by F Alexander

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Storycodes: M/f; kidnapped; captive; cell; bond; gag; collar; corset; breast; piercings; bells; toys; insert; force; oral; anal; climax; enslave; cons/nc; XX

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in arrest, injury or death. Kitsune F Alexander M/f; kidnapped; captive; cell; bond; gag; collar; corset; breast; piercings; bells; toys; insert; force; oral; anal; climax; enslave; cons/nc; XX

Authors brief warning: this story is a bit dark, but more psychologically than physically. This is a work of fiction; in real life, consent is important, and you should not reenact anything you read without legitimately obtaining it from all other involved parties.


I used to dread coming to back to my house. It wasn't that I didn't like it; it was a fantastic little place on the outskirts of Boston, far enough to make the commute a pain but close enough that I could still work downtown. Obviously I'm well off enough, especially for a young professional, but money doesn't buy proper friendship like it does a decent living space. So I liked being in the city more than out in the rural estates. It was so lonely there.

Or at least, it used to be. Today I pulled into the driveway looking forward to coming home, as I had for the past couple weeks. The car slid into the garage and I got out, humming merrily and twirling the keys in my hands. As I entered my quiet home and walked through the kitchen, I stopped at the refrigerator and pulled out a beer. I mulled over a few different plans for the weekend running through my head. It was Friday, but I hadn't given much thought to how I would structure this weekend's events. Ah well, I guess I could just follow my instincts.

I tramped up the stairs and stopped to listen at the closed door of my playroom. Hearing nothing, I opened the door and saw that everything was as I expected. The soundproofed room was empty and untouched, the various bondage and sex toys exactly where I had left them. Toward the back was a door, closed and padlocked, to which I sauntered and unlocked. I was getting hard just thinking about her. I turned the knob, opened the door and flicked on the small light to reveal my sex slave, Kitsune, tied up in a small closet.

She was a sight to behold, a pretty young woman, close to my age and of recent Korean heritage. No doubt it pissed her off that the slave name I'd given her was Japanese, but I liked the hateful pride in her eyes. I didn't know her actual name, and I didn't care to. She belonged to me now, but she didn't seem to be okay with it just yet, still struggling and resisting, much to my pleasure. I'd stolen her while I was out late downtown two weeks ago, and I'd been playing with her lithe body to my heart's content, and to her discomfort and humiliation, since then.

Normally I left her fairly unbound in the play closet when I went to work each day, but today I'd decided to torment her a little more in preparation for the upcoming weekend. Her arms were restrained behind her, the forearms locked together laterally by cuffs on each wrist that connected to a cuff just above the upper elbow on the opposite arm. A thin strap wrapped around her forearms and ran taut to a ring on the back of her slave collar, forcing her upright and thrusting her ample tits forward. A tightly done green corset ensnared her abdomen and further pushed her breasts higher. The tightness caused her breaths to come in short wincing gasps. A large ring gag accessorized with a removable bright green ball filled her mouth, the straps spidering out across her face and digging into her skin. The gag was equipped with dark green leather handles that protruded from each side of her head, for easy manipulation during forced fellatio. Golden padlocks secured the monstrous contraption behind her relatively short jet-black hair.

My Kitsune's breasts were each tightly encircled by a metal ring, keeping them slightly engorged but not enough to be an unhealthy shade of purple. I'd pierced her nipples last weekend, and they were now linked together with only an inch of space between them. The bell attached to the rings jingled as she looked up at me with revulsion. The shiny green letters of her slave name on the collar twinkled from under her drool covered chin. A green woven leash clipped to the collar's front ring ran down between her tits and piled near her nethers.

I'd put long green toe socks on her feet and lower legs, just to emphasize how naked the rest of her body was. Her calves were tightly bound to her her thighs, and cuffs on her ankles were chained together so that the bottoms of her feet met just in front of her vagina. Detachable rings held each of her toes to its mirror on the other foot, and a resizable spreader bar was attached between her knees holding them wide open. A steel belt wrapped around the lower part of her abdomen outside the corset, and a strap dove down and covered her precious cunt, then wrapped up between the firm curves of her ass to attach to the opposite side of the belt. Attached to the inside of the strap and buried in her tight womanhood was a long girthy dildo, to which I now held the remote. Her ass was likewise stuffed with an inflatable plug, the pump trailing out from behind her on the floor like a devious little tail.

I smiled and knelt down to her level and kissed her on the tip of her nose as she tried futilely to draw away. I reached behind her and grabbed the butt plug pump and squeezed it a few times, causing her to grunt in distress.

