by Napoleon Leopold

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© Copyright 2014 - Napoleon Leopold - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; shop; leather; collar; cuffs; bond; harness; leash; femdom; tease; toys; insert; force; oral; cons/reluct; X

The high school teen paused with her hand on the door knob before entering the unique shop. She had been here a week before with several of her girl friends as they spent the day walking, talking and shopping. One of them spotted the shop tucked down the alley way and the gaggle of girls walked in. They didn't spend more than five minutes in the shop after realizing what it sold and all had left giggling. But, the seventeen year old's eyes had widen after a few minutes of looking around at the wares and decided that she would come back when she was alone. Turning the knob she opened the door and entered.

The door bells tinkled and Amanda looked up from where she was working at the counter as the teen girl walked in. Amanda took immediate stock of the girl, 5'10”, 120 pounds with flowing blond wavy hair parted in the center and draped over her shoulders to her mid back. She had a slim build with small curves, small breasts and long shapely legs. A small face, pouty lips and blue eyes. Beautiful.

“Can I help you?”

“I was wondering if I could browse around your shop?”

“Please, go ahead. I'll be right here if you need any assistance.”

“Thank you.” She answered and slipped to the left as she began to explore the shop.

There were all types of clothing done up to make a woman look their best. Sexiest best. The girl wandered about the store and Amanda kept one eye on her as she worked. She watched as she entered the area where all her leather goods were kept and watched as the girl reached out and touched many of the items feeling the smooth leather in her hand, almost stroking it. It was when Amanda saw the girl touch herself between her legs while fondling a cat suit that she knew a fly had flown into her web and now all she need to do was to pounce. Carefully, so as not to scare off the prey.

Amanda walked over to the girl coming up behind her and quietly asked, “Do you like what you see?”

A little startled, she answered almost as quietly, “Yes.” She turned to face Amanda, but did not look directly into her eyes for more than a few seconds. She looked Amanda over and noticed that she was slightly taller then herself. Her brown hair was pulled back flat on her head and tied off in a tight pony tail in the back. She had on high heals and a leather skirt with a blue silk blouse. Kat quickly cast her eyes downward.

“Would you like to try something on?”

“I'm, ...I'm not sure I should.”

Picking up a nicely crafted leather collar Amanda said, “Let's try this. I think it would look on on you. Turn around and lift up your hair.”

The girl hesitated and then did as she was told. Amanda lifted the collar up and around her slender neck and buckled it on tightly.

“It's tight.” She said reaching up and touching the collar, feeling the leather strapped around her neck, not choking but slightly restricting her normal breathing pattern.

“It has to be, so to keep from chafing. Here give me your hands.”

The girl lifted her hands forward and Amanda buckled two matching cuffs around her wrists.

“What's your name?”

“Katrina. But most my friends just call me Kat.” She said with her eye lowered.

“I'm Amanda, Mistress Amanda. You can call me Mistress.” Before Kat could answer she turned the girls shoulders and faced her toward a store's full length mirror. “Here, take a look at how well those look on you.”

Kat turned and faced the mirror and saw her reflection. Wow she thought and brought her hands up once again and stroked the collar around her neck and saw for the first time the cuffs on her wrists.

Amanda had walked off towards a clothing rack. “Kitten, come here.”

“It's Kat.” the teen answered as she moved towards Amanda.

“Yes, sorry. How would you like to try this on?” She asked as she held up a beautiful leather half bust bustier.

Kat looked at the garment. “Oh wow, it's beautiful, but I don't know if I should.”

“Nonsense. Come with me to the changing area. This will look gorgeous on you.”

Kat followed her over to the dressing area and into one of the rooms.

“Take off your blouse Kitten.”


“Yes. Hurry up please.” But it was said in more of a tone of command rather then a request.

Kat did as she was told.

