Kidnapping Couple

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2014 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

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My name is Jack, I’m twenty seven years old, and a computer engineer. Together with my wife, Laura, two years younger, we own a home in an upper class neighborhood of Philadelphia. For the past five years we’ve been into consensual bondage between ourselves, usually with myself as the dominant, but occasionally switching roles. We also engage in a bit of non-consensual bondage.

Laura, is a bisexual, whom is expert in rope bondage and thrives on subjecting other females to forced sex, humiliation and pain. While I don’t share Laura’s bisexuality or visceral sadism, we both enjoy restraining other females and forcing sex upon them.

We don’t snatch females off the street for ransom or sell them into white slavery. Instead we hit upon vulnerable single females, usually in bars, and invite them to spend a night at our house. To entice them we offer sex and drugs.

Once at our house the female is forced to strip and is tied up, usually for the whole night. Laura prefers heterosexual females, as they are not inclined to enjoy lesbian sex. We prefer females of lower socio-economic stature, who don’t enjoy bondage, and ideally have never had such an encounter.

Suffice to say most of the females don’t enjoy being stripped and tied. To help alleviate their fears, we usually tell them it is just a game, no one gets seriously hurt, but they will be forced to have sex with either or both of us. We usually gag them promptly, as neither of us want to listen to their whining.

Laura is somewhat whimsical when it comes to the method of gagging. Sometimes a rag or panties are stuffed into the mouth, then sealed with duct tape. Other times a ball gag or penis gag is used. She also has a fondness for blindfolds and hoods.

One of our favorites is a face muzzle, with an attachment for a mouth ball. It locks into place and cannot be removed without a key. You can imagine the pleasure Laura and I experience watching someone desperately struggling, trying to remove the gag, before they find out about the lock.

Most of our female guests accept their bondage and do not resist, although a few struggle in their restraints, which we enjoy. For the occasional one that resists before the restraints are secure, Laura shocks them with a stun gun, and they quickly give up.

While I stated we don’t sell anyone into slavery, in one case a female who had been lured to our house, was turned over to a lesbian dominant and transported to another location. I’ll relate that case first.

One of Laura’s acquaintances is Michelle, a thirty three year old lesbian. She is five foot five and weighs at least two hundred fifty pounds. To state it charitably, she is a dog, with a preference for younger and more attractive females. Suffice to say Michelle has a difficult time procuring such companionship.

On a Friday night in June, Laura and I were at a seedy bar in South Philadelphia. Laura struck up a conversation with Kelly, a thirty year old semi-homeless crack head. She was currently staying with a guy she had known for about a month, but the relationship was deteriorating and eviction was imminent.

Laura suggested spending the night at our house, where her drug needs could be met. Kelly readily accepted and soon the three of us, in our vehicle, were on the way to our house. Laura tried to suppress her giddy delight, knowing she had just found a match for Michelle, despite her age and lack of a modelesque figure.

Kelly was a five foot six, one hundred fifty pound brunette, with mediocre sex appeal. No escort service would ever hire her, the best she could hope for was an occasional john on the street.

Laura found her so unattractive that she didn’t even consider forcing her to have sex with either of us, or for that matter even stripping her. It is the first time I recall Laura ever doing so.

Immediately after entering the house, Laura told Kelly she was going to be tied up and used for sex, not mentioning with whom. As expected Kelly put up a fierce struggle, but Laura used her shocker device and she was wrestled to the floor.

Ordinarily Laura is able to tie up her captive without assistance, but in this case it was necessary for me to hold the bitch down. A very effective way to tie up a struggling bitch is to gag her first, using a rag or other object stuffed in the mouth, as this forces her to breathe through the nose, and impedes her ability to resist.

It was surprisingly easy for me to insert a pair of Laura’s soiled panties into Kelly’s mouth and seal it with duct tape wrapped around her head. This enabled Laura to begin her rope work, which would take about fifteen minutes to complete because of Kelly’s resistance.

Kelly was now tightly hogtied, with both her elbows and wrists bound behind her, but that still didn’t shut her up or keep her from struggling. It took a choke rope around the neck to accomplish that, as Kelly wasn’t about to strangle herself.

Laura was clearly perturbed at Kelly’s intransigence. Her response was to put a snug fitting spandex hood over Kelly’s head. “You’re too ugly to look at” snorted Laura.

As I tormented Kelly by groping underneath her denim skirt and fingering her cunt, Laura was on the phone to Michelle, who indicated she would arrive soon to take delivery of our latest acquisition. That proved to be fifteen minutes, much sooner than expected, and I reasoned she must have broken a few traffic laws.

Kelly was kept bound, gagged and hooded, without being informed of her fate, pending Michelle’s arrival. When she arrived, Kelly’s hood was removed, allowing her to see her new owner for the first time. She stared in disbelief when informed of her fate.

It was decided to keep Kelly bound and gagged during transport, with the exception of the hogtie connector. Michelle is a strong woman and needed no assistance from us in moving her new slave to the Silverado pickup truck in the driveway, she was simply slung over her shoulder, and hand carried to the truck.

The truck has a large tool box mounted in the bed, directly behind the passenger compartment, and that was where Kelly would be confined during transport. “Don’t worry bitch you’ll only be inside for less than an hour” said Michelle, before placing Kelly inside and locking the box.

Laura and I high fived each other as the truck backed out of the driveway and drove off. Transporting a slave in the tool box of a pickup truck was nothing short of consummate sadism. Laura had always wanted to transport a slave in a car, now she would probably want to emulate the tool box scheme.

We had a good idea of what lie ahead for Kelly. Michelle, who owned a house in the suburbs, would keep her for a few days and use her for lesbian bondage sex. Since Kelly appeared to be averse to lesbian sex, this would greatly enhance Michelle’s gratification.

Kelly, who would be kept chained most of the time, would be given drugs to pacify her. Eventually she would probably be released unharmed, although Michelle had once said she would enjoy selling a slave to a female biker gang.

At one time Laura had intended to become proficient in the use of chloroform. She only used it one time and found that it doesn’t act as rapidly, as is depicted in the movies. I wasn’t in favor of the idea to begin with, for fear someone would be seriously injured.

