Kate's Revenge

by The Rook

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© Copyright 2015 - The Rook - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; outdoors; hood; trick; strip; M+/f; fondle; hum; F+/fm; D/s; club; cuffs; chast; fem; tease; bdsm; crop; denial; oral; mast; climax; cons/nc; X

Never underestimate a best friend. I have been into bondage since my teens. I can remember back to my little brother Ricky and me tying each other up, always trying to outdo the other. We would go into to the woods tying each other to trees and watch while the other tried to get loose. Whenever he would tie me up I always for some reason got aroused didn’t realize why but I enjoyed it, until he crossed the line.

It was summer and I was out by our pool in my bikini working on my tan, when my brother showed up for a swim. After a swim he asked what I was up to today. I told him I didn’t have plans it was just one of those lazy days of summer. He suggested we go in the woods for some fun. I thought to myself this could be fun so I agreed. He suggested I just wear the bikini I had on instead of the shorts and tee I normally wore. Being that is was a warm day I figured why not. He ran up to his room to grab the bag we used for tying each other up and then headed for the woods out back. (Once we got to our spot things turned)

Ricky went right to tying me up. He explained he had been looking on the net and found some new ways to tie me. He then wrapped the rope four times around each ankle forming cuffs then pulled my legs apart about three feet. Then he did the same to my wrists and tied them to the tree branches. There I stood standing I started to pull on the ropes trying to get free enjoying this new tie that he discovered. After about fifteen minutes of pulling and twisting he walked up with an old seed bag. He looked at me and said time to make it more interesting.

He put the bag over my head so I couldn’t see, he had shortened the bag to fashion a hood. I twisted and turned as he put it on my excitement growing. I couldn’t see which made me more aroused as to being held in place by the tie. Then it happened. I felt him pulling on the strings to my top. My mind went crazy what the hell is he doing I felt the top fall off of me, as it fell away I felt the breeze on my nipples making them hard. Then he started on my bottoms. There I was stuck naked tied with a bag over my head, the light breeze blowing over my moist lips. About drove me crazy as I thrashed around.

The next hour was a blur. I remember hearing him say, "Okay guys you know what we agreed on".

I panicked what guys I screeched. I was thrashing scared of his friends? What had my brother done? I heard voices I knew to be his friends and felt my body being pinched and prodded. Young teenage boys really don’t have a clue as to what to do. They pinched my nipples pulled and twisted fumbled and groped me, I was so flustered and embarrassed as well as mad at my brother for doing this to me. I was glad I had the bag over my head I was red.

The humiliation of being naked held in place being handled at my brothers hand I was both furious and aroused. My legs where wet by the time my brother told them that was enough. Once he untied me I slapped him silly told him that was the last time I ever would let him tie me up, I grabbed my bikini and ran home up in my room. I called my best friend Lacey to come over, after I had relieved the tension of my arousal giving myself three earth shattering orgasms.

When she arrived I told her what happened I could have killed him if I got my hands on him. Lacey swore to me she wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened.

Lacey and I had four close friends we all where liked minded; Candy, Karen, Judy and Stef. We all enjoyed playing bondage games Stef was more Submissive back then. But that is another story in itself.

We all went to college and came back. Stef and I live together she is my full time slave. Lacey works at the bank, she does submit to me sometimes but usually prefers to be a dominant, Karen is married and is a stay at home mom. Candy works at the local grocery store. We all are still close and we have Bondage parties once a month it was Lacey’s turn to host the party.

She called me a told me she thought it would be fun to make it a birthday party as well being as my birthday was that month. We laughed told her sounded like fun. She told me that there was someone new that wanted to join the group and we could have some fun with him. (What I didn’t know was what Lacey was planning.) I reminded her that it took a unanimous vote for anyone to join; she reminded me that we let people try the group first.

I said, "Okay See you Saturday", and didn’t think much of it.

Saturday came and we got ready for the party. I decided on my black corset which held my breasts out nicely, a matching black g-string, black stockings with my 5" thigh high boots. I dressed Stef in a matching quarter cup bra and g-string and her collar, putting her leash and a pair of handcuffs in the pocket of my coat. We left to go to Lacey’s.

When we arrived Lacey meet us at the door took our coats said we where the last two to arrive. I locked her hands behind her back and put the leash on Stef and we proceed to the basement. I looked around seeing the gang, Lacey asked if we could talk, I said sure as I looked at her wondering what was on her mind. I heard, "Your drink Ma’am". I recognized the voice.

My head snapped to the sound of the voice, I knew that voice. There my brother was. I almost fell over. There Ricky was shaved from the neck down wearing a blonde wig made up like a whore with black seamed stockings and 6" heels with an apron, holding a tray with two drinks. I heard Lacey say, "Thank you Rachel", as we took our drinks.

I looked at Lacey. "What is he doing here?"

She smiled and said, "He was the guy I was telling you about".

If looks could kill I think Lacey would have been dead. "It takes a unanimous vote really do you think I am going to okay him?"

Lacey said, "Yeah, that is what I want to talk to you about. I know there is some bad feelings between you two. Let him try if after tonight you vote no that is fine but please let this play out. I am sure you will enjoy tonight trust me".

She had that evil grin that she gets when she has something planned. Then she said, "If you will give him a chance I will give myself to you for a month".

I have always enjoyed Lacey submitting to me so for a month; "Okay I will give him a chance".

