The Kingdom

by Southrook

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© Copyright 2018 - Southrook - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; outdoors; armbinder; hood; ring-gag; chastity; toys insert; shock; electro; M+/f+; F/f; hunt; capture; collar; leash; dildo; release; enslave; game; fight; cons/nc; XX

story continued from chapter one

Chapter 2: The Hunt

I awoke abruptly to the sound of loud foghorn in the distance. Three consecutive blows to be exact. I shivered as I inhaled a deep breath of crisp morning air. I groaned inwardly as I felt my head pounding to the beat of my heart. My hearing was muffled as if my ears had seashells cupped over them. Fuck morning migraines, I thought, wincing in pain. I pressed my eyelids tightly together and turned to roll over. That’s when I first realized I wasn’t in my bed. Beneath me, the ground felt firm and damp. I opened my eyes in confusion, but everything around me was a bright blur.

As I willed my eyes to adjust, I attempted to sit upright. But for some reason, I couldn’t seem to lift my arms. I couldn’t move them at all! As I struggled to orient myself, my heartbeat began to race and my breathing quickened. That’s when I first recognized the smell of dirt. My eyesight came into focus, revealing a forest around me. Why was I in the woods?! Confused, I glanced down to see that I was laying on my side in a bed of dirt and pine needles. With exception to my panties and thin black bands around each of my ankles that resembled leather BDSM cuffs, I was completely nude!

As I attempted to scramble to my feet, I suddenly realized why my arms were not cooperating. Something was keeping them pinned behind me. Two leather straps crisscrossed over my chest above my exposed breasts. I sat upright and craned my head to look over my shoulder. The straps were attached to a black leather arm-binder that secured my arms tightly together behind me. I twisted and writhed against the arm-binder, but instantly realized the futility.

What the Fuck?” I said out loud. But as I spoke, I heard my own voice betray me. What actually came out of my mouth was, “Ot ha huck?” My eyes widened as I realized that I couldn’t move my mouth! My jaw was wrenched open wide by something that was lodged behind my front teeth! I yelped in shock and frantically began running my tongue around the front of my mouth. Someone had put a ring-gag on me! What the FUCK?! It wasn’t any old ring-gag, either. This fucker was huge! No wonder my migraine seemed to radiate from my jaw!

What was going on?! How did this happen?! I panted as my eyes darted wildly around the forest, searching for any clue as to where I was. I continued to tug frantically on the armbinder and tossed my head back and forth pointlessly. But my inner voice told me to calm myself. I was doing my migraine no favors by having a panic attack. I forced myself to close my eyes and take several deep breaths. In through my nose, out through my mouth… First things first. How did I get here? What was the last thing I remembered? I was at the castle… or wait- NO! I was at the Inn! I was posing as the Irish lady and met the vampire lady with black hair- Annabelle! Who drugged me! I suddenly remembered everything.

I jumped as I heard more foghorns sounding off in the distance. This time, only two consecutive horn blows. Once again, the sound seemed muffled and distorted for some reason. I glanced down again at the straps crisscrossing my chest. I was familiar enough with armbinders to know that securing the straps in this way made escape virtually impossible for the wearer. Stubbornly, I refused to accept defeat. I rolled my shoulders and leaned from side to side, causing my braided ponytail to slap my face annoyingly. I suddenly realized why everything sounded so muffled. Was I hooded?! I sat upright and crossed my eyes to see if I could see my nose. Surely enough, I was able to make out the shiny black latex that undoubtedly encompassed my entire head.  Judging by the lack of cool air against my skin, I realized that the hood must have only had cutouts for my eyes, nostrils, and mouth. “Ot ah HUCK!!”

Another muffled foghorn sounded in the distance. This time, there was only one horn blow. To my surprise, I suddenly heard what sounded like an electronic chime sound from beneath my chin. What the hell? Was I wearing a collar?! But before I had time to react, I felt a powerful electric shock to both my neck and asshole! My eyes nearly shot out of my skull and I twitched and shrieked in surprise. After a few seconds, the shocking ceased. What the hell was that?!

I glanced down at my panties only to realize that they weren’t panties at all! They were, rather, a leather chastity belt of sorts with a metallic locking mechanism on the front. I rolled over into a seated position which made me groan in discomfort. It felt like I was wearing a butt-plug! I tried to shift my weight, but to no avail. Any position I sat in only applied painful discomfort to my asshole. I tried clenching my anus to expel whatever was inside, but it appeared to be trapped inside by the chastity belt.

I leaned forward to get a closer look at what I was dealing with. Between my legs, I was able to make out an open metal ring located directly above my pussy. My clit was exposed beneath it. I kicked my legs to try and wriggle out, but the belt’s straps were secured tightly above my hips and the leather g-string was pulled snugly against my crotch. There was no escaping this contraption. As I kicked the air in stupid desperation, the metal D-ring on each of my ankle cuffs jingled softly.

To make matters worse, it seemed like the more that I moved and struggled, the more aroused I seemed to get... I could feel my pussy growing wetter and my nipples growing harder. What was wrong with me? It was at this point that I realized that it may not have been my own fault... It suddenly dawned on me that my butt-plug was no ordinary butt-plug. I sat still for a moment and gave my rear-end a little shake. Surely enough, I felt a slight jingle from deep within me. It was a Ben Wa butt-plug! From what I could tell, the two balls were connected. One jingled merely inside of me behind my sphincter and the other pressed snugly against my taint.

I shrieked, kicking the air and twisting wildly on the ground like a child throwing a temper-tantrum. But less than 30 seconds in, all I’d succeeded in doing was make myself even hornier. Dammit! I didn’t want this! I forced myself to remain still and let my involuntary arousal subside.

I had never felt so angry. Nobody does this shit to me! I had quite a lot of experience with BDSM, but I was Always the one in charge! I was always the dominant one! Whoever was responsible for this shit would pay dearly. But even as I promised myself the prospect of revenge, I recognized the flaw in my plan. If I were being honest with myself, than the only person responsible for this mess… was me. I stole the security pass, I posed as the Irish woman named Jodie, I decided to play along and go to the Inn. My stomach dropped as I came to the painful realization that this was Entirely my own fault. I forced back tears. This was not the time to cry. I needed to think. I needed a plan. I heaved a long sigh, willing myself to regain my composure.

It was at this moment that I noticed a green light about 20 yards ahead of me. I straightened up and squinted into the distance. The green light appeared to be attached to a tree. I shifted onto my knees and carefully began the process of standing up. Having lost the mobility of my arms, this proved to be a fairly difficult task. I cursed the damned Ben Wa balls lodged in my ass as I felt my legs quiver and shake. I dug my toes into the soft dirt helping to keep my balance. I shakily began walking toward the green light. Each step caused the tiniest of jingles as a metal D-ring

I tepidly approached the light source until I came to stand in front of it. What I saw both confused and disturbed me... Strapped around the trunk of a tree roughly 3 feet off the ground, was a metallic box with a bright green light at the top. But what perplexed me most about this box was the giant black dildo that protruded outward from the middle. “ah huck?” I mused out loud. I inched closer, perplexed about what it was and why such an object would ever exist.

Just then, I heard a loud shriek from behind me. I spun around in fear to see a slender African American woman racing toward me. She wore the same hood, chastity belt, ring-gag, and armbinder as I was wearing. She kept looking over her shoulder as if she was running from something. She looked terrified. Concerned for the woman, I jogged toward her. But as we got closer, I realized that something was off. The woman wasn’t slowing down. Before I could contemplate what she was doing, the woman lunged into me, body-slamming me to the ground.

WHAT THE FUCK?! I cried out in agony and curled into the fetal position, reeling in pain. With the wind knocked out of me, I remained curled up on the ground gasping for air.

But things only got stranger from there. Because then, the lady scrambled to her feet and raced over to the box strapped to the tree. Still reeling on the ground, I watched her kneel in front of it. Then, she proceeded to take the dildo into her ring-gagged mouth! I titled my head upright to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. What the fuck was she doing? The lady continued to accept the dildo until it was entirely submerged in her mouth.