The chloroform caper was one of the more memorable abductions and was a surprise birthday present for me. Laura was at a bar, by herself in the late afternoon, when she struck up a conversation with Jackie, a twenty one year old plumper type, a brunette with shoulder length hair, and humongous knockers.

Jackie was a bit inebriated and down on her luck, because of a recent break up with her boy friend. Laura convinced her that an attractive single male would be attending a birthday party at our house, with plenty of marijuana and booze for the guests.

She agreed to follow Laura in her own vehicle, and I received about fifteen minutes advance notice of a surprise birthday present. I was pleasantly astounded to learn what Laura had done, and the instant I laid eyes on Jackie, wanted to fuck her immediately. The bitch was attired in a tight fitting light blue turtle neck, short navy blue skirt, and five inch white candy stripe pumps.

My wife knows my tastes in women and couldn’t have picked a better one. There are BBWs and there are full framed women, I don’t care for the former, but Jackie was the later.

Laura was able to get the jump on her, holding a chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nose. Jackie was a natural submissive and didn’t resist, although it was obvious she was terrified at what was happening.

After nearly three minutes of the rag Jackie was groggy but still conscious, so Laura decided to let it go at that. She had read how much chloroform was to be used and didn’t want to exceed it. Ideally Laura wanted her unconscious, so that when she woke up would find herself stripped nude and bound, but settled for her being a bit woozy.

As Jackie mumbled incoherently, Laura and I each grabbed one of her arms, and walked her into our bedroom, placing her face down on the bed. Several coils of rope were prepositioned next to the bed.

Jackie didn’t have the ability to resist being stripped and tied, but my sense is that being a natural submissive, wouldn’t have resisted even if fully conscious. She was stripped of all her clothing, except for her pumps.

“Please don’t hurt me” she murmured.

“I don’t intend to hurt you, my husband is going to use you sexually after I tie you up and we’ll keep you that way all night” replied Laura.

As I held Jackie’s arms behind her back, Laura quickly bound them together tightly, then tied her elbows into a breast harness arrangement, after which her ankles, and legs just below the knee, were tied. Another length of rope hogtied her.

“I know you won’t scream but I’m going to gag you anyways, it is very sexy, when your mouth is needed for sex I’ll take it off”, said Laura. Before Jackie could protest a ball gag had been strapped into place.

Jackie, with her 38DD breasts, was a work of art as she lie helplessly on the bed. Laura assured me that she would not be subjecting her to any lesbian sex or torture, that she was all mine for the night, to be used in any way that I saw fit.

Laura had already ascertained that Jackie lived alone and wasn’t scheduled to work the next day, thus no one would notice her missing. We hadn’t invited anyone else for my birthday, so it would just be the three of us.

One can only fuck a tied up bitch so many times, so Jackie spent most of the evening hogtied on the bed, which has always been my favorite position to fuck the guests from. Before Laura and I retired for the night, I had cunt fucked Jackie three times and she performed fellatio upon me an equal number of times.

Laura videotaped much of the action, to be used both for blackmail and my future viewing enjoyment. Jackie’s oral sex skills were not up to my satisfaction, which would ordinarily result in corrective action by Laura, however in this case she deferred to my wishes. I just couldn’t see punishing her for sloppy oral sex.

It was decided to keep Jackie tied in the bed, sleeping alongside Laura and myself. Laura released her from the hogtie arrangement, binding her wrists and ankles to the frame of the bed, with her ankles at the head of the bed.

She was positioned to my right, with Laura sleeping to my left. Ordinarily the guest would be tied directly next to Laura, giving her sexual access, but considering it was my birthday, the position was changed.

Jackie used her mouth on my cock for nearly twenty minutes before I ejaculated. Considering the position in which she was tied, this was no easy task for her. I finally fell asleep, leaving Jackie tied but not gagged, for the rest of the night.

Since it was my birthday, Laura did not participate directly in the action, but I sensed she was becoming jealous. Laura knows I like women with big boobs, and is only modestly endowed in that respect herself.

When Laura woke up in the morning her benign feelings towards Jackie were wearing thin, probably because Jackie had pleasured me with her mouth, and Laura knew that I had a strong attraction to her.

Laura took charge at this point. It was time to allow Jackie to use the bathroom and her wrists were untied. For humiliation Laura kept her ankles tied, forcing her to hop, and led her on a leash to the bathroom.

She was then tied to a chair in the bedroom and gagged, while Laura and I spent another half hour lying in bed. Jackie, expecting to be released, had her hopes dashed when Laura told her she would be kept until noon.

Out of spite, and to prevent us from making eye contact, Laura blindfolded her. I thought that was a bit excessive, but knew Laura would react violently and punish Jackie severely, if the blindfold was removed.

Laura is involved in a phone sex business, which she engages in one or two times a week. She makes little money from it, and does it more to keep herself occupied. After about forty five minutes, most of which was spent trying to titillate the same guy, she gave up on phone sex for the day.

It was decided to release Jackie an hour earlier than initially planned. Laura gave her two hundred dollars and some marijuana for spending the night, doing her best to sweet talk the still terrified bitch, and suggesting she might like to visit again.

Our last abduction was a thirty year old lesbian, although we were not aware of her orientation immediately. We picked her up at a bar and she ended up coming home with us. She quickly found herself stripped naked, gagged and tied spread eagled on a bed.

Laura was furious after discovering she was a lesbian. The bitch wasn’t at all happy when I cunt fucked her wearing a ski mask, with Laura videotaping it. We sold the video to a bondage web site. To this day the bitch probably doesn’t realize the video has been viewed several hundred times.

Usually we keep the female tied in our bedroom overnight, sometimes she is tied on our bed, permitting Laura and I to use her sexually. On other occasions the guest is either put in a cage, or bound tightly to a chair next to the bed, where she spends the entire night. They are kept gagged, unless we need their mouth for a sexual act.

In the case of the lesbian, she was left spread eagled in a separate bedroom. Laura was in a very spiteful mood, and made her wear a special penis gag for the night. Unlike the muzzle, this gag does not lock in place, however Laura stretched her bound wrists as far as possible, and we were confident the gag could not be removed.

