next. When she was done my elbows almost touched and were held tightly against my back. It turns out the elbow cuffs were attached to the strap going down my back. I expected Amanda to attach the wrist cuffs next but instead she reached under her bed and pulled out a spreader bar and attached the cuffs on each end to my ankles forcing them about 3 feet apart.

Amanda nodded to Sam as she knelt down in front of me and unbuckled the crotch strap. I wondered was going to happen but my questions were answered when I felt a dildo being worked slowly into my latex ass sleeve. As the dildo was being worked into my ass Amanda began to play with my pussy and clit. Once my ass was filled Amanda got a dildo and slid it into my pussy. This dildo, once it was in place, also covered my clit. Sam passed Amanda the strap from my back and the Amanda buckled it. This time she pulled the crotch strap really tight, forcing the dildos deep inside me. After the strap was buckled and tucked away Amanda put cuffs on my wrists, pulled then forward and attacked them to D rings attached to the sides of the harness’s waist strap.

“What do you think?” Amanda asked. I wiggled pulled and twisted but wasn’t able to come close to reaching or loosening any of my restraints. “Wow, she’s good. Does she always look so sexy when she struggles?”

“Wait till you see her cum, that’s when the real show begins,” Sam told here.

I blushed and said “Thanks Sam. By the way I don’t think I’m going anywhere quickly.”

“She talks a lot. What kind of gag should we use on here?” inquired Amanda. Sam picked up an inflatable cock gag and threw it to her. “Good choice. I’ve always liked the way that one looks, and it doesn’t feel too bad wearing it either. I opened my mouth and she slid the gag inside then buckled it snuggly. Like she said the gag didn’t feel too bad. She began to pump it up. It expanded quickly and soon the gag filled my whole mouth. Amanda stopped just before I started to try to complain.

“Is that good for you?” she asked. I nodded and then she had me wobble over to the empty bed and lay down. Once I was down they attached my spreader bar to the foot of the bed. Amanda then reached under the bed and pulled out a leather strap and attached it the one of my wrist cuffs. She then went to the other side of the bed and pulled out the other end of the strap and attached it to the other wrist cuff. The strap was adjusted to it held me snuggly down to the bed. “Shall we get started?”

Sam grinned and nodded vigorously. Amanda opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a remote control. She pressed a button and the vibrators that filled my holes came to life. My clit was also being assaulted by the portion of the vibrator that covered it. The vibrations were deep and strong. Amanda came over to me and started to play with my breasts. After a few minutes Sam joined her and they each began to nibble on a nipple. It didn’t take long before I had my first orgasm. The orgasm was long and intense.

Amanda turned off the vibrators and said, “You’re right she does put on quite a show doesn’t she?” As I recovered from my orgasm Amanda opened the nightstand and pulled out a set of nipple suction cups. “These are for you,” she said as she sucked each nipple in. She increased the suction until I moaned and began to jerk away. She then looked at Sam and said “She’s had her fun I think it’s our turn.” With that they began to kiss each other passionately. Soon they were in the other bed having what sounded like great sex. All I could do was lay there and listen. Because of the position of the other bed I could even watch the show.

After what seemed like hours Sam came over to me and said “We’re going to sleep now, but I decided that I’d reward you for being such a good sport.” With that said both vibrators were turned on an extremely high setting. Amanda went to take a shower and Sam just watched me for a minute then she joined Amanda in the shower. Between the moans coming out of the shower and the vibrators I was brought to another intense orgasm. Before they came out of the shower I had another earth shattering orgasm.

When Amanda came out of the shower she released the suction on the nipple cups and said, “That should make you comfortable for the night.” She kissed my forehead, turned out the lights and laid down to go to sleep.

I was brought to two more orgasms before the batteries died and I was able to fall asleep. I was woken up in the early afternoon by Sam and Amanda making out again. When they finished they got up and released me. It took most of an hour to get full feeling and motion back into my limbs. Once I was cleaned up we all went downtown so Sam and I could change and eat. Amanda showed us the store where she got the latex stuff she had but it was closed. We spent the rest of the day looking around and just talking.


