Kitten Trap

by Steff

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It took her 6 months but Nancy finally got the house that was left to her by her Aunt Ester, who had recently died in a car accident. The house was located outside the town of the college she attended. The location was close enough that she was going to just move in there and save money for housing on the campus. The drive to the house was pretty as it wove its way up a wood hill. The house itself was very large. It wasn’t as large as movie star mansions but it still had lots of room. As she drove up three guys came outside to greet her. She recognized them all. She had grown up with them in the town below. She hasn’t seen them in a few years but stayed in touch by phone and e-mail. She jumped out of the car and ran over to hug all three of them.

First, she hugged Allen. He was 6 foot tall and weighed a good 250 pounds of all muscle. “Wow! Look at you,” she said. “What happened to the skinny toothpick I used to know?” 

He picked her up and spun her around. “The Marines happened to me.”

Next Zak got his hug. He was an average looking guy at 5’10” with short brown hair. He was always tanned since he liked nature and being outside.

Lastly it was John’s turn. John was a super nice guy that she had known the longest. He was always a nerd like no other. He had always been smart and already graduated from MIT.

After the hugs and hellos, they led her to the master bedroom so she could get settled before lunch. After lunch the three guys, all of which were good looking, sat Nancy down to talk to her. They told her that she got the house and her cousin, her aunt’s actual son, because he was a jerk and used her for her money. Nancy on the other hand was always down to earth and kind. Her aunt respected the way she decided to live on campus and not mooch from her aunt. The guys all lived there and took care of the house, grounds and cooking. They gave her the master key that would open literally every door in the house, then they left to go to work. 

Since she came by every couple of weeks, she knew the house pretty well and decided to look around the grounds. The house sat on almost 100 acres of land and Nancy had never really gone exploring. She was surprised to find a trail leading away from the side of the house into the woods. She was surprised because it was easy to find and that she hadn’t noticed it before. Following the path for about 50 yards she discovered a small but well-maintained building that was built into the mountain. Just like the guys said, her key unlocked the door. The lights turned on as she walked in.

The inside was very plain. There was a locker and door that she knew would head into the mountain. Looking in the locker, she found a few clothes hangers and a pair of slippers. Shrugging Nancy closed the locker and went through the other door. Beyond the door was a large room that had several things that Nancy could not believe were there.

The large room was filled with all kinds of sex and bondage stuff. Spaced out all around the room were six different bondage apparatuses. There was a wooden cross that a person could be strapped to, a set of stocks and a few other things she didn’t recognize. To one side were two racks with leather, latex and other sexy clothes. One the other side of the door were racks of bondage stuff and sex toys. As she looked around, she noticed a room with a rubber kitten painted on its door. She opened the door and immediately smelt latex.

She walked into the room and looked around. In the middle on a slightly raised platform was a latex suit that looked slightly like a kitten. Walking around the room she discovered a shelf, on the same wall the door was on, just large enough for a latex full face hood that looked like a kitten head. The hood was set on a dummy head that was used to display wigs. Nancy continued walking around the room and discovered, on the center of each wall, a number about shoulder high and a panel below each number about knee high. As she finished her circuit around the room, next to the door, there was a computer table mounted to the wall.

Thinking she had a few minutes she touched the screen and a “play me” icon was displayed along with the standard play icon. Naturally she tapped the play button. John appeared on the screen and said, “Ester, the boys and I like the challenge you gave us and we finished it. The room has been set-up to your request. This is your self-bondage pet suit. All you have to do is set the timer on this table.” The video showed him opening an app and setting the timer. “Then put the hood on and get into the suit. Once in the suit, it will zip up on its own. Once the timer expires you will be released. For the first time please don’t add any extras. Once you are released, we’ll know everything works. Then every time after you can add other things to make it more fun.

It took Nancy a couple minutes to process what she just discovered. Her aunt was into bondage and fetish play and the guys not only knew but helped her. She knew thoughts about this stuff got her excited and horny, she had never tried it. She returned to the main room and thought about how much fun she could have here and decided to return in the morning and look around some more.

