Just Three Hours

by Philber

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© Copyright 2010 - Philber - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; leather; sleepsack; hood; gag; electro; toys; cons/nc; XX

Jessica had a nice figure, no two ways about it. And she couldn't meet her debt payments, no two ways about it either. So she reviewed her options for the umpteenth time. To ask her parents was out of the question. They had already bled themselves dry to help finance her studies, she couldn't possibly ask for more. Banks and finance companies were out, as were credit cards: she was already maxed out.

So what was a girl to do? Jessica was not given to being "easy", accepting gifts or even more for her "favors", so that, even though she knew full well that a number of her classmates had gone down that route, there was no way she would emulate them.

The problem was the recession. In all prior years, every graduate had found a job immediately, which is what she had expected to be able to do as well, in which case she would have been fine. But now prospects of finding a job within the finance industry were nil, and she was stuck. She had already recieved notices that, if she didn't pay up at least her arrears, within days she would be listed as a deadbeat throughout the US financial system, and to rebuild from there took years without any possibility of borrowing.

She absentmindedly typed "make money" on Google, and looked at the hundreds of responses. Ads all claiming that making money was easy, effortless, guaranteed..
But one ad caught her eye. Modeling, open to beginners, well paid, and a phone number.

"No way" thought Jessica, there must be a catch. Porn, or worse, no doubt. But that did not solve her problem. "What harm is there is one phone call?", just in case this happened to be legit...

She called, and was told that the ad was for a good-looking girl interested in making money. How much? 500$ a day, with the first day guaranteed even if the trial proved unsuccessful. And yes, it was the movie industry, "but not mainstream, you understand". No, not porn, just not mainstream. "Why don't you come and see for yourself?"

Why indeed?, thought Jessica. Again, what did she have to lose? She had time on her hands, was indeed good-looking, and definitely interested in making money. And 500$ almost guaranteed was nothing to be ignored. She took down the adress and was there by 3 pm.

There the woman who had answered the phone let her know exactly what the ad was about: kinky movies. No, it was not sex, in any form, nor was it about sex. Various scenarios might involve various levels of undress, but total nudity, or even partial could be excluded by contrat. Of course, such exclusions would reduce the opportunities, but that would be her choice.

What exactly was to be understood under "kinky movies" ? asked Jessica. She wasn't exactly innocent, not being an uninhibited cheerleader having just graduated, but this was more than just casual talk, and she needed specifics.

Rather than explain, the woman told her to browse the on-line catalogue of movies, and preview them. There Jessica saw for herself what was being discussed: latex-clad girls, tied-up girls, girls in uniforms, girls being tormented and whipped, and on, and on...

"No way", thought Jessica again. Until she thought again about her debts. How bad could it be to do a shoot of a few minutes? After all, surely this was all for show, torture, real torture was not allowed, right? So she asked the woman: "how could I be sure that nothing happens to me that I wouldn't want or that I couldn't take?"

"Simple enough. You get a safeword, and when you utter it, the actions stops immediately. Only, of course, if you can "take" more, it makes for a more intense movie, and you stand a better chance of working more."

"And is there a way I could avoid my face being all over the Internet?"

Well, yes, at least in the beginning. We could select a script where you would wear a full-face hood. So it would have to be a bondage movie. For whipping scenes, our viewers like to see the facial expressions".

Bondage? To be tied up? Jesssica thought about it, and the lure of 500$ was strong. "How long does a shooting last?"

"Normally, about 3 hours for a 10-minute clip. 45 minutes to get you prepared, 2 hours shooting itself, then maybe 15 minutes to finish up. That is an average of course. Some actresses need more time to get it together, others less. And, if things are going really well, the director may decide to extend the shooting into a longer clip".

Jessica was already thinking that, in 3 hours she would have 500$ in her pocket, which would relieve the pressure on her finances. How bad could three hours be? Plus, of course, she would have a safeword. So she said that, yes, she would like to sign up for a 10-minute bondage movie and 500$.

The woman gave Jessica a long contract to sign, which, contrary to everything she had ever been taught, she hardly read. She was more intent on getting the money and out of there in 3 hours than on anything that might cause a delay or risk her not getting paid. So she signed, thinking: what's the point, let's get it over with!

The woman told her that the director actually had some free time on his hands now so that she wouldn't have to wait for preparations.

The moment Jessica saw that the director in question was a woman who introduced her self as Jean, she felt better. Jean lead her to a changing room, and told her to strip while she read the details of hat Jessica had signedup for. Bondage, head covered, first timer...