But once the base of the rubber dildo made contact with her ring-gag, something bizarre happened. The green light on the box suddenly turned off. I heard her collar sound with the same electronic that mine had made earlier. Then, almost as a switch had been flipped, the armbinder straps crisscrossing her chest unlocked themselves and slid off of her shoulders. The lady twisted around until the armbinder fell onto the ground.

I stared up at her in a mixture of shock and hatred as I realized what had just happened. The dildo was some sort of unlocking device! And she tackled me to stop me from getting to it first! That could have been me! Had I given the tree a blowjob before her, I could’ve been rid of this armbinder! What a BITCH! I hollered over at her, furious by what had just transpired. To think that I was running towards her out of CONCERN! I glared at her from the dirt and continued hollering at her as she stood to her feet and stretched her liberated arms. On each of her wrists was a black leather cuff that matched the ones we wore on our ankles.

She quickly unbuckled her ring-gag from behind and pulled off her latex hood. Once she was free, she doubled over, panting with her hands on her knees. Her chastity belt was now the only item of clothing that she wore.

“Sweet Christmas,” the lady said between breaths. She glanced over at me smiling. “I didn’t think I was gonna beat you to it. But I’m sure glad I did.”

She straightened up, and arched her back, groaning in relief. She was strikingly beautiful. She had light black skin, long slender legs, and breasts on the smaller size. She could have easily been a model. Without the hood, her hair puffed out into a proper afro.

“Shit,” she mused, “I heard the armbinders were new this year, but those are brutal. Last years’ didn’t keep your elbows pressed so tightly together. Hope you’re more flexible than I am.”

I screamed at her through my gag and tossed my head from side to side in rage. She picked up her armbinder off the ground and walked over to me. Kneeling down, she leaned over me, with her face close to mine.

“A natural redhead?” she asked. “You’re gonna be trouble, I can tell.”

I scowled up at her in bewilderment, but she didn’t seem to notice or care.

“Aren’t I the lucky duck? Finding an unlocking station AND a hot little piece of ass in the first 10 minutes of the hunt! It’s shaping up to be good season, indeed."

She straightened up and walked around me. I shouted nonsense at her as I felt her fidgeting with my collar.

“Up we get, little lady,” she said.

Suddenly, I felt myself being tugged up to my feet by my collar. I spun around to see the lady tugging the leather strap that used to be attached to her armbinder.

“Ah oo eerius?!” I shrieked. She leashed me?! OH HELL NO! I stood to my feet and yanked my head away, only to feel the collar dig painfully into my neck. I felt the woman tug me back toward her, pulling me off-balance. I was still wobbly from the body-slam (not to mention the Ben Wa butt-plug jingling merely inside of my ass), but I managed to find my center of gravity and turned to face my captor. I continued hollering unintelligible obscenities until the lady yanked me close and shoved her hand over my mouth.

“Enough of that,” she said.

I scowled at her and continued shouting into her hand. She grabbed my nipple and twisted it hard. I did my very best to hide my pain, but I could feel my tear-ducts becoming active.

“I said enough,” she whispered authoritatively. “Now, I know you’re upset. But you need to calm the fuck down. There are hunters crawling everywhere in these woods. If you cooperate, I can get us out of here. Trust me- your next 3 months’ll be much more tolerable with me than with one of these bastards.”

I stared at her in shock. Did she say 3 months?! What the hell did that mean?!

“Be quiet and do as Mistress Tasha says, or I’ll feed you to the first man I see,” she said condescendingly.

Just then, I heard another foghorn sound in the distance. Tasha looked up to the sky, listening intently. “Well, that didn’t take long. First capture of the day. One hunter less for us to worry about.”

I felt my eyes swelling with tears, as they often did when I found myself getting overwhelmed. This was too much for me to process. We were being hunted? And they’re keeping us for 3 months?! What had I gotten myself into? I struggled in vein to maintain my composure and strong demeanor. The woman who called herself ‘Mistress Tasha” must have taken notice of my emotional distress.

“Oh, sweetie- I get it,” She said empathetically, “Nothing prepares you for the moment you lose your freedom. I went through the whole 99 stages of grief last year. I’m not a submissive woman. At all. So my 3 months were pretty tough, to say the least. But the paycheck makes it all worth it. I promise. If you stick with me, I promise your time here will be a breeze. Well-” Tasha’s eyes flicked upward in contemplation, reconsidering her words. “-maybe not a breeze, but considerably less windy than the hurricane you’d weather if you ended up with a hunter. Just keep your eye on the prize, Red. It’s all a bit easier when you focus on the paycheck. Just focus on all those zeros.”

Suddenly, Tasha stuck her hand up in the air, stopping in her tracks. She’d heard something. I strained my ears, and glanced frantically around the forest. The damn hood made it hard for me to hear anything. Tasha squatted low to the ground behind some brush, tugging me down with her by the leash. Unable to rely on my ears, I followed Tasha’s gaze to see another naked, arm-bound, and hooded woman sprinting through the trees in the distance. Moments later, I let out an involuntary gasp as I saw her legs give out. She fell face-forward to the ground with a scream. The sound that followed made my heart sink deep in my chest. The sound of male voices laughing and cheering echoed through the trees. I watched in horror as the woman tried to stand back up again, only to fall back onto the ground.

“Uth hong wit her?” I whispered.

Tasha flexed her hand, silently ordering me to be quiet. Just then, two men, one slender, one fat, walked up to the woman on the ground. They were both holding what looked like rifles!

“Id ay hoot er?!” I whispered again. Tasha spun her head to glare at me and mouthed for me to shush.

The woman screamed as the fat man lifted her to her feet. Holding her by the armbinder, he spun her around, inspecting her naked form. They both taunted her as she wobbled around, struggling to maintain her balance. Then, the fat man placed his hand on the woman’s head and pushed her downward. The woman shook her head and shouted muffled pleas through her ring-gag. Smiling, he pressed the tip of his rifle against her neck. The woman appeared to hesitate, weighing her options. Then, with a sigh of defeat, the woman willingly dropped to her knees. The rifles couldn’t possibly be real, I thought. Perhaps they were like laser-tag guns or something. When a woman got shot, maybe she’d get shocked the way I’d gotten shocked earlier. Electricity simultaneously pelting us from the collar and butt-plug. I couldn’t blame any woman for choosing to comply under those circumstances.

But then, I watched in horror as the man unbuckled his trousers and stepped up to the poor woman’s face. “Ut da huck,” I breathed quietly.

“That’s how they confirm the capture,” Tasha whispered, breaking her silence. “Each hunter’s wearing a cock ring that’s embedded with a silicone chip. Once it makes contact with her ring gag or the ring over her pussy, it sends a IR signal to the collar, registering the capture.”

No sooner had Tasha spoken the words, the man’s cock became fully submerged inside the woman’s gagged mouth. Once fully submerged, red lights started to blink in sequence around the woman’s collar. A fog horn sounded in the distance, causing the other man to cheer.

“Poor girl,” Tasha mused quietly as we watched the woman get face-fucked. “I can tell you from experience- there’s nothin’ quite worse than being captured by a middle-aged fat guy. Luckily, mine ran out of money in week 5 and ended up selling me to Antoine.” Tasha’s voice suddenly became more sultry, almost as if reliving a steamy memory. “Now, Antoine… mmm… Antoine was more my type.”

I turned to her with my eyebrow cocked. She caught my expression and chuckled quietly.

“Don’t judge,” she countered, “You’ll learn to appreciate the good things just as I did.”

After about a minute, the fat guy gave a loud groan and stepped back from the woman’s face. She slouched over with her head bowed. Most likely in humiliation than submission. The man pulled up his pants and refastened his belt. He knelt down in front of the woman and cupped her chin in her hand, making her look into his eyes. I couldn’t see the woman’s face, but I could tell from her demeanor that she’d lost the will to fight. The fat man appeared to speak to her for a few about a minute and then stood to his feet.

Then, as if nothing happened, the two men simply turned and walked away. I watched in confusion as the woman remained still on her knees staring down at the ground. Her collar continued blinking bright red as the men disappeared into the trees. I glanced back and forth from the woman to Tasha. Why wasn’t the lady moving?

