by Robert Deane

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Chapter 5 of the "Kelli" Series
a continuing story by Robert Deane of DeaneProductions
introducing David and Dawn
(first written as "The Anniversary")

As he recalled the beginnings of that day, he told me that must have listened to her voice mail message at least a hundred times during the afternoon. She had left a very simple message, in that sultry voice, from her to him.

 "Hello, sweet David. Your anniversary present will be in the closet when you get home. I'm sure you'll like it."

 She knew he liked surprises. They had been together nearly a year, tomorrow the 365th day. During that year of learning more about each other on an almost daily basis, she also had learned that curiosity drove him to the edges of his sanity.

 As he recalled the events of that day, he was surprised that he didn't get a traffic ticket heading home from the office. To say that he had exceeded the speed limit would have been an understatement. Had his car been on the desert salt flats, it would probably have set a new land-speed record.

 His curiosity now overcoming his sanity, David bolted into the apartment, barely remembering to unlock and open the door in the process. He quickly looked around, repeatedly called out her name, but got no answer, so he headed for the hall closet, the largest of the closets in their apartment, to look for his surprise.

 She was right on two points, first, that it was a surprise, and second, that he would like it. Inside the closet was his lady, Dawn. His lovely Dawn, with that long blonde hair that hung down to the middle of her back, natural blonde hair. And a body--with soft creamy skin---that could stop any man in his tracks. The long legs, the near tiny waist, and those breasts---perky, proud and also natural.

 Yes, there was his Dawn, but this time tied and packaged as neatly as any anniversary present could be. The clothes that normally hung in that closet had been removed. And so were hers. She was completely nude, save for a black leather collar around her neck. Her body faced the back wall of the closet, her knees rested on a pillow.

 He paused, if only for a moment, quickly took several breaths, and more than once closed and reopened his eyes, to convince himself of what he was seeing. Dawn's arms were bound tightly behind her with white rope, at the elbows and wrists. Her wrists had been tied, palm to palm. The rope around her elbows--her elbows touching, causing those lines of her soft skin from between her shoulders down the middle of her back---forced her to thrust her breasts forward, against the closet wall. Her feet were bound in a crossed position, tied at the ankles and pulled up behind her by a short rope attached to her wrists, her heels pressed against her butt cheeks. This had placed her in a variation of a classic hogtie, something he recalled hearing described as a "kneeling" hogtie.

 Her mouth was packed with the biggest red ballgag he had, to that moment, ever seen, a head-harness gag, with the black leather straps pulled tight around and over her face and her head. Her hair was held against her head by the leather straps, the black leather a sharp contrast to her blonde hair. The side of her face was pressed tightly against the wall of the closet; he could tell in an instant that she could move barely an inch, the leather collar was padlocked to an eyebolt protruding from the wall. David would later discover that the key to the padlock hung from a small string, tied around the end of her golden mane beneath her bound arms . A rope was tied around her waist, and fastened on each side of her to other eyebolts in the closet wall. Clearly, she was not going anywhere, at least not on her own.

 When his mind and senses returned, he noticed that even with the huge ballgag in her mouth, there were traces of a smile around the edges of her mouth. And she was wiggling her hands. At first, David thought that Dawn was waving at him, teasing him. But then he saw why: a tight rope ran from Dawn's wrists between her legs, splitting her crotch in half and giving her a means of pleasuring herself while remaining bound and waiting for him. For what must have seemed like an eternity, he continued to stare at her, all the time as she tried to look back at him, her eyes shining, almost glazed, making those soft, moaning sounds and continuing to yank on her crotch rope. With each tug, her nostrils flared from her deep breathing.

 His heart was pounding, at the point where he expected it to burst from his chest. A thousand questions raced through his mind. They had, not more than a few weeks before that, talked about experimenting with bondage. He had told her of the fun that he previously had experimenting with that. He didn't tell her that it was with Kelli, his former girlfriend. Kelli had not only loved bondage---in fact, he thought that she craved it. As a dancer with that limber body, Kelli could be tied into positions that, even to that day, David could still not believe. Dawn and Kelli had somehow become friends over the past month; it would have been like Dawn to call Kelli and ask about the subject that, without a doubt, was so special to David.

