Kim's Birthday Gift

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; play; bond; silktie; cuffs; gag; tease; torment; blindfold; susp; chain; spreaderbar; toys; denial; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Part One

Kim had been seeing Ben for the past few glorious months, they’d met through some mutual friends and hit it off right away, Kim just loved the special way that Ben treated her, there weren’t too many men around that treated women like ladies anymore. Ben always looked out for Kim when they went out on a date, from opening doors to giving her his coat on cold evenings. She felt looked after and appreciated, and Ben received some special treatment from Kim for his efforts. Although Ben would really have loved to be doing other things to Kim’s body, but that comes later in the story.

The first time that Ben asked Kim if he could tie her hands above her head, Kim’s mind reeled at the thought of being held immobile, Ben had been edging towards this moment for some time now. This night they’d been to a nice restaurant, had a few cocktails and ended the evening back at Ben’s apartment. This wasn’t the first time they’d had sex, they had been into the sexual side of things for about two months now. Things had just fallen into place and Kim felt at ease with Ben so the relationship had turned into something more serious.

Now Kim was laying naked on the bed with Ben next to her, they had been into some serious build up, kissing, stroking and feeling each others bodies, when Ben asked her if it would be okay if he could tie her hands above her head to the top of the bed. Kim’s first reaction was no way, I’m not a kinky person, but her body was telling her, just go with the flow, enjoy the moment, let herself just try something new, something risky, something daring…

Ben held his breath, he’d just asked his date if he could tie her hands to the bed, this was always a risky time in any relationship that he’d had. He was into bondage and found it difficult to find the same in his female partners, they either accepted it and played along or just grossed out and that was the last he saw of them. He just wanted to find the right girl who would share his love of bondage, together they could explore the many different aspects of bdsm. Whilst Ben wouldn’t call himself a ‘master’ he thought that he was getting experienced enough to want to move into a ‘sub/master’relationship. The problem was finding the ‘sub’!

Kim didn’t know it at the time just what road she was heading down when she let her body talk her into letting Ben tie her hands to the bed. Kim nodded her head and whispered a sultry “yes” to Ben’s question. She couldn’t believe that she was going to let him tie her hands and remove her freedom, the ability to move her soft, gentle hands. Before Kim could change her mind Ben had picked up the silk tie that he’d worn tonight and was wrapping it around her wrists, he didn’t want to tie it too tight, he didn’t want to put her off the experience, this was her first time so he proceeded gently.

He let Kim get used to just having her wrists bound together, the feeling of the silk tie against her skin was exquisite, the restriction on her movements and the feeling of being bound made her wonder why she had never tried this before. Ben gently kissed her neck as Kim grew into the feelings from the bondage, she moved her hands around, testing her limits, it was only her two wrists tied together and not too tightly either, but he had to start somewhere with her. As his lips ran over her smooth skin, she lay her hands above her head in submission, the moment Ben had been waiting for, without too much movement on his part his hands drifted up to begin fastening her tied wrists to the railing at the bed head.

With a small knot Kim’s hands were now secured to the bed, she tested her limits, her hands were now useless to her, she was held to the bed. She felt herself more aroused, turned on and her sexual centre became very wet indeed. Just the simple act of him tying her hands above her head had brought out wonderful sensations in her, she hadn’t felt this way since, well since this was the first time, then well never before. Why had a simple silk tie changed her outlook on sex. She didn’t know but for the moment she wanted to enjoy the feelings.

Ben had just finished tying the silk tie to the bed head, her wrists were now secured, he’d done this move many times before, this was the gentle easy introduction to bondage. If he’d have his way they’d be bound, hog-tied and suspended on the first date, it would save so much time and agony, well the agony would only be saved on his part! He looked down at his now bound captive, she was still testing her bonds, seeing just how much movements she still retained. Ben let her get used to this as he moved his lips down her body, spending time at her beautiful breasts. He imagined them tightly bound, bulging as the rope tightened around their base, changing colour as the blood vessels swelled.

He ran his tongue around her nipples, biting each gently, just enough to draw the breath out of her as she gasped in delight at the feeling. Ben knew his way around this part of the female anatomy, he’d been there so many times, must be instinct or something that came from his early childhood and breastfeeding. He knew just what buttons to push to get her begging for more, he was proud of this ability, something he’d worked on his entire life he’d say. Kim would at this moment agree, she’d agree to anything at this moment as his teeth again grazed her nipple, her pulse jumping along with her body, her breathing coming in short pants as she succumbed to his mouth.

Her hands were tied to the bed head by his silk tie, she pulled her wrists against the smooth material as she felt herself get more turned on, she had never felt this way, well she’d felt turned on before but this was taking it to another level, not just the next one but several floors above! Kim began to pull on the tie, the material starting to dig into her soft flesh as she moved her arms about the bed. The feelings from other parts of her body took over and the minor pain that she would normally have felt was now overridden by the endorphins running through her body.

She wanted more, but she felt that she couldn’t ask him, she felt too embarrassed, too shy and reserved to ask him. Ben wanted more too, but he didn’t want to scare her just yet. He held her legs down with his own, pressing her limbs into the soft mattress, holding them there with just his weight. Kim felt his legs move on top of hers and she adjusted herself to give him access to her limbs, willing him to hold her, press her down and use her. She wanted and desired to be held and screwed by him, she just couldn’t articulate this to him, so maybe she could send the message with her body. She moved herself, adjusting her body so that his body held her down, she just wanted for him to enter her now and take her, bring her to the fulfilling conclusion of tonight’s love making.

