Justine Pays

by Graymangazer

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© Copyright 2014 - Graymangazer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; kidnap; ransom; lingerie; bar; toilet; shop; collar; tag; bond; rope; bfold; gag; hum; public; oral; mast; sex; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

Although this is a non consensual story, it’s not in any way cruel or heavy. It’s based on a simple idea from slave Kandi (you know who you are) and not to be taken too seriously. Please feel free to comment or email to [email protected]

Justine walked into the deserted country park, at least she hoped it was deserted, it was approaching dusk and any visitors should have left by now. She felt so exposed and didn't want to meet any strangers, certainly not the kind who hung around parklands in the dark, and especially not the way she was dressed, or undressed would be more accurate; she wore just her sexiest underwear; matching light blue silk bra and panties, her thigh high stockings and four inch heels, Oh and a leather collar with a custom made tag. She really didn't want to be there, she was scared and had no idea what was to happen, but she knew she had no choice but to follow the instructions that she had been given.


The day had started just like any other; Breakfast with her husband John, a quick kiss goodbye as he left for work and then as she had no appointments that morning a three mile run. The phone call came while she was drinking coffee in her kitchen; a muffled voice - obviously disguised - told her that they had taken her husband, she was not to contact the police, she was to strip naked and await instructions. She immediately thought it was some kind of prank and almost laughed, and she was about to hang up in disgust when she heard John's frightened voice, "Please Justine, just do as they say, they will ..." then the call was ended before he could finish.

Her brain whirled in confusion and she started to panic, John kidnapped! Why? Who by? What could they want? John and she weren't rich, he was an accounts manager while she worked part time as a fitness instructor, so it couldn't be anything to do with money or work, and then she remembered the strange orders; strip he had said, why would she have to undress? She again wondered if it was a prank and phoned John's mobile phone hoping he was just playing a joke on her, but when she received no answer she knew something was wrong and that this was for real, John never went anywhere without his phone and he always answered when she called. She considered phoning the police but was scared what might happen and decided that maybe it would be safer to wait. An hour later she impatiently paced the room, she was naked as instructed and although she was expecting the call she still jumped when the phone rang.

"Wear your sexiest clothes, if we think you haven't tried to impress us; someone you love will be hurt. Go to the car park on London Road, be there at eleven thirty and wait to be contacted," the connection was cancelled before she could say anything in reply.

Justine was scared for her husband, but she was now also scared for her own safety, what reason would they have to want her dressed this way, she still held out some hope that John was behind it, perhaps he was planning to surprise her, yes that had to be it she told herself. And clinging desperately to this thought she chose her favourite underwear and the green silk dress that John loved so much; it was cut low in the front and finished three inches above the knee, the colour contrasted beautifully with her flame red hair. She put on her coat; it wasn't cold but she felt self conscious dressed to kill in the middle of the day. And she arrived five minutes early at the rendezvous but had to wait a nervous quarter hour before her phone rang.

"Get out of the car... Good, take off the jacket," she looked around quickly; suddenly realizing that they were watching her but she couldn't see anyone, "do it now!" the voice was raised and clearly impatient.

Placing her phone on the car roof she hurriedly removed her jacket and threw it onto the passenger seat. Grabbing her phone again she asked, "What do you want from me?" her voice was shaking and abruptly the call ended, "no wait, don't go," she shouted into the phone then cried out at the seemingly deserted car park, "I'm sorry, come back, please?"

It was the longest five minutes of her life as she paced around the car willing her phone to ring again, "Don't speak, just listen and do as you're told. Leave your bag in the car, hide your keys behind the rear wheel, you have exactly ten minutes to get to the red lion pub in the high street, and before you go put the phone inside your panties."

Justine almost balked at this, it seemed a ridiculous thing to have to do but she knew she really had no choice. So checking to see if anyone was nearby and hiding as best she could by stooping down behind the car she slipped the phone into the waistband of her panties. She then had to run to make the time specified. It was not so easy in four inch heels, 'how did they do it so naturally in the movies?' she thought.

She was hot and breathless when she finally reached the pub, but at precisely twelve o'clock she stood at the bar nervously waiting for someone to contact her. She was very conscious of her phone and embarrassed now because it had slid down inside her knickers to rest against her pussy. She was about to go to the ladies room to retrieve it when the barman asked what she would like to drink, she had no money and she was flustered and couldn't think what of to say.

"I... I don't, I don't have any money, I'm sorry." she managed.

The barman looked at her with suspicion, no doubt wondering, with good reason, why she would be in a bar dressed as she was with no money? Justine could feel her face growing red and hot with embarrassment but then a voice sounded behind her "a white wine for the lady and a lager for me," Justine turned to see a good looking man of around twenty-five years old smiling at her, he introduced himself as Brian and she wondered if he was a part of this whole set-up. She was about to ask him when her phone rang. She wasn't sure where the toilets were and she didn't want to waste time trying to find them, so she hurried to an empty corner of the bar, and facing the wall in an attempt to hide her embarrassment she pulled the phone from her panties, she knew though, that all eyes in the bar were on her.