Returning to the main house she spent the rest of the day getting settled and catching up with the boys. That night she had several sexy dreams on her and the guys in the “dungeon” she discovered. When she finally woke up and went to the kitchen there was a note on the fridge telling her the guys were out doing chores and would be back about 3pm. Thinking this was her chance she ate a quick breakfast and then went to the dungeon. She spent the next hour trying on several things. Finally, she went into the Kitten Room and decided, since the suit was made for self-bondage, to try it out.

First, she removed her clothes and set them in the empty locker in the main room. Thinking to start slow, she set the timer for one hour. Unzipping the back of the hood and removing it from the dummy, she slid it over her head pulling her hair through the hole in the top of the hood. Once her hair was out of the way she zipped the hood. The hood squeezed her head tightly but not uncomfortably. Her eyes, nose and mouth were the only things not covered by the hood. Walking over to the suit she examined it, trying to figure out how to get into it; but she could not figure out how she would get out after the auto-zipper unzipped the suit. She walked to the tablet and found a help feature. After a quick search she found that you just wiggled into the suit, then by using the suit’s “paws” you could lock things into place where they were. That would permit her to wiggle out. Satisfied with the answer she returned to the suit.

“Well Nancy let’s do it,” she said out loud. Opening the suit, she put her knees into their respective holes. Since the suit was already lubed, she had no trouble sliding them in. The thick latex forced her lower legs to press against her thighs and her feet into pockets up by her ass. Once her legs were in place, she wiggled a little and discovered that the information was right, she could get herself out. Once she was again settled with her legs correct in place, she folded her left arm and pushed it down into the sleeve waiting for it. The suit squeezed her forearm to her upper arm and her hand was wrapped around the back of where her neck will be. Nancy used her free hand and opened the hole for her head and pushed it through the opening. It took her a minute to smooth the hood and suit neck hole but when she was finished, her breasts fit tightly into their respective places. She then shoved her last appendage into the suit. Her last arm took a bit of wiggling but she managed to get the am into place. Just as got settled the auto zipped began to zip up the back of the suit. When the zipper was finished her paws were released from the floor and She was free to move around. 

Nancy spent the next few minutes just stretching and getting used to the feel of the suit. The suit squeezed her entire body. The pressure felt good and she was getting excited from just wearing it. With her arms folded forcing her walk on her elbows she started to crawl around the room. It took her a few minutes to get the timing of her limbs down so she could crawl efficiently. 

As she was about to crawl out of the “Kitten Room,” as she decided to call it, the number one on the wall lit up and the panel opened. She crawled over to the opened compartment. Looking in she saw a latex ring that had a strange looking latex harness attached to it. The harness was attached to clips on the sides of the compartment. Behind the ring and harness was a repeating computer animated video playing. The video showed the wearer of the suit sticking her head into the compartment and biting on the ring. Then the harness would be wrapped around her head and secured. Thinking she’d come this far already she crawled forward and stuck her head into the compartment.

When she reached the ring, she opened her mouth and, after some work, she got the ring to set behind her teeth. As she was struggling with the ring, she realized it was made of metal coated in latex and didn’t give at all. Once the ring was settled behind her teeth, the clips holding the harness quickly pulled the latex harness straps around her head and locked them in place. The harness was locked in place so quickly she yelped in surprise. Straps from both sides of the ring went up on both sides of her nose joining together at her forehead before continuing over the top of her head to be secured to whatever locking device behind her head. Two straps from both sides wrapped around the side of her head, one going over her ears and the other going under her ears. There was also a strap that went under her chin and connected to the other side of the ring. Once the straps were secured to her head, Nancy was able to back her head out of the compartment.

