Kasa's Posting

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2015 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/ff; captives; bond; rope; gag; naked; torment; insert; rescue; FF/mm; punish; sex; denial; hist; cons/nc; X

Consciousness brought, first, pain, a sharp throbbing that made her wince even before she was aware enough to know why. Next came the sensation of coolness on one side, while something warm pressed against the other. Slowly, as awareness grew, she began silently assessing her situation.

She was, she realized, standing naked on a hard pressed dirt surface. The sensation of warmth came from a body pressed against her back, its warm flesh touching hers along the length of her body. Even without seeing, she had no doubt who's flesh pressed so firmly against hers.

Eyes closed, she explored the position of her body. She was bound, as she'd expected, but not so much to herself as to the other body pressed to her. Ropes bound each leg to one leg of the other, while her arms were similarly bound to those of her co-prisoner. More rope passed around her waist, drawing her back against the soft flesh behind her. A final rope passed beneath her arms and above her breasts, pinning her shoulders to those behind her, and at the same time supporting her. She could only assume the rope led to some point over her head. Her final item of bondage was a cloth stuffed into her mouth, rags wrapped around her face to hold it in place.

As she examined he situation, she could feel movement from the person behind her. There had, as yet, been no sound, but she knew exactly who her partner in helplessness was. The woman was about her height, of similar proportions, but with raven hair instead of her own fiery red locks. The other, she knew well, was also a fighter, as the subtle yet insistent tugs on their shared bonds showed only too well. A muffled grunt, soft though it was, was enough to provide positive identification.

"Feisty one, this," she heard from behind her. "Guess she'd need to be, to pull the stunt she did."

"What about this one?" This voice came from in front of her. "I think maybe you hit her too hard."

"Nah." A rough hand sought her breast, pinching one nipple so harshly that she was unable to repress a slight gasp of pain. "She's just quiet, is all."

"What I want to know," came a fourth voice, "is what they thought they were doing traipsing in here wearing uniforms. And officer's uniforms at that. As if we would ever take orders from a woman."

"Oh," came the third voice, "we'll ask her. First, though, let's get them both in the mood to talk, shall we?" Rough hands cupped both breasts, squeezing them tightly enough to cause a pain nearly equal to the one in her head. No longer able to feign unconsciousness, she opened her eyes.

Standing before her, his hands at her breasts, was a mean looking man wearing a sergeant's uniform. Behind him stood three others, a corporal and two common troopers from their dress. To one side stood another, wearing the insignia of a captain. She had no idea how many stood behind her, but these five were enough to command her attention.

"What do you think, boys?" the sergeant asked, leering. "Think we need to search them?"

"Search what?" the captain asked. "It's not like they can hide anything in their condition."

"Oh," the sergeant replied, running one hand down her belly, "there's a couple places they could be hiding something. I think we need to investigate them. Thoroughly."

"This is not proper," the captain said flatly. "I will have no part in this."

"You'll do what I say," was the reply, proving who was really in charge. "And I say we search them. You do the other one."

"My pleasure." With a grin, the corporal moved out of her sight. She felt herself tugged as the other woman fought to avoid his hands. For herself, she stood quietly, only the glare in her eyes showing her defiance.

Eyes locked on hers, the sergeant paused when his hand reached the juncture of her thighs, only his thumb stroking the length of her mound. Still she remained unmoving, even as she felt moisture begin to form. Grinning, the sergeant raised his hand, sniffing at his thumb.

"See," he said, "she likes it. Let's make her like it even more." Reaching down, he roughly jammed one finger within her. Behind her, a sudden jerk told her the other had been similarly invaded.

For long moments, the sergeant worked his finger within her. Then, stepping back, he reached for his belt. "I think," he said, leering at her, "we need something bigger."

"That leaves the captain out," remarked one of the troopers, causing a general round of laughter. Not bothering to reply, the captain turned away, busying himself with the packs the two women had been wearing.

"Get ready, boys," the sergeant said, quickly stripping off his uniform. "You'll get your chance to search them after we're done." Naked, he stepped forward, rough hands grasping her hips. Grinning into her glaring eyes, he positioned himself for what was to come.

"Oh, Gods, stop!" At this, the sergeant paused, glancing over at the captain.

"What's wrong with you now?" he demanded. As a reply, the captain held up a sheaf of parchment.

"Orders," he said, "signed by the king himself."

"Orders to who?"


At this single word, everyone froze. "Kasa?" the sergeant demanded. "As in, Commander Kasa?"

"Commander Kasa," the captain replied with a nod. "Also known as Flame Tiger. The king's favorite, and the only woman ever commissioned as an officer. Her orders are to take command here and restore discipline."

"Some commander," the sergeant sneered, reaching up and pinching both nipples. "We took her down easy enough. I say we finish what we started, then do away with the both of them. Who'll know?"

"And when the king asks what happened to her?" The captain shook his head. "Can you keep the guards from saying they passed her safely through? Can you keep the others from pointing straight at us? No, our only hope is to release her and beg her forgiveness."

"Never." The sergeant reached for her once more, only to freeze as the point of the captain's sword touched his throat.

"You," the officer said, "have nearly destroyed this unit with your ways. I have never had the strength to challenge you before, but in this, I will." He glanced at the still half dressed troopers. "Release them."

"Feel any better?"

Mirend, Kasa's lieutenant, grinned. "Much," she replied. "It's amazing what a hot bath can do to wash away the filth.

Kasa nodded. "Speaking of filth," she said, "what do you think we should do about our reception?"

Mirend laughed. "Oh," she replied lightly, "I took care of that while you bathed. Follow me."

Curious, Kasa followed the other woman from the private section of the command tent into the front. There, she paused at the sight of the sergeant, stripped naked and lying bound atop one of the map tables. The corporal lay similarly bound on a table next to his.

"I gave them a choice," Mirend informed them. "They could either be executed for their treatment of a superior officer, or they could submit to our unique brand of punishment. The two troopers are being held next door."

"And the captain?"

Mirend shook her head. "He's weak," she replied. "Too weak, really, to be an officer. But he'll serve us well as he is, I think."

Kasa nodded, standing beside the sergeant and reaching down to stroke him. "He is well endowed," she observed, examining a thong knotted tightly around the base of his manhood. "And it looks like he'll stay that way for a while, thanks to you."

Mirend laughed dropping her robe to the floor. Moving to Kasa, she gently peeled the commander's robe away, letting it drop. Briefly, the two embraced, exchanging a passionate kiss. Then, breaking away, Mirend climbed atop the corporal's table, straddling his bound body. "After you," she said, smiling.

Returning the smile, Kasa mounted the table before her, straddling the sergeant. Grasping him, she began to lower herself, feeling her moisture begin to gather in anticipation. Gazing into the eyes staring up at her from above the cloth gag, her smile turned into a grin.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" she asked, lowering her hips slowly, moaning softly as he filled her. "Not quite the way you wanted it, but I prefer it this way. Don't you, Lieutenant?"

"Absolutely," Mirend replied, smiling at her commander and lover. "And I think this is going to be one of our most interesting postings ever."

"And we've even been provided with new mounts," Kasa remarked, beginning to rock her hips.

Laughing, the two women focused on riding their new "mounts". It did, indeed, look like the start of a most interesting posting.

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