She smiled and kissed me. Then said, "You will not be sorry".

Stef and I mingled in the group making small talk as I watched my brother serving drinks. I remember thinking with a pair of breast formers he would be passable. Lacey’s basement has two pillars about six feet apart with hooks welded to them. Lacey must have slipped away because I saw her at the pillars with some chains and cuffs. She called Ricky over to her and attached ankle cuffs and wrists cuffs to his then attached chains. I watched as she pulled his legs apart about three feet locking them to the chains with padlocks, then pulling his wrists up chaining his wrists above his head so he was standing in a X. I watched as my brother pulled checking his restraints.

Lacey then called to the group, "I would like to thank you all for coming tonight. As you know it is Kate’s birthday this month and we do have a new member to vote on at the end of the night. Before we continue I would like to introduce you to Ricky my slave, Kate’s brother who I have been seeing". (I looked at Lacey as she continued.)

"Now Ricky has been into bondage about as long as any of us have. He did however do something he shouldn’t have back when we were kids."

My mind started racing she wouldn’t tell the group what he did to me would she? I looked at Ricky he was really struggling at the chains apparently Ricky didn’t know that Lacey knew about it. Lacey then told the story of what he had done. I looked at Ricky, his face was red and looked worried. I then heard Lacey say, "Kate why don’t you open your presents".

I opened my presents wondering just what Lacey was up to. The group and gotten me a crop, a leather hood with blindfold and cock gag, clover clamps and a flogger. Lacey then handed me a key ring with a smile saying "Happy Birthday!"

I looked at her and smiled. I said, "Well since I got all these new toys to play with I should give them a try."

I picked up the hood and walked over to Ricky. Looking at Ricky struggling, I said aloud, "Let’s make this more interesting", I then put the hood on my brother making sure he couldn’t see anything and locked the hood on, leaving the gag off for the moment. I then walked behind him and undid the ties to the apron, as the apron fell to the ground I noticed a Stainless Steel chastity belt, Rick was locked up.

I looked at Lacey. "Oh this won’t do Lacey where is the key for this cage?"

Lacey walked over took a chain from around her neck with the key and removed the cage. My brother was chained between two pillars wearing heels stockings and garter belt in a hood. I walked around my brother like a hungry cat. I told my brother, "No wonder you like dressing like a women with that tiny clit he had!" The group all started laughing.

I then walked over and grabbed the clover clamps and placed them on his nipples the chain daggling between them. I then removed Stefs handcuffs and told her to get him on the edge. Stef ran her hand over him caressing and playing then got down on her knees and started sucking on him. It wasn’t long before he started to moan, as Stef bobbed on his cock. I walked over and picked up the crop. Just as little brother was about to cum Stef stopped leaving his cock glistening in the light from her saliva. I then gave him twenty loud strokes of the crop, as I said, "Sorry little brother you aren’t getting off that easy".

After I finished with the crop I inserted the gag on Ricky. I then looked at the group. "I think you get the idea".

As I went back to my seat and watched as the rest of the group proceed to caress and keep my brother on edge making a show of what they were doing. I had Stef licking me as I watched Candy and Lacey caressing my brother, Lacey would pull on the chain as Candy played with his cock. Lacey then grabbed a hold of his dick got him thrusting into her hand. I watched as he started thrusting faster and faster just as he was about ready to cum she let go leaving him to hump the air frantically trying to find her hand. The laughter in the room as he humped air was great. Rick just hung there.

I got up and walked over to my brother and removed the gag. Then said, "Well little brother I bet about now you would do just about anything to get off wouldn’t you slut?"

He just stood there trying to be defiant.

"Would you like to put on a show for the group show us how you stroke yourself off?"

I reached down and lifted the chain pulling the clover clamps I could see the grimace in his mouth and still didn’t say anything. I growled, "Fine then Lacey put his cage back on him", as I turn away.

Ricky yelled, "No wait Kate".

I turned, "What?"

He got quiet. Then said, "I am sorry PLEASE".

I looked at him hanging there, "Please what slut?"

"I need to cum".

I laughed, "I gave you a chance you didn’t want it".

Then he pleaded, "Mistress please let me entertain the group by stroking myself. Please I really need to do this".

"You realize once you cum you will be locked away until such time as the key holder decides to let you out".

"Yes Mistress please let me cum for the group".

We then took him down from the pillars and led him to the center of the room.

"Okay, slut make it a good show".

He grabbed his cock and started stroking, his pre-cum had his cock glistening as he stroked for all he was worth. Just as he was about to cum Lacey reached over and released the clover clamps. I swear when he came he almost hit the ceiling when he shot his load. We all cheered.

Once Ricky got his breathing back to normal, Lacey then put the chastity belt back on him and made him kneel. She then walked over to me and knelt before me, handing me her collar she wore when she submitted to me. "As promised Mistress".

I reached down and took the chain with my brother’s key off of her and put on her collar. Then put the chain around my neck. Lacey just looked at me and smiled. I then looked at the group, "All in favor of letting my brother join the group? Looks like its unanimous he is in". I handed Candy the key to the hood told her to take it off of him.

She walked over and removed his hood. As his eyes adjusted to the light he saw Stef and Lacey kneeling at my feet both wearing collars, he then looked at me seeing the chain around my neck, the look on his face, PRICELESS. I thought to myself it may be only a month but he doesn’t know that.

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