Ben felt the movement in Kim’s body, the slight adjustment as she positioned herself under him, he could read the signs, he knew that she was ready, that she wanted him inside her. He still needed to keep her wanting more, wanting to be bound now and in the future, he would have to keep her flames of desire going, but not to the point of extinguishing them, he needed her to desire being bound. He held back from entering her, much to her dismay, but he was in charge now, she had given up the right to call the shots so to speak when she allowed him to bind her wrists, the power had moved from her to him. And he intended to keep her this way for sometime to come.

His hands moved over her body, working their way down to her sex, feeling the moist lips as she sighed in sexual bliss at his touch. His fingers probed her soft, yielding flesh, manipulating the two puffy lips between his fingers. Moving around until they found her sexual centre, her clit was standing loud and proud, waiting for attention, his fingers lightly played on her nub, gently, slowly caressing it, allowing her to feel the wondrous sensations that came from her epicentre. Kim felt his hands move around her pussy, probing her, stroking her and driving her ever onwards to her sexual high. She wanted to cum now badly, she wanted to scream out for him to fuck her, finish her off or let her do the job. But with her hands tied above her she couldn’t move.

Any other time she would have rolled him over and fucked his brains out, bringing herself to a delirious climax, but he’d tied her to the bed, her arms held by a simple silk tie, her legs held down by his body weight. She couldn’t move and she loved it. Ben had judged the moment when she was near climax, he removed his fingers and eased himself into her, she moved her legs slightly to give access, but he soon placed his legs back on top of hers, using his weight and strength to hold them in place. He wasn’t going to let her cum whilst not restrained, that would defeat the objective here, he wanted her to be bound wanted her to ask him to tie her down.

She felt his solid member enter her, seeking out her love hole, filling her with his flesh, this is what she had waited for, for so long. Then she felt the pressure of his legs holding hers down against the mattress, the feeling of sheer helplessness washed over her body as she surrendered to his will, she was his to do with as he wished. Ben began moving in a steady motion building up as her breathing pattern changed, he knew that she was close now, close to being his bound plaything, close to becoming his object of desire, a bound object, a mere plaything for him.

Kim felt the climax rush from her loins throughout her body, bound as she was the feeling was more intense than she had ever experienced before, her orgasm washed, more like a tidal wave over her body reaching every part of her body, her toes curling from the sheer pleasure she had received from him, her wrists pulling even harder against the binding causing the silk knot to tighten against her flesh, digging in although she couldn’t feel it at the moment as her mind was still elsewhere. Ben continued to move his body against hers allowing her to feel the climax wash over her, he hadn’t cum yet, he wanted her to climax again before he would lose his load within her. Just when he judge the time right he began working her towards her second cumming.

She lay there held down to the bed by his weight and the bindings that held her wrists above her head, the orgasm that had just gone through her body was the most explosive she’d ever had, her mind was still in orgasmic mode as she felt him start to move his body against her, his still solid member now pumping again within her, she was beginning to feel the start of another wave building up within her body. Kim lay there, her mind lost to the world of pleasure as Ben brought her closer to another climax. This time as she fell over the edge Ben joined her too, his sperm gushing into her as he experienced his orgasm, his body shuddering as he continued pumping into her, prolonging the feelings that they were both feeling.

They both collapsed back into the mattress, he still on top of her, his still hard member inside of her, they both were on another planet, their feelings as their bodies began to withdraw from the climatic haze began to recover. Kim looked at Ben with her soft eyes, they crinkled into a smile along with her sensuous lips, the look of sheer and utter contentment in her face. He looked down at her and smiled back, knowing that she was now hooked, she would be asking for more bondage soon. Very soon if he had his way.

Just then reality bit back as Kim’s wrists suddenly made their presence felt, they’d tightened up during their loveplay and she only now noticed the pain coming from them. Quickly he removed the bindings allowing her to free her wrists, he began rubbing them for her, kissing them and soothing them. He didn’t want her to feel any bad reaction to the binding, his plan was to introduce her to more bondage in the future and his mind began working on his next move.

Chapter 2

They had both enjoyed the bondage session the previous night, Kim more so being her first time tied, whilst Ben had done this thing before, he still got that high when he gained control of his victim, her submissive bondage empowering his dominant ego. The plan was working, he could increase it in stages building up to his total control. She on the other hand was blissfully unaware of his ulterior motives, she just had experienced the most mind blowing orgasm of her life and she wanted more. She would readily agree to him binding her again in the future, she wondered what it would be like if he’d bound her legs as well last night, she resolved to find out.

It was later that day that they both met for an early dinner and then it was back to his place for more dessert! She didn’t want to wait too long to get back to where they were the night before, it was only on his insistence that they had all night that she relented and let him set the pace, I might as well lay back and enjoy it she thought. They made their way into the bedroom dispensing with coffee and the usual build up, they both desired to be some place else not the couch. Ben undressed Kim, this was to slow her down slightly and secondly he just loved looking at her naked body, he felt that by taking his time he was gradually taking control of her, piece by piece until without realising she had given herself over to him.

She felt him removing her clothes, she was ready to dump them in a pile on the floor and jump into bed, but he’d insisted on removing them from her. Well if it pleased him, she’d more than oblige, the feeling of surrender as he slowly removed each piece of clothing for her body, exposing her bare flesh in it’s naked glory. She was proud of her body, she’d worked damn hard to maintain it this way and she loved every opportunity to show off its fine curves and smooth flesh. He meanwhile was beginning to see the ropes binding her flesh, the silky cord wrapping around her skin, he shuddered at the thought and put it to the back of is mind for later.

Soon they were in bed, she began playing with his body, her hands caressing him, running over his body, feeling the harder male skin against her soft female skin. She moved down his body, her mouth seeking parts as she headed south. His nipples received the moist lips treatment as she puckered her lips over each nipple, her teeth gently biting his pink flesh, causing him to take a short intake of breath. 'This is what you did to me last night', she thought, 'my turn to get back at you'. She continued working her mouth over his body until she reached his now very solid member. He lay back and let the feelings wash over him, he was enjoying the feeling of her mouth and tongue as they roamed over his body, he knew that soon she would be getting the same treatment, only she would be bound.

