The Kingdom

by Southrook

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© Copyright 2018 - Southrook - Used by permission

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story continued from chapter seven

Chapter 8: Hazardous Plants and Extracts

Naked, gagged, hooded, and tied spread-eagle, I tugged ferociously at my bonds. It had probably been 20 minutes since Brandy had left and I was still nowhere closer to freedom. The pillow had slid out from under my head, giving me a clearer view of the restraints that bound me.

After having studied dozens of types of knots the night prior, I could see that Brandy had used a variation of what looked like a “bowline on a bight” knot to restrain each of my limbs to the corners of the bed. This meant that the only knot was bud-up against the bed’s poster. And since this was a king-sized bed, and I was positioned squarely in the middle, that made the knot over a foot out of my reach. I had managed to shift my body a few inches toward my dominant hand, but I was still well out of reach. I shouted in rage as I thrashed about in tantrum. I hated this! Brandy could return any second!

To make matters worse, by tugging and pulling so hard against the ropes, I was pretty sure that I’d only managed to cinch the knots tighter. Even if I could get my fingers around them, I’m not sure I’d have a chance at prying knot apart. I arched my back and shrieked pointlessly at the ceiling. I still couldn’t believe this was happening! I kept hoping that I was going to wake up and find that this had all been a terrible dream.

Just then, I heard the door to the suite open. My heart dropped and I instantly felt a sob forming in the base of my throat. My chance to escape had expired. Brandy had returned.

“Housekeeping!” I heard a chirpy high-pitched voice call out.

My spirits suddenly spiked. Housekeeping! I craned my head upward and hollered into my gag. It wasn’t Brandy! The sound of heels clicked across the foyer toward the bedroom.

“Hello?” the voice called from the doorway. A dark, curly haired woman leaned in. It was none other than the head of Katie from check-in!

“Aieee?!” I squealed into my gag

“Why, hello there, little one,” Katie said pleasantly. As she stepped through the doorway, I could see that she wore a revealing sexy maid’s outfit just like the woman from who had visited the previous day. Around her neck was a burgundy employee choker with her nametag in the middle.

Hallelujah! I exhaled in relief and relaxed in my bonds. After sticking up for her at check-in, surely she would help me out of this!

But as Katie stepped into the room, I could tell that something was off... She laid a stack of fresh towels on the dresser and turned to face me with a faux pouty face.

“Aww,” she chuckled. “You look so unhappy!”

“Aiee! Hall ee awogh dicht!” I shouted unintelligibly at her. Katie smiled as she stepped casually up to the foot of the bed.

“Aw, don’t worry, sweetie,” she said as she placed her hand on my bare foot. “I’m sure Mistress Jodie will be back to tend to your needs in no time,” she cooed playfully.

Holy shit, she didn’t recognize me! My heart sank as I suddenly remembered the latex hood covering the majority of my face. I frantically shook my head back and forth, hollering nonsense into my gag. Katie just giggled and walked around the bed to inspect my restraints. I continued to holler and thrash about, desperate to get through to Katie.

“Wow. It looks like Mistress Jodie certainly knows her knots!” she cooed in admiration.

I groaned, throwing my head back and forth in frustration. Katie took a seat on the bed beside me.

“Here,” she said as she reached over and readjusted the pillow to rest once more beneath my head. “There we go.”

I continued to plead my case, hollering desperately through the gag and tugging at my bonds. I had to figure out a way to convey to Katie that I was Jodie. She HAD to help me! She was literally the only one who could. But a stupid latex hood stood between me and my freedom. Why the fuck did Brandy have to put the hood on?!

“Aw, sweetie,” Katie mused compassionately. “Your lips look so chapped. Hold on a sec. Let me get you some chapstick.” She lifted up her skirt and reached her fingers into what looked like a hidden pocket on the inside. Pulling out a small tin pillbox, her face grimaced as she struggled to pry it open. Seconds later, the lid sprang open, sending the contents of the pillbox flying through the air. I rolled my eyes as breath mints showered down on me, along with a tube of chapstick, and what looked like… wait- were those marijuana joints? I tilted my head down to get a closer look. Yep- landing on the bed beside me were three unmistakable rolls of cannabis.

Shit!” Katie whispered. She quickly snatched up them up and returned them to the pillbox. “Those aren’t mine, I swear,” she stammered, as her cheeks suddenly became bright red. She leaned across me and continued gathering all of the breath mints off the bed. “I’ve never even used marijuana. I found those in one of the rooms I cleaned earlier.” I could see her fingers trembling in embarrassment. “Technically, I’m supposed to report any illegal drugs that I find during my rounds, but the punishment is a minimum sentence of seven days in the kennel. Seven days!” Katie shuddered dramatically. “And the slave has to serve the same sentence as her master! Yeah- I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I just confiscated them so I could destroy after my shift ends.”

Though Katie appeared genuine in her explanation, I honestly couldn’t have cared less who the pot belonged to. I had much bigger things on my mind than Katie and a few joints.

“Hold still,” she continued as she removed the cap to the chapstick and lifted it to my mouth.

I sighed in irritation as Katie applied the balm to my gagged lips. I know she wasn’t trying to patronize me, but it still felt pretty demeaning.

“There we go,” she said with a half smile. “You know, I met your Mistress a few days ago. I really think you lucked out by getting her.” I groaned loudly. How the hell was I going to get through to this nitwit? “She actually did me a huge favor,” she continued, returning the chapstick back to her pillbox while she talked. “I was the one who checked her in back at the train station. I guess I was being too loud, because my boss came over and reprimanded me. But Jodie intervened on my behalf. I’m pretty sure my boss was about to fire me or transfer me to another department. But she told him off right in front of everyone and insisted that I stay. It was…” Katie shivered giddily, as if recalling a pleasant dream, “-it was pretty incredible.”

“UGGGH!” I groaned loudly in frustration. Katie jumped in surprise. I had heard all that I could bear. “I KNOW! I KNOW! THAT WAS ME!” I tried to articulate. Only, with the gag in my mouth, it came out something like-“AI-OH! AI-OH! AMP ULPH HEEE!” I continued to holler as loud as I could, utterly desperate now to communicate.