After work the following day Sam and I went to the store Amanda pointed out and it was opened. The front of the store was plain and had no windows. Neither of us could read the sign so we decided to just walk. Once inside we discovered that this was a latex fetish shop. There were two racks with assorted clothes on them, mainly skirts, pants and shirts. A third rack held some catsuits, leotards and other more erotic stuff. In the back of the store was a table that had catalogs on it. Just like the leather shop, and many other stores, if you wanted something out of it they would make it for you. I spent a couple hours going through the catalogs. I found many things that I wanted but couldn’t decide what to get. Since they were getting ready to close we made arrangements to come back the following day right after work.

That night I had a tuff time going to sleep because I was thinking about all the stuff I saw in the catalogs. When I did fall asleep I had wet dreams about me wearing different sexy latex outfits in tight bondage. When I got to work time crawled by and it seemed to take forever. When we finally got out of work we got to the store as fast as we could. I looked through a couple more catalogs and finally decided what I wanted to order.

I ordered a heavy gauge dark blue catsuit that covered everything from the neck down. It had a sleeve that would go into my pussy made out of thinner latex. I had wanted two sleeves, just like Amanda’s leotard but the woman working there talked me out of it. She pointed out the length of time I’d be wearing a full catsuit would be longer then a leotard and the second sleeve would get messy and uncomfortable. I also ordered a matching hood with a sleeve that would go inside my mouth. The only holes it had for breathing and one in the back for hair. Some other things I order was an additional pare of panties with built in vibrators ( I had one already and wanted a second one), a corset, a couple of short dress, a halter top, two mini skirts and a long gown. We spend another two hours get measured for our stuff before we left.

Back at the hotel we talked about how glad we were that we didn’t over pack our luggage. With all the stuff we bought we’d have had a hard time getting it all home. Despite all the money we’d spent we were still going to make a lot during this trip. We decided that we weren’t going out until the weekend and that we were going to wait for the stuff we ordered to come in before we played too many bondage games. The rest of the week we spent at work or just hanging out around the hotel’s pool, gym, or other recreational area.

Friday night we spent at the enlisted club on base. We met a few cutie guys but nobody really interesting. Saturday night we went a club downtown and meet a couple of guys that were great. They were both cute, smart and knew how to treat a woman. We talked, danced and had a few drinks then we decided to go to a different club.

This club was one that Sam and I hadn’t seen and it was also the first fetish club. Most of the people wore leather, there were a few that wore latex and fewer still that were in some form of bondage. The guys asked if we minded spending some time in here. Naturally Sam and I didn’t have any objections. There was a dance floor towards the middle of the club and stage behind it. There wasn’t anything on the stage. Off to one side were booths but mainly there were just tables and chairs. After talking to Paul and Sean, the guys we were with, we found out that this is the normally how the club was. On Friday nights before every three day weekend the club would open the “back room” and have a major fetish party. The “back room” was normally a brothel that was off limits to the military people. The guys said that during that night the place was standing room only. There were bouncers at the door stopping people from coming in if they weren’t dress up enough. Since the next party was going to be next weekend we made arrangements to meet the guys at the base gate at 8 PM.

After drinks, dancing and talking Sam and I gave them our hotel room number and left for the night. Tuesday after work we got a call from Sean. He wanted to know if we’d meet him and Paul at the enlisted clubs the following night. He said it was ladies night and the club is really hopping that night. We agreed to meet them there at 8. Sam and I went to the leather store to see if our matching outfits were ready. They were ready so we picked them up so we could wear them to the club. We were also told that our complete order would be ready Friday at noon . We decided to go and check on our latex stuff but it wouldn’t be ready until Saturday or Sunday. They did say that my catsuit and matching hood would be ready by Friday along with one of Sam’s outfits. We made an appointment to pick them up Friday after work and then went home.

Wednesday night came and Sam and I wore our matching high gloss leather halter tops and mini skirts. It was cold at night so when we got to the club the guys didn’t get a good look until we checked our coats. When they saw us for the first time they were impressed. We had blue leather push up halter tops covered in see through black top. Our mini skirts were as short as you can get them without looking like total prostitutes and we wore fishnet hose. We went in and found a table. Like they said the whole place was jumping. The dance floor was full and there was no room at the bar. The music was loud and it was really tough to hear. After a few drinks we all got up and went to dance. After a couple of hours we decided to leave the main area and just talked and had some drinks in the sports bar portion.