Kim rang her hands over his solid penis, feeling her way down to his balls, she played with them whilst she moved her warm, moist mouth over the tip of his erect member. She felt the shudder run through his body as she began to run her tongue over the tip and down the rear to the joint of the foreskin, she knew from experience that this was his most sensitive part. She loved the reaction that her tongue and mouth caused whenever she hit this spot on a male. She felt power over him, to have his most private part within inches of her mouth, her tongue playing on his flesh, she felt that she had regained some control, it was to be short-lived.

Ben began to feel unease as she ran her tongue over his hard penis, sure it felt great but with this act he gave away his control, she was now taking from him the power that he loved, he gained more from this than the physical side of love making. She continued with her mouth, taking him in and running it around the inside of her mouth, her tongue flickering across the sensitive flesh. At this moment something happened, whether he moved or she let his member slip down into her mouth too far it didn’t matter, for at that moment she choked on his penis, nearly biting him in the process. She had to withdraw it from her mouth. He had been enjoying it up to now, even though it was a power exchange, one that he would re-exert control of again later.

He was suddenly brought out of the pleasant thoughts by her coughing, she’d gone too far and it had tickled the back of her throat, causing her to choke, an involuntary spasm on her part but it was enough for him. Bringing him back to earth with a terrible bump. He sat up and this act forced her to withdraw from his crotch. The feeling of awkwardness pervaded the bedroom as they both recovered their senses. He moved to lay her down on the bed, she slightly embarrassed let him guide her back on to the mattress. Moving to ease the situation he began kissing her, his tongue running over her neck, placing her back at ease.

Ben didn’t ask this time, he moved her hands above her head and held them there with his stronger hands, placing one hand completely about her two wrists and holding them in place. She willingly submitted to his over powering of her body, she wanted more of the same, even to explore further than last night. Looking into her eyes as his other hand began running over her taught flesh, feeling her soft mounds, the nipples jutting out. He was seeking permission to continue from her, just a look and she would be his. Her eyes sent the message he needed and he moved higher up the bed. This time he was prepared, the leather cuffs were attached to the bed by small chains, all that was needed was to enclose her wrists in their grasp.

Kim felt the cool leather as it encircled her wrist, looking up she was surprised to see the cuffs, and also the chain that connected to the bed. Feeling that she was falling into a trap, she panicked slightly causing him to stop what he was doing, but only momentarily, he was determined that she was to be bound to the bed tonight. She felt the panic rise inside her, the feeling began to overwhelm her and was glad to see that Ben had halted tying her down. This reassured her that she was safe in his hands and that she was needlessly worried. Her body calmed down as he continued binding her down.

She tested her new bonds as Ben continued wrapping the leather cuffs around each wrist. Tightening each individually, closing her escape with each notch of the buckle. Completing his task, he checked each one for any problems before placing a small padlock through each clasp, securing them to her wrists until he was ready to remove them. Feeling that he’d regained his lost power he let her get used to the feel of the cuffs. Kim was beginning to enjoy the feel of the leather cuffs, they would be safer than the silk tie from last night, she checked the way they pulled against her wrists. She was completely bound, her arms were securely held above her head and was surprised when Ben produced the padlocks and clasped them into each cuff. She thought that she couldn’t get out from the cuffs anyway, but now with the locks she was trapped.

Ben was enjoying looking at the way she moved her body, her arms tried in vain to pull against the cuffs, they held firm, her wrists were now bound until he wanted to release them. He let her continue, she had not noticed his movement down her body until she felt the cold cuff encircle her left ankle. He was working at the straps closing off her escape as she realised what he was doing. She didn’t mind, she had secretly wanted this, she had wondered last night how it would feel. So after he’d finished with her left ankle, she moved her right to the cuff he held in his hand. He saw that she wanted him to tie her legs to the bed, and that she was willing him to continue.

He completed both ankle cuffs, again placing a small lock in each one securing them against release until he desired. Kim lay there luxuriating in her new found pleasure, the cuffs gently holding her body against the mattress. Now that he had her secure, he went about adjusting the chains that connected the cuffs to the bed, she was going to be spread-eagled and there was no point to this unless she was tightly spread-eagled. He quickly adjusted the chains tightening them, pulling her limbs and tightening her bound body. She lay there feeling his hands adjusting the cuffs not realising what he was doing, she just felt great bound as she was, it was then that she began to experience some discomfort.

Realising that he was stretching her body with the cuffs and their chains she began to question in her mind whether this was the right decision. She was about to voice her concerns when he stopped pulling at the chains and cuffs. She was now spread-eagled on the bed to await his pleasure. Convincing herself that this was now okay, she eased her mind back into the pleasant sensations that she felt before. Ben had begun stroking her taut flesh, running his hands over her sensitive skin, his mouth began playing with her breasts, her nipples erect and begging for attention.

He had finished with the bindings on her wrists and ankles, the chain would keep her stretched, although not to his standards but for now it would do. He began playing with his bound toy, she was now his, some little plaything for his delight and amusement. His hands and his tongue began wandering over her skin, finding the little sensitive spots, concentrating on her erogenous zones, driving her ever onwards. She relaxed and let him explore her bound body, there was nothing that she could do to stop him now, short of scream the place down, but then she would find herself in the embarrassing position of explaining why she’d let him tie her down in the first place.