"Not to worry, Jessica, I have done many first-time-shoots. I know you are nervous, but it will be just fine. Don't forget, it is just cinema, not real. To make you more comfortable this first time, I will do the rigging myself."

"Rigging?" "That is what we call tying up. I will do the rigging rather than had you over to one of my male riggers. But that means that you will have to adapt to my style. I am not a shibari specialist." "Shibari? " "That is elaborate Japanese rope bondage. Never mind, just do as I tell you and all will be fine."

"OK, let's start with this hood". Jean held up a leather hood for Jessica, and slowly put it on her, adjusting for the eye and mouth holes to fit. Jessica drew in her beath as she felt Jean tighten the laces down the back of her head.

"Do you have to make it this tight?" "Yes, otherwise it creases, but don't worry, it will settle down and you will feel the pressure easing soon."

Jessica already felt somewhat helpless, with her hearing impaired by the tight leather covering her ears, her reduced field of vision through the small eyeholes, her limited breathing through the mouth and noseholes, the stiffness in her neck induced by the laced collar part of the hood.

She saw Jean come forward with a mass of black leather that looked like a sleeping bag, with lots of buckles and gleaming D-rings. "This is called a sleepsack. It is the most comfortable restraint we have. Bondage lovers actually enjoy spending the night cocooned in them. You see, I am going easy on you. Now of course, in this instance, comfortable does not equate with escapable. One they are in, they are not coming out without help".

The sleepsack looked intimidating indeed to Jessica. And the idea of not being able to get out unless Jean helped. On the other hand the fact that people could comfortably spend a full night in it made her 3 hours look easy. Besides, she thought, as I will be covered in leather she won't be able to whip me or touch me in any way, which allayed her fears.

Jean laid the sleepsack down on the mat, and unfolded its sleeping bag shape. She gestured for Jessica to get in.

The leather was far thicker than Jessica would have thought. More like motorcycle leather than  supple clothing. She slid her legs down the bottom of the sack. Jean held out side pockets where she was told to put her arms. She found that these pockets were actually sleeves, but that they were stitched to the body of the bag, so that her arms were now welded to it.

Jean then took hold of a zipper at the foot of the bag, and slowly drew it upwards, careful not to let the zipper catch Jessica's skin, and closing the sleepsack. Once the zipper was up all the way, Jessica felt more than she saw Jean take hold of a collar and buckle it closed. She felt Jean working some more and heard a "click".

"That, dear is a padlock I used to make sure the collar stays closed and the zip puller locked to the collar, so that you can't wiggle it down. Now struggle, please. That will let your body get comfortable in the sleepsack before I lace it and buckle it down. That will ensure that there are no creases that could be painful over time."

Doing as she was told, Jessica struggled inside the sleepsack. Or rather tried to, because, mummified as she was inside the leather sleepsack, there was not a whole lot she could do. Her arms were held alongside her body in the sleeves that welded them to the sleepsack. And, as the sleeves went all the way up her armpits, pulling her arms out was impossible. She found that she could flex her legs, her pelvis, her neck, and that was about it. She could with considerable effort, roll on her side, and wiggle like a worm. But that was not enough for her to go anywhere. She was well and truly helpless, as Jean had said that she would be.

Jean gestured for her to stop struggling, and proceeded to lace the sleepsack on top of the zipper down the front all the way up from the bottom to the collar, the way old-fashioned leather ski boots were laced closed. She took special care to remove any slack in the lacing, and Jessica felt the sleepsack tighten all around her like a second skin that would be one size too small. No, it was not painful, or even uncomfortable, but all of a sudden she felt very vulnerable, realizing how little she could do in her present position to stop whatever Jean had in mind.

Jean then took hold of some straps, and threaded them through D-rings that circled the sleepsack at ankle, knee, thigh, wrist, breast, shoulders. "Hey!, said Jessica, are these really necessary? I am already totally helpless!"

"Listen, Jessica, I am going easy on you already, so don't push it. Yes, those straps are necessary not only to make the bondage tighter, but also look tighter. Besides, unless you are tied realy tightly, how are you going to give a realistic performance of a woman tied tightly against her will? You are not a professional actress, to say the least, so the way to do it is to make you really feel tied up tighter than a trussed turkey"

Without waiting for Jessica's answer, she buckled one strap after the other, and Jessica soon felt that tightness had reached another level altogether. Once Jean was done with all the straps, Jessica found that her ability to even merely wiggle as she had earlier on had been whittled down to almost nothing, as though the straps stiffened the whole sleepsack considerably. She also noticed tow things that worried her. She was getting very warm inside her leather prison, and her breathing was constricted.