"What would you be prepared to do with the man at the bar to save your husband?" the voice asked.

"I... I don't know, anything, I'll do anything, please just tell me what you want from us?" she said. She looked around the bar searching the faces; knowing the voice had to be near.

"Take him into the ladies room, he bought you a glass of wine, he at least deserves a blow job don't you think?" again the caller hung up before she could answer.

Justine stood staring at her phone, she couldn't believe it; the bastard wanted her to act like a slut, to suck the cock of a complete stranger. She scanned the bar again but there was no way of knowing who the voice belonged to but she knew she was being watched. She wouldn't do it, she couldn't do it, but then she knew she had no choice, she couldn't let any harm come to her husband. Steeling herself she tucked the phone back into her knickers and looked over at Brian, he seemed nice and he didn't look like a kidnapper, but then what does a kidnapper look like? She returned to where he waited and she sipped her wine nervously as he made small talk.

Before she lost her nerve completely Justine made the decision to just do it, she interrupted his well practiced chat up lines and blurted out, "Would you come with me please?" And taking his hand she pulled him toward the toilets, he was clearly confused but offered little resistance. Luckily the ladies room was empty and Justine guided him into the relative safety of an empty stall, she pushed him against the wall, and dropping to her knees she began scrambling with his zipper.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing?" he said. He tried to push her away, this was pretty hot, the woman was gorgeous and sexy as hell, but it was all getting a bit too weird he thought. Besides she could be a hooker and he wasn't about to start paying for it now and he made it clear, "I'm not interested in paying for it, I don't have that much money."

"It's okay, I'm not a prostitute, but I have to do this," she explained, looking up as he towered over her.

"Do what?"

"I have to suck your cock, please just let me, I'll make it good for you, I promise,” Justine said in desperation. She felt her face burn with embarrassment at having to say the words but with surprise she also realized she was suddenly very aroused.

Brian at first tried to fight, but she had thrown him off balance and his struggles were only half hearted, and she soon managed to unfasten his trousers and pull his semi erect penis from his pants. She felt her stomach flutter and her breath grow shallow when his cock came into view just inches from her face. She knew she was past the point of no return, a part of her now wanted to do this, so extending her tongue she slowly licked up from beneath the head of his cock and she could already taste his pre-cum, leaning forward she kissed the growing penis and as her lips encircled his cock he groaned softly.

Brian could hardly believe what was happening, but the hot mouth enveloping his cock was proof. He relaxed back against the wall and decided to just enjoy the whole experience; he was in his mid twenties, he often dreamed of meeting a good looking cougar like this one. He looked down at the red hair which seemed to be attached to his crotch; the slut had his entire cock in her mouth. He grinned to himself; he couldn't wait to tell his friends all about this.

Justine swirled her tongue around the head of Brian's penis, immediately she could feel him growing harder and larger in her mouth. She eased herself forward sliding her lips slowly down the shaft until she touched his public hair, she could feel the head of his cock press against the back of her throat. Fighting her gag reflex she sucked hard trying to draw him further in, and cupping his balls in her hand her fingertips stroked up toward his arse. She began to work her mouth up and down his shaft, keeping her lips tightly clamped around his cock.

She was now actually enjoying the whole experience but she was in a hurry and Brian was only concerned with his own pleasure; so it was only a couple of minutes until he grabbed her head and pulled her face hard into himself. His hips were moving as he began to fuck her mouth and she pressed her finger against his arse encouraging him to thrust deeper. Suddenly Justine felt his cock swell and pulse, he tensed and groaned, pulling her hair trying to force himself even deeper and his hot salty seed filled her mouth, she swallowed as much as she was able but sperm leaked from around her lips as she tried to gain some air. She worked his wilting cock with her lips and tongue until he was clean, and then she fell back gasping. She ran her finger up her chin collecting a glob of cum and not knowing what else to do she sucked it into her mouth.

Brian leaned back against the wall trying to compose himself, Justine felt hot and her nipples ached; she was aroused and she wanted so badly to bury her fingers into her pussy but she was too embarrassed. She couldn't help a small laugh, she had just sucked the cock of a complete stranger and she was too shy to do anything about her own desires.

"Oh Christ yeah, thanks babe that was great," he said, he straightened his clothes and ran his fingers through his hair, and reaching into his pocket he withdrew a crumpled ten pound note, Justine was still on the floor slumped against the door so he pushed the cash into her prominent cleavage "here, you earned it,"

"I'm not a prostitute," she snapped and then “are you with them? Is John okay?" she asked angrily.

"Hey take it easy lady, what are you talking about, I don't know any John,” Brian was taken aback by her sudden change in attitude, "look that was one of the best blow jobs I've ever had, I want to thank you, please just take the money."

Justine felt deflated as she realized just how she had been used; not by this young man but by the kidnappers. She snatched the money, stood up and straightened her dress and hurried back to the bar leaving a very confused but happy man standing in the ladies room. She gulped the remainder of her wine to wash away the taste of sperm; it wasn't an unpleasant taste but it just wasn't John. Almost immediately her musical knickers startled her again, but this time she hurried back to the ladies, checking that Brian had gone before plunging her hand into her panties.