"Did you miss me today?" I asked laughingly.

She glared at me and writhed as well as she could in her predicament. All her efforts achieved was a couple small jingles from the bell on her linked piercings. Her struggles made me hard as a popsicle in January.

"I'll take the jingle as a yes" I chuckled. "I neglected to give you any food earlier today. Bet you're hungry?"

She shook her head, but I knew better. I stood up and used a small hook on the surface of the ball gag to turn the the ball a half rotation, then popped it out. Prepared was I with a small cloth to catch the saliva that came rushing from her now gaping mouth as the metal ring remained strapped in place. She moaned plaintively, her new tactic the past couple days instead of the garbled threats and insults of the first week. When I dropped my trousers despite her pleas, she resorted back to those earlier tactics.

I grabbed her chin again, pointed my cock between her sexy lips, and moved forward, not stopping until my balls touched her chin. That shut her up pretty good, I could only hear a few urgent squeaks as her throat convulsed around my shaft. I grabbed each of the handle bars on the sides of her head and slowly started pulling her mouth back and forth along my dick.

"If you help me out I'll order us sushi tonight, otherwise I think it'll just be rice again," I coaxed.

Surprisingly, after a few seconds, the offer seemed to work and she started using her tongue. There was never any question that she was going to suck my cock, so why not take what you can get? But damn, when she cooperated she was the best. I periodically pulled her all the way down to my balls and held her there, making sure she got a proper throat fucking to earn her dinner. Soon I was nearing climax and pulled the handles roughly, pushing her nose into my body. An explosion seared through my brain and I gasped as I flooded her esophagus. She mewled and tried to pull back, but I held her steady until I was sure she'd had every last drop.

When I finally pulled up she gasped and choked a few times. I knelt and caressed her face and her jingling tits. Her coughing stopped as I rubbed her back, turning on the vibrator to medium settings. She moaned softly and stopped resisting my touch. I didn't let her orgasm too often so any possibility of a climax softened her up pretty good. But I'm a tease, so I backed away and lowered the setting to just between mildly annoying and frustrating as all hell. I grinned at her like a mischievous child and she rolled her eyes.

"You've a natural talent Kitsune, great job. But even with all that cum in your belly I can see you're still pretty hungry, so I'd better go order that sushi now."

As I closed the closet door, she was the least angry and sad I'd seen her though out the two week ordeal, despite her day long predicament. The surprise, off-the-cuff offer of food that wasn't bland or semen must have been quite welcome for her to be so mild after a throat fuck. I thought we were starting to get along better, and the acceptant eye roll was a good sign, but I could never tell. In a way I was slightly disappointed. I knew she'd eventually stop being so resistant and feisty, but I had thoroughly enjoyed every struggle-fuck we'd been through. She seemed to have the mental constitution necessary to endure being kidnapped and raped repeatedly, and I wasn't any more cruel than my deviant desires dictated, but continual resistance probably just seemed pointless to her after a while.

I certainly wasn't trying to break her, and if she did break I wasn't sure I'd want to keep her around any more. The few times I'd allowed her to speak early on, she had done the expected begging and pleading, hoping for an easy out, and once it became clear that I intended to keep her she started getting angry. She hadn't cried much, which seemed surprising. At least, she hadn't cried a lot when I was tying her up or washing her or fucking her brains out. It was a pleasant surprise actually, I knew I'd been lucky to randomly grab a girl who matched my desires so well.

As I walked out of the sushi place with my arms full of food, I suddenly had an idea. I knew at least one thing we could do tonight that'd be new! So before returning home, I made a quick detour to pick up the necessary product.

I arrived back in the room with the sushi and a small plastic shopping bag. I threw open the closet door, and freed my now dripping wet Kitsune's legs. I shortened the spreader bar and re-secured it at her ankles so she could stand up, then grabbed her leash and pulled her out into the room. I unlinked her breasts for extra comfort, but made sure there was now a bell on each nipple. I collapsed the spreader bar so her feet were forced to touch again, and arrayed the various sushi rolls in front of us. She sat down and I unlocked the padlocks securing the gag to her head, allowing her to speak uninhibited for the first time in days. She said nothing, but maneuvered her lower jaw to relax the muscles.

"Rainbow maki, dragon maki, tempura crunch, smoked salmon, spicy tuna with lobster bites," I said, pointing at each of dishes in succession.

She nodded slightly, then looked at me.

"When are you going to kill me?" she asked quietly.

I laughed and pulled her close to me with the leash, the bells jingling slightly.

"Look at all this. Why the fuck am I going to all this trouble if I plan to kill you Kitsune?"

