Justin's Harem

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; bond; kidnap; nc; X

Jade was quietly going about her business. She never had much to worry about these days! Her partner of the past three years looked after her in everyway imaginable. She was lucky to have found her. Justina was her female name, but in reality, she was a tomboy from a very early age indeed. She would play at Cowboys and Indians with the boys while all the girls played with their dolls.

When Jade had met Justina, they immediately clicked. They both thought there was something about the other!  They were not to be disappointed. Justina still preferred to wear men’s clothes. She loved the cut of a suit and nice crisp white shirt and tie! Men’s shoes were made of a heavier grade of leather and gave her a sense of power! Her hair was always slicked in man’s style of haircut!


She preferred the name Justin. Everybody called her by that name. Jade was the good little housewife for Justin! They were without a doubt the best of lovers. Justin could be the tenderest of people when she wanted to be!  But a right bitch if crossed.


Both loved bondage, and they spent many a night tied tightly in ropes while the other kissed and caressed the victim! They both knew their loves and hates and never went down the path of pushing each other too far!


It all started one night when they decided to go to a fetish club. That was the only thing, Jade wanted Justin to wear a latex cat suit, but Justin would have nothing to do with it. That looked better on a woman and Justin was not going to play at being a woman! Jade had to go in the micro length gipsy skirt and blouse! That was the thing about Justin, she was a bit on the domineering side when they went out!


Jade saw Teri in that figure hugging latex catsuit! She fell in love straight away. Teri was standing there at the edge of the club, her hands and neck locked in a wooden yoke. Her legs strapped together. She had been gagged and the yoke was fastened by chains to the ceiling. Teri was at the mercy of anybody and everyone! And from the noises she was making, she was in heaven at the attention she was getting!


Jade had no option than to do what a good little housewife should do; she rushed out to the supermarket down the road and bought a can of spray polish and a duster. Jade rushed back with it and sprayed the cat suit and gave it a good polish. Everyone could see what she was up to and laughed at her antics. Teri loved the special attention her breasts were getting and her butt was well polished as well!


Justin could see what was going on and tried to drag Jade away, but Jade struggled and refused to leave. There was only one thing for it. Teri would have to come home with them!


Teri was made welcome at their house. Jade and she got on as though they had known each other for years. Justin was getting jealous!  Beware of a jealous Justin! Justin explained that Jade and she was an item, but Teri said she could not help the way she felt and Jade agreed with her!  There is only one thing for it. Jade and Teri were going to have to be made sick of each other.


Justin ordered Jade to strip. Jade argued but one look from Justin told her that if she didn’t she could expect the worse to come! Teri looked at her luscious body and Justin saw her slowly lick her lips when she saw that Jade was shaved down below!  Justin ordered Teri to strip as well. Teri argued that she did not want to. But Jade asked her to and Teri obliged. Justin clicked her fingers and Jade grabbed Teri. Between Justin and Jade, they wrestled Teri to the floor. They removed the latex catsuit and tied her hands behind her back.


Jade stuffed her panties into Teri’s mouth and used a stocking to hold it in place. Justin got a leg spreader and fastened it across Teri’s knees. Now they rolled her on her back and Justin went for the razor. Jade got the electric razor that used to belong to an old boyfriend and started to shave Teri with it. The vibrations soon had a startling effect on Teri. She had lost all resistance by the time Justin came back with the mug of boiling water and soap and razor!


Justin ordered Jade to make sure there was not a hair left on Teri’s body. She would be inspecting Teri afterwards and if she found just one hair, Jade was going to be punished! Quite severely at that! Justin went into another room, turned on the television and settled down to watch the motorcycle racing!


An hour later she went back to examine Teri. Jade had made a good job of her. Teri was completely hairless now. But if Jade thought she had got away with being punished she was wrong! “You must have given this a lot of loving care and attention! You need to be punished!” Jade was nervous. She knew how Justin could react.


Justine left the room and came back with a large box. Jade knew what was in it, but Teri could only lie on the floor and wonder.  Justin ordered Jade to pick Teri up. Once she was standing, Justin untied her. She ordered Jade to put her arms around her, while she was facing her! Jade knew not to disobey. She pulled her tight. Justin tied her hands together, pulled Teri’s hands, who by now was too shocked to react, behind Jades back and tied them together.  She put Teri’s right arm over Jades left and her left under Jades right arm. There would be no escaping tonight. A short double ended penis gag was put in their mouths and a strap was tightened around their necks. This was tightened so they could not move their heads away from each other.