This dilemma would soon be resolved, as Ben unfolded the next part of his plan when he picked up a gag from the side drawer. She would soon be silent, his sex slave, only able to make small noises. He moved his mouth up her body, his tongue flicking at her flesh as he moved his head upwards. His mouth finding hers as they locked in a passionate embrace. His tongue seeking out hers as he entered her mouth, their tongues entwined as they sank deeper into the throes of pleasure. She felt her passion rising as he moved his mouth away from her tender breasts, his tongue gradually easing it’s way up her neck until his lips met hers and they kissed long and hard. She felt his tongue enter her mouth and she quickly brought hers into play, searching out its partner, they moved like a couple of ballroom dancers.

She felt him pull his mouth away from hers, breaking the delightful embrace and wonderful sensations from their joining. She didn’t see what he held in his hand until it was too late and he was placing it in her mouth. She’d been foolish enough to let his fingers play with her lips, whilst he had prepared the gag for her. Now he was securing it in place within her mouth, her lips stretching around the plastic ball, whilst the straps were tightly fastened behind her head. Ben was pleased with the swift way he’d bound the gag in her mouth, this must be an all time record, if he’d kept score that is, one of those events that he’d excel in if they had them in the Olympics. Female mouth binding, a new Olympic sport.

Kim had gotten over the initial shock of the ball being inserted into her mouth, she began to complain about it but the gag just muffled everything she said. “Mmmmmphh! Taaace ich ouff!” she said. Ben pleaded ignorance, asking what she was trying to say, a big grin on his face. He was the cat who’d caught the mouse, she was the mouse that was his plaything. Kim eventually gave up complaining about the gag, she could see that he wasn’t going to remove it anytime soon, not that she was in any position to do anything about it now.

She adjusted her mouth around the gag, getting it as comfortable as she could. She’d now forgotten about the rest of the bondage, her legs spread wide, her sex now very available, her arms held uselessly above her head. All she could do now was wait and see what he was going to do next. Ben was still very happy with the way he’d been able to bind her to the bed, he rechecked all the bindings, he didn’t want her to break free. Now she was his to do with as he wished and she couldn’t even voice her complaint against him. He was like a kid at Christmas again, here was his latest toy wrapped and available to play with, to do whatever his heart desired, well within reason, he did want her to come back for more.

Time to work on her first orgasm, he thought as he went down on her moist pussy, running his tongue over her soft, puffy flesh tasting her juices as she got more turned on. He loved the way she moved whenever he ran his tongue over her clit, he would do this several times just to get her reaction. Kim had given up trying to struggle, he was now between her thighs, his mouth working away at her sex, just the way she loved it. She felt his tongue flick at her sensitive nub, each time causing her to jump, she could sense that he was doing this deliberately to tease her.

She could feel the orgasm building up within her, he was intent on giving her the first one quickly, sort of a way of appeasing her for the way she was tied. It would not be her last one of the night either. The waves quickly overwhelmed her as he continued playing with his tongue on her most sensitive parts. She pulled with all her strength at the binding that held her tightly tied to the bed, her lips playing around her gag, her voice trying to cry out as the intensity increased with each wave. Ben could see that she was about to cum, he deliberately continued down the path to her glory, her body became very tight and he could see her pulling at her bondage, her body arching pulling her back off of the mattress. He took great delight in bringing her to this crescendo, playing her body like a musical instrument.

That was the first of many orgasms that night, even Ben managed a few but he knew that his reward would come later when she would beg him to tie her up. Then she would be his. But for now he would continue with his gentle introduction, maybe soon he would show her his bondage dungeon in the spare bedroom, maybe even a little session of suspension.

Chapter 3

Kim was feeling washed out as Ben untied the straps holding her to his bed, the gag removed and laying on the floor, out of sight for now. She didn’t want to move, she stayed in the position for sometime, drifting in and out of the post sexual haze. She’d been taken further along the path to bondage than she’d realised, the feelings that it had brought her, whilst initially she was shocked, she had succumbed to the way Ben had tied her, she had overcome her fears and had enjoyed herself immensely. It was only her upbringing that caused a bit of anguish, nice girls don’t do these things. Well in her opinion nice girls must miss out on a lot of fun!

She drifted off to sleep in his arms, he couldn’t believe his luck so far, here was an extremely attractive woman, very sexy and appealing, letting him tie her to his bed and abuse her, make love to her and take advantage of her. He thought that the light of day would see things differently. He’d been here once before only to find her gone in the morning. He dropped off to sleep, still holding her in his arms, hopefully she would still be here in the morning.

He awoke to find the sunlight streaming through the windows and on to the bed, the now empty bed, she’d gone whilst he was asleep, he’d misjudged her and taken it too far. He cursed himself as he got out of bed and headed to the kitchen. He didn’t notice at first, but there standing in his kitchen was Kim, she had stayed after all, she’d been making coffee whilst leaving him to sleep in bed. He was a little wary of how she’d react to last night, especially the gag, and he waited with baited breath to find out.

Kim had awoken early, she had two minds to leave him, now that she’d gotten over her sexual haze she could see clearer now, her mind was no longer a chemical fog of pheromones, endorphins and hormones. She’d been drunk on sex last night, her mind had sobered up now and was doing some serious thinking. Her mind had been lost in thought when he’d walked into the kitchen and didn’t at first notice him. They both took their reactions as a bad sign, but the truth of the matter was that they had both enjoyed what happened the night before and on her part she wanted to continue.

He had surprised her, she was sitting in the kitchen with a coffee cup in her hand, her mind lost in her own world. Her initial reaction took him off guard and placed him on the defensive. Maybe he had gone too far last night, but she had enjoyed herself and in the end that’s what counted. Kim sensed his change of body posture, she put down her coffee and held her hand out towards him in a gesture of friendship. He reached for it, grabbing hold of it and pulling her out of the chair and into his arms. They both were happy, even crying, she wiping away tears said that she’d had a wonderful time last night, that while she initially didn’t like the gag, she was glad it was in place, other wise the neighbours would complain!

