by Worzel

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Storycodes: Solo-M; FF/m; capture; chloroform; bond; tape; cuffs; leather; basques; helmets; crop; enslave; femdom; cons; X

(The fantasies of a friend) Worzel 2011

The two women stood before the bound man, smiling broadly as he woke from his induced sleep. His captors had strapped him into a leather harness which without his hands he could find no way of escape. As consciousness returned to him, he found himself kneeling in front of the two captors. Both women were blond and as he came to his senses he realised that his captors were his neighbours, Mrs Muirhouse and her daughter Sally. Sally was several years older than Walter and in Walters eyes unobtainable, as she had a boyfriend and he had a sports car.

Mrs Muirhouse was hardly a Mum figure either as she had a wonderful figure as Mrs Muirhouse was not much older than her daughter!

“Do you want some breakfast before you go?”

Walter’s Mum said, putting a teapot on the kitchen table .

“Oh and Happy birthday Walter!”

Walter looked at his Mum, part in shock then as he realized where he actually was, softened.

Mum put a bowl in front of Walter and he helped himself to the cereal and milk. He ate thinking to himself trying hard to remember snippets of his day dream while looking awake to the outside world. Walter got up and slipped on his jacket, kissed his mum on the back of her head (Mum wasn’t expecting it!) and walked smartly out the front door.

Work was repetitive and slow, well it always seemed like it! The clock above his workplace crawled around, his fellow workers claimed that the batteries were about to flag out! He kept having the same daydream he had dreamed at breakfast about Mrs Muirhouse and her daughter Sally, Mind you he had many dreams about being taken to somewhere “Better” even if it was next door! he often looked into the bedroom window of Mrs Muirhouse, only to have his hopes dashed as she pulled the curtains closed depriving him of a view.

Unfortunately people kept needing Walters attention and he soon grew frustrated.

Being Friday he was going out to celebrate his birthday. He left work as everyone did (In a hurry!) Walter sped home a spring in his step, he was going out on the town and he and his friends would go paint the town red! His Mum wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours so Walter jumped in the bath to get ready to go out, he'd meet his friends in town so he had time to prepare.

He left the house early, he would take his time and savour his birthday it was getting dark by this time and he had a while before his friends would meet.

He started looking at shop windows gazing at the things they had for sale, The streets were nearly empty as the crowds that shopped had gone home and the pub goers had not really started. He was walking to the next shop front he heard something behind him, he turned and realized It was Sally Muirhouse, his neighbour.

“Hi Walter” said Sally smiling, “I don’t normally see you up here!”

Walter was a bit taken back by the outward friendliness, “Oh I know I’m just up here to meet some of my friends for a pint.”

Sally looked away and smiled again, “Oh of course it’s your birthday today! Happy birthday!”

Sally kissed him on the cheek and smiled her big smile.

“Are you meeting someone?”

Walter assumed Sally was but it was the next logical step.

“Oh yes!”

At that moment Sally’s mobile rang, She turned to talk. “Hi Mum Oh yes, Yes! Oh maybe, Oh, by the way Walters up here! He’s eighteen today!” Sally turned back to Walter. And half mouthing her words, “Mum says happy birthday!”

She was talking for ages answering twenty questions or so it seemed to Walter, until she said, “Oh and I’ve got the leather bag!”

Walter was getting bored it was starting to get dark. Sally finished abruptly!

“What you doing now then Walter?”

“Oh my friends are going to meet me in a few minutes.”

“Oh Ok! You’ll have to come round and see Mum!”

The pair just waved at each other as Sally made off down the street. His friends would be over an hour away he realized as he looked at his watch. Walter resumed his window shopping, looking in shops of fairly uninteresting wares. He heard something behind him, before he could turn he was grabbed and something covered his mouth. He realized it was a cloth with chloroform! He struggled to escape but the hands holding him held him fast and sure enough he slipped into unconsciousness.

Some hours later Walter opened an eye , he was in a state of confusion he wasn’t comfortable yet asleep and as he looked for a reason for the particular state of affairs he woke with a start at the realization of his situation he jumped but could not free himself, he realized his head was pounding due he thought to the chloroform he had inhaled. Walter could see very little he was in a darkened room his arms and legs were wrapped in something very sticky.

He realized he was looking at the only light source in the room, coming from the next room under a door, the noise he had made had alerted his captors to his return to consciousness. He rolled on his side in the vain attempt to defend himself, but as the door began to open the light under the door went out and two flashlights were shone in his face! He squinted as he was unused to the lights and as they got closer an unearthly voice thundered,

“Our new slave is awake! Make a sound and we’ll gag you!”

Up until that point Walter hadn’t thought of doing anything of the sort, he tried to form a sound and failed, because his mouth was so dry. His captors covered his head with something blinding him, He was pulled upright and water brought to his mouth! Refreshed he manipulated his jaw which it seems he had not done for a few hours.

“I haven’t got any money!” Walter said without thinking, he felt embarrassed for speaking out of turn.

“We Know!” Came the answer! Who? Thought Walter who was a little stunned by the answer.

“In fact we know an awful lot about you!”

Now Walter was worried he hesitated to answer further, Who was this that had caught him and why? Before he could concern himself with these questions he found himself stifled with more chloroform, he could not see it coming and was under in seconds.

As he awoke a second time he was nude and on the floor, handcuffs locked his hands behind his back. As he regained his focus he saw two women both wearing leather basques, leather helmets, and leather skirts. Each played with a riding crop and was preparing to teach someone a lesson they wouldn’t forget. It dawned on Walter that perhaps the lesson was for his benefit. Still coming round.

“So, Walter, do you know why you’re here?” One of them said.

“Only We have been looking at you for some time and we can’t work out if you would want to be permanently in the position you find yourself in!”

“Do you know where you are?”

Walter still waking up now had an idea where he was and who the figures were in front of him. Walter said:

“Heaven!” The two figures looked at each other and pulled off their helmets. It was Mrs Muirhouse and Sally, and for Walter he was in heaven! Sally looked at her Mother and said, “What should do we do with him now?”

“His training starts today!”

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