She backed out and shook her head a few times and as expected the ring would not come out of her mouth. She noticed that she would be drooling in short order since she could not close her mouth. She soon noticed that the number two was lit up and the compartment under it was now opened. She crawled over to it and looked in. Inside was a latex replica of a male’s cock. Since it was inside the compartment, she couldn’t tell how long it was, but it didn’t look excessively long. Like in the first compartment there was a video playing. This one showed the kitten sliding the cock through the ring into her mouth. Once fully seated the cock would rotate, locking it in place. Once locked in, the kitten could back out of the compartment. Again thinking “why not,” she crawled forward and slid the cock into her mouth. Like the video showed the cock rotated until it locked into place. She backed out and tried to get to cock out her mouth but was not able to. The length of the cock was just short enough not to trigger her gag reflex but filled her mouth fully.

As expected, the number three was lit up. The compartment opened and kitten’s tail attached to the back was being pushed out as the back slid forward. Sticking out from the front of the tail was a round latex piece that was about 6 inches long and had 3 larger knots evenly spaced along the length of the latex rod. The largest one was close to the tail and the other 2 got progressively smaller. This time the video showed the kitting backing up to the tail and shoving the rod into her ass until the largest knot was fully inserted. Then the tail would be released and she could walk away. After thinking about it for a couple minutes she thought, “In for a penny in for a pound.” Turning around she backed up to the tail. After the second try she was able to get the rod lined up. Since the rod was already lubed, she slowly backed up. Since each knot got progressive larger it got harder to back up, but she finally got the last knot inside her ass and the tail was released. She crawled away from the wall and noticed that there were weighted metal balls inside each knot that rolled around as she moved.

Before she got more than a few steps from where she got her tail, the door to the kitten room closed on its own and the tablet computer next to it turned on and a recording played. John appeared on the screen and said, “Well, Ester, since you completely disregarded the order to not use the extras, you are now stuck in the suit until each of us enter our access codes into the suit. You will naturally have to earn the access codes. Before you go looking for us, you have one more piece to your outfit and something else to try.” With that, a compartment under the tablet opened and a pedestal slid out and attached to it was an opened metal chastity belt attached to it. What was really intimidating was the large dildo that would go into her pussy. Like all the other items there was a video that showed her what to do. Since she had no choice, she backed up straddling the pedestal until the dildo touched her wet pussy. Taking a deep breather, she backed up forcing the large lubed dildo into herself. Since there was an opening for the tail, she was able to get the dildo fully seated into her. 

She was ready when the belt closed around her waist. She was not ready for the belt to tighten so much around her waist or for the crotch band to also tighten so much. Once tightened there were two distinctive clicks and the belt was released from the pedestal which then retracted back into the wall. She moved around a little bit to get used to the belt. It was tight enough that she would not be able to get used to it and she would always know it’s there. Fortunately, the tightness was not painful. Without warning the dildo started to vibrate and wiggle around. Her clit was also getting vibrated by its own vibrator. Because of the intensity and location of the activity she was quickly forced to a massive orgasm. The orgasm ripped through her whole body causing her to lose her balance and fall sidewise onto her side. Her kitten suit prevented her from getting away from the vibrator forcing her to just lay there withering in ecstasy.

After three consecutive orgasms the belt’s vibrator finally stopped and Nancy was able to recover. The orgasms left her exhausted so she just laid there for several minutes before she struggled and after four attempts, she was able to get back onto her “paws.” She noticed on the opposite side of the door from the tablet was a metal tube with a distinctive sign attached to the top of the pole against the wall. The sign said, “Watering Station.” A video showed her that to get water she had to, somehow, connect her cockgag to the tube and then suck the water out. She crawled over to and after examining the tube she figured it was just a matter of lining up the gag to the tube and then something happened automatically.