"Well done slut, that's one happy man. Now go into the male toilet, your next orders are in an envelope behind the pan in the third stall."

Justine was still a little angry and growing tired of being messed around so she marched into the toilets, ignoring the three men using the urinals and went straight to the third stall. The message was scrawled in pencil using child like writing, on reading the words she realized that whether the kidnappers wanted a ransom or not their aim was to have fun with her and to humiliate her first. The note instructed her to go to a pet supply store a few streets away, and using whatever means she could, she had to get herself a collar and wear it when she walked back onto the street.

Trying to keep her dignity and with her head held high, Justine walked from the bar ignoring the curious stares and hurried to the pet store. She had the feeling that everybody was looking at her and that they all knew what she had just done.

Upon reaching the store she checked the note and looked for the collar specified; It was two inches wide in glossy black leather, not something that she would be able to easily hide. The shop consisted of only four aisles, but even so she couldn't immediately find what she wanted and had to ask an assistant for help. She paid using the money Brian had given her, and then trying to act casual she turned away from the cashiers - a boy and a girl, neither more than twenty years old - and struggled to buckle the collar around her neck. Even with her back turned toward them Justine could sense the pair watching and imagine their smirks. Her hands were shaking and her fingers felt huge and clumsy.

"Would you like me to do that for you?"

Justine turned to see the young female cashier approaching "er, no it’s okay, I can manage thank you," she replied politely but she could feel her face burning with embarrassment.

The girl was not to be put off however and reached toward the collar. Justine instinctively tried to move away but was backed into some shelving.

"Behave yourself," the girl said firmly, she swatted Justine’s hands away and began pulling the collar into a snug fit.

Justine felt like a scolded schoolgirl but obeyed and stood meekly as the girl fussed with her collar, and when a slim finger was hooked into the D ring at the front and she was led across the aisle she followed without a word of protest.

"This is on the house," the girl said as she slipped a small padlock into place securing Justine’s new adornment.

The young assistant then stood back with hands on hips and tilted her head to the side. She looked at Justine with a half smile as if waiting for a reaction.

"I...er...erm...thank you," Justine mumbled, her hand drifted up to lightly finger the collar and not sure what else to do she turned to leave the store. As she reached the door she realized that she hadn't been given the key to the lock, she was about to turn back but whispering and sudden laughter shamed her and sent her scurrying out.

Back on the street Justine paced up and down, but she had to wait for no more than a minute before her phone rang. She couldn't suppress a gasp, despite the situation she was in or maybe because of it, she was feeling horny and being locked into the collar by the girl had sent a strange thrill through her, she was also beginning to enjoy the vibrations of the phone pressed against the top of her pussy. But now she swore under her breath because she had nowhere to hide, she had to delve into her panties on a public street where everyone could see her. Turning away from the road she moved up close to the window of the store, she tried to make herself as inconspicuous as possible, but as she had her hand rummaging inside her knickers she saw that she was now being watched by the two young assistants in the shop; the boy was wide eyed and amazed while the girl grinned broadly. Humiliated and blushing profusely Justine hurried away while answering her phone.

"What did you do to get the collar so quickly?" the voice asked.

"I used the money I earned in the pub, you know, the money you pimped me out for" she answered sarcastically, she felt as though she had achieved a small victory, 'so you don't know everything after all.' she thought.

"You will do what we tell you and only what we tell you,” the voice was annoyed and the call ended abruptly. Justine stopped in her tracks, not knowing what she was to do.

She was left to pace up and down for ten minutes before they rang back. Justine didn't want to risk him hanging up again so she remained silent and listened to her instructions "there's a homeless man across the street from you, give him whatever money you have left, apologise that it is so little and allow him to feel your tits as compensation" the voice said, she knew they were still watching her but she didn't bother trying to see them, "then go to the engraver by the town hall, have him engrave a tag 'my name is Justine Coleman, I am a slut.' Then have him fit it to your collar."

"And how am I supposed to pay for it?" Justine knew the answer before it was voiced but she wanted to be belligerent, try to maintain a vestige of control.

"I'm sure a slut like you will be able to think of something to trade."

He was in his forties but looked to be sixty, unshaven with long lank hair. He sat cross-legged with his back to the wall, his meagre possessions in two carrier bags. A small square of material was spread before him holding a few assorted coins and he looked up when Justine added her change. He mumbled his thanks and looked bored while she tried to find the courage to say what she had to.

"I... I'm sorry it's so little, I er... I don't have any more money," she looked around to see if anyone was watching; people were going about their business, none that she could see were taking any notice of her, but that didn't mean they would carry on ignoring her. She squatted down in front of the man, too late realising that he had a front row view up her skirt.

"You can feel my boobs if you like."

This time it was the man who looked around, not sure if this was a trap or a wicked prank. But Justine grabbed his wrist and placed the dirty calloused hand on her breast. He looked up into her face, he still appeared unsure.

"It’s okay, I want you to," she explained. A smile gradually broke over his face, his teeth surprisingly white.

