Just a Little Section of Chain Link fence

by Techie

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Techster and I are always looking for some new piece of "gear" to use when we play our XXX BDSM games. Last weekend I was stuck in traffic watching a new chain link fence being erected at an RV dealer’s storage yard and I looked at the eight tall by ten foot long section that would be used as a gate and a fiendish idea came to me.

Then the manager of the RV storage lot came up to the men installing the fence and screamed, "Stop right now! I need a twelve-foot wide entry gate! These RV drivers will tear that up in a second!"

The leader of the installation team told him, "Well you ordered a ten foot entry gate! Its all made. What the hell do I down with it? This is a welded and cross-braced assembly".

Then RV park owner said, "Scrap it and since it is my error I’ll pay actual cost."

That is when hit the horn on my car, pulled over to the shoulder of the road, rolled down the passenger’s side window and shouted, "Come here I want to buy your scrap!"

Team leader ran over and said, "It’s not really scrap, just a loss on this job. It cost me one hundred and fifty dollars."

I put a smile on his face when I told him, "I’ll pay two hundred dollars to have it installed in my yard as a standing fence to grow flowering vines. Here’s my card call me when you can do it."

The man smiled and said, "Done as soon as I finish this job! Thank you!" That evening he called, "Tomorrow is Saturday and my team is free. I have your address how does ten AM sound?"

I answered, "Great! Come on. I’ll pay the two hundred cash!"

Saturday the team leader and one man arrived. I showed him where I wanted the fencing frame installed in the privacy paddock beside my home. The crew dug two holes and set upright posts to mount the frame, after the upright poles were in place they put stones to hold them in place. The team leader explained, "Don’t worry about it moving the mounting holes are five feet deep I’m pouring a fast curing cement into the post holes. It will be hard tomorrow. The stones will hold the section in place until the concrete hardens, just don’t put any stress on it for the next few days."

It took less than an hour to install my newest torture device which stood awaiting its first victim. As I looked the fence over I realized that it was "maximum-security" fencing with thicker wire than most residential chain link fences and every strand of the end loop of the fence was attached to the frame with bolted metal straps.

My husband, Techster, had to work that Saturday and I didn’t tell him about our newest acquisition I wanted it to be a surprise. I did show Lynn, our neighborhood metal artist who has a talent for designing metal bondage dungeon equipment, Lynn brought her sketch book and started drawing pictures of someone tied or chained to the fence, "This could be the best piece of hard core bondage gear yet, I can picture Stephanie (our neighborhood dominatrix) bound to it with four ratchet straps and a tie down strap. She would be spreadeagled with her nipples protruding through the fence ready for nipple torture on the front and a whipping other back."

"WOW!! We can really have some fun with this piece of gear! " I said, "Save your ideas. I plan to let the concrete that holds the posts in place harden for several days before we stress test it."

It was Wednesday evening before my husband, Techster, finally walked into the privacy paddock to get the lawn tractor with the plan of mowing our front lawn. He came back into the house, picked me up, twirled me around, kissed me and said, "Wow! When did you get that fencing installed and how much did it cost?"

I smiled and said, "You said you wanted something new for our games. It was a reject piece from a fencing company. I paid two-hundred dollars for it including installation what do you think?"

Techster smiled and exclaimed, "It is great! When will we test it? I can just picture one of us spread eagled and being teased and tormented by the other. When do you want to do it and who gets to go first?"

I smiled and said, "Well the concrete holding the upright posts should be hardened. Let’s flip a coin. I’ll be tails. OK?"

He dug a quarter out of his pocket handed it to me and said, "GO!"

The shiny coin twirled high into the air and landed on heads. Techster smiled, scurried down the hall, picked up the bondage bag from the hall closet and said, "Turn on the paddock lights and lets play!"