As it turned out she was right. When her gag contacted the tube there was a “click” and she was locked to the pole. A video started and this time it was Allen on the screen. “You are hooked to the (he made air quotes) Watering Station. Your cock is partially disconnected from the ring. You will have to give the cock a blowjob to get any water out. I know you are good at giving head so it shouldn't be a problem.” Nancy couldn’t believe it but if the video was correct she could pull her head away from the pole and the cock would slide out of the ring, but only for a few inches then she couldn’t pull it out any further. Deciding she had no choice she began to suck on the cock. After just a minute or two the cock twitched and shot some liquid into her mouth. She gagged in surprise and most of the liquid ran out of her mouth around the cock filling it. The surprise was that the liquid had the consistency and taste of cum. Because of her thrust, she started again and this time when the cock “shot its load” she was expecting it and managed to swallow most of it.

After three more loads Allen appeared on screen again and said, “After 4 loads you will be able to disconnect from the Station by pushing your cock all the way back into your mouth. When it engages with the ring you will be released from the station. If you are still looking for more cum all you have to do is reconnect with the station. Remember that you will be locked in place for 4 more loads. There are several Watering Stations throughout the property, for if you get thirsty when you’re looking for us.”

Once the recording was done, the door opened allowing her to leave the Kitten Room. Since she was still thirsty and didn’t know where the other stations where she connected her cock gag to the station and began sucking the cock when it was disengaged from the ring. Like the recording said, after four “ejaculations,” once the cock was engaged to the ring part of the gag, she was released from the Water Station. Nancy headed out the door, through the Dungeon and outside. After deciding the best place to look for the guys was the house, she headed that way. Being forced to remain on her knees and elbows it was slow going but she finally made it to the house only to find the door locked. After she circled the house and discovered the back door was also locked, she went to look at the shop a couple hundred feet from the main house.

As she approached the building, she saw one of the roll-up doors was opened and heard music playing inside. When she entered the shop, she found Allen screwing two pieces of wood together. She watched him, admiring his bare, shirtless and sexually sweaty back. As if planned, the chastity belt’s vibrators in both her pussy and the one on her clit started. She yelped in surprise and almost fell over. Allen must have heard her because he jumped in surprise. The look of surprise on his face was almost funny when he turned around and saw her. The look of surprise quickly faded and was replaced by one of mischief and desire. He stood up, put his drill on the top of his project and circled her a couple times. Just as he finished his second circle the orgasm that was building washed over her. She moaned and began to wiggle and fight, unsuccessfully, against the suit. The wave of pleasure washed over her and she loved every minute of the experience. writhing in ecstasy. She barely recalled falling over but when the vibrators stopped and she recovered she realized she was laying on her side with her head in Allen’s lap.

“It looks like someone has not only been a bad girl and was snooping around, she also cannot follow simple instructions,” Allen said. He then helped her up, attached a leash to the collar of the suit and led her outside to a Feeding Station attached to the workshop. Since she was thirsty Nancy attached the gag and began sucking once the cock was disengaged from it’s ring lock. Like normal after the fourth watering the cock was locked to the ring and then she was released from the station. Allen led her back into the shop and then sat in a chair. “Nancy, when you were ‘busy’ I called Zak and told him about your situation. He is at the lake working on the dock. I could not get a hold of Jon because he is in a meeting in town. Zak said we should leave you in the suit until you convince us to enter our code. Honestly, I like that idea for a couple of reasons. First you didn’t follow directions, even after looking around the room and knowing the kind of games that were played there.” He paused for a minute then continued, “secondly I have always thought you were a beautiful woman and have wanted to get you into the Dungeon for a long time. We did talk it over and if you really want out, we can get you out but Jon will have to remake the collar and the suit could not be used until he was done. The choice is yours. Bear in mind all three of us will probably have you do something sexual and humiliating before we enter our code.”

I sat there for only a couple seconds before I walked over to him and began rubbing my latex covered face against his leg. After he massaged my face for a couple of minutes I nodded vigorously “yes” when he asked if that was a yes to staying in the suit. Grinning, he picked up my leash and led me into the shop. I was led to a large pillow and my leash was attached to a hook that was close enough that I could sit or lay down on the pillow.

“You need to stay close. I don’t want you wandering off and getting into trouble,” he said and went back to work.


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