Justine watched his face trying to ignore his questing hands. She daren't look around; she knew there must be passers by watching her, but she didn't want to see them, that would be just too much. She felt her top being pulled and looked down to see his hands delving inside her bra. Her instinct was to stop him but the kidnappers hadn't given her specific instructions, and she didn't want to give them reason to penalise her.

When her breasts were lifted free of her top and exposed to view she closed her eyes, too embarrassed to look at the man's face. She felt like a piece of meat on display, but the humiliation was doing something to her; something that was making her pussy moisten and itch, and she moaned quietly with the thought that she might have a telltale wet spot on her panties.

When the hands were withdrawn she waited until she realized how much her thighs were hurting as she held her position. Opening her eyes she was surprised to see him holding a small cheap digital camera, she was too shocked to move for a few seconds as he snapped photos of her exposure. Tucking her breasts back inside her bra she stood to go and thought it polite to say goodbye. The man gave her the biggest smile.

"Thanks missus," He gestured with the camera. Justine nodded and turned away.

"You're beautiful," he added and this time she returned the smile.

Justine made her way to her next ordeal, realizing that her phone was in her hand she casually slipped it back into her knickers to nestle against her pussy. As she approached her destination she decided her best course of action was to be upfront and confident, even though she felt far from it.

She entered the shop quickly and spoke before she lost her nerve, "I have no money but I need an engraved tag, what would you want for it?"

"Sorry lady, it's strictly cash only," there were two men behind the counter, both around thirty years old. The one who spoke was overweight and bearded. He glanced up from the magazine he was reading and looked her up and down.

Justine leaned across the counter, showing him a little cleavage, tempting him, "Oh come on, I really need this, it could be a matter of life and death, please just say what you want?"

"I don't want anything lady, apart from your money."

"Tell her you want a fuck," the other man said with a giggle.

"No, no fucking. Look I promise to make it worth your while, please?" she answered quickly.

The bearded one sighed, "what do you want exactly?"

Justine told him and his attitude changed immediately, it was obvious to him now that he really was dealing with a slut, "why don't you come around here and we'll see what we can work out, Frank, go and lock the door,"

Justine had grown a angry over the past couple of hours as she was given the run-around, but now as she joined the man behind the counter she was, for the first time frightened for her safety; she had walked into the shop dressed as a slut and acting like a slut, she knew she could so easily be raped or worse.

"I only want the tag, just tell me what I have to do, but please don't hurt me?" her false bravado had flown, she was back to being the uncertain woman, under the control of a mysterious voice on the phone.

"Frank, do the tag. You lady, for starters I want to see those tits," the fat man said. Frank sighed but hurried to do the engraving, he could see his boss already pulling the slut down to her knees, and knew if he was quick he could get some of the action as well.

Justine was shaking as the fat man pulled down on her shoulders; he sat on a swivel stool so her head was at a level with his crotch. She thought she might offer to flash her tits or at the most allow him to fondle her, but it seemed as though she was going to have to pay a much higher price. She knew she should refuse and leave but suddenly her confidence was shot and she no longer had the willpower to say no.

"Come on then, get em out," he told her.

Justine pulled down the shoulder straps of her dress and pushed the top down to her waist, she hesitated, the man in the pub was one thing; he was young and good looking, she would have been attracted to him anyway. But this was different; this man was sweaty with small beady eyes and not attractive in any way. He didn't give her chance to back out though, breathing heavily he hooked his fingers into her bra and yanked the cups down, he then began to maul her breasts.

She didn't quite know what to do, usually she would respond to the advances, but she knelt quite still and allowed him to feel her as he liked, he squeezed her tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers, he made her gasp when he flicked them with his forefingers. Grabbing her wrists he pulled her hands into his crotch and she reluctantly began rubbing and squeezing his growing erection through the material of his jeans.

"Take it out, you know what to do," he told her.

Justine fumbled with his zipper but managed to free his cock; she wrapped her fingers around the shaft and stroked it up and down. She jumped in surprise when suddenly a hand pressed against her pussy from behind; Frank had obviously finished the engraving and he wanted his share. Justine released the cock in her hand and tried to twist away but they were too strong, and after a brief struggle she found herself lying on her back with both men kneeling beside her.

"Please don't hurt me, don't rape me, please?" she begged.

"Nobody's going to get raped, we just want a bit of fun, it was your idea," the bearded man said.

He thrust his now hard cock toward her face and she could feel hands on her thighs, she prayed they wouldn't hurt her as her hand wrapped around the waiting penis. She couldn't recall willing her hand to do it and she didn't recall when she parted her legs and she now realized she was breathing heavily; she was aroused and she didn't know why.

Justine lifted her head toward the man's penis and moved her lips to within an inch of it when Frank interrupted her. “What the fuck?" he declared when he felt something solid in her knickers.

"I'm... I'm sorry it's my phone, I don't have any pockets," she hurriedly pulled the phone from her panties and turned her head back toward the waiting penis.

"Fuck, I thought you were one of them she male people," Frank said.