We were mistaken, as within ten minutes the bitch slipped the gag and started yelling. Determined that the bitch would have the rubber penis in her mouth for the night, Laura put the penis gag back in place. The muzzle, minus the ball, was strapped over that and locked, assuring she would be chomping on the artificial cock for the night.

She was released around noon, still in a hostile mood, and refused our offer of free drugs. However she was made aware that Laura had videotaped her, and we wouldn’t hesitate posting it online, if she caused any problems. We never heard from her again, but sold the tape to a bondage producer anyway.

We have abducted fifteen females over the past two years, none for more than forty eight hours, with less than twenty four hours the norm. To alleviate any ill will, we offer them free drugs and sometimes cash upon their release. So far none have gone to the police.

Several of these cases are described in this story. Suffice to say, we found some of the experiences quite enjoyable, others less so.

While our preference is for younger females, the oldest we ended up taking was forty four years old. She was the wife of a college president, was highly inebriated at the bar, and was desperate for sex with any younger male.

I was opposed to taking her but was overruled by Laura. When we got her home and told her she was going to be tied up, she physically resisted and had to be forcibly restrained.

Since she was wearing an expensive dress, and we don’t like to rip clothing, we handcuffed and dragged her to the basement. Her hands were cuffed over head to a bar on the ceiling, her ankles were bound together, she was then ball gagged and blindfolded.

We then left her in solitude for nearly an hour. Being confined in a dank basement under such circumstances eventually causes a bitch to settle down, and proved effective in this case.

Laura and I then returned to the basement and I told the bitch she would be fucked in her current position. Her gag was left on but the blindfold removed. You should have seen the look on her face when she saw Laura with her strap on, and told she was going to be ass fucked.

She tried to scream which only turned us on more. Laura then arranged her dress so that it was rolled up over head, a bit wrinkled, but not torn. She then received the most brutal anal strap on fucking imaginable.

Another of Laura’s fetishes is forcibly shaving the cunt of a female. Most of our guests are already shaven when they arrive, but not so with the wife of the college president.

“Time to play barber” chortled Laura, who left the bitch bound, and sat in front of her, on a stool. Using lather and a straight razor she was cleanly shaven in less than five minutes. The bitch pathetically protested through her gag, but Laura simply ignored her.

Now we had to decide what to do with the bitch. Laura shocked her sufficiently with the stun, that we were able to remove the handcuffs, strip her naked, and then handcuff her again.

She was then dragged upstairs to our bedroom, where she would spend the night locked in a dog cage, we keep there. To keep her quiet, the ball gag was left on, and reinforced by wrapping duct tape around her head. Her wrists were cuffed behind her, to the bars of the cage, making for a most uncomfortable night.

To further punish her, Laura inserted an eight inch non vibrating dildo into her twat. It was held it place by a chain, fastened around her waist and looped underneath between her legs. Laura made certain the chain was super tight before padlocking it, now the bitch would experience a night of misery with the dildo but unable to experience vibration induced pleasures.

We released her later in the morning, without taking any more liberties. To pacify her we provided her with some free cocaine. A video had been made of much of the bondage encounter, and we threatened to post it online if she reported the incident, which she never did.


Our next abduction was done primarily for the benefit of Laura’s brother, who was visiting locally with his wife. Tim is into bondage, which Sheila tolerates, but does not participate in.

It was a Friday night, so Laura and I decided to hit the bar circuit, in the hope of procuring a female for Tim’s use. Tim and his wife were staying elsewhere, and we would notify them by text if successful, they would then come to our house.

As luck would have it, we found our captive at the first bar we visited. Denise was a twenty four year old stunningly attractive five foot nine redhead. An accountant, she had just broken up with her boy friend and was desperate for male companionship.

Laura promised that if she accompanied us home, she would invite her brother, two years older and the two could use our house for the night. She even showed Denise his picture, neglecting to mention that he was married, and would be accompanied by his wife.

It was only 9:00PM, so we decided to have her follow us home, after which she would be stripped and tied. Tim would arrive within a half hour and would enjoy having a bound and beautiful redhead waiting for him.

Once inside the house Laura, stun gun in hand, wasted no time ordering Denise to strip. She appeared to be the submissive type, didn’t inquire what we had planned for her, and stripped nude without hassle.

Normally we tie our captives in one of the bedrooms, but in this case we decided to restrain her in a chair in the living room, where Tim would notice her immediately upon entering. Rather than tie and then untie her, I handcuffed her to the chair, using cable ties to secure her ankles to the chair.

Once she was secured Laura ball gagged and blindfolded her, before explaining the purpose of her restraint. The red head was so terrified I almost felt sorry for her, but not quite. At the bar she had come across as rather uppity, and blamed her ex-boyfriend for the break up, wanting us to feel sorry for her. This is the type of bitch we enjoy confining at our house.

Tim and his wife arrived within the hour. His wife ignored the nude red head handcuffed in the chair, indicating she wanted to watch TV.

Tim removed the blindfold and the suspense was over. “I’m going take you to the bedroom, tie you up, fuck your brains out, make you suck my cock and leave you tied up all night” he eagerly explained.

“A bit of lesbian sex will be good for her as well, I’ll start with an ass fuck, face sit her and make her lick my asshole” added Laura.

From this point, Laura would be in charge of the bondage. After releasing Denise from the chair restraints, Laura guided her to the bedroom and spent nearly ten minutes hogtieing her on the bed with rope, leaving her ball gagged for the time being.

Tim spent nearly half an hour with her, cunt fucking her repeatedly, before removing the ball gag and forcing her to suck him off. Since Laura was videotaping the encounter, Tim was required to wear a ski mask.

Now it was time for Laura to have her way. Leaving the bitch hogtied, Laura donned her eight inch strap on. Before moving to the anal phase, she was made to suck on the dildo for nearly five minutes.

Not satisfied with the manner in which she was sucking, Laura ordered her to perform more vigorously, under threat of making the anal strap on much more painful than otherwise would be the case. The threat had the desired effect.

The red head was then made to eat Laura’s pussy for close to ten minutes, burrowing away furiously with her tongue. Laura seemed much more aroused than usual under the circumstances, with her erotic moaning at fever pitch intensity.

