Karen's First Horse Ride

by Ludwig von Trapp

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© Copyright 2011 - Ludwig von Trapp - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; F/f; kidnap; captive; bond; torment; toys; insert; collar; corset; nipple; horse; electro; climax; nc; XX

My wife and I live in a small town in central Wisconsin. This is the type of town where everyone knows each others business or at least they think they do. My wife Karen works for a large health care corporation as a midlevel executive. This requires that she dress in a business suit daily... Let me describe my wife ultra conservative straight laced. She is 5 foot 4 but she always wears 3 inch heels. She is 50 years old still tight and toned though after three kids she has a little belly pouch she also has a 38 inch chest with nice raspberry nipples. These are kept under wraps most of the time. She is embarrassed by their size. She is still over all a pretty hot babe. Better than most 30 year olds. Karen is also low key in the bedroom no toys and only once a week Saturday night missionary position only. Ok it works and she always has an orgasm.

I am a Sales Executive with a national food manufacture. My job requires travel about 3 nights per week. Usually Tuesday through Thursday. Home on Friday afternoon. We each make a good living and both drive expensive cars and have a nice home. My wife’s job gives her access to the Social Security. Numbers and personal information for about five hundred thousand individuals. Anyone with this information could steal millions.

This week I left on a business for four days telling my wife I would call her this evening. She reminded me she was training staff this week and would not be home until late evening. Since I was in the Eastern Time zone that week I would be in bed before she came home so I would try to call her during the day. But usually could not connect and just would leave voice mails.

Karen did work late Monday evening and was walking to her car in the company parking lot paying no attention the large van setting next to her BMW. As she opened the remote lock for the car the van doors slid open and a person with a stun gun jumped out put the stun gun to the back of her neck and pressed the trigger. She was out like a light.

* * * * *

When Karen woke up she was in a brightly lit room lying on the floor. When she began to gain her senses she noticed there were two people sitting on a large sofa and two more standing over her. The man sitting on the sofa rose and spoke to her in English with a German accent. "Karen Do you under stand me? My wife answered yes. "Good now listen to what I have to say and think carefully before you answer. I will not ask this question again for another hour. I will ask the same question once per hour until I get the answer I want..."

"Will you give me the pass word and log in name you use to gain access to your work computer?"

Karen’s thought and then answered him "NO! I can’t I won’t..."

The man gestured to the two men to stand her up and strip her. The two men had her naked in less than one minute She just stood there with a stunned look on her face. Karen now realized her predicament. She was going to be tortured into revealing her computer access codes.

The man with the German accent spoke again. "I would like to introduce you to my inquisitor. Her name is Elisa. Her specialty is getting answers. She uses many methods, Elisa what is you plan for Karen? Please inform her what is going to happen to her next."

" Karen I am going torture you until you tell us what we want to know. I plan to first use the horse. I promise you that you will tell me everything in less than one hour. Let me explain how this works you see that this horse has a saddle with two metal horns one for your front hole and of course one for your rear this will make for an interesting ride. Time is short let’s getting started. "

"Bend this bitch over and lube her well" she told the guards. "Then use the chloroform. I would hate for her to struggle. She might hurt herself before we can properly mount her on the steed".

Karen was soon gasping for breath as the sweet smelling cloth covered her face.

The two large men made quick work of this and soon Karen was in the saddle with a metal dildo in each opening.

As she awoke this time she felt the very large intruders inside her. And a three inch belt across her hips held her in place. She started to scream and curse but Elisa raised one finger and Karen for some reason stopped in mid curse.

"Bind her arms". Elisa ordered Karen’s arms bound at the wrist and elbow. Her henchmen were very efficient in their duties.

Karen keeps herself in great shape and is very flexible but when they were finished her elbows were touching causing her a great deal of discomfort through her upper body. One of the effects of this was that her 38 inch D cup chest was thrust out making her tits appear even larger, another was this binding of the arms makes it very difficult to draw a breath.

"Apply the leather posture corset to the bitch!" Elisa ordered, "This leather corset is made of ¼ in thick belt grade leather which is very stiff and ridged. This will help you posture and allow you proper equestrian form for riding the horse."

The men tightened by hand drawing her waist down from 24 to 22 inches. "Let the machine finish the job", Elisa instructed. "I want her waist at no more 20 inches". By the time she reached 21 Karen was begging them to stop by 20 inches she was screaming. "I’ll talk Ill tell you what you want Please stop". Elisa ordered a halt to the procedure. "Well I don’t hear anything".

"My pass word is 2011 BMW user name is Karen C God please stop please, please I beg you, and please you’re killing me. I told you what you want to know". With that Karen passed out.

Karen was jolted awake by smelling salts and to her great distress her situation had not changed much. She was still on the horse and was still in the posture device.

"I told you what you want to know let me go. Turn me loose for God sake please".

The man with the German accent returned and congratulated Karen on telling the truth, " We now have all we need to make us millions in identity theft. "

"Then you can release me?" Karen questioned.

"Bring her down to 19 inches". The machine started again. With in one half hour Karen’s waist was at 19 inches.