She placed her lips on the head of the cock and licked with the tip of her tongue, she felt her knickers being pulled down and she arched her back in pleasure as two, maybe three fingers slid into her pussy. They entered her so easily that she hadn’t realized how wet she was, she wonded how she could have become so aroused in this situation? But the thought vanished as quickly as it came. She had her eyes closed and she felt the cock press harder against her lips, without thinking she opened her mouth and for the second time in an hour she was sucking a stranger's penis. His cock wasn't long but like him it was fat, it stretched her jaws and filled her mouth to the extent that when she felt Frank pressing something against her arse she could only groan. She tried to pull her head away but it was held firm by chubby fingers entwined in her hair, and wriggling her arse in an attempt to evade the intruder only seemed to please them more.

The fingers in her pussy sawed in and out causing her juices to run down her inner thighs, and the fat man worked her head up and down on his cock. She surrendered herself, she felt unable to resist them, and when a hard object entered her arse she stiffened and then immediately relaxed as she gave in to the feeling of utter defeat. Within a few seconds Justine’s hips were matching the thrusts of the fingers in her pussy and whatever was in her arse. The taste of cock, the smell of sex, the sound of panting breath and slurping fingers, all of these things seemed to wash away her inhibitions, so when the penis in her mouth seemed to swell and jets of hot salty sperm hit the back of her throat she swallowed greedily.

As the fat man pushed her head away Frank pulled his fingers from her pussy “swap around," he said as he shuffled in front of her on his knees, he pulled her head down so that she had to go onto all fours and pushed his cock into her unresisting mouth, she gagged, though Frank's cock was thinner it was much longer and she gagged as the head of his penis pushed deep into her throat.

Justine jerked and squealed around the cock in her mouth when a hand slapped her arse, Frank held her head firmly but she didn't struggle, instead she wiggled her hips as a sign that she wanted more, and the man obliged, steadily spanking her arse and thighs. each slap though not too painful made her flinch and move her lips over Frank's long penis. She reached back between her thighs, her pussy was screaming for attention and she shuddered as her fingers made contract with her clit at the moment a slap landed hard on her arse, then she groaned in frustration as the man snatched her hand away.

"Leave it alone slut," he told her.

She felt her pussy clench at the words, and she groaned in pleasure, even insults were exciting her now. She pushed her hips back when the object in her arse was grabbed and eased even deeper, it also seemed to grow thicker. The smacks continued, one landing square on her pussy which made her squeeze her legs together in pain, and still Frank fucked her mouth while holding her by her hair.

The pain from the spanking was growing to an almost unbearable level and Frank's cock was actually inside her throat as he pulled her head hard against himself, with her mouth full and her nose pressed into his pubic hair Justine was unable to even breathe. At first she didn't care, she was too preoccupied with the hot spurts of sperm filling her throat as Frank tensed and came, but as he held her in position she started to panic and struggle. Just as she thought she might pass out he released her and she fell back onto her bottom, she screamed as the object in her arse was jarred, she rolled over and lay on her side to pull the makeshift dildo out, it was a long metal tapered shaft, the kind jewellers use to size rings. She threw it to one side and held her hand to her arse, she was sore but with it no longer inside of her she felt strangely empty and squirmed in an attempt to return her bottom to its normal condition.

"Here you go slut," Frank said as he fixed the tag to her collar.

She looked down and saw the words, and she thought how true they now were. Standing up she pulled her panties up and tried to straighten her dress; it was creased and torn at the hem, three large wet patches on the front showed where sperm had escaped her mouth. She looked round for a mirror but the fat man grabbed her arm and hustled her toward the door and pushed her outside, he didn't speak but tossed her phone to her before he closed the door. She stood in a daze for a moment, not knowing quite what to do, she had asked for a name tag and paid the price, now she was cast aside, her knees were red and sore because of the hard shop floor and her feet ached because of the four inch heels.

She totted along the street with no idea where she should go as she waited for the phone to ring. As she passed a shop window she caught sight of her reflection; she looked like the complete slut, her hair was a mess with a glob of semen on the front - how did that get there? - she wiped at it but only smeared it into her hair, a woman inside the shop was watching her with distaste so she lowered her head in embarrassment and walked away.

"Why isn't the phone in your knickers?" the voice sounded irate when he at last contacted her.

Again she looked around knowing he was watching her but again she could see nothing obvious, "I'm sorry, I didn't have the chance to put it back," she said but the line was dead. Glancing around she saw dozens of people, and because of the way she was dressed a good many of them were looking at her, she could do nothing to hide her appearance and feeling like she had no more shame she lifted the hem of her dress and shoved the phone into her panties, she gasped aloud as it nestled against her pussy and she thought again about how aroused she was; surely it couldn't be the bastard on the phone making her feel this way?

She no longer tried to hide when the phone buzzed; in fact she waited for a few seconds enjoying the vibrations against her clit before plunging her hand into her panties to retrieve her phone.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked.

"Because I can, because you will obey if you want to see your husband."

"But what do you want from me; let me talk to John, please?"

"Go back to your car," the voice told her and again the call ended.