“Oh sweetie,” Katie said, smiling. “I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat.” She patted my abdomen softly as she stood to her feet. “A million dollar paycheck and getting to be a slave to a gorgeous red-head for three months… Mmm. To be completely honest, if I got someone like Jodie as a mistress, I’m not sure I’d ever want to leave-”

Just then, I heard the sound of the front door opening. Katie’s face turned sharply toward the bedroom doorway. She hurriedly lifted her skirt again and stowed the pillbox in the hidden pocket. She straightened her uniform, stood up straight, and pulled her curly hair behind her ears. She skipped giddily toward the doorway, propping up her breasts with her hands. It certainly seemed like she’d become smitten with me. But as she stood in the doorway, the smile on her face suddenly vanished.

“Oh- hello” Katie said awkwardly as Brandy entered the room.

Brandy stopped in her tracks. She was holding several shopping bags in her hands. She stared at Katie, stone-faced.

“…Can I help you?” Brandy replied suspiciously.

“Oh- sorry, I uh, I’m house-keeping. I’m Katie-” Katie said, pointing awkwardly at her name tag on her neck. “I was just dropping off some linens.” She motioned her hand towards the towels on the dresser. Brandy stared at her silently. “Doooo…. uh, do you need anything before I go? Does anything need to be cleaned, or-?”

“No,” Brandy replied bluntly, not breaking her stoic gaze with Katie. After a moment of awkward silence, Brandy added, “Bye.”

“Oh, right. Sorry,” Katie replied, walking past Brandy with her head down. Brandy’s eyes followed Katie as she walked away. At the doorway, Katie stopped and turned back toward Brandy. “Have a nice day, Miss-…”

“McConnell,” Brandy replied. “Jodie McConnell.”

It was at this moment that I saw the lights finally dawn on Katie. I held my breath as I watched Katie’s eyes widen. She froze like a deer in headlights. Her face had drained of all color and looked as if she’d seen a ghost. There was little doubt that she knew what was going on. Albeit, she was now too late to actually do anything. At this point, short of going to security and pleading for them to intervene, I really wasn’t sure what she could do to help…

“Well, it was nice to meet you, Miss McConnell,” she said, breaking the silence with a forced smile. She glanced back over to me, visibly nervous. “I’ll- uh, give you two some privacy,” she added. “Bye.” And with that, she turned and quickly exited the room, her heels clicking behind her.

Brandy looked over and studied me with what looked to be mild suspicion. I scowled back at her silently wearing my best poker face. Moments later, I heard the front door close, leaving me alone once more with my captor. Without saying anything, Brandy stepped into the bathroom and laid her shopping bags on the floor. Then, she exited the bedroom altogether.

Dammit, this mysterious silent shit was really starting to piss me off. I hated not knowing what my future had in store. It was unnerving not to being able to get a read on this bitch. From what I could gather, contrasting from her bio that I read on the train, she didn’t appear to be a sadist or masochist. While she had been full of sass and spunk during our previous encounters, she now carried herself like an executive or some sort of intelligence operative. She had either been pretending before or managing a multiple-personality disorder. Considering her cryptic phone call from earlier, it was almost certainly the former.

I craned my head upward as I heard something being dragged from the other room. Moments later, Brandy entered the room pulling a wooden armchair behind her. She sat the chair at the foot of the bed and disappeared once more into the bathroom. For the next several minutes, I could hear her unpacking and tinkering with the contents of her shopping bags.

I stubbornly gave several last minute tugs to my bonds. But Katie had been right. Brandy certainly did seem to know how to tie her knots.

After about a minute, Brandy stepped back into the room and walked over to stand next to me.

“I’m going to untie you now,” she explained calmly. “Once you’re free, please take a seat in that chair over there. If you fight me or try to escape, I’ll have no choice but to shock you. Understand?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed dramatically through my gag. The response must have been sufficient for Brandy because she proceeded to untie the ropes from the bed posters at each corner. First, at my ankles, and then at my wrists. Once my hands were free, I reached over and began pulling the ropes out from the D-rings of my cuffs.

“Leave them,” Brandy said, grabbing my wrist. I shot a glare at her, which prompted her to tighten her grip. “Leave them, and take a seat,” she repeated authoritatively.

For a split second, I contemplated lunging at Brandy. I would have loved nothing more than to throw down in this moment. But with the ropes still attached to all of my cuffs, it would have been only too easy for Brandy to simply retie me. So, I choose to comply. For now… I stood to my feet and walked over the armchair at the foot of the bed. Dramatically, I sat down, folding my arms across my naked chest.

“Thank you,” Brandy said.

She stepped over to me and grabbed ahold of the rope still attached to my right wrist cuff. Then, she began to wrap the rope around the arm of the chair. I shrieked into the gag, yanking my hand away, and jumping to my feet. She wanted to tie me to the chair? Bullshit! I thought she wanted to sit so we could talk! But with lightning speed, Brandy had stepped back and whipped my smartphone out of her back pocket. She held it up warningly.

“Cooperate, or I will put you down,” Brandy ordered in a deep voice.

“Ai hot awig oowet oo ai me ackot!!” I hollered unintelligibly at her.

“Take your seat,” Brandy repeated. “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you force me to.” I could see that there was zero emotion in her eyes. Just ice-cold determination. “Now,” she ordered in a louder voice.

After glaring at her for several seconds, I sat back down in defeat. I hated this!!!! As long as Brandy was in possession of my phone, she had the upper hand. I eyed the device with loathing. Who could have predicted that my shitty scratched-up Android would become the key to my future?

Upon sitting back down, Brandy began to wrap the ropes around the arms and legs of the chair, securing me in my seated position. After the last knot cinched tight, Brandy straightened up and stepped back.

“Thank you,” Brandy said softly.

UCK OO!” I spat back at her. Brandy ignored me and pulled out a pair of scissors from her pocket.

“I’m going to cut your hood off now, okay?” I simply glared back at her.