Ben now felt all tension ease out of his body; he’d crossed the first hurdle in getting her tied to the bed, now he needed to work on the rest. She now felt more at ease with him, any lingering doubt now banished from her mind, she could see that he cared for her and that she could trust him when she was tied. She didn’t yet know how far she’d go, but at the moment she would enjoy the ride.

Chapter 4

Four weeks went past in a blur of bondage, almost every night Kim was tied up one way or another. He’d introduced a new element nearly each time she’d been tied. Some she’d disliked at first, like the nipple clamps but some she really got into like the corsets. She found that she really enjoyed having her waist constricted by the grasp of the corset, she knew from previous experience that she enjoyed being squeezed at the waist by her lovers hands, but now she’d found a way to do it longer, tighter and sexier. She began dressing for him too, sexy lingerie, stockings, high heels, she’d even bought along a velvet choker that she’d bought a few years ago. Ben really liked it when she wore this and it became part of their regular wardrobe.

It was one Friday evening, it had been raining all day and was expected to continue all weekend. The plans they’d had were now ruined, so they decided to stay home and entertain themselves! Ben decided that it was time to introduce her to his playroom. It was in the spare bedroom of his apartment that he had set up his makeshift ‘dungeon’ as he called it, he hadn’t had much use as he hadn’t found a willing partner that would stay long enough for him to introduce to the delights of more serious bondage. Tonight he felt lucky, he’d been gradually working towards getting Kim into the room, he had been working on various plans and schemes, now was the time to put something into place.

Kim had grown to like being bound, especially when she could experience the orgasms that she had recently been receiving. She could not see what all the fuss was about, why is the subject so taboo, well it’s not the sort of thing you’d blurt out to your parents or work colleagues, “Well last night I let Ben tie me down to the bed and fuck me!” But she loved the way she felt when bound, the tight restrictive nature of the bondage, holding her down, increasing her sexual feelings, it seemed to enhance the intensity of the climax.

Ben had prepared the meal, something light and a chilled wine to compliment the food and help relax his bondage victim. They sat at the dining table slowly eating and talking, generally having a normal time as couples do, the subject of bondage not brought up just yet. The meal, delightful from Kim’s point of view, well she didn’t have to prepare it, just sit down and enjoy it, she felt pampered and very special as Ben seemed to pay more attention to her tonight. Whilst Ben cleared away the dishes Kim was left to wander around the lounge, she spotted a card on the desk and upon picking it up found it to be a birthday card addressed to Ben. So it was his birthday, she decided that she would find out when it was.

Kim wandered back into the dining room as Ben finished clearing away, she decided on the direct approach and with card in hand asked him when his birthday was. Ben turned slightly red, but said that the card had arrived a week too early, it was from his Aunt who lived overseas and she always sent him money for his birthday, ever since he was a small child. Placing her arms around his neck and drawing his face towards hers, her lips finding his, she continued trying to find the day. She eventually brought it out of him that it was next Friday, but that she was not to buy him a present, he insisted on that. She promised that she wouldn’t but other thoughts started to go through her head as to what she would give him – herself.

Ben began nibbling on her neck sending pleasurable sensations along her nerve fibres, reaching her brain and causing the inevitable chemical reaction that began to turn her body into a sexual frenzy. She loved the way he used his lips on her neck, the delightful feeling sending tingles up and down her spine, goose bumps spread across her flesh increasing the sexual tension her body was feeling. This was the first stage in Ben’s plan for tonight, get her relaxed then work her into a knee trembling, sex hungry, wanton female who would do anything to achieve climax to her pent up sexual frustration.

He began removing her clothes, first off her blouse, the white silk fabric slid off of her skin, revealing the smooth tender flesh underneath waiting to be explored and exploited. Kim allowed herself to be lead, the slow removing of her clothes brought back delightful memories of previous sessions they had together. Her mind wandered to sample some of them as Ben continued working his hands and lips over her body. Her skirt soon joined the blouse on the floor, a tangled heap of cloth, it would soon have company when she would very soon be completely naked.

Kim was lost to the sensations that she was receiving, it was only when Ben slipped on a pair of handcuffs that she was all but temporarily brought back to reality. She loved the way they felt, indeed she had gone and bought her own pair to play with at home after the first time Ben had used them on her. She switched from being the independent, strong minded woman to a mere sexual kitten, awaiting her masters bidding. Did she just use the word ‘master’, this was not part of her normal vocabulary, but it did send a tingle down her spine, and her pussy did get slightly moist at the thought. Standing here naked in front of Ben, her hands cuffed securely within the metal bands of the cuffs, she felt delightfully wicked and very wanton.

Ben had no idea what had just gone through Kim’s mind, the switch in thinking and the possible scenario of her submitting to her ‘master’. All he was aware of was that she was enjoying his attention and that when he ran his hands over her labia he found them to be very moist, if not wet! He thought that it was from his handling of her body, his male expertise with the female body, but he also hoped that it was from her hands being cuffed too, he wanted her to crave bondage, to beg for him to tie her up. But for the moment he needed to steer her in the direction of the bondage room or his ‘dungeon’.

She was way passed ready for sex, she wanted to have him here on the lounge floor, but he seemed to have other plans and she decided that she would go along with him to see what he was going to do to her next. She had loved almost every new bondage experience so far, although the pain from the nipple clamps still brought back painful memories. To her credit, she thought, she had tried them but was not really interested in any form of pain. She could cope with the very tight bondage and the hog-tie was very nice even though she felt like a trussed animal. It was something that she’d wanted again, to be a sexual thing, waiting to be used. She had felt like she was a present waiting to be opened and a thought came into her head.