Justine put the phone back into her panties and ensured it was pressed against her pussy before starting the thirty minute walk back to the car park. She received lots of looks and the odd comment on her journey but she ignored them all. As she reached the door to the car park she passed a woman down on her luck, she was sitting on a blanket despite the warm weather; she made some remark on Justine’s dress as she walked by. Justine tried to ignore her but was pulled up sharp by the vibrations from her phone.

"How rude are you? The poor woman was only paying you a complement".

"What in hells name am I supposed to do, you made sure I don't have any money, I only have what I'm wearing."

"Then give her your dress," the voice commanded.

Justine stood stunned for a minute, how could he expect her to strip to her underwear in a public street, she couldn't do it, wouldn't do it. Three beeps told her that the call had ended and she knew they were watching, waiting for her to obey or run. She looked at the young girl wondering if she was with them, but there was no way to tell. She sighed in resignation; she had already shamed herself so much on his say so, what was one more humiliation? She walked back to the young woman and before she could change her mind she pulled the sexy little green dress over her head and handed it to the girl who stared at her wide eyed and speechless.

She tried to cover her semi nakedness as best as she could as she hurried to her car. Fumbling in her bag she found her ticket and swore aloud when she realized that she had to pay at the machine by the entrance. She grabbed some coins from her purse and considered putting her jacket on but knew the voice wouldn't like it. Resigned, she walked unhurriedly to the ticket machine, people were watching but she no longer cared, in fact she swayed her hips and wiggled her arse to entertain them, and she felt her clit throb knowing the effect she was having on them.

She deliberately took her time at the ticket machine, there were two men and a woman waiting behind her, she couldn't hide so she teased, knowing the men were transfixed on her near nakedness. She paid her fee and smiled at the men as she turned back toward her car, to her satisfaction both of them were left staring after her and speechless. As she unlocked her car she heard quick footsteps behind her, and she quickly opened the door fearing one of the men had come after her.

"Wait, please wait," a feminine voice called.

Justine turned to see the woman from the payment machine hurrying towards her, she smiled sheepishly and thrust a slip of paper into Justine’s hand, their hands stayed in contact for a long second until the woman reluctantly let go, still smiling she backed away for a few steps before walking away. Justine looked at the note; there was a name, Lana, and a phone number, she looked up to see the woman glance back at her, she was pretty with short blond hair, but the thing that surprised Justine was the wedding ring the woman was wearing. She smiled back and tucked the note into her bra.

Justine thought again about putting her jacket on but knew the voice wouldn't like that, so she drove slowly out of the car park waiting for her next instructions.

"Go to the north side country park, use the north entrance, walk two hundred paces into the park and wait,"

She was scared; the park was a lonely place, not the sort of place for a woman on her own in the evening let alone a woman wearing only her underwear. Hiding her keys again she hesitantly began to walk, she pushed the phone back into her panties and thought of the voice and the man behind it; she knew he was watching her at that very moment and somehow despite what he had forced her to do she felt he would protect her, she knew it was illogical but she had to have some hope to cling to.

The Sun was low in the sky and dusk was approaching, after two hundred steps she stopped, she was in the centre of the path with trees and bushes surrounding her, she jumped but she was also relieved when her phone vibrated and she snatched it from her knickers.

"Walk another twenty yards, you will see a bench, on the bench you'll find a blindfold, put it on, lock your fingers together behind your neck and wait."

Justine looked around nervously. She knew he was watching and she knew she wouldn't see him. She didn't want to do this but she had already come so far, but up to now she had had people around her, she was on her own here and she knew anything could happen.

"What’s the worst that could happen?” she asked herself aloud, "I could be raped and murdered?" her inner voice answered, and with a shrug she set off again.

A sudden cool breath of wind made Justine shiver and reminded her, as if she needed reminding just how exposed she was. She found the bench easily and picked up the blindfold, she turned it in her hands, looking at it as though she had never seen anything like it before. She looked around again, knowing she was alone but not alone, and with trembling hands she pulled the blindfold over her eyes. Assuming the position she waited, she waited for what seemed like forever, it was so quiet and she stifled a scream when she heard the voice close behind her.

"Don't fight and I promise you won't be hurt?"

Her heart beat fast and she wanted to run, then she gasped as hands gently took hold of her wrists. Her hands were pulled down and behind her back and cold steel cuffs locked them in place.

"Please," was all she said, it wasn't clear, even to her what she meant.

There was a movement at her collar and a metallic snap, something tugged her neck and she stumbled forward. She was being lead by a leash, just like an animal. Blindly she followed realizing she was becoming ever more aroused. It was nerve wracking, she stumbled often, she had to trust his guidance and hope she didn't walk into any obstacle, but the ground was uneven and with the high heels every step was hazardous.

No words were said, when the leash went slack she stopped and waited, she somehow knew that this was the endplay, money had never been the aim of the kidnapper, the ransom was herself in a helpless position, and she had given it to him. She prayed that she would see the morning with her husband beside her.