“Ai ethent thee hoovig?” I repeated out loud.

Tasha glanced over at me annoyed. “Did you read any part of your contract?”

I shook my head babbled angrily through my gag, hopelessly trying to convey that I’d never received any fucking contract.

“Silence,” Tasha said, holding up her index finger. I sighed in frustration. “If she moves more than 3 feet from her current position, her collar and butt-plug give her the electric treatment. The GPS trackers in our collars make sure we don’t try to run off after we’re captured. They also make sure we don’t get lost in the woods. Come 24 hours, if any women have managed to avoid capture or haven’t successfully freed themselves, gamesmen will come collect them and bring them back to the park. Those women will be transferred to the auction house.”

“Awkhon hau?!” I replied in shock.

“Oh trust me,” Tasha explained, “-the auction house is definitely preferential to being captured. Getting sold at auction means that you earn 10% of your sale price. I saw one girl last year go for 4.5 million. Imagine 10% of that getting tagged on your contracted salary.”

I stared in horror as I listened to Tasha’s words. Why the fuck would anyone willingly sign up for this shit?!

“This whole clueless routine of yours is adorable, Red,” Tasha said, chuckling. “But the community theater act isn’t working on me. Playing ignorant just makes me more excited to start your training.”

Training? I didn’t even want to think about what she meant by that.

Just then, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard twigs snap behind us. I spun around in my crouched position to see three men with reflective orange vests walking casually toward us. I screamed in panic and scrambled to my feet. But I instantly felt myself get yanked back down by my collar.

“Relax, crazy,” Tasha said, “They’re not here for us. They’re gamesmen.” Terrified, I glanced back and forth between the men and Tasha. “They’re here to collect her,” Tasha nodded toward the woman kneeling up ahead.

The men walked by us, each glancing down and smiling dickishly. I heard one of them whistle down at us.

“Morning slaves,” he said.

“Fuck you,” Tasha replied.

It dawned on me that if it weren’t for the fact that she was holding me hostage, Tasha seemed like someone I’d get along pretty well with. The three men chuckled and walked past us toward the woman kneeling in the clearing.

“Might as well wait here for a bit,” Tasha mumbled. “The safest place to be is a recent capture site. Hunters never think to sweep the area after a capture. What are the odds another woman would be nearby?”

We waited in our huddled position behind the brush as the gamesmen approached the kneeling woman. I saw the one of them take out a smartphone of sorts and hold it against the woman’s collar. Suddenly, the blinking red lights on her collar changed from blinking to solid red. Then, the man pulled off his backpack and took out what looked like a leash. After he clipped it to the woman’s collar, he pulled up to her feet, and began leading her and his goons back towards us in the direction they came.

“Alright,” Tasha said quietly. “Time to move.”

I felt a light tug on my collar, signaling me to stand to my feet. This leash business was definitely getting old. But in comparison to what I saw that other girl go through, I realized I definitely had the better end of the deal. Eventually, the goal would be to escape from Tasha. But for now, I had to try to convince her that we were in this together. So, I dutifully followed my “mistress’s” lead.

We walked in silence for what felt like an hour. My feet ached from stepping on the harsh forest terrain. Ever other minute or so, we heard another foghorn sounding through the trees. Sometimes, the there were multiple foghorns in a row. The number of captures had to be in the 70’s by now.

Tasha was slightly taller than me, so I had to take longer strides to keep up. Which was difficult in the tall grass we suddenly found ourselves wading through. The Ben Wa butt-plug was driving me crazy! Aside from the fact that my asshole felt chaffed from being made to walk with it in my ass, the unwanted stimulation was downright infuriating. Distracting as fuck, but not intense enough to bring me to climax. The result was an endless state of undesired arousal that never seemed to subside. And to make matters worse, it appeared to be affecting me far more than Tasha. Every couple minutes, I needed to stop and bend over, pressing my knees together to stabilize myself and stop the balls from vibrating. Tasha would always wait a few moments to let me regain my composure, but then I’d feel a gentle tug on my collar.

“C’mon, Red,” she’d encourage me. “We gotta keep movin’.”

I followed her instructions and trudged along. The pain from having my jaw locked open was also becoming more than I could handle. It felt almost as if my jaw was numb and on fire at the same time.

“Gad oo tak hy gag aw?” I asked. Tasha ignored me. “Atha,” I said louder. Tasha turned to look at me, “Gad oo tak hy gag aw?”

Tasha shook her head sympathetically. “Sorry Red,” she replied. “If you get caught without your gag, hunters would know I’m nearby.”

“Ut? Oww?!” I asked.

“Think about it,” she shot back, “You can’t unbuckle your own gag. Not without the use of your hands. And it’s impossible for your hands to be freed without an unlocking station. And seeing as no hunter would ever remove your gag and set you free without claiming you, the only explanation left would be that another contestant, me, found you and unbuckled your gag for you. If you got captured without a gag, they’d know I was nearby and would proceed to scouring the area in search of me.”

“Or huck thake, Atha!” I shouted at her, “I gant heel hy awl!”

Tasha tugged on the leash, making the collar dig into the back of my neck. “First off,” she growled, “-it’s Mistress Tasha. The sooner you start addressing me properly, the easier your training will be.” I could feel my face flushing with anger. I was never going to call this bitch Mistress.

“And believe it or not,” she continued, “-your jaw will stop hurting once it finally goes entirely numb. Trust me. I’m a returning contestant. I’d know.”

I stamped my foot in anger and leaned backward away from the leash. “Uck oooo!!” I shouted.

Tasha turned abruptly, grabbing my nipple harshly. Her pleasant demeanor had turned angry and for the first time, I could see fire in her eyes. “Raise your voice like that again, and I’ll make sure-”

But before she could finish, I suddenly felt pain like I’d never experienced before. Jolts of electricity pelted my neck and anus simultaneously. I screamed in agony and fell to the ground, twitching. I instinctively curled into a fetal position on the ground, still trembling from the pain. Tasha dropped to the ground next to me. She didn’t appear to have been shot.

“Stay completely still,” she whispered in my ear. “Trust me. Do not move a muscle.”

I panted and sputtered in my fetal position as Tasha scurried away, keeping low beneath the tall grass. After a few seconds, she was gone. That Bitch! For a split second, I thought maybe she was interested in actually helping me! Of course she was only interested in saving her own ass! I rolled onto my back, staring up into the sky. My neck and ass still ached from the electricity that had pelted me only moments earlier. Then I heard the voices. Male voices echoed across the clearing.

“Two in one!”

“Did we get ‘em both?!”

“Damn straight. 1 black and 1 redhead”

I held my breath, praying silently that they got lost in the tall weeds. But moments later, I saw a man with a buzzed haircut, dressed in camouflage walk into my field of vision. He appeared to be in his mid-30’s and had the look of a navy seal.

“Daaaaamn,” he said stepping over to me. “That’s an affirmative on the redhead.” A moment later, he was joined by a second man. An African American man with similar build and attire.

He whistled as he scanned my body with his eyes. “Where’s your friend, baby girl?” I glared up at him in silence. He smirked and began scanning the area. “She can’t have gotten far.”

No sooner did he finish the sentence, however, I heard rustling from behind them. The white guy suddenly shouted out in pain, dropping his electric rifle to the ground and falling to his knees. The black guy spun around, only to be roundhouse kicked in the face by a slender naked black foot. The white guy frantically reached for his electric rifle but I saw Tasha dive, tuck and roll, snatching it away from his grasp. With lightning speed, I saw her raise the gun and hit him square in the temple with the blunt side.

Just then, Tasha recoiled in pain, dropping the gun and twitching as she fell on her side. My eyes darted over to the black guy who was aiming his rifle squarely at Tasha. He stood to his feet and stepped over her, with his back to me, frantically unbuckling his pants with one hand. The other hand held the gun pointed at Tasha. Tasha continued twitching and spasming on the ground. The fucker was holding down the trigger. Shaking his trousers to the ground, he dropped to his knees, poised to claim his victim from behind.

