Just 20 feet of Chain

by Techie & Techster

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© Copyright 2006 - Techie & Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; chains; toys; cons; X

The children are all grown and out of our home so my husband and favorite toy, Techster, and I are free to pursue our kinkier games.

We are an old married couple (we’re about 60 years old we’ve married for 35 plus years). We have always enjoyed our games. Of course now it is a lot easier without children in the house.

The Friday night after the Thanksgiving holiday while we were watching a spy movie with a scantily clad heroine struggling against chains,  I made the mistake of remarking to Techster, My husband, that, “ It would take more than twenty feet of chain and four locks to contain me.”

“Would you want to bet that I could have you fully restrained with only 1 lock and 10 feet of chain?” Techster chuckled.

“OK, here’s the bet.” I said, “If you can restrain me so I cannot escape or move for 4 hours I will be the centerpiece in our annual holiday party. If I beat the chains you will be the one on display.”

“Since this will practice for the display I will use a four by four foot piece of five quarter particle board for the basis and 2 eye bolts screwed into it..” Techster added, “Of course I’ll cut holes for your toes and cover the wood with a soft carpet, OK?”

“Agreed.” I answered.

Techster got up early to go shopping at a hardware store for everything needed for my “test”.

About 10 AM he returned and carried the wood, a small roll of carpet and one very small bag into the house.

I heard the sound of the drill only briefly then he called upstairs. “Techie, please come down. I have your toys ready.”

I had just finished showering so I slid on my bathrobe and trotted down the stairs.

There was my instrument of torture.

Techster had moved the dining room table over to the wall and set up two saw horses with a carpet covered square of wood in the centre. He had even set up a small step stool to ease my entry onto the top.

Techster likes me nude for his games so I shed my robe and knelt on the top of the device and as he pointed slid my toes into the holes.

“First things first.” He said as he took my wrists and wrapped the chain around them a figure eight fashion. Then he twisted one link of the chain out so he could pass the lock through it.

The lock was a long bail bicycle lock and he slid steel washers over it to take up space.

The chain through the eyebolt in the centre to the outer eyebolt.

“Put your hands on the surface by the inner eyebolt and lean down and forward.” He ordered.

He then he wrapped a small towel around my neck and taped it in place with masking tape.

The chain felt heavy as he made two revolutions around my neck.

Next he pulled on the chain so my elbows were up alongside my waist. My face was about six inches off the carpet.

Techster took mercy on me and placed two pillows to support my head.

The chain was led downward and twisted around itself into the outer eyebolt.

The middle of the chain was then passed through the lock.

Techster had really thought things out. He laid a large towel on the inside of my legs as he pulled the chain around back to the lock.

As he slid the chain onto the lock he added more washers so the chain was tightly around my legs. 

“The clock is running.” He remarked. “Please try to struggle.”

I grunted and put all of my effort into escaping.

“Let me give you a reason to escape.” Techster said as he lubed my sex and slid a double action “Rabbit” type vibrator into position. I felt the vibe tighten into me as he tied it in place with an elastic cord that was attached to the chain.

“Full power!” he laughed as he turned on the vibe.

It was a mean vibrator that teased my G spot, sex hole and my clit at the same time.

I could feel my sex starting to drip a wave of orgasms swept though me I tried to struggle.

“Enjoy, you have 25 minutes left before release.” Techster said. He swatted my butt with his belt as he walked out of the room.

Orgasms blasted through me. I’d no sooner get calmed down and my breathing to normal when “BAM!” another orgasm would rock me. I just lay there with my head down against the pillows and my butt high in the air.

I didn’t know that Techster was still in the room when I started crying, “Please, please let me be the Holiday display. Anything – anything to get relief.”

“Here you go.” Techster startled me as he crossed my butt with another switch from his belt and turned off the vibrator.

“I forgot you still have 15 minutes of fun to go.” Techster remarked as the lashed my exposed butt with a barrage of blows and turned on the vibrator.

I shivered as orgasm after orgasm rocketed through me.

“You need something else to think about.” Techster giggled as he clipped two small vibrators on my nipples and continued to lash my butt lightly with his belt.

Finally I agreed, “OK- OK I am the holiday display, now please let me loose and let me make love to you. To hell with the vibrators I want you inside me!”

I was set free and together we spent the night in each other’s arms.

Life is much more fun when your playmate is also your lover and lifelong partner.