“Now lift your arms to the dressage bar.” Kat once again compiled and Amanda pulled the garment around Kat's slim waist and began button the busier together behind her back. “This bra is in the way,” she said and quickly unhooked it and lifted it up to continue to button the bustier. “Here, lets get rid of it all together.” She said and pulled the straps off of her shoulders. Before Kat could say anything her bra was removed exposing her nice 32B cup breasts. Kat pulled the bustier up in front trying to cover her breasts, but it only came up a slight bit, barely covering her nipples. “Arms back up on the bar.” Kat reached up and grabbed the bar once again. And the bustier slipped a back down ward. She reached down and and pulled it up again. Amanda grabbed her right hand and lifted it up to the bar attached a snap hook to her wrist cuff followed by doing the same to her left.

“Hey, wait, what?”

“I can't get this on correctly while you are continuing to fidget around. Now hold still!”

“Yes, I'm sorry.”



“That's yes, Mistress.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That's better, now hold still.” She command and with the bustier held in place by the buttons, she began to pull the laces together tightly. Working her way upwards once, than again and then a third time before tying off the laces and folding over the leather flap hiding the laces and pulling up the zipper to close the flap. At the top of the zipper Amanda added a miniature pad lock securing the bustier. The bustier was tight pulling in Kat's waist several inches making it harder to breath correctly while forcing her to take shallow breaths.

Amanda reached up and released her wrists from the dressage bar and pulled both of them behind her back connecting the cuffs together and adding another miniature pad lock securing them firmly.

'Hey, what are you doing?”

“Shhh, wait.” Amanda said and snapped a leash to a ring set in the front of Kat's collar. “Follow me Kitten.” She said and tugged on the leash.

“It's Kat.” She said and followed Amanda to another mirror where she was blown away by the look of the bustier on her. “Oh my..” was all she could say as for the first time she could see the exaggerated curves of her waist and the up lift of her small breasts as she looked at her refection in the mirror. The only problem was that her pencil eraser sized nipple popped out over the top of the half cups of the bustier.

“How do you like the way you look?”

“A...amazing.” She answered

“Would you like to continue?” Amanda whispered into her ear as she reached up and stroked her neck.

“Yes please.”


Yes, please Mistress.”

“Very well then.” Amanda left her standing for a few moments and went to retrieve something else. Returning she lifted up a pair of knee length ballet boots with 6” spiked heels. Kat nearly melted at the sight. Amanda reached down and pulled off Kat's sneakers and then standing behind her unbuckled her jeans and pulled them down her long legs, where Kat stepped out of them. Amanda sat Kat down onto a stool and pulled first one boot onto her and then the other. Kat watched quietly as Amanda laced each of them up her legs. At the top of the laces, a built in cuff just above her knees wrapped around the laces and Amanda secured them with a set of miniature pad locks. She then added a pair of leather cuff around her ankles and locked those on too followed by a short 8” hobble chain and an even shorter chain between her knees

Kat looked down at the boots on her long legs. She could feel how the boots held her feet in an extreme arch and calves began to cramp up.

Amanda ignored her complaints and pulled her hair back together gathering it in a pony tail and added a scrunchy to hold it in place. Amanda then yanked her ponytail back hard. Kat opened her mouth in a yelp from the pain and felt a ring forced into her mouth and behind her teeth. It was a large leather covered metal ring which forced her jaws wide apart causing them to ache. Straps dangled from the ring and as Kat moaned in pain, Amanda pulled two of the straps back around her head on either side of her face and buckled it tightly in back of her head forcing the straps to pull at the edges of her mouth.

Drool formed and Kat did her best to swallow it but unsuccessfully as it began to dribble out of her mouth, down her chin and drip onto her jutting breasts. Another set of straps ran from the side of her mouth upwards on to each side of her nose to connect to a ring at her forehead where one strap continued over the top of her head to connect to the ones buckled in back. This strap was wide and a hole allowed her ponytail to be pulled through. A third set of straps buckled under her chin forcing Kat to bit down on the leather covered ring. There was no removing the ring from her mouth now without undoing the straps.

“Don't worry Kitten, a few more accessories and we'll be done with your new outfit. Now, lets get you up.”

Kat tried to resist and sit back down on the stool when Amanda pulled on the leash lifting her up onto her toes. “Arrrgghh.”