We stayed in the bar for several hours talking and having a good time. When the club closed we went to Sean’s room to talk and have a few drinks. After a few drinks and some talking Sam and I decided we had to go, it was after a weeknight. Before we left we arranged a place to meet for Saturday’s fetish party. Sam and I went back to the hotel then went to sleep.

Friday morning Sam decided that she should make work interesting. She told me to wear my latex panties with the built in remote control vibrators. The vibrator was large enough that my pussy was filled but not uncomfortably so. There was also a part of the vibrator that would rub on my clit. She even decided to “help” me put them on, to make sure they were on correctly. Sam making sure that my clit was sitting directly on the vibrator. She then took the radio remote control and put it in her pocket. I got dressed and then we went to work. All throughout work Sam kept teasing me by turning the vibrator on for a few minutes at a time. When I started to get hot and bothered she’d turn it off. During lunch she left it on the whole time. I had two orgasms in the restaurant and wondered how may people knew I had cum. I tried to be quite but I think a few people at nearby table knew what was happening. I had another orgasm when we were walking back to work. I had to stop and rest for a couple of minutes after that one. Somehow we made it back to work on time and the rest of the day continued just like the morning. Since we’d worked so hard throughout the week Sam and I got to leave work early.

On the way back to the hotel Sam turned the vibrator off and gave me a break. I removed the panties the second I walked into my room and took a shower. After the shower I laid down and took nap until Sam woke me up for our appointment. I got dressed in normal street clothes and we went to the latex store. The sales people recognized us as we walked in and immediately took us into the back room. The lady told us that they’d finished making almost all of our order and wanted us try on all they completed to insure we were happy with the fit. Sam and I were really happy. We knew we were going to have a good night. Sam had all of her stuff and the only things that weren’t done of mine were my halter top and long gown.

I decided that I had to try out the catsuit first. I was given a bottle of skin lube to help the suit go on easier. I was surprise at how much better that worked then powder that I order 2 bottles. My feet slid easily into the suit but between the exact fit and the thickness of the latex I had to spend some time putting the rest of it on. The suit fit me perfectly. Sam, who had put on her panties with a built on strap-on, offered the help get the pussy sleeve into place. I agreed and bent over a table. Sam lubed her cock and slid it and the suit’s sheath into my pussy. It felt totally awesome as the cock slid inside me. Once she was happy with the placement she gave me a few good strokes and pulled out. The sleeve stayed almost perfectly in place and still teased me as I walked. It wasn’t enough that I’d ever orgasm with but it kept me more that a little horny. There was a constant pressure all over my body and the most impressive part of all, besides the sheath was the way my breasts look. The suit conformed exactly to each breast and with the exception on my nipple not sticking out it looked like the suit was painted on.

I left the suit on and the sales ladies helped me into my corset. She laced so tightly that I lost several inches on my waist. I tried on the dress and mini skirt then I decided to try out the hood. I braided my hair and pulled the hood over my head. I pulled the pony tail out the hole in the back after I adjusted the nose so I could breathe. I then worked the sheath into my mouth. I knew this was going take some getting used to, the fact that I couldn’t see didn’t make it any easier. I removed the hood and saw Sam holding at her digital camera.

“Look at this,” she said and handed me the camera. She’d taken a picture of me fully dressed. I liked the way the color of the corset looked against the catsuit. The hood really made the whole outfit look great.

After looked at the three picture she’d taken I reached around to unlace the corset when the sales lady came in and offered me all the stuff I’d ordered, plus a few bonus thing if I’d pose for some picture that they could use for advertising. She said I’d be hooded so nobody would recognize me and the picture would be posted at the main store in Seoul. She told me I’d be placed in an armbinder, bent over and pictures would be taken throughout the whole process. I also have a few different gags used on me after my hood was replaced. I’d get to keep all the gags, the hood, the armbinder, several bottles of the lube and latex polish and a few other "cool things." She was still interested even after I told her I hadn't done any modeling. I talked it over with Sam and then agreed. The sales lady grinned and told use to wait while she went to get the photographer.

The photographer was a cutie Korean guy that wasn't much taller then me. His English was broken but understandable. As he set up the lights I was told to get into my hood. It didn't take as long to get the hood on and the mouth sleeve in place. As soon and I was done the sales lady asked if I was ready. After I nodded I was told to pose in several different positions as the photographer snapped several shots. Once he was happy then I was laced into a heavy gauge armbinder. As the armbinder was tightened I could feel that in addition to the heavy latex there was some kind of reinforcements that prevented any kind of give. It was the most restrictive armbinder I'd ever worn. Again I was told to pose before I was guided to a bench and told to bend over.

