by Lobo De La Sombra

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Storycodes: M/f; F+/f; castle; captive; bond; rope; bfold; tease; torment; denial; oral; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

Glaring, she watched the man enter the dungeon. Moving with the grace of absolute confidence, he strode across the dank room to stand before her as she stood chained to the wall. His eyes moved over her body, taking in the long, toned legs, flaring thighs, wide hips, trim waist, and large, firm breasts. When his eyes rose to meet hers, she saw no lust there, only curiosity.

“I am Darin,” he said, “King of this land. You snuck into my palace to kill me.”

She simply glared at him, refusing to answer him in any way.

“By the tattoo on your shoulder,” he continued, “I see that you’re an Amazon. I’m curious to know why you tried to kill me. Did your queen order an assassination? I didn’t think the Amazons bothered themselves with the affairs of other nations. Or are you working alone, perhaps being paid by someone?” Again, she met his words with silence. Finally, he shrugged.

“I have someone here who would like very much to talk to you.” He nodded toward a man, dressed all in black, who stood nearby, openly leering at her naked body. “He promises me he can get the information I need.” Darin frowned. “Somehow, though, I doubt that. Even hanging there, you have the bearing of a soldier, someone accustomed to pain. No,” he declared, “I don’t think pain is the answer. I think something else is called for here.”

He gestured, and two large men approached her, reaching up and releasing her hands. Before she could resist, one man wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, pulling down strongly and bending her at the waist. As she struggled for balance, the second man easily captured her wrists, drawing them behind her and shackling them together. Next, her left leg was released, then forced over against her right leg. Rope bound her ankles tightly together, after which her final chain was removed. At a signal from the King, one of the men lifted her, draping her bound body across his shoulders. Ignoring her struggles, the man turned and carried her from the dungeon, through what seemed an endless series of stairways and corridors.

Finally, the man slipped her from his shoulders onto a cold surface. Despite her struggles, her legs were unbound, only to be pulled apart and secured to ropes at the corners of the table she now lay on. The chains were removed from her wrists, but her freedom was short-lived, as she was forced onto her back, her arms drawn over her head and secured with rope to the other two corners of the table.

Silently, she glared at the King as he approached the table. “As I mentioned,” he said, “I doubt pain will loosen your tongue. I’ve decided, therefore, to try something a bit more pleasant.” Stepping back, he gestured, and three women approached the table. With a smile, he introduced them.

Jezra was a stunning black woman, with wide hips, flaring bust, and a face of stern, proud beauty. Mya, with her pale skin and slim, waifish body, seemed almost childlike by comparison, though no less beautiful. And Kim, with her golden skin and slanted, almond-shaped eyes, resembled nothing so much as an oriental goddess.

“These ladies,” the King told her, “will be your companions for a while. I trust you will learn to enjoy their company.” So saying, he stepped away, making room for the three women to gather around the table.

As the women approached her, she glanced around. The room, while not huge, was certainly not small, with finely paneled walls. Other than the table she was bound to, the room’s only furnishing was an ornate desk, at which the King now seated himself, taking up papers and beginning to read. Then her attention was drawn back to those around her.

“His Majesty has offered us a generous reward if we succeed,” she heard Jezra say, even as she felt fingers trace softly along one thigh. “And since he’s King, we could find ourselves taking your place if we fail.” She saw the proud, beautiful face loom over her own. “So we have no intention of failing.” Those lush lips lowered, placing a soft kiss on her forehead, then withdrawing before she could twist her head away.

“But let’s make this more interesting, shall we? Mya?” She saw the pale woman approach, something dark in her hands. Suddenly, she felt her head lifted. Before she could twist away, the dark cloth in Mya’s hands was wrapped over her eyes and knotted snugly into place.

Now unable to see, she felt three sets of hands caressing her body. Slowly, gently, they stroked her skin, one set working it’s way toward the juncture of her thighs, the other two gradually homing in on her breasts. With a soft curse, her first sound since her capture, she threw herself against her bonds, but the ropes had been too well tied. Her most furious struggles succeeded only in exhausting her, leaving her limp on the table as the hands continued their exploration.

