Kidnapped in Mexico

by Ardvark

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© Copyright 2003 - Ardvark - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; bondage; kidnap; n/c; X

Kidnapped in Mexico
by Ardvark
Kidnapped in Mexico by Ardvark

Along the Road:

The truck full of farm workers slowed as they drove past the spot where the two men were holding me. I was very aware that I was providing the men in the truck with quite a show. While I do not consider myself beautiful, many men have told me that I’m a “looker.” I have naturally wavy, reddish blonde hair that frames a face that I have been told is pretty. My 105 pounds is arranged on a 5’2” frame that is 34C-23-35. This is all carried on straight, well-formed legs. My nipples are large and tight with very small aureoles around them and are the kind that stand erect most of the time. I usually turn men’s heads when I enter a room. Standing naked by the side of the road however, was not the way I wanted men to be able to see me.

The one man, holding my arms, turned me so that I was facing the roadway. The men in the truck hooted and hollered as they slowly eased past us, all of them pointing at me. A pair of handcuffs held my hands behind my back, I could do nothing to prevent them from looking at my naked body. Many of the men made rude gestures with their hands that left no doubt what they would like to do to me. They were looking at my tits and motioning for me to jiggle them. One man near the back of the truck opened his pants to show me his rigid cock. I was mortified by what was happening. Only moments ago I was safe in the rear of a limousine, dozing as we drove southward through the rough Mexican Sonora Desert countryside.

After the truck passed, the two men holding me pushed me into the back seat of the limousine. The smaller of the two drove, while the other, a sinister looking Hispanic, sat on one of the rear-facing jump seats in the back with me. Pointing his gun at me, he ordered me to spread my legs. I was embarrassed to tears, but had no choice. I spread me knees so he could have a clear view of my pussy. Leaning toward me slightly, he took the nipple on my right tit between his thumb and forefinger and began to squeeze very hard. It hurt like hell and I twisted my body trying to pull away, but it was no use. “Just sit still Ms Meyers,” he said with an evil grin on his face. He even knew my name. “We will soon be at a place up in the mountains where I call home. After we arrive, you and I will have a chance to talk for as long as it takes for you to remember where the papers on the Guaymas land deal have been put. No?”

“I told you, I have no idea why they aren’t in my brief case. I swear to you, they were in there the last time I saw them,” I answered.

“You’ll pardon me if I don’t believe you right now,” he continued. “It’s just that we have been obtaining information on this deal for a long time and had your plan figured out. We know that you are the one who is supposed to sneak into our country with the papers so your boss doesn’t have to come.” Reaching toward me again, he cupped my left tit and said, “You are a very beautiful woman. I would love to be able to tenderly fondle these magnificent breasts, kissing them. Instead, I may have to use their ability to transmit sensation for another purpose, if you know what I mean?” Reaching down, he took hold of my right ankle and lifted my leg. 

He took my foot in his hands and massaged it. “Look at what a finely turned ankle and delicate foot you have. I would make love to these alone if the circumstances were different. Alas, their sensitive nature may also have to be used to loosen your tongue. How brave are you Ms. Meyers? How well can you endure pain? How long do you think you will be able to keep your secret?” As if to demonstrate his meaning, he lowered my foot then took a firm grip on my right nipple again and twisted it, pinching down very hard. The pain was intense and I let out a scream, which only made him laugh. “You’re nipples are very tender Ms. Meyers. I think you may now understand my meaning. Yes?”

What he said about my trip was true. It was arranged  clandestinely, so that my boss would not have to travel. I just couldn’t figure out how he knew that. Another puzzling fact; I really was supposed to have the papers on the Guaymas land deal in my briefcase. “How did he know that,” I wondered. The Mexican government was soon going to announce that it had just approved casino gambling in an area around this small coastal city on the Gulf of California. The law firm I worked for had handled the legal work for a US based company that wanted to purchase a large section of land in the middle of this casino area. As could be expected, there was much opposition from Mexican based companies that wanted two things; first, to control the interests themselves and second, to keep US companies out of the lucrative casino market in Mexico. William Peters, my boss, had even received death threats if he attempted to come to Mexico to get the papers signed. 

Because of that, a rather diverse plan had been put into place. We made his flight and hotel reservations so that it would appear to anyone monitoring our communications with the Mexican law firm like he was scheduled to arrive in Mexico by flying into Hermosillo, then drive to Guaymas the same day as the signing. What I didn’t think anyone knew was the other part of the plan, where I would slip across the border at Nogales and take the papers to Guaymas about a month before they were supposed to be signed.

