Kitten's First

by Azrael

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© Copyright 2007 - Azrael - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; outdoors; cons; X

You wake up puzzled for a moment until you remember why you cannot move your fingers or straighten your legs. You stare for a moment at ridged leather and metal gloves locked onto your hands before letting your eyes drift to the wide leather straps holding your calves firmly pressed against your thighs.

Yawing you roll out of your basket, your hands and knees sinking slightly into the soft mud of your kennel floor as you peer out across the expanse of the garden to your house where he has spent the night asleep in your bed. You shiver slightly as a gentle breeze caresses your naked body. Sitting back on your haunches listening to your stomach rumble you wonder how long it will be before he comes to fetch you inside. You are both hungry and thirsty but there is nothing you can do but wait for him as you stare at the chain running from your wide leather collar to the stake out in the middle of the lawn.

As you wait you remember the frustration of the night before. You had both been out for a drink but after only a couple you had been caught flirting with the barman. As soon as you returned to your table you knew you had been spotted as he stood up and began to leave. Nervous, wondering what he was going to do you followed him out of the pub. As you unlocked your house door he stepped in first and turned to you, strip, was the simple command. You glanced about nervously, it was still early evening and very light but there didn’t seem to be anyone about, hands shaking you slowly lifted your t-shirt above your head and passed it to him, your heart is pounding as you unclip your bra and slid it from your shoulders before he whips it away from you, wanting to get it over with you kick off your shoes and unbutton your jeans, you take a deep breath then hook your thumbs inside your jeans and panties and slipped out of them both. As you straightened you could see the bulge in his trousers as he stared at your naked body for a moment before finally allowing you into the house.

He left you standing in the hall for a moment before returning with your toy box. You shiver again as you remember being blindfolded and marched into the lounge and bent over the low coffee table, your legs and wrists bound tightly to its legs with coarse rope. You listened for any sound to tell you what was about to happen to you as you tested your bonds then without warning you felt him behind you, his erection pressing against your pussy, you groan softly biting you lip as he grasps your hips tightly and begins to force himself into you. You are thankful that you are already turned on as he shifts position slightly and eases his full length into you in once swift movement. After a long pause he slowly withdraws leaving you feeling empty, after a moment you feel his cock pressed to your lips, obediently you open your mouth and take his length, licking and sucking him off as he slowly fucks your mouth. A minute later you feel his cock begin to twitch as he pumps his load down your throat. Satisfied you he leaves you with the taste of his cum in your mouth.

A moment later you open your mouth on his command as he presses a large ball gag into place before fastening the straps tightly behind your head. You hear him move around behind you and kneel down on the floor between your spread legs, you sigh softly as he eases first one then a second finger into you moist pussy gently rubbing your clit with his thumb as he fingers you. Your breathing quickens as he suddenly presses your vibrator to your clit, the pressure begins to build inside you as you get closer and closer then just as you are about to cum he stops, you moan in frustration as his fingers slide from you and he stands up.

Your moans are suddenly drowned out as the tv bursts into life in front of you and you feel his feet resting on your back as he sits down to relax. You hang your head in frustration as your peak slips away. Fifteen minutes later in the adverts you suddenly feel the vibrator again, he slides it inside you and turns it on low before going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, a minute later he returns and watches you as your orgasm builds before reaching out and switching off the vibrator, you scream into the gag shaking your head as he puts his feet up once more leaving the vibrator in your pussy.

It suddenly dawns on you that this is your punishment for flirting as for the next hour he toys with you bringing you to the brink of orgasm again and again only to just stop short, almost sobbing with frustration you want to kill him as he begins to alter your bonds releasing one leg at a time bending them up and tightly strapping your calves and thighs together. With your legs secure you feel him take hold of your hands and begin to push it into a strange ridged glove, the leather is hard and boned and once its in place you cannot move you fingers or thumbs.

Finally he fastens a wide leather collar around your neck and clips a leash in place, a moment later you are released from the table and being lead forwards by your leash, you pause and tense as you hear the patio door slide open but you have no choice but to follow as he pulls you forwards out into your back garden. Your heart is pounding as you hear laughter from next doors garden just the other side of the fence, just a few feet away.

Eventually he stops and fastens the end of your leash to a stake in the grass before pushing your head down to meet the damp soil under you, you can hear your neigherbours chatting next door and smell the bbq as he kneels behind you and grasps hold of your hips before slowly easing himself into your pussy. You close your eyes under the blindfold praying that he will let you cum this time as he fucks you very slowly, your breathing quickens with his pace as he reaches round and beings to rub your clit.

You get closer and closer to release trying desperately to remain quiet so your neighbors don’t catch you then finally he allows you to cum, your whole body shakes, every muscle tensing as wave after wave of pleasure ripple though your flesh, your pussy squeezes his cock tightly bringing him to orgasm along with you. Exhausted and relieved you collapse onto the grass as he removes you gag and blindfold and walks back to the house. Eventually you manage to gain the energy to look about and crawl into the little wooden kennel at the bottom of your garden and curl up in the dog bed he has left for you. You lie their feeling his cum seep from your pussy and eventually drift off to sleep.

You are suddenly startled as the house door slams, you smile eagerly in his direction anticipating your release but he isn’t coming your way, he doesn’t even look your way as he walks round the side of the house. A moment later you hear his car start and drive away, you frown suddenly realizing how horney you are from thinking about the night before but there is nothing you can to do pleasure yourself, your hands are completely useless in the gloves you have on. An hour passes and he finally returns, this time he does come in your direction, he releases the leash and walks over to you, he crouches and pulls you forwards gently stroking your hair as he kisses you deeply.