Straps from this went over their heads and was fastened on top of their heads. Now they were unable to move anywhere away form each others tasty lips. A wide thick belt was tightened around their waist. Behind Jade there was a tick strap hanging down. Behind Teri there was a short strap with a buckle.


Justin went and got the double V shaped rubber dildo and guided it into the pair of them. Whether thy wanted to or not, they found themselves wriggling to accommodate this intruder! Just pushed it in as far as she could. Grabbing the strap behind Jade she passed it between their legs and fastened it up on the buckle behind Teri! Now she tightened the strap around their waists pulling their stomachs closer together. This only allowed Justin to adjust the strap underneath them tighter pulling their bare mounds together. It also pushed the dildo into them a bit further! Teri and Jade murmured at the same time!  Justin put straps around their thighs and legs and tightened them up. To make sure they could not escape, each strap had a padlock inserted at the buckle!


Justin was satisfied that all was nice and secure! So she decided to hit the town. Going from bar to bar, she met up with old friends and had a good time chatting with them! But Justin was still thinking of those two in their embrace!


Jade and Teri were writhing around against the straps, trying to get the best position. The dildo was filling them up and they loved it! The penis gag meant they were nearly kissing, but not quite. Their lips were touching, but to kiss would mean taking the gag deep into their mouths!


Justin arrived back home at six in the morning to find the two standing there quite exhausted! She started to undo the straps, but Teri moaned. She loved every second of the bondage! As Justin pulled the dildo from them, both the girls exploded in ecstasy simultaneously!


When Jade and Teri stood there looking at each other, Justin went and got a large sack. She put Teri in it and tied the top up over her head. Quickly she got Jade to sew the sack up so Teri could not escape. Once she was satisfied Jade had imprisoned Teri, she took Jade into the bedroom and they made love together! Poor Teri was getting hot listening to them. 


It was one in the afternoon before Justin and Jade got out of bed. Teri had finally fallen asleep at eleven after trying to get out of the sack all morning!  Justin made Jade release her and Jade obeyed!


Justin told Teri that Jade and she were together. Teri said she knew that, she had been straight until that night and asked if she could remain and wait on them! Justin thought about it. She asked Jade what her dislikes were! Teri said she did not like wearing dresses. She only ever wore trousers! That gave Justin the right idea. She sent Teri off home to get changed from the catsuit!


Justin and Jade had some shopping to do! They trawled the shops until they found just the right clothes for Teri to wear! “She will hate them!” Jade said. “I know, but if she wants to stay with us, she must wear them! I give the orders around here! I wear the trousers!”


That evening the three were back in the house. Teri was told that there were some clothes in the spare bedroom. But she had to strip off now. Teri did as she was told. Jade picked her clothes up and took them into their bedroom. Teri went into the spare bedroom and there was scream. “I can’t wear these!” “Oh well, you had better go home. You can leave as you are!”


Teri realised that Justin and Jade had got the better of her, so she put the clothes on. Justin and Jade sat in the lounge when Teri appeared in a French Maid’s uniform! She looked resplendent in the ultra short stark black dress with lots of brilliant white petticoats and frilly knickers, all showing. The white apron had been tied around her waist with a large bow at the back!


To compliment this, Teri was wearing black stockings with a dead straight seam down the back of her legs. The suspender belt straps were showing from under her frilly knickers. She had six inch high heeled shoes locked onto her feet. A dainty little white maid’s cap topped it all. Her hair had been pulled back into a bunch tied off with a white hair band behind her head giving her hair a stark look!


She tottered around the room and Justin was satisfied. Teri ad been transformed into a subservient person now. She made the coffee and they all sat there discussing the terms of her staying with them. When on duty it was yes sir or no sir to Justin, and yes ma’am or no ma’am to Jade. And she had to curtsey every time!


Teri was now Justin’s concubine! She had to do as she was told or she would be punished. Several times she had finished up being tied up and put into the sack for the night! Teri hated that ordeal!


But as time went on, Justin, Jade and Teri grew fonder of each other and over the years, Justin even let Jade and Teri use the strap on dildo on her while she was tied to the bed. Occasionally Jade and Teri went out leaving Justin spread-eagled on the bed, but mostly it was Jade or Teri left behind struggling against the straps!


The three had become lovers in every sense. All three loved each other and they all loved bondage! Justin even made Teri wear her maid’s uniform to the fetish club, not that Teri needed asking twice. All three would stroll in arm in arm into the club.


Justin saw a girl with her arms in an arm binder strapped tightly behind her back being led about the room on a dog’s leash! Justin was satisfied and went and spoke to her owner! She spoke to him all night! Jade and Teri were wondering what she was up to! Would she be doing that to them the next time, or was she planning on increasing her harem?



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