Kelly and Pip

by hunnyBeez

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© Copyright 2007 - hunnyBeez - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; outdoors; bdsm; nettles; urine; toys; cons; X

Her tongue just peeked out from between her lips as she concentrated on putting a final coat of mascara on. Pip’s long, straight, fine blonde hair fell over her shoulders. She was 29 and was just over five foot tall and thin, with a boy-like figure. She had heard people say of her more than once she looked like a boy. Yet there was nothing tomboy about Pip. Dressed in a long flowing button down dress in a Laura Ashley floral pattern and flat leather shoes she looked like something out of the seventies. Her pale blue eyes sparkled and her wide thin mouth was always smiling.

“Phillipa are you ready yet?” Kelly shouted up the stairs a little impatient.

“Almost, just finishing my make-up” Pip voice was sweet and high pitched.

Kelly shook her head and looked into the mirror over the fireplace. Kelly was a year older and a little taller than Pip with brown skin and her dark coarse hair cut within an inch of her head.  With large brown eyes and gull lips, Kelly was a beauty.  Unlike Pip, Kelly was curvaceous with rounded hips and big firm breasts. She also dressed very different. Kelly would never been seen dead in Laura Ashley print, she liked her jeans and t-shirts.

Pip came bouncing down the stairs announcing she was ready. Kelly looked over at her. She could not believe she had invited this dizzy blonde to move in when she needed a place to stay. Pip was as untidy as Kelly was tidy and totally scatter brained. That was almost two years ago now and though they started out just friends it had taken only a few nights before Kelly took Pip into her bed.

Kelly’s car, an old estate, was kept in the garage. Pip parked her red mini with its Union Jack roof on the front lawn. Kelly had told her time and again not to but Pip never listened. Kelly was coming to the idea that maybe paving that area was easier than changing Pip.

As Pip flopped into the passenger seat Kelly flung a rucksack onto the back seat.

“Your cuffs are in the glove box. Put them on.” Kelly’s words surprised Pip. She opened the glove box and found both wrist cuff and ankle cuffs. “Put them on Pip, there has been a change of plan. We’re not going to the pub”

“Where are we going?” Pip asked excitedly as she bent forward buckling the leather straps around her ankles.

“You will see, or maybe not” Kelly answered with a laugh throwing a travel blindfold at Pip as she climbed into the drivers seat.

Pip looked up at Kelly, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement as she fumbled with the wrist cuffs. Kelly leant over and helped. Kelly then clipped the ankle cuffs together and did the same with the wrist cuffs.

“Where are we going? Was it far? Are we going to play?” Pip asked question after question her excited tone like that of a small child.

“Pip, shut up, I want silence from you for the journey. Now put the blindfold on and please relax and enjoy the ride, it will take some time.”

Pip opened her mouth to reply but Kelly held a finger up. Pip started fumbling with the blindfold as her wrists being bound made it difficult but at last the blindfold was on and Pip settled back.

As the car pulled away Kelly pushed a disk into the CD player. It was a recording of Kelly reading aloud a bondage story she had found on the web.

“Wow when did you make that?” Pip said without thinking.

“Silence Pip or I will stop the car and leave you at the side of the road”

Pip fell into silence and listened to the tape. It was very erotic listening to Kelly’s voice reading how a girl was tied and beaten. As the journey went on Pip was not sure how long they have travelled but it must be at least half an hour. Her mind kept wandering to where they were and where they were going, but the story kept drawing her attention.

The car stopped and Pip went to move, but Kelly told her to sit still and listen to the end of the story.

As Pip sat back in the car, ankles and wrists bound, blindfold over her eyes, Kelly gently rubbed her bud like nipples through the thin cotton of her dress. Pip, already aroused by the story, moaned gently and pushed her chest out to Kelly’s touch. Kelly unbuttoned Pips dress, slipping her hand over her small tits and then down her belly and inside her white panties. Pip was already wet as Kelly’s fingers slipped into her knickers.