The man with the Accent told Elisa, "You can release her when you have had your fun. Remember alive this time I do not need a repeat of London. Good Bye Karen, enjoy. Elisa see you in Rio next week".

* * * * *

"Karen you talked too quickly. You know from what I have done to you that I am very good at what I do. I also very much get off on torturing women. We have just begun to get to know each other. I do not plan to let you go for a quite some time". Elisa turned to her assistants telling them she no longer needed them handing them each a wad of cash. "Now, bitch we continue."

Elisa went to a black suit case on the table behind the horse, returning with a stiff six inch high collar. Placing it on Karen’s neck from behind and quickly tighten the straps. This held her head immobile forcing her to look straight ahead.

Elisa moved a floor length mirror in front of the horse, allowing Karen to view for the first time her predicament.

Karen was shocked at what she was seeing. She looked like some fetish cartoon, wasp waist, head facing forward, arms behind her back. Her breasts pointing forward, nipples rock hard from fear.

"Are you ready for the next device? "

All Karen could do was whimper and plead.

Elisa held up two rubber bands into Karen’s line of sight. They were about one inch wide and about 2 inches in diameter... In her other hand she had a strange pair of pliers. When you squeezed the handles the jaws opened instead of closing. Like a normal pair would.

Elisa slipped one of the rubber bands in the jaws and squeezed them open. It was then that Karen realized the horrible purpose of the rubber bands. The open jaw of the tool was placed against the chest around her right breast and then released. The rubber band going back to its original size compressing the base of her breast and turning in into a flesh balloon. This action was repeated on the left one too.

The room was filled with Karen’s wailing and pleading. And once again she passed out from the pain.

* * * * *

Karen awoke one again to the pain of her situation.

"I am tired of you passing out. I have given you a drug that will keep you awake for the next 24 hours. You now will be able to give me your undivided attention".

Looking in the mirror she could see her breasts looked like purple balloons. Karen also noticed that Elisa had placed leather cuffs on her ankles. To this point Karen had been able to keep the pressure off her pussy by keeping her feet on the floor. This was about to change.

Elisa took a ¼ inch raw hide strip about 4 feet long and attached it to Karen’s right ankle cuff she then did the same to the left ankle cuff. She then stood up and asked Karen if she liked jewelry?

Karen was afraid to answer. She knew this could only mean more pain for her no matter what.

"Well do you? I want an honest answer". Karen said yes. "Good I just happen to have some very nice pieces of gold for you". Elisa held them so Karen could see what she was going to wear. They were gold clover nipple clamps with two foot raw hide strips attached. Karen immediately starting begging Elisa not to put them on her already distended breasts.

With a smile Elisa squeezed open one of the clamps and carefully placed it on the hard right nipple taking care to put the jaws only on the nipple and not behind it on the breast tissue and again the same on the left. Karen again was sobbing and crying. But this time was unable to pass out due to the stimulants now raging through in her body. In a while the pain in her nipples subsided to a dull ache

"Open your whore mouth you bitch I have something for you to suck on!" At this point Karen could hardly resist and did as instructed. Elisa shoved a penis gag into Karen’s open mouth. The gag was about 2 inches in diameter and about 5 inches in length and she was able to take it all in without her gag reflex taking over, the gag had straps that went under the chin over the top and around the back of the head. All were pulled tight and locked in place. Elisa then left Karen to deal with her pain.

Karen could still move her legs but could not lift herself off the horse. She was impaled on the saddle and could only raise herself up a few inches as the two dildos were each 10 inches long, the one in here pussy being the thicker of the two at 3 inches. This also gave Karen an incredible feeling of fullness.

Soon her body began to betray her. She was becoming very aroused. She started to raise and lower her body on the saddle. Even with her upper body bound as it was, and the movement causing the pain in her tits to increase she started fucking the horse. She was driving herself towards an orgasm. Karen was on a high the faster she pumped the closer she came but she could not push herself over the edge. This was all by design. The stimulant Elisa injected into to her earlier also had a strong dose of sex hormones to make her incredibly horny and a drug to prevent her from achieving an orgasm.

Karen had been fucking herself for over an hour with no results when Elisa walked back into the room. She just kept humping the horse trying to get herself off. At this point she did not care that Elisa was there until she announced that it was time for phase two of Karen’s torture to begin.

"Karen, I am afraid you will fuck yourself to death if I don’t stop you... It is now time to start phase two. This I fear you will like even less than phase one".

Through the haze of her now drug induced sexual charged brain Karen knew by the cat like smile on Elisa face she was going to suffer more pain than she could imagine.

Elisa took Karen’s right leg by the raw hide strip attached to the ankle cuff and drew it up to the D ring on her posture collar bending her at the knee tying... There was a six inch long peg in the saddle that acted as a pivot point behind each knee and tying it off tightly she repeated this with the other leg. Karen’s pussy now took her full weight on the saddle and of course this drove both dildos in deeper that she ever thought possible. Karen felt as if they both pressing on her stomach. Karen found if she leaned back she could take some of the pressure off her pussy. This relief was short lived as Elisa tied the rawhide laces on the nipple clamps to a ring attached to the front of the saddle. If she leaned back to take the pressure off her pussy her nipples were painfully stretched.