"So, Jessica, we are done with the rigging for now, with the exception of a few minor details. I am sure you feel quite helpless. But let's say that you are not in the safety and relative comfort of a studio shoot, but that you have been kidnapped and tied up by your captors, who, confident that you can't escape, have left you like this and gone to pick up the money, after which they will kill you because you have seen their faces. So you are highly motivated, to say the least, to get out and flee. I want you to give it your all. And, by the way, if you do escape from this setup, I will throw in another $500! Go, girl, go!"

Jessica had taken of the job, unusual though it was. So she was told to struggle, and she struggled. Problem was, though, there was so little she could do. Any concept of getting free was out of the question, with her arms welded inside the sewn sleeves, and the triple closure of the sleepsack, zipper, lacing and straps. Unless of course, there was the theoretical possibility that she could break or rip the sack open, but the leather felt so strong, heavy, rigid, that this was hopeless. She found that she could, to some degree, flex her legs, and bring her knees up, and that was it. She could also move her neck about. And with considerable effort, she found that she could roll on one side, or the other.

"Hey, Jessica, I told you to struggle as much as you could, like you were desperate, not like a bureaucrat that just goes through the motions of her job!"

"I can't. I am just tied up so tight, my breathing is constricted, and I am getting really hot. This is not a pleasant experience!" Jessica again struggled with all the force of her well-toned body, but could again only the wrigglings of a worm. She was tied good!

"OK, honey, if that's how you want to play it, we'll just change the script. Now that I see how much, or actually how little  you can move around, let's see how much of that freedom of yours I can take away". A not-happy-looking Jean took some ropes, which she threaded through D-rings around Jessica's ankles. Or rather, around the sleepsack at ankle level. She then threaded the ropes through more D-rings at the hip level. As she tightened the ropes more and more, Jessica's legs were doubled up until she couldn't move them any more. She could still flex her chest. But not for long, as Jean connected her knees to her chest with another tight rope anchoring the relevant D-rings.

"See, Jessica, this is called a ball-tie, because your body is shaped like a ball: chest to knees, and ankles to thighs. Now, if I have tightened them enough, basically, all you can do is move your head, so I will take care of that." Jean took more rope, and Jessica felt her threading one at the top of the leather hood that encased her head, and connecting it to her knees until they almost touched.

That proved to be the worst of all the ties Jessica had been subjected to. She couldn't raise her head, she couldn't see except her knees straight ahead, and she felt totally vulnerable. It also made her breathing more even more difficult than it already was. Panic started to set in. Suddenly it all dawned on her. Nobody knew where she was. She hadn't even read the contract properly. And why would Jean tie her up so tighty that she couldn't move at all? How would that make an interesting movie for viewers?

"I can't take this! Release me, set me free!"

"Remember, Jessica, we have a procedure for this It is called a safeword. That way, when an actress screams and shouts, it is part of the movie, and everyhting I say gets electroncially edited out. But if she safewords, actions stops immediately. Nice shouting, by the way".

Jessica tried to remember the safeword, and came up blank. They had talked about one, but nobody had actually given her one. She panicked, writhing in her ball-tie.

"Safeword, safeword! Stop now! I can't take it in more!"

"Excellent, Jessica, now you are getting in the spirit of things. You are beginning to act realistically terrified and panicking. So, if I understand properly, you need to be totally helpless to get into the right head-space? No problem, I can do that easily for you."

Jessica felt more than she saw something go over her head, and all sight was blocked from her now blindfolded eyes.

"No, this is not an act, I don't want to be blindfolded! I am safewording, stop this immediately!!"

"Great! Really, I was beginning to think that we would have wasted your feee and my time, but now you are producing a clip you will be rightly proud of, Jess. How clever of you to say "I am safewording" rather than use the safeword itself. That way, it will feel authentic to the viewers, and only you and I will know that you are not this panicked young woman but actually an aspiring bondage actress in full control. Now that we are on a good track, let's move forward. We didn't talk about gagging. Which of course wouldn't let you safeword once gagged. So what we do is that, if the actress doesn't want to be gagged, she safewords before being gagged. So, Jessica, are you OK with being gagged?"

