Just a Fly on the Wall

by Jackrabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackrabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; party; velcro; suit; thrown; stuck; mast; climax; short; cons; X

A girlfriend of mine told me this story years ago, and I kept it to myself because I thought she made it up. I would like to say I'm sorry, she knows who she is.

My girlfriend, I'll call her Lisa, not her real name, told me about some temp work she did for an agency that specialized in "different". And she didn't mean topless bar different, the girls who went that way made good money, but had more attention than they wanted, and some even ran into their fathers or uncles at work. No thanks for Lisa, and her body type was all wrong for that as well. Five foot two and maybe one hundred pounds of sexy Asian woman, small breasts and all she could have almost any man she wanted, if she wanted! She wanted a degree, and no man was going to stop her, But she would let them help her from time to time.

The temp agency called and they had a night gig for Lisa, but they needed her dress size and height and weight as they were looking for small, light women who were physically fit. Lisa worked out three days a week, and still does, and was what guys would call a "hard body". The job paid between one and two grand, without tips, and that told Lisa how demanding it was. The agency had bouncers, for lack of a better term, and they were there to keep all activity consensual for the agency employees. Sex was theoretically allowed, but in Lisa's case, so she told me, it never happened with her. And she always got good reviews and tips from the clients. Some body exposure was expected, but not more than what a teenager might do in Florida on spring break, and she was making money doing it!

 Lisa wanted the details, and the agency guy told her it involved her in a Velcro suit and a Velcro wall, and several guys from a pro football team. Lisa was told this was hush hush and nobody can know who is involved, not the team, not anybodies name, nothing. I'm OK with that she told him, actually she was more than OK with it, and she hoped the agency weenie didn't realize it. She loved the NFL, and those massive men who played in it.

The event was a flight away, and it was her and two large bouncers and the supplies were in their luggage. Too bad he couldn't promote it, but if they liked it the word would spread, at least in sports circles. The event was held at a players mansion and the bouncers set up the wall, really more of a hook tarp suspended at each corner between two large pine trees vertically. It was adjustable for height and slack to catch the sexy Asian and not let her bounce off. If she did there was an inflatable pad to break her fall, as well as the bouncers to spot her. Lisa was shown where to change and noticed other than the catering people, there were no women there.

She tried the suit on back home and it was thin, almost like a leotard thin, and was held together with Velcro seams. She wore only her black g-string under the black Velcro suit to keep the shape, or more accurately her shape, appealing. She pulled the seams tight around her body and legs and it reminded her of a wet suit in fit but not as heavy. She took one last look at herself in the full length mirror and she knew every man there would see every square inch of her in the thin fuzzy suit. She told the men she was almost ready but needed help with the mittens, hook side out so they could stick to her body if her hands were placed there. Once dressed, she would need help getting undressed, but she wasn't worried about that. She said she felt like a child's throw toy, and loved it!

The Velcro wall was not high yet, but would be before the event was over, and Lisa was eager to start. The first player picked her up gently and tossed her at the wall and she stuck like glue, unable to free her herself without help. She said she loved it. They left her hanging there until the next guy was ready, and she was pulled off the wall and this time the man wasn't so gentle handling her. Lisa knew she would have bruises when this was over, but she was hooked. He tossed her in a long ark and she stuck sideways to the wall and she felt the seam of the top open up and felt the draft on her side. Again she was helpless to escape and was pulled down by the next man and half of her top stuck to the wall exposing her perky little tits. She couldn't put herself back together with the mits on, and the men had to do it for her.

The first two throws were back first, this one was face first and the large man told the bouncers to raise the wall as he stuck her hand mits to her thighs. He reached between her legs with his arm to throw her and couldn't have missed the heat there. He easily picked her up and with his whole hand covering her back between her shoulders he tossed her about ten feet off the ground and she stuck chest first with her head turned and pointing toward the ground. The men all congratulated him as Lisa was left hanging like a forgotten toy, and was on her way to a killer orgasm. She was pulled down again and she was starting to love the sound of Velcro pulling apart.

Her top pulled apart again when she was pulled down and the men got the second of many looks at her perky tits. The next man was a large lineman, at least 285 pounds of muscle and he easily picked Lisa up like a doll and asked her quietly if they were too rough on her. She said no, but she would need a rest soon. She whispered back to him not to be a wimp and toss her hard, with a smile on her china doll face. The lineman had the wall slacked so it would hang and catch her better, and raised to fifteen feet. Get some rest he told her as he threw her face first, one large hand covering her whole little ass and the other between her shoulder blades. She stuck chest first  and was held immobile and hanging nearly up side down fifteen feet above the crowd. The lineman told the others their toy needed a rest, and Lisa was left hanging for a half hour as they got some food from the caterers. Lisa also admitted humping her hips in the suit and having an orgasm as quietly as possible, biting her lip to keep quiet. The bouncers heard her and asked if she wanted to come down, and she said no.

The wall had to be lowered for the men to reach Lisa to pull her down, the whole front of her jumpsuit sticking to the wall, no doubt due to her writhing orgasm sticking the little hooks deeper into the wall. Her arms were still stuck to her thighs and the guys all got a good look at the front of her tiny black g string, and her perfect tits. The bouncers jumped in and redressed her and got some extra Velcro straps to secure her chest, stomach, and thighs so the suit wouldn't open with her hanging high in the air. A dozen more throws and Lisa was bruised and exhausted, and it was after midnight besides.

Two rooms were arranged for them to spend the night, and the team trainer offered to look at her, in a professional way, and saw all the bruises and told her she should get into the hot tub and then he would rub her down, if she wanted. She told him she didn't have a suit and he said she didn't need one as the pool is deserted. She threw on a long shirt and went down to the pool area, and nobody was there as the trainer said. Lisa slipped nude into the hot tub of the NFL star and got a nude massage from one of his trainers.

The next morning the trio left with a large tip, and many thanks from the owner of the mansion that Lisa can't name.