I’m not sure if it was adrenaline or courage, but I suddenly found myself standing on my feet and running straight at him. It happened so quickly, that I shocked even myself. My knee collided hard with the side of his face and I tripped over him, landing ungracefully in the tall grass. I frantically twisted around to see if he was still conscious. I looked up just in time to see Tasha’s heel land firmly on the base of his neck causing him to slump over silently next to his friend.

My heart was beating out of my chest. We’d just taken down the both of them! Two petite, unarmed women, one of whom was bound and gagged had just overpowered two navy seal-type men with guns! Tasha took no time to gloat. She jumped to her feet, lifted me by the torso, and started sprinting into the trees, leash in hand. I had no trouble keeping up now, given the adrenaline that was pumping through my veins.

We continued sprinting through the forest for what felt like 10 minutes. Both of us seemed to be on the same page. Get as far away from those two as fast as humanly possible. The worse possible scenario for either of us would be getting running into those assholes again. I shuttered to imagine what payback would look like. Each time we heard a foghorn, we seemed to pick up speed. We continued running until approached a stream.

Tasha jumped down the bank, splashing into the water. Not wanting the leash to give me whiplash, I joined her in the water which came up to just below my knees. The ice-cold water felt glorious against my raw bare feet. I hadn’t realized until that moment how many scrapes and cuts I’d accumulated during our hike. Still panting, Tasha ducked beneath what looked like a small cliff on the side of the creek-bed. Tree roots provided shelter from at least one of the sides.

“In here,” she panted. I joined her beneath the cliff and stooped low behind the tree roots. “Let’s rest here for a little while.” I didn’t argue. I couldn’t ever remember running that fast for that long. A rest break was very necessary.

We remained in the creek until we’d both stopped panting. Tasha passed the time by cupping the water with her hands and drinking. I glared at her jealously, knowing that drinking would prove far more difficult for me. Tasha looked up at me between drinks and nodded down to the water.

“Better hydrate, red,” she said.

“Ow?” I shot back snarkily.

Tasha shrugged. “Okay. Don’t hydrate. Your call.”

I rolled my eyes. Fuck her and her free hands. I was gonna have to lap up the water like a fucking dog. A dog suffering from lock-jaw. I gingerly knelt down in the water and bent my head forward. I looked toward Tasha, silently hoping that somewhere in there was a woman who cared enough about me to help. After a few seconds, I gave up hoping and tried to hydrate on my own. After some trial and error, I found that my tongue was useless. I had more luck just dipping my entire chin underwater and letting the water flow in.

After a few minutes, I felt Tasha tug on my leash again. She stood up and stepped upstream of me. “Go ahead and use the bathroom and then we’ll move out,” she said.

Now she was telling me when to go to the bathroom? The nerve of this bitch! Every ounce of me wanted to fight til the death. But I kept promising myself that it was only temporary. There was no point taking a stand against this bitch in my current state. I’d have to wait until the odds were stacked more in my favor. I decided to take her up on her advice and pee. After a few seconds, I straightened up and stepped over toward Tasha.

“Alright,” she said, “let’s keep moving.”

I followed her to the creek bank and climbed back onto dry ground. I winced as my sore feet returned once more to the rough forest terrain. As we headed deeper and deeper into the forest, I couldn’t help thinking that we were starting to walk in circles. Everything was starting to look the same and for the first time, I began to feel grateful that there were GPS trackers embedded in our collars. Without them, there’s a strong chance that the both of us would end up dying out here.

“Sweet Christmas,” Tasha mused under her breath, stopping dead in her tracks.

I stopped as well, fearing the worst. But as I followed Tasha’s gaze, I was able to make out a glimmer of green light shining through the trees. While an unlocking station was certainly preferable to a hunter, it meant beginning my three months of slavery to Tasha. Three months of god only knows what... Whether I liked it or not, the time had finally come for me to make a move...

I briefly weighed the pros and cons of running away full speed and screaming at the top of my lungs. Would Tasha risk chasing a shrieking woman in the opposite direction of an unlocking station? Or would she simply sprint to the unlocking station, free herself, and then proceed to come hunt me down? She’d already proven to be incredibly fit. With the combination of her athleticism and my current state, I feared that recapturing me would be only too easy for her. My only hope was to figure out a way to get to the unlocking station first… My next decisions were crucial. I had to think. I had to come up with a plan…

Tasha began to jog toward the green light, pulling me along with her by the leash. With each stride, I could feel my window of opportunity growing smaller. If I was going to make a move, it had to be now… Scanning the terrain, desperate for inspiration, I spotted a boulder just up ahead, protruding out from the ground. If I managed to steer Tasha close enough to that boulder, I could try tripping her into it. Maybe- just maybe- there was a chance of Tasha hitting her head and knocking herself out. It was a long shot, but it was the only plan I could come up with on the spot. So I put the plan into play.

With all the subtlety I could muster, I started to veer to my left, applying pressure to my leash. To my pleasant surprise, Tasha seemed to follow my pull and run at a slight angle toward the boulder. My heart skipped, suddenly feeling more confident in my plan. This could possibly work! I felt Tasha applying more and more resistance to my leash. But with each stride, I managed to pull us closer in the direction of the bolder. I mentally prepared myself for the fast-approaching moment when I would have to trip my mistress.

12 feet, 9 feet, 6 feet. It was now or never. I held my breath and made my move. Sprinting up behind Tasha, I landed a swift, hard kick to the side of her left knee. Tasha screamed in agony, toppling forward and flying head-first into the boulder. Everything happened too fast to comprehend. Tasha instinctively let go of my leash and tried to catch her fall by extending out her arms. But she was falling to quickly and didn’t have enough time to keep herself from colliding into the bolder. It looked like her head made contact, but it was difficult to tell. Unable to slow my momentum, I leapt over her, maintaining my speed. I had no idea if Tasha was okay, but I couldn’t afford to look back to check. My freedom depended on making it to that unlocking station first. Nothing else mattered.

Digging deep, I sprinted with all of my might toward the tree trunk that harbored the green light. Sheer adrenaline drove me forward. I don’t think I’d ever been more exhausted. I’d always been fit, but I wouldn’t ever have considered myself an athlete. I certainly wasn’t a runner. But in this instance, I’m sure I could have fooled anyone. The stakes couldn’t have possibly been higher.

Less than 15 feet away, I could see the rubber dildo protruding from the tree. I was almost there! But my heart suddenly dropped as I felt my foot catch on a tree root beneath me. I tripped, falling face first to the ground, tumbling and flipping ungracefully across the dirt. I shrieked in pain and frustration as I scrambled to get up, but as I said earlier, this was not the easiest task for someone who was wearing an armbinder. A few seconds later, I planted my feet beneath me and stood up. I willed myself forward once more as I heard the flutter of footsteps rapidly approaching from behind me. 

Less than a few yards from the tree, I suddenly felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and tackle me to the ground. I screamed, thrashing and kicking frantically. This wasn’t happening! This wasn’t happening! I shrieked helplessly and rolled over to see Tasha’s bloody face looking down at me. Her lip appearing to be busted and was dripping red blood. She scrambled up to straddle my torso and glared down at me.

“Not smart, Red!” she spat, yanking my leash harshly. “Not smart at all. You have no idea how much worse your life just got. Get up, slut!”

She stood up and pulled the leash upright. I started to sob. This wasn’t happening! I was so close! I was only yards away from the unlocking station! How could I have tripped?! How could I have been so clumsy?! I was so CLOSE!! The waterworks finally kicked in and I started to bawl.

“Shut up!” Tasha yelled as she stepped up to the tree, positioning herself in front of the dildo. “I have no sympathy for your stupid ass. You deserve every bit of what’s in store for you.”

Tasha inched closer to the angled dildo, spreading her labia with her free hand. Then, she gently lowered herself. I watched helplessly as my new mistress impaled herself upon the final key to her freedom…

But then, something unexpected happened. Just as Tasha’s clit hit the base of the dildo, her collar began to blink red. Both of our gazes shot up to the sky as the sound of a loud fog horn echoed through the trees. Tasha’s face turned puzzled and focused her eyes on the metal box in front of her. The bulb continued to shine green.