Pips back arched and she parted her knees as much as the ankle cuffs would allow. She wanted Kelly to enter her as the story came to a climax but Kelly had other ideas. She teased around Pips clit and allowed her fingers to slide over her opening, but she does not penetrate her or stimulate her to orgasm.

As the story ended Kelly gets out of the car and moved around to the passenger side. As she opened the door she was met with a barrage of questions from Pip.

”Where are we? Can I take my blindfold off? Have we been here before? Can anyone see us?”

“That’s it Pip if you can’t be quiet when asked I have no choice.” Swiftly and expertly Kelly unclipped Pip’s ankle cuffs and tugged down her pretty knickers. “They are bloody soaking. You slut!” There was fun in Kelly’s voice and Pip gave a broad smile, trying hard not to ask anymore of the questions that were swimming around in her head.

Pip felt something roughly touch her mouth and Kelly ordered her to open wide. As Pip opened her mouth Kelly shoved her wet knickers into her mouth, gagging her. Pips muffled protests were ignored.

Grabbing the rucksack, Kelly guided Pip out of the car. Pip had to put all her trust in Kelly as she stumbled along next to her. The ground under foot felt like grass and twigs but she has no idea where they were. Pips open dress swung around her as they moved.

Kelly dropped the bag and took out some lengths of rope. She pushed Pips back up against a tall thin tree and untied Pips wrist cuffs. Taking off the open dress and throwing it to one side she took Pip's wrists and tied them behind the tree.

Pip could feel the cold harsh bark on her back and buttocks. She could hear Kelly moving around and the sound of trees or bushes rustling with Kelly getting things out of the bag. At least that was what Pip thinks she can hear.

Kelly has everything ready. She picked up the fresh small branches with their green leaves still attached and gently stroked them over Pips breast. Pip freezes at the touch and Kelly starts flogging Pip across her tits and stomach using the fresh twigs. Pip wriggled against the touch, shouting into her gag of knickers. Kelly keeps the rhythm up and watches the small pert tits turning pink with each stroke. She has chosen thin springy twigs that will scratch a little and not do damage but still she works them over Pips body.

“Open your legs Pip, I want to flog your pussy” Kelly orders and Pip does as she was told.

Kelly aiming the twig directly up into Pips cunt, she hits her over and over. Pip dances and mumbles into the gag but keeps her legs apart as she has been told.

Kelly drops the bunch of twigs and gently strokes Pips body. She looks at the pinkness and at the small scratches, some of which have tiny droplets of blood congealing on them.

“You like being stroked don’t you” Kelly asks not really wanting an answer, but Pip nods her head franticly, confirming what Kelly already knew. “You like being in the open where everyone can see you don’t you?” This time Pip shakes her head. “You know that someone could come along here at any time don’t you Pip. And if they do I will be off” Pip moans and tries to talk into the gag, reacting to Kelly’s threats. “I will be in the car and gone leaving you here, do you fancy trying to explain what you are doing tied to a tree naked?” All the time Kelly talks, her hand caresses Pips body. Her nipples are pink and erect her pussy lips glistening.

“I think some more stroking is needed now” Kelly says moving away from Pip carefully putting on a glove.

Pip strains to hear what is happening. She feels the first soft touch but then she recognises the excruciating pain of nettles. Pip kickes her legs out at Kelly and screamed into the gag, her whole body trying to escape the pain as the small white bumps started to appear on her tits.

“What’s up my pretty? Don’t you like being stroked?” Kelly teases. Dropping the nettles and glove she pulls up close to Pip so she can’t kick her and pinches Pips nipples, pulling gently on them, rolling them between her fingers. The nettle stings are burning into Pips tits. Kelly lets a finger go between Pips legs, though every inch of Pip was complaining her cunt is dripping. “You are loving this, you slut” Kelly says as she moves away, picking up the fresh dock leaves to take the worst of the sting out of her beautiful girls tits.

Kelly rubs all over where the nettles have kissed, easing Pips pain.

Kelly unties Pip from the tree and turns her and roughly pushes her up against it this time facing the trunk and again her wrists are tied around the trunk. Pip complains behind the gag, but still she does not resist.