My route only took me through a couple small towns on the 200 or so miles from Nogales to Guaymas. The rest of the trip would then be in the Sonora Desert. Something had obviously gone wrong. What really had me concerned now though, was where had the real papers gone? I had no clue. Yet, I had the feeling this man with the gun was not in the mood to understand that I didn’t know anything. I sat there very scared, very naked and very vulnerable.

After driving for nearly an hour with me sitting naked, in the back seat of the limousine, we turned off of the main road somewhere between Magdalena and Hermosillo. We continued up through a rocky canyon until we reached a very large Spanish colonial style house. The place was sitting in the center of a very large box canyon. A very beautiful setting, I thought. If my visitation had been under different conditions I would have loved it here. As it was, the two men hauled me out of the back of the car and forced me to walk in front of them toward the entryway. The pathway to the house was hot and consisted of sharp stones that hurt my bare feet. Inside, a very pretty Mexican girl named Conchita was told to, “see to Ms. Meyer’s comfort.”

The pretty young Mexican girl led me down a hallway to the very last room. It was little more than a large closet with one small window near the top of the outside wall. Inside the room were a straight-backed chair and an old metal frame cot. I was told to turn around. When I did, Conchita unlocked my handcuffs. I was glad to be rid of them; my arms were beginning to ache from being held in the same position for so long. Now if I could just get my dress or some kind of clothes I thought. I thanked her as best I could in my limited Spanish, telling her my arms hurt. I also asked her if she could get my clothes back. She just smiled and told me to lie down on the cot. When I did, she quickly snapped handcuffs that were pre-positioned on the cot to my ankles, pulling them to the outside edge of the cot. Then she handcuffed  my wrists over my head, locking them to the bed frame. I was now spread open on my back in this closet. When I tried to complain, Conchita took a rubber ball with a strap through it from a box in the corner of the room. This was shoved into my mouth and the strap buckled behind my head. My protests were now nothing more than whimpers. She immediately turned and left the room. I heard the solid click of a deadbolt on the other side of the door. Even if I could manage to slip my handcuffs, I was locked inside this room. My level of fear increased significantly.

It was only a few minutes later when the door again opened and the man who had sat in the back of the car with me came into the room. He pulled the chair up next to the bed and began to talk to me about the land deal. “Ms. Meyers,” he began. “We are not fools here. We know that you made the arrangements for your boss to fly into Hermosillo and drive to Guaymas only to throw us off the track. We learned about your quiet little “vacation” plans yesterday. So, you see we knew that a limo to take you from Nogales to Guaymas was where the real papers should be. Now, you have disappointed us by carrying junk newspaper in your case.” As he talked to me, his hands roamed all over my body. He would let his fingers probe between my legs then slide over my belly to fondle my tits. “I’m going to leave you alone for awhile now, to think, but I will be back. Perhaps you need time to think about things.” I had no doubt what “things” he was talking about. He was squeezing them as he talked to me. “Think mostly about your status right now though Ms. Meyers. You have some very attractive things that I can use to make you remember. I would hate to have to hurt such a beautiful woman.” The look on his face and the movements of his hands left no doubt about the other “things” he had in mind. The middle finger of his left hand pushed itself into one of the “things.” I was to be tortured and sexually abused. Being raped might even be the easy part.

After he left me alone again, I did think back over the past two months. I tried to think of anything that might help me figure out where the papers had gone. I had obviously been used as a decoy, not as the courier. I was pissed about that. I had helped formulate the plan to sneak the papers into the country. We had made very elaborate travel plans for Mr. Peters so that it would appear as if he was going into Guaymas on the day the papers were to be signed. That was now a little more than one month away. In the plan, I would slip across the border at Nogales, Arizona by having a Mexican based limo meet my plane. A security plan had even been arranged so that I would know the driver. I was only going to be in the country for a day or two, so I brought nothing more than a small bag with one change of clothes and my brief case. A brief case that had been packed by me and locked. I didn’t even take it home with me, which now seemed like a mistake. Instead, I left it locked in the office the night prior to my departure. How and when someone had managed to slip an envelope with junk newsprint into my case in place of the real papers, I have no idea. Obviously, it had to have happened during the night. Just as obvious, someone in our firm must be in on the whole thing also. Someone in the office had to have been the one to make the switch. But who? Someone had also tipped these people off about the travel plans. That person did not know about the switch though I thought. At least I hope no one set me up for a kidnapping just to throw people off the track. As much as I hated to believe it though, that prospect had merit. Thinking back over the events of this day, I could only believe that the guy who met me at the airport was even in on the plot to kidnap me. Was it Sally, my secretary? I did not want to believe that, but except for Mr. Peters and his secretary, she was the only one who knew about or had access to my brief case.