“What the fuck?” she said to herself. She stood up straight and began trying to unlatch her chastity belt. Nothing budged. She glanced back and forth from the belt to the metal box. “What the FUCK?!”

Just then, her gaze lowered to the dildo that she’d just climbed off of. Her eyes narrowed and she squatted down to take a closer look. I inched closer to do the same. Reaching forward, Tasha lifted from the base of the dildo what appeared to be a black cock-ring…

“No…” Tasha said in disbelief, “No…” Tasha straightened up, fear spreading across her face. “Bullshit. This is BULLSHIT!”

I stared at the cock-ring in her hand, still trying to grasp what was happening. Tasha spun around, shrieking at no one in particular.


My eyes opened wide as I finally understood what had happened. Some hunter had apparently planted his cock-ring around the dildo so that when a woman found it, she’d essentially capture herself for him...

It was actually kinda brilliant. Sick and twisted as fuck, but brilliant, nonetheless. Whoever had thought of this had accurately predicted that the woman who found it would never think to pause and inspect the unlocking station before using it. She’d just eagerly hop on, no questions asked.

“THIS ISN’T FAIR!” Tasha continued screaming to no one in particular, “I’M NOT ACCEPTING THIS SHIT! YOU HEAR ME?! I DON’T ACCEPT-” Tasha was suddenly cut short by what appeared to be electricity coursing through her neck and anus. She collapsed to the ground, twitching uncontrollably. Her GPS chip had detected her travelling outside of her 3-foot perimeter.

My heart suddenly jumped out of my chest. This was my chance! The moment I needed! Pouncing forward, I dropped to my knees, and thrust my head downward towards the, now cock-ring-less dildo. I quickly gulped down the ribbed rubber dildo, tasting the recently deposited sweat of Tasha’s pussy. The shaft was longer than I had originally realized and my gag reflex kicked in just as my ring-gag made contact with the dildo’s base.

Suddenly, the green light on the box turned off and I heard a chime sound from my collar own collar. My heart leapt with joy as I felt mechanical clicking from behind my shoulders. The straps crisscrossing my chest sprang free, relieving the strain on my shoulders. My armbinder was unlocked! I scrambled to my feet and began hopping up and down, like a weirdo. Within a few seconds, the armbinder fell to the ground. FUCK it felt good to be able to move my arms again!

But I didn’t waste time to stretch. I immediately started fidgeting with the buckle that secured my ring-gag. A few seconds later, the gag fell to the ground and I groaned in relief. I was able to close my mouth for the first time all day! I eased my mouth closed slowly, wincing as my jaw settled back into its natural state!

Next, was the hood. I frantically pulled it off, yanking strands of my own hair along with it. Tossing it to the ground, I took a deep breath of free air.

“Aaaaaahh!” I shouted triumphantly. My hands and mouth were finally FREE! I arched my back and stretched my arms out in front of me, working my jaw open and closed. I honestly never knew I could feel so fortunate to have basic motor functions again!

Tasha was kneeling on the ground to my left, her back facing me, staring down at the dirt. She was visibly defeated.

“Which one fell for the trap?” I heard a voice call out from behind me.

I spun around in fear to see three orange vested men walking casually towards us from about 50 meters away. Shit, that was fast! I squinted towards them, noticing that they were the same three gamesmen we’d seen earlier. I answered their question by pointing down at Tasha. I fought the urge to cover up my naked breasts as they approached. The tallest guy laughed, looking down at Tasha.

“What a stupid slut,” he chuckled. Then he looked over at me and asked, “That has to feel good, huh? The bitch carts you around the jungle all day as her prisoner and then she ends up capturing herself. Karma never tasted so sweet.”

One of the shorter gamesmen walked up behind Tasha and grabbed her by the afro. She yelped as he yanked her head backwards.

“Remind us what you said earlier, slut?” he asked. “Fuck you, was it?”

Just then, Tasha spun around and sucker punched the guy right in the crotch. He fell to his knees letting out a loud groan. Jumping to her feet, Tasha raised her leg into the air, winding up for another roundhouse kick. But the tall gamesman was ready. With his electronic pistol at his hip, he aimed it squarely at Tasha’s chest and pulled the trigger. Once again, she fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes, twitching from head to toe.

The third gamesman dropped to his knees, pulling a silver padlock out of his pocket. Within seconds, the gamesman forced Tasha’s wrists behind her back and fed the padlock through the D-rings in her each wrist-cuff, locking them together. The tall gamesman bent down and tapped his smartphone against Tasha’s collar. The collar suddenly emitted a chime and changed from red blinking lights to a solid red light.

“Welcome to slavery… Tasha Quincy” he said, looking down at the screen of his phone. “For the next 3 months, your ass is the property of… oh damn!” he said, looking up at his cohorts. “Take a look,” he said, holding out his phone so the other two men could see.

“Old man Murphy?!” one of them exclaimed. The three of them began to laugh.

“Looks like Murphy’s found his fucking-machine model for the season,” the man said joyfully.

Tasha had stopped twitching and rolled onto her back panting, glaring up to the sky. “Fuck,” she whispered, breathlessly.

“You’re a returning contestant, right? You’ve heard of Tom Murphy?” one of the gamesmen asked here.

Tasha ignored his probing, keeping her gaze straight upward towards the clouds.

The gamesman continued, “Racist old geezer who builds fucking machines. Sells and rents them here every year. And each year, one lucky bitch gets the job of demonstrating those beauties at his shop. All day, everyday.”

“This isn’t fair!” Tasha shouted pointlessly. “He can’t fucking booby-trap an unlocking station! It’s cheating!!”

“It’s genius, if you ask me,” one of the shorter gamesman replied.

The other gamesman reached into his backpack and removed a leather leash, tossing it over to the tall guy. He caught the leash and clipped it to Tasha’s collar, prompting her turn her face away in disgust.

“I’ll tell you what,” he told Tasha, “When we deliver you, I’ll let you air out your grievances to your orientation instructor. I’m sure they’ll enjoy hearing your thoughts on the matter. Fair enough?”

“No, it’s not fucking fair!” Tasha retorted. “It’s bullshit!”

The tall guy chuckled, pulling the leash upward. Tasha was awkwardly pulled to her feet.

“Please don’t do this,” she said, now in a softer tone. “You said yourself- Murphy’s a racist. You know what he’ll do to me.”

“Not my problem, slut,” the gamesman replied.

“Heartless bastard,” Tasha spat. The men simply chuckled in reply.

“Look,” Tasha continued, leaning back away from the leash. “Void this capture and I’ll split my earnings with all of you. 1 million, four ways. We each get 250 grand.” The men replied with laughter. “I’m serious!” Tasha pleaded. “Tell me your names and I’ll cut you a check as soon as we get back to the Kingdom. This time tomorrow, you’ll have more than a year's salary.”

They changed Nott’s Faire’s to The Kingdom? What a cliché fuckin’ name.

The tall gamesman looked at the other two. “Interesting proposition,” he replied to Tasha. “I’ve got a better one.” Then he looked over at me. Nodding down to my ring-gag lying on the ground at my feet, he asked, “Do you mind if I borrow that?”

“Oh,” I replied in surprise, “Not at all.” I picked up the gag and tossed it over to him. “She can have this as well,” I offered pointing toward the armbinder on the ground behind me. A grin spread across the gamesman’s face.

“How generous of you,” he replied. He whistled over to his partners, nodding at the armbinder. The one closest quickly snatched it up, and advanced upon Tasha. The tall gamesman grabbed Tasha’s arms and forced her elbows together behind her back.

You bitch.” Tasha spat at me. “Enjoy this. It’ll be the last ounce of power you hammph- ulk lalph!”

The gamesman had shoved the ring-gag in her mouth from behind. Tasha twisted, trying to free herself from the men’s grasp, but to no avail. Within seconds, the ring-gag had been buckled tightly behind her head and the three men were forcing her zip-tied hands into my old armbinder. Her head flailed from side to side as the armbinder slid upwards. Her back became arched as the sheath forced her elbows together. This caused Tasha’s breasts to be thrust outward, highlighting her curves magnificently. The gamesmen fed the straps over her shoulders, cris-crossed them over her chest, and then finally underneath her underarms where they clicked to the backside of the armbinder. Returned to her former glory, there stood slave Tasha. Ring-gagged, collared, arm-bound, and chastity belted. Conquered and supremely disgruntled, wearing a scowl that could kill.

