by Bound5lave

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Part 1: Meeting Kitty

For years I have browsed model camming sites. I guess it adds to the regularity of looking up either porn stories from Grometsplaza, porn pictures or videos with the actuality of talking to a naked model.
Years I have spent talking to many different women from many countries from the world, all talking about different subject matters that usually had something to do with sex. I had gotten familiar with a few and talked to them regularly and some of the models were a onetime only talk.

It was fair to say that I soon found a subject matter that both interested me and the model for a nice conversation and that was bondage. Having an open mind, being a SWITCH and generally having an interest in any type of kink anyone spoke about allowed me to have a variety of conversations with the many models who had popped onto my screen.

On an ordinary day I was looking through the cam site. It was during a weekday so there weren’t many models on in my area, so I decided to look in the American section. It was more of the same, women staring at the camera with most of their clothes on, watching internet videos and waiting for someone to talk to and the popular models which had too many people to talk to, they were usually naked and sucking a dildo; meaning my voice would have been lost on a sea of usernames.

I clicked on a thumbnail, I could see a young woman with glasses, but that was all the image would show.
I waited for the cam to start up, flicking through some of the other tabs I have up… stories, naked pics… and then back to the webcam model.
I stopped everything as I stared at her… it was a long time since a model had ever done that. She was petite, completely naked on screen; she had small perky breasts and a slim figure. She was wearing the glasses that I recognised from the thumbnail and her hair was thick and blonde.
The way she smiled was mesmerising.

Her room didn’t have many people inside it, mostly 30 or so.
I only took my eyes off her since I noticed someone had privately messaged me… it was her.

“Hello” it read.

A simple, yet effective beginning.
I messaged her back.

“Hello, how are you?”

“Good thanks. What brings you here today, Mister?”

“You looked interesting, so I thought I would stop by. Are you a submissive?”

From the webcam I could see that she smiled and continued typing onto her keyboard.

“Very much so mister” the words appeared on chat, “What would you like me to do?”

I ordered her to do all sorts of humiliating things for the camera and she did them all, not asking for anything in return but my praise. I found out she was a kitty slave, a type of submissive who enjoyed being treated like a cat.
I asked her if she would enjoy petting, she did. I asked if she enjoyed being on all fours; she liked that too, I also asked if she would enjoy wearing a cat collar and she seemed really happy with the idea.

“Wow, you really are submissive” I typed.

“Yeah” she smiled back.

It had gotten late and I had to shut down for the day. At the time I didn’t know where the time went, but looking back I recall spending hours telling her what to do.

“I have to get going now” I typed.

“May I ask you something?” she typed back.

“Yeah, sure”

“Would you own me in real life?”

“Like an actual kitty slave? Sleeping in a basket, being on all fours and everything?”


“I would love that” I typed as I smiled, “If you weren’t so far away I would own you”

She smiled in return, “Goodnight, master”

“Goodnight Kitty”.

The next day work went painfully slow. Spending the entire day thinking of her whilst working tedious task was getting to me, but of course clocking-out time soon came about and I got home as soon as I could.
I opened my front door to a parcel on the ground; a smile reached both my ears as I picked it up and took it to my office.

I immediately turned on my computer and went onto the website.

…She wasn’t online.

I unwrapped the parcel and looked at other sites while I waited for her to sign on. Eventually she did after an hour and a half and instantly I got a message. I shot my mouse cursor to the message and began reading.

“Good morning, Master” she typed.

“Haha, it is afternoon here”

“Oh sorry. Afternoon, Master”

“It’s okay. I got a present for you”

“Ooooooh thank you, Master. May I see it?”

I pressed a button on the side of the screen and a popup came up. After a few seconds the blank screen showed my face, it was a webcam that only the models can see from their room.

“Can you see me, Kitty?” I typed.

“Yes… oooh, Master is handsome”

I typed in a smile emoticon and took the item from the parcel and lifted it to the webcam.
It was a small butt plug that had a tail on the end.

“OMG” she typed.

I stared at her screen and she was staring forwards, obviously looking at my webcam. She seemed really happy with the tail.

“Do you like?” I wrote down.

“OMG, yes it is amazing. I would love to have that in me… hehe”.

“I wish I could give you it”

She took a moment and looked at the camera; I could tell she was thinking heavily about something.
I took a moment to stare at her naked, beautiful body. It was exactly how I remembered. Her small, petite figure. Perky breasts… I would have loved to own that body.

“What is your address?” she asked.

I typed in my details, not thinking it would ever come to anything.

“I wish I could be your slave” she typed.

“Me too” I typed back.

The next couple of days went by the same. I got a few more presents for her, cheap stuff just to get her going. One was a collar from a local supermarket and another was a pair of cat ears that attached to the head by a hairband.

She seemed excited for both of them. We continued talking about what slave stuff she would like to do. Sadly some days she seemed too busy to talk and of course I began to wonder elsewhere. Although every time I logged on and saw her there, I would drop a simple ‘Hello’ and ask her if she still wants to be my slave; she would always respond with a ‘yes’.