Brandy proceeded to insert the blade of the scissors beneath the bottom of my latex hood. I held my breath as I felt the metal of the long blade slide against my throat. I closed my eyes, praying silently that she wouldn’t accidentally slice my neck open. After a few seconds, she had cut a line straight down the middle of my face, past my mouth opening, along my nose, and right up to my forehead. Then, she pulled the flaps of the hood away from each other, exposing my skin. Moments later, she tugged the latex off of my head altogether, freeing my face from it’s rubber prison. Now if only she could do the same for my damn gag.

Then, Brandy stepped around the chair to stand behind me. I squealed in surprise as I felt the chair tipping backwards. My weight was now balanced on the chair’s two hind legs and I was being dragged toward the bathroom. As soon as I passed through the doorway, my nostrils were filled with the overwhelming scent of bleach and peroxide. What the hell? I twisted as best as I could to see what the smell was coming from but the high back of the chair hindered my view.

But my curiosity was short-lived. Brandy spun the armchair around to have me face the bathroom mirror and counter. On the counter was an opened box that read ‘ARORA Hair-Coloring Kit’ and a clear plastic container filled with white goo. Off to the opposite end of the counter was a styrofoam mannequin head with a long red wig perched on top.

It took me a split second to process everything that I was looking at. But once I had, it’s safe to say that I officially LOST. MY. SHIT. This bitch was planning on switching places with me!!! She was fixing to bleach my red hair to be blonde like hers! And based on the red wig on the counter, I could only guess that she planned to wear that in order to pass herself off as ME!!! Oh HELL NO!!!!!

“OO UCKID ICT!!” I shrieked at her. I continued screaming louder than I’d ever screamed before. I tugged and twisted with every ounce of my might. This was NOT going to happen. I wasn’t going to let it! I didn’t care if she shocked me to oblivion. I was prepared to fight to the death to stop her from doing this.

Suddenly, my neck was pelted with electricity. I shrieked as my back arched involuntarily. My entire body trembled as the shocks continued to radiate from my collar. Finally, after a few seconds, it ended, causing me to slump over, panting.

“Stop!” Brandy ordered, grabbing a fist-full of my hair and yanking it backwards. I glared at her through the mirror in front of us, snarling like a rabid animal. I twisted my head back and forth, desperate to pull my hair from her grip. But I could feel her grip tighten and pull back harder, making me wince in pain. But pain was no longer a deterrent for me. Now, I was here to fight.

Seeing that I was not giving in, I saw Brandy lift her phone again and tap on the screen. More electricity coursed through my neck, causing me to tense and quiver uncontrollably. Brandy released my hair and stepped in front of the chair to face me. She leaned over so that her face was right in front of mine. We were so close that I could feel her breath on my cheek.

“This is going to happen,” she said coldly. “Whether you like it or not.”

Seizing my opportunity, I lunged my head forward. Brandy leaned back, but not quickly enough. My forehead made hard contact with her mouth, causing her to yelp in pain.

“Ugh, dammit!” she shouted, raising her hand to her mouth as she stumbled backward. As she straightened up, she pulled her hand away from her mouth to reveal a bloody grimace. I had busted her bottom lip! As proud as that made me, the look of rage that was now on Brandy’s face sent chills down my spine.

Shit!” she said as she turned toward the mirror and saw the blood. She spat a mouthful of blood into the sink before turning back toward me. “Now you’ve done it, bitch.” I saw her lift her cellphone, and I clenched my eyes shut in preparation for another round of shocks.

Just then, I heard loud knocking at the front door of the suite, followed by the sound of the door opening. Both Brandy and I turned to look in shock.

“Miss O’Connell, this is security!” a male voice called out.

What the fuck?” Brandy muttered, her face contorted in confusion. She grabbed a hand-towel from the hook on the wall and frantically wiped the blood off of her face and hands. After briefly inspecting herself in the mirror, she walked past me and out of the bathroom.

“Uh, can I help you?!” I heard Brandy call out.

I craned my head back, but I couldn’t see out of the room.

“We received a report of illicit drugs on the premises,” the male voice said.

What?” Brandy challenged. “From who?”

“If I could ask you to stand back, ma’am-” the voice continued.

“No, I’m not going to stand back!” Brandy argued loudly. “You have no right to be here. Article 4 dash 2 states that no security personnel can enter a private residence-”

“-Without cause,” the security guard interrupted forcefully. “Which as you can see by this permit, we now have.”

“Right there, officer,” I heard an unidentified female voice say. “That’s where I saw it.” There was a brief pause where nobody said anything.

“What the fuck is that?” I heard Brandy ask. “Okay, I swear to god that’s not mine! I’ve never seen shit that before!”

“Ma’am, I’m going to ask you step back and place your hands against the wall,” another male stated.

“What?! No fucking way! That shit’s not mine!” Brandy hollered.

“Ma’am, I’m not going to ask again-” the guard continued.

“This is bullshit!” Brandy spat, “I’m not taking responsibility for that! Hey- back off.”


“I said BACK OFF!” Brandy yelled. I could hear the sounds of a scuffle beginning to break out. “What are you- Hey!” Brandy demanded. “No! Get… OFF OF ME! STOP!! I said Stompph! Nooompph! MMMPHHH!!!”

My heart began to race. What the hell was happening? Brandy had obviously been gagged at this point and was in the process of being overpowered. I turned my attention to my wrist restraints, desperate to find some new flaw in the ropes that would suddenly allow me to escape. I tugged ferociously, my heart pounding wildly in my chest.

“Jodie?” A voice called out from the doorway behind me. I looked up into the mirror to see Katie standing there.

“Aieee!” I shouted through my gag.

Katie rushed over to me and began untying my restraints. Once she released my wrists, I began to unlock my ring-gag. My fingers were trembling so hard that I could barely work them properly. By the time Katie had finished untying my ankles, I had removed my ring-gag and pulled off the hood. I opened and closed my jaw several times gratefully.

Suddenly, I felt Katie place her hands on each side of my face, making me jump slightly in my seat. It was safe to say that this ordeal had left me pretty jumpy. But tenderly, Katie held my face steady, kneeling down so that we were eye-level.