The handcuffs were removed and she stood docile as ropes were tied to her wrists, her right arm was pulled out horizontal and secured, then her left arm the same way. Ropes around her ankles held her feet a yard apart. Her chin was pulled down and a ring gag was forced into her mouth, this was held in place by a strap around her head. She hadn't protested when she was able to and now she couldn't even if she tried.

She could feel goose bumps forming as she had to wait again, for what she didn't know. She groaned when hands cupped her breasts, caressing and gently stroking, fingers slipped inside her bra and lifted her breasts clear. She groaned again when lips locked onto her nipple, sucking, while fingers rolled and nipped the other. The lips moved to her neck while the hands moved to her hips, fingers hooked into the waist band of her panties and slipped them down to the top of her thighs, as far as her spread legs would allow. Fingers stroked her pussy, she strained her hips forward, trying to make more contact but the hand moved away and instead caressed her arse, she moaned again as teeth gently bit down on her nipple, the fingers were stroking up and down the crack of her arse pushing deeper each time, then the other hand cupped her pussy and she gasped as a finger slid inside.

Justine had been used for three hours, she had gradually become more and more aroused despite of or because of the things she had been made to do, but she had been denied any satisfaction and now she no longer cared whether she was in danger or not, she just wanted to cum. She whimpered as the fingers pushed into her pussy, she was so close to cumming and she even felt like she wanted to thank the man for allowing her to.

She was writhing unashamedly when the hand was withdrawn and wet fingers entered her open mouth, her lips and tongue were coated with her own juices, the taste and aroma of sex filled her head. She almost cried when the man tweaked her nipples and then walked away.

She waited, expecting to feel him touching her again, every nerve end seemed to tingle, but there was only stillness and silence. She began to worry that she had been deserted, left alone to stand there all night. She really didn't know what she preferred. Minutes passed but it seemed like hours and her arousal had died, or she thought it had. Hands lightly stroked her arms and she almost sagged as her pussy immediately spasmed in need of attention. The hands moved over her body squeezing gently, fingers probing and nipping, when they touched her pussy she gasped but the hands moved quickly away. It was as though they wanted to keep her aroused, aroused but denied relief. She tried pleading but only a garbled noise was heard, she needed to cum, she was desperate to cum, she no longer thought about the danger of her situation, she thought only of her need to orgasm.

She didn't know whether it was the same person or not, was there more than one? He was behind her, standing close, she could feel his erection touching her buttocks, and then the head of his penis was sliding between her cheeks. She had never been fucked in the arse, she was always scared of the pain, she was scared now, but she was also helpless to stop it and that seemed to make it alright, with the lack of guilt she felt free and she pushed her hips back against whoever was behind her.

The penis felt huge, she worried that she couldn't take it but in her helplessness she yearned for the cock to penetrate her. Instead he worked his cock between her buttocks and eased it up and down spreading precum along the crack of her arse. She tensed each time the head passed across her bum, but he just leisurely rubbed himself on her arse.

She wanted to scream out her frustration but then the cock slid between her thighs and he began rocking back and forth, to her dismay he still didn't enter her and no matter how she writhed or how much she tried to beg he wouldn't penetrate her yearning pussy.

With his arms around her and his hands caressing her front he kissed her neck as he used her body as a masturbation tool. She cried but there were no tears, screamed but there was no sound. All she wanted was an orgasm, was that too much to ask?

He grunted softly and held her tight, then he eased away and left her, Justine didn't know whether he had cum or not, and she really didn't care, she couldn't think of anything but her own needs. Again she was left alone but she knew someone would come to her soon, that would be the pattern until this ended. She wondered if it would be the same person or were there others? She had a vision of a man waving down passersby and inviting them to use her, or maybe he had a line of paying customers waiting their turn, what if a condition of their use of her was that she wasn't allowed to cum? She groaned aloud and strained at the ropes in frustration.

She yelped when something struck the back of her thigh, and she struggled to break free as she realised she was being whipped, but she soon calmed down; in truth there was little pain and what there was only added to the burning fire between her legs. Lashes landed on her back and arse, they felt like silk strands caressing her with each one containing a small barb to leave the slightest of stings. Soon she began to enjoy the sensations and pushed her arse out inviting the lash. Then a stroke landed across her breasts and she almost fainted with desire. When a lash whipped her breasts followed immediately by another on her back she thought there must be more than one person and she swooned at the thought of being abused by anybody who wanted to use her.

The whips caressed her skin making her aware of every part of her body, the strokes were coming faster and she was drooling and begging "please oh please let me cum, whip me, hurt me, fuck me you bastards just let me cum," but only a garbled noise emerged. As suddenly as it started the whipping stopped, Justine yelled out a plaintiff noooo, it sounded like a soulful wolf howling in the dead of night.

Justine cried, she didn't sob or sniff, but silent tears ran slowly down her cheeks, she cried for the unfairness of it all, because she was helpless, because she had done everything that they had told her to do and this was how she had been rewarded. Her head sagged forward with her chin on her chest but she jerked to attention when she heard footsteps, the times before she hadn't heard anything of the approach but this time they seemed to be making as much noise as possible. Was it a different person or did they just want her to believe it was? Fingertips were dragged down her back from shoulder to hip, sharp nails lightly scoring the skin making her back arch and her body tense, her tongue flickered like a snake sensing the air, drool ran freely from her open mouth over her chin to drip onto her breasts. The fingers moved over her skin onto her breasts, the sharp nails pinching her nipples. "Please oh please touch my pussy," she tried to say but she didn't even know if any sound at all came out.