The next couple of days she wasn’t on. It was a week off work for me and I checked almost every hour of every day and she never signed on.
After three days I completely gave up, placed the toys I had brought into a box and put it on a high shelf. I decided to spend my time trying to improve my life and with that I had to begin writing a CV.
The morning I began, I poured myself a coffee and still in my dressing gown I walked to my office and placed my coffee down as my computer booted up.
As I got my documents together I got everything in order to begin writing, when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Sighing to myself I quickly drank up the rest of my coffee and walked towards the front door. Making sure I was partially decent before opening the door.
I swung the door open like I normally would

“H-ell-o” I stuttered.

Before me, standing on my doorstep was the woman who frequently visited my computer. The petite Kitty Slave that I have been talking to for the select few weeks.
She was as petite as she looked on the cam, coming up to my chest. Her hair was the same as I remembered and those glasses.

The light, early morning rain took its toll on her hair as it was drenched. She wore a black coat, leopard skin leggings and trainers.

“Hi” she smiled, that same smile I had seen many times before; yet its charm in the real world was more effective than on screen.

“Uh… hello” I whimpered back.

“May I come in… Master?”

“Uhh, yeah sure”

I opened the door as far as it would go, letting the small woman walk passed. At first glance I noticed she only carried a suitcase… a temporary visit… must have been.

“So, uh” I tried to find my words, “What brings you here today?”

“You said you would like to own me as your Kitty” she smiled, pacing the suitcase on the floor.

“Oh, so how long are you staying?”

“Forever” she smiled.

She began to unbutton her coat and I immediately noticed she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. As she threw the coat on the floor, she kicked off her trainers and began to take off her leggings too; also wearing nothing underneath.

“Ummm” I tried to get my head around what was happening, “Shall I get the toys? The uh-Tail and umm… Collar?”

“Yes please” she smiled.

I instantly turned around, trying to keep my excitement to a minimum. I knew this was unpractical; but I had never been this excited before. I walked into my office and grabbed the box, taking out the tail, collar and cat ears. I grab them all in one hand and walk to the next room, where Kitty was.

She was already on all fours waiting for me; she had completely stripped out of her clothing and now was naked on my floor.

“Are you happy, Master?” she smiled up at me.

“Yeah” I smiled back, “I am wonderful. You are going to be a wonderful kitty”.

She purred and wiggled her bum in the air.

Kitty waited patiently as I looked around the house to find some lube, but eventually found some.
KittySlave purred as I began placing the tail into her ass, it quickly turned into a loud groan as the full size of the plug soon found its way deep inside her.

After recovering she sat upwards, getting used to the feeling of having an object inside her. I took advantage of this time to place the collar around her neck and the ears on her head.
She giggled to herself as shortly afterwards I held up a mirror to allow her to see her new self.

However, she wasn’t complete yet as I took some simple latex gloves and placed them on her petite fingers. I then clenched them into a fist, grabbed nearby duct tape and taped her hands shut.

“Kitty’s do not use fingers” I whispered as I wrapped them up tightly, ending the tape on her bare wrist so she cannot take them off without assistance.
When I cut away the final piece of the tape, I stood back to admire my work. I felt myself get hard as I looked at her on all fours, naked, unable to move her hands with her tail wiggling. She was giggling and moaning quietly; probably enjoying the plug too much.

I knelt down and stroked her face like a cat, patting her drying hair all the way down her back. My left hand began stroking her chest, teasing her erect nipples as my right hand reached passed her bum, giving the tail a quick pull before I begin massaging her pussy.
She is already drenched downstairs before I begin playing with her. My nipple tugs and pussy strokes made her moan as she tried to control her urges.
I ordered her to stay on her knees as her arms begin to tremble.

I laugh to myself as I placed my hand that was covered in her cum into her mouth and watched in glee as she lapped up her juices.

“Good Slave” I whispered, standing up and grabbing the leash to her collar. I grinned as I watched her on all fours walk behind me, something I am sure I will see a lot more in the future. I walked into my room and waited for her to fully get inside too. Thinking to myself of all the things I will do to her as I closed the door and locked it.


I woke up the next morning, staring at the alarm clock confirmed that it was 10am, but as I was still on my week off I had no other plans. Sitting up in bed reminded me of my adventures last night as my new kitty was sleeping at the edge of my bed, lying in the foetal position.

I grabbed myself a cup of coffee and walked to my office. Turning on my computer and once again trying to get my CV ready. Exactly the same where I was 24 hours earlier.

‘Right’ I said to myself, ‘This time no distractions’.

I was distracted, although I tried to not look it. As I heard the familiar crawling noise from yesterday. I didn’t look at my slave as I was focused on getting my work done. The feeling of duct tape scraped the top of my sleeping bottoms as with a lot of trouble, my slave somehow successfully pulled them down enough to release my now erect member.

It was about a second later when Kitty Slave managed to fit my entire erect penis into her mouth and I couldn’t help but moan. She was good.
As she sucked I closed down my CV and began looking on the internet. I was looking for equipment to bind and tease my new slave.


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