“Alright, slut,” the tall gamesman said, landing a loud smack to Tasha’s ass. She turned toward him, her eyes narrowing to slits. “Time to move.” He raised his walkie and spoke into it. “Tanner to base. Contestant 134 in hand. Heading to checkpoint 12.”

He began walking back the way he came, giving Tasha’s leash a tug. She let out an audible grunt and followed his lead. The two other gamesmen followed silently behind her.

“Hey-” called after them. “Seeing as I loaned you my gag and armbinder… what are my chances of you pointing me in the direction of the nearest active unlocking station?” I asked.

The men all stopped and turned to face me. The tall one hesitated, his face contemplative. After a few seconds, he smiled and answered, “You know, out of the 3 years that I’ve worked here, I’ve never seen an contestant get quite so close to winning her freedom as this bitch did.” He nodded toward Tasha. “But she attacked my coworker. And she called me a heartless bastard. I, personally, believe behavior like that needs to be punished. Given the reality that we’re gamesmen and none of us are permitted to do her any harm, I think it would be poetic her former prisoner… yourself, to do it for us.” He turned to look at Tasha. “What do you think, slut?” he asked. “Think you’d like to see your former slave win her freedom so she can stop by the shop to pay you from time to time?” She glared back at him, silently. He yanked her leash once more, making Tasha holler in anger. He chuckled dickishly. “She agrees,” he said, prompting laughter from his cohorts.

“So, here’s what I’ll do,” he continued, pulling out his smartphone again and studying it. After a few seconds, he looked back up and stared into the distance. “I’m going to point southeast from here,” He raised his hand and pointed over my left shoulder, “-in return for your word that you’ll make special trips to visit this slut at her new home once you’re a free woman.”

“Deal,” I replied without hesitation. I was willing to say whatever was necessary to win my freedom. I needed out of this nightmare. And for the first time today, escape seemed to actually be a possibility.

“Good girl,” he replied. “So, walk southeast from here for about a half a mile and you'll see the last remaining unlocking station. If you’re still walking after 7 minutes, then you’ve gone too far.”

“Thank you,” I answered as I began to run in the direction he pointed.

“I’d slow your roll, though!” he called after me. “Runners are 10 times easier to spot than walkers.”

I sighed, slowing down to a walk. “Thank you,” I called back politely. But the prospect of delaying my freedom was infuriating. My feet and entire body ached, my head still throbbed, and my anus continued to tingle from its humming intruder. But I would have gladly sprint through it all in order to be free of this nightmare. But apparently, the only way out was by slow motion… It was beyond maddening.

I tried to remain calm as I walked patiently through the trees. I breathed softly, trying to listen as best I could to the sounds around me. The slightest crunch of leaves or bird call would send me into a state of panic. I would crouch low to the ground and remain still until I was certain that the sounds were nonthreatening. At this rate, my 7 minute hike was going to take 15. I needed to hurry. The longer I waited to make my move, the more time I had to be captured. And the more time there was for another woman to find and steal the last remaining unlocking station. I couldn’t let that happen. I had to move.

So, against the advice given to me by the gamesmen, I began to run. I started at a light jog. But once my adrenaline started to pump, I found myself pushing faster and faster. I couldn’t help thinking that this was now or never. I was at the homestretch. My eyes darted frantically in search of the green light. I ran flat-out for what felt like a solid minute.

And then, I saw it… A green light flickering through the trees ahead of me. My heart did a summersault in my chest as I squinted into the distance. My eyes were definitely not playing tricks on me. There was a green light ahead! I tore ahead at full sprint. The light grew brighter at brighter with each stride. This was it! I was mere moments away from freedom!

But then, my heart suddenly dropped as I saw the light flicker. I skidded to a stop, straining my eyes to see what was happening. Someone was there! I ducked behind the nearest tree and peeked my head out. I saw a person’s silhouette passing in front of the light again, making it appear to flicker. It was a man dressed in camouflage holding an electric rifle. Panting for breath, I stood still and watched from my hiding spot. The man slowly circled the unlocking station, scanning the woods in all directions. I was roughly a hundred yards away, but fortunately, the man had been looking in the opposite direction as I was sprinting toward him. Another couple of steps, and he most certainly would have heard me.

Dammit,” I cursed under my breath. There was no telling how long I’d be forced to wait here until this asshole finally decided to move on. I spun around and leaned my back against the tree trunk. The sunlight was beginning to grow more orange, telling me that it must be getting later in the afternoon.

I wracked my brain, trying to figure out a way how to get to the unlocking station without being seen. He was too close! My only hope was to try inching my way there by ducking behind trees every few steps. And once I was close enough, I could try to make a sprint for the dildo attached to the tree. It seemed like a terrible plan, but it was all I could come up with. Once he was facing the other direction, I’d start. A few seconds later, he rounded the tree to face away from me. I made my move.

Holding my breath, I tiptoed from my hiding spot toward the closest tree. Once I got there, I ducked down behind it and exhaled quietly. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I couldn’t ever remember ever feeling more afraid. The tiniest mistake would land me in sexual slavery for the next 3 months. My stomach felt sick at the mere thought of what I’d have in store for me if I failed…

I peeked out from behind the tree. The man was still turned away from me but now had his rifle raised. It looked like he’d spotted something. I took the opportunity to tip-toe to the next tree. I felt like I was living out a perverted version of Zelda, sneaking through a maze, trying to avoid being seen by Gannon’s henchmen.

I waited here a few seconds before peeking out from my hiding place again. But just then, I heard the man’s voice shout, “Hey!” I dropped as low as I could. Had he seen me? Who was he shouting at? I heard the faint sound of running footsteps in the direction of the unlocking station. But after a few seconds, the sound stopped. The forest was silent. It took me a few seconds to work up the courage to peek my head out again. The man was nowhere to be seen. I scanned the forest, searching for any signs of movement. Nothing. Where was he?! I stood back up, weighing my options.

But no sooner did I stand to my feet, I realized that I was not alone. To my left, I saw a short, petite naked woman tearing through the trees toward the unlocking station. Her chastity belt, armbinder, gag, and hood were all still secured in place, but they didn’t seem to be affecting her speed. She was quick! Instinctively, I leapt from my hiding spot, and sprinted for the unlocking station as well. The girl was closer than I was, but with the use of my arms, I could feel myself gaining on her with each stride. Ignoring the pain in my raw feet, I sprinted ahead with all my might. I had to make it there first. I had to. 

But then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw more movement. I glanced to my right to see another naked woman running in the same direction. She seemed to be about my height, but was muscular with great big breasts that bounced with each powerful stride. She too was still hooded, gagged, belted, and arm-bound. She, too, was fast! This was gonna be an all-out race to the finish! The three of us had all been waiting for the right moment to make our move. We were all about the same distance from the unlocking station now. As far as I could see, there was still no sign of the man who had been pacing around the tree. My guess was that he’d run off after someone he’d seen in the distance.

We were all about 15 feet away from the green light now. With every last ounce of energy, I sprinted for the black rubber dildo. But then, my heart dropped as I saw the man who’d been pacing step forward from behind the wide tree trunk. He wore a smug smile and had his rifle raised toward us. The three of us skidded to a halt. The petite short girl shrieked and toppled over, falling face-first into the dirt. The man stood there, rifle raised, with his eyes darting between the three of us.

“Welcome, ladies.” he said smugly. “Well, That worked out better than I could have imagined! 3 at once! Anyone else out there want to join us?!”

The petite girl to my left struggled to stand to her feet.

“Ah-ah-ah,” the man said, turning his electric rifle toward her. “Kneel,” he told the girl. “You two-“ he said to us, “-come over and join her.”

We hesitantly walked over next to her.

“On your knees,” he said.