Ben was now ready to take advantage of his bound captive, he knelt down and placed shackles on her ankles, she was going to be his slave tonight. As he closed the last shackle around her ankle Kim felt more his than she had felt before, she was his moreso tonight than before, she felt the control pass from her to him, she was his to do whatever he wished. She just hoped that he would get on with it!

Chapter 5

Kim was now standing naked in front of Ben, her hands secured behind her back within the confines of the enclosing metal cuffs, her ankles now shackled with leather cuffs. Ben was going to take her to another level of bondage tonight, he was going to introduce her to his bondage room. But first he decided that she needed to be blindfolded, this would ease the initial reaction to the sights within the room.

Ben had taken great pride in building his dungeon, it contained all manner of restraints, although he hadn’t managed to use many of them on anyone yet. He had taken a couple of girlfriends in there, the first whilst initially liking the bondage side of things freaked out when he had shown her and called him a pervert! The second allowed him to tie her to the cross frame on the wall, but wouldn’t allow him to do anything other than use his mouth on her. She seemed to have enjoyed the brief time they had spent in there, but she never came back for more and all telephone calls went unanswered.

Tonight though would be different, Ben would try something else, if at first she couldn’t see the bondage devices then she wouldn’t panic or think of him in nasty terms. Kim stood there waiting for Ben’s next move, she didn’t have to wait long. Ben picked up the silk scarf that he’d got ready earlier and held it up for her to see. “I’d like to place this blindfold on you?” Ben asked hoping that she would agree, he didn’t want to force her to wear it, he wanted her to want more. 

Kim looked at the piece of cloth he held in his hands, she didn’t know that he had taken the time to sort out a silk scarf, because it was softer and more comfortable especially when held next to her soft female skin, all she could see was Ben’s pleading eyes looking at her awaiting her answer. This was new, something else that Ben had planned for her gentle introduction to bondage, she’d like the bindings, the leather cuffs and being stretched out on the bed, hell she’d even enjoyed the gag after the initial shock. So should she allow him to take her vision away too?

Kim asked if he would be gagging her too? Ben smiled, this was the first time she’d asked for any part of the bondage to be applied, he was very pleased with himself and nodded his head in affirmation. A smile passed over Kim’s lips at his reply, she wanted to be bound and gagged, she loved the feelings it gave her and now to have a blindfold placed over her eyes would take everything to a new level. She smiled at him giving her consent for the blindfold. Ben placed the folded material against her flesh, covering her eyes within the silky grasp and began tying a knot with the two ends of the scarf. Kim could now only see a limited amount of light but she preferred to keep her eyes closed.

Next came the gag, Kim was initially shocked at the cold feel of the rubber ball as it touched her lips, but she opened her mouth to allow access for the gag. She felt Ben tighten the straps behind her head, the ball now firmly secured between her lips, her ability to talk now gone. Ben took a moment to take in the sight that was before him, here was a very attractive woman, bound, gagged and blindfolded standing naked in front of him awaiting his next move. Her soft flesh began to raise in goosebumps as she stood there waiting, the tingles running over her reaching down into her very depths, her sexual being awakening with desire.

Ben spoke and said that he had something new for her to try tonight, the blindfold was only part of it. He took her hand and slowly lead her towards the dungeon room, his heart was pounding at the thought of what he could do with his bound slave, his mouth dry and his skin sweating with not only anticipation but also fear. He’d not been able to go this far with any other female, you could say that he was beginning to suffer from stage fright. Kim followed on behind, taking small steps because she could not see where she was going, holding on tight to Ben’s hand as he lead her to who knows where. Then she heard a door open, nothing special there but this door sounded different, not the same as the bedroom door. 

At first she stopped walking and stood still, unsure of what was happening to her, she knew in her mind something was different, she’d never been to this room before. It must be his spare bedroom she thought, why would he take me here? Ben sensed the change in Kim and told her that he was taking her to somewhere special, this was the room they were going to be using tonight and to place her trust in him. It felt slightly cooler and had a musty smell to the room, somewhere that doesn’t get too much use. She couldn’t sense any danger, nor were there any sounds coming from the room, her intial thoughts of some demented relative being locked away in there vanished.

Ben pulled on her wrist wanting her to move into the room, she initially didn’t respond but eventually entered the doorway. Ben continued aiding her into the room until she was standing in the place he wanted her in. This was one of the reasons for the metal cuffs on her wrists rather than the leather ones on her ankles, he would be removing them soon and replacing them with others. Kim stood there wondering what Ben had planned for her, hoping that she’d enjoy what he was going to do to her, well she had so far. Ben left her and went back to close the door.

She had felt him leave her side and at first panicked, wobbling slightly whilst trying to maintain her balance, not easy to do when you don’t have either your eyesight or the use of your hands. But no sooner than he’d left her than he was back her side helping her to stand straight. Ben then said that he wanted her to try something new, it was similar to something she’d already tried on the bed but this time she would remain standing. This puzzled Kim but would go along with it to see what he meant, she nodded her head to indicate that she was ready.

Ben had already lowered the chain that held the leather suspension cuffs before Kim had arrived, he didn’t want the sound of the chain moving to scare her off before he had the chance to bind her into position. Then of course it wouldn’t matter as he would already have her captive and his to play with. Kim felt Ben’s hands reach behind her and he began unfastening the handcuffs, she initially felt disappointed with this, but was looking forward to what lay ahead. Ben took her left hand and raised it over her head placing it within the grasp of the leather cuff, he quickly fastened the buckle tightening the harder leather against her softer flesh. This took Kim by surprise, she hadn't expected this, although it didn’t feel too bad either. The left was quickly followed by the right wrist and soon her hands were secured in the suspension cuffs above her head.