Amanda turned her around and forced Kat to bend over the stool with only her belly resting on the seat she wrapping the lead end of the leash to the stool base to keep her in place on her toes with her bottom extended higher than the rest of her. With two snips of a scissors, Kat's panties where removed leaving her bare. Amanda ran her hands over her cute tight volley ball buns. “Mmm, nice.” She said and then slipped a finger into Kat's sex.

Kat jumped at the feel of Amanda's finger entering her but the leash pulled tight and held her in place as Amanda slowly felt the inner side of her sex. Slowly she worked her finger around, in and out and then added a seconded finger to join the first. The teen clamped down trying to expel the invaders but to no avail. She was quickly creaming up. Amanda stopped and pulled both fingers out moving them to her small rosebud. Kat could feel the first finger pushing past her clenched ass bud and into her. At no time had she ever had anything enter into her bottom until now. Her mind was tossed between the pleasuring feel of the finger and the disgust of the thought of being pleasured that way. Soon Amanda’s second finger entered her passage. Before long her thumb of her other hand pushed into her sex. It wasn't long before the teen was moaning in pleasure. And then....nothing. Amanda had pulled her fingers out of her sex and ass. Kat moaned in disappointment. She was right there, on the edge. Why would she stop?”

Suddenly, Kat felt something press up against her rosebud once more, but it wasn't Amanda's finger this time. The object felt cold and rubbery as the tip pushed into her and past her spinster. The further it went in the wider it forced her painfully open. Inch by inch, Amanda pushed the lubricated butt plug into her. Kat screamed cried through the ring gag as the fourth and widest inch of the plug pushed through allowing her sphincter to close around the base and wrap around the smaller flexible cap of the butt plug. Kat had this enormous feeling of being full and needing to crap but the plug would not move no matter how hard she tried to expel it.

Amanda took a large thick dildo and pushed it into the opening of her sex. The dildo was large and thick. It spread Kat's sex wide as her walls wrapped around the circumference of the object as it too was pushed deep into her. Kat moaned and drooled. The dildo came to rest painfully pressed up against her cervix. Tears filled Kat's eyes and rolled down her cheeks to mix with the drool spilling from her mouth.

Amanda attached a strap to the bottom portion on the front of the bustier and pulled it down and upwards between Kat's legs between her sex and ass holding the dildo and plug in place. The strap floated through a ring at the bottom of the back of the bustier and another one at the top. Then through a ring at the back of Kat's collar. “Now let's see how high we can get your hands up.” She said as she pulled the strap through the link in her wrist cuffs and pulled. Kat's wrists rose slowly higher and higher up her back until they were settled between her shoulder blades. Amanda buckled off the strap to itself. If Kat tried to lower her arms, the strap pulled upwards on the dildos in her sex and ass causing her, her own pain. Another strap was wound through and around her elbows and buckling tightly pulling them painfully together.

Amanda undid the leash and had Kat stand up. “Come with me Kitten.” she said and pulled on the leash. Kat followed her into the back of the store into another room. “One last thing.” She said and reached into a box on the shelf and came out with two wicked looking clamps. Kat watched in horror as Amanda removes the rubber safety caps from the teeth of the clamps and applied first one then the other to Kat's tender nipples. As Amanda released the clamp the teeth bit down onto her nipple hard sealing it firmly in its jaws. Kat screamed and then screamed again as the second one was applied to her other nipple. A short chain swung between both clamps. To this Amanda attached a small weight pulling on the clamps. Kat fell to her knees from the pain and Amanda forced her to crawl over to a large chair. Amanda sat down onto the chair but not before lifting her leather skirt. Kat could see she wasn't wearing any underwear and saw how Amanda had her sex shaved completely bald. Amanda pulled on the leash pulling Kat's face forward until her mouth met her sex.

“Come Kitten. Lick your Mistress until she comes.”

Taking up a riding crop she began striking Kat on her ass. Kat stretched her tongue between the ring gag and into Amanda's sex licking up and down. Amanda struck her again. “That's it Kitten. Deeper, go deeper. Afterwords I have a nice leather discipline hood for you to try. Ohh, yes, that's good. Keep going.” She said as she continued to beat Kat's exposed bottom with the crop.


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