"No, no gag, please! Untie me now, I am safewording. You never gave me a safeword, so I cannot say it, but I want out, now!!!"

"No safeword! Excellent! Great attitude, Jessica. So let's start you on your first gag."

Jessica closed her mouth tight, but felt her nostrils being pinched, and without thinking opened her mouth to get some air. As soon as she did that, she felt her mouth invaded by a large object, and then Jean buckling something tightly in the back of her head that forced the object even deeper in her mouth. She felt the object with her tongue. It felt like the shape of a male penis, and tasted like rubber. Try as she could, she couldn't close her mouth or expel the intruder. She tried to scream, but her previous roars were now muted down to mere growls.

Panic and rebellion swept over her like a burning wave. She could hardly move, hardly breathe, hardly hear, hardly anything except feel totally helpless. She tried to straighten up from this devilish ball-tie that kept her folded over. She screamed as her desperate effort peaked, and she tried to arch her back to gain leverage against the ropes Under the strain, not only did the sleepsack not give at all, but she lost the little balance she had, and felt herself falling on her side. Instinctively, her arm tried to move to protect her, except that her arm was totally encased inside a leather sleeve, and nothing happened. She fell over onto her side, feeling more powerless than ever, except that the fall had knocked the wind from her, and she tried not to hyperventilate, limited as she was to what air the two noseholes would give her.

"Great, Jessica, you are a champ! You really look like a girl who is bona fide freaking out! I already have my 10 minutes' worth of shoot, but you are so good that we will just continue and add some variation. Let me see. I don't want to undo you prematurely. After all, it has taken some time to get you in the right space. Yes! I know what I will do. I will take your hood off, so that the next scene lets our viewers see your face, eyes, hair, the works"

Jessica felt Jean releasing the laces that squeezed the hood on her head. At this stage, helpless as she was, she wasn't going to argue, even though showing her face violated the agreement she had given for this shoot . But she hoped for more. The gag was held in place by a strap which would have to come off before the hood. And without the gag, she would not only breathe again, but she could force Jean to set her free and end this nightmare. She felt the gag strap released, and  opened her mouth wide to help the gag out. But as soon as Jean pulled the penis shape out, she slipped in a ring, which kept Jessica's jaw open. She screamed in anger and frustration. Meanwhile, not wasting a second, Jean took the blindfold off Jessica's head, then the hood, and then promptly tied a strap behind her neck that kept the ring gag buried inside her mouth.

Jessica was in shock. In a way she felt better, with breathing easy again, and her head no longer trapped inside her tight hotbox of a hood. But the trick Jean had played on her evidenced once more how helpless she was. She tried to speak, even simple words like "no", but found that the ring gag limited her to vowels and prohibited consonants. Now how do you get yourself understood with vowels only? She shook with indignation and rage, and frustration too. Well, she tried to shake, because, tightly tied as she was, shaking amounted to no more than slight tremors...
She raged and shouted and screamed, but couldn't form a single word. Surely, Jean must see that she was desperately trying to get free, either by escape or by release, that this was no longer an acting job. But Jean was there making sure that she didn't miss any of such delicous footage, and smiling like a cat licking milk.

Then Jessica understood. It was Jean's smile that was the giveaway. The more she resisted and fought her bondage, the happier the director, if Jean could be called that. So all she needed to do to be freed was to stop any action, tough though it was to remain cool and composed under the incredible circumstances. So she fought to bring her breathing under control, and slowly, she cooled down. Well, cooled down sort of only, because she was sweating profusely inside the leather prison.

She then leaned on her side, and fell as gently as she could, and just laid there motionless. She watched as her strategy seemed to work, as Jean's contented smile rapidly evaporated. She looked quizzically at Jessica, up and left. She came back a couple of minutes later.

"So, Jessica, you have decided that, in order to stop the session, you are just going to lay there motionless and waste my time, so that I will have to set you free right now? Well, maybe you  still don't understand how helpless you are, what I can do to you without your being able to resist, and whom that makes the boss!". Jessica grunted as best she could and shook her head trying to get her protest across.

As she lay on her side, Jessica felt Jean behind her, and knew that she did not intend to set her free, because that was not where her bonds were. She heard a sound like a zipper opening, and felt a slight draught across her ass cheeks. Then the shock! Jessica jerked against her bonds as fingers glided down the crack of her ass. Overwhelmed by panic, Jessica frantically tried to break free of her leather prison. But her arms were tightly held, as were her legs, and the sack wasn't giving an inch. Only her head gyrated wildly but ineffectively, while she roared with anger and rage.