“Do whatever they say,” she whispered cautiously. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was dead serious. “Don’t say a word. Just nod and shake your head. I’ll take care of everything. Okay?”

“Okay,” I whispered back, nodding. I still had no idea what the hell was going on, but I sensed that I could trust Katie. I held back tears as Katie gave me a small smile.

“Okay,” she said softly, grabbing my hand. “Up we get.”

Katie helped me stand and supported my weight. While mostly emotionally traumatic, the last hour had left me somewhat shaky and weak. “I’m good now,” I said as we stepped out of the bathroom. Katie let go of me, allowing me to walk on my own.

As we stepped out of the bedroom, I saw 3 security guards standing in the foyer. One was wearing rubber gloves and was taking photographs of the entry hall table, another was walking around the suite speaking into a walkie-talkie, and the third was standing over Brandy who was lying on the floor face-down with her hands restrained behind her back at her wrists and elbows. She was still clothed, but once again wore cuffs, a trainer ball-gag, and brand new collar.

As we stepped closer, I peered at the entry-hall table, curious to see what the guard was taking pictures of. Perched on the edge was none other than Katie’s pillbox from earlier. The lid was open revealing Katie’s tube of chapstick, breath mints, and… the marijuana joints!

My mouth dropped as I glanced over to Katie. She gave me a half smile and a tiny wink. Holy shit! Beneath the ditsy, bumbling, exterior, Katie was a bonafide genius! She must have planted the pillbox on the table as she was leaving! And then, she went straight to security to report the finding of illegal drugs! If it weren’t for the fact that there were three security guards in our presence and we couldn’t afford to seem too suspicious, I could have kissed Katie!

“Do you know anything about this?” the guard with the walkie-talkie asked me, pointing at the drugs on the table. I shook my head ‘no’. The guard studied me for a second before speaking again into his walkie. “Bonner to Kennel, the suspect’s been apprehended. Gathering evidence, now.”

Pulling out a smartphone, he lifted it up and tapped it against my collar. For a split hopeful second, I thought maybe he was going to free me. But I heard my collar emit three fast consecutive beeps. I sighed in disappointment as I recognized this sound sequence from the handbook that I’d studied the night prior. Three fast consecutive beeps merely indicated a transfer of custody. I wasn’t “free”. I was now in the custody of security. Yay…

“Arms behind your back, please,” he said to me.

I looked over to Katie nervously but she simply gave me a reassuring nod. Trusting her, I did as the guard asked. The guard reached into the cargo pocket of his pants and withdrew restraints. I felt him apply the padlock to my wrist cuffs, locking them together. Then, I felt him encompass a leather strap around my upper arms just above the elbows. I winced as he buckled the strap, keeping my arms pressed tightly together behind me. Then, he raised a leash up to my neck. I rolled my eyes as he clipped it to the D-ring of my collar. I prayed silently that Katie knew what she was doing...

The guard with a camera walked around the suite taking pictures. He walked briskly past us and proceeded to inspect the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and closets. For the next several minutes, all was silent with exception to the sounds of the camera flash and cabinets doors and drawers opening and closing. I had to give it to these rent-a-cops. This investigation definitely seemed pretty thorough.

We all waited patiently until the guard with the camera walked back into the foyer and began packing up his supplies. He carefully he placed the pillbox in an evidence baggie and stowed it into one of the compartments of his large black duffle bag. Peeling off his rubber gloves, he hoisted the back over his shoulders and turned to the other guards. “That should do it,” he said, matter of factly.

The guard with the walkie-talkie lifted it to his mouth and said, “Bonner to kennel- bringing in both warden and slave. Please prepare holding for two.”

A voice on the other end replied, “Copy that.”

“Alright, let’s move out,” the guard said.

The guard standing over Brandy reached down and pulled her painfully to her feet by her leash. She grunted as she struggled to put her feet beneath her. Brandy may have been muscular, but the guard holding her could have been a pro-wrestler. I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Brandy being restrained and helpless again. Her freedom had hardly lasted an hour! And now she was headed right back to the kennel. Between her sour expression and her still-bleeding lip, Brandy had, once again, become the model of a quite unhappy camper.

The guard holding the duffle bag held the front door open and the other two guards led us out into the blistering heat. We got a lot of attention as we made our way down Centre Street. To be specific, Brandy was the recipient of the majority of mock applause and wolf-whistles. Not only was she gorgeous and busty, but with her elbows strapped together behind her back, her breasts jutted out even further than usual.

Seemingly, the only thing that perverted men liked to see more than a bound and gagged woman, was a bound and gagged woman who used to be in charge. Seeing as Brandy was still clothed, the crowd seemed to come to the natural conclusion that she was getting in trouble for something. And their reactions were downright gleeful.

It was quite a long walk of shame. Much longer than I remembered it being earlier. But finally, we arrived at the kennel. I’m not sure which was more welcome- leaving the public eye or feeling the cool air-conditioning once again on my naked body. A new security guard who I didn’t recognize was seated behind the front desk.

“McConnell and company,” the guard leading our group said.

“Alright. Cell A-14 is ready for them,” the guard behind the desk replied. He reached beneath his desk and pressed a button, causing the metal doors in the back of the room to slide open. “And miss-” he said to Katie. “If you wouldn’t mind taking a seat. The judicial authority will be by shortly to take your statement.”

“Sure thing,” Katie replied. I looked over at her nervously as I saw her and the guard holding the duffle bag part ways with us. “Don’t worry,” she whispered with a smile as she squeezed my arm. “I’ll fix everything.” I nodded apprehensively.

The guards led Brandy and me by the leash straight through the metallic sliding doors to the horse stalls. Or as they’d now become- the prisoner cells… As we walked passed the dozens of doors on our right and left, I could hear faint mmmph’s and shrieks. I shuddered to think that the once peaceful horse stables of Nott’s Faire had essentially become nothing more than a human torture chamber. It had become the ultimate deterrent to breaking the rules. As far as I knew, Katie was going to “fix everything” and I was still terrified.

