The Kinky Moon

by Belroc

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© Copyright 2016 - Belroc - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; femdom; slave; bond; cartunk; hood; gag; bfold; dungeon; cuffs; susp; strip; cbt; chast; bdsm; electro; shock; torment; cons; X

The anticipation was growing. They had been planning this “holiday” since they were married on the cruise ship 6 months before and now, all the work and preparation had finally come to an end. An eerie realisation seemed to descend over the car, on the journey home from dropping off the kids at grandma’s house. Two whole weeks without any children or interruptions. You could cut the tension with a knife, because once they arrived at their driveway, it would be the start of their very own “Kinky moon”.

It was the name they had decided to give their adventure when the idea was conceived on their wedding cruise. This was the time that Belroc would finally submit to his Mistress Shibari completely and totally in every way for the next two weeks.

Belroc had spent the last six months building the “coffin” and various other pieces of dungeon furniture while Mistress had acquired an extensive range of colourful ropes and “outfits” to wear for the term of their Kinky moon.

It was evening, the sun had faded and the world was bathed in twilight when finally, they arrived at the gate to the property they rented in rural Victoria.

“This is your last chance, are you sure you want to do this” Mistress Shibari announced as she reached down to her bag and removed the contract.

They had used contracts before, but they were always filled with conditions to prevent exposing the kinky side of their relationship to the children. This one had no conditions. Belroc would become Mistress Shibari’s slave in every sense of the word for the next two weeks.

“Yes my-lady Shibari, I am ready to sign the contract.”

Belroc took the document from his, soon to be, Mistress’ hand. She couldn’t help but notice his hand shaking a little as he signed his name. This excited her and she felt stirring between her thighs. Finally, she would have him. And with that, the deal was struck.

“Very well get your pathetic slut ass out of the car and open the gate. When you have done that, meet me at the back of the car” Mistress Shibari’s voice had changed. Her tone now commanded obedience.

Belroc got out of the black SUV they had owned for what seem so long now, opened the gate to their driveway and then preceded to walk to the back of the car were his new mistress was standing.

“Well don’t keep me waiting bitch, open the fucking tailgate!” It would appear that Mistress Shibari had some new names for her slave. Belroc opened the tailgate.

Mistress took out some rope and forcibly turned Belroc around so his back was facing her. With skill that shocked Belroc a little his hands were quickly tied behind his back. She turned him again and positioned him resting against the back of the car and proceeded to remove his artificial leg, he guessed he wouldn’t be driving up to the house. Before he knew it, his legs were tightly tied together, and from her crouching position she slowly brushed herself against him in a teasing manner as she rose to her feet. She pushed him into the boot of the car and rolled him onto his stomach. Then she hitched up the ankle rope to Belroc’s tied wrists creating a surprisingly tight hogtie.

She left the back of the SUV and Belroc heard the door open, a few random rummaging sounds, and then the footsteps of his new Mistress’ shoes on the gravel driveway as she walked back to her captive. In her hand she carried a black leather hood with two round holes for the eyes and one round hole for the mouth. Mistress Shibari pulled the hood over her slaves head, tied the lace and buckled the collar. Then Belroc heard the sound he would come to know all too well over the next two weeks, and that was the sound of the padlock she had attached to the collar of the hood, locking shut.

“I hope you like this hood slut, I see no reason for it to be removed over the next two weeks and besides, I think I’ve lost the key” This statement filled Belroc with dread, but made his cock twinge with excitement.

Then, it got dark. Belroc felt the straps of the hoods blindfold tighten around the back of his head, followed by the click of another padlock. He heard the shuffling of Mistress’s shoes on the gravel and felt the rough hand of his Mistress yank his head back.

“All dirty sluts should have a cock in their mouths. Tell me slut, tell me you want a cock in your mouth” Was Mistress’ demand.

“Yes, Mistress Shibari, all dirty sluts need a cock in their mouths, please Mistress Shibari, put a cock in my mouth” Belroc couldn’t believe how easily the words came. His cock suddenly went rock hard as he wiggled best he could to adjust.

With that, Mistress jammed a penis gag into his mouth, again he felt the strap tighten around the back of his head and the growing all too familiar sound of the padlock being closed.

The tailgate closed, and Belroc once again heard his Mistress’ footsteps on the gravel as she walked to the driver’s seat. The car door shut, gears clicked and the car jerked forward and stoped hard. Belroc was thrown first back then forward. There was nothing he could do. He heard his new mistress get out and shut the property gate and return to the car. Then the car leapt forward again and continued down the driveway. Belroc heard the car pull into the garage. Mistress turned off the engine, got out and Belroc heard the door close. He could hear her footsteps walk to the back of the car and was expecting the click of the tailgate to open, but he didn’t. Instead he just heard Mistress’ footsteps get fainter and the door to the garage open then slam shut. He was alone, tied tightly in an unforgiving hogtie and locked in a hood unable to see with, what he thought at the time, to be a large cock in his mouth.