"Cause you're a fucking sick bastard who obviously gets off on weird shit like that. Leading me on to hope only to choke me out later seems like your style. Why draw the line at killing me?"

"Just shut up and eat." I said as I put a slice of the rainbow in her mouth.

She was in an inquisitive mood tonight and wouldn't give it a rest.

"Do you enjoy raping me like this, hurting me?"

"Duh." I said dully. "That's a pretty stupid fucking question if you ask me."

"I just don't understand how..." she stopped, waiting to see my reaction. I took another bite of sushi and matched her gaze.

"Fine. When are you going to let me go?"

"WHEN?!" I choked and giggled. "I thought I made this clear! I own you, girl! You're mine. There's nothing temporal about it."

"So you're just going to keep raping me multiple times per week, until one of us dies?"

"That's the plan at the moment. Of course when you settle down your escapist routine maybe we can do other stuff in between. It'll always be limited of course, you'll probably always be restrained in some form. I imagine I'll have to start giving you books or TV or something while I'm away at work so you don't get too bored-"

"I'm never going to love you or the evil shit you're doing to me, if that's what you want."

"That's not what I want." I responded coldly.

She shook her head and I fed her and myself in silence for a few minutes, until finally she could contain herself no longer.

"What about when I'm old and ugly and all used up?"

I hesitated, and she carried the moment.

"When my tits sag and my skin wrinkles, my voice croaks and my hair grays. When your disgusting little prick shrivels and you can't remember the last time I looked sexy. Will you still keep an old, diseased, broken woman?" Her eyes had misted over and her voice wavered. For the first time I felt some pity for the girl who'd had a life before this. She'd painted such a vivid picture that my hard-on had collapsed into a squishy mess.

I pulled her into my lap and pressed her against me, the cold bells on her nipples contrasting with the warmth of her breasts on mine. She rested her head on my shoulder and I felt a few tears roll down my back. I ran my fingers through her hair and rubbed her back, and finally just ended up embracing her as she wept the hardest I'd seen since I'd stolen her.

"I just... want to go home." She whispered.

I sighed and pulled her back so she was looking at me.

"Listen to me, Kitsune," I said softly. "I own these," I caressed her breasts and squeezed them gently as she closed her eyes and a few more tears fell. "I own this," I grabbed her ass and pumped the plug a couple times as she gasped. "And I most certainly own this," I traced my hand down her corseted stomach to brush the strap covering her cunt. Even through the material I could feel her respond. "I own every cell in your body, and I don't plan on giving any of it up, not to you, not to anyone, certainly not to Father fucking Time. So here you will stay." The tears made a resurgence but she didn't make a sound. "Besides, you won't be an old, diseased, broken woman. Because you're not going to break."

When she opened her eyes and looked at me, I could see the confusion. She didn't know whether to take that as good or bad, and for such a statement to come from the guy who had forced his cock down her throat only a few hours earlier must have made it all the more strange. When she finally looked down and gazed at her ringed breasts pressed up against me, I could tell she still hadn't resolved that issue. But I was fairly certain she knew I was right: she wasn't going to break, and she was going to be my sex kitten, whether she accepted the circumstances or not. We finished eating in silence.

Afterward she still seemed pretty glum so I decided she could use a break. "Want some dessert Kitsune?" She shot me a caustic glance, but to my surprise opened her mouth. I laughed and said, "That's not what I meant. Besides, I don't trust you to not bite my dick off yet."

"Then what do you want?"

I turned on the vibrator to a high setting and she immediately convulsed, straining against all her bondage. She let out a long sigh and softly said "Alright." I removed the spreader bar from her ankles and retrieved the shopping bag.

"I got us something to play with while I was out."

I twirled the bag in front of her, and she tracked the movement but was clearly not focused, distracted by the buzzing between her legs. I pulled out a bottle of lube. She clearly didn't recognize it but I thought I'd toy with her a little.

"Know what this is?"

"N-ahh... No" she said, and didn't seem to care much.

"This is a bottle of lube, Kitsune."



She continued to look at the bottle in my hand apprehensively, but no light of recognition dawned in her eyes. I smiled, more than happy to be her first.

"This'll help me get my cock up your ass."

Her eyes widened suddenly and she stopped reacting to the vibrator.

"Please... don't...-aaah" The vibrations overcame her repulsion at the thought.