Justine’s body moved as though she was dancing, a slow sexy dance, writhing sensuously, and she groaned as her nipple was pulled and the bite of a clamp shot signals of lust to her pussy, her other nipple was clamped and she felt her breasts pulled down and weights swinging and bumping her belly. A tongue licked around one clamp, lips sucked and teeth bit. Justine could smell her sex and perfume, or was it her? She sensed that this was a woman, she didn't know why, it was just a feeling. Was it the woman from the car park? Was she a part of this? As she thought of another woman doing this to her she actually felt her juices run out of her pussy. The mouth and the hands roamed her body, caressing everywhere but the spot she most needed to be touched. Something cold touched her thigh and tugged at her panties, a jerk and they were loose, she knew it was a knife and it scared her but as the other side was cut away and she was completely exposed she silently begged that she would at last be given what she craved.

Sharp pain ran up the inside of her thigh, it was a beautiful pain, a familiar pain; John had often used a pinwheel on her during their lovemaking and she recognised the feeling immediately. She loved the sharp sting and the differing amount of pain and pleasure that it could bring, around her leg and over her arse, the pins pricking and leaving a tingling trail. When the wheel ran up her spine she groaned loud and her whole body stiffened. No part of her was ignored, her shoulders, her neck, her breasts and her belly. Then it happened; the wheel and its tantalising needles went down beside her pussy then back up between her aching wet lips and agonizingly over her exposed clit, she thrashed with the pain, the beautiful pain, she could feel her clit throbbing, her pussy clenching, she wanted more, just one more touch to bring her to orgasm.

Strong arms wrapped around her and held her tight, stilling her struggles and calming her, she sagged into the embrace and cried again wondering how he could be so cruel. With one arm around her the man sliced through the ropes holding her wrists, he staggered slightly as her body collapsed onto him. She was gently lowered onto her back where she lay limp with her legs still held wide. She could feel warm breath on her face and the occasional touch and she knew he was above her, supporting himself on his hands either side of her shoulders, then he entered her, no other part of him touched her, just his cock, his long fat hard beautiful cock, she sighed deeply, it was the most beautiful feeling she had ever felt. She tried to wrap her legs around him but they were still tied, so she used her arms to pull him into her. His body pressed down on her crushing the clamps on her nipples and making her cry out in pain and pleasure. He withdrew slowly until only the head of his penis was in her pussy then thrust deep once again, Justine pushed her hips up to meet him, she held him tight; there would be no stopping this time.

Justine had longed for an orgasm for so long, now as she felt it nearing she wanted to make it last. She wanted to be fucked, to feel the sensation of a hard cock filling her no matter who's it was, she tried to will herself not to cum but her body's needs were stronger. Her hands gripped his arse, the fingernails digging into his firm flesh as she tried to pull him ever deeper. A hand tugged the strap of her gag and the sound of Velcro parting came to her and the ring was pulled from her mouth, she wanted to speak, to say something, anything but her jaws wouldn't work and before she could find her voice his mouth covered hers. His lips crushed hers as his tongue fought its way inside.

She at last came, not just with her pussy but it seemed with her whole body; Her arms and legs trembled, her fingertips, toes, even her hair tingled and she felt that just one more thrust from the man possessing her would send her insane. He held his position buried deep inside her as she rode her orgasm and as she slowly came down from the peak he stroked her face and kissed her gently.

She kissed him back and made purring sounds as he now very slowly and gently eased in and out of her. After a few minutes she felt him stiffen inside her and her pussy was filled with his hot seed, he groaned and she kissed him again as her second orgasm flooded through her. He kissed her neck and she could still taste his mouth on her tongue, it was a familiar taste, his moaning and touching too were familiar as was his body.

"You bastard," she whispered and he chuckled

Her blindfold was lifted from her eyes and John's face smiled down at her.

Ten minutes later they sat in her car, Justine was wrapped in her coat though she wasn't cold, John had his arm around her and her head rested on his shoulder.

"Who else was with you?" she asked him.

"What do you mean?" he asked in return.

"The others? The woman? The man in the pub, the engravers, were they all in on it?"

"I don't know what you mean, I was kidnapped, and they dumped me here and told me that I had to take you if I wanted to be free. What others? What have you been up to Justine?"

She looked up at him, his mouth was curled up in a half smile "It was you, just you, wasn't it?" she asked.

He kissed her forehead "was it?" He chuckled and handed her a slip of paper "I think you may have dropped this. Who's Lana?" he asked with a smile and started the car "let’s get you home, I want to make love to you again."

Justine watched his face but he was concentrating on his driving, she settled back into her seat, one hand clutching the note to her chest, the fingers of the other idly playing with the lock of her collar. A small smile played on her lips as she stared out the window and she wondered.

The end.

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