Mistress Shibari slammed the door to the garage so hard it made a thundering crack that startled her a little. She wanted to be sure that her ‘new found toy’ heard the door slam and he knew he was alone, inescapably bound, blindfolded and gagged. By now the panties she was wearing had become very sticky and moist thanks to the flow of her juices but she couldn’t help it, she was just so god dam horny. It took all the will power she had not to drop to her knees and masturbate right there and then. ‘No’ she thought, ‘not yet’.

She went to the bathroom and removed the vanilla clothes she had been wearing since they left their home in the early hours of the morning. It had been a long drive and she was desperate for a shower. As the clothes fell to the floor, she felt a strange sense of release. Release from the life she had lead up till now. Mistress Shibari got into the shower and turned the water on hard. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a shower without people banging on the door wanting something. Don’t mistake this for not liking her life, Mistress Shibari loved being a mother and was a fantastic one at that, but she was going to savour this Kinky Moon, like an indulgent bowl of ice cream.

A few days prior to the start of her new found position, Mistress Shibari had visited the beauty salon and had a thorough waxing of all the ‘important’ areas, it hurt like the fucking bejesus, but as she washed her now silky smooth flesh, she knew it was worth it. There wasn’t much to do in the shower really except soak in the calm and tranquillity. For a moment she almost forgot about her new fuck toy bound in the car, the thought of which snapped her back from the dream she was in. When she stepped out of the shower she was no longer the women whom had stepped in, she was now ‘Mistress Shibari’ and would continue to be for another two tantalising weeks.

She wrapped her hair in a towel and moved to the bedroom. She sat at her vanity and proceeded to do her make-up and hair. She fully intended to leave her new slut blindfolded for the rest of the night but this wasn’t for him. Oh no, this was for her. She dressed in an old western, whore house style, red satin dress that had a short skirt at the front, and a full length dress at the back. It had a black leather corset around the waist that pushed her sumptuous breasts together and forced them to the top giving her an outstanding cleavage. She took her time pulling the ornate patterned black thigh high stockings on, savouring the sensation of the nylon gliding across her pale freshly waxed skin, fastening each one in turn to the black lace suspender belt wrapped around her trim waist.

Mistress Shibari thought of putting panties on, but then decided against it as they would just get in the way later. Next came the boots, but these weren’t just any boots, they had a 3 inch platform sole and a heel to match. They came to the base of her knee with laces that went all the way from her toes to her knee and large silver buckles, three in total that adorned each calf. The boots made her substantially taller, much taller than her new slave, but that wasn’t a problem, he wasn’t going to standing again for at least two weeks. Slaves need to worship from their knees and hands.

She rose and walked over to the full length oval antique timber varnished mirror in the corner of the bedroom. ‘Well hello Mistress Shibari’ she thought to herself. Mistress glanced at her watch, it had been 1 hour and 45 minutes since she left her slave bound in the boot of the car, it was time to play.

Belroc’s wrists had been aching for some time now. He could see nothing but knew that by now it was night. He could only imagine what was instore for him and so far he had had plenty of time to ponder it. It felt like hours had gone by before he heard the door of the garage open. A wave of relief flowed over him. Finally she would come and untie him, but as he was soon to discover the meaning behind the old saying “out of the frying pan and into the fire”.

The tailgate clicked and Belroc heard it open.

“There’s my new little slut. I hope you’ve enjoyed your time alone. I must ensure to make you thank me for letting you suck cock for so long.” Mistress’ voice dripped into Belroc’s ears like honey from a spoon and before he knew it, his cock was instantly hard.

Without a further word she untied him from his bonds and helped him to the edge of the tailgate. Belroc felt her clip something to the D-ring of the collar and then a sharp jerk downwards.

“Get to your hands and knees bitch, you pathetic excuse for a slave. NOW!”

Belroc had no choice. Due to real life circumstances he had had a below knee amputation, and mistress had taken his leg, he did as commanded.

“Heel slut” was the demand from mistress’ lips, and a sharp tug on what Belroc now thought was a leash as he followed on his hands and knees.

Still unable to see and with a now soaking wet cock in his mouth from his saliva, Mistress lead her new toy to the room they had prepared as the dungeon. The room was quite large, with a black marbled floor with a small chrome drain in the centre of the room. Dark timber stained panelling that came about a third of the way up the wall surrounded the room with blood red suede wall paper that continued to the ceiling. The roof was painted gloss black, almost to a mirror finish and dotted with eye bolts for points to secure ropes or chains to and in the centre a solitary hook attached to an electric winch.