This did nothing to stop Jean's fingers from spreading Jessica's pussy lips open, much to the helpless girl's shock and revulsion. She felt some kind of gel being spread, and an object inserted despite her feeble attempts to prevent it. A dildo! The bitch had dared to invade her with a dildo! She couldn't let her do that, they had never said anything about that! But, as if this were not enough, she felt the invading fingers spreading her ass cheeks and lubricating her hole. If she had panicked before and tried desperately to escape, it was nothing compared to the wave of rebellion that engulfed her now. But she was much too well and tightly tied in to a ball for that to matter at all. She felt like a helpless animal in the jaws of a predator, desperately trying to escape, though knowing that this was not going to happen. And indeed, after just a few seconds, Jessica felt her anus invaded by a hard object. She tried to tighten her muscles to prevent the intrusion, but to no avail. Jean was free to do what she wanted with her, and obviously she wanted Jessica's two holes well and truly stuffed. When that was done, Jessica felt the zipper being closed.

"You see, Jessica, when a girl is tied up and helpless, as you are, she shouldn't try and dictate what is going to happen -or not-. Our viewers pay to watch a girl fighting her bonds, and that is what we are so good at delivering. You seemed to be on the right track until you thought better of it. So now I will make it happen just the same, except it will be against your will rather than just an act. Because, set up as you are, I have full control of your pleasure, and your pain too. Actually, in order to make sure you really struggle, I am going to release part of your bondage. That will make your efforts much more spectacular!"

Jessica couldn't understand where Jean was headed, but surely it couldn't be a pleasant direction. Still, much to her surprise, she felt the ropes connecting her neck and chest to her knees undone, and then the one doubling up her legs. In one minute, she was no longer this helpless tied-up human ball, and she stretched with relish. Or at least with as much relish as is available to a girl who is tied against her wish in a leather sleepsack, gagged, and has just had her two holes raped by dildos...

As she was just beginning to relax, she felt something strange inside her. A vibration. Actually, not an unpleasant one, rather the opposite. Jessica couldn't believe it. Jean had not stuffed a dildo in her love hole, but a vibrator, and the device was now doing what it was devised for. And even though her mind was millions of miles away from lust and pleasure, Jessica felt her body responding to the vibrator. Jean had talked about controlling her pleasure, and she wasn't kidding, There was nothing Jessica could do stop her response to the buzzing vivrator buried in her pussy. Soon she was moaning, trying both to expel the intruder and to increase the intensity of her feeling. As she could not reach the vibrator with her hands tightly confined inside the leather sleeves, and as her hips were tightly pressed together by the unyielding sleepsack, there was nothing she could do to rid her pussy from the invader. And, meanwhile, her pleasure was increasing, and, with it, her moans. Soon, she was writhing, flexing her legs, trying to accentuate the waves of pleasure that were generated inside her despite her will.

That is when she felt it. At first a tingle, neither especially pleasant nor painful, then the shock. She felt a bolt of pain inside her. How could that be, when she was protected by her leather prison? Then she understood! The dildo that Jean had stuck up her ass was sending shocks inside her!!! That was what she meant when she said she now had control over her pleasure and pain. Then another shock, stronger, and another one, even stronger. She howled and squirmed as the spasm of pain spread throughout her body. But the leather prison held her much too tightly for her to do anything except fold and unfold on the ground like a worm.

There was nothing Jessica could do, and never had she felt so helpless so powerless. Even the fact that she was no longer so fully immobilized made no difference, as her desperate writhings to rid herself of the intruders that dispensed pain and pleasure against her will did nothing to help her. She tried to speak, to scram, to shout, to plead, but her ring gag prevented the formation of any words, and Jean actually looked like she was enjoying this. Suddenly the twin stimulation stopped, the pleasurable and the painful one. Jessica let out a huge sigh as she tried to relax and regain her breath.

Jessica was thinking that the two hours she was told the shoot would last must be over. Jean had mentioned that she would get some ten minutes of film. Surely she had enough by now. So she begin to convince herself that the ordeal was over. The 500$ were hers! Actually now that it was over, it hadn't been that bad. It was the fear, the uncertainty, the anxiety that had really gotten to her, but Jean hadn't actually hurt her seriously. The relief at her predicament being over made her almost giddy and lightheaded, waiting for Jean to relieve her from her leather prison.