For some time tension had been brewing between Laura and Sheila. Laura wanted her sister-in-law to participate in some bondage games, but she had refused. Laura had mentioned the possibility of forcing her, to Tim previously, and he was not opposed, especially if it was lesbian bondage.

Tim and I, but not Sheila, were doing some coke in the living room, while Laura stayed in the bedroom, still playing with the red head. When Laura joined us, I suggested Tim and I would go to a bar, pick up another female, and bring her back for bondage. Sheila, Laura and the redhead would stay at the house while we were gone.

Laura had other plans. Sheila would be forced to participate in bondage, Tim and I would stay for the show, and no additional females would be procured tonight. “That’s a great idea” exclaimed Tim.

Before Sheila could object, Laura brandishing the stun gun, ordered her to strip. Sheila, knowing that Laura would forcibly strip her, and with no support from her husband, begrudgingly stripped in the living room.

Laura then led her to the bedroom, where the red head remained hogtied on the bed. “I know you’re going to enjoy getting better acquainted” she announced.

Sheila was tightly and meticulously restrained with rope, with wrists and elbows connected to a breast halter arrangement, ankles and legs together. The hog tie connector was removed from the redhead, and the two were made to lie, facing each other, on their sides.

Laura then proceeded to tie the two together in a Siamese arrangement, winding the rope around them under their arms, and then their ankles and legs together, so tight that their boobs touched each other’s. Sheila was then ball gagged. The red head also had her elbows tied together.

The next toy to be used was a fifteen inch double dildo, with a phallic head on each end, designed to be inserted into two cunts simultaneously. This was quickly done and Laura explained the rules of the game, “The object of the game is to keep the dildo from falling out of either of your twats, if it does you will both receive a painful whipping, you can expect to have it in you for at least two hours”.

Laura then left the bedroom to do a bit of coke herself. Tim eagerly began shooting stills and a video, of the two bitches. Every few minutes Laura would go into the bedroom to check on the dildo arrangement, but the rest of the time the three of us sat in the living room, chatting and downing a few mixed drinks.

Two hours later Sheila and the red head were still bound together on the bed, the dildo intact. The red head had tried desperately to slip her ball gag, angering Sheila, who knew that the dildo would then fall out and both would be whipped. Sheila was able to convey this through her gag, and the red head ceased her efforts.

Finally Laura decided it was enough for Sheila and released her from her rope bondage. Not so for the red head, who would spend the rest of the night bound in the bedroom cage. She was also made to wear the ball gag for the night.

Ordinarily I would have expected Laura to keep the red head tied in the bed with us overnight. However her period was due, whenever she couples coke with liquor at such times, her mood turns sour. In this case it worked to Sheila’s benefit, as she was spared from any oral or anal sex.

The redhead would pay by being confined in the cramped cage overnight. I was hoping to make her perform fellatio upon me, but to do so would have incurred Laura’s wrath, resulting in even harsher punishment for the redhead.

It was almost 10:00AM before we released the red head. I did my best to sweet talk her, even offering some free marijuana, but she wasn’t very pleasant and refused to accept any. I warned her that the videos of her in bondage would surface if she caused any problems for us, thankfully we never heard from her again.

Another of Laura’s desires was to abduct a BBW type and make a video of it. I was opposed, not to the idea, but to the female she selected. She was a twenty three year old, who had psychiatric, as well as relationship issues.

Laura hit upon her at a bar and assured her that she could find a guy to have sex with. It turned out she was a racist and willing to have sex with any good looking guy, other than a black guy. At two hundred twenty pounds she could hardly be choosey. Nothing was said about bondage.

After following us home in her own car, Laura told her the only way she would be allowed to have sex was if she agreed to be tied up. She reluctantly agreed, not that Laura wouldn’t have forcibly stripped and tied her in any event. The plumper bitch was tied spread-eagled on the bed.

We just happened to be acquainted with a black guy who was one of our drug purveyors, so Laura invited him for a freebie. The bitch was made to wear a hood and gag pending his arrival, and started to panic, which was one reason I didn’t want someone with psychiatric issues in the first place.

The bitch was paranoid about having to wear a hood, and somehow slipped her ball gag and started screaming, now even Laura was worried. To pacify her, Laura agreed to leave the hood off, but regagged her, this time using the muzzle gag, with the locking ball.

“I use the muzzle gag on dogs like you” quipped Laura, who then ordered me to begin eating the BBWs cunt. As much as I despised doing so, it certainly had an arousing effect on her, and she experienced multiple orgasms before Laura ordered me to stop.

Willie, a forty year old ex con, arrived within sixty minutes. He wasn’t overly pleased that the bitch we had selected to be used by him was a BBW, but he didn’t turn down our offer.

The bitch’s gag prevented her from verbal protest, but it was clear from her body language, that she didn’t want to be used by a black male.

At Willie’s request, Laura untied each of the bitch’s legs, allowing Willie to put one leg on each of his shoulders. He cunt fucked her for nearly fifteen minutes, forcing her to experience orgasms which she did not desire. Laura insisted on a video, so Willie wore a ski mask during the shooting.

Willie was in a hurry to do a drug deal somewhere, so he didn’t stay around to socialize with us. We now had to decide what to do with her, at the least she would be kept overnight, and probably receive a good flogging as well.

She was too big to fit into our cage, so Laura decided to tie her with rope, on a chair next to our bed. Most dominatrix would use chains or handcuffs to restrain someone overnight, but Laura had absolute confidence in her ability to bind someone in an escape proof manner.

It took nearly ten minutes, but the bitch was bound so securely with rope that she could barely move in her chair. Her wrists and elbows were bound behind her, and her ankles were tied as far to the rear of the lower chair frame as possible, leaving her legs spread wide open.

Laura was clearly concerned as to the mental stability of the current guest, but she would remain overnight regardless. The plumper was forced to watch as Laura and I had conventional sex, before we fell asleep. Our guest remained uncomfortably bound and gagged in the chair for the night, with no panic attacks or other problems.

By the time we awoke in the morning, Laura had lost interest in torturing or subjecting the bitch to the strap on. We offered her a generous amount of marijuana and one hundred dollars cash, which she readily accepted.