Kelly moves closer to Pip and lifting her long blond hair bites her neck, sucking hard her teeth biting in. Pip’s body tenses against the pain, yet she pushes into Kelly’s bite. “You are going to be marked; everyone will see you are a slut.” Again Kelly bites. Pip leans hard against the tree, her knees weak from the pleasure.

Kelly once more moves away from Pip. Pip strains to hear what’s going on. She longs to take her blindfold off. She wants to know where they are, if it’s safe, are they likely to get caught but Kelly was in charge and Pip will do as she was told.

Kelly starts flogging Pips back and buttocks with the twig flogger. Over and over she hits her, scratching her delicate flesh from back and buttocks. Pip falls against the tree; she can feel the hard cold bark on her tits which are warm and tender from Kelly’s work.

Kelly moves in close to Pip and talks straight into her ear. “You’re like a bear in the woods hugging that tree, and you know what bears do in the woods. They shit. Go on Pip shit in the woods.” Pip shakes her head and complains into the gag, but Kelly went on. “Come on Pip you know it will amuse me. You can squat down a little you’re not tied that tight. Shit for me Pip go on.” Pip keeps shaking her head and mumbling. “Oh well ok if you can’t, you can’t. Just pee then” Kelly moves back away from Pip her movement giving Pip space to pee.

Kelly stands watching for a moment and just as she was just starting to think that Pip was not going to pee a small trickle starts to fall from between the girls legs. The trickle is soon a gush and Pip pees herself as she is stood tied to the tree, the liquid trickling down her legs and into her shoes.

Kelly smiled. She loved the control she had over Pip.

“So what next?” Kelly muses “I have flogged your front and back. Your have peed yourself, you dirty girl.” Kelly gives Pip’s bottom a small smack as she chastises her for peeing. Walking round Pip she continues “Oh yes we have nettled your front, so now it’s your backs turn”

Pip screams that she does not want any more nettles. Kelly knows how much she hates nettles. With her whole body reacting, Pip manages to push the knickers out of her mouth.

”No Kelly please no more nettles. Please I hate nettles, No more, anything else please I beg you Kelly not nettles. They hurt too much, I hate them.”

“But Pip I have picked them fresh just for you, don’t be so ungrateful. I bring you on a nice day out and you start complaining like a little kid. It’s just a nice stroke that’s all”

“Kelly, no I beg you please. No, I will do anything, punish me but not nettles please, I will do anything you say just don’t nettle me please.”

Pip goes quiet, straining to hear what Kelly was doing. She then feels the stroke across her back. Pip reacts by kicking back and screams “No you fucking bitch I said…” Pips voice trails off she realises that Kelly has not used nettles. She has used something else.

Kelly moves in quick and dropping the long grass she is holding she grabs Pips hair, pulling her head back sharply.  “I’m a bitch am I? well I will show you how much of a bitch I can be”

Kelly lets go of Pips hair and pushing her body hard against the tree Kelly reaches around and grabs at her poor nipples. She twists them, pulling them down as hard as she can and as the pain shoots through Pip her tears wet her blindfold.

”I am sorry Kelly, I’m sorry honest I am” Pip stutters through her pain.

“Then let everyone hear that, shout it loud” Kelly orders

Pip shouts “I AM SORRY KELLY”

“Now shout Kelly is not a bitch”


Kelly keeps pulling hard on Pips nipples “you know everyone can hear you, you know people are walking past looking at you. And now you are shouting for attention. You are going to get in so much trouble. Shout Pip is a slut.”

Pip shouts as loud as she can “I’m a slut” then continues to Kelly “Please Kelly please stop, my tits are killing me, please I’m sorry”

Kelly loved to hear Pip beg, it gives her such a feeling of power and control.

“If you want me to stop and you are truly sorry, then shout that you want to be whipped with nettles.”

”No please, no oh Kelly please” Kelly keeps a tight grip on Pips nipples, still pushing her body hard against hers, pressing her to the rough bark of the tree.