 But who had tied his Dawn this way? Without a doubt, she could not have done this herself. Where did she get the rope, the collar and the ballgag? Who did she trust enough to tie her in such a helpless position? Did Kelli "help" her?

 He thought about those questions only a moment longer. He was sure that he would get the answers later. But his first task was simple; after finding the key, David removed the lock from the collar and untied the rope around her waist that held her to the wall of the closet. And then the second task, as he carried her still-bound-and-gagged body towards the bedroom. At that moment, his mind told him that the possibilities were endless.

 Little could David have known at that moment how much of an understatement that was.

Chapter 6 of the "Kelli" Series
first written as "The Anniversary...Two Days Before"

Damn, damn, damn, thought Kelli. If the phone had rung a only minute sooner, she would have been able to answer it. Or if she had been just a little slower, she could have still reached over and grabbed the phone, before it became impossible for her to answer it.

 "I'm sorry that I can't take your call. I'm a little tied up right now."

 Kelli heard the sound of her voice on the answering machine. From behind the ballgag, she giggled a little, as her lips tried to form a smile. If only the caller knew what that message really meant.

 "Please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I am free."

 And then that damned beep. It had seemed to go on forever. Finally, there was a voice on the line. And that is when Kelli had started swearing. It was Dawn's voice, the sultry voice of the little bitch who had stolen David from her. Damn, damn, damn, Kelli tried to mumble. But all that came out was: 

"Mmmmmph. Mmmmphhhh. Mmppphhh."

 "Kelli" said the voice on the answering machine, "David and I are going to have our first anniversary soon. I'd like to surprise him, to really blow his mind. He said something about......what was that word.....bondage? He said he liked it, and I'd like to give him something that would really make him happy." Kelli recalled that it had been a very long year.

 I had first introduced Kelli and David to each other, little more than two years ago. During that first year, I watched, with frustration and sadness yet with some bit of happiness, as their relationship seemed to blossom. I had not wanted to lose Kelli, but I also knew that, for too many reasons, our time together had been only temporary. She needed someone in her life who could make plans with her for the future. Both David and Kelli had seemed happy, content, in their relationship with each other. In public, theirs had seemed to be a relationship made in the heavens. And in private, Kelli had once confided to me, their bedroom games rivaled those described in the pulp novels. 

Yet at that moment, as Kelli sat on the bed, all she heard in her mind was those names in a sing-song fashion, David and Dawn, David and Dawn. So maybe that blond-haired bimbo who had stolen David away from her a year ago would finally get what was coming to her. Bondage, very tight bondage. And maybe more.

 But, first, Kelli had to concentrate on getting loose----getting loose from some very tight, and very uncomfortable, self-imposed bondage. She glanced across the room, into the full length mirror on the wall, and had to admit that she liked what she saw. She had learned her lessons well.

 She sat naked on her bed, white ropes tied very tightly around her ankles as well as above and below her knees. Her legs were pulled upward, against her body, and her breasts, pressed against her legs. Another rope, wrapped several times beneath her knees, and around her thighs and her upper body, held her in that position. She looked again to admire the view. Even if she had long ago given up dancing, she still had a great body. It took a lot of work to keep it that way, including those long, firm legs. What Kelli saw, the reflection on the mirror, caused her to breathe a little faster and to squirm a little more. As she pressed her butt cheeks down against the bed she recalled how David used to like this position.

 He used to say that all he had to do was nudge her over, on her side or on her back, and then he could do whatever he wanted. And she was always ready for that, already moaning, usually from behind a ballgag.

 That thought made Kelli squirm a little more, now almost involuntarily grinding herself against the bed. But she knew that if she kept thinking about David she would not get loose, not for a long, long time.