Laura couldn’t resist the temptation to threaten black mail. In addition to the video taken of her being fucked by Willie, Laura took both a video and several still photos of the plumper bitch bound in the chair, wearing the muzzle gag. “I’ll keep these for my own enjoyment but if you cause us any trouble I’ll have them posted online” warned Laura.

The bitch was released soon thereafter and no repercussions ever resulted. I expressed my displeasure to Laura over forcing a BBW with psychiatric issues, with her response being to mind my own fucking business, she would decide who would be abducted.

For some time Laura had expressed a strong desire to abduct a male/female couple. While ideally she wanted me to engage in forced gay sex, her primary desire was to tie up the male, and force him to watch helplessly, as the female is subjected to both straight and lesbian sex.

Recently the opportunity to abduct such a couple presented itself. We were at a bar late on a Friday night, and struck up a conversation with an unmarried couple.

Dan, a computer geek twenty one years old, was a wimp in my estimation. His girl friend Shannon, one year younger, was an attractive, well endowed petite blond, who was studying medical technology at a community college.

Shannon took an immediate liking to Laura, especially when the topic of drugs arose. When Laura extended an invitation for them to accompany us home, Shannon was more than eager, while Dan seemed uneasy over the prospect. However since they lacked their own vehicle, they eventually agreed for us to drive them to our house.

Immediately upon arriving home, Laura brandished the stun gun, and in a very intimidating manner ordered both Dan and Shannon to strip naked, without specifying what was intended for them.

It was summer and Shannon was attired only in denim shorts and a white tank top, Dan wore jeans and a t-shirt.

“What are you going to do to us” exclaimed Shannon, who was visibly terrified. Laura’s response was to deliver one zap from the stun gun into Shannon’s midriff causing her to fall back on the couch.

“Don’t ask questions, just do as I say and you won’t get hurt” replied Laura.

Dan and Shannon quickly complied with the command and both were now standing nude, in our living room.

“Lie down on the couch bitch, I’m going to tie you up” ordered Laura. Shannon immediately complied and Laura would begin the intricate rope work, at which she was so talented.

I’m not into ropes myself, so I used a pair of steel handcuffs to secure Dan’s wrists behind him, then ordered him to sit down on a chair, in full view of his girl friend.

Laura prefers to gag her submissives when restraining them, neither of us enjoy an ungagged female pleading to be spared, but are quite aroused by moans through a gag.

A dirty rag was wedged into Shannon’s mouth and sealed in place with a nylon stocking. Not an exceptionally sexy gag, but since Laura planned to use Shannon for oral sex, it was easier to remove than duct tape.

“Ball gag the faggot, when it comes time for him to suck your cock it will come off”, snapped Laura.

I wasn’t crazy about having a guy suck my cock, but in situations like this I am unable to question Laura’s orders, such is her hold over me. After strapping a ball gag into Dan’s mouth, I used a cable tie to bind his ankles together. He was clearly terrified of what we had planned for him.

Laura spent nearly ten minutes meticulously binding Shannon with rope. When finished Shannon looked like a typical model on a bondage web site. She was tied in a breast harness arrangement, with wrists and elbows drawn tightly up behind her.

Additional rope was used to bind her legs, just below the knees, and her ankles. I desperately wanted to fuck her, but knew Laura would have her way first.

Laura then announced, for the benefit of our two guests, what she had planned for them.

Dan would be required to perform fellatio upon me, additionally he would have to watch as Shannon was cunt fucked by me, and ass fucked with a strap on by Laura. Both could expect to be flogged as well.

They would be kept overnight in restraint, in separate rooms, and told they probably would be sold to a slave buyer later the next day.

The slave buyer ploy was a favorite of both Laura and myself. We had no intention of selling either of course, but in the past Laura had used the ploy on some of the females we had abducted.

Laura would feign a phone conversation with an imaginary buyer and try to agree on a sale price. The buyer would call about eight hours later to either accept or reject the offer, thus keeping the female terrorized until then. Laura put on a first rate performance with such a call, making certain that both Dan and Shannon could hear.

Laura and I had been fully clothed, in contrast to our captives, who were completely naked. With the captives’ secure, we both changed our attire. Laura put on a nude garter belt, thigh high stockings and four inch pumps. I stripped down to my birthday suit.

When we keep a female at the house, Laura is in charge. She has the requisite dominant personality, and while I offer input on how to treat the guests, Laura has the final say and I obey her orders, however unpalatable they may be.

Her next order was just that. “Take the gag off the wimp, make him kneel on the floor and suck your cock still handcuffed. I’ll be the judge of whether or not he has to swallow and if he doesn’t use proper technique I will cause him a lot of pain” she commanded.

To instill a bit of fear in Dan, I added “I’m sure Dan has experience sucking cocks but he probably likes getting ass fucked even better. I think we can arrange to have to have Manny come over and do just that”. In reality there was no Manny.

Reluctantly I pulled Dan off the chair, removed his gag, and made him kneel on the floor, facing me sitting in the chair. He didn’t move fast enough for Laura, who delivered a shock to his buttocks. “Start sucking and don’t let your teeth touch his cock” she ordered.

Dan tried his best but just couldn’t avoid his teeth making contact. He had been ordered to use a deep throating technique, but lacking oral sex experience was either unwilling or unable, to perform to Laura’s satisfaction.

This did not escape Laura’s notice, with her response being to punish him, for what she perceived as willful disobedience. This was done by inserting a metal dental gag into his mouth, and ratcheting it open as tightly as possible.

For the next five minutes he had no choice as to how he would perform. Laura, sensing that I wanted to get it done quickly, grabbed his head and began moving it back and forth, which resulted in him being involuntarily mouth fucked, without any effort on his part.

Finally I ejaculated copiously and needless to say Laura made him swallow the ejaculate. This was followed by ten strokes from a rattan cane, delivered to his bare buttocks, as I held him bent over a coffee table. They were clearly painful, inflicting welts that would be visible for days to come.

For further punishment she made him continue to wear the dental gag, after the caning was completed. His discomfort was obvious but there was no way he could remove the device.