We knelt down next to the short girl. I trembled as I lowered myself to the ground, partly from exhaustion, but mostly from fear. This was it. The end of the line… The man stepped closer, keeping his rifle pointed at us. He was a relatively good looking Asian man with a slender but athletic build.

“Well aren’t you three a sight for sore eyes,” he said. “I never imagined that I’d get the opportunity to pick my slave from a line-up! Damn, if only I’d paid for the Platinum package, I could’ve kept all three of you!”

He knelt down in front of me, gazing into my eyes. “I guess I’ll just have to settle for one,” he said to me smiling. “Is that your natural hair color?” I looked down at the ground. “Eyes up,” he said, cupping my chin with his hand. “I asked- is that your natural hair color?” He asked again. I nodded silently. “Gorgeous,” he replied. “Off to a great start. Let’s check out contestant number 2.”

It crossed my mind for a split second to try to snatch the rifle from his hand. But then, I realized the gun would be useless against him. Nothing would happen if I managed to shoot him with it. He wasn’t wearing a shock collar or butt plug.

“Do me a favor, Red,” he said, standing up straight and taking a few steps backward, “Take off wonder woman’s gag and hood, here.” He nodded to the busty muscular girl to my right.

I turned and began unbuckling the woman’s gag. We were all still panting from our race to the unlocking station. The woman groaned as the ring-gag was pulled out of her mouth.

Fuck,” she whispered, exercising her jaw.

I then pulled off her hood. Even with her face being flushed and her blonde hair matted from the hood, I could see that she was stunningly gorgeous. She looked to be about my age and could easily have made her living as a supermodel. She looked up at the man, with an icy stare.

“Daaamn,” the man said smiling. “Both braun and beauty.” He knelt down to be eye-level with the woman, cupping her chin in his hand. “And what looks to be the perfect amount of attitude.” Without blinking or reacting, she continued staring straight into his eyes. The man chuckled. “Breaking a bitch like you is every man’s dream.” He patted the woman roughly on the side of face, causing her nostrils to flare ever-so-subtly in anger.

“It’s a close call, so far,” The man said as he stood up once more. “Red, if you would be so kind as to reveal our last contestant.”

I turned to my left and unbuckled the short girl’s gag. I could feel her trembling beneath my fingers as I removed the gag and began peeling the hood off of her head. She was a pretty Asian girl and looked like she couldn’t have been older than 20. Then again, I’d always been terrible at deciphering the age of people from different races.

“Hot damn,” the man whispered. The poor girl now sounded like she was starting to hyperventilate and was visibly shaking in fear.

“Hey, now,” The man said softly, kneeling down to her. “You don’t need to be afraid. Not of me, anyway.” A tear streamed down the woman’s face as she stared at the ground. The man inched closer.

“I know it must be scary, but I promise- I’m not going to hurt you.” He said, raising his hand to wipe the tear from her cheek. “What’s your name?”

The girl whispered what sounded like “ooo”.

The man leaned in closer yet. “What was that, love?” he asked.

And then it happened. Catching all 3 of us off-guard, the little Asian girl shot her head forward, head-butting the man square in the nose. He shouted in agony and reeled backwards. With lightning speed, the girl swung her leg around and swept behind his knees, bringing him down hard to the ground.

As he fell, he pulled the trigger of his electric rifle, which happened to be aimed squarely at the busty blonde to my right. She shrieked and began twitching and convulsing uncontrollably.

Somehow, the spry Asian girl was already on her feet and starting to leap over the hunter in the direction of the unlocking station. Without thinking, I reached forward and grabbed onto her right ankle. I gripped her ankle tightly as she was in mid-leap causing her to fall forward, right on top of the man she’d taken down. She screamed and the man grunted in pain as she fell on square on his stomach region. As thankful as I may have been for the role she played in attacking my enemy, I needed to get to the unlocking station first. Nothing else mattered!

As I scrambled to my feet, I could see the hunter wrestling with the Asian girl. Without the use of her arms, the girl was left only with the option of kicking and flailing her feet. The man appeared to overpower her relatively easily. But I wasn’t watching, because I’d now gotten to my feet and was sprinting once more toward the black dildo attached to the tree trunk. A few strides later, I was standing over it and lowering myself down. Once I felt the dildo make contact with my pussy lips, I allowed gravity to pull me down all the way.

Once fully submerged, I suddenly heard the glorious sound of a chime coming from my collar. The metallic clasp beneath my navel suddenly unlocked and the leather straps sprang off of my chastity belt. As I stood up straight, I held the belt out with my hand. I gasped as the Ben Wa ball slid past my sphincter and out of my anus. It wasn’t huge, but definitely big enough to make me feel more “stretched out” than usual. But none of that seemed to matter a whole lot, because once I stepped away from the tree, it suddenly hit me- I was free! FREE! This nightmare was finally over!

I looked up to see that the hunter was now straddling the Asian girl who was lying face down in the dirt. They were both grunting and the man’s nose was dripping with blood. Despite the girl’s struggles, he’d managed to unbuckle and pull down his pants. His rock-hard cock was now positioned mere inches away from the poor girl’s vagina.

“No!” I screamed, leaping forward to help. But it was too late. The man plunged into her through the metal ring in her chastity belt. Without pause, her collar began blinking red and a loud horn sounded through the trees. She was his. And she knew it. Instantly, she stopped struggling and kicking and laid still in the dirt. Nothing could be done to help her now.

“Fuck!” the man yelled, pulling out and standing to his feet. “Dammit!” He wiped blood from his upper lip and raised his chin high into the air, seemingly trying to stop the bleeding. “I swear to god if you broke my nose- Oww!” He staggered around, pulling a small rag from his back pocket and placing it up to his nose. “You have no idea how badly you’re going to pay for that!” The girl ignored him as she continued panting in the dirt.

Just then, I heard voices from behind me. I spun around to see 2 figures running towards us. I nearly jumped out of my skin, temporarily forgetting that I was now safe. One of them had their rifle raised toward me and appeared to be pulling the trigger. But to my relief, nothing was happening. I realized that my shock collar must have been disabled once I freed myself. But what about the blonde girl?

I spin back towards her, having completely forgotten about her existence. But she was now right next to me, hiding behind the shelter of the tree with the dildo.

“Capture me!” she whispered urgently to me. I cocked my head in confusion.

What?” I whispered back.

“Quick- do it before they do!” She stepped in even closer “Tap your wrist-band against my collar! Do it now!” she whispered.

I hesitated for a moment too long, prompting the woman to groan in impatience and bend over suddenly to press her neck against my leather wrist-cuff. Her collar began flashing red lights and another fog horn sounded in the distance. There must have been a sensor in each of my wrist-cuffs. The technical advances being employed for this shindig were insane! 

Just then, the two strangers approached. One of the people was an obese man, seemingly in his 50’s, and the other was a thin, striking brunette, with olive skin, seemingly in her early 30’s. The man hunched over, holding his rifle in one hand and supporting his weight with his other hand on his knee. The two of them looked around at the group of us. 3 naked women, one of whom was still laying motionless in the dirt, and a Asian man staggering around looking up at the sky, trying to stop his nose-bleed.

“Looks like we missed the party.” the brunette said coyly. She crossed her arms in front of her, revealing the fact that she wasn’t armed with a rifle. “Ugh, she freed herself. That explains why your gun didn’t work,” she said to the man.

Still panting heavily, the fat guy looked me up and down. “Fuckin’ A!” he growled. “Forgive my French. The wife and I were hoping to find a redhead. Figures you’d be off the market.” I stared back at him, perplexed. The two of them were married? The woman was insanely out of his league. She was fit, young, and exotic looking. He was fat, old, and out of shape. It had to be a gold-digger, trophy-wife scenario.

“Take the blonde then,” the brunette said, motioning toward her.

“She’s- actually mine,” I said awkwardly. “I caught her.”

The 2 of them stared blankly at us. “Bullshit,” the woman said. “Shoot her, Jay.”

“No!” I said loudly, stepping between them as the fat man raised his rifle.

But just then, I heard what sounded like a loud whistle. I turned my head toward the sound and saw 3 gamesman in orange vests jogging toward us. The one in front continued blowing his whistle.

“Cease and desist!” he shouted.