I bent over and collar was buckled around my neck preventing me from rising off the bench. My legs were spread out and buckled to the legs of the bench. After a few more shots the photographer told me to struggle, he wanted some "action shots." I struggled and put on a good show before the sales lady asked if I minded demonstrating the sleeve in the hood. I figured she meant with a strap-on or a dildo so I nodded. When I felt pressure on my mouth I opened and a real penis was shoved in. The cock was a comfortable size and was easy to take. I began to suck and squeeze it for all I was worth. After a few minutes I heard the guy moaning and getting excited.

I flinched and gagged for a second when I felt a dildo slide into my pussy sleeve. The cock in my mouth stopped and pulled out partially and gave me a chance to recover. As I recovered I realized that I could feel the ribbed of dildo almost as well as it wasn't there. After a minute he began to fuck my mouth again. I was really getting excited with both the dildos working me. The guy in my mouth stopped every time he got close and then he'd start again. After what felt like a short time and without any advanced notice the guy in my mouth cam inside my sleeve. I was able to feel his cock twitch through the latex. Just as he pulled out I was rocked by a real intense mind numbing orgasm. I screamed and jerked as wave of pleasure rolled over me.

As I was recovering I could feel my legs and neck being unbuckled. I sat up and was guided to a chair. Once I was seated my hood was removed. The cool air hit my sweaty face and I inhaled sharply. The sales lady brought me a glass of water and I sucked it through a straw. I looked around and there was a second man in the back room. He was better looking than the photographer but he was a little taller. He thanked me and said that was wonderful. I found out he was the normal male model for the company and was just stopping by. The sales lady was his mother and he came by for her birthday. When I asked who had the strap-on everyone just looked at each other and then sales lady asked if I was ready to continue. I was going to be hooded and gagged then I was going to walk around the store and more pictures would be taken. After I tried out a few gags and other items we'd be done. They said it would take about 60-90 minutes for the rest of the shoot.

A hood that color matched my suit was put on me. The hood had opening for my eyes, and mouth. There were small holes in the nose for breathing. My suit was partially unzipped so the hood's long neck could be smoothed out. After the suit was zipped up there were not wrinkle anywhere on me from my toes to the top of my head. Everybody in the room, but the sales lady, was impressed by the fit of the latex. The first gag that I modelled was a cock gag that covered my lower face. After the gag was securely buckled a few pictures were taken in the back room then we walked out into the store. I walked around and several more pictures were taken. The second gag was a ring. The ring was very large and I had to struggle to get it all the way in and set. Again pictures were taken of my throughout the store. This was the first time I was actually embarrassed by all the drool that the ring gag caused. By the time the pictures were taken the entire front of my suit and corset were soaked.

Once the photographer was done with that series the ring was removed and they asked if I was good to continue. I said I was but they should dry me off first. The photographer agreed and after I was dry and have some water we continued. These time a blue ball gag, which also matched my suit and hood, was put into my mouth and tightly secured. The sales woman walked up to me and buckled a belt around my waist. I spread my legs as she pulled a strap down from the back of the belt between my legs. There was a dildo connected to the crotch strap that slid into and filed the latex sleeve in my pussy. Once the dildo was on place she connected the crotch strap to the front of the waist belt and pulled the crotch strap extremely tightly. She continued to pull until I moaned into the gag. Finally she stopped and locked the crotch strap.

I walked around the shop for a few seconds then the dildo came to life. It began to extend and retract. There were many beads that began to move and vibrate. In a very short time I was really hot, wet and approaching orgasm when an American guy walked into the store. He looked around for a minute or two before he noticed me. Just as he walked over to see what was going on I had hit with my first orgasm. I moaned into the gag and jerked but my armbinder held me and I just rode the wave of pleasure. I recovered and was still able to walk around, but my legs were really weak. The guy asked the sales women lots of questions and the photographer continued to take more pictures. The guy asked me if he could feel the suit and armbinder I nodded yes, after all he did just see me cum. He slid his hand all over the suit and the armbinder. Just as he decided to squeeze my breast I was rocked by my second orgasm. This one took my by surprise and I collapsed into his arms.