When we reached the second to last door on the right, the guard in front raised his badge and pressed it against the card reader next to the door. After a beep and a blink of a green LED, the door slid open.

As we walked inside, I could see two wheeled carts in the center of the room. They kind of reminded me of the large flatbed lumber carts at Home Depot. But these each had a vertical steel pipe that protruded out of the mid-rear of the platform. Each pipe looked to be about 4 inches in diameter and about two feet in height. Sticking out the tops of each pipes were two leather straps with clips attached to the ends. One of the straps was short. The other was long.

“Mmmmmmph! Mmmph!” Brandy suddenly hollered into her gag. Shaking her head violently from side to side, she began to back away from the cell. She obviously recognized these contraptions and did not appear to be fond of them. Her guard gave the leash a harsh tug, causing her to stumble forward and nearly lose her balance. She continued to scream and holler, digging her heels into the floor as she was pulled into the room. Brandy’s objectionable reaction to these carts now had me legitimately worried.

The guards pulled us over to the carts and unclipped our leashes. Brandy’s guard pulled a knife out of a sheath strapped to his belt and began to slice off Brandy’s t-shirt, jean shorts, and panties. Dammit, I thought. Two of my outfits had now been destroyed thanks to this bitch. Moments later, Brandy was stark naked, just as I was. My spectating was interrupted by my guard suddenly forcing a giant ball-gag into my mouth.

“Uggph-” I reacted in surprise as the ball was quickly wedged behind my front teeth. I had to hold back the urge to struggle against him. I took a deep breath, replaying Katie’s advice in my head. ‘Do whatever they say. I’ll take care of everything’. Okay, Katie- I’m counting on you…

Moments later, the strap of the gag was buckled behind my neck, locking it in place. But it wasn’t over. Leather straps were then pulled over my face, one on each side of my nose, that extended upward and met in at my forehead. This told me that Brandy and I now matched. Like Brandy, I was also being set up with a trainer ball-gag. The strap was pulled over my head and buckled at the rear. Lastly, a strap was buckled beneath my chin, ensuring that I could not open my jaw any wider than it currently was. Not that this was a possibility, given the giant size of the ball-gag.

“Okay, climb aboard,” my guard ordered.

I looked over at Brandy who was struggling against her guard, twisting and writhing under his grip. But he was nearly twice her size in muscle mass. All too easily, he managed to force her onto the cart and spin her so she faced away from the pipe. Not wanting to wrestle my own guard, I followed suit, positioning myself exactly as Brandy was.

Brandy’s guard kicked the backside of lower legs, causing Brandy to drop down to her knees. With my wrists and elbows locked behind me, I gingerly knelt down as well. Then, the guards grabbed us both by our shoulders and lowered us forward to lay face-down on the cart. I shivered as my naked upper body made contact with the cold metallic surface.

Stepping behind me, I felt my guard grab both or my ankles and pull me backwards towards the rear of the cart. I let out a gasp as my exposed clit made contact with the cold steel pipe between my legs. I felt the guard padlock my ankle cuffs together by the D-rings and press my feet back toward me so they hovered above my ass. Moments later, I heard a click sound and the guard released his grip on my ankles. But to my surprise, I could no longer straighten my legs any more. They were now trapped in their bent position.

I craned my neck back to see why, but my eye caught Brandy’s ankles, telling me everything I needed to know. The shorter leather strap that was sticking out of the top of the pipe had been clipped to the padlock that secured our ankles together. Brandy had seemingly stopped struggling and had resigned herself to lie still while her guard busied himself with her restraints.

Next, I felt the guard feeding what felt like foam-padded cords behind my bent knees. Looking over at Brandy, I could see that her guard was doing the same thing to her. My eyes widened as I suddenly understood why. The cords seemed to be attached to a pulley system that ran along the outside of the cart and fed up to the cart’s handle bar. Once the cords encompassed her knee-pits, Brandy’s guard suddenly pulled the cart’s handle backward. The result was Brandy’s legs being pulled wider apart and further toward the corners of the back on the cart.

I let out an involuntary squeal as the same thing happened to me. My knees were suddenly spread wide and my entire body was tugged backwards toward the guard behind me. My eyes bulged as my clit was pressed even tighter against the steel pipe. As I squirmed about, I quickly realized that there was nothing I could do to separate myself from it.

Then, the guard stepped in front of me and cupped my chin. I groaned in discomfort as he lifted my head into the air, tilting my face upward. With his other hand, he grabbed ahold of the longer unused leather strap sticking out of the top of the pipe. It only took a split second to learn what that strap was for.

After I heard a click, the guard removed his hand from my chin. But to my frustration, my head remained in its upward and craned position. The end of the long strap had been clipped to the D-ring located at the top of my trainer gag. This kept my head locked it its upward position, keeping my back arched uncomfortably. I heard Brandy groan next me, obviously suffering from the same discomfort.

Both guards had straightened up and walked back around to the rear of our carts. Suddenly, to my right, I heard what sounded like a lawn mower starting. This was immediately followed by a blood-curling screech from Brandy. I tried to turn my head toward her to see what had happened, but now found the task to be nearly impossible. But a split-second later, I realized precisely why she had screeched.

The cart beneath me suddenly roared to life. The pipe that was pressed against my clit began to vibrate with shattering intensity. A matching screech involuntarily escaped my gagged mouth as I my entire body began to tremble. Holy shit, the pipe wasn’t just vibrating. That sucker felt like a fucking jackhammer! My eyes nearly shot out of my skull as my clit was pounded by what felt like the most intense vibrator ever constructed.

I continued screaming for several seconds until I heard my guard shout, “Pipe down! I’m only going to explain this once!” I held my breath and tried my best to calm myself. Holy SHIT, this was intense!

“The machine you are currently using is affectionately known as the extractor,” my guard continued in a booming voice. “Simply put, it was designed to extract orgasms from your bodies. But what’s unique about the extractor is that it offers you a choice. ”

I was having a difficult time hearing anything the guard was saying. Only a few seconds in and I was already feeling like I was about to cum!