"Karen, Did I mention that these cords are made of raw hide which has been soaking in a brine juice. They will shrink as they dry out, pulling both your legs and nipples tighter. This is an old trick the Sioux Indians used. I am going to leave you here with the heat on high for a few hours to let the raw hide work its magic".

Elisa turned to leave the already 90 degree room. Paused for a moment came back and set up an IV bottle to prevent Karen for dying of dehydration. Karen was begging through the gag for mercy. This plea was not lost on Elisa as she took a surgical scissor and cut both the bands off the base of her ballooning tits. The pain of the blood flowing back made her scream and bit down on the penis gag...

* * * * *

Karen rode to horse for two more horse in the dry 95 degree heat of Elisa torture room. The raw hide had shrunk a full two inches drawing her leg closer to her arm and pulled her nipples out as far as they would go. The clamps had bit in so had they drew blood.

Upon Elisa return Karen was given a second injection to be sure she would be awake for the entire up coming ride

"Karen, your ride will be coming to and end in a just one hour. I will be leaving you soon and will leave a message with you husband where to find you..."

"Do you remember what Hans called this horse when we first mounted you on the saddle eight hours ago?"

Karen thought back trying to remember the words he used. Suddenly the words came back The Electric Horse. She started to shake and whimper behind the gag. Tears flowed down her cheeks. "Pleees oooo Pleesss oooo" came from behind the gag

"Good I see you do remember. Please let me explain what is going to happen to you for the next hour the nipples clamps, dildos and your penis gag all are attached to a control panel which I have mounted on the front of the horse. All I have to do now is set the voltage level and turn on the timer. It is set for a one hour ride. There will be electric current will flowing between random points like between you nipples. Here is a little sample". Elisa sent a shock between Karen’s nipples. Causing her to jump as far as she could consider her restraints. "How does that feel bitch?"

Karen had had enough. "fuh ooo ich fuh oo" she said through the gag

"Such foul language, that’s not fitting an executive of your stature. I am going to give you a choice what level you would like me to set the controls on. The machine settings are between one and ten."

Karen said "umbr un"

"Number ten" Elisa said.

"Nooooo umbr un umber un", Karen tried to make her self understood.

"Are you sure you want number ten? No one has ever ridden the horse at level ten. Since Hans told me to make sure you are alive I am setting the voltage at level six. There are just a few minor adjustments I need to make to your bondage for your comfort of course".

Karen thought what next? What more can she do to me? I am so horny from her damn injections I could fuck a real horse. Every part of my body hurts and I am about to get god knows how many volts passed through my ass, pussy and tits.

Karen soon found out what more could be done to her pain racked body when you are working with a sadistic bitch like Elisa.

Karen was watching in the mirror as a chain with a hook on the end was lowered from the beam above her and attached to her wrists. Slowly the chain pulled Karen into a sitting strapedo on the horse. This forced her clit in contact with a metal strip attached to the saddle. This position also took the strain off the rawhide laces pulling on her nipples, giving her some relief. Elisa re-tied the laces together under the saddle. One of Karen’s breasts hung down on either side of the main support splitting her chest in the center. The belt leather corset was making breathing very difficult for Karen. With her breast tied like this there was no strain at all on her by now very sore nipples.

Karen now sat on the horse her upper body at a 90 degree angle to her hips, her legs tied back to her posture collar at almost a u shaped and her tits hanging down below the main support bar of the horse. Swinging freely with nipple clamp/electrodes attached.

"Just two more slight adjustments and we will be done stated Elisa". Taking some thin piano wire and tightly binding it around the base of each of Karen’s breasts where the rubber band once were, again causing her tits to swell and turn purple. "One last item..", the raw hide attached to each nipple clamp electrode was drawn tight and tied off to an eye bolt on the floor.

"I am now going to leave you to your ride now I know you will enjoy it. It will start shortly after I shut the chamber door. Good bye good luck and by the way the machine is set on eight. That should fry your pussy, ass, clit and tits pretty good!" Elisa set timer flipped of the lights in the chamber and shut the door.

Karen sat on the horse in the dark hearing the metallic clicks of the time settings as it wound down. The first blast was from the right nipples to the anal probe. The second from the anal probe to the left nipples and continued to cycle between random points of her body.

About five minutes into the ride Karen started to cum and did not stop for a hour, she rode a wave from one orgasm to another she was humping the dildos faster than some animal in heat.

I came in about 30 minutes after her ride had started. She was sweating and fucking the saddle like a wild women. I went to turn the horse off and all I heard from Karen was "OOOOO, OOOOO EVE IT A OONE OOO EVE IT A OOON EEESE ERN IT UP OO EN" Translation no leave it alone let it go please .turn it up to ten.. I did this for her and watched her fuck herself for another half an hour before the horse stopped it run.

Karen’s first words to me were don’t tell any body what happened and bring all this equipment home. I need to do this again.