Soon, she felt soft fingers probing between her thighs, even as other fingers stroked and caressed both breasts. As the hands continued, she found herself wondering if the King were mad, thinking this could make her talk.

Gradually, the hands at her chest focused on her nipples, gently pinching and rolling them. The hands between her thighs stroked with slowly increasing pressure. Slowly, in spite of herself, she felt herself begin to grow aroused. Then one finger slipped within her, and she cursed herself for the soft moan that escaped her clenched lips.

Slowly, the finger delved deeper within her, even as the hands vanished from her breasts, replaced by two mouths that gently sucked and bit at her now hardened nipples. Curses now leaked from between her clenched teeth as she fought her body’s growing arousal. Surely, she thought, this could never make her talk. Still, she vowed to allow no sign of her arousal to show. The finger within her found the hardened bud of her center, and her hips jumped at the spasm of pleasure that shot through her.

“Enough,” she heard Jezra’s voice command. “Mya, try and get some sleep. Kim, come relieve me in two hours.” The mouths left her breasts, while the hand she now assumed belonged to Jezra continued it’s slow probe of her womanhood.

Slowly, gently, that hand stroked the fires of her arousal. Jezra’s other hand, meanwhile, had made its way to her breasts, alternately kneading the soft firm mounds and softly pinching her nipples. Helplessly bound, she could do little to fight the fire those hands kindled within her.

Gradually, she lost track of time, trapped in her dark world of arousal. She seemed to sense when the hands that stroked her suddenly became slimmer, more delicate. Not Jezra any more, she thought through the growing haze. Mya? Kim? Had two hours passed already? Now those delicate hands began to bear down just a tiny bit more, driving her arousal toward its peak. Slowly, the fire grew until she could sense her release looming. Her ears filled with the sound of the moans she could no longer hold back. So close, so close. And then…….. nothing.

Moaning, she was surprised to realize that her hips were thrusting upwards, seeking the release that was so close, yet beyond her reach. Now no hand touched her, allowing her body to recede from its peak, relaxing onto the table as her moans subsided. Then the hands returned, and the slow climb began again.

Again and again, those hands took her to the very brink, only to deny her the release she grew to crave with increasing desperation. It seemed as if, each time, the climb was faster, the need greater, until the pleasure itself became as poignant as pain. Her moans filled her ears, slowly becoming mixed with gasping pleas for release. And still those hands teased her, bringing her so close, but never allowing her that final moment of ecstasy.

How long those hands tormented her, she had no idea. Suddenly, the cloth was drawn from over her eyes. Blinking, she saw the King looking down at her. Steeling herself, she clamped her lips closed, only to have soft moans continue to escape.

“Do you need it?” he asked. She clamped her eyes closed, refusing, even with her eyes, to admit to her need. Her eyes flew open, however, as she felt fingers softly pinch the hardened buds of her nipples. It was Mya, she saw, hands still working gently on those hardened buds, so sensitive now to every touch that the pleasure was almost pain. Her eyes now rose to look once more at the King.

“Do you need it?” he asked again. “You can have it, you know, once you tell me what I want to know.”

“I…..will…..tell………nothing!” Her words of defiance, somehow, seemed weak, even helpless, interspersed as they were with her gasps of need.

“Are you sure,” the King asked. “Just tell me what I want to know, and you can have what you need.”

“I…..need…..nothing…..from…!” she declared, then gasped loudly as Mya’s fingers plunged deep within her. “I…..need……need…..I…..don’t…..PLEASE!!”

“You’re sure?” Shaking his head, the King turned away.

As if a dam had burst with her first words, the room now became filled with her voice. “I…..don’t…..can’t…..won’t…..never…..don’t…..stop…..” Even to her own lust-filled ears, her words sounded desperate, as she watched, first, Jezra, then Kim, join Mya at her side.

“I think she’s almost ready, Your Majesty,” she heard Jezra’s voice say. Ready for what? Her mind suddenly whirled as all three women began stroking every inch of her now incredibly sensitive body. She could, in an almost abstract way, feel herself writhing on the table as, once again, those talented hands drove her so close, only to deny her.

