Kidnapped and Sold at the Slave Auction

by Susan C

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© Copyright 2016 - Susan C - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; capture; drug; kidnap; strip; bond; gag; cuffs; transport; susp; balloon; travel; island; caught; sold; slave; cons/nc; X

This is a story based on my love of suspension bondage. This is a fantasy only.


It was a Friday night. I had worked late, it was dark as I pulled in to my parking space. I had a feeling someone was watching me. I lock my car and I walk to the front door of my apartment. As I walk in the door I discover that the power out in my apartment.

As I go to check my breaker box, some one places a rag over my mouth and nose. I try to pull his hands away from my face.

The rag has a very bad smell to it. Then the lights go out.

When I awake I find my self naked and strapped to a table. And a ball gag in my mouth.

I am trying to figure out what going on. It looks like I am in some type of medical office. There no windows on sound of any type.

Then I hear the sound of foot steps in the hallway.

I hear the sound of a key in the door lock. In walk 2 men. One is in a white lab coat. "Doctor, this is the test subject".

As the man in the lab coat plays with my tits. "She will do fine. Move her to a ready room. Let her get a good nights sleep. Put a 24 hour guard on her". 

Two security guards enter the room. Release me from the table. Then handcuff my hands behind my back. They walked me naked down the hallway to a holding cell. There a bed. The guards take off the cuffs and lock me in the cell.

The next morning. The guard brings me a meal. "The doctor will be by later".

Later, the doctor came by my cell. "My dear, we been watching you for weeks. You were chosen for a medical test. The test will began at 12:00 noon".

The doctor tells the guards to handcuff me and blindfold  me, and take her to the van.

I am in the back of the vehicle. I have no idea where we are going. The most I can tell we are on a very bad road.

The van stops. I am pulled out of the van. I can feel the hot sun on my naked body. I still have the blind fold on. I can't see what going on.

Then I hear a voice. "Doctor, the balloon is ready".

Then the blind fold is removed. There a very large gas filled balloon.

The doctor tells me. "My dear, you will be suspended below that balloon. You will have air for 72 hours. Also we will be getting info about health during your trip. You are the 6th person to make this flight. We never recovered the other 5."

"Get her ready".

The guards remove my handcuffs. Then a set of suspension cuffs is placed on my wrist. I am hooked to the bottom of the balloon. Then a mask is placed over my mouth and nose. And it strapped down tight. Some pads were placed on my chest.

The doctor tells me, "You will be going up to about 15,000 feet. In 72 hours a timer will release you and a parachute will bring you back down".

I am fighting trying to get loose. No use. Then the balloon is cut loose. I am hanging there helpless. I am going up fast.

As I watch  the world get smaller and smaller. I am thinking, 'Will I live through this'.

Now I getting cold. The cold is getting colder. I can tell that I am passing over farm land and some small towns. Then night falls.

The next day I see that I am over water. I have no idea where I am at or where I am going. It gets to the point I loose all track of time.

Then without warning. My suspension rig is released and I am falling. Then the parachute opens.

As I am returning to earth. I see that I am drifting down to a island. When I land. I am now hung up in a tree. Then I hear sounds.

There are natives living on this island. And they are not happy with me dropping in.

The natives cut me loose and take me to there village.

There I am tied up to a post. The natives are talking about what to do with me.

Then a native man that speaks English tells me. "That I will sold to a tribe on the next island. You will spend the rest of your life as a slave".

The next day I am take by boat to a small island. I am being lead naked down the Main Street of the village. I taken to the center of the village.

Every one is looking me over.

The next day I was sold at the slave auction.


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