“Your buyer will see that your oral skills need improvement and won’t have my patience” remarked Laura, referring to the imaginary slave sale she was arranging.

Laura decided upon further humiliation for Dan, this being that he would be forced to cross dress. She dressed him in panties, a garter, stockings, a fake bra, and a blond wig. He remained handcuffed as this was being done.

“You’re a real cutie pie” cooed Laura, as she fondled his cock. This resulted in a firm erection, which she used to further disparage his masculinity, commenting that only a transvestite would be that hard under the circumstances.

To a degree I felt sorry for Dan. He had already been forced to suck a male cock, most likely for the first time, now he was dressed as a female, and would be spending the night handcuffed in a chair, forced to watch his girlfriend used by Laura and I.

“This will increase your sale value” chuckled Laura, who took several photos of him in his new attire, both kneeling and standing. He would remain cross dressed until released the next morning.

Laura lamented she didn’t have high heels that would fit Dan, otherwise he would be taught how to walk in them. I agreed as the spectacle of a male being forced to walk in high heels, with a female wielding a flogger, was nothing less than hilarious.

Next I was ordered to cunt fuck Shannon as she lie face down, securely bound and gagged, on the couch. I repositioned her, so that her legs extended over the couch elbows and put two pillows underneath her stomach to prop her up. It would have been much easier were her ankles and legs not tied together, but Laura wasn’t about to change the arrangement.

For the next ten minutes I cunt fucked her from behind. Like most bitches in the same situation, she attempted to deny me the satisfaction of knowing she experienced orgasm. I varied the speed of my thrusts, and she fought the urge for nearly five minutes before being unable to hold out any longer.

Finally I ejaculated and withdrew from her. Frankly she was a turn off, especially her vaginal dryness, and deserved a wimp like Dan as a partner. I’ve fucked my share of women, and wished Laura had selected someone else to abduct.

All the time I was fucking his girlfriend, Laura was continuing to taunt Dan, stroking his cock, and making disparaging remarks as to his size and sexuality.

Dan was made to kneel on the floor, with a rope hogtie added to his handcuffs, leaving him no choice than to watch his girlfriend friend being fucked. A dominatrix can be so cruel when her submissive is a male, at least Laura had assured me previously she would never make me ass fuck a male.

While I consider myself a strong willed dominant, I fear the day when I incur Laura’s disfavor. She once joked about forcing me to be submissive to another male, however I took it seriously. One time to demonstrate her prowess, she shocked me with her stun gun and hogtied me, despite the fact I put up a good struggle.

Laura decided that Dan and Shannon deserved a temporary respite from forced sex. Both of them were made to lie on the living room floor, hog tied and gagged, while we watched a torture DVD.

To increase their discomfort Laura arranged the hog ties so they were tied around their necks, should either decide to struggle they would be strangled. I personally don’t like using that particular technique, but Laura always gets what she wants.

After thirty minutes of DVD watching, Laura decided it was time for Shannon to be ass fucked with a strap on. Her choke rope was removed, otherwise the hog ties remained the same.

Shannon had no experience with anal sex, male or female, and found Laura’s intrusions painful. That was Laura’s intention, along with the humiliation of having her boy friend watch helplessly. The anal rape continued for nearly ten minutes.

I enjoyed watching Shannon’s screaming and obvious pain during the rape. It was all the more so, as Laura had used a special menthol cream, which only intensifies the anal pain, as well as from the strap on.

Laura seemed to be somewhat de energized, ordinarily she requires the female to serve her pussy orally, or anally face sits her, immediately after the strap on. She was now ready to confine the couple for the night, and bed down with me. Laura assured the couple they would be informed by morning of the decision, as to their sale as slaves.

The couple would be kept in separate bedrooms for the night. Dan, who would be referred to as she because of his forced feminization, was handcuffed sitting on a chair, in a locked closet of our spare bedroom, with cable ties used to bind his ankles to the chair legs.

“She looks too comfortable, let’s make her wear a butt plug for the night’ opined Laura. She quickly found a black spider which was inserted anally, making no effort to be gentle about it. Dan grimaced in pain, which evoked a smile from Laura.

He was then made to wear a muzzle gag, with a four inch rubber phallic mouthpiece. “Practice sucking on it because you may as well get used to having a cock in your mouth, don’t worry there is no way you can remove it” added Laura.

This could only increase Dan’s consternation, as he would assume that he would be forced to perform additional fellatio. While most people would refer to fellatio as a blow job, one of Laura’s quirks is to refer to it by the former, and it is reflected in my writing.

Shannon’s overnight bondage would be somewhat more comfortable, as she would share the same bed with Laura and myself. Her rope bindings would remain intact, except for the hogtie connector, which was removed. In addition she was required to wear a leather collar around her neck.

Laura positioned her so that she would be forced to lie on her side, with her head close to the foot of the bed. Her already bound ankles were chained to the bed frame, at the head of the bed. The three of us would share the same bed, with Laura occupying the center position, Shannon and I were positioned on opposite sides of Laura.

Using a dog leash connected to the collar, Laura was able to force Shannon’s mouth into her cunt or ass, at her pleasure. Fortunately for Shannon, Laura was in one of her better moods, and only required about ten minutes of pussy eating, before releasing her from the forced leash arrangement, and falling asleep.

After waking up a few hours later, Laura decided the couple would be kept for another two hours or so, before being released.

They had been kept in suspense overnight, as to whether or not they would be sold to a buyer. To continue with the ruse, each would be put on display before a web cam, so that the imaginary buyer could make a visual inspection before deciding.

Dan would go first. His handcuffs were removed, and he was allowed to use the toilet, but we kept his ankles tied, just so that he wouldn’t attempt to flee. Facing the camera, he was made to masturbate until he ejaculated, which took about five minutes.

He was then bound tightly to a chair by Laura and gagged with a sock, sealed with duct tape.

It was now Shannon’s turn to be displayed on the webcam. Much to my liking, Laura ordered her to perform fellatio upon me, with her wrists bound behind.

It was readily apparent that her oral sex skills were lacking. Her teeth made contact and she was either unable or unwilling to deep throat, despite being told to do so. I considered asking Laura for permission to use the dental gag, but decided instead to ejaculate after less than ten minutes.