 And then there was the ballgag. Damn, it was was huge. It was the largest rubber ball that she had ever seen, let along worn. It took a lot of work, and a lot of ignoring the strain and ache in her jaw, to get it in place, until her soft lips wrapped around the bright red rubber ball. It was after she was sitting on the bed, the ropes holding her body against her upper thighs, that she forced the gag deep into her own mouth. Before she changed her mind, she fastened the black leather straps behind her head at the nape of her neck, beneath her chin forcing her mouth even harder against the rubber ball, and around her head. The last step for the gag was when she quickly snapped the small padlocks to the chin, neck and head straps. She had placed the keys to the padlocks in the kitchen, on the table, as they waited for her eventual release. As she again glanced into the mirror, she had to admit that the head harness looked great, even if the sight of the black leather straps was sometimes lost in her coal black hair. 

That's another thing, she thought. That bimbo Dawn was a blond. David didn't like blondes. Nope, not at all. David had always called Kelli his "Raven-haired beauty." And she knew that he loved her soft hair, even as it lay gently on her back, as David used to say, "all the way down to your cute little butt."

 That thought alone caused Kelli to begin to shake her head back and forth, in a release of frustration, and to scream as loud as her lungs would permit. But all that came out was that same sound, only louder.


 In that moment of frustration, almost anger, she yanked hard on the metal handcuffs that held her wrists in place, just as suddenly yanking her head back and almost pulling her body over from the sitting position. She quickly realized that she had to stop, regardless of whatever was going through her mind, and wait.

 It had been a great self-bondage plan. Her wrists, held by the metal cuffs, were pulled up just above the middle of her back. The cuffs were attached, by a short chain, to the back of a black one-inch leather collar that was snugly wrapped around Kelli's neck.

 How she got herself into that position was not difficult to do, at least not for her. She had first fastened the collar around her neck, with the chain, securing it in place with another of the small padlocks. The already attached cuffs hung down her back from a thin but still sturdy leather strap connected to the collar. Though she had paused to feel the soft leather caressing her throat, before she changed her mind she took that last step and, with a little bit of struggling, reached behind her back and snapped each end of the metal hand cuff around her wrists.

 And then there were the long, black leather gloves, that caressed her arms from her fingers, past her elbows, halfway up to her shoulders. Though the leather felt great against her skin, gloved fingers, though sensual, always make it more difficult to unlock the handcuffs, even with the key in her fingers. But that had been Kelli's purpose today, to enjoy the self-imposed bondage, and to have to struggle to gain her release. The gloves had been a gift from David, an unintended but now-constant reminder of the relationship that they had up until nearly a year ago.

 Again as she glanced across the room at the mirror, she liked the look, her black hair, though held tight against her head by the harness gag, still hung free below her chin and gently caressed the black leather collar. With her wrists pulled up to the middle of her back into the unforgiving metal cuffs, her breasts thrust forward; even as they were pressed against her legs and into her thighs, she still saw the top of those creamy white-skinned breasts. At that moment, she recalled one of David's favorite bondage positions for her, her elbows tightly tied, until they touched each other. She also liked that position, even as uncomfortable as it was for her. The result was that she thrust her breasts forward, as if they begged to be touched. And David loved to touch, and tease, them.


 This time, Kelli bounced on the bed, as that loud sound of frustration came from behind the ballgag. She wanted loose. And if she couldn't get loose, she at least wanted satisfied. All those thoughts about bondage, and David, caused her to become even more frustrated.

 But it was not to be. And Kelli still had to be careful. The key to the handcuffs hung on a string attached to a small hook above the bed, held out of her reach by a melting ice cube. When the ice cube melted, one end of the string, which held the key, would slide free through the hook. The length of the string was measured so that Kelli could then reach up slightly, grab hold of the key, and though it would take a lot of work, unlock the handcuffs. But if she fell on her side on the bed, the string would be forever out of her reach, hanging above her body, until and only if she was able to again sit upright. She had planned it that way, to force her to keep completely still on the bed.

And there she sat, tied, ballgagged, frustrated, and planned her revenge. 
At that moment, a Domme was born.

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