So why was Jean holding a leather hood in her hand? She tried to speak but was once more foiled by the gag. "Sorry, Jessica, while you were enjoying your previous setup, I was on the phone. The girl who was supposed to do the all-night livecast just chickened out, so we have no other option but to ask you to do it in her stead. Yes, I know, it is not night-time yet, but as you are already set-up, we might as well get on with it right now. Let me tell you how we will do it, as this is obviously an improvisation. We started at 3pm, it is now 5. The show runs form 7pm to 7am, which means for you a total of 16 hours  in bondage. Now I know that, left to yourself, you might just fall asleep, and that is not what our members pay for. So I thought of a way to keep you active through the show. All I need to do is to put this hood on you, lace it tightly, and then connect it to your feet, tieing you in a tight arc. That way, you won't be going anywhere, you will stay nicely in focus for the camera, and you can be left all night unsupervised. Because, I, of course, will not be there to monitor you. After all, I need my beauty sleep. So, in order to keep you, and our members "interested", shall we say, I shall just connect the pain and pleasure stimulators to the site, so that the members can vote to increase or decrease one or the other. You will see, it works well. Except that, without telling them, in order to spice it up, I will actually reverse the connections. When they think they are stimlating you, you will actually get shocked, and when they want to make it less intense, it will actually increase. As there are always new people coming on line, even if some already cotton to what we've done, the new arrivals won't know and will push up your stimulation to a level which which they -and you- should find, shall we say entertaining.! So, no more words, let's get on with it."

Jessica couldn't believe what she'd just heard. She's been tied up 2 hours, and it had already felt like ages, and now she would have to endure 14 more, on top of the two? And left alone, all night, with the crazy stimulation and shocks going on at the hands of perverts watching online? She desperately struggled to show Jean that she was not going to let this happen to her. She raged and shrieked, so that this could not possibly reflect any acting, but sheer, real terror and revolt.
But, cocooned as she was in her tight leather prison, there was nothing she could do to stop Jean from grabbing her hair with one hand, and, with the other, slipping a leather hood onto her head. This she positioned easily, as it incorporated a leather gag which she slotted right indide the ring gag and Jessica's open mouth. Now she could again see nothing, not hear much through the heavy leather, and her roars and shrieks were muffled by the gag and hood, though there was a breathing tube that let air in and out. She felt Jean lace the hood on, felt the tightness gradually extend to her neck, as Jean meticulously took any slack out of the lacing. Which she reinforced with straps across Jessica's hood over her eyes and mouth, and from the top of her head and under her chin. That hood was not coming off unaided, and Jessica felt isolated from the outside world. That alone indicated more than anything else the long solitude and immobility and helplessness that loomed over her.

She then felt her head pulled back, and connected to her ankles which Jean also pulled back, as she had said that she would. Surprisingly, that connection (a rope? a leather strap?) was not pulled breathtakingly tight, unlike the rest of her bondage. Jessica was beginnig to think that she might be able to worm her way out of the camera's field. Surely someone would either check on her or respond to the angry posts of viewers if that happened, and that would be the end of the show. Again, despite her predicament, she had a glimmer of hope.

"Before you think of sliding away, Jessica darling, think again. I have looped the teather tieing the top of your hood to the tips of your feet around two poles that are bolted to the floor. That way, you can struggle, and move, and show distress, -and you will, believe me, you will!- but you can't move away. Sorry, but you are a beginner at this, and I am not! Look, we are done now, it is 3:15, and the show doesn't start until 7. I'll be off until tomorrow morning, and I would recommend that you try to catch an early afternoon nap, because the night will be active and will demand all the energy you have. Oh, and, by the way, I said that the show ends at 7 am. That doesn't mean that any of us feels obligated to get up at some ungodly hour just to set you free at that time. So you will be able to enjoy a long lazy morning in bed. How lucky you are: afternoon nap, and morning in bed. How many girls who have to work late and start early would liek to be in your place! Well, I am done, so I will wish you a great time. Bye!"

Jesscia felt Jean's hands on her hooded head, and what mut have been two kisses on her cheeks, and then nothing. Was it possible that Jean was actually gone, that she was actually alone, tied up, immobilized, gagged, hooded, at the helpless mercy -or lack of actually- of bondage freaks who paid to see girls struggle in their bonds, and would make sure to vibrate her and zap her into desperate reactions?

To be continued....