I glanced back at the husband and wife hunters who took several steps back, obviously bewildered by what was happening. I remained still, unsure of who the gamesman was actually speaking to.

A few seconds later, the gamesmen had reached our group. One of them stepped between us and the hunter couple. The other two went over to the Asian girl and her captor. “I’m sorry folks,” he said calmly to the hunter couple. “-but these slaves are all out of play.”

“What?” The husband hunter asked in confusion.

“Well, the slave over here-” the gamesman explained, nodding toward the Asian on the ground, “-has already been claimed.” Then, he turned to me. “And this woman just earned her freedom and is now in possession of this slave.”

“What?!” the hunter wife spat. “She can’t capture anyone! She’s a slave!”

“Former slave, actually,” the gamesman replied. “The rules permit freed contestants to hunt for their own slaves if they choose to do so. Her capture was legitimate, I assure you.”

The man pulled out his smartphone and held it to my collar, triggering a chime to sound. After a few mechanical clicks, I felt the straps encompassing my neck, wrists, and ankles all loosen at once. I pulled the collar off over my head and shook the cuffs off onto the ground. The gamesman collected them and tossed them in his bag. The feeling of the crisp breeze against my chaffed skin was glorious.

“Dammit!” the fat guy shouted, spinning around in frustration. “We’re never going to catch anyone!”

Next, the gamesman pressed his smart-phone to the blonde’s collar, making it change from blinking red to solid red.

“This is bullshit!” the wife hunter sneered, stepping forward. “We’re paying customers!” The gamesman ignored her and walked over to the blonde woman. “Are you telling me that all these sluts have to do is tap someone's collar and we’re out of luck?”

“Cry me river, bitch,” the blonde woman behind me chimed in. “You were too late. Get over it.” The brunette turned and scowled at the blonde, visibly shocked by the sass she was receiving. The blonde girl continued, “And judging by the collar around your own neck, it would appear that you’re not actually a paying customer. Your husband is.”

The brunette woman opened her mouth but hesitated to respond. I looked closer at the woman’s neck. The blonde was right. Beneath the brunette woman’s layers, I could see that she was indeed wearing a collar. She quickly adjusted her shirt to try and hide it.

“My guess,” the blonde woman continued, “-is that hubby brought you along as insurance. If he can’t find a woman to capture before midnight, he’ll be forced to go with plan B. Turn his skank trophy wife into his helpless sex slave for the next 3 months. Am I warm?” The brunette continued to glare silently at the blonde.

“I’d move along, slave,” the blonde continued. “He doesn’t look like he’s gonna last much longer.” She nodded toward the brunette’s husband who was now sitting on the ground, wiping sweat off of his brow with a rag. “On the plus side, I’ll bet big money that the two of you’ll win this year’s costume contest as slave Leia and Jabba the Hut.”

I snorted in laughter from that last one. Even the gamesman next to me seemed to be having difficulty concealing his amusement. No longer able to handle the antagonizing, the brunette abruptly turned and stormed over to her husband. “C’mon, babe. We’ve gotta keep moving.”

The fat man, seemingly oblivious to the entire conversation started the laborious process of standing to his feet. His wife attempted to help him, but he waved her off, prompting her to wait patiently by his side until he was upright again.

“Happy hunting,” the blonde woman called after them as they walked away. The brunette turned back, flashing a middle finger at her. The blonde cackled with laughter.

“Here are some clothes, miss,” the gamesman behind me said. I turned to see him holding out a grey and black jumpsuit to me as well as a pair of stretchy shoes. 

“Oh,” I replied. “Thanks.” I snatched them from his hands and began putting them on without hesitation. I would have loved a bra and panties, but I supposed beggars couldn’t be choosers in a situation like this.

“Got any clothes for me?” the blonde asked the gamesman sarcastically. He ignored her, zipping up his bag and swinging it back over his shoulder. This girl seemed like a handful. She then turned to me and said, “Welp, it looks you own me for the next couple of months. Thanks for taking me off the market.”

“Don’t mention it,” I replied dryly as I hopped on one foot to put my shoes on. Once fully clothed, I tossed my hair back and tied it into a ponytail.

“I’m Brandy,” the blonde woman said. “I’d shake your hand, but, well, you know.”

I looked over to her and gave her a half-smile. “I’m Ali,” I replied.

Just then, the gamesman who handed me my clothes, turned back to me. I caught his eye and could see that he looked confused.

“Your name’s Ali?” He asked. I stared back at him, unsure why he was asking. Did he recognize me or something?

“When I scanned your collar, it said your name was Jodie,” he said, suspiciously.

Shit! I forgot I was supposed to be Jodie from Ireland! Think, Ali!

“I’m… trying to keep my identity as private as I possible,” I replied in my best Irish accent. “The last thing I want is some freak showing up on my doorstep in Dublin.”

“Ah,” the gamesman said, “My mistake, ma’am.” He then turned to Brandy and clipped a leash to the D-ring on her collar.

“Dublin? Dublin, Ireland?” Brandy replied excitedly. “No kidding! I did an exchange program there in high school. My host family lived in Portobello. Which part of the city are you from?”

Ugh, seriously, Brandy? “Uh, just north of that,” I replied off the top of my head.

“Sooo, around Broadstone?” Brandy asked. Just then, her head was yanked to the side by the gamesman holding her leash.

“Are you braindead?” the gamesman asked. “She just said she didn’t want to share personal details.” Brandy shot him a glare at him and then turned back to me.

“Sorry,” she said quietly.

“Sorry, what?” the gamesman pressed, aggressively. “You belong to her now, slave. Sorry, what?”

She looked down at the ground and replied, “Sorry, mistress.” I could see that she was blushing. I couldn’t tell whether it was in rage or humiliation. 

Eager to move past the awkwardness, I turned and looked back towards the Asian girl behind me. The other two gamesmen had gotten the Asian girl leashed and on her feet. The Asian hunter now had cotton balls shoved up each of his nostrils. It was hard to stop myself from grinning at the sight of him. But I had a feeling that the more humiliated he felt, the harsher he’d take it out on his new slave. So, I suppressed my grin and forced myself to look away.

“So, where do we go now?” I asked the gamesmen.

“Now, we head back to the Kingdom,” the gamesman closest to me answered. “You and Mr. Chei will be free to check into your quarters and your slaves will stay behind for orientation.”

He then lifted his walkie-talkie and spoke into it. “Gordon to base. We have contestants 21, 237, and 94 in hand. On our way to checkpoint 9.” He then, placed the walkie-talkie back in its hip holster. “Alright, folks- let’s head in.” Leashes in hand, the gamesmen began walking toward the setting sun. The group of us followed their lead.

It all felt so surreal. After everything, it was still hard to wrap my head around all that had transpired. My simple attempt to investigate the Renaissance fairegrounds during the off-season had landed me smack-dab in the middle of a paid sex-slave hunting retreat for the world’s most perverted affluent. After half a day of wandering naked through the forest, I’d finally won my freedom by impaling myself on a series of electronic rubber dildos mounted to trees. And along with freeing myself, I’d somehow managed to promote myself from “slave” to “slave owner”. My stomach churned. I had zero interest in being a slave owner! The mere existence of such a retreat like this made me sick to my stomach. Becoming a willing participant in the perversion was downright unthinkable. I wanted no more part in it. As soon as I got back to Notts’, or the Kingdom, or whatever the hell they called it now, I’d be gone. I’d march straight out the gate.

Uncle Henry would be rolling in his grave if he knew that any of this was happening to his beloved faire. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and a knot forming deep in my throat. I’d kept my cool up to this point, but now, it seemed, my emotions were finally beginning to get the better of me. It had been a long and trying day. One that I couldn’t have anticipated in my wildest dreams. But I made it through. I’d conquered this nightmare. It was over. I cleared my throat and blinked the tears out of my eyes. With any luck, in less than an hour from now, I’d be back home soaking in a long hot shower. One hour. I could maintain my composure for one more hour. Keep it together, Ali, I told myself. One more hour and all of this will be over. Against all odds, however, fate would somehow figure out a way to persuade me into staying…

Story continued in Chapter Three

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