When I recovered he was holding me up. He slid his hand between me legs and said, “Now I see what that’s all about.”

The sales lady told him that was enough, turned off the belt and took me into the back room. With Sam’s help I was out of my restraints and suit in no time. The sale lady said that I could shower upstairs and that all my stuff would be cleaned and ready when I was done. True to her word when I got down stairs everything was ready.

When I got back to the hotel I went right to sleep. Sam woke me up a few hours later and we went out to eat. Since I was tired and Saturday was going to be a long day I turned in early. Sam woke me up at noon and then we went out for food and shopping. I picked up the last of the souvenirs I needed and Sam picked up a lot of hers. Since it was 2 and we were meeting the guys at 6 we decided to go back to the hotel and relax until then.

When we got back to the hotel I decided to open all the stuff I got from the latex shop. The sales lady had boxed everything separately so it was like an early Christmas opening the boxes. I found everything I’d worn yesterday, a few bottles of latex polish and a large bottle of lube to help me get into my latex outfits. I also found a device that was an automatic lacing machine. Finally at the bottom of the bag was an envelope that has all the money I’d paid for all the latex stuff I’d ordered, not just the stuff that I’d picked up.

I woke up from a nap at 5 and took a shower. Once out of the shower it was time to get ready. I spread the lube all over. The catsuit slid on really easy. “No more powder for me,” I thought. Once I had the suit on I used the polish. It work really well and in no times the suit shined brightly. I was amazed and how well I could feel under through the suit. When I polished my breasts it felt almost like they weren’t covered at all. Next thing to go on was the corset. I put it on and laced it tight enough for it not to fall off, then I picked up the lacing machine and set the tension to 18 out of 20, I wanted the corset tight. I fed the ends of the laces into the machine, which automatically turned on and began to tighten the laces. I wished I could see how it was doing it because in just a few minutes the corset was completely laced and tied off. The corset was extremely tight. Looking in a mirror I saw that my waist was even smaller then it was yesterday at the store. In back both ends to the corset met up all the way down. I tried to put on my boots but I couldn’t bend enough in the waist to lace them up so I called Sam and asked her to come over a few minutes early to help me out.

I had just got finished putting on and polishing my blue latex mini skirt when Sam walked it. She laughed when I told her my problem and helped me get into my knee high spiked heeled boots. Just as she finished tying the second boot she reached up under my skirt to feel the sheath. I told her I left that part for her. “I knew you’d want to slide that into place,” I said. She grinned and got a vibrator from my collection and after lubing it up she used it to slide the sheath into place. Once the sheath was in place Sam fixed my skirt, polished the spots that needed it and was ready to leave. Before we left I told her I wanted to see what she was wearing under her long coat. She just grinned and tossed me my coat and then walked out.

The guys were waiting for us in the lobby. They were wearing long coats just like Sam and I. Just like Sam they wouldn’t open there coats until we got to the club. Since nobody had eaten dinner we decided to stop and eat. Walking made the sheath inside my pussy move just enough that I was getting really horny. We went to an outdoor restaurant across the street from the club. By the time we got finished eating there was already a line outside the club. We walked across the street and got in line. Most of the people were wearing long coats because of the cold temperature. I was really curious about what other people were wearing but I had to wait until we got inside. When we got to the door there were three bouncers waiting. They asked us to open out coats so they could make sure we were dress appropriately. All four of got in without and problem. Directly inside was a small room used for coat checking.

We all removed our coats and I got my first look at what the others were wearing. Paul had on a pair of tight black latex pants and a transparent shirt that fit him loosely. Under the shirts was a tight fitting black latex shirt. Sean wore all leather. His pants were black and tight. He had a matching leather shirt and a leather biker vest with a decretive patch on the back that had a woman in latex tied standing spread out on it. Sam was wearing a bright red catsuit, black thigh high healing boots and black opera gloves that went above her elbows. Over all we looked and decided that it was time to go inside and check out the club.