“Please!” she heard herself beg. “Please…..finish…..please…..” Suddenly, the King’s face loomed over her own.

“They can’t,” he said, his voice strangely soft. “Until you answer my questions, I’m afraid I can’t allow it. Now, why did you try to kill me?”

She shook her head, only to hear her own voice answering. “Hired………do…….it!” It was as if her body had taken complete control, ready to give anything asked of her, even truth, in order to gain what it so desperately needed.

“Who are you?” she heard the King ask.

“Kira!” she heard herself gasp.

“And who hired you?”


The King frowned. “So,” he mused, “the good count hired you to kill me. No doubt so he could claim the throne for himself. But why you? How did you get mixed up in this?”

Gasping, desperate in her need, she found herself pouring out her tale. She told him of her years as general to the Amazon Queen, of her exile following the accidental death of a member of the royal family, her wandering. She told how, desperate, she had accepted the Count’s offer of a hundred gold coins if she would kill the King. Her story finished, she fell silent, only her panting gasps filling the room.

For a long moment, the King simply looked at her. Then, nodding, he glanced at the three women surrounding her.

“Give her what she needs,” he said softly. “Give her everything she needs.”

“No!” At her gasped denial, three sets of hands froze, while four sets of eyes stared. “You……King!” she gasped. “You…..finish…..please!”

The King smiled softly. “I’m sorry,” he said in a gentle voice, “but I can’t. Not,” he continued, reaching down to stroke her cheek, even that soft touch bringing a moan to her lips, “that I don’t want to. It just wouldn’t be right.” With a final soft touch, he stepped back, watching as three set of hands, three mouths, brought her, again and again, to the release she had so desperately longed for. Finally, spent, her body collapsed in its bonds.

“His Majesty will see you now, General.” Stepping through the door, she halted before the desk, watching silently as he read from some document.

As she watched, she marveled at his actions. Far from punishing her, he had ordered her immediate release. She had, he declared, only been an unwitting pawn in Count Thasa’s bid for power. He had then stunned her (and the whole Kingdom, she still believed) by offering her command of his armies. Now, after several months of hard work, she had finally won the acceptance of those she commanded, and General Kira was now a figure respected by the whole army. Not that it had been easy, she thought, but definitely worth it.

Now, as she delivered her report, she watched his every move. As an Amazon, she had been taught her whole life to believe in her innate superiority over men, her natural right to command them. This man, though, defied everything she thought she knew. He had destroyed her shell of superiority, and then refused to take advantage of the helplessness he had created. And since her elevation to General, he had treated her with respect and courtesy. He touched something in her, something she had only recently come to accept.

Now, her report finished, he nodded. “Will there be anything else?”

“May I ask you a question?” At the King’s nod, she continued. “That first day, on the table. When I asked you to finish me. You said it wouldn’t be right. What did you mean?”

Darin frowned slightly. “I have never,” he replied, “taken a woman without her consent. And I never will.”

“But I asked you to. I even….” Her face flushed slightly at the thought. “I even begged you to.”

Darin shook his head. “That wasn’t you talking,” he said softly. “That was your need. It was bad enough I had to put you in that position in the first place. For me to take advantage of that need…….. well, just say it’s not something I would choose to do.”

Kira gazed at where the table had once stood, her mind turning over the meanings she heard behind his words. Even then, he had respected her. Still………

“Something else on your mind, General?” The King’s question distracted her from her musing, even as a thought formed. Nodding, she turned back toward the desk.

“One more thing, Your Majesty,” she replied.

“And what might that be?”

“I can’t tell you.” At his raised eyebrows, she fought to hide a nervous shiver.

“Oh, really?”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty, but I’m afraid you might be forced to question me again.” Her gaze sharpened slightly. “Yourself this time, without Jezra and her friends.”

For a moment, he simply gazed at her, and she could see the smile hiding behind that stern mask. “As you wish. Report to my chambers after evening meal, General.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Not bothering to hide her own smile, she turned away. “And I’ll bring the rope.”


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