There were 4 varnished timber hutches lined up together at one end of the room against the wall, the selves of which displayed various whips, canes, crops and a large number of candles. In the drawers of the hutches were a vast collection of pegs, nipple clamps and other devices of torture and things that made a buzzing sound. The bottom of the hutches, behind the cupboard doors, was for the ropes, chains and leather restraints. There was a gap between the middle two hutches that sported a raised platform. On this platform was a detailed carved wooden throne that was painted black, it was adorned with blood red leather cushions to match the colour of the suede on the walls. There were two down lights mounted in the ceiling above the raised platform that basked the throne in light. It’s was an ominous piece of furniture that commanded attention from every corner of the room.

In the centre of the room, directly across from the door was a stunning device. It rested flat against the wall and resembled a bed that had been folded up. Entwined about the timber frame was an elaborate web of sparkling stainless steel chain. There was a small central ring of chain and from that 8 lengths that went to each corner and middle of the frame. From the inner circle there were a further 4 circles radiating out. It truly looked stunning in the dimmed light of the dungeon. The web was actually a secret door that leads to a storage room adjacent to the dungeon where there were a number of stocks, cages and devices of torment resided.

At the opposite end of the room from the hutches was a wall that jutted out approximately two metres from the centre of the wall and was as high as the ceiling. On one side was a bathroom space completely tiled in the same black floor tiles, it had an open shower, a toilet made from stainless steel that had no seat and a small vanity with a mirror surrounded by lights, like an actor would use when they were applying makeup. On the other side of the wall was Belroc’s pride and joy, a cell. It had thick bars made from concrete reinforced steel rods that where framed in thick 100mm timber, stained to match the timber panelling that surrounded the room. Inside the cell, the walls were lined in grey stone tiles. There was a canvass covered bunk along the back wall and a galvanised metal bucket in the corner. The walls of the cell were dotted with old style wrought iron rings like what you would find in an old dungeon from the 1800’s. It took Belroc a long time to get the look he wanted just right.

“Well Slut, I’d like to ask you what you think of your new home but I know you can’t see it.” Mistress’ voice seemed to shatter the silence.

“You have done such a wonderful job creating your cell, I just can’t wait to see you in it, but you have to be ‘prepared’ first.” Her words filled Belroc with dread.

“Stay there and do not move!”

Belroc heard his mistress rummage through the hutches at the end of the room and then her footsteps towards him seemed to echo like a blacksmiths hammer on an anvil. He felt Mistress attach cuffs to his wrist and hands, these felt quite elaborate and he knew that they were a recent purchase. Then he heard it, the electric winch, and instantly knew these were suspension cuffs. Mistress attached the cuffs to the winch hook and Belroc was slowly pulled to his feet, ah foot. But she didn’t stop and before he knew it, he was hanging in mid air. Mistress had him right where she wanted him, helpless.

“Now please try not to wriggle too much slut as this knife is very sharp and I’d hate to cut you..., yet!” Oh crap was all Belroc could think followed by a few tentative hrumpths through the cock in his mouth. Then mistress began to cut the civilian clothes from Belroc’s body. He heard each one fall to the floor as Mistress Shibari took her time to expose each individual part of his body to the cold sting of the dungeon air. Mistress had turned down the heat.

Mistress began “Because you are such a slut you will be treated as such from this moment on. From this day forth, you will never were clothing again. The only items you are permitted to wear are hoods, wrist and ankle cuffs, collars and of course chains and or rope. Also, you no longer have a cock this will from now on be known as your clit. And your balls are now your pussy flaps. Though your clit is a source of great pleasure for you, it fucking disgusts me and I can’t have you getting any pleasure from it. There for, I will now put your clit into a cage and there it will stay. You exist to serve and please me now, your pleasure is irrelevant!” Belroc muffled something inaudible.

Mistress grabbed Belroc’s clit and gave it a sharp tug that made him sway.

“Well this will not do slut. How can I attach your clits new home when it is so engorged from pleasure?” Mistress was unhappy, as Belroc soon found out.

Whack, the pain shot through Belroc’s body starting at his clit. Mistress had hit it with something that really hurt. Then another, and another, quickly after.

Tears welled in Belroc’s eyes as he felt his clit shrink from its torment. This was enough for Mistress to fit the cage and then it finished with a familiar click.

“There you are you pathetic bitch.” Mistress Shibari said. “Your clit is now locked away and will remain that way unless I deem otherwise”.

Mistress added, “Oh and in case you are thinking this cage will protect your clit from pain, you are sorely mistaken.”

Then Belroc felt a jolt of pain like he had never felt before. He screamed through the cock in his mouth and after what seemed like an eternity, the pain subsided.

“You see slut, the cage around your clit is a CB6000 with a little, shall we say, accessory. Located down the inside of the clit attachment, running along each side is thin strips of metal attached to a device around your flaps similar to that of a dogs electric shock collar. Quite appropriate for you I think. Anyhow, it is attached via wi-fi to the remote I hold in my hand. Which I can activate from anywhere in the house.” With that Mistress Shibari took great pleasure in activating the device again.

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