We both ran out to the paddock with Techster carrying the bondage bag. I followed carrying a little 5 step ladder from the kitchen because I knew that in order to spread Techster against the fence I would have to set the tie points high. As he walked Techster was tearing off his shirt as we went. As soon as we were inside the privacy paddock he passed me the bondage bag and stripped. I got our bondage gloves out of the bag, laced and strapped them onto his hands.

I pulled five motorcycle tie down straps out of our bondage gear bag. Then standing on the ladder I passed a motorcycle tie down strap with the one way clamp through each of the loops near the top of the fence about six feet apart and eight feet off the ground. Next I slid the hooks on the end of the straps through the loops on the bondage mitts.

I told Techster, "Stand up on your toes." as I pulled the straps tight. Then I put two motorcycle tie down straps around each ankle and set their attachment points about six feet apart in line with the upper straps to each ankle and pulled them tight. This left Techster beautifully spread eagled and the best part was his cock poked though one of the loops in the fencing and Iwas able to pull his balls through the loop below his cock.

Then I started his torment and tease: First, I took some lubricant out of the bondage bag and began a light tease of his cock. Then, I locked a large ball stretcher around his balls so he could not pull out of the fence.

Now for the torment; I dragged my nails down his back and then his legs. I moved the ladder over and licked the back of his neck and ears. Then I came around to the front and spent a few minutes pinching and working his nipples. Finally, I knelt down and began a slow blow job and tongue stimulation of his rock hard cock. When I felt he was about to come I stopped.

Techster looked beautiful stretched out on the fence with his cock and balls protruding through the mesh so I told him, "Stay where you are. I’m going to get the camera."

He laughed and said, "Oh, come on now. Your must know I’m about to come. Please let me finish!"

"Be patient and wait, I’ll be right back!"

I came out with the video camera on its tripod, a digital camera, a plastic cup of ice and a small leather cat for the light whipping to further torment him.

"Ready for the real fun to start? " I asked him as I gave him a swat across his balls.

"That’s not fair having me all teased up like this then ruining the orgasm with a whip!" he pleaded.

"The fun is just starting this is going to be a a long session!" I told him as I started to rub his cock down with the ice. It only took a few minutes for his rock-hard cock to go limp. Then I started my torment routine all over again but then he got a few swats across the butt and back with the cat.

I started a tease of his limp cock. Of course it stiffened right up! I worked the tip of his cock over with my tongue and this time let him come, in the 40 plus years that we’ve been married I’ve come to enjoy and savor the taste of his sperm when he comes in my mouth I swirl it around in my mouth. Like one would sample a fine wine, enjoying both the flavor and aroma before swallowing it.

"How was that for a beta test of the new gear?" I asked him as released his legs and then his wrists and removed the leg cuffs and bondage mitts.

He smiled and said, "Great! but aren’t you forgetting something? " as he pointed to his balls that were trapped in the fence by the ball stretcher.

"Oh, yes! Here you go." I passed him the key to the lock that was keeping the ball stretcher locked around his balls.

He exclaimed , "That’s no fair! There’s no way I can reach the lock, my hands won’t fit through the loops in the fence! Please release me!"

I smiled and told him, "This will be a trade off. I’ll release your balls but only after your hands are cuffed behind your back. Then we’ll go inside and I expect you to use that talented tongue of yours to give a heavy-duty orgasm!"

Techster replied, "OK, I’ll give you a licking that will curl your toes!"

I released Techster’s balls and pulled them through the fence loop, took a small piece of line out of our bondage bag, tied a noose on it, slid it over his cock in the groove where the tip joins the shaft and tightened the noose. I led the naked Techster across our backyard into the house and into our bedroom where I lay on my back with my legs draped over edge of the mattress and relaxed as Techster knelt and worked my clit over with that talented tongue of his and I could feel the juices flowing.

Forty years of practice paid off as I had an orgasm of the screaming variety. Techster licked the juices clean and dried his lips on my legs. He stood up and I released the handcuffs . Then we climbed into bed, piled up the covers, and had a great night sleep as we dreamt of our life and love.


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