As we walked into the main portion of the club we noticed little difference than when we were here earlier. There was a hallway that was lit up that I didn’t remember seeing last time we were here, but that was all. There were more people and they were wearing more extreme clothes. Most people wore some kind of latex. The ones that didn’t had on tight or revealing leather. There were more people in bondage too, and the bondage was more extreme. Last time there were mainly wrist and ankle cuffs. This time in addition to cuffs there were armbinders hobble skirts, gags and blindfolds. On the stage there was a large padded “X” and a padded saw horse. Both apparatuses had cuffs attached to them but they were currently empty.

We got a bench and talked for some time before Paul asked me to dance. The dance floor was crowded and the music was loud so we didn’t stay out for long. As we walked up to the bench Sam and Sean told use they wanted to checkout the other side of the club so Paul and I went with them.

The hall went straight for about 15 feet then it turned and opened up into another open area. This area was about half the size of the main club. There was a small dance floor in the middle. Along one wall was a small bar serving beer and a few mixed drinks. Along another was a table and there were two women sitting behind it. On one side of the table was a set of double doors and on the other were two sets of cuffs locked to the wall. The last two walls had booths. Paul told me that the women at the table took money for the wall and the rooms. He explained that the wall is where a person can be secured for a given amount of time, during that time the person is free game to the general public. There are preset limits that must be followed but beside that anything goes. The amount of time a guest has to play with the person on the wall is sold in 15 minute intervals to the highest bidder. The person on the wall gets a percentage of the money, but he wasn’t sure how much. Most of the rooms behind the doors had different types of bondage equipment. He said most of it is the larger furniture type stuff. Scattered around the remaining area were several tables and chairs.

Since the noise level was a less then the main area we found an empty booth. I climbed in first and Paul sat next to me. As we were talking I noticed a woman wearing a latex bikini getting secured to one of the wall spots. As one of the woman was locking the cuffs into place the second one got a microphone and announced that the “victim” was on the wall for 30 minutes and her limits were no removing her bikini and no marks. The bidding started at $10 and was won at $30. The guy that won went up and started to mess with her. People crowded around and I wasn’t able to see. Once the guy got started the woman with the microphone began the auction for the last 15 minutes. This one also went for $30. After about 5 minutes Sam and I decided to go and watch. Paul and Sean stayed to watch the drinks. When we got to were we could see the guy was playing with her breast. He continued to mainly just feel her up and when his time was up most of the people BOOO’d him.

The next person to come up was a woman dressed in a dominatrix outfit. She had on a leather mini skirt and a matching corset that was a push-up bra on the top. She wore thigh high spiked heeled boots. She carried a riding crop and had a little whip attached to the belt that around her waist. The dom started by sliding the crop over the “victim’s” skin. It soon became apparent that she was ticklish so the dom spent the next few minutes tickling her victim. The dom then reached between the victim’s legs and began to play with her crotch. After several minutes the Dom began to use the riding crop in addition to playing with the victim’s crotch. Time ran out just as the victim was getting close to her orgasm. The Dom got loads of applause from the crowd as the victim was released.

As Sam and I walked back to the guys we noticed that they were looking at a brochure of something. When we got there they showed it to us. It had pictures and descriptions of the rooms. Looking at the prices they were kind of expensive for an hour. The guys hinted that they wanted to try out one of them but they weren’t pushy. They both decided to get some drinks for us… leaving us alone to talk about the rooms (how convenient…).

Sam asked if I was willing to try the wall. I told her I’d think about it but I’d wear my hood so she’d have to walk me over there. I was hoping that that’d be too embarrassing for her but she said no problem. Then we talked about the room idea. She wanted to find out what room and what they had in mind but I told her if she wanted me on the wall she’d have to agree now, without knowing what room or what the guys had in mind. After she thought about it she agreed and then we discussed how long I’d be on the wall. Since there were only 3 people that had been on the wall and it was 30 minutes each I’d only be there for 30 minutes.

When the guys came back we stayed and talked to them for about 15 minutes then we told them we liked the idea of trying out the room. They seemed really excited when I told them not to tell us what room they had in mind, and we’d play along with whatever they had in mind. We told them they had to use condoms and no real pain, beside that there were basically no limits but we reserved the right to add some once we got to the room. We told them there was something we had to do first and that they’d have a little over 30 minutes to make the arrangements. Sam and I got up and went into the restroom so I could get ready.