He allowed her to become accustomed to the feel of the cuffs and the way she was tied, her body hanging there limply, her thoughts drifting to some fantasy of being held prisoner in some far distant land. Ben didn’t know at that point just how much Kim was enjoying the bondage he was placing her in, for that matter neither did Kim! Ben went over to a cupboard on the other side of the room and retrieved an item he was looking for. Bending down he took hold of her right ankle and with a small lock secured one end of the bar to the cuff, then moving to her left he repeated this with her left ankle, this caused her legs to be spread eagled, with the bar leaving Kim unable to close her legs.

Naked, bound and her legs spread she was now definitely his to with as he wished and she was looking forward to it, little knowing what lay ahead for her. Ben decided that he would add a little tension to her body and began to raise the chain that held the suspension cuffs. Kim at first didn’t understand what the noise was but then felt her hands being pulled up towards the ceiling, ever so gently and slowly at first but without her eyesight she couldn’t see what he was doing. Ben continued slowly until her arms were straight and her hands held up by the cuffs and chain. He could see that she was initially resisting his actions but he knew that there was nothing she could do to stop him doing whatever he wanted to her at this minute.

He could have taken advantage of the situation and just taken a riding crop to her rear or maybe a lash to her back, all manner of wicked thoughts went through his mind, this was what he’d dreamed and fantasised about for years and here she was waiting his next actions. But cooler heads prevailed and he began stroking her naked flesh with his hands, her body responding to his touch. His plan was to get her to the stage where she would be his of her own desire, she would ask him to bind her and do these things to her, but that would take time. In the meantime he would devote himself to her pleasure.

Kim hung there, her body was held in place by the bindings that Ben had applied, they were not uncomfortable and she began to enjoy the sensations that she was getting from his attentions. Her body began to heat up, sweat was beginning to form on her skin, her naked flesh was very sensitive to his touch. He continued moving his hands over her body enjoying the feeling and looking for her reactions, he ran his tongue over her erect nipples, blowing on them sending more shivers throughout her bound body. One hand slipped down to the inside of her thigh, missing every so slightly her moist sexual centre. Kim was at first very excited that his hand was moving in that direction only to have her hopes dashed when he continued down to her thighs. 

Ben continued tormenting and teasing her naked flesh for what seemed like hours, she was getting hotter and hornier by the second, each touch either excited or denied her, she was beginning to become a sexy frenzy, she wanted him to finish her, she wanted so badly to climax. But it was not to be, without her realising Ben began to raise the chain holding her wrists above her head, ever so slightly he would continue her upwards journey making her body tighter, her skin taughter in the process. Kim was too lost in her own world for her to notice this, and it added to the fantasy running through her mind, with the blindfold on she found that she could give into her dreams and desires more easily with no distractions.

It was not until she found herself standing on tip toes that she realised what he’d been up to whilst driving her wild with desire, the sudden realisation was suddenly lost when the first climax hit her body hard. What with her body being bound and the blindfold in place, she was overtaken with the most intense orgasm of her life. Maybe it had something to do with her body being strung tightly that extenuated her pleasure, but whatever it was, was very enjoyable.

Ben stood by and watched as she went through her climax, her body tightening within her bondage, her arms pulling against the cuffs and chains that held her. He was delighted when he saw the first signs of her orgasm approaching, he knew that she was enjoying this and it diverted attention away from his tightening of the suspension chains, pulling her arms higher but without lifting her feet off of the ground. That would come later.

As Kim came back earth from her high, she felt Ben’s hand begin to play with her breasts followed by his mouth, she loved having her  breasts sucked and squeezed, she could very nearly cum from just having this done to her. Ben didn’t want to give her time to recover and realise what he’d been doing to her in raising the chain, ultimately she would experience full suspension but that depended on her reactions, again fear of doing something that would end their relationship held Ben in check. He would take his time to get her there, if not tonight then another when she wanted him to do this to her, judging from her orgasm she would be asking for this again real soon.

She could feel him moving his hands over her body, the thoughts she’d had before the orgasm about him tightening the bondage were leaving her mind, she wanted to indulge herself in whatever his hands were doing to her very sensitive body, her desire overtaking her reason, leaving her in his control and he could at this minute do whatever he wanted to as far as she was concerned. If it wasn’t for the gag she would have told him to fuck her senseless right here, right now! But all she could do was hang around and wait. Sorry for the pun.

Chapter 6

It was time for Ben to have some fun, he wanted to try out some things that he’d read about in magazines and now that he had a naked, bound woman as his captive it was time to try them out. Reaching for his bag of tricks, as he liked to call them he began looking for a couple of items, all the while maintaining contact with her tender flesh. He brought out a sheepskin polishing mitten, the kind you’d use on your car, but this was only intended for use on her soft female flesh. The soft feel of the sheepskin began sending ripples of pleasure through her body as soon as it touched her skin. The soft, gentle feel of the material against her very sensitive flesh, sometimes tickling and sometimes providing pleasure as her rubbed it over her body.

Ben was enjoying the way she was reacting to his touch, this was beginning to be beyond his wildest hopes, here was a woman who over a small amount of time had started to enjoy bondage and the feeling of giving away control to someone else, without any great drama or remorse. He sensed that he could take her onto more things, but he needed to be cautious and not scare her away. His mind drifted back to the task at hand, the sheepskin mitten travelled smoothly over her flesh, he loved the way she moved as he touched parts of her body. She again was beginning to build up to another climax, the next thing he did was to push her over into it, his mouth closed on her nipple and he sucked hard, pulling it deeply into his mouth, his teeth gently clasping her tender bud. Her body rocked against her bondage, swaying slightly as she raised her feet off the ground.