”PLEASE KELLY WHIP ME WITH NETTLES” Pip shouts out in pain. Kelly smiles as wins. She moves away from Pip, seeing the other girls shoulders moving as she quietly sobs behind her blindfold.

Kelly puts the glove back on and picks up the nettles. She moves to the side of Pip. She had every intention of using the nettles. This was about about her enjoying torturing Pip.

Quickly and with firm strokes she whips the nettles over Pips arse. Pip dances against the pain of the nettles, their evil poison stinging her and the whip of their flesh also biting into her skin. Pip leans hard against the tree, sobbing and moaning, as Kelly continues to wield the nettles until they have lost their firmness and are of no use.

Kelly drops them and looks at her lovely Pip who is sobbing her head falling to one side.

Kelly picks up a large handful of dock leaves and rubs Pips bottom vigorously. She has nettled Pip several times over the past two years and this of all the things they do, is the one the Pip really hates. Kelly’s’ sadistic side just can't help but use them from time to time and her love of Pip begging just adds to her enjoyment of the whole experience.

Kelly seeing the dock leaves have taken the worst away, gently moves Pips hair away from her face. “Better?” she asks and Pip nods as her sobs lessen.

Kelly reaches into the back pack and taking out a dildo moves over to Pip and slips it into the tied girls wet juicy cunt. She works her and Pip pushes her arse back spreading her legs.

”Oh yes” Pip moans as Kelly works on her “Yes, yes yes that is so good, oh yes”

Kelly reaches around with her free hand and rubs Pips clit, building the arousal with each thrust of the dildo. Kelly can read Pip so well; she knows her body so well. Just as Pip is moaning ready to orgasm Kelly stops.

”Oh Kelly please” protests Pip. Kelly takes the dildo and presents it to Pips mouth.

“You cant keep it shut so suck on this slut” Pip keeps her mouth shut and shakes her head as she does not like tasting her own juices “Open NOW!” Pip opens her mouth and sucks on the dildo. After a moment Kelly pulls the dildo out with a soft pop. “Now it’s my turn.”

Kelly slips her jeans and pants off and taking a vibrator out of the rucksack she started stimulating her own clit with it, moving in close to Pip, rubbing her body against her and moaning in pleasure.

”Kelly let me do you, please Kelly, untie me let me go down on you” Kelly slid the vibrator into her wet cunt working it up and down.

”I don’t need your mouth Pip, its far too busy.”

”Oh please”

“Call me Mistress then and I may just let you” Kelly breaths as the vibrator buzzes inside her.

“Please Mistress let me lick your wonderful clit”

Kelly laughed “No Pip, I really prefer Kelly.”

“Kelly please let me oh please” Pip kept up her begging as Kelly leant hard against her, the vibrator taking her to orgasm.

Pip fell silent for a moment as Kelly enjoyed the wonderful release of orgasm, moaning loudly.

As Kelly recovered she turned the vibrator off and presented it to Pips lips. This time Pip sucked on it greedily tasting Kelly’s sweet flavour.

Kelly took a moment putting everything back in the rucksack before returning to untie Pip. She turned Pip around and tells her to squat down, leaning against the tree. Pip does as she is told and Kelly stands over her, her legs apart and pees on the blindfolded face of Pip. Pip, realising what is happening opens her mouth sticking out her tongue, greedily sucking in as much of Kellys pee as she can, feeling the wonderful warm sensation of piss falling down her body, wetting the blindfold and her hair.

Kelly dressed, leaving Pip licking her lips and pushing wet hair back off her face.

She comes over to Pip eventually and taking her arm helps her to her feet. She gently guides her wet, blindfolded girl back to the car.

”You’re a bit of a mess Pip” Kelly says with amusement in her voice “You can’t go in my car like that”

“I’m sorry Kelly, I seem to have got a bit messy. But I can’t walk” Pip replies light-heartedly.

“Why can't you walk Pip?” Kelly asked

”Because I don’t know the way, I don’t know where I am”

“Oh so true Pip, well there’s only one thing for it” says Kelly as she opens the tailgate of her estate car.