The day had started very early for me. I had a 6:00 A.M. departure from San Francisco on a flight to Phoenix. From there, I had a direct flight to Nogales, Arizona. I had stopped in the office, long enough to pick up my brief case and head to the airport. At the airport, I parked my car in a pre-designated area so that Sally, my secretary, could pick it up later in the day. In Nogales, I waited until the limo pulled up facing the terminal and flashed his lights. I walked to the car and asked a pre-arranged signal question, “Are you Mr. Jemenez?” “Si, Seniorita,” came the reply. I quickly got into the back seat of the limo and within a few minutes, we were on our way through the border crossing into Mexico. The day was already warm and I don’t think the air conditioning in the car worked very well. I was soon very uncomfortable in the back seat. Ready to relax a little anyway, I slipped my suit jacket off, unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse and kicked off my shoes. I lowered the window and let the warm breeze from the beautiful country we were in blow my hair. I felt very secure in the back of the big limo, but I was still very warm. Since I was alone in the privacy of this large car, I decided to remove my pantyhose. I always wear cotton undies under them anyway, so I raised up enough to slide them off, placing them in my small handbag. I was much more comfortable now and laid my head back to enjoy the scenery we were passing. The rugged canyon walls in the distance on either side of the road were magnificent. I wondered about the people who lived way out here. It was such wonderful scenery, but how did they live?

As we rounded a bend in the road, the driver slowed, then stopped. I raised up to see a large truck blocking the roadway. My driver got out of the car and disappeared from view for a few minutes. Soon, the big truck was out of the way and heading back toward Nogales. When I looked however, my driver was gone also. In place of him, there were now two men. They came toward the car and before I had time to react. The door next to me was opened. “Please step out of the car,” the man told me. I was going to protest, until I noticed the gun he was carrying. I fumbled for my shoes, but he stopped me, “You won’t need those.” I stepped out onto the hot sand and found it hard to stand still. My feet burned. As soon as I was out of the car, the man reached in to get my brief case. Handing it to me, he said, “Open this please.” I knew better than to argue so I unlocked the case and handed it to him. He found the envelope he wanted immediately and opened it. That was when we all learned that I didn’t have the papers. In the large, shipping envelope I was carrying were sheets of carefully cut newspaper. What fooled me was the envelope was sealed, using my seal, just as the original had been. “What is this?” the man asked, pointing at the papers. I shook my head, saying, “I don’t know. The last time I saw that envelope, the papers were inside.”

The second man then said something, but he spoke so rapidly that I couldn’t understand all of it. He said something about film was all I could catch. “My partner thinks maybe you are carrying the papers on micro-film,” he smiled. “A very real possibility.” The two men spoke in low voices for a few seconds before the one with the gun turned to me and said, “May I have your blouse and skirt now please.” I was shocked, but knew better than to protest. I slipped my blouse off and handed it to him. He quickly checked all of the pockets, seams and hems on the garment then tossed it into the car. He did the same with my skirt. I was now very embarrassed, as I stood there in my underwear by the side of the road. “I need your bra now, please.” I hesitated, not wanting to strip out here in broad daylight, even though it was a very remote location. “Quickly,” he snapped, waving the gun at me. I reached behind me and undid the snaps, letting the bra slip down my arms, then gave him the garment. After he inspected it, I assumed he would let me have it back, but it was also tossed into the car. His hand motion was enough to let me know I was to strip the last remaining garment I had. I stepped out of my panties, handing them to him. They too were soon in the car. “Now, step over here please.” I was pushed to the back of the car. “Now, lean forward against the car and spread your legs please.” I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, but soon my pussy was being probed and a finger was being shoved up my ass. I tried to reach back to stop the intrusion. When I did, the second man grabbed my arm and held it. From his pocket, he took a pair of handcuffs. Soon my other arm was wrested behind me and cuffed. I was pressed face down against the trunk of the car. The hot metal of the car burned my belly and tits. It wasn’t long after that the truckload of farm workers went passed.

I lay there on the cot now thinking about many things. Who had betrayed our plans? Where had the real papers gone? I knew that I was soon going to be tortured for information that I didn’t have. I had been betrayed by one of three people. People that I had always liked and trusted  The overwhelming realization of the severity of my plight soon had me sobbing as I lay there.