He knew that it was time to take her up a level, literally, he began pulling the chain lifting her hands higher in the air, causing her to stand further on her tiptoes, her arms taughtly stretched above her head. Her heels held by the leg spreader, pushing them apart and allowing him access to her sex, her moist and throbbing epicentre. Now on his knees he moved his head down her stomach towards her wanton sex, his lips kissing hers and his tongue probing her clitoris, she threw her head back as he sought out her pleasure centre, lost in a delirium of lust and desire.

It didn’t take long for her next orgasm to shoot through her body, she was his to do as he pleased, his tongue and mouth doing a wonderful job on her. Ben carried on until she slumped in her chains, her body racked with pleasure,  now it was his turn to enjoy the moment. He stood and pushed his erect member into her, she put up no resistance, delighting in the wonderful way he felt inside her. He pushed himself deeper, her legs held wide by the spreader, helped him gain better access. Standing there he began pumping himself into her, holding the cheeks of her bottom in each hand to stop her moving too far from him. 

He kept going for as long as he could, trying to hold off the inevitable but his excitement reached fever pitch as with one final thrust deep into her he came, his legs shivered with the strain of the exertion. She felt him cum inside her and felt another smaller orgasm overtake her as she hung there, her body long since given up the will to stand. Ben felt his orgasm subside and pulled himself away from Kim, leaving her suspended in the air with just the tops of her toes now touching the floor.

Ben had to sit down to recover, his legs had turned to jelly, but it was a great feeling, one that he hadn’t experienced before. The intensity of his climax had taken all his strength away, he needed to rest but didn’t want this to end, he had so much more planned but that would now have to wait, the moment had past and he would have to help her down or risk losing her. Kim was still in an orgasmic state and didn’t realise where she was at that moment, she felt no pain only the joyful bliss from the very intense orgasms that she had felt. The endorphins were still running around her body and the pain that she may have felt from her arms being held so tightly above her head hadn’t kicked it yet.

She felt herself being lowered, she at first was disappointed that the fun seemed to be coming to an end, but then she felt the first twinges of pain from being held for so long. She didn’t know just how long she’d been tied this way, she only knew that she’d enjoyed herself immensely and wanted to try this again. Ben lowered her down and asked that she sit down on the floor after he’d removed the chain connecting her to the ceiling hoist. She sat there, her feet still in the cuffs separated by the spreader bar, her wrist still enclosed in the leather cuffs as she felt him place a small lock to the two wrist cuffs, securing them together, she was still bound, gagged and blindfolded and she was still his.

Kim lay there recovering from her post orgasmic haze, her mind slowly clearing and the pain in her arms from being suspended easing. Ben began rubbing his hands over her limbs, easing the muscles in her arms from the tension they had endured. At the same time he rubbed his leg over her body as she lay there on the floor, keeping alive the flames of her burning desire. His mouth began playing with her nipples again and before long he was on top of her making love, she lay there basking in the wonderful feelings, all she wanted was more pleasure.

They both came together, each grasped the other, he with his hands and she with the muscles of her sex. They had both enjoyed the night but now it was time to end, both started to feel tired and it was now time for bed. But to her surprise he only removed the spreader bar that had held her legs apart for so long. He then picked her up in his arms and carried her, still bound out of the room and into his bedroom. There he placed her on the bed and only then began removing the last of her bindings. The final thing to come off was the blindfold, she looked deep into his eyes and felt a deep sense of trust in him, she could allow him to take her as he wished and she would tell him, but that could wait until morning as sleep overtook her.

Chapter 7

It wasn’t until the following morning that she realised that she hadn’t seen the inside of the spare room, the room they had played in last night. But no amount of pleading on her part would get the door unlocked, he just said that the room would remain a mystery to her, somewhere special but that maybe someday she would get to see all of it’s delights. She left it at that for now, but she resolved to work her way into that room at every available opportunity, much to Ben’s delight.

The weekend went by in a blur, more sex was had, even some more bondage but not in the special room as she called it. Ben called it his dungeon, but not out loud, though he nearly slipped it out on one occasion. Monday came too fast and work beckoned the couple back to the real world. But devilish thoughts were already working their way through her mind and a scheme was beginning to form in her head. Friday was his birthday, she was going to be his present and he could take her into his special room and play with her for the entire weekend, she would be his plaything, his love slave.

At work she came up with a plan, her best friend Nancy would be able to help, her husband ran a delivery service, with a bit of luck she would be able to get them to help her with her plan. She’d talk it over with her at lunch and called to ask her out. As they both worked for the same company, their offices on different floors meeting for lunch was no problem, of course the conversation turned to what they had both been up to at the weekend, the topic of sex was always a good lunchtime gossip session. Nancy told Kim about tying herself up for her husband to find on his return home from work, she described the size of his erection in graphic detail leaving out no part of the very juicy story.

Kim had known Nancy since college, well even before that really as they grew up a couple of streets away from each other, went to the same schools but the friendship blossomed in college, the years when they both experienced their first sexual encounters. They both swapped stories and compared notes about each boy and what they had done. Nancy had found herself tied by one of the older boys and had found out she loved this, she could let herself go and her orgasms were better than when she was not tied. 

Kim told her about Ben and the weekend she had just had, especially the part when she was suspended, bound, gagged and blindfolded. She became really excited talking about this and felt moisture begin seeping between her legs. The mere thought of what they’d done was turning her on. That’s when she told Nancy about Ben’s upcoming birthday and began to let her in on the plans. Nancy said that she would ask her husband if he would be willing to help, but she could see no problem. She even made a couple of suggestions herself.

The week went by, the office was busy and Kim had plenty to occupy her mind, Ben had called and said that his work would be taking him away for a few days, but would be back at the weekend or even Friday. Kim would be able to work on her plan without giving it away.