Sam and I got into the restroom and after I used the facilities and got the suit back on correctly, which again Sam enjoyed getting the pussy sleeve for me, we finished my preparations. I removed my skirt and put the sleeved hood on. Once I had the hood on Sam used her vibrator to arrange the sleeve inside my mouth. Next a collar was place around my neck. Sam put cuffs around my wrists and locked them together behind my back. She let me stand around blind and bound while she relieved herself and put her hood on.

I heard a couple of women walk in. They stopped talking as they saw me. I heard them walking around me and whisper about my suit. One of they asked me if the sleeves were sealed. I nodded and again when they asked if the one in my mouth was also sealed. I shook my head when they asked if I mind if they felt the suit. I felt two hands sliding along the suit. One of them squeezed my breast and she said I had nice breasts. The other woman reached behind me and grabbed my ass. She commented that the suit looks good on me. She then slid her hand between my legs and pushed two fingers into my sleeved pussy. She played with me for a few minutes before Sam told them we had to go. Sam took the leash attached to my collar and guided me out of the restroom to the employee table.

When we reached the table Sam told them that she wanted me on the wall for 30 minutes and that my limits were no pain and a rubber must be used if there is any sex, oral or normal. She also told them that the hood stayed on. One of the women asked me if those limits were fine with me. After I nodded she asked Sam how she wanted me secured. Once that was settled they told us that since sex was allowed I’d get ¾ of the money made during the auction. Sam asked what the standard they said 50% was. Sex made more because the winner only gets to cum once or the bought time. If they cum early then the remaining time is auctioned off. Sam removed the cuffs from my wrist and my collar then on of the women guided me to my spot on the wall.

As I was guided toward my spot on the wall the room got quiet as the other woman announced my time and limits. The bidding started at $20 and ended at $150. My guide said that was probably going to be the highest of the night. She then stopped me and backed me to the wall. My arms were spread out and lock into cuffs I had a little slack in my arm for it wasn’t uncomfortable. She spread my legs about 4 feet apart and locked them to the wall. Now my arms were snuggly pulled, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. She then buckled a strap around my waist and pulled it really tight. Even with my corset the strap felt tight. I nodded when see asked if I was OK. She told the bid winner to proceed.

“This is going to be fun,” a woman wisped into my ear. She reached down and gently began to play with my pussy sleeve. She slid a couple of fingers in and began to play with me. She reached up and massaged one of my breasts. She played with me for a few minutes then all of the sudden she stopped. I moaned slightly and tried to relax. All of the sudden I felt something hit my inner thigh. It stung a little but I jumped because of the surprise. A sting on my other thigh was followed by several more. After a few minutes the hits were really starting to hurt when they stopped. She forcefully shoved a dildo into my pussy. She started for fuck me with the dildo. When I was getting really excited she used her other hand and squeezed my nose. Since I was breathing hard already I began to struggle in an attempt to get air. When I started to struggle the force and speed behind the dildo increased. I struggled even more until I was rocked be an earth shattering orgasm. It just hit me without warning. Everything just went white and all I could feel was the explosion of pure pleasure.

I don’t know when she removed her hand from my noise but as I was recovering I was breathing heavily though my nose. I had to concentrate on my breathing in order to calm down. After a few breaths I realized that there was a huge round of applause for my tormentor’s performance. After the applause died down one of the ladies working the table announced that the second one was starting early and that she’d start a bid for the remaining time.

The next person came up to me and squeezed both my breast. I could tell by the hand that it was a guy this time. He massaged my breasts for a few minutes then he stuck a couple of finger into my mouth. His other hand slid down and three fingers went into my pussy sleeve. He worked both hands together for a long time before he stopped.

Then removed his hand from my mouth and whispered to me, “If you liked that whip handle then you’re going to love this.” I was left alone for a minute or two then I heard the crowd cheer and yell. Next I felt pressure against my pussy then a cock slid in. The cock was large and really filled me good. I yelped because of the size and I heard some the crowd snicker. I nodded when the guy ask if I was ok then he began to fuck me good and hard. At first he started slowly but forcefully then he began to pick up speed. He fucked for a really short time before he shot his load. The crowd laughed and boo’d him as he pulled out.

Sam came up and removed me from the wall. My wrists were secured behind my back and leash was attached to my collar. I was guided off the stage and taken to the backrooms. When I was guided into the room with the guys I could hear they were shocked and impressed with my outfit. They also said they were looking forward to trying it out, but that’s another story…