“If you enjoy back-to-back-to-back orgasms, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Let the machine do its good work,” the guard explained. “But if you would like a break, and have the right amount of willpower, there’s a way to give yourself some relief.”

“Now, if you lift you head high enough and you bend your knees back enough, the vibrations become much more manageable.” the guard continued. With these words, he knelt down beside me and cupped my chin in his hand. He lifted my head upwards, causing my back to arch even more. With his other hand, I felt the guard press down on the tops of my feet, bringing them closer to the pipe.

Surely enough, with the guard’s assistance to my head and feet, the vibration of the pipe had died down to little more than a rumble. To my relief, my ecstasy began to subside and I felt my fast approaching orgasm recede.

“The straps that are attached to your trainer gag and ankle cuffs are connected to what’s called a pressure gauge,” the guard explained. “The harder they’re tugged, the stronger the vibrator gets. So, if you need a break, this right here is the position you wanna be in. But if you let your head lean forward and your feet pull back- the intensity picks back up again.”

The guard let go of my chin and feet, placing me, once again, in gravity’s custody. As my head slouched forward, the vibrator sprang back to life at its high intensity. Both Brandy and I resumed our screaming into our gags.

I groped the air hopelessly with my fingers as I struggled to position my body the way the guard had demonstrated. I bent my knees as far back as they would go, pointing my toes toward the pipe, and I attempted to lift my head as high as humanly possible. But the task was much harder than I had anticipated. While I did manage to raise my head upward, I wasn’t able to lift it quite as high as it was with the guard’s help. The vibrating pipe now felt like it was set at a ‘medium’ intensity.

“This is where the two of you will remain until the judicial authority arrives,” the guard explained. “In fact, this is how I predict the two of you will spend the remainder of the evening. So, I’d get comfortable.”

After only a few seconds of holding my position, my neck muscles were already beginning to ache. I groaned as I stretched my fingers out in an attempt to grab onto the vibrating pipe for assistance. To my pleasant surprise, I managed to wrap my fingers around it. I honestly couldn’t tell if it helped my circumstances any, but it did allow me to feel as if I had something to pull against. So I tightened my grip tried to hold on.

Both guards had made their way back in front of us. With my head now trapped in its craned position, I no longer had the option of turning away. So instead of trying, I merely clenched my eyes shut. But even with my eyes closed, I could feel their gaze on us. I cringed as I imagined the arousal they were likely experiencing as they watched us struggle.

“Alright, ladies,” the guard said. “The judicial authority will be by shortly. I’d recommend you be on your best behavior when she arrives. Madame Annabelle doesn’t respond well to insolence.”

Oh shiiiiiiit, I thought as my eyes shot open. Annabelle was the judicial authority?! Fuck me, I was screwed. After the way I’d spoken to her the last two times we’d met, there was little chance that I wouldn’t be paying the piper. I shuddered to contemplate how this meeting was going to go…

“Good luck,” the guard added as he tapped on the touchscreen on the wall next to the cell door. Moments later, the door slid open and they exited the room. Once they were clear, the doors closed behind them, leaving Brandy and I alone with our extractors.

“Mmmmmmmph!” I groaned, tightening my grip on the vibrating pipe and tugging against it in an effort to hoist my upper body further upward. This was shaping up to be an excruciating predicament! Even with my firm grasp, I was quickly beginning to lose faith in the strength of my neck and back muscles. I was thoroughly unprepared for this…

Brandy was at least fit. From the looks of her muscles, she probably did a hundred sit-ups a day. I, on the other hand, enjoyed my daily routine of one. I’d sit up in bed every morning. And then, I’d lie back down at night. Done… Damn, I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d been to the gym!

I shivered as I felt a bead of sweat run down the side of my face. Another 30-45 seconds of holding myself up in this position and I’d surely be done for. Shit this was tough! As it happened, it only took gravity about 15 to get the better of me. I mmphed into my gag as I felt the pipe begin to vibrate harder against my clit. Shit, shit, shit!! I held my breath and dug deep in an effort to lift my head once more. The effort bought me another 3 solid seconds before I completely collapsed beneath my weight. I was officially spent!

The vibrating pipe between my legs kicked into full gear. Between gasps for air, I shrieked insanely into my ball-gag. The ecstasy that had subsided moments earlier had returned with a vengeance. I could feel the orgasm fast approaching, whether I wanted it to or not. Within seconds, I grimaced and screamed with all my might as a mind-shattering orgasm washed over me. Never in my life had I experienced a climax so intense. Not only was this damn pipe vibrating at a blistering intensity, but it was hitting my sweet spot perfectly. And there was simply no escaping it. Katie, I thought, I’m gonna need you to deliver on your promise ASAP!

I gasped for air, quivering and shaking involuntarily as my orgasm slowly faded. To my humiliation, my muffled shrieks of protest had morphed into high-pitched moans of ecstasy. Somewhere in the midst of my climax, I’d lost my grip on the pipe and my bound hands now rested weakly on my bare ass-cheeks. Drool spilt out the sides of my gagged mouth and my eyes remained rolled-back in my head. I’d never felt so helpless. I’d never felt so utterly powerless.

I moaned pitifully as my body gave its last few involuntary jerks. I sighed deeply, willing myself to relax, despite the incessant vibrations against my clit. But no sooner did the final remnants of the orgasm cease, that I felt the beginnings of the next one creeping closer. I groaned loudly, tugging pointlessly at my bonds. I hated this! It had been less than a few minutes and I was already prepared to do anything to make it stop.

I suffered through two additional orgasms before I heard Brandy experience her first. I burned with resentment as I listened to hers subside in what seemed like half the time of mine. Then again, perhaps she was just less dramatic than I was. And unlike my pathetic vocals, her screams somehow maintained their element of rage. While I sounded like a moaning, over-sexed whore, she managed to sound like William fucking Wallace screaming ‘FREEDOM’ at the end of Braveheart. I suppose I could see why Annabelle liked dominating her so much…

After what seemed like forever, the door to our cell finally slid open. I had lost count of how many time’s I’d cum. At this point, each climax felt almost like micro-orgasm that piggy-backed on the one immediately before it. I’d say that my clit hurt, but the truth is- it had pretty much gone numb after orgasm number 5. My face was flushed, and my hair was sweaty and matted. Basically, over the course of the last 15-20 minutes, I had been reduced to a sputtering, soaking mess.