Her sloppy mouth work did not escape Laura’s notice, surprisingly she did not flog or cane her, as normally would be the case. I only wished that we could have kept her for a few days of training, but that was not to be of course.

Shannon was made to swallow the ejaculate, then pose in different positions for the benefit of the camera. Laura then tied her to the chair with rope, taking care to assure maximal discomfort, by stretching her legs so that the ankles were bound to the rear legs of the chair. She was gagged with the same penis gag used previously on Dan.

We ended up releasing them about two hours later, but admitted that the slave buyer ploy was a ruse. They did accept three hundred dollars and a quantity of marijuana, and received the usual warning about videos being posted online. As expected we never heard from them again.


In the coming weeks my relationship with Laura began to deteriorate. As much as I love my visceral sadist wife, her behavior was becoming increasing intolerable.

One area of contention whom would be the dominant in future abductions. She stubbornly refused to make any concessions in that respect, demanding that I carry out her orders without question.

Another issue was her refusal to seek employment, despite having a degree in elementary education. Her voracious appetite for drugs and reckless credit card spending, was severely straining our finances.

It started with her loss of sexual interest in me, both consensual bondage and straight sex. I suspected the possibility of an extramarital affair and my suspicions proved correct. Had her lover been a male I would have taken care of him myself, but it was a lesbian relationship with a twenty nine year old female.

Her submissive lover, a secretarial wench named Linda, was stopping at our house on Wednesdays at 7:00PM, ostensibly to purchase coke, never staying more than fifteen minutes. At what point their sexual relationship began is not clear, but it was not apparent during the weekly visits.

It was apparent that whatever sex was involved in the relationship was done at Linda’s apartment. Unknown to Laura, I was able to access her cell phone records, and found a pattern of calls made to both Linda’s cell and land line.

During the same period Laura became increasingly rude and insulting towards me. She was using an increased amount of coke, which was probably a major factor, but at any rate it was depleting our financial resources. Whether Linda was paying for the drugs with her own money, or if they were paid for by Laura could not be determined.

Finally I decided upon a solution, which would be to hire a professional dominatrix, invite her to the house, to teach Laura, and hopefully Linda, a lesson they would never forget.

After doing a good bit of research, I decided that the ideal dominatrix for the assignment was Mistress Dee. She was sixty years old, six feet tall and two hundred pounds. From what I could learn, she was the most sadistic and feared dominatrix in the region.

You may wonder how this could be ascertained. One of my contacts is a high level pimp, who employs several hookers. Hookers often need to be punished for various transgressions, and when they do he sends them to Mistress Dee. Rarely are they sent for a second session, they either move elsewhere, or they do not repeat their misbehavior.

The pimp’s recommendation played a major role in my decision to select Mistress Dee. I was aware that she charged high fees for her services, but filing bankruptcy because of Laura’s profligacy was unthinkable, so it was worth the cost. I received a case of sticker shock when I learned the fee was three thousand dollars.

My meeting with the Mistress was at her house. I was immediately impressed by her demeanor, and certain that she would have no difficulty handling Laura. She agreed to provide me with a tour of her dungeon.

At this time I learned that she does not make house calls, requiring the submissive to appear at her residence, although for a higher fee, she will accept ones brought to her against their will.

It so happened that Mistress was sessioning a submissive in her dungeon at the time of my visit, and was willing to allow me to observe her briefly.

“She is a call girl who got caught booking private dates with her clientele and was given a choice by her agent of accepting discipline or being blacklisted locally” explained Mistress.

The submissive, although hardly an accurate characterization, was attired only in rubber panties, and attached with leather wrist cuffs to the ceiling. A three foot metal spreader bar with locking metal ankle cuffs, kept her legs uncomfortably spread.

Mistress had put a hood over her head to prevent me from identifying her, but she appeared to be in her twenties, with a trim athletic figure. The rubber panties she was wearing, I assumed were to accommodate a dildo in her twat. In addition a steel chain was connected to the rear of her collar and concealed beneath the backside of the panties.

I was not treated to observing her being tortured, but the manner of restraint was very impressive.

The dungeon was equipped with an assortment of whips and paddles, pillory device, St. Andrews cross, and most impressively a jail cell. Laura would be staying overnight with the Mistress, and her slaves are routinely confined to the cell for extended periods.

Mistress assured me that no male would be permitted to have any contact with Laura. Her staff, consisting of security and associate dominatrix, are all female.

“I can’t offer you a money back guarantee that your wife will change her ways but I have never had a customer sent to me a second time by their owner” she proudly stated. She also assured me that I would be provided with a short video of Laura at the dungeon.

There was an important proviso. Mistress does not wish for unwilling submissives to be aware of the location of her house, which meant Laura would have to be blindfolded during transport. Likewise when I picked her up, upon her release, she would have to be blindfolded until we were out of the immediate area.

Mistress seemed to take great delight in relating her methods of discipline, as well as some specific cases.

“About fifty per cent of my cases are hookers who are referred to me by their agent, the remainder are wives or girlfriends referred by their husband or owner. At one time I handled both consensual male and female submissives, but those cases are now handled by my associate dominatrixes” she explained.

“The bitch you just saw in my dungeon is a high price call girl who has absolutely no respect for her agent. Her attitude before and upon arrival was poor. She has been standing with her wrists cuffed to the overhead for nearly three hours and gagged continuously.”

“She has yet to receive any physical punishment but she will soon experience the pain of electroshock. Because of her profession, her agent desired that whip marks be kept to a minimum. I will honor this request but by the time I’m finished with her electroshock treatment she’ll wish she had been whipped instead”, Mistress continued.

“As you probably noticed the call girl bitch was wearing a steel collar with a chain running down her back. At the end of the chain is a hook which is inserted into her anal cavity. Practically any movement by her will result in severe pain in that area, I don’t use the hook on all my clients but this one has had a defiant attitude since arriving here and I’ve found the hook to be very effective for such cases.”

I then made known some of my preferences for Laura, but Mistress seemed indifferent, and indicated she would torture her as she saw fit. “Since your wife is a dominant, it will be more difficult to break her, it always is with that type of bitch” she added.