I dropped my pants and she looked at my erection in horror, unable to realistically envision it pushing through her sphincter. I grabbed two small spreader bars and fixated them each between an ankle and a corresponding upper thigh, rigidly enforcing a ninety degree angle at the knee. I put two more between her knees and her ankles, holding her legs suitably far enough apart to form a sturdy base, then flipped her over so she was on her knees, her head and shoulders pressed against the ground and her ass swaying tantalizingly in the air. I found a small combination penis-ball gag and stuffed it into her alternately pleading and moaning mouth, buckling it tightly and silencing her further protestations. Let her chew on that for a while. I opened the bottle and prepared to introduce my Kitsune to anal.

I moved up behind her as she vigorously struggled to get away, the bells on her quaking tits ringing urgently. I hastily undid the strap so that the butt plug could be deflated and pulled out, but the vibrator would remain fastened snugly in her cunt. She thrashed and bucked, but I grabbed her hips and positioned myself in front of her welcoming pink opening. With one long thrust and one long agonized shriek, I was inside her tight little ass. The feeling of heat and constraint was incredible as I started pumping away, making sure not to be overly gentle. Kitsune was breathing heavily and trying to cry out, but the only noises escaping the gag were long throaty groans that matched my every thrust.

I could feel myself approaching the point of no return, so I quickened my pace. She made no attempt to let me know that this was unappreciated; I could see that the combination of the vibrator in her cunt and the cock in her ass was bring her to the same peak I was nearing. I pushed and pulled, and she moaned and screamed, and soon it seemed as if she was pushing herself onto me rather than trying to push away. I bent forward and grabbed her engorged jingling breasts, kneading and massaging them while building steam. Her eyes were all over the place, her mind loaded with endorphins and unable to focus. My own mind was spinning with the heat of our bodies clashing, the heady atmosphere of the room now making it seem difficult to breathe. I felt it coming. I gasped, and pulsed, and wrapped my arms tightly around her tightly bound form, and at last it was over.

Kitsune had climaxed half a minute before, and was taking long deep breaths through her nose by the time I finished. I turned off the vibrator and pulled out of her butt, and she collapsed on her side, legs still held wide by the spreader bars. Her chest heaved as much as the corset could allow; she seemed lost in another dimension for the moment. I rested a few moments, basking in the quickly receding afterglow, before moving to clean myself off.

She was still in shock when I returned, though her breathing had calmed. I undid the bondage on everything except her arms and the gag. She made no attempt to move, just laid there on the floor like a slug. I got some soft cuffs and secured her legs together, with enough freedom of movement to shuffle like an old cripple.

"I'm going to unbind your arms now, and put them in a loose armbinder. Normally I love our little struggle games, but I'm quite exhausted right now, so if you resist I'll stuff a plug up your ass which you'll wear all night, I'll withhold your orgasm for two months, and you'll live on nothing but cock juice for the next three days, alright?"

She nodded. In all honesty she might have been too exhausted to struggle even without the threat.

She seemed fairly recovered by the time I had her in the armbinder, but even then she didn't make a fuss. I could still see a bit of fire in her eyes. She was angry that I had taken her anal virginity, no doubt about that, even if I had brought her to what I was pretty sure was the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced. It was still rape, we both knew it, and thus only one of us had fully enjoyed it. But as I led Kitsune by the leash through the halls of my house and into my bedroom, as I chained her collar to the headboard of my bed, as I pulled her up next to me to sleep in my bed for the first time since she'd arrived, I wondered if maybe someday it would no longer be rape and then both of us could enjoy it. I had personally been ecstatic these past two weeks with my sexy little captive, but maybe something more mutual could acceptable too. I pulled her up close to me, toying with the rings on her nipples, musing about how odd it would be to move from this to that. Maybe it was impossible. But as Kitsune looked at me with a mixture of contempt and shame, her eyes lighting up the dark, I had to wonder.

I kissed her cock-gagged lips. "Thanks Kitsune, you did good tonight. We'll eat better on weekends from now on I think, it worked out pretty well." She mumbled something behind the gag, and I found myself curious to know what she'd said, even if it was an inane insult. I unbuckled it without even bothering to warn her about screaming.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What should I call you?"

I hesitated. "I don't know."

"John the Rapist? Harry the Abuser? George the Pervert?" she grumbled.

I admit the question caught me somewhat off guard. I figured I still wouldn't tell her my name for now, maybe never, but I wasn't keen on the whole 'Master' or 'Sir' business. "Whatever you want, I guess."

"Well then." She thought a moment, then rolled over and moved away a little bit. "Goodnight Prick."

I laughed, enjoying every bit of her snark for as long as it would last. I pulled her back to me, a sudden rush of blood flowing to my cock as it lodged between the curves of her ass.

"Goodnight Kitsune."


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