Standing in the doorway were the silhouettes of two figures. As they walked into the room, I was able to identify them as Annabelle and… Katie. But Katie was no longer dressed in her maid’s uniform. Now, she was stark naked with leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Her ankles were untethered, but her wrists were padlocked together in front of her. Her maroon choker had been replaced with a black collar to match Brandy’s and mine. Attached to her collar was a black leash held by Annabelle. Her head was bowed and her face looked sullen. My addled mind raced to decipher what was going on.

As the door slid shut behind them, I could see that Annabelle was wearing a wide grin on her face. “You just can’t seem to stay away, can you?” She asked in a patronizing tone. I merely panted back at her, too weak and woozy to even grunt a reply.

Stepping over to the wall, Annabelle raised her hand and pressed a large red button beneath the touchscreen next the door. All of the sudden, both of our machines lurched to a stop and the loud motors beneath our carts winded down. Both Brandy and I let out audible sighs.

“I understand that there’s been a bit of a mix-up,” Annabelle continued. “Is it right that Brandy is now playing the role of Jodie, and Jodie’s playing the role of Brandy? How fun!” Still wrecked from my state of ecstasy, I could only blink and pant in reply. “Quite a lot of drama for such a short time in the driver’s seat, wouldn’t you say?”

Annabelle dropped Katie’s leash and stepped over to me. She squatted down in front of me so that we were eye-to-eye.

“And Miss Katie here tells me that she planted a little surprise in your suite in order to prompt an intervention,” she continued. “A clever move that ultimately cost Katie her job. Isn’t that right, Katie?”

Barely still open, my eyes flicked over to Katie, who was still standing next to the cell door. She gave a small nod. “Yes, ma’am,” she said quietly.

“What was that?” Annabelle snapped forcefully. “Speak up.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Katie replied quickly in a louder voice.

“Much better,” Annabelle answered. “Katie and I will be getting to know each other quite well over the next couple weeks. I’ve sentenced her to 21 days of corrections here at the kennel. That’s the maximum sentence for possession and distribution of an illegal substance on Kingdom grounds.”

My eyes opened wide. 21 days? Holy shit! My heart dropped in my chest. Katie’s decision to help me out of my predicament had ultimately damned her to nearly a month of torture at the hands of a sadist! I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. Katie didn’t deserve this…

“After she’s done,” Annabelle continued, “-she’ll be reassigned back to her old department. Entertainment, was it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Katie replied with her head still bowed. I could see the disappointment written on her face. I vaguely recalled her telling how much she disliked working in ‘entertainment’.

“But enough about Katie,” Annabelle said. “Let’s talk about you.”

Annabelle stroked several loose hairs out of my face and tucked them behind my ear. I could tell that she was enjoying this. I suppose after the rudeness I’d shown her, it was only natural to expect someone like her to want to take a victory lap.

“Did you happen to read the message I sent you?” Annabelle asked.

I shook my head as best as my restraints allowed.

“I figured you hadn’t,” she replied. “I made an offer to purchase Brandy from you. I called in a favor with a higher-up and was able to authorize an increase of 250 grand to your final take-home salary.”

My eyes widened. As exhausted and over-sexed as I was, I wasn’t too befuddled to appreciate the prospects of an additional 250 thousand dollars...

“Unfortunately, that deal is no longer on the table,” Annabelle replied shortly. “Given this unexpected turn of events, I’m prepared to offer you another deal. A far better one, if you ask me.” Annabelle leaned in closer to me. Her face was now cold and serious. “Agree to transfer Brandy into my custody, or I’ll send you back with her just as we found you. Collared and cuffed. Brandy can get back to dying your hair blonde, and you can spend the next three months going by her name.”

To my right, Brandy began to holler wildly. She was obviously not enthused to hear the terms of her sale being negotiated right in front of her. And from the sound of it, she already suspected the way I was likely to answer.

Annabelle’s cold eyes bore into mine from over her spectacles. “What do you say?”

I blinked back at her in shock. Not only had 250 thousand dollars suddenly vanished from the table, but the alternative to accepting her offer was ending up back in the position I’d just escaped from... It was really a ‘no-brainer’, but due to the lasting effects of my countless orgasms, I was having difficulty weighing the pros and cons. I wondered if there was any room for a counter-offer.

“Mmph grmmph mphmm?” I asked.

“Yes or no, red,” she pressed.

“Mmmph grrmph!” I insisted. The repercussions of this decision were far too great to be decided by a mere nod or shake of my head. I needed to speak. I needed assurances. Annabelle may have been the one currently holding all of the cards, but I still possessed something that she very much desired…

Annabelle stared at me for a moment before finally lifting her hand to my face. Grabbing ahold of the leather strap that was connected to my ball-gag, she gave it a tug. The end of the strap unsnapped from it position. Drool spilled down my chin as the ball-gag was suddenly pulled out of my mouth.

“Ugh,” exhaled, spitting saliva out of my mouth onto the platform beneath me. “I need to talk to Brandy before I make a decision,” I replied. “Alone.” I desperately wanted to know what was in Brandy’s head. As much as I’d come to despise her for what she’d done to me, it was crystal clear that she was here for a much deeper purpose. She was a puzzle piece that simply needed solving. If I agreed to these terms, I would almost certainly never get the answers that only she could provide…

“Not a chance,” Annabelle replied. “I need an answer right now. Yes or no.”

Brandy resumed her unintelligible shouting next to me, but in a higher octave. It was hard to tell if her voice was sounding more hoarse than earlier or if this was her attempt at pleading.

Dammit, I thought. Annabelle had pinned me into a corner. Without talking with Brandy, I had no way of hoping to learn her secrets. And without her assurances, I had no way of guaranteeing that she wouldn’t betray me all over again. For such a simple decision, it really was shaping up to be more complicated than it should have been.