It was my responsibility to deliver Laura to the dungeon, which was easier said than done. My plan was to use a taser to incapacitate her, when she arrived home at 4:00PM on Wednesday, restrain her, and transport her by a van, rented for one day. The later would be the most difficult phase.

Hopefully Linda would arrive at 7:00, hoping to buy drugs. Since I couldn’t afford paying Mistress to discipline two cunts, I would do it myself.

When Linda arrived she would be restrained, physically punished and used sexually. The thought of cunt fucking a lesbian, or making her suck cock, is highly erotic, and brings back memories of the lesbian we had inadvertently abducted some time ago.

Laura arrived home as scheduled, having been informed earlier that I was renting a van for the day. She didn’t question the reason, although I had a cover story prepared.

It would be necessary to use the taser on Laura, as there was simply no way she would voluntarily be transported. Using the device is always risky and neither of us had used it yet. The stun gun Laura uses on kidnapped females, is low impact by comparison, and essentially a cattle prod.

She was tasered immediately after entering the house, with no time to react, and slumped to the floor writhing in agony. Knowing that she would resist violently once recovered from the initial shock, I quickly cuffed her wrists to the rear, using steel handcuffs. Before she could recover cable ties were used to bind her elbows and ankles.

The shock of the taser was such that Laura did not even question my intentions. It was essential that she be gagged during transport, one simply can’t have a restrained female screaming in the back of a van, possibly attracting the attention of passers by.

Knowing that Laura would attempt to remove any gag, I used the locking face muzzle and ball gag, no way could she remove it. The key would be given to Mistress, whom I suspected had her own ideas as to how Laura would be gagged.

At this point I broke the news to Laura, that she was being sent to a professional dominatrix for confinement and training. She certainly wasn’t happy, but the shock of the taser hadn’t fully worn off, and she didn’t attempt to complain or struggle. However I knew that would only be temporary.

The van was parked in the driveway, such that I was able to carry her out of the house, and load her in the cargo hold without difficulty. Another cable tie was used to attach her ankle restraints to a ring on the floor.

At this time a tight fitting leather hood was put over her head and laced. The hood had only a slit for the nose, with none for the eyes or mouth. I immediately started up the van for the thirty minute trip to Mistress Dee’s dungeon.

The gag and being secured to the floor proved to be worth its weight in gold. With the taser shock worn off, Laura began thrashing about and attempting to scream through her gag. She quickly realized the futility of her actions and calmed down.

Mistress Dee has a garage attached to her house, with my instructions being to pull inside, at which time the garage door would be closed. It assured that Laura could be unloaded without risk of being seen by anyone.

With assistance from Mistress, Laura was unloaded from the van. Her ankle bindings and hood were removed at this time. I only wish I had a picture of the look of contempt on her face, when she caught her first glimpse of Mistress, knowing that torture was imminent, and escape impossible.

Mistress promptly put a rope leash around Laura’s neck and she was ordered to walk down the basement stairs to the dungeon. It had been agreed earlier that I would not be permitted to enter the dungeon area at this time. Laura avoided looking at me and the gag kept her from spewing expletives.

The garage door was opened and I backed the van out of the driveway for the trip home, knowing that Laura had met her match. I suspect that by the time I arrived home she would be stripped, in leather cuffs a leg spreader, and with a metal hook embedded in her anus. My only regret was not being there to witness it first hand.

However my thoughts at this time were more focused on whether Linda, Laura’s lesbian lover, would arrive as scheduled. I had no shortage of ideas of what to do with her when she did.

Linda did not disappoint me, arriving as scheduled, attired in a conservative two piece dark blue business suit, white blouse, and running shoes. It is her routine to stop at the fitness center beforehand and not change back into her business shoes.

I wasted no time in getting down to business and stated “I am aware of the relationship between Laura and yourself. Laura has been sent to a dominatrix for punishment and I will punish you myself”.

“You have no right punishing Laura or trying to punish me” she replied in an assertive, though respectful manner.

“Have it your way bitch I think you’ll enjoy having sex in handcuffs” I replied, as I used a pair of steel handcuffs to cuff her wrists behind her. She offered no resistance, as I made her sit on the couch and used a cable tie to bind her ankles together.

Linda, visibly angry, became more assertive. “I want Laura here right now” she demanded.

My response was impulsive, something which I hadn’t seriously considered doing before. Although it would cost me a small fortune, why not transport her to Mistress Dee’s dungeon, where she could be with Laura, and confined involuntarily as well.

Linda was gagged by inserting a pair of Laura’s soiled panties in to her mouth, then sealing them with duct tape. She was then forced to watch and listen as I made a cell to Mistress, inquiring if Linda could be transported there on short notice.

Mistress was amenable to this for an additional one thousand dollar fee. Fortunately I was able to negotiate a reduced price of five hundred dollars. While I would have enjoyed seeing Linda disciplined by a male, the agreement was only female associates are used.

I inquired as to Laura’s progress and was informed, that while it was poor, improvement was expected. “Right now she is blindfolded and gagged and her neck is attached by rope to a pole, so that she is forced to remain standing, she has been like that for the last hour, I knew she would be a difficult case, but don’t worry she has yet to feel the whip”, Mistress reported.

Linda understood her fate without me having to explain. I removed her ankle binding, and she offered no resistance as I walked her to the van, parked in the driveway.

To keep her secure during transport I looped a cable tie around her neck, attaching it to a ring on the floor, and leaving her unable to lift her head. She remained gagged and the same hood used to blindfold Laura, was used on Linda.

The drive to Mistress’s house was uneventful, upon arrival I drove the van into the attached garage, as had been done with Laura, and the door was immediately closed by remote.

Mistress promptly emerged from the house and I immediately Linda’s neck binding loose and removed her from the van. At this point Mistress took charge, removing Linda’s hood and securing a rope leash around her neck.

“Looks like another one bites the dust” she remarked tersely, and Linda was immediately led inside. The garage door was opened and I departed immediately.

Giddy with delight, I drove to the same bar where Laura and I had picked up a female, a few months ago. However two hours of hunting proved unproductive, so I headed home to get some sleep, eagerly anticipating the call from Mistress to pick up Laura and Linda.

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