“Last chance,” Annabelle pressed. I had to make a choice...

“I’ll do it,” I said. “But under one condition.”

“And that is?” Annabelle asked suspiciously.

“I get Katie,” I said forcefully. Brandy stared back at me silently. “If you want Brandy, then I want Katie in return. Even trade.”

Katie’s eyes suddenly lit up and darted hopefully back and forth between Annabelle and I. Brandy howled miserably into her gag. I could hear her restraints clinking frantically against the metal cart.

“Not possible,” Annabelle said abruptly. “Katie’s a salaried employee. We have different vetting protocols for employees and contestants. She hasn’t been cleared or approved for guest ownership.”

“Actually, I have,” Katie contributed from her spot next to the door. Her small voice shook as she spoke. “I’ve been approved as a contestant every year, but I’ve always backed out… on account of personal reasons.”

“It’s irrelevant,” Annabelle replied flatly, rolling her eyes. “If the final agreement was declined, then the paperwork is incomplete. The contract is now void.”

“All I would need is a revised 704 agreement that includes a modified calendar,” Katie chirped. “That and a job termination order, which I’m sure Mr. Garren would be happy to give you.”

Annabelle paused, her face still inches in front of me. I could tell that she was contemplating the offer.

“Those are my terms,” I said decisively. “Brandy for Katie.” The two of us stared silently at each other for several seconds. Her nostrils flared, clearly bothered by the unexpected turn and power shift of this negotiation.

“And Mr. Mohler from guest services is a licensed notary,” Katie interjected, speaking rapidly now. “If you need someone to notarize the contract, he-”

“Enough!” Annabelle interrupted forcefully, raising her hand. Katie fell immediately silent, bowing her head submissively. Annabelle took a deep breath and then exhaled. “You’ve got a deal,” she said in a low voice.

To my right, Brandy went completely wild. Screaming, sputtering, flailing, the works. She had just witnessed her own sale to quite possibly the least desirable individual in the entire Kingdom. In an instant, her hopes and dreams of freedom and independence had been replaced with hellish imprisonment. But as unfortunate as her circumstances were, I really had very little empathy for her at this point. Her own actions had led her to this place. Her heartless betrayal had earned her this fate.

To be honest, I was more disappointed by my own missed opportunities than I was about Brandy’s. While Katie and I directly benefited from this deal, I couldn’t help but wonder about the possibility that many others stood to lose from it. What if there was some horrible secret about this place that only Brandy could bring to an end? What if I just screwed over the one person who was equipped to bring down the Kingdom and restore this place to my uncle’s wholesome vision?

But I was getting ahead of myself. I had no idea what Brandy’s deal was. For all I knew, her cryptic “delta foxtrot” business could have just been an effort to screw with me. If I was determined to find answers, I’d just have to do so without her.

Annabelle straightened up to tower over me again. Damn, her thigh muscles must have been in incredible shape for her to have held her squatted position for that entire time. She walked between Brandy and I and I could hear her messing with the mechanics at the rear of Brandy’s cart.

“I have a lot of preparations to make for the upcoming auction, but I’ll try to draw up the paperwork sometime this evening. We should be able to make everything official by this time tomorrow.” she said.

Brandy let out a shriek as her cart began to roll forward. Pushing on the handle, Annabelle guided the cart forward. Katie stepped to the side as Brandy’s cart was rolled up to the door. Annabelle tapped at the touchscreen, prompting the cell door to slide open.

“Since I so inconsiderately cut your session short,” Annabelle mused, still tapping at the touchscreen, “And seeing as we have the right to detain you for up to 24 hours pending the completion of our investigation, I think I’m going to leave you as you were.”

Annabelle suddenly punched the large red button beneath the touchscreen again. To my horror, the cart beneath me roared back to life and the pipe between my legs resumed its merciless work against my raw pussy.

“Aaah!! Noooooo!!!!” I shrieked, squirming pointlessly to separate myself from the vibrating shaft. “Please, NOOOOOO!!!! I cant! I CAN’T!!!!

“Katie, would you mind reinstalling Miss O’Connell’s gag for me?” Annabelle asked calmly as she rolled Brandy out of the room.

“Yes ma’am,” Katie replied softly with her head bowed. With her hands still restrained in front of her, Katie stepped over to me looking apologetic. “I’m so sorry,” Katie whispered as she knelt down in front of me.

“Please, no!” I continued to plead at Annabelle’s back. “I can’t handle any more of this! I’ve already cum more times than I can count! Annabelle, pleeeemph!!! MMMMPPPPPPH!!!” Katie had pushed the ball-gag back into my mouth and snapped the leather strap back in its place.

“Oh, you’d be surprised at what your body can handle when you’ve got no choice in the matter,” she called back to me over her shoulder. “Come, Katie. Let’s give mistress some alone time.”

Katie gave me one last apologetic look before straightening up and jogging out of the room behind Annabelle. I continued to howl miserably as the vibrating pole hammered against me. Once again, I bent my knees as tightly as I could and craned my head upward in attempt to lessen the vibrator’s intensity.

“Enjoy your cum coma,” Annabelle sang to me patronizingly as the door slid shut. I was alone. Alone with my extractor. It hadn’t even been a full minute and I could already feel another orgasm creeping towards me. My neck muscles burned in agony as I held my head in its upright position. But even with the lower intensity of the vibrator, my clit was already incredibly tender from my previous round of orgasms. It now took remarkably little to push me toward the edge.

Moments later, my body trembled uncontrollably as another climax crashed over me. Weak as a kitten, gravity succeeded in pulling my head back down, returning the vibrator’s intensity to its highest setting. Self-pity overcame me as I came to accept the helplessness of my circumstances. I sobbed miserably as my clenched toes and knuckles relaxed in defeat. My long-term future may have looked promising, but my immediate future was nothing but bleak. At this point, only one thing was for sure- this was bound